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Customer service
I've in shopping with this company for years now and have very rarely had any issues. Their clothes fit beautifully and delivery is relatively quick. However, the times that I have had issues customer service has been amazing and very quick in response to my needs. Most recently Stephanie, Georgina and Leigh helped rectify an issue regarding my last order and were able to issue me a partial refund back without any headache. Will definitely continue shopping with OhPolly!

Absolutely disgusting. Received a dres that does not fit! Tried to return but didn't receive a return label. The label had been taken from the letter before Oh Polly posted this to me! Never even stated where to send this (which drop off point!) after countless times to contact them regarding these issues. Using email, Instagram and Facebook and then being completely ignored on everything I am not stuck with a dress that doesn't fit and £30 down!
Absolutely horrific customer service. Will never ever use this company again!
Fuming is an understatement!

WOW! Excellent products, even better customer service
I'm not one to leave reviews, but the quality of items and excellent standard of customer service needs to be shared.

Firstly, super impressed with the high quality and excellent stitching/fabric of the pieces of clothing I ordered (mostly swim). It's not typical to find this type of quality in a bikini that's sub $50.

Secondly, I had to do some exchanges for different sizes/styles. This could not have been easier. The three ladies I worked with (Sarah, Stephanie and Molly) were prompt, polite, and went above and beyond to ensure the exchanged items were processed quickly. Oh Polly even shipped out the exchanged goods before my return to them had finished being processed. This was great because we had a trip planned and the exchanges would have otherwise not arrived in time.

Finally, shipping. SO FAST. I was not expecting a 2 or 3 day delivery but that's what I got! Both with the original order - and the exchanged items.

Really awesome company. Definitely earned a loyal customer.

Annie and Bethanie
Dear Oh Polly team,
The girls (Annie and Bethanie) were very very helpful and polite.
Oh Polly company has amazing, awesome clothes and shoes!
Although, the shipping and return is really disappointing...
I live in Greece and the last time that i ordered it takes 1,5 month to receive my package!
Also, it is really frustrating that we have to pay for the return postage. For example, i received my package after 1,5 month (OHP7790GB*******001) and it doesn't flatter me too much. So, I decided to return my order...
I have been contacted with many transport companies and Oh Polly assured me that the return cost is 50€-80€. As you can see i have to double pay the order...
In conclusion, the site is amazing and it has many innovative clothes but i think that you should attach importance to shipping and return policy.
Yours sincerely,
Catherine Fourkas.

Paid $50 USD total for a bathing suit top and bottom off of this website only to find THREE random $#*!ing bathing suits (2 bottoms, 1 top) that I did not order in the bag. Does this website just throw random items into a bag and ship it? Seems like it. I won't even bother returning it since all of the reviews say people will never see a refund and that customer service is so bad. GOOD $#*!ING THING I GOT FREE ST TROPEZ TANNING SOLUTION BUT NOT THE SUITS I ORDERED. Absolute disgrace.

I ordered from them in November, it is now January. I still don't have my clothes. The customer service is very very difficult to get into contacts with and Oh Polly respond 5 days later. After weeks of tedious back and forth, they finally responded and said they would ship me another order. When i just received my order from MONTHS ago, I'm not sure why they failed to ship more than half of my order... Some of stuff from this site is super nice sometimes its a hit or miss with the sizes. Overall, the customer service almost makes shopping with them unbearable. I asked them to do something for the inconvenience and they did not. The outfits I ordered was suppose to be for the holidays and for my birthday in December, they literally ruined my events since I had to run out last minute and purchase new outfits. I do not recommend them because they are not reliable and its hard to get into contact with any one from the company. Its so sad a company with nice clothes ruins it by not being so unreliable and making a shopping process so difficult for the customers.

Took two weeks to reply to me with regards to my return and when Oh Polly did they sent me an email saying the product looked worn... are they being serious I tried it on once and sent it back as I bought a few options to pick from. Not only did I have to pay for my return but they are not telling me the product I'd bought had been worn when it was sent back with the tags on. This two piece is a light pink blush so I fully made sure I tried it on fresh out the shower with zero make up tan etc on. And then it just happens to have a mysterious mark spear on it. CON ARTISTS

Honestly disappointed
I'm not a huge fan of trying new clothing places but after looking at hauls on oh polly made me feel confident about them. Nope I was wrong, I was so excited to see the package from them in the mail, and when I opened it, it wasn't what I ordered and completely wrong size. And I waited for a month to get it too. I'm so disappointed and upset because this was supposed to be my going out dress for my 21st Birthday and I'm stuck with a cheap shiny mermaid looking dress that I paid $50 for... so I will never order from here again. Save your money and time this place isnt worth it!

Over the top Customer Service!
As soon as I received my order confirmation I noticed I ordered the wrong size for one of my items. I immediately contacted Oh Polly's customer service by simply responding to my emailed order confirmation. Nikki responded very quickly given the time difference and was able to update my order before it was sent. I also want to acknowledge the others on her team as after I continued to respond with additional questions, i received responses from Sophie and Emily C. Just as quickly, and Oh Polly picked up right where the previous agent left off. I never had to catch anyone up which showed how experienced this staff was. Appreciate all their help.

This was my first and last time ordering from OhPolly. I ordered the lunar mini dress in orange. However, that was not the order I received. I received a blue bra instead. How does this even happen and where is the dress I paid for? I've reached out several times via email and Instagram, and have yet to receive a response. This has been the worst experience and I will never ever spend my money on OhPolly ever again. At this point, I just want my money back. If I could give zero stars I would.

Too Expensive for mediocre dresses.
I ordered from OhPolly twice and let me just say. I hope you don't need to return anything, it was going to cost me $28 to return a dress. Crazy! The sizing is off and customer service was not helpful one bit. However, I ended up wearing the dress just because I was stuck with it and although i ended up liking the dress it was not worth what i paid for it. The second time i ordered, I received a dress that was such a THICK material i couldn't walk straight lol! Did not look like this at all on the site. So I wasted my money the second time around. Wouldn't recommend!

Horrible customer service!
I had ordered a two dresses and one didn't fit properly so I sent back in perfect condition! I checked it over! Then I received the item back with a refused return saying there was marks on the back! I am soo angry as I sent item back in perfect condition and now Oh Polly are saying there is marks on it! When queried this they basically had an automated messaged! I am not getting forced to pay! Disgusting customer service I WILL NEVER SHOP HERE AGAIN! I have noticed this seems to be happening a lot I wonder if this is how they are making more money off people

This site is a scam, Oh Polly are good with taking your money and not sending your order.
There is no such thing as customer service, no phone number and forget about that email they provide on their site you will never hear from them after placing your order. Please go on Instagram and do yourself a favor and read through all the comments from consumers who unfortunately made the mistake of ordering. No one seems to receive their orders but they keep posting pictures and don't get back to their customers with a response.

Save yourself the money and time and take your business elsewhere.

I returned my item a month ago. It did not fit. So I sent it back. I emailed them to inform them of my return. It took DAYS for them to respond. When Oh Polly did respond, they asked me the same questions that I already answered in regards to my order number, name of item and postage information. I provided them with all that information and with pictures. The item was delivered to them and I still have not received a refund. Instead they keep emailing me the same questions I already answered. Stay far away from this website. Customer service is horrible and they don't want to refund my money. Unless you want to deal with this when your trying to return an item, don't order from them!

I would give it 0 stars if I could. WORST Customer Service EVER. Sent something for a refund over 3 months ago and Oh Polly refuse to return my money! I have NEVER experienced this with an online retail store. I spent a ridiculous amount of time emailing back and forth with no resolution in sight. I have the return postage receipt and all proof and still nothing.
Read the other reviews. If you are going to order from them be careful and best not to return anything cause you won't see your money again! That store and customer service is a JOKE.

Not worth the price and sizing is bad
I have always been a size 6/8 however the dresses are so tight and sizing is not accurate at all that the last dress I bought a size eight to be on the safe side and it was still so tight. I had to buy two dresses in different sizes as previously it's so hit and miss. I think a lot of the time the dresses are really uncomfortable with no stretch at all as well. The zoos are an absolute nightmare Oh Polly are always cheap tiny little zips that are hard to fasten. The dress that actually fit me perfectly I wore once and the strap broke. They wouldn't refund as I had worn it. I found it really unfair and I had only worn it for a couple of hours and the strap completely came off. I hadn't even had the garment 24 hours. Poor customer service! I think the clothes are highly over rated for what they are, yes they look pretty but very expensive, bad customer service and overall fit is not good at all, especially if you have boobs bigger than a b cup!

AWFUL customer service
Saw a ton of bad reviews of this company and decided to go ahead and try it out anyways (bad mistake). I liked a few things but the leggings and sports bras I ordered were too big. I sent multiple items back, and just didn't hear from them. Oh Polly said it will be processed within 10-15 business days. Contacted customer service to ask about it and they just told me to wait. I didn't have a receipt from the post office when I sent it back and they said without that they couldn't help. Hoping I get my refund but honestly at this point I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't. Don't take the chance shopping online here, I promise you will regret it if you have to send anything back.

Doesn't get any worse than this, stay away!
Where do I start?
My gf was sent the same dress as me, she put the dress on, it teared straight away. Not because she was 'too big for it' but because it was a poor make and the fabric was so delicate, it was literally a dress to look at, not wear.
I decided I wanted the same dress, I purchased it a size up and what do you know, the same thing happened to me (I thought hers was just faulty).
I contacted Oh Polly and Oh Polly would not offer a refund for a faulty item, instead they offered 20% credit.
Absolute shocker of a company, we have gone round and round in circles for 3 weeks without an outcome. Time and energy wasting. Would not recommend this site.

Sizing is off
I ordered two dresses on a Wednesday and Oh Polly arrived on Friday. The shipping was really fast. But the sizing is way off. I'm usually a size US 4 or 6. I read the size guide and ordered a 6 but it was so tight my boobs were squished and made me look like I was being Suffocated. I wanted to order a size 8 but then I went to the reviews and heard going through a refund is hell. BEWARE SIZE UP! The material is not stretchy at all. The dresses are pretty though.

Customer Service
I received the wrong order from Oh Polly. After emailing customer service, I received a response from Bethanie within minutes. The problem was resolved after sending a few pictures of the incorrect product. I then received an email from Leigh the next day stating that the order would be delivered within 3 days to my residence in Canada. Both representatives were extremely friendly and easy to work with. The level of customer service Oh Polly provided was excellent and I wouldn't hesitate to order from this company again.

Customer Service
I am really happy with OhPolly's customer service! I was having some trouble with a fake page on Instagram (that was pretending to be OhPolly) and I messaged OhPolly's Customer Service page. I got a response on the same day from a worker who informed me that the account was fake. Their name was Emily S, and Oh Polly were extremely kind and advised me on how I should deal with the issue. I am really impressed by how quickly they replied, as some businesses take a while to respond, so thank you Emily, and thank you OhPolly!

Late delivery/ Torn clothing
The items are cute but poorly made. I've ordered twice from them and the second time both outfits had ripped stitching/ holes. No one wants a brand new outfit with rips in it. I've reachrd out to them twice about fully refunding or replacing the items with no response. At this point, I don't have the items I needed in time. When you mess up, you fix it. I can't even get a reply and my items were placed more than three weeks ago. Very unprofessional!

Unable to return my unworn item
I bought a dress at Oh Polly and the chest was too big for me, I tried it on to look if it fits, then I send it back to Oh Polly. Now Oh Polly say that they noticed "marks on the inside" which isn't possible because I only tried in on. The tags are also still attached even on the outside, so I can't wear it like that even if I wanted to. Now they send the item back to me and I can't get my money back. I think this is very unprofessional because the customer should be able to try it on and send it back it back if they don't like it. You can really see that I didn't wear the dress and I just want my money back. Never buying here again.

Be careful, i got lucky with my purchase
I bought two dresses off this website & i'm honestly pretty happy with them. I'm an American size 4 so I got an 8 and Oh Polly both fit snug but I like the tightness of the dresses. On the one dress I ordered the straps broke after the first time i took the dress off but thankfully it looks better without straps. I have no complaints for the second dress but I haven't worn it yet. Although I actually like the quality of the dresses i definitely think for the price i paid the straps should NOT have broken. Like i said, I got lucky because I can still wear the dress and I was originally worried when I saw a lot of bad reviews about people being scammed. While i love my dresses i'd just be very careful and prepare for possible disappointment because there are a LOT of bad reviews and it costs $$$. But if you're willing to spend it then you might just end up loving your purchase :)

Wouldn't refund
I bought a co ord skirt and top from this site, after having them a week or so I decided for the money (which I thought was pricey in comparison to other sites) I wouldn't wear them enough, and Oh Polly looked quite cheap.
I returned both of them with the tags on within the returns policy and I was denied a refund for the top as they said it had been worn! I had literally tried it on a few times! The tags were still on the top as well! I emailed them and they didn't want to know.
I would stay away from this site because of this.
I've never had any problems with any other sites like PLT boohoo etc.

Great customer service
I returned a few bathing suite pieces and it was getting close to a month since I heard back. Things are slow right now with shipping so I wasn't too concerned, but I wanted to be assured that i would get my refund. I emailed oh polly's customer service. The responses were so helpful and quick. I got my questions answered within the hour of emailing and my refund back within 48 hours. I appreciate the help of shania, leigh, and alexandra! Super helpful.

Great customer service
I've been ordering from oh polly regularly, especially before lockdown. Oh Polly have a range of amazing dresses that are worth every penny. If I ever had any enquiries regarding my orders were always resolved on the same day. They have exceptional customer service, can not fault them. Recently I was also assisted by one of their representatives - Alex. She was very helpful and had no issue with my enquiry. Would definitely recommend this brand and their customer service :)

Best customer service I've experienced so far.
My mother bought me an item off Oh Polly's site as one of my Christmas presents, and I was so over the moon with the fit and quality of the item I had to send an e-mail to them just to say how thrilled I was with it. I have trouble finding bodycon fits that actually look good on me, due to both my awkward body proportions and my self-confidence, but every item I have tried on from Oh Polly so far has looked amazing and I've felt so confident in it.

I talked to both Kate and Sophie who were amazing and so friendly, literally never experienced such nice and genuinely caring customer service before. Truly believe that if I ever had any problems with purchases in the future, which I haven't as of yet, it would be sorted immediately and a lot of care would be taken in the process.

Will definitely be shopping here again and would recommend Oh Polly to anybody. Very happy and satisfied customer!

I ordered from this site for my bday! I ordered my correct size which is an 8, it was wayyyy too small! So me being a black girl I just figured their clothes ran small, for smaller petite women. Which a lot of these do. Because I really liked the items so I returned them. (still haven't received my refund) and I re ordered in a size 12. A whole 4 sizes larger then what I normally wear just so that way if it was too big I could just get it altered. No still wayyy to small. I am disappointed because I leave for Vegas tomorrow! Even more because I know Oh Polly are like the same company as PLT/Boohoo and I love those sites! Very very unsatisfied. They will not get my business again.

Hey its Alana! I got the "Sandcastle Ruched Cropped T-Shirt Bikini Top in Cream" and the "Sandcastle Strappy High Rise Thong Bikini Bottoms in Cream." I thought this bikini looked very different, and wanted to try it out, but personally I don't think its very practical. I just filmed a review of 7 bikinis from 7 different trendy online stores on my channel: Alana Arbucci

Out of all of the suits, this one was one of our least favorites just because its basically a shirt on top but there is less than a thong amount of material on the bottom. My entire behind was out and I felt really uncomfortable in the bottoms and I was sweating in the top. Honestly, if I was reviewing the top as an actual shirt, I would say get it, but if I'm rating this as a bikini set I would say probably pass. It might be cute for Instagram, but not for the money.

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