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Delayed shipping, 2 weeks and I am still waiting
I am encountering a significant delay in shipping my order. I have placed an order on 4/29/2017, and according to my account on Nordstrom Rack, the order was shipped on 5/2/2017, and I was provided with a track number from UPS with final delivery being done by USPS. Since 5/2/2017 until now, there is no information regarding my order. I called UPS to inquire, Nordstrom Rack said that the order has not even been picked up yet from Nordstrom rack, and that the rack store has only created a mail receipt without even handling the order yet... I called the online customer service from Nordstrom rack, she was very rude, she said (hey your order was shipped and you have to wait, our commitment is to ship within 3 days, and we are not responsible about delivering your item), I told her the order has not been shipped, she said ( Do I need to repeat myself? The order has been shipped and you just need to wait, we don't have to give you information about where is your item now)... This will be my last time ordering from them, and I will never recommend there online website to anyone...

Horrible customer service
Customer Service was notified that I was posting this review!
I spoke with customer service 3 time this week and it was such a waste of time. First of all I find it strange that all their customers service agents are names Juan with a different initial for the last name. I spoke with "Juan V" on Saturday regarding a return. I wanted to return 2 pairs of jeans and a shirt I purchased online. I've been on bed rest for 2 weeks because of surgery and missed the return cutoff day baby a day or so. He ensured me I would be receiving a label to return the items via usps in my email shortly and I would be refunded when the items are received. I waited a few hours and still didn't receive anything in my email including my junk mail and decided to contact customer service again just to make sure Nordstrom Rack had the correct email. I then spoke with "Juan E" who said the same thing and my label will be created it just takes a little bit of time because it is being created by a "Special Team" and I had nothing to worry about and in due time the label would be emailed to me. Fast forward 5 days of constant email checking I still have yet to receive the label. I contacted customer service today and spoke with "Juan S" and was told that I would not be receiving a label to return my items because it exceeded the time frame. After being told by 2 other customer service representatives that I had nothing to worry about and I would receive my label, I'm furious. I explained to "Juan S" that I was told by both "Juan V and Juan E" that my return was approved and I was ensured I would get a label he agreed and said it would be honored. I waited about a half an hour for "Juan S" to tell me I would not be receiving a label because the other 2 Juan's gave me false information. I'm so done with this company. Why waste my time and agree to helping me with my situation just to go back on what I was told?

Selling Items Not In Stock
Lately, much of what I order from Nordstrom Rack does not arrive. Five to 10 days (or more) after ordering, Nordstrom Rack cancel your order for 'no stock'. In the meantime, they have your money. I was told they only update their website every 5 days, so a lot of what they list for sale, in reality, they don't have. I ordered a pair of Vince Saxon 2 sneakers on sale for $89.00. A week later I receive an email telling me my order has been cancelled... you guessed it, no stock. However, they are still listed in my size on the website as in-stock, only now they are $149.00! This is the same day they cancelled my order! Customer service was totally unhelpful. Told me not to reorder them as they were not in stock... yet they know and are still listing them? Never-the-less, not interested in paying 40% more after they cancelled my order for a shoe they apparently have. Is it even legal to take and hold a customers money for an item you know you cannot or have no intention to deliver? I spoke to another customer service agent via their "chat" and she was not only unhelpful, but beyond rude. My opinion, never shop there... at least that is what I am going to do. There are too many small businesses in need of customers to let a huge company earn interest off of thousands of orders they accept but seem to have no intention of fullfilling.

If I could leave them no stars I would! I ordered 3 items in Christmas Eve. So 12/30/15 I still hadn't received them when Nordstrom Rack guaranteed 1-3 day shipping online. I called just to see what was going on I understand the holidays everyone gets there packages display. So I spoke with someone and she said we had the wrong address. I said what do you mean? She said the package is on its way to our shipping department. I said well send them back. She then said it'll take 14 business days. I said wow that's a lot, but whatever we want them. She then was on the phone with me for an hour trying to switch my address to the correct one. After not being able to do it she stated she will call me back because she is having technical issues. I said no problem. She called me back after about 2 hours and said she was going to refund me the items and repurchase so they can get here faster I said no problem whatever way is best. She then refunded me the items and canceled my order. After cancelling my order she started adding the items back to the card for real order. When she got to the 3rd item she told me the booties that I order were no longer available. I told her you have my pair in a box somewhere just send me those. She stated she will look everywhere & call stores to find them. She told me she would call me back with the refund confirmation and to place the order for all three items. 24 hours later and no call back. I called back and spoke with someone else. Explained everything and they told me that the second item is not available for order anymore and that I was supposed to order them last night. So now after 2 hours on the phone I got a "we are sorry and you were supposed to place the reorder. We no longer have the items in stock." WTF Nordstroms Rack! Great costumer service.

This store bullies and harasses people with medical conditions
I shouldn't be surprised Nordstrom's is closing stores based upon the outrageously rude way I was treated at Nordstrom Rack. I was yelled at and chased out of the store because my mask didn't fit the way Nordstrom Rack wanted. This was very embarrassing for me as I have a medical condition where I'm not supposed to wear a mask snug to my face as it would endanger my health. I was treated as if I shoplifted by employees who not only discriminated against me but bullied and humiliated me into leaving. Ironically, I've seen their own employees wear masks the same way. They don't yell at customers who are not social distancing while standing in long lines to check out or shopping. They dont clean their carts or sanitize the credit card machines and area around check out. They had an empty bottle of hand sanitizer so they are being selective with what they want to enforce. This results in unfair treatment towards people with disabilities. I have also had issues with deceptive marketing when they advertise a sale when it's really a couple of styles with limited sizes. What's worse, I ordered a sale item but after three weeks, no merchandise but the charged my card. Strangely, they claimed to be out of stock and notified me weeks after charging my card and yet the website said it was in stock. So it appears to be a scheme to use my money for a month before returning it to me. If they do that to several people a day, that would add up although they should be audited because I'm pretty sure that's illegal. When I reached the district manager and told her about the horrific treatment I received, she offered a fake I'm sorry, that shouldn't have happened. Humiliating customers in their store and that is the resolution? This is a sleazy way to do business.

Poor customer experience overall
I don't usually write reviews and don't want to sound like an entitled American, but thought it'd be useful to share the information so that maybe Nordstrom Rack / Haute Look makes some improvements. First of all, the online shopping experience could use some improvement. When I was checking out, I had to enter information a few times to get through the process.

After confirmation, I was contacted by an order specialist to verify info. I gather it's for "fraud protection" but it really doesn't seem like my transaction was that unusual. After that call, I got an email from them stating that my order couldn't be fulfilled, but just 1 part of it and the shipping was refunded. Nordstrom Rack didn't say what would happen to the remaining part and whether it would still be shipped with expedited delivery. I'd have to say that the specialists just had a little bit of a tone like they didn't really know what's going on too.

Sad that Nordstrom's brand is being tarnished, even though i guess it's their downmarket brand. From reading other reviews, i'm left to wonder if I'll even get my remaining order.

DO NOT RECOMMEND! FIRST & LAST Order@ Nordstrom Rack!
This is my first and last order with this place. Unbelievable! Before ordering, I checked shipping times to make sure it wouldn't take a week or more since I would be traveling. The website says items will ship in 1-3 days. Not that Nordstrom Rack MAY ship or will probably ship... I placed my order last Tues evening and heard nothing until Fri. Finally I tweeted Rack & a CSR messaged me & said they would check on my order. They got back saying that since Friday was the 3rd day (4th actually but who's counting, right?!) that I would hear something soon. I get an email Fri evening saying that MOST of my order is ready to ship & will arrive Tuesday and there was a tracking number attached. No info on when I would receive the rest of my order (which turned out to be 1 item). I checked the tracking info & it only said a FedEx label was generated. Then I get an email Sat saying they're unfortunately not able to fulfill my order completely and they've given me a refund. No explanation as to why... NOTHING! Turns out the item they couldn't send was the one they were advertising on the site as "the last one." Obviously not... there wasn't one! So I get an email today that my order will be delivered tomorrow... I'm thinking "YAY!" So I decide to track it to see where it is and guess what.,. Its still in the same place it has been since I ordered it! No tracking info other than a generated label. I'm guessing that of delivery is still tomorrow like it says, it doesn't have to go far from the warehouse to get to me. But what is absolutely ridiculous is that the website and my order and my email all say the items will ship in 1-3 days when in actuality, the items are shipping in almost EIGHT days. That is not a slight miscalculation. Nordstrom Rack has FALSE information on their website & they are essentially LYING to their customers. And I'm not sure about you but I'm not going to be doing any repeat business with a deceitful company. You've been warned.

I have never encountered such stuck-up snobs in my life and I grew up around a lot of rich self-entitled prickes. Both the downtown Portland and the Hillsboro locations have the worst people I've ever met. Now granted my husband and myself don't always match up to their standards of attire but we spend a fair amount of money with Nordstrom's and I think we should be treated just the same as everyone else is. The customer that are usual shoppers there of course are just as bad most of the time and in fact I told my husband just today in the store "honey someone actually was nice to me in here today!" Sad I should be amazed but that's the norm at these stores, that and lost prevention following us the whole time instead of watching actual thieves. My husband found some sucker half sucked on in the middle of a isle and when he went to hand it to an employee the employee was just annoyed said nothing took the sucker and walked off then set it on some other display shelf. REALLY?!?! Not only was it a lawsuit waiting to happen it was down right disgusting. My husband and myself like Nordstrom's and have spent good money at the rack and dept. store but I don't think anything Nordstrom Rack sell is worth all the bs. I have done nothing to these sad excuses for people nor have I given them any reason to think I'd steal and to be treated like I have is uncalled for and is just plain pathetic. Shopper Beware you may get profile by the@**holes and treated so bad that you just say FU and go about your life with such negative judgemental people left in the dust. So NORDSTROM RACK F**K OFF!

I ordered a pair of boots on December 17 and it said Nordstrom Rack would arrive in 3-5 days. 5 days later and I still didn't get the boots. I called once and the rep told me that they were out of those boots and he doesn't know why it showed they were still in stock. I call back a few days later and talk to another rep that tells me that they are not out of stock and my boots are being processed and I should receive tracking information soon. Called again a few days later and the lady tells me she will give me a refund and it will take 3-5 business days. Call back in 5 business days with no refund and they tell me my boots have been shipped and will receive a tracking number in 2-3 days. Call back again with still no tracking number for them to tell me that my boots have not been shipped, but they are still processing and the system is just behind! 7 days later, I get an email that gives me a tracking number, so I track my package and it tells me it has already been delivered 6 months ago to somewhere in Hawaii! There were supposed to be a Christmas present and I am still without them a month later! I do not recommend this site, and I will never buy anything from here again!

Terrible Experience... Very Very Disappointed in Service
I told this to the team I spoke with today(9/29) that, I will be posting a review...

Ordered a pair of shoes for my mum and was told package would arrive in two weeks. This is the third week. Called Nordstorm Rack and was just told" oh sorry ma'am looks like your shoe was lost in transit, so a refund would be processed". (Mind you, when i called just last week, I was informed package would arrive Friday(09/24). The whole point is not just coming on to apologize to the customer that a refund would be issued. First of all, according to rep, this information became available the 1st week after order was placed but was never notified for me to make other arrangements. My mother travels tomorrow and I'm only finding out this from the company.

You guys have no clue the inconvenience and mess you've caused the customer. And to make matters worse, refund takes 5-7 business days. At this point, I had lost it. I believe this is sheer negligence and gross incompetence on the part of the company for not notifying about the circumstances surrounding the package. At least a courtesy call or email could help. But nothing even when I kept calling and tracking the package, no update!

Systemic and systematic consumer racism and racial profiling of black customers
Since I was always followed around by the same girl, I stopped shopping at the Nordstrom Rack store located in Durham, North Carolina.

This is also when I decided to make my Nordstrom Rack purchases online and have spent an enormous amount of money with the chain. However, following the latest attempt to portray me as a lying, piece of trash thief while making a return (July 1,2018), I have decided to cut my ties with NR, altogether including online. It will not happen. I will not willingly subject myself to humiliation, degradation and disparaging treatment.

I attempted to return a pair of running shoes and while having the original receipt, original tags, as well as the gift card used to make the previous purchase, I was hassled at the cash register by an old white woman who did not know what she was doing. After repeatedly showing the woman the receipt as well as lying it on the counter, I was still suspected of trying to return something that had been stolen. After all, black women do not run or work out. So, why would I have a pair of $40 Nike running pants in my possession? Perhaps for the same reason I had the latest (real) Louis Vuitton handbag on my shoulder, drove to the store in my 2015 BMW 528i, which had been parked in the driveway of my nice home located in Cary, a wealthy suburb of Raleigh. Yep. And, I didn't have to steal any of it. I used my own credit, credit score and wages to buy my fly stuff. However, public perception is that a black woman cannot possibly afford these things because most of us are unemployed, underemployed (retail workers), on public assistance and resort to buying fake designer goods in parking lots. This is a sad and sick commentary for black women who graduated from college, found careers, obtained master's degrees and found better careers because of their higher educational attainment. Nonetheless, black women are still placed into one category... the lowest segment of society and treated as such on a daily basis. I can't even shop for groceries without becoming a suspect.

This treatment of black women has to stop and to make matters worse, Nordstrom Rack is using black men to racially attack and disparage black female customers in its stores. This way, the store thinks it can't be accused of racist practices when it comes to profiling black customers. Blacks cannot discriminate against blacks, right? Wrong, Nordstrom Rack and shame on you for thinking that black people are naive to your game. The divide and conquer game is old.

I am making this appeal after learning that so many other black women (and black men) have experienced the same treatment while shopping at Nordstrom Rack stores. These folks, like myself, have taken to Instagram in order to tell their stories. Many have stated that what happened with Starbucks needs to happen with Nordstrom Rack and we will not stop until it does. NR needs to learn a lesson. NR needs to learn that in 2018, black people will call out racism at every turn, and big thanks to social media.

If you are African American and have been racially profiled while shopping at the Nordstrom Rack at Southpoint, please reply to this post. I want to hear from you. The Durham store is being targeted for a boycott. Do the right thing!

Disappointing online customer service
Something was not processing properly in my online purchases, particularly at the step one completes to add a new method of payment to their account, my efforts were for some reason stuck and not proceeding after I clicked on the "add payment" button (or whatever its called), without any error messaged display or prompts. As I have already picked out near 300 CAD worth of stuff I needed, I was committed to figuring out what was wrong so I could wear my cute new dresses. After seeking help from the chat, patiently explaining all the steps I have taken to reach the state I was in, I was ultimately told to just try again at another time, with no explanation as to why this might be happening or suggestions that could overcome the problem. When I had already confirmed with the bank there were no reasons that would be happening.

When I called the customer service line, I was told it would have to be processed with a USA issued credit card... a little dumbstruck, I inquired as to why, as there are options of "Canada" as the billing address. But I was told again that would be impossible. When I inquired how could it be possible then as a holder of a Canadian issued credit card to make purchases on the "nordstromrack" site, she told me flat out it would be impossible.

I found this baffling, as it was listed Visa and Mastercard were acceptable payments. So I gave them an email, more so out of curiosity and to provide them with feedback, if Canadian issued cards were not accepted properly or parts of their service teams were missing some links.

I later received an email confirming Nordstrom Rack do accept Canadian issued Visa and Mastercards. I was unable to reply to ask how to best proceed as it seems my email was blocked... even though the email to me finished with a invitation "Thank you for your time. Please let me know if there is anything else I may assist you with..."

The experience was irksome and fruitless. I would love to see an improvement to their online customer support. All in all I found it really surprising, as I was someone with more then the sufficient funds, throwing money at the company.

Sure Nordstrom Rack have great value-for-money items, and shopping for items is easy... but the real nightmare begins once you have completed your order. They have lost an ENTIRE order - comprised of 10+ items - in their warehouse because, as the customer service rep advised, "the labelling has gone off the box". This was only discovered when I sent an email inquiry asking why the order has not been delivered, and the package status of "SHIPMENT DATA UPLOADED" has not been updated for about 10 business days. That's it: it's just gone, order cancelled, money will be refunded. What they seem to not understand is that purchasing takes time and effort, and the excitement that an upcoming parcel brings do not have a price.

This online store is also incapable of displaying the actual status of stocks in REAL TIME. You order an item, the status of the item is "ORDERED" in their system, then they will advise you that they no longer have a stock of the item, hence, the item is cancelled.

Rockets are being launched from computers, but Nordstrom Rack, a retail giant, is not capable of displaying which items and sizes are available, and which are out of stock. If net-a-porter, eastbay, and even have the capabilities to display actual stocks in real time, one will wonder why can't Nordstromrack do this?

A suggested solution is to review the capability and capacity of your whole IT department and logistics department, including the infrastructure, policies, and procedures. Set some reasonable service level standards. If complaints like these would continue to exist, then sack the incompetent Senior Managers running these departments.

Nordstrom Rack sells items but allows Vendors to Intercept package before delivery is made.
I purchased 2 pairs of Lacoste sunglasses on May21st from the Nordstrom Rack website.

The Nordstrom Rack website shows delivery carrier performing delivery to be FEDEX. I clicked on the tracking link and FEDEX has no record of the package in their system.

It turns out UPS was the actual carrier that would be delivering the much anticipated package containing my Lacoste items. Below is a quick breakdown.

Label is created on May 24th. Product is shipped on May 24th. The item is returned to Sender on the 27th May from California to N. Y. - Item is OUT FOR DELIVERY in Melville N. Y. on June 4th at 09:24 A.M. and delivered and signed for at 10:53 on June 4th.

The reason why i show the information above is because there is NO MENTION of the package being OUT FOR DELIVERY to my home on the UPS website. WHY? Because the Shipper (LACOSTE) intercepted the package on the 26th of MAY (an entire day) before it reached the UPS VERNON CA HUB.

I spoke to Erik (Nordstrom Rack Weekend Supervisor) and he made no mention of an intercept. He mentioned that Lacoste used UPS though Nordstrom Rack had provided LACOSTE with a FEDEX label for my parcel. He mentioned that He would call UPS on Monday to ask why the package never showed OUT FOR DELIVER to my residence and also WHY there was no mention of an ATTEMPTED DELIVERY to my Residence. I truly doubt he will call me back as I'm sure this has happened to several customers several times in the past 2 weeks or so.



I ordered 2 more LACOSTE sunglasses from Nordstrom Rack on the 28th of MAY (before I discovered that the first order was intercepted and routed back to shipper at shipper's request). Once again Nordstrom Rack shows FEDEX but UPS is the actual carrier that was assigned. UPS shows that the label was created on the 1st June and Shipped on 1st of June. NO FURTHER UPDATE OF ANY KIND WHATSOEVER AND IT'S THE 5TH OF JUNE!

I bet anything that this order was cancelled before it actually ever shipped. AH... ONE LAST THING.
Nordstrom Rack has an extremely slow refund process even if you take the item you wish to return to an actual NORDSTROM RACK STORE, the refund will take 5 to 8 business days to be processed and an other 5 business days for your bank to show refund as having been received and available in your account.



Terrible customer service.
I ordered shoes through their website. I had been hunting for a nice pair of simple black dress shoes for about six months. I found a pair of Magnanni
Mario Leather Derby shoes in my size. It was a brand I knew to be high quality at a still hefty, but manageable price. The order was in process, and due to COVID19 I figured things were just delayed. Nordstrom Rack never showed up. A month and a half later I talk to customer service. It looks like they never actually processed the order (no way for me to tell that) and as a result no shipment order was sent to a storage facility. They are now out of stock in my size.

The service agent was very nice and apologetic, but all they did was offer to allow me to purchase a shoe that was up to $30 dollars more expensive at the same price as my original shoe. There were a grand total of TWO black shoes this applied to, both of which were ugly and not at all what I wanted. What a joke. No "hey sorry about our screw up and wasting your time, here is a voucher or a credit you can use on any shoes." I will not be purchasing anything through this company again. They clearly do not actually care about customer service.

Online Review
I am a platinum member at Nordstrom and was recently canceled by NordstromRack from purchasing anything online.

I was under the impression the point of shopping online to try things on at home see if Nordstrom Rack fit and return what doesn't fit or what you don't like? Why would it matter to them if I am returning items on my time using my gas?

A great suggestion would be to post better reviews and details on their items my returns would be significantly less.
My sister got married and I had several weddings over the past 5 years. Lots of dresses purchased and returned. Lots of celebrations and events mean new dresses and outfits.
Losing weight? Yep, I did that too, (because of an illness), and if they would look they'd see the sizing changed and I was trying to figure it out along the way. In the privacy of my own home where I wouldn't have to try on clothing in their rooms. Which to note, at least in my experience are barely covering and have had people walk in on me and could peer through the rooms. Highly suggest you do this in your stores. This is one reason I purchase everything in the store, go home and return items.

They calculated my returns over the past 10 years! If they were paying return fees I would understand them canceling my account but they're not. They're not executing correctly. I ordered a few thousand just to see if it would work and it did. I'll of course return as I will continue to even more now!

Andrew and Amy, you've really lost touch with customers.

The letter: We recently reached out to let you know that the rate of returns on your online shopping account is unusually high, and that we are no longer able to accept this volume of returns.

In reviewing your account, we see that your rate of returns has not been lowered. As a result, we have made the decision to end our relationship with you and anyone associated with your account. We will no longer be able to accommodate your online transactions at and HauteLook.

If you have any questions, or would like more information regarding this decision, please contact our Account Review team at *******, or call *******616.


Andrew BreenDirector, Customer Care
Nordstrom Rack | HauteLook

CC: Amy Sommerseth, VP, Store Service and Experience

After the first note I called and explained to them all of this. The lady was really nice and said she would note that and it shouldn't be an issue. I waited about 90 days and purchased items over the holidays. Well, c'mon most of these items were gifts so I would imagine returns do increase during this time. Low and behold a month after my holiday shopping, I received the above letter. Cutting costs, I understand, I'm the CMO of a company and am involved in board meetings with these conversations. One item I love about my company is that we look at individuals on a case by case basis. If a customer called to explain what happened and had valid reasons for their behaviors, I would make an exception.
In conclusion this is more of a review for the executives to see and less for consumers. Warning to consumers is don't shop online if there is a small possibility you won't like the item!
It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently. Warren Buffett

This is "NOT" Nordstrom- they do not have the customer service that Nordstrom has (-or the quality)
I was charged for an order to be delivered through Fed Ex. I was informed, by email, that it would arrive in 3-5 days. Since I ordered on 05/29/2021, it should have arrived between 06/01/2021 and 06/03/2021.
On 06June, I had notification that the "USPS" -the United States Post Office had a delivery for me- AND, it wasn't even the entire order, it was one little item (a 3-pack of socks) so I paid $7.95 to have the US Mail deliver a pack of socks? The cost to send a 3-pack of socks is 0.55 cents. PLUS, if I had been told that Nordstrom Rack used USPS to deliver the order, I wouldn't have ordered it.
Now, it's 8 days later and I still don't have the item that I was told would arrive in 3-5 days. Nordstrom Rack deliberately misled me (by sending me an email stating Fed Ex would be delivering my order) when it was never even entered into FedEx system. My order was boxed and prepared to be shipped through USPS, there was never any intent to deliver using FedEx.

This company sucks so bad that they have to try to make money off of their customers by overcharging for shipping rates? -THAT'S PATHETIC!

Also, make sure you notice on their website that they can send you anything they want because they "Claim" that the items they sell can be "similar" to the item that you are misled to believe you're buying. STAY AWAY from this COMPANY unless you want to be misled and disappointed. They shouldn't be allowed to use the Nordstrom name!
From their website: Is the merchandise at the same as in Nordstrom Rack stores?
While the brands and styles offered online are similar to the items found in Nordstrom Rack stores, inventory moves fast and may not mirror exactly what you find in store. Whether shopping online or in-store, you'll always find something new.

STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY- They overcharge and falsely represent how they do business AND, their return policy requires the customer to pay for the return!

From shipping to delivery - TERRIBLE
I ordered a pair of Brooks Transcend 6 running shoes from Nordstrom Rack because Nordstrom Rack seemed to have a better color selection than Brooks' own website. Within two days of ordering I received a tracking number and a very reasonable estimated date of delivery. Days began to pass and I noticed the package was never actually delivered to UPS. Instead, only a label was created. I reached estimated delivery date at the same status. I called customer service and was told they could do nothing about it and would not cancel my order. Then, I contacted via Facebook Messenger and I actually received help. Whatever that individual did, the shoes finally shipped. I received the package today and opened the box to find a totally different, much cheaper model (Launch 6) inside the box with the sticker on the insole for the more expensive model I purchased. I was blown away - this was either 1) a huge mistake on their part; or 2) a blatant attempt to deliver a very similar looking and much cheaper product in the hope the purchaser would not notice. I immediately contacted via Facebook Messenger again and sent pics. Now I have to go through a return in the hope I will eventually get a refund. This has been an awful online purchasing experience with ridiculous shipping problems and potential malicious delivery of the wrong product. I would never purchase from Nordstrom Rack in the future and will caution everyone I know against it.

No to the no to the no no no!
I'll say, the stores, absolutely yes. Online, absolutely NEVER AGAIN. Nordstrom merchandise, at a discount, with Walmart customer service. If that. Merchandise, excellent. Customer service, a total fail. Not to mention the actual site itself, which barely works, sometimes, when it feels like it. And FYI, it's not about clearing my cache or using the app, you dorks. Your site just sucks!

At one point I had to even open a BBB case, because the customer service sucked so much. Seriously? Come on guys. Fortunately a Nordstrom Rack just opened in our area. Problem solved. Always great shoe selection, in fact that's the main thing I buy from any Nordstrom Rack. Some pretty good selection on clothes too, but a little hit or miss on plus size clothing, mostly a miss.

Got some super cute Uggs at a great price, plus some great rain boots and other boots as well this winter, before our local Nordstrom Rack opened. Merchandise great, almost always, but again, and I cannot stress this enough, customer service is an absolute abomination! Fire them all and start from scratch.

Don't shop here, unless you want to wait weeks possibly months for your package.
I spent weeks trying to receive three orders I placed on the same day. Half of one shipped to after 6 days of processing, the other half which I ordered at the same time I will be receiving next week and the third has yet to be shipped. I have talked to 4 different representatives each telling me different stories telling me that the 2-4 day prediction given on the site for shipping is actually 4 days for processing, 5 days to ship. But for my orders, Nordstrom Rack have been taking a 6 days or more to processes and even longer to ship. I asked if they could just cancel my third order since one of the representatives told me it was still preparing to be packed after it has passed a week. The first told me to just wait a few more days and after that, the next rep told me they were processing it and told me she did not know if they even had the item in stock and that I would receive an email it not. Wait a couple more days and the next rep tells me they do have it in stock and they have been having complications and I would still have to wait. I will never shop at nordstrom rack online again. Do yourself a favor and shop in-store. It is not worth the wait or risk.

Horrible Customer Service
I recently started shopping at and have had the worst customer service experience. To begin with,
Item's that are out of stock, listed as "in stock" and after placing my order, I got a cancellation email.
Nordstrom Rack also use the most unreliable company for International shipping, Land Mark Globel, and land mark has a sub contractor delivery company - Apple Express. Both companies, the least effective and most unreliable.

Inquiries about my returns was a nightmare. It took over a month to get my money back.
Every time I call, I got a different explanation. One of the agent puts me on hold to find out why it's taking too long, and she came back after 15 min hold to tale me that her supervisor will give me a call back... half hour later, supervisor 'Adrian' called back. Very ARROGANT. He didn't even have the common courtesy... his tone of voice sounds like he was on the brink of a mental breakdown. Certainly, I have a right to inquire about my money, I didn't understand his behavior at all.
I e-mailed customer relations, never got an answer.

Nordstrom Rack, YOU have the worst customet SERVICE that ranks at the bottom. Your policy and customer care department needs some cleanup.
Very disappointing.

Worst Experience on-line shopping
On December 12th, I placed an order on Nordstrom Rack. I ordered a pair of tank top for $4.78, a pair of tennis shoes, and a pair of sandal. I also ordered a pair of sweater pants. The total order exceeded $100 so I thought I would get the free shipping. When I checked out, however, I saw the order including the tank top, the tennis shoes, and two pair of the same sandal but no sweater pants, which was out of the stock. Since my order still exceeded $100, I decided to keep the extra pair of sandal so I could give it to my girl friend as Christmas gift. My mistake was not review the final order again after submitting it as I was in rush.

The order came separately, the tank top and tennis shoes came first. One pair of sandal came a few days later. I thought it was strange that only one pair of sandal came so I went on line to check my order. I found out that my tank top actually was charged with $10.78 and only one pair of sandal was included, which brought my order under $100 and I was charged with $7.95 for shipping.

I contact the representative on line, who was rude and unaccommodating. She said I should check my order next time but she did not explain why the tank top price went up or what could possibly happened between the screen when I placed the order and the one showed the final order. By the way, the shipping slips coming with the products did not list any price.

To customers who would order products on line, please check your order carefully before placing it. As for me, I would not shop on line again.

Don't order online, use the store
I ordered quite a few things online last summer and nothing was shipped. Items prob cost me 600 or more, I had to chase them down all summer for refunds. I got emails sporadically over the summer saying the items aren't in stock- stuff I ordered months prior. I called, emailed and no response was not until the store opened I went in and talked to customer service and got a refund here and there, hopefully for all the things I would have to go back months months bank records matching up the payments and refunds. I thought I would give them one more chance for a good deal online because Nordstrom Rack said they ship with in 5 days. Well I just got an email saying they r working on shipping. I think if something isn't for sale- don't list it for sale and take payments. I love the stores- shopping in person is great- use the stores don't order online u get fleeced. I don't know how it's legal to do that to folks. I should add that I have made plenty of purchases online and some major ones for winter coats from saks off 5th, Alice and Olivia, Micheal Kors, Aquatalia, TJMaxx, for example- these companies have had no problems what so ever shipping their items they sell. Again I would say protect yourself and don't order online from Nordstrom rack- go into the store the store is great online is at best a scam.

Do Not Shop at Nordstrom Rack
DO NOT SHOP ONLINE AT NORDSTROM RACK! I had a horrible experience today. I received an email that certain jeans were on sale through May 6 (today is May 4). I clicked the link and put 2 pairs in my cart and looked through the site to see if there was anything else I wanted and once I determined there was not, I went to check out and it wasn't showing the sale price anymore. I did their live chat and waited over an hour for the customer rep to disconnect before answering my question. Then, I called and was on hold for over an hour before I got to talk to someone. The rep (Cristin Diaz) told me he wasn't aware of the email, so I sent it to him. He admitted that is what the email said, but wouldn't honor it. I asked to speak to a manager (Chamae Acosta) and she was so unhelpful. She wouldn't honor the sale since I didn't have screenshots showing the lower price. I don't take screenshots before I purchase something. Never do business with this shady company. I wasted almost 3 hours and Nordstrom Rack wouldn't honor approx $32 discount. I will never shop or do business with Nordstrom again (this includes Trunk Club) and you shouldn't either!

Terrible - Never Again
Was VERY unhappy with my shopping experience. I made an order online and thereafter i cannot log into my account. I tried resetting my password only to be told my email does not exist. I waited over a week before I made any inquiry about my order since I did get an email confirming that receipt of the order but no further contacts. It was not until I emailed customer service did I find out that there was a "problem" with my order and that the Order Review Department has been "trying" to reach me. When, in fact, NO ONE from Nordstrom Rack made any attempt at contacting me - no phone calls or emails (both of which I had made available at the time of the order) from the company regarding any problems with the order. The email was conveniently sent after 5pm ET so that the Order Review Department was closed, even though I made the inquiry over 20 hours - on the night before. The call to Order Review led me to the most unprofessional voicemail prompter where I asked them to call me back. Nordstrom Rack did not. In fact they emailed me back - again at the convenient time after they were closed the next day after 5 ET telling me my order has been cancelled. The email that Order Reviews sent me only informed me that my order was cancelled, and stated it "may" be because I was behind a VPN. (Which made no sense to me, I am being punished bc I'm being safe regarding my online purchases?) Why was this not brought to my attention prior to the order? Why had no one made any attempt to get the order fixed? I've made many online orders with other companies and I have to say that I have never seen such unprofessional and lack of customer service as my first and last attempt to order something from

I did in fact spoke with a "Customer Care" representative. Although I feel that title is misleading because they did not help in any way nor did they seem to care much about my problem. When asked about when Order Reviews contacted me, they lied and said that they tried to reach me on July 16. I checked my call logs and I received NO CALLS on that date. When asked why they didn't leave any messages as to the problems they had with my order, the customer "care" rep actually had the audacity to say that they didn't leave a message due to "security reasons". So let me get this straight, they "tried" to contact me but left no messages regarding problems with my order because of "security reasons"? WHO BUYS THAT LOAD OF CRAP? Anyway the rep did not help at all and actually ended up LEAVING the chat room before anything was resolved.



Their online business has always had lots of problems... more so than any other online retailer I have ever done business with. However, within the last six months, the scope and nature of the problems have increased exponentially.


The company has deleted all CUSTOMER TRANSACTIONS HISTORY; Deleted all CUSTOMER FAVORITES FOLDERS; Merged all customer online accounts with their NORDSTROM.COM ONLINE ACCOUNTS, (For customers who also had a online account), AND NEVER CONTACTED OR INFORMED CUSTOMERS ABOUT THESE ACTIONS.

Frequent CANCELLATIONS OF CUSTOMERS' ORDERS without notice or apologies, or compensation, considering that Nordstrom Rack always CHARGE CUSTOMER ACCOUNTS BEFORE ORDERS ARE SHIPPED.


THEY FREQUENTLY SHIP THE WRONG ITEMS, (about 5 out of every 10 orders I place).

Frequently SHIPS DAMAGED ITEMS to customers. (About 4 out of every 10 orders I place with them).

Now THEY ARE SHIPPING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ORDERS IN THE SAME PACKAGE, without informing the customer, and usually with incorrect order numbers, making it very difficult to return items, because the items do not have separate shipping labels or tracking numbers, and therefore do not appear in their computer system as having been delivered.

NORDSTROM RACK WEBSITE has hundreds of items with descriptions and images that are completely wrong. This problem has existed for as long as I have been shopping with them.

INVENTORY PROBLEMS: This problem has always existed, and results in FREQUENT CANCELLATIONS OF ORDERS.

Very often, their website will show that there are multiple of the same items available for purchase. However, after you have completed an order, and paid for it, they will cancel your order a few days later, then refund your account about 5 days or so afterwards. This practice is very common. They hold on to your money, earn interest on it, then cancel your order without compensation.


FREQUENT CRASHES; Items disappearing from their web pages, then reappearing minutes later.

ITEMS switching from SOLD OUT, to AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE QUANTITIES within a matter of seconds.


You never know if your transaction is complete, even after you have paid for the item. Far too often, they show items on their website that are not available for purchase.



HOWEVER, customers were not receiving any $5 credit as promised. I called and spoke to a CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER, who told me that neither she, nor any of her workers had any knowledge about it. A couple weeks later they pulled the promotion from the website.


This new service has problems. Nordstrom Rack Stores do not notify customers that their orders have arrived, and is ready for pickup. And to make matters worse, customers NO LONGER RECEIVE SHIPPING CONFIRMATION EMAILS OR TRACKING NUMBERS FOR ITEMS ORDERED AT NORDSTROMRACK.COM.







Nordstrom Ratchet
Received a pair of Betsy Johnson bedazzled tennis shoes instead of a men's Brooks Brotjers polo, to be told Nordstrom Rack were sold out. They canceled order, but said I could not receive a refund until I drove to take the shoes back to a local Nordstrom Rack.

Flash forward 8 months and I place a $200 order with them, giving my new address and they still ship it to my old address. I was waiting on hold for 20 mins just to be disconnected. Waiting my second time now... 8 mins in. Now once being connected to a manager, because the service lady couldn't re-route my package. I find that half of it can be rerouted, so the main part, a jacket that I got for Denver next week, will be shipped to the wrong address. The manager even provided the right address, that I've never used on their site until this order. Proving that I provided the correct shipping address. They are making my mother, who the package was shipped to and who has severe lupus drive 30 mins to the nearest post office pay $30 to overnight it to me and the manager says, sorry nothing I can do. Horrible. Worst customer service. You may as well be a discounted Ross or TJ Maxx.

Will Never Order Online Again!
BAD experience. I ordered and paid for a Kate Spade purse, which (supposedly) arrived three days later. I had been wanting this purse for a long, long time and was really looking forward to receiving it. Upon opening the box, I discovered, NOT the purse, but a men's size large pajama top... just that... nothing else in the box, no packing material, purchase receipt, etc.! It was so strange! I called and asked to speak to a manager and was told in a very demeaning, rude tone that the purse was now sold out and there was nothing that could be done about it other than issuing a refund, *after* I had to go to the trouble of returning the pajama top I did not order. Is there something wrong with this picture? Yes, indeed. I was actually punished for the inefficiency of Nordstrom Rack online customer service. I did not receive my long-awaited purse and was treated very rudely to boot! I will never order online from Nordstrom Rack again. I will go directly to an existing store, even though, sadly, I have to drive a two-hour round trip to get there. I wish you all a better experience.

Canceled for no reason, items not shipped, no notification
I have always been pleased with purchases I have made from Nordstrom Rack online. My items always came in a timely manner, correctly filled, etc. I'm not sure what has happened with this company but it seems by the other reviews that things are going south quickly as far as their customer service and reliability. I ordered 2 pairs of booties one week ago. One for myself and a pair for my 8 year old daughter. 2 days after placing the order, I received an email that the order for my pair could not be filled due to a shortage. Immediately I went online and it was still showing there were shoes available in my size and color. It did not even have "only 2 left" or anything of that nature. I called customer service and she couldn't even find the item in her system at all so Nordstrom Rack refunded me for those shoes and for shipping. Here we are one week later and I still have not received a shipping confirmation for my daughter's shoes. I called customer service and was told that there was no information available and that I would not be receiving this shoes either and that they would issue a refund. Were you going to send me an email to notify me or just keep my money and hope I don't notice you didn't send the shoes?! THEN, I receive my refund email and it says that "my return has been approved". I'm sorry, WHAT?! Get it right people, I didn't return or cancel any order, your representative told me it COULDN'T be filled. This is ridiculous, Nordstrom. Get your act together. You have lost my trust and I won't be placing any more online orders for you. Rest assured I will be sharing my experience with all of my friends, family and on every forum there is.

I bought 2 tops online from Nordstrom Rack. Nordstrom itself has beautiful clothing and shoes, I never thought the rack would be any less, maybe older merchandise. I was warned that the tops might bleed and to wash in cold which I did on delicate. Dont know what went on the washer but Nordstrom Rack seemed ok when I removed them. Then I noticed a white bra worn with the light gray top, was now gray all over and I chalked it up to the art studio where I volunteer. I thought I must have been sweating a lot which was possible in a hot kiln room. Yesterday I hand washed the same gray top in cold water, rinsing it thru my hands and the water turned dark gray. The second rinse was much the same color so I air dried it and noticed this morning, white patches in the thin gray material, where there had been color. The brand purchased is Susina. Tried to find out who mfg. Is with no luck and no luck with country of origin either. I've also noticed that ReviewFeeder is on top of the rack and it's the first time I've ever seen the number of poor reviews close to matching the OK reviews. I'm going to try to return this and get my money back. Wish me luck

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