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Stay away and avoid it
Is really bad and frustrates you with questions that are very alike and don't have the same answer. STAY AWAY


This website is the worst! My student is struggling with "who" and "whom" like who even says whom now in daysmy student is on her 101th question and cryingit doesn't even teach her anythingit also uses the word "her" has an objectFELLOW TEACHERS DO NOT USE THIS‍‍


No red ink is fkin sht every problom you get wrong makes you do 3 of them THIS FKN SHT SUCKS SO DONT USW IT ALSO EVERYTIME I CLICK THE RIGHT AWNSER IT SAYS WRONGG it will fustrate you alot DONT i reapeat DONT use it. PERIOD.


NoRedInk is good for giving students homework
NoRedInk has helped me a lot in the passed two years. It good to practice and the tutorials are very to the point and precise. If you are a teacher or student trying to study this is an awesome program and will help you a lot.

I want to die...
I am in my 1000th question and I am stuck on this topic and I want to die. I don't know why I am still alive.


I hate this website so much
I use NoRedInk for my classes and it's probably one of the worst websites I've ever used. It's so frustrating and makes me want to punch my computer screen. I hate the fact that I have to answer to questions after I get one incorrect it just makes me lose my mind I hate it.


Twrrible concept if you don't get it right you have to do 4 more problems. For a little assignment I had to do 300 problems when there was only 30 assigned.


Noredink is possibly one of the worst websites I had the displeasure of using.
I was $#*!ing forced to use this $#*!ing garbage ass site. The practices's answers half are wrong.
Christ. Who the $#*! made this site


Displeasing... to say the least.
As a student that has a hard time learning and using the right words this site is an IT for me. I have skipped the first assignment from this and I wished I never got to experience... whatever this site is trying to do. I personally have had time to think about why my teacher would give us something like this and only assign 10 points for it, while I'm sitting at home and wasting a easy 'weekend' on the get two in a row to continue screen. With 48 questions on my count list, I already hate it. Once I get one wrong I have to do the two in a row bs while the sentence literally is making me lose brain cells and once you get one wrong in the get two go home you have to redo it, I never got to experience what stepping on eggshells feels like but now I have, hanging from a string ISN'T present. For the creators of this sight, please fix this abomination that you have created. Not everyone in this god forsaken world is as intelligent as you think NoRedInk are, the 'hints' is just the same thing as in the learn part of this site and really don't help, makes me want to dash my head into a wall. The sentences that you use make no sense what so ever. I'm pretty sure it can't rain in Bikini Bottom for $#*!s sake. For people who are struggling with this just use google and tell your teachers that the site is an absolute mistake to be used in your school. Advice to do something better should on your list if you came across this 'learning site' someone burn this please...


The practice sessions are so cryptic and hard to understand even when reading through the lessons. Its just flat out bad and annoys everyone in my classes.


So it will tell me what to do then i will do it and when i go to do it i will click the right answer and it will say its wrong even when the stupid machine says its correct. TELL ME WHY NOREDINK IS SO BAD! Ive complained multiple times to my teachers and to the noredink people nothing is being done i want this off of my school disrtict friggin with the teachers kudos to u its so annoying


I am disappointed with No Red Ink.
It's a horrible place which I and other minors like to call this a struggle for the human population as it seems, to inform you that kids aren't getting the right education NoRedInk need to observant what they need to be teach in the non-slavery academic in what like to call it emergency failure that I would like to have a therapist in a hospital called school and I am disappointed in what school is allowing in their district.




I wanna die
This website sucks so bad that I wish that the person who made noredink never existed because noredink is hell on earth teachers please stop using this trashy ass website


Complete garbage
No Red Ink, or as I like to call it More Red Ink, is a terrible software used by teachers who either are too lazy to give actual homework or just like giving students busy work. This software teaches absolutely nothing and is nothing but infuriating. Half the time what it thinks is correct is actually completely wrong. There are constant grammatical errors that makes the sentences impossible to comprehend. On top of that, it makes you choose things your interested in that are either super random or are completely irrelevant in order to fill the sentences with names. I had no interest in any of the suggestions NoRedInk had so I thought there would be a skip button and it would be filled with normal names, but nope, it forces you to choose. So currently, my sentences are filled with Jojo references which I have never heard of because I have never watched the show, Spongebob names that I haven't heard since I was 8, and Phineas and Ferb names. This is just confusing and aggravating. To add to that, whenever you get one wrong, you have to do two to make up for it. This is especially annoying because half of them aren't even right! So when you put in the correct answer, No Red Ink thinks it's wrong. Overall a terrible way to give students busy work for lazy teachers and a bad program all around.


Avoid it
This site frustrates me to no end, half of their questions make no sense or are flat out wrong, their system of making you do 3 if you get a wrong answer only frustrates me even more and does $#*!ing nothing to help me, this site is utter garbage, pls avoid using it, it doesn't even deserve 1 star


NoRedInk ask all sorts of questions like ur gender etc. and it takes HOURS to get this shizz done. RUN, RUNNN LIKE THE WIND.


Stay Away. I've warned you.
I don't understand the point of this existing.
1.) When you fail, you have to get 3 in a row. Not 3 correct, 3 in a row.
2.) Makes you afraid of getting an wrong answer, wrong answer means more Noredink.
3.) Any minor, insignificant mistake will be wrong. And there is no second chance. Let's say you got it right, but forgot a space? According to Noredink, thats wrong and you can't get a second chance.
4.) The Practice is worthless. You have to do the entire thing to pass it. That will most likely take many days to do.
5.) Rage inducing. When you almost are about to get 3 in a row, you fail it, you have to get 3 more in a row.
6.) You will need an cheat sheet to finnish any practice within the due date for it. Or it will take you over 100 answers to do.

Edited: Updated for my new Opinions, & new website changes.

7) NoRedInk made it 2 in a row, but it really doesn't help much.
8) Any minor mistake or mess up will be wrong. (Made this already but I want a new example) Let's say, you get it right, but you forgot the correct punctuation? Well God help ya! Because you'll have to do 2 in a row!
9) It uses stupid ways to write English. Like, on one the correct answer was like: "The Pancakes were made by me with Saylen's Pan." And I did: "With Saylen's Pan, I made pancakes." Both are right, but somehow I was wrong? And other times it uses English words that are barely uses nowadays like Whom.
10) It changes how the question should be answered without your knowledge. You may think you get it right, but no. You didn't.
11) There is actually a way to complete a practice faster, but it's still just as painful as doing the entire thing. (Just do the Place out.)
12) Still, no possible way for a second chance technically, but there is a kinda "second chance" but you'll have to do 2 in a row anyway. God these people are incompetent.

I seriously think the only reason schools use this is because they're paid by the website creators. Who cares about mental wellness when you make money?


NoRedInk is super annoying because it makes you answer three questions for one wrong answer. This leads to answering 50 ish questions and making one assignment take ages to finish. I HATE NOREDINK WITH MY LIFE! It makes you feel stupid after you have to answer 50 questions and the "lessons" NoRedInk have don't help at all. I think that all teachers need to stop using this awful website. If you are a teacher and using this website is optional Please choose another grammar website because NoRedInk is just death to all good things and needs to be avoided.


Stress Inducing website that will send your sanity to hell
I am an introvert with self-confidence issues and I usually listen to passive and soothing music to extinguish my stress, but NoRedInk manages obscure or obliterate my way of focusing to the point where I have to deem this website infuriating and exasperating. Even though NoRedInk reduced the required correct answers to finish a lesson It is still agitating. I don't know anyone student who would enjoy this living hell. Not just that, but the amount of ridiculous questions or situations I get is preposterous. I can see how a teacher would deem this as a productive website, but even MEMBEAN is better then NoRedInk even though Membean specifically teaches vocabulary I would never in hell or heaven use NoRedInk. NoRedInk also incorporates students favorite shows or celebrities to make up for it, but I believe that is copyright and should be accounted for. I am in highschool now trying not to relive my past dreadful memories with NoRedInk, I mean I spent 4 hours trying to complete a lesson with 7 different segments and incorrectly wrote a question more than 500 times. I think NoRedInk should leave the teaching the teachers because In all my life I have never experienced rage to the extent NoRedInk gave(besides of course playing video games).


I'm gonna loose my sanity soon...
Utterly terrible. The fact that Teachers still uses this website is shocking, like who the f**k needs these [] in there sentence, it utterly useless. This website makes me want to self harm... Teachers if you still use this site, (I'm gonna be less rude for this) I wouldn't be surprised if your students fail the NOREDINK homework purposely, if NoRedInk hate the class, or hate you.


Worst Website ever
Worst website it is so bad holy $#*! ass $#*!ls bkasbfj asbfksFJsfgklhbsakjdfhabSIF; KLASDLKJDFNDFSFSFSDFLSDGSDKNFDF


Noredink makes me afraid to get one question wrong, i have meltdowns because if you get one question wrong, IT DOESN'T HELP YOU, IT MAKES YOU DO # MORE QUESTIONS, IN A ROW. The "lessons" don't teach you anything, and it takes me over 2 hours just too finish 4 LESSONS. I hate this website. STAY AWAY FROM IT. Teachers should actually teach grammar than use hot garbage.


No red ink makes me and the rest of the class HATE writting, and what relly pisses me off is the using of this wedsit is a choic that the teachers make... THIS IS LIVING CHILLED ABUSE DO NOT AND I MEAN DO NOT USE IT JUST $#*!ING GET OFF YOUR LASY ASS AND TEACH US DUM $#*!!


As a student, we have to use NoRedInk, and surprise surprise it suck, the website is confusing, right answers are wrong, absolutely impossible to do in one day. Terrible. Never EVER use this website

Evreybody needs to know how bad noredink is its in its name its a horrible WEBSITE, trust me if you are teachears dont let your students use this website. Its the worst :\

It sucks
I just spent a whole day completing a noredink assignment that didn't teach me anything. It is not good.

All Of The Quizes Make Fun Of Your Interests Dont Try It Teachers And Students, Its A Big Nightmare. Its Offending Your Favorites

Sucks! 1
This sucks number one least favorite thing to have to do while in school it makes us do two questions after a wrong one so dumb cant d anything

Disappointing and rigged
Not only that this website is infuriating to people who get one question wrong and get in an infinite loop of wrong problems, but also quite a few of the subjects are actually rigged. For example, one example is the "Active and Passive voice" subject, where you have to re-arrange certain words to make it into a different "voice". However, NoredINK rigs the questions to where it would either reverse the question (asking to change the sentence into an active voice, even though its supposed to be passive. Even if you reverse the answers, it won't reverse the answers and will pretend you got both wrong), and would change your answer with the sample question, leading you to not only terrible grades but also dissapointing results.

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