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Nutri Essential

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Do not buy from them!
I have ordered from them in past with no problem. However the last two times I ordered I never received the astra garlic and through email exchanges Nutri Essential indicated that it was on back order and I would receive it. But I never did and they stopped responding! I disputed the charges with my cc company and one of the charges was refunded by my cc compay but the other one of over 60 days so I am out of over $60! Don't do it!

Love with this store
I get all of supplement stack for my family and also for my pet's from Nutri Essential have great sales and deliver extremely fast. Their costs are lower than numerous contenders as well. Customer service was very helpful. I needed an email address change and they took care of that. All items were safely wrapped. All products arrived without breakage, unlike other providers.

Great service and products
Due to many health issues I've chosen to go the natural route with my Health care. Nutriessential has provided me with all the supplements my naturopathic Dr. has prescribed, in addition she suggested this company which was comforting to me knowing it got her seal of approval for top of the line products.

I have a good experience within their service
I have a good experience with their service. Their service is good and the shipping doesn't take too much time to arrive. My friend shared with me her great experience in, their servers are fast and the shipping is fast. I also recommended buying a product from this site.

I love the supplements
I love the chocolate shakes! I add a few extra ingredients and make them even better and more filling. I have to email support a couple of times during checkout and it was super fast I getting back to me. I recommend the vanilla flavor because you can mix it with so many different things and change your flavor.

Great products with free shiping
"I just placed my first order with and am so pleased with everything. The online ordering was easy and my phone call to customer service, as a new customer with a couple of questions, was also positive. I have ordered Vital Nutrients, Protocol for life balance and some skin care products from Nutriessential store. The order arrived today, so quickly with free shipping! I am a new and happy customer of and will highly recommend this medicinal online store. Thank you!"

Will not answer phone, emails, Nutri Essential will take your money. Now I must call my credit card company what other option am I left with. Do not make the same mistake I did.
Update: they did refund my money, after emailing them I was filing a complaint with the bbb and would be leaving reviews all over the internet, the product I purchased still shows it's available on the website when it clearly is not and hasn't been for some time. They also called me several times asking me to remove this review and had several excuses as to why they never delivered the product or refunded my money. The person handling my order no longer works there/they didn't have my email address. I am just thankful I did get my money back.

I received my order in a timely manner. I received exactly what I ordered in good condition. I have ordered some Probiotics by Pure encapsulations and some products from Nutra Biogenesis. I am happy with the service. I was happy to receive the product which I was unable to purchase locally.

Overall Satisfied!
I buy Pure Encapsulations and Douglas labs from and i always get my products in two days, Nutriessential always pay my shipping. I also recommend you to take advantage of their VIP discount code for extra discount. Overall, i have been a very satisfied customer with them.

Very happy with my first order.
I am very happy with the outcome of my first time doing business with The item that I ordered was backordered so it took about a month before it was shipped to me. It arrives today. I understand that with Covid-19, companies are doing their best to create a safe work environment for their staff by working at home, etc. and are having to deal with the technological difficulties that can arrive. could improve their ability to communicate with their customers in a more timely manner when they're inquiring about their order but other than that, I fully trust and plan on ordering from them again in the future.

Order mix up
I ordered a 90 tablet bottle of a dietary supplement from the company's website but received only a 30 tablet supply. I contacted the company via voice mail and chat box. Within one hour I received an email explaining that the manufacturer no longer provides 90 tablet bottles, just 30 tablet. The company shipped three 30 tablet bottles to match my original 90 tablet order that same day. Minus one for having a discontinued supply of the product on their website, plus 4 for service recovery. I will order from them again in the future.

Happy Customer
Amazing customer service! Fast and free shipping! I couldn't decide between 2 multivitamins. So I called, the lady was very knowledgeable about both products and helped me pick the right one for me. Nutri Essential arrived earlier than expected and well packed. I would highly suggest you looking at what they have to offer and you will be pleasantly surprised.
Happy with my

They came thru with substitutions when product no longer available.
Company will follow thru on fulfilling order issues when a product is no longer available offering customer either substitutions or credit once you speak out. Delivery was fast once processed by manufacture. Products are shipped from the manufacturers directly. Customer service worked well with issue. I would give them another go.

No Product & No Refund... after more than 2 MONTHS!
Ordered $76.50 product. After no correspondence and no product received after 3 weeks I inquired. Was offered a completely different product, which was much cheaper than what I originally purchased, and in no way comparable in terms of ingredients/dosage. I politely declined and asked about the original product ordered. The customer service team informed there is no way to estimate when this product may be back in stock and absolutely no way to estimate when it might be shipped. So I waited for it to arrived. After more than a month with no product I reached out again and asked for a refund. Emails ignored. I have followed up more than 10 times and I either get no response or offered a completely different (cheaper, not comparable) product. It's now over 2 months since the original order was placed... no response, no product, no refund. Filed and complaint with the Better Business Bureau and will be calling the company every day to escalate this matter. Completely unacceptable.

Never Disappointed
I've been shopping on the web on Nutriessential for right around 3 years now and i had an issue with an order, their client support agents were consistently there to answer me and help settled the issue. I love that Nutri Essential put client first creation sure we are fulfilled all through the entire cycle of our requests. I get my packages within a day or 2 sometimes same day

Love the products and Quality
I was always nervous to order any product from online but Nutriessential exceeds every expectation. I have ordered "Daily Immune" and "Nutrient 950" by Pure Encapsulations. I got my order early and everything was seamless. Their prices were competitive and Nutri Essential had my products in stock when no other company did. I wouldn't hesitate to order from them, and will continue to order from them, for years to come. It was a great Experience with

Great products. Wide range
I absolutely believe the supplement, keeps me and my family healthy and happy. Nutriessential has been always a trustful and reliable website with their prompt service. Nutri Essential have very wide range of brands with must have products i really love this one, Always shipped with a ice pack. On time always. Thank you so much

Deceptive advertising, has the products you want, doesn't ship them.
I found this site when I was looking for a supplement that was/is currently hard to find because of it's immune support properties. So, when it showed that one of these products were in stock, I ordered several. After waiting several weeks without receiving anything or any emails from them, I sent them an email. Two days later I got a response that the product was on back order and would be coming in the end of the month (Oct.) and shipped in order of orders received. Towards the end of Nov., still nothing, I sent them another email, this time i haven't gotten a response. I also made the mistake of placing another order with them that day that hasn't come. Nutri Essential also have billed me for products that I haven't received. I sent them another letter today, who knows if they'll respond?

The Best one!
My practitioner recommends me for my routine probitics, and i have been the customer over from 3 years now, Its really helps to complete my all needs. Bone builder by Metagenics gives much strength also Omegagenics is the best one. Love the products, received on time always. Prompt service as expected.

Quality products and fast shipping!
Nutriessential has been my site of choice for my probiotics for many years! Their prices are fair and Nutri Essential always have a bit of a discount code you can use (every little bit helps :) The products I order get to me super fast and with ice packs (if needed). Tracking and customer service are also good!

I shared my review Jan 15/21. Since then I complained to the BBB and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs. About 3 days after filing these complaints Nutriessential contacted me by e-mail and phone, and offered to sent me another product.
Nutri Essential sent the product using UPS for quicker delivery which was appreciated, but it wasn't what I had originally ordered.
The company would not provide a refund which I asked for several times. They also ignored numerous e-mails, phone calls, and contact using their messaging system. In my opinion without the business being contacted by BBB and Consumer Affairs I would have lost my money.
Bottom line, they sold a product they did not have in stock. The same product was still on their website at the time of writing this review looking like they have it in stock, when they know it is not being made by the manufacturer. I would not recommend or ever do business with this company again.
UPDATE: Since posting these reviews "John" from Nutriessential has now left a message that they may take action against me if I don't remove this review, because "my review is hurting the reputation of their business". I have no intention of removing my review which is 100% truthful and accurate.

NO product aft 1 month but charged card immediately-- Did send product after wrote a review UPDATE
When you purchase something online- you expect to be at some certain guidelines established to be a decent amount of service. Unfortunately, it seems to be less and less the case today with many businesses. We ordered a very common supplement that we have ordered on another website. WE thought it would be no big deal to order it on this website even though it was not one I was familiar with currently. We purchased it on 2/17 and our credit card was charged the next day. However, we never have received the product and it is March 15th which no update. I inquired a week ago through their email and also through their own website contact form and told them if it is not even processed cancel the order. We had no response.

We have not heard anything about shipping except for the picture I will put down below which asks you to download an app to track your shipping- but it looks it has not been shipped (even though Nutri Essential charged the account). I assume they are selling your information to another 3 rd party so you can track your package that is their responsibility. I wish this could be not as common as it seems to be getting and seems to be at the least poor customer service and at the most - fraud with taking your money and no product received. I understand that things may take a couple of weeks but after a month an ignoring our efforts to follow up-- is there a problem?

I do appreciate this site for its ability to give honest comments and reviews of when this happens to share with consumers to beware of sites like these. I wish I would have checked more on this because I may be next writing the BBB. What a pain but I think as consumers we have a responsibility to keep businesses accountable especially if they are holding or taking money out of our account without giving or sending our products out! We used to call it stealing! LOL ;) So just be aware of your money and how you buy on this site.

UPDATE: After I wrote this review, I did receive an email that they were sending my product and apologized that it was on backorder. I did ADD two stars for the service for the expedited shipping at no cost and their response. However, I did take off stars for the fact I did not receive a response until I wrote a review and that they did not respond to my emails for weeks after I complained and asked them to cancel. I did get the product elsewhere so I now have extra. I do give credit for them trying to help and apologize. I did want to update this review accordingly because I do believe we need to be honest and give second chances. Thank you for my product and if you would like to give them a chance- I would make sure they have your product in stock before paying for it. It seems there may be a problem with this and the customer service 1) not answering emails and 2) only have an answering machine with their number. :)

Love the products.
I am using Nutriessential from long ago, I always got delivery of my all supplements within 2 days with the great quality of products as Nutri Essential brief on the site. Guna, Douglas lab, Genestra and many more have the very wide range of products. Will continue in future too, Thank alot nutriessential team.

All problems Solved!
The problem with vitamins, herbs and supplements purchased at market stores is that the customer do not know the quality over them. This company has quality products at the appropriate doses. The wrapping over the products is nice. You can go with Nutriessential. Thank You!

Ordered in November, never received item, no response to refund requests
I placed an order on November 29 for some feline renal vitamin powder that showed "in stock" on the website. I received an order confirmation and assumed I would get the order within a few weeks. On December 17, when I still had not received the order, I contacted the company via email. The next day, Eva informed me that all of their products are drop-shipped from the manufacturer and this product was on backorder and would ship at the end of the month. Annoying, since there is no mention of this on the website product description or within my order confirmation, but not much I could do, at that point. On January 13, when I still had not received the order, I emailed the company again, requesting to cancel the order and receive a refund. I received no reply. I sent another email on January 15 and received a response from Eva that the product had been discontinued and offering me several other items as a replacement. I responded that I didn't want any other item as this is what my Vet had prescribed and, in addition, I had already bought it elsewhere in the mean time. I again requested a refund. Last week, I used the "message" functionality on the website to send a message requesting a refund. No response to either request. As of today, I had to open a dispute with my credit card company since I paid $73 TWO MONTHS AGO for an item I never received (and never will receive if it's been discontinued) and this retailer REFUSES to refund me. Worst online ordering experience I've had in years.

The worst customer service ever
I placed my order over a month ago and a couple weeks after waiting for an email saying my product has shipped I tried to contact Nutriessential. I messaged through their chat, the support email, and even resorted to their instagram all with no response. I have never had such horrible service from a company and am EXTREMELY disappointed. Don't ever purchase from Nutriessential!

Best ever and helpful!
I am regular customer of since 2 years, I would like to recommend this best ever platform which mainly consist all the popular brands, best products categories and 2 days free shipping with VIP discounts, i. E. just wowwww.! As it has been and always truly helpful for me.
I ordered pure caps pure lean supplements for weight loss and Nutri Essential have helped tremendously. I like how pure encapsulation includes all of the ingredients recommended for weight loss such as chromium all in one pill. Good thing is that it doesn't have caffeine in it. Douglas lab, metagenics and Unda also have their best products. Thank you Nutriessential and team. is best with nutritional supplements!
I always shop here first. has the best selection and price for all my supplement needs. Plus, Nutri Essential offer FREE shipping. I love the free shipping and the order always arrives promptly! Great service and great product selection. Normally I don't write reviews but this company has exceeded expectations every time I've placed an order! I've shopped with them for years and have never been disappointed. I will always be a Customer.

Best store for Multivitamins
I have ordered some Multivitamins and received in excellent condition. Very well packaged in a box that fit them well. Excellent product which I have used for a long time, but cannot always get locally. Items we bought were less expensive that buying local with a 10% discount. Therefore, I'm happy to have a source where I can order them. Ordering was easy, and Nutriessential kept well in touch and responded quickly. Will buy again! Thanks!

Company with high quality products and good customer service
I order most of my supplements stacks from because Nutri Essential have the high quality products that I have used for years. They ship immediately and are at my place in the same day. They also have very good customer service if there is a problem. I have referred several friends and family to use them.

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Description: We provide professional supplements from brands trusted by doctors such as Douglas labs, Pure Encapsulations, Seroyal Genestra, Seroyal Unda, Metagenics, Gaia, Pharmax, Innate Response, Integrative Therapeutics, etc.


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