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I am interested in proceeding with negotiations in...
I am interested in proceeding with negotiations in the Sale of one of my Properties. I respond to texts and emails, not phone calls because of spam. I would proceed with a text or email leading to a phone call. I am looking to Close as early as September. I am looking to net 300k minimum for my next investment.

Very shocked to see so many positive reviews. My experience unfortunately has been horrendous. I was assured when I listed with Offerpad that Offerpad would handle all of the details as I was out of state. Dave Webster, the realtor explained that they would take care of the pool and the yard and get our beautiful home sold ASAP. Well, my first red flag was the photos used for the listing... the images were horrible as the yard looked unkept. Eventually my husband and I had to hire our own individuals to avoid being cited by the city for a green pool. I can remember Dave telling us that everything looked great and that there was no need to worry as he had sent out pool people and yard workers. As we suspected something was awry and our cameras did not detect any movement or improvements we decided to drive back to Texas and check on our home and found that our back yard was a forest and our pool was a swamp and that the city had put a notice on our door. Nothing that this group informed us of or said that they would do was done. We would be informed there would be an open house and then it would be cancelled. Once our listing was about to expire, we were told no worries and that they would extend the listing and had a new strategy. We were told that they would inform us when the listing was back up. Then there was complete silence with no updates, returned calls, or emails for two weeks. After asking for my keys via text as we could not get a return call, I finally received a text from the realtor stating he had been traveling. Moments later I received an email stating that the keys were under the front door's mat. So basically, my home was unsecured while I was waiting and thinking that the agency was strategizing the sale of the home. I completely wasted two-three months dealing with these people. Please go elsewhere as this group will not value your property. If it doesn't sale the first week, I do not believe they will work hard for you. I normally don't like to leave negative reviews, but I do not want anyone else to find themself in this mess. Fortunately for us, we are not in a financial strain and have about 6 more months to try to get this house sold, but I can't imagine what would have been our fate if we needed it sold immediately. I really wanted to trust these guys... the realtor consistently expressed his belief in God and how he prayed the home would sell. Thanks for reading. You have been warned!

Very friendly site
Very friendly site.
Thanks for using a site where one can explain everything on the house. It is important to tell you that we are looking for a house to buy and want to know if you have a program where we can sell you our house and while we close and move to the new house you wait for us or help us in any way to move. I appreciate a response at your convenience.

Your messages and questions are for families I am a...
Your messages and questions are for families I am a retired single male and planning to downsize as soon as I get through with my house moving to small piece of land with small trailer my house is too big we're just one person and the yard's too big also even though it sounds like I'm not ready to sell I am open-minded for an offer it's nothing y'all left out I don't think you'll have the money to pay me enough but I'll listen this is my retirement. Thank you

Beware if buying a home from offerpad. Offerpad paint over kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets and doors. Must be cheap paint too because it chips and just falls off. Some places you can just peal it off. In addition, to cover up mold in the bathroom they used caulking that was not waterproof as it is pealing away after a few showers. Our kitchen faucet was a trickle with no hot water. Home warranty company has been great so far by unclogging the faucet and opening the downstairs AC and heat vents that were closed. Too many concealed issues with paint and caulk to buy from Offerpad. We like the home and area but did not anticipate the rework and issues we have had.

So far so good!
So far so good! However, since you likely get a lot of automated responses, (great! So far so good! Easy peezy!) you should replace this question with a better discovery question; "In a perfect scenario, if you were given $10k, what would you do to improve your current home?".

I would then tell you the home could be cleaned and is move-in ready, however with $10k, I would replace the flooring, and minor cosmetic updates with the counters. Majority of it I'd spend in the master bathroom, that area could be a sanctuary if it wasn't so generic. It's my least favorite place of the home.

Third time submitting this property address
Third time submitting this property address. Photos are getting lost and not attached to this address. Photos have been submitted to the ******* and to Matt Sparkes' email directly and the folder continues getting closed over and over again. Additionally I keep receiving emails that thank me for my patience and to give offerpad another 24 hours to get the offer to me. It has been a week as of Friday that I have been messing with this and still no offer.

Our experience was horrifying!
Offerpad gave us a fair offer and we were all set to close. Until THE DAY BEFORE we were to close they emailed us a termination agreement out of the blue. No phone call, no other communication. Just the day before closing they cancelled the contract. We had to reinstate all of our utilities and start all over again, and this is after we moved out of state. SHADY company in our opinion. I hope no one else has to experience this.

I receive constant postcards in the mail soliciting...
I receive constant postcards in the mail soliciting me. Recently I submitted a request for a renewed offer almost 2 MONTHS ago and have emailed a few times. I received a generic confirmation email that someone would be in contact with a renewed offer. No one has. My previous encounter with one of your agents was very disturbing. Offerpad violated FEDERAL anti discrimination laws and discriminated against me. Now I believe that your company is RETALIATING against me also in violation of FEDERAL anti discrimination laws. I demand that someone look into the matter, that someone contact me and that you provide a renewed offer ASAP.

I would have liked to have some 2 way communication...
I would have liked to have some 2 way communication with your people, other wise very good!... reason is I am going to be moving to a retirement community in the reasonable near future and would like more time to find and move out of this home into a retirement community after selling this home.!

You knew how much my HOA was
You knew how much my HOA was. You still booked an appointment to come look at it, told me how great it was, wasted hours of my time to make the trip to the property that I don't love at anymore only to tell me you won't make an offer because my HOA is too high but then you pitched me on listing it… I was clear you were not going to list it. I wanted an offer. Thanks for wasting my time and on return I'll let as much of community know it's not worth contacting you.

5 stars if you call agent and OWNER as well
5 stars if you call agent and OWNER as well. I do not rely solely on realtor, I want to be kept updated on status. If you would copy me on offer and any all emails sent to realtor, I would appreciate it. *******
Sandra bello owner - would appreciate human-being contact and via email please. I do not want offer being delayed if realtor is busy. Please email me offer at ******* and text or call as well. You are welcomed to email realtor also but I am initiating this process to help realtor sell property. *******511

Fine email me fir now not moving until march 31 or...
Fine email me fir now not moving until march 31 or when I get the right iffer. I know my home has gone up again at 223,000 and I need to get at least 170,000 out of it. Homes are expensive in Redding CA disabled and need to buy a decent home. Prices there are high. Nice people on here at overpayed

Never Deigned to Respond
*EDIT* The realtor finally got ahold of them, and apparently the person assigned to our case was out. Offerpad said they would fix the sewer, whether we purchase or someone else does. *END EDIT*

After reading reviews we were hesitant to try purchasing through Offerpad, but we decided to give it a try. They responded to our initial offer right away, but when a sewer inspection revealed major issues (basically the piping had to be entirely replaced) they said "We will gather bids and get back to you as soon as possible."

Well we waited the 5 business days required on the contract, and they never deigned to get back to us. A huge waste of time and effort. Beware of purchasing in North Phoenix - it wouldn't surprise me if they try to sell it without fixing the issue.

I should be able to open my file photos and check boxes...
I should be able to open my file photos and check boxes all at one time to upload all of my photos rather than having to go thru your 4 step upload process for every photo. In addition, the big green check circle in the middle of each downloaded photo makes it impossible to see what photos were downloaded on a cell phone where my photos are located. Difficult to navigate downloaded photos and even if I could determine that a photo was downloaded thatI did not want or possibly twice or out of order, how could I delete or rearrange the photo order? Could be LOT better!

I wanted to write details and could not
I wanted to write details and could not. More than 1500 words. I need to send an email. Also I will need to get with the tenants and get pics of the house and it could be a week or 2. Give me an email and I could put the facts down against a home across the street and show mine is worth more. 14779, as Offerpad enclosed permanent the garage and its a smaller house and smaller lot.,( worth by cty.==$257,500 and it total. Only 1288, mine 1374. *******

Seems fast and easy, I'll have a better understanding...
Seems fast and easy, I'll have a better understanding of what you're about when I receive an offer. I am fairly familiar with prices of sold properties and I would not want to be lowballed. I have no mortgage and don't have to sell. I contacted you because I thought it would be easier than realtors blowing smoke up my shorts!

Very Easy to step my way through
Very Easy to step my way through. You can see the photos on the BLC #21800737. Seller purchased home 5 months ago. He received notice that he was next in line for a new spec home with the builder. This is the only reason he is selling. We did find a renter and she can move in Feb. 1st 2022.

We set up an appointment. We don't them don't bother coming unless you can make an offer - we don't want a realtor. We drove 30 minutes to our former home to meet them - no one showed up. After waiting 30 minutes - finally got ahold of them and the person who was supposed to come said "oh - sorry - didn't see it on my calender". Nice waste of our morning... He wanted to reschedule and we said ONLY if you can make an offer - and then Offerpad said "oh we aren't making offers where you live". TOTAL SCAM!

Can't tell you why I'd rather not give my phone number...
Can't tell you why I'd rather not give my phone number on this site. I'd prefer to just get an estimate of what my home might sell for. I don't want to get inundated with phone calls! I'm not listing yet, I'm in the process of a separation and need to discuss things with my former "husband", if that's what I have to call him!

The rep David Webber called me on 10/29/21 and asked...
The rep David Webber called me on 10/29/21 and asked how much I would like to sell my house for. He told me he was going to cancel my virtual walk through and just ask his boss for an offer approval. I never received a call back from him and it has now been 2 weeks since anyone has contacted me from Offerpad.

Truely Satisfied
A trusted new friend of mine suggested Offerpad to me. I just lost my significant other and I wanted to move back North near my family and young grandchildren. It was the right time to sell in today's market. I never like to fill out my information online. I decided late at night to give it a try. When Offerpad mentioned photo's I just signed out and went to bed. Shortly after, one morning I received a phone call from a polite cheerful lady who introduced herself from Offerpad. She ask if she could come by and take some photos. Well let me tell you, I hit the cream of the crop. I told Ms Kim Nestor my financial situation because I'm retired and on a limited income and moving back north will be very expensive (the very reason I moved to FLin the first place). I needed every penny I could get). She listen to my story and my encounter with another realtor whom I didn't trust. I ask her if she would be able to act as my personal realtor herself. I trusted her from the get go. I don't make many new friends but I will never let this new one go. She is a GEM! Thank You Offerpad for sending her my way. If you had more Kim's you'd be booming in the business. We had 6 offers in record timing, I went with a cash offer and I had to to pack in thirty days to get it. Thanks a million Kim. You are truly the best and Thank You Offerpad for your added touch to boost the outside look of my well kept home into a much needed and inviting curb appeal. Yours Truly, Grammy

The experience has been good *except* that it doesn't...
The experience has been good *except* that it doesn't map onto a multi-unit home. Some of the units have some materials, some have others. Some have stainless steel appliances, others have white appliances, none have mixed *sets.* Also, it would be nice to provide the option to elaborate when someone selects an "Other" option. (For example, my carport has neither one spot nor two: it has three. But there was no way to directly communicate that.)

I submitted another property for review
I submitted another property for review. I was told you could not extend an offer. However, I was not provided with an explanation as to why. When I called, I was told Offerpad never saw that code and could not provide any additional info. As an agent on a to performing Keller Williams team, we have many clients seeking a cash offer. We also use Opendoor and Keller Offers. We would like to have Offerpad as an additional option for our clients but cannot continue without better communication.

The only part i would change is the addition part
The only part i would change is the addition part. We put in a new porch, sunroom, laundry room, and Windows in the past. We have added a new fence, fence, fence, ac unit, water heater, 4 sump pumps under the house, redid both bathrooms, put in a new toilet, and added 11 jacks under the house. We will be adding a new storm door and fix a couple of Windows that do not close properly.

I had a great experience last time I used you
I had a great experience last time I used you. I hope you do mobile home parks if Offerpad are very upscale as this one is. I have an opportunity to purchase another one in the park. This one is fully renovated: total new appliances, new 90% solar screened side porch, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1200 sq ft. New hot water heater, new programmable thermostat. New fireplace, and more. Only thing not replace is the heating/air - works fine - doesn't seem that old. Still needs new roof - that was to be my next project in my total renovation.

Trying to steal property
Just received a card in the mail offering to buy my house for half of the value it was appraised at 2 years previously. According to statistics our area has shown an increase of over 12 % since that appraisal, Their offer was some $50000 less than what we pad about 25 years ago. I understand that Offerpad are entitled to a profit, but is the convenience worth over $200,000 loss to homeowner to be able to close within a week or so?
We are approaching 80 years of age but in spite of that are not senile. Wonder if they are targeting their "Steal your House" offers at old people? Maybe, it must work and is completely legal but totally unethical!

I have used OpenDoor to sell about 10 houses and the...
I have used OpenDoor to sell about 10 houses and the process is less cumbersome to get a preliminary offer. This helps me determine if it makes sense to move forward and invest the additional time. I would much prefer an initial ball park offer, and then invest the time to work through the rest.

Ok, would like to get an idea of what type offer we...
Ok, would like to get an idea of what type offer we can get, the new behind us is smaller and sold for 295,000... We are looking for $280-$275... as other connected homes like ours without a basement sold for $250-$280... the houses are very much alike... so comps she easily be found, VERY open concept home 17x17 living room

Not sure have been through alot of wanna be buy your...
Not sure have been through alot of wanna be buy your house now offers and Offerpad do not pay enough for my time to fill out the forms others only want to make noise and cause too much trouble or bomb bergen my emails with bogus scams. Other want to used my home to buy not for sure which way your gonna try to run this one as of yet.we see..

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Description: Offerpad is the new way to buy and sell a home. Built on decades of firsthand experience buying, selling, renting and renovating nearly 100,000 properties across the country, Offerpad reinvented the home sale process to provide homeowners with the convenience, control and certainty lacking in the traditional way to sell a home.

Coupling powerful proprietary technology with local real estate market expertise, Offerpad sets itself apart with a personalized customer experience to make buying and selling homes easy. Its exclusive, one-stop Real Estate Solutions Center features custom selling solutions, services and options — including express cash offers and flexible home listing services — that empower customers to sell and buy a home their way.

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