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Old Navy

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I have been a long time customer of Old Navy, but today is my last contact of any kind with this company. I live far away from any of the stores, so I shop online. My last shipment came with a plastic security tag attached to my blouse. Needless to say, I cannot wear it, I also cannot go to the store to return it, so it leaves me the option of mailing it back to the company at my own cost, paying for their mistake. I also had a couple of things saved in my basket to purchase. Old Navy were sitting there for whole 15 minutes and when I went to buy them, one of them was gone, saying that it is no longer available. The company just took it out of my basket and sold it to someone else! I understand that they can't keep it there for long but I think that 15 minutes should be allowed to go and get my wallet out of my purse. Very poorly run and no appreciation for customers. Just lost a good customer.

Website is slow and glitchy. Service is slow. Items can't be shipped 22 days later!
The website is a nightmare. SLOW. The screens move around on their own and flash to different screens making it difficult if not impossible to use. No customer should need to endure this and need that much patience to order. The cart removes items that sell out but does not notify the buyer in any way. Things are in your cart and then Old Navy are gone with no notice, just deleted.
The shipping is ridiculous. Slow. Items are shipped from different places, store stock perhaps, so it is very hard to track if and when your items arrive and if the order is complete. I placed an order which took hours to place and I had to take a break between browsing sessions because the site is so frustrating to use. I actually had to place two orders because thing in the cart disappeared so I had to try to remember what they were and go back to try for different sizes or alternatives. 22 days after my order was placed I got two emails telling me that 39 individual items that I bought were not able to be shipped. Yeah, 39 things I bought are not ever coming. I heard nothing for 22 days! But don't worry they gave me a 10% off coupon for next time. I have ordered tons of stuff online since the shelter-in-place order and none have been late, or canceled. Amazon has been slow running a few days to a week slower than normal, but old Navy has really taken it to the next level. The Clothes are okay for the money usually but it is not worth the tax on your life force! Save yourself the aggravation and shop anywhere else.

The quality has changed for the worse.
For years I've faithfully bought Old Navy leggings. I mean literally hundreds probably. All of a sudden I could never find the black leggings in stock. Only the ones with the little tie at the bottom and the quality sucked. Finally found some online and picked up in the store only to find out Old Navy were just like the ones with the tie. It's almost like wearing tights! I think tights would even be held up better. You can see right through them and they stretch for days! By the time I take them off they are sagging everywhere! Such a disappointment! I've asked everyone I know who buys them too. They had to quit buying them also. Not sure why they would skimp on the quality of their product.

- Waited on HOLD 25 min first time, 40 Min. Second time & 25 min the Third time. MY FOURTH phone call went straight to a voicemail answering machine saying " We can't answer the phone so call back later!?!? REALLY a place of business NEEDS SOME type of customer service. But NOT #Oldnavy. I've been trying for OVER a week to get a simple RETURN SHIPPING LABEL but instead #Oldnavy sent me a 230 PAGE EMAIL of nothing but computer code!?!? WTF am I supposed to do with that!? Now I am unable to go through the online process of getting a return shipping label AND Old Navy have ABSOLUTELY ZERO customer support so I'm stuck with almost $200 of CRAP #oldnavy Products, unable to return them to have MY MONEY REFUNDED BACK TO ME. All because of #OLDNAVY and their CRAP CUSTOMER SERVICE... NEVER AGAIN will I order ANYTHING from #OLDNAVY. EVER

Cute, but not worth the wait in line!
Old Navy have hands down some of the cutest toddler girl clothes. I like to get things here for my daughter on occasion. The problem is the lines! Good Lord the lines on this store, on any day at any time are always backed up so far, people end up in the shoe section. I don't think I've ever gotten out of the line/checked out in less than a half hour! The worst part about the lines is the insane amount of tiny toys completely surrounding the check out lines. Being around those toys and candy for a half an hour with a 4 year old is NOT ideal. When you get to the counter after the long wait, the cashiers look like they haven't slept in days- and I don't blame them after seeing the madness that is this store. Maybe it's just my state?..

Double charged me for items today that I received and paid for in May
I have had to escalate issues with old navy dating back to May 2020. My most recent issue was a delayed refund which was resolved (months later but resolved). As of today, I have 2 charges from Old Navy that were already taken out of my account back in May. I have not made any purchases at Old Navy since. The amounts taken out of my account today were for the amounts 57.50 and 23.81. Those exact same charges were also taken out of my account back in May for purchases made. The charges today should have never been taken out of my account as I have not made any purchases. I have already been charged these amounts for the last purchased months ago. I am not in a position to have extra money taken out of my account for no reason and I am extremely upset about this. I hope to have communication from old navy asap to resolve this issue. Their customer service is impossible to get ahold of so I have to resort to leaving reviews as there is no other way to communicate!

Maria Pascucci

My family and I will never shop with Old Navy again and
Old Navy made myself and my family look like crooks. A few weeks after Christmas I took in a bag of clothes my mom got me and attempted to exchange them for the right size/ different items. Old Navy scanned all my items and after said, "whoops we can't accept these." I told them I just wanted to exchange them and get store credit to find something different. They stated without a receipt you have to call this number and see why they won't allow you to return items here. I tried this. And was a 2-4 week process.
I then reached out to my parents who bought the presents and asked them to simply return. They attempted to return these items with the ID of the person who bought them and the credit card which purchased them and they were given the same run around.
My father finally got a hold of someone to find out why they won't do store credit or trade ins... they were told they do not accept returns without a receipt... period!
They made me look like some junky crook, they made my mother and father look like crooks. And their policy is ridiculous.
My family and friends have been notified and never will buy from them!

Bait ‘n Switch
Seems as if a majority of companies have jumped on the pandemic bandwagon and are now in the business of adding the sale of face masks to their list of merchandise. Such a company is Gap/Old Navy.

The company uses words such as ASSORTMENT/ASSORTED/VARIETY in the description of their face masks, and yet customers will be disappointed when receiving them. My packs had as many as 3 duplicates, contrary to all the photos displayed online and the descriptions of the products. In my case, the company even went as far as fabricating information in their attempts to justify their false advertisement. One descriptive not used in their detail outline was "SURPRISE, " however, according to their argument, "customers were informed it would be a surprise pack." FALSE! Beware so if the same happens to you at least your expectations won't be as high as mine were.

There's no question that the company engages in the following:

What is Unlawful Advertising Practices?
A statement is found to be an example of false advertising claims either because it is literally false or because it is presented in a manner that causes it to be deceptive. Also, the statement can either contain or omit important information that would be necessary for a consumer to make an informed decision.
One form of deception is what is referred to as bait-and-switch advertising. This is when a company offers something that is desirable and replaces it with something that is not desirable when the customer attempts to purchase the desirable product.

Crazy vanity sizing
I've shopped at Old Navy since I was in high school, so 20+ years. I like their cheap prices & sales. Their quality definitely leaves a lot to be desired. But being I only buy with sales & discounts I don't expect the highest quality & I'm ok with that. I mainly just shop at Old Navy for basics anyway.

My main complaint is their sizing now. Over the years their sizes have absolutely become extreme vanity sizing & it makes shopping there a huge headache. My size hasn't changed in 20 years. I'm a medium top - period. Every single other store & brand, I'm a medium.

I made a huge order a few months back when Old Navy were running major sales & clearance. I was so excited to get all these clothes for such a great price. I tried everything on & totally shocked at how HUGE everything was!

All of the medium tops definitely fit at least like a large if not an extra large. I had to return everything & was super bummed because the sales & clearance items were all gone.

If you haven't tried on recent Old Navy clothing, I would recommend actually going into the store & trying on tops & bottoms in different styles to figure out what size you'd wear at Old Navy. If you have to order online, order different sizes & return the ones that don't fit.

Never work at Old Navy
My girlfriend has worked at old navy for about 2 months and they've been awful. First off she's a student so her availability isn't as flexible. Old Navy promised to accommodate her but they schedule her for during school. We then had her availability changed and they still did the same thing. They'll also schedule her for days that she specifically marked as unavailable. And it's not just once or twice. It's every single week. We've had to turn our lives upside down because my girlfriend is bending over backwards for a company that can't even pay her right. Countless times they've put her to work in a position that she's never been trained to do and it's driving her stress levels through the roof. It's absolutely ridiculous and no one should have to put up with some of the stuff they throw at her. I am utterly disgusted with some of the things i hear and for those reasons and many more i will never take part in anything having to do with Old Navy again.

Shipping is a joke
Old Navy don't include the day you order it even if you order in the morning. We paid extra for 3-5 day shipping so it would get to us before our vacation. (we qualified for free shipping but chose the faster method)

They don't put estimated delivery dates when choosing delivery speed (which is ridiculous, this should be a must)
So there was no way for us to know that. Now the items aren't going to get here in time for our trip and that's the whole reason we bought them. It will all be going back, I'm very unhappy with Old and will not be shopping online with them again.
They need to be much more responsible about shipping, people rely on this kind of thing and they've failed miserably.

The very least the customer service person should have done was offer to refund the cost of shipping since we would have gotten free shipping had we not paid for the faster speed. And at this point, we might as well have just went with free shipping. It's almost two days after we ordered, and they still have not shipped it.

WORST EXPERIENCE EVER! The lady in the fitting room was so rude! She was old, short blond hair and white. Thinking that I would help her put the clothes on the rack so she wouldn't have to but instead she yelled at me and gave me attitude. "that doesn't belong there!" snatched it from me and I stood there with my kids. I asked "Really?!" she said yes REALLY! YOU NEED TO LEARN HOW TO READ! I was shocked at the what she said to me! I told her "YOU CANT TALK TO ME LIKE THAT!" I didn't even see the sign that Old Navy had put up. There was a bystander and he didn't even do or say anything! So I went to the Manager (his name was Alan), explained everything and he said that he would talk to her. I called back in 30 mins and he said that he sat her down and spoke to her and she did apologize. I think he was lying and was just trying to play it off. I said, that's fine, but I really don't want any more of your customers going through what I did. He said that he already notified his store manager about it as well. GOOD - if he really did! But that lady lied and left out the part that she said i need to learn how to read. I should have stayed and had it situated. Cause he said that she never stated that I needed to learn how to read. He also stated that he's going to go with what his employee said vs what I said. I understand but really? When I explained the situation right then and there, and then call to explain it again, hes going to deny it?
WELL... isn't that funny. That's how the whole incident happened! He said he's not going to fire her. He's not going to babysit because we are all adults. This experience taught me that if there is a problem EVER, You should always try to resolve it at the store along with the Manger, Make a big scene so EVERYONE would know. I'm upset that my kids had to see how this horrible lady treated me. This is NOT OKAY! PEOPLE NEED TO SPEAK UP AND NEED TO KNOW THIS KIND OF SERVICE IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. Please, for your own sake, SHOP AT A DIFFERENT OLD NAVY! DO NOT SHOP HERE! And lady if you are reading this complaint! I CAN READ! AND I CAN ALSO WRITE!

The epitome of CAN-SPAM violation.
A few weeks ago I decided to go ahead and check out their retail store nearby. I got a few items that I wanted. I made the mistake of giving them my email address in order to get some bonus discounts.

Within a week or so of being hounded over and over again from their email marketing team, I decided to opt-out as none of it was particularly useful to me. I unsubscribed and waited a few days. I was still getting emails.

At some point I decided to just go ahead and send them to spam, which is what Old Navy were. Since unsubscribing, I have received over 16 emails from them. They do not honor their unsubscribes. I have decided to go ahead and report them and have forwarded all of their emails to the ******* email address, which is what I recommend anyone else do if they are in the same situation.

I cannot in good faith continue supporting a company that doesn't have any respect for its buyers. Do not make the same mistake I did; avoid giving them your email address and don't do business with them online; they will attack you inbox and the only recourse is to permanently block their domain.

The worst experience ever
I had the worst experience with Old navy. I made an order and waited two months just to realize the order was returned to Gap (connected company). Old Navy didn't deliver as "UPS couldn't find my apartment number" even if there is my name on the buzzer of course. After that GAP didn't bother to send me email that the order was shipped back and even didn't bother to REFUND my money. So one month after they shipped the order back (and I was checking the tracking number meanwhile) I found out all of this. GAP customer support said they are sorry and offered 20% off for my next purchase! And that's not the end. I tried to apply 20% code for the next purchase and the code DIDN'T WORK. So there will be no new purchase at Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic ever.

Great clothing!
I've always loved Old Navy. It was always fun to browse their clothing sections when I lived close to one. Now I mostly shop online and I like this as well. It is very easy to return items that didn't work out and you save the hassle of driving out to the store. Some of my favorite clothing items are from Old Navy. I don't like everything Old Navy sell, but the things I do like I LOVE. I also bought so many clothes for my kids with their summer sale for school. GREAT DEALS! Plus it is hard to find clothes that fit my teen and their pants fit great. I've bought myself swimwear, sun dresses, work pants, socks etc. All great quality. The only complaint would be the womens sizes vary wildly. I wish it was more uniform. I have to read a lot of reviews on items to get a gist of the sizing for an item. I usually try to find coupons or wait for a sale, but they always have some kind of sale going so you do not have to wait long.

I am writing to express my upset over a recent incident at the Old Navy store in Niskayuna, NY. I went to return a pair of pants which I purchased for my daughter. The pants were damaged at the zipper. I did not have my receipt, however all of the tags were attached and intact. I did have the credit card Old Navy were purchased with, as well as the appropriate ID. The general manager was able to find evidence of the purchase, the price I paid for them and the date they were purchased on the computer. I was told that I had missed the '45 day' return deadline for Christmas purchases, and as result I could not receive the amount I had paid for them. This despite the fact that they were damaged. I tried to reason with the general manager, Greg Towe, however he was immovable and inflexible.
This was the worst customer service I have ever received. Given the fact that the pants were damaged it seems that accomodations should have been made to rectify the situation rather than digging heals in and refusing to assist. I will never set foot in Old Navy or any of it's affiliates again. Perhaps further education should be provided regarding customer service, being fair and cultivating relationships with consumers in the community.

I reside outside the US, so I tend to use the OldNavy website far more.
About 7 years ago, OldNavy inflated a lot of their prices. Items that are comparably the same quality you find at JCPenny's, K-Mart and Faded Glory at Wal-Mart for $20 max are at the OldNavy site for $30-40. However, OldNavy provides sales and coupons that drop their goods to $20/ $25. Thus, not really a sale.
Recently I travel to the US and visited an OldNavy. Their flip-flops have always been the best deal for $2. I managed to catch a glimpse of their clearance and found a top that was priced at $7.99 from $19.99.
Wow a great deal, right?! No it gets better, the cashier scanned the item 3 times just to make sure of the price; it had dropped to $0.47! Less than a Soda/ pack of gum/ bookmark!
I'm not sure I would use the online site as often since the real clearance is in the store. It still is a shame that their plus size is only online, so I can't shop for everyone.

Always disappointed
FIRST PROBLEM: I have an Old Navy Visa card in which I get reward dollars that I can use on purchases. This is the second time that I have caught them giving each reward dollars the same reward number so that only one can be used and the other just disappears, meaning I lose those reward dollars. I've probably lost out on other reward dollars and haven't noticed. SECOND PROBLEM: I've had multiple online orders where items have been removed because Old Navy are no longer available. Who's in charge of making sure they're not available BEFORE the purchase is made? THIRD PROBLEM: I emailed customer support and they sent an email back that "We have received your email. Due to the unusually high volume of calls, we are unable to respond." So, they're not going to help me via email so I call wait 20 minutes for help. The gal that helped me was pretty distracted and didn't have any explanation regarding the problems. She did refund my order for the lost reward dollars, but didn't care to answer any other of my concerns about how Old Navy is currently running its business. On thing is for sure, my Old Navy Visa card will be cancelled and I never want to shop their again!

Horrible customer appreciation - they just cancelled my order
For more than 7 years I'm a good customer in any Old Navy shop in the States wherever I have a stop-over on my travels between Europe and Central America- with the virus I could not fly through the States anymore and as actually I found a company that is shipping containers to Central America, where I live, I started to test this company first- now after some shipping I did the big purchasing with my US debit card - many well-know companies, but also small shops. Of course I also shopped in the Old Navy website and found 13 clearance articles last night, made the payment through my debit card - everything seemed to be fine, payment went through. It was important, that the shipment would arrive in Texas with the freight company before Friday, February 12 - that's why I had agreed to pay 7.00US$ for the shipping and waive the free shipping.

Today the very big disappointment - Old Navy had cancelled my order because Old Navy guessed a fraudulent use of my card. They just kicked me out without trying to solve! I called the research department from here my local phone (as they charge less for calls to the US). All together I had 3 calls - talked more than 30 minutes to 3 different agents, spent at least 20.00$ in calls - just for nothing!

The agents tried very hard - my first contact tried everything, verified my card details and billing address and she could verify - why did their sales department not take these 2 minutes time and try the same? - This is ZERO customer appreciation!

So she had verified my card information, but as I do not have an American phone number then asked me to place my order again and use my Paypal account. I tried to place the order again and had to figure out, that 10 of my 13 items were not available anymore- this is so embarrassing -Old Navy instead of contacting me and make me verify my account just cancel my order? This is extremely rude - I'm missing words! - But I was still positive, tried to order the 3 remaining items and added 2 more items and went onto the payment option "Paypal", signed in and got the message, that Old Navy was only accepting Paypal accounts registered in the US - what an embarrassing next experience! Unbelievable in times of global businesses!

I did still not give up and called the research department a third time and the lady asked me to place the order again and use my card - she could monitor my order, could then waive the shipping cost and blablabla - I tried this and now your system does not like anything in my order, because as soon as I click "review your order" it will not continue anymore. I tried with a second card - NOTHING!

Once again - I'm so very much insulted, embarrassed, frustrated and really upset now, about the behavior of Old Navy - I'm missing words to describe! Having spent so much time and money just because this company just cancel orders whenever they're happy to do - this is NO customer appreciation at all - NONE! I'm shocked - I always bought for my Grand child and my daughter - I even bought for poor people in my village to give them clearance articles for free - and now I had to deal with such a rude "kicking me out" of my already paid order - that's absolutely rude and unacceptable- I'm sorry to have to say this - I'll NEVER ever set a step into any Old Navy shop anymore - I'm not supporting this kind of behavior!

Shame on Old Navy

They do not send your order
6 Weeks ago I ordered 10 mask I was told Old Navy are on back order. I was ok with that. When I tried to sign into my account it keeped telling me I had no account. Yet I am bombarded with emails. After calling them ( I was on hold for 2.32 hours) I was told they would ship out the next day the 17th of June and I would get a tracking # emailed. The masks still have not arrived and neither did I get a shipping confirmation or Tracking#. After reading the reviews I learned that this is a ongoing problem with Old Navy. I wish I would have checked before ordering from them. I tried calling again the first few times I got a recording that they could not take my call at this time when I was finally put on hold I was on hold for 3.37 Hours and gave up. Long story short, this is my first time ordering from Old Navy and it will be my last. I will not recommend then to anyone. STAY AWAY

Used to be great, now only okay
I used to love this store, now I just like it.
While many people may try to deny this obvious fact, the sizes have increased and are no longer true to what Old Navy state they are. For example, I used to fit in a 2 for their skinny jeans, now a 2 is a bit big for me around the waist, something that I never had an issue with before they started their size inflation. Along with skinny jeans, I cannot find a single pair of decent fitting shorts except for the young girls size 14, which is sad. Yes, even the 0 in short size is way too big for me.
Along with their sizes getting inflated, the material for many of their clothes has gone downhill and feels cheaper to me. I have been shopping at Old Navy for about 7+ years now so I've lived through the changes the clothes have experienced, very few for the better.

The only product line that hasn't been messed with yet is the Old Navy Active line. I am able to fit into all their Active clothes and have no issues with either the quality or fit, something I can no longer find in their regular clothes. Along with the clothes be nice the prices are very fair and if you wait for a special you can get sports clothes for a steal.

The Old Navy sandals are as always, very cheap and come in a wide range of colors. Wait for their $1 special where sandals are a $1 each, an amazing deal you can't miss.

Although there aren't as many shirts that I like, Old Navy shirts are for the most part, still cute and fit okay. While the sizes have increased to the point where a small is a bit big on me now, the shirts fit me a lot better than their shorts ever will.

Overall, their clothes are okay and the prices are okay for the quality you get. The Active line is their best line right now though.

I am a fan of Old Navy.
I am a huge fan of the Old Navy online site for several reasons.
1) Old Navy offer tall sizes for women. If I see something I love in the store, I can check online to see if they offer it in talls.
2) You can sign up to receive online specials. These specials come often, so be prepared for at least 3 or 4 e-mails a week. The specials range from a certain percentage off an order to free shipping.
3) Speaking of shipping, it is generally fast. I usually choose the 7 - 9 day option and items have always arrived sooner than that, often within 3 or 4 days.
4) You can return online orders at the local store. I have had to do this on occasion and it has never been a hassle. Credit is given in the original form of payment however at my request, I have received cash back rather than a credit going to my debit card. If you do not want to go to the store for returns, you can use the return labels provided.
From my experience, you can feel safe ordering online from Old Navy.

Trumbull Mall Old Navy very bad management
I was very upset today about the customer service I did not receive at Old Navy in the Trumbull, CT mall. I went in to return two pairs of leggings that I had purchased on March 1,2017. My daughter had worn them each once and I had washed them. Both ripped on the seam. The manager was called to the front desk and he very rudely told me it was wear and tear and not returnable. I was totally appalled. Wear and tear in 10 days time. As I walked away I said to my daughter how rude he was. He said very loudly in a fresh tone "have a great day". Who trained these people. This person was so unprofessional. I can only hope someone from Old Navy will read this and fire him. Very very dissatisfied.

Stay Away
I ordered clothes from Old Navy April 23 and still haven't received my items. After waiting an hour on hold to speak to someone, Old Navy claim that UPS lost my package. So they offered a refund, because these items are sold out. The refund will take 10 business days. Also I ordered leggings from them last month. They sent me the wrong ones. So I returned them and they said they will send me the correct ones. Guess what? Again they sent the wrong item, so I returned them again. I returned the items 3 weeks ago. They claim it takes 30 days from when they receive my return for me to get the refund. I'm now out of pocket so much money because of their ridiculous policies. I spoke to two different supervisors and they are all telling me different things. The first supervisor said I'd have my money back by now, but today they're saying 30 days from when they receive the return. I've ordered from many companies online and have never had problems before. Their customer service is horrible. I just want my money back for their mistake!

Lacking Customer Service
I placed an order on May 9 with the the knowledge the facemasks on the order were backordered until June 7th. At the time there was just one 5-pack assortment. Early June I checked on the status of my order and it is now backordered until July 7th. I have tried calling customer two times holding 25+ minutes before hanging up. I reached out through Facebook messenger and 9 hours later no reply. The frustrating part is Old Navy have many different assortments online now, some available for immediate shipping, some June 30th and some early July like mine. My complaint is they should have fulfilled back orders before making others for immediate shipment. Plus since the description clearly stated "assortment" they could have sent any of the ones they made.

Really Old Navy?
Always one of my favorite stores but I am now so disappointed. Online order TDMHG4Y placed on 6/26/20, all 6 items in stock, expected delivery date of 7/7/20. I planned to wear the items to an event the week of 7/14. Checked the order status several times Between 6/26 and 7/6, every time the status was the same "expected delivery date of 7/7." At 3:26pm on 7/6 I get an email telling me all the items are out of stock and order has been canceled. Really Old Navy? But I did get a 10% off coupon for my inconvenience. Not enough. Oh, and I can order the same items again on the website today without a problem. I think you either need to work on your inventory control or your customer service. 1 day before the expected delivery and you let me know you don't have the items. You've had 10 days. And why can I order the very same items again today? It'll be awhile before I shop here again.

Tricked into applying for a credit card
This is the complaint I just filed with the Michigan Attorney General's office:

On Friday, July 28 (transaction time was 8:52 pm), I was asked by the cashier (cashier #2874156) at Old Navy (1475 Burkhart Rd., Howell, MI 48855) if I'd like to sign up for their rewards card. I had been shopping and already signed up for others at other stores, so I easily agreed. I was slightly taken aback when asked for my SS#, but the store was closing soon and there was a line, and I was on the spot and still clueless, so I didn't halt the process. Only after the cashier told me that I had been approved for a $1000 credit line did I realized that he had signed me up for a credit card. I said, "I thought you said this was a rewards card," to which he perkily replied that yes, this was how I would receive rewards from Old Navy and its affiliates (which, by the way, are stores I don't shop). To be clear, he never mentioned, at any time, that this was a credit card. This kid either had no clue that his behavior was shady and wrong, or he did, and had no remorse. I suspect that store management is training them to do this. The next day (Saturday, July 29), I called Old Navy's credit card line (*******294) in hopes of paying off and closing the card. I was told that the balance hadn't posted, so I couldn't pay it. A supervisor named Cedric assured me that he would start the process to close the card and have it removed from my credit report. Today (Tuesday, Aug. 1) I called again, and paid the balance, but was disturbed to find that my card had not yet been closed and my available credit had been tripled to $3000. I spoke to a representative named Patrick, who first told me that Old Navy could not take the card off of my credit report, but when I stayed firm, he put me on hold and came back to tell me that he was going to transfer me to a manager. After quite a long while on hold, Patrick came back to tell me that the request had been filed with the credit bureau and that it would take 20 days from Aug. 29 to receive an answer. When I asked about my suddenly tripled balance, he told me not to worry about anything. And that was that. I would like to see this taken care of by Old Navy in an expedient manner, and also that it doesn't show up on my credit report. And I would like pressure put on Old Navy, at least this location, for this practice to stop. After sharing my experience, I have learned of others that have been duped in this same way. I have had several retail jobs, and NEVER was I told that it was okay to trick people into applying for a credit card. This is absolutely unacceptable.

This time they really messed it up
I ordered few clothes for children and selected 2-day shipping as I wanted them urgently. Old Navy were not available at any of the stores near me otherwise I would have bought it from the store. Nevertheless, two days after ordering there was no sign of my package so I called the customer support only to find out that my package had been lost by the courier and they would ship it again, thus delaying it by another 4 days cuz there was a weekend ahead. I was furious and devastated by this. Not only I was going to receive the order after the event for which I originally ordered, I had to go to children's place and purchase something immediately, which resulted in additional expenses and unnecessary stress.

Online order never canceled like I wanted.
I made a online purchase for 2 pairs of shirts and 2 tops. First mistake is Old Navy put quality 2 for one of the shirts when my order shows 1. Next they sent one pair of shorts only. Had to wait for the rest. Okay fine whatever. Then I decided I didn't want the items due to how long I was having to wait to receive everything. Called to cancel everything and customer service (cs) said they would gladly help. Next I recieved a email a couple days later saying my items are almost ready. What? I call back again and wait another 2 hours and have them cancell my order again. Email comes a couple days later and it's my items preparing to ship to me. Why? I call back and wait 2 hours to get through to be told it was never done and they're doing it this time and its completed. Thx. I get a email a couple hours later saying that my order has shipped. I call them back and wait again to be told it was never done and now it's to late to cancel and I got to return everything to get a refund. Why I have to cancell this many times is beyond me. I will never again shop at old navy.

I'm writing this review while STILL on hold with Old Navy customer service. Chat option is not even available online, and I have been on hold for 1:22:50 and counting. My order shipped and was missing a product (even though the packing slip showed it included). Not only am I on hold forever to correct this, but the hold music is a horrifying loop of 3 second clips of alternating songs and static. Songs from the 60s - present time, jumping every 3 seconds I was just listening to Pink and Elvis with some other unrecognizable songs thrown in. WTH IS THIS?!?!? I just want the items i paid for! I will NEVER order or buy from Old Navy again. I will make sure that I tell EVERYONE I know about this experience, and I'm going to post it on all of my social media accounts. This is the most obvious demonstration of how little Old Navy value their customers I have ever seen.

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