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Official SIM Unlock

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Product Works as Advertised but Buyer Beware
(1) Your two step payment requirement and total pricing was not adequately explained at the time of initial order. At the time of the request for a second payment the buyer is remined to check the terms and conditions of the unlock contract to verify a second payment is required. This second payment and overall product cost should be posted to the landing page and be clear. (2) the unlock instructions provided with the unlock code were completely wrong, specifically, the Blackberry Classic did NOT prompt for an unlock when re-started with a foreign SIMM card. In fact the Blackberry Classic had to be re-started with NO SIMM CARD. Then you have to go to NETWORK settings and then you have to select NETWORK. Only then are you prompted to input the unlock code and yes, the unlock code did work instantly. (3) My request for help on finding the location of an unlock prompt were never answered.

Price Surprise
Paid initial price but then was hit with a further amount to pay... an extra £50 + I thought about not paying it and not receiving my code but thought then that the initial payment would be wasted. Reluctantly paid it and received codes. Took phone to new provider who didn't know what the codes were for! Nightmare. So service more expensive than initially led to believe and codes not used in the end!

Looks great and tells you the charge is €23.00. Bit much but fair price for a quick service. WRONG. You will receive a email saying your order is being processed and that you will receive your unlock code in 1-24 hours. The next day you will receive a email saying your code is ready for release. Now Official SIM Unlock say that the phone is valuable and the network provider have a charge to release it. This is false as the phone is out of contract and payed for in full. I was asked to pay an additional €42.00. This was payed as my young soon was promised the phone and I thought I would get the code straight away. Not so. You will then say the process is moving on and again you will have the code between 1 and 24 hours. Then they look for a phone number and if you don't supply one it could take 10 days. Still no code. This company needs to be shut down and the people found. If anyone has information on these people please share.

Deception at it's greatest.
Official SIM Unlock make it very unclear about the massive additional payments at the end, I'd been led to believe that £23 was the cost of unlocking it, only to find out that I needed to pay an extra £70 to actually unlock it at the end. I'm sure if I'd read the terms and conditions it would have said it in there, but it was virtually hidden to the user that there was another charge at the end, why would you fragment the payments, just be honest and tell us how much it is from the beginning.

I've now been chasing them for a response for 2 weeks and they haven't even had the decency to respond, fraudulent, cowardly charlatans. Take your business else where.

Stay away from this company
(1) Official SIM Unlock bait you with a low initial cost, three easy steps, etc. (2) But you might need their "premium service." In my case, they asked for $80 more. (3) The progress update button stayed at 50% for 30 days. (4) Support email responses always told me to wait patiently... for 30 days. (5) Finally, they said my phone was blocked (despite the fact that it works perfectly with other carriers). (6) Being wary of the scam, I asked for proof and asked how a blocked phone could work. (7) They offered no answers to my questions but offered 50% refund. (8) I refused the refund and asked for answers and proof they are telling the truth. No success. (9) If you are still reading, you could save $100 by not using this company.

Hidden payments
Advertise 1 off fast payment. After paying pre order fee to then get final bill of 34.79 to actually get charged it as an additional 34.79. Rip off. Don't know why people have rated highly for a bad review. Iwish I read reviews not just at star rating or recommendation from a YouTube video. I own the phone so I expected the little addition charge but until you pay each section all fees hidden no upfront quote as I would have gone elsewhere. Also customer support rude and failed to see issue of them hiding fees.

This company is a scam. You pay £23 and then they demand another £30. You have been warned!
This is a scam company. Official SIM Unlock say they will unlock your phone for £19 + VAT - £23.
You book their service and then sometime later they say they have completed the checks and now require an additional fee (£28.00 + VAT in my case)
Before they will give you your code. They then state that your original payment was a pre-order!

I felt a bit stupid as I didn't do any checks before I tried to unlock one of my old phones.
I refused to send them any more money
It was a Samsung S8 - locked to Vodafone.

All of the major Mobile companies will unlock your phone for free providing it has not been reported stolen or currently in a contract with them.

I went to and put the details of my phone in and it was unlocked with 30 mins - completely free of charge!

There are also many suspect reviews on many review sites for Although they have taken £23 from me, I intend to report them to the Ombudsman. They should net be able to get away with this.


Absolute Scam Company
I have no idea how the average review rating is above 4 stars, but this company operates on the basis of misleading you. Official SIM Unlock charge an initial fee which you are lead to believe is the unlock fee (usually around €15). A day later, they then send you the price to unlock the phone (an extra €107 in my case). I could have had it unlocked for €100 by my provider, but for the sake of speed (quoted 12 hours) I paid official sim unlock. Note: OSU charge you even when it's most often free to unlock the phone from the service provider.

10 days later, they still had not unlocked the phone. OSU responded to email queries to say the unlock would be soon. They never answer phone calls. My phone was locked to Three Ireland and when I lost patience with OSU, I contacted Three Ireland and they unlocked the phone for free within hours. The tracker page provided by OSU still shows 50% unlocked and that is 2 months ago at time of this review. They did not give a refund even though they failed to unlock the phone. I successfully got my money refunded by bank charge-backs.

Do not use this company. Their practices are misleading and dishonest. The fact they use a virtual business address in London and don't answer any calls should be all the details you need to keep away. It appears to be run by a single male director who I suspect is the same person sending the response emails, posing as a woman. I wasn't diligent to begin with, but you can avoid the inconvenience I went through.

I have signed up for an unlock code and nowhere on...
I have signed up for an unlock code and nowhere on your site does it say there will be an additional fee once you have paid an unlock fee.
I have already paid £24 to unlock my EE Huawei phone and not Willing to pay another nearly £50.
This site is a scam and I would appreciate my original £24 sending back as this is wrongly advertised.
I have emailed and attached a copy of what your site says about unlocking and the fees, you state you give a quote of the price which was done and then nowhere does it say you will be charged an additional amount. If I had an option to leave 0 stars I would do so.

It works
Although due to the Covid pandemic, it took a little longer than expected. I had sent a few emails and Official SIM Unlock were replied to speedily by Emma to explain what was happening. I do think the website it our of sync as it shows my phone is 50% complete while I'm typing this review... otherwise Brilliant service. Thank you

All emails were sent with in a timely manner and answered with the response I needed

I used this website as, unfortunately had to self Isolate
It was advertised at 19.99 + Vat and unlocked in 1 to 6 hours
I paid and was waiting over the time limited so asked for update, to then be faced with an email saying the initial checks had been carried out and to pay the attached invoice to complete the unlock!

I emailed to say I hadn't received the service I had paid for, Official SIM Unlock said they could discount it by 15% as "they had an order going in that night"
I refused to pay anymore monies as it was going to cost over £50 in total

No refund given

Don't use unless you have deep pockets
When you look at their site you are led to believe for a charge of £19.99 you'll receive an unlock code, how wrong can you be, within a few hours you'll receive an email saying your code is ready click this link, that's when Official SIM Unlock hit you with it's going to cost you another £59 to release th code.
The site is misleading, I have reported it to trading services, I doubt I'll get a refund, my only advice is don't be a mug like me, there are far cheaper ways of unlocking a phone

My phone broke at the worst time when I'm job hunting. My brother was kind enough to give me one of his old phones, I'm with Freedom Mobile and he was with Rogers. DESPERATE to get my phone back on so I didn't miss any job offer calls, I STUPIDLY used this service. A few days ago I paid $23. The next day I get an email saying I OWE almost $70! I checked the website and NO WHERE does it say there is a second fee. I now have NO money left (crappy times), I still can't connect my number to my phone, I paid almost $100 and STILL haven't received a code! SCAM! I'm so pissed off, I used a family members phone and I missed out on 2 calls from potential jobs (I was finally able to call my number and at least listen to voicemails). This company should be ashamed of themselves... DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY! Go into your providers store instead. If I knew I was going to use the last of my money I would have done that instead. Now it's 4 days later and this site totally F*$*#*D me!

Feeling a bit tricked
Unclear that I'd have to pay a further 60£ and get taxed twice. Pretty frustrating. However if it works it worth it. Just be more clear.

Thevmyve since contacted me to give me a refund on the extra charge. Waiting for confirmation. If its true this will be rather pleasant and will be worth the wait (said 1 day and 20£ then once you pay it says 1-7 then another 60£ charge)

Low stars at the moment as will waiting to hear about refund and waiting for the completion of the unlock.


Doesn't worth the money and hassle, wouldn't recommend they're services
That's a total disgrace, Official SIM Unlock charge me £23.99 first time and I did give them all the details including the network that was locked on, after that they send me another email saying that amount was just a preorder and then they asked another £47.99 for the unlock code and another couple of emails between this with a gap of good hours, after 3 days I did got the unlock code, wouldn't recommend for anyone to use their services. I end up having my phone unlocked for about £80

Worst service ever. I feel scammed. I paid $5 for network check (what ever that means), then another $23 thinking that will get me the unlock code. After two days and three emails later to customer service Official SIM Unlock have the nerve to ask for more money before they can release the code. WHAT A SCAM! Why not be upfront and say what the true cost are? STAY AWAY!

Dishonest company. You think you are paying for the phone unlocking but you are NOT. What you are buying is only written in the small print of T&C. You will find out on the end that is some kind of "pre- order" and your phone will not be unlocked unless you pay 2 x what you originally paid.
No point taking to them. No ethics in this business. You will waste your money and time. AVOID AT ALL COST!

False Avertising and Scamming
After paying the £23.99 including VAT to have the company send me an unlock code for the phone, it took them over the guaranteed 24 hour timeframe to contact me with my product.

In the meantime, I call O2 to inquire about some of the strange terms and conditions on the OSU website. Official SIM Unlock told that I don't need to unlock an O2 phone, and that OSU should have checked that and should have known better than to take my money.

Nevertheless, Official Sim Unlock proceeded to take my money and refused to give a refund. What's worse, when I finally got the email confirmation of delivery for the unlock code, in order to unlock it I had to pay an additional £59.99! (including 20% VAT). They had a very strange reason for this which is absolute conjecture: "Your phone is a very expensive device and is subsidised by the carrier over the length of your contract, the carrier requires this additional unlocking fee to cover their potential loss of revenue. Research on the internet will show you that our price is one of the lowest in the industry and our time scales are most certainly the fastest."

Laughable. O2 assured me that they do not lose revenue over their contracts, nor do any other carriers.

After emailing the company they gave me the usual terms and conditions jargon and didn't listen to my story.

I then spoke to the lovely people at O2 over the phone again and they assured me that unlocking phones should not be that price. Official Sim Unlock were no help over email to rectify the situation and refused to refund me.

Please do not use this company. I cannot stress this enough.

I'd read the reviews, which are bad to say the least, but I thought, no, I'll give it go, maybe there's just lots of negatives because maybe there's just a small amount of issues and those people who have something to complain about are more likely to leave a review than those who had a positive experience.

How wrong I was...

This site is 100% a scam. No ifs, no buts.

The prices quoted on the site are completely irrelevant, misleading, and certainly not reflective of what you will inevitably be asked to pay after you've handed over the initial amount.

For an iPhone 7 is was quoted £24.99 initially. It took 22hrs and 14mins before I received the dreaded email I'd been waiting for.
"Your phone is a very expensive device... the carrier requires this additional unlocking fee cover their potential loss of revenue".
That additional fee amounted to £52.79. I know, however, that it has been a lot more for some individuals.
This then takes an extra 1-72hrs to complete. Working days only. Because of the pandemic, you see.

So all in all the total cost of getting a (clean) iPhone 7 unlocked is actually £77.78

As a paralegal I know for sure this company have broken a number of marketing regulations, and, I would imagine, some consumer laws too.

They'll be hearing from me again soon, but not as a customer.

Partly on Satisfied
It was not made clear that on making the first payment there was a second payment required, A £10 cash back was offered if a feed back was given which has not been paid. As Official SIM Unlock Charge VAT their VAT Number was not shown on their Invoice I have as them for a VAT Invoice or their VAT Number which they will not send or give out so overall the way they operate seems a bit of a Scam so I will not be using them again

Total SCAM!
I would look elsewhere as Official SIM Unlock suggest it will be £19.99 to unlock your phone and then 24 hours after receiving this payment they want a further £50 to provide the unlock code. They clearly know they are charging extortionate prices and use this underhand payment setup to hide it. Needless to mention when I requested a refund after the first payment they refused. Total scam.

Poor service poor information on website
Used these last year. Terrible service. Quote you one price then want more money once Official SIM Unlock start processing your order.
If you complain keep referring you to their terms and conditions which are such small print that you can hardly read. Terrible customer service. WOULD Not RECOMMEND.
They say they have been trying to contact me well they're not trying very hard.
My opinion of them still stands.
Do not use them!

They asked for a nother £60 to unlock phone so I lost...
Official SIM Unlock asked for a nother £60 to unlock phone so I lost £24 I paid it say total price £19.99 + vat after I messaged i want my refund they say they won't do refund and I said I will cancell the payment so they reply was will sue me! What a sh... customer service i asked to speak with manager about it but that beautiful Emily even didn't bother i send screenshot if you put imei it say total price but she keep send me iPhone price list even if i got samsung! And I try to contact them by phone mo answer! Horrible! People should ignore this site probably fake reviews to so they can get much money they can from people!

Official SIM Unlock know hardly anyone reads T&C's and they use that to their advantage.
Be sure to read the terms and conditions before you proceed.

When you make payment you'll think you're doing so for your phone to be unlocked.
However this is just for them to tell you that it can be unlocked (which you don't need to pay someone to find out). They'll then ask for a second (considerably higher payment) to then actually unlock the phone.
When you decide you no longer want to do that, they won't refund you your first payment. So you've basically paid for nothing.

Scam operating with the technicalities of the law.

Always read the small print.
The advert said that i could unlock my phone for £19 + VAT, which I thought was fair. I gave them my phone model and IME number and paid the fee. A day later I received a message saying that my phone was ready to be unlocked and I had to pay the final fee which was £38.99 + VAT, so a total of £58.98. I contacted them and basically Official SIM Unlock said I should have read the small print. If your phone is a legitimate phone don't use this company.

Not legit
I paid £19.99 & £4 VAT
Thinking my phone would be unlocked pretty quick( it said instant unlock on the ad) i wait 24 hours for them to tell me i now owe them £47.99 plus £8 VAT.
So over £80 to unlock an old phone.

Official SIM Unlock are lying and saying its because it was a contract phone but it isnt! Its an old s6 that i had to borrow because my phone broke.
I wrote a reveiw on trust pilot and Sim Unlock Official actually flagged it down as innaproppriate! AVOID LIKE THE PLAQUE
Realy annoyed at my self for not reading reviews properly. They are obviously very good at getting the bad reveiws shut down so be careful!

Very ugly and deceiving tactic to overcharge people...
Very ugly and deceiving tactic to overcharge people for simple service. Due to pandemic I can't go to unblock my phone at local repair shop which does it for £20 all inclusive. Officialsimunlock charges £24 to "register" your job and then once you paid come back to ask for another £40+ when I paid first fee it wasn't stated that it wasn't the fee for unlocking the phone.

Scam and theft!

Shame on you!

Ripoff, stay away
Initially Official SIM Unlock charged me £20 plus vat and it will take 1to 24 hours, but later they email me saying that my phone is very expensive and I need to pay extra £49 plus vat if i want the code, and it took them 7 days to send me the code. There's no transparency and hidden charges that they never mentioned before. I won't use them nor i recommend them to anyone.

Efficient and quick, but not as advertised
I had a phone from Simplemobile to unlock, it had been in service for 3 years, so should be unlock able, it's in my personal possession (not stolen), it's marked as active by Simplemobile. All valid criteria. Official Sim Unlock i/face to perform the unlock is simple enough, and good status tracking.

Unfortunately it reports unlockable (claims stolen, out of service or other - all wrong) and no money back options. Feels like theft to be honest, as all criteria were met, Official SIM Unlock just don't have a product that delivers, and basically take your money for no reason.

Disappointed - beware, they don't deliver, at least in my (valid unlock able) case

Paid the £20 something pound for the unlock and was...
Paid the £20 something pound for the unlock and was happy with that, but then had to pay a further £48 pound to complete! I know I was in a rush to do this but at no point did I see that this was the precess or do I feel it was advertised as such.! This is a joke and done in such a way that Official SIM Unlock really give you no choice unless you want to through away £20!


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