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DON'T BUY From Nordictrack!
I purchased an elliptical and canceled my order in a timely fashion when I read the reviews about it after I purchased it. I never even received the elliptical, but NordicTrack charged me about $650 to send it back, and claimed that I had access to iFit, which I never used, because I needed a machine to use it! They are a big rip off and impossible to get in touch with, having a horrible customer service department. I tried to contest the charge, realizing that the elliptical was en route and that they had to reverse the shipment, but they would not even work with me and again, were unavailable. The review that I read had a horror story about the quality of the elliptical. Their return policy is horrible in general. These people had a really hard time with the poor quality of the machine and had to pay when their machine wasn't even working or usable!

Well built machine, easy to set up, excellent product!
I had been seeing commercials for the NordicTrack treadmill for quite sometime and it peaked my interest. When I saw some of my favorite Olympians using it, I knew I had to give it a try. Although the machine is very heavy, it was packed very well and organized and it was easy to assemble. The instructions were self explanatory. It took around 2 hours with 2 people to put it together. The machine is very nice. It has many speeds and a very high incline. The iFit program it is used with is top of the line. I literally do not even feel like I'm working out! I received a discount on this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Very pleased
I ordered a Pro-Form compact treadmill! I was very pleased with the delivery time and the easy assembly. I have used this treadmill for several weeks now, and I love how sturdy and durable it is. My husband even commented on how sturdy it is. I also love how easy it is to fold up, so it doesn't take up so much room in our tiny living room! Definitely a win! I received this item at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased review!

Awesome company
I have been wanting a NordicTrack elliptical for forever. My friend has one and brags about it all the time, and now i finally got one too. It was shipped fast and came nicely packed with everything in tact. Took my husband two and a bit hours to build. I have used it for a month now and I can't say enough how much I enjoy using this elliptical. The machine i have is a cross between a long stride elliptical and a stepper which I really enjoy because you end up using more muscles than you would with just a long stride elliptical. I'm on the thing for five minutes and I'm already tired and sweating. The app is a blast with so many flavors of classes and great motivational trainers. I got a discount for my honest feedback.

Great bike
This is a really nice bike it's not to small or big. It fits perfectly in my Living-room. NordicTrack screen on it just amazing. It's huge. The picture on the screen is just great! I also love how the screen turns all the way around. I can workout on the floor and still watch the giant screen for my workouts. It also comes with the free year ifit which is soooo great. I love the videos. Comes with nice free weights that store on the back of the bike. Really a awesome quite machine. I would definitely recommend by me.

I received this bike for a highly discounted rate for my honest opinion.

Nordic Track purchase experience
I purchased a Nordic Track treadmill (and utility weight bench) in November of 2020 with White Glove delivery. The Sales department was very nice but once I made our purchase, the assistance from Nordic Track has been horrendous. The utility bench arrived with a broken piece and some missing washers. Not all the items we had ordered from Nordic Track arrived and the White Glove delivery people (who had received our treadmill) refused to touch any items sent directly to us such as other equipment and the mats for under the units. The White Glove delivery person took the treadmill out of the box outside the house and slid the treadmill framing down the stairs banging it against the wall and stairs. NordicTrack would not set up the unit other than to plug it in after assembly and saying they need only to show that it powers. Nordic track is telling me for the past almost two weeks that a supervisor / manager will be calling me back. No-one has called yet. I have called and called to them with no assistance. Nordic Track used to be such a great company. What happened?

Does anyone know of a phone number or way to reach the executive office for assistance? We have used online chat as well as phoned to Sales, Customer Service, Warranty, Returns, iFit, and to TD, and by phone have only reached Sales where we have been given lip service that we are on a list where a supervisor / manager supposedly will call us back. I do not expect to ever receive a call back from them. Has anyone gotten satisfaction and if so, how?

Great Biking Experience!
I absolutely love my new Pro-Form PROC22 Bike! It's quick and easy to assemble! The directions were on point. It says two people are needed but I was able to do it by myself. I decided to get a different seat because it has a thin although cushy seat on it already. I also got bike shorts to make it a smoother ride for myself. But after awhile you get used to it. For a seasoned rider it would be no big thing. I needed to get back in shape and I'm over the moon with my choice in equipment. The seat and handlebars are adjustable. It has a 22 inch digital HD touchscreen, compact solid frame, adjustable handlebars and 24 resistance levels. It also comes with 3 pound dumb bells. The sound is great and has volume buttons on the side. The screen is adjustable as well.
It even comes with a year membership from iFIT! There are goals to earn shirts and magnets, etc. You can go right along with the fitness coaches or adjust for your comfort and still enjoy the ride. There are so many workouts to choose from.
It comes with a limited warranty.
I received discounted product in exchange for my honest feedback.

Great in home use products
Haven't been in the gym in over a year due to COVID. I am still not sold on going back in there due to me having small children at home. I opted to get workout equipment for home so I can focus on getting back to me and getting back in shape. I received a treadmill for a reduced price in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. I am in love. This machine is everything I could ask for. It has built in workouts and it definitely motivates me to keep pushing. I can listen to my jams through the bluetooth on days I'm just getting a quick walk in to relieve some stress.

Arrived Quickly
I recently ordered a NordicTrack Elliptical, it arrived quickly and the freight delivery guy was friendly. It took 2-3 hours to put together with the help of one of my young kids. We've used it every day since putting it together and my kids are usually rushing me along because NordicTrack want a turn on it too. The elliptical connects via bluetooth to my phone without any issues and the videos are able to adjust the resistance levels (but not the incline) on the model I have. I'm very pleased with my elliptical and would consider other types of equipment from them next. I did receive a discount but this did not impact my review.

Piece of junk, they owe me my money!
Hello, do not buy any products from this company. Yes NordicTrack are much cheaper than other equipment but if you get a similar problem to mine you will regret it. I received a defective elliptical machine, it made all types of noises from clicking, clacking to banging. I reported it after i setup the equipment and brought it into my home.

I filled a support ticket asking for help and someone to come out and fix it. After 30 days they still had not gotten back to me. I filled a dispute with my credit card as it is not fair that they send me a defective equipment and they have not acted on trying to fix my problem.

Credit card got my money back, and finally nordictrack contacted me to return the equipment which i was more than glad to do. Heavy piece of junk. The equipment was returned and then they rebilled my transaction on my credit card. Now they refuse to give me a refund for 90 - 180 days until they resolve there internal finance issues.

I have never in my life had to wait so long for a refund and I am still waiting. I am getting ready to sue this company for my money if i dont receive my refund soon. Be warned and move on and purchase your equipment from a reliable, reputable company. This company is not reputable at all and they are a bunch of thief that will try to keep your money from you.

ProForm Pro C22 Bike
I received the ProForm Pro C22 bike and I love it! The set up was very easy and I was able to get the right bike fit for myself. The bike is comfortable, easy to use and the screen is great for seeing for your workout! I find that I get a better workout using this bike than I do actually riding outside. This bike came with a one year subscription to iFit which is fantastic. I would definitely recommend this bike to anyone who enjoys riding and wants a good workout. The only workout I actually enjoy doing is bike riding so this is perfect and you don't have to worry about the weather! I received this product discounted in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Great Adventure
This NordicTrack bike is a game changer. Each morning I now get to sit on my bike and take an adventure with a trainer and go so many different places right from my living room. I look forward to waking up and choosing where I will ride to that day. Then the customer service that NordicTrack have is so helpful new technology can be a little initiating however the customer service representative talked me through the update and made sure I knew all about the rewards I could earn by meeting certain milestone goals.
***I received discounted product in exchange for my honest feedback

I ordered a treadmill in treadmill and mat from this company on Sep 6 and it was suppose to ship Sept 16. After many delays I received the treadmill on Oct 20. I also purchased the warranty. I was billed $2285. 89 for the entire order which included $1799. 00 for the treadmill, $50.00 for the mat, $126.94 for the warranty, $199.00 for delivery and $110.95 for tax and have a copy of the invoice. The mat did not ship till later and when NordicTrack did ship it I was billed another $50.00 plus $3.00 tax. After several tires to reach someone in the company, they said I had to file a billing dispute which I did. I received a notice today stating my claim was denied. I would never recommend this company to anyone.

Great bike and brand
I am in love with my new ProForm Pro C22 bike. It is everything I could of wanted and more. It's easily adjustable for anyone of different sizes and shapes. I love the huge touchscreen. It swivels so you are able to use the screen off the bike as well. I am obsessed with the free year of the iFit membership. There are so many workouts and different trainer and you really feel like you are there. Highly recommend! I received this product at a discounted rate for my honest feedback.

This bike is awesome
This review is for the Proform C22 bike. Starting with the set up: instructions are easy to follow and it is easy to set up solo except for the last couple of parts. The screen is huge (which is a plus) but it is heavy so it's beneficial to have someone else help with assembly. The bike works great. I am not tech savvy and it was super easy to get the free iFit membership up and running. My husband is over 6' tall and I'm short so we both love that it's easily adjustable and we can both use it comfortably. The screen is touchscreen and very easy to navigate. We have not had to contact customer service so I can't speak to that. Overall we are more than pleased and super excited to being our workouts home! We were given this bike at a discount in exchange for our unbiased opinion.

Excellent NordicTrack PulseTech Percussion Therapy Gun
I have absolutely been loving my new massage therapy gun. It has been so great on my sore muscles and anytime I have needed a recovery day. What's really fun is that you can add your massage gun to your iFit account and use their programs on your recovery days. It has been a great bonus! My favorite of all though is the design and storage of the massage gun and carrying case. The massage gun is small enough to hold comfortably. It also has a smooth finish that you can easily hold and maneuver as you use it. The four massage heads are super easy to insert and remove. The case keeps the massage heads, massage gun, and charging cable snug while you travel around with it. This has been an absolute wonderful massage gun for all of my sore muscles!

I received the NordicTrack PulseTech Percussion Therapy Gun at a discounted rate for my honest opinion.

Beware-do not buy - worst customer sercive
I have Never dealt with a worse company in my entire life, worse than Sears. To even get through to customer service, or refunds, or any department takes 1-2 hours, if you're lucky. I was literally on hold for 3 1/2 hours to inquire about my refund that NordicTrack never processed and still didn't get any help and had to dispute with my credit card company. If you haven't purchased an item, i suggest you look elsewhere. Nothing but problems that never get resolved. They lie to you when you do get them on the phone, they do not respond to online inquiries or case #s. I am so sorry that I chose their products and are now stuck dealing with them. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE IN THE HISTORY OF ALL COMPANIES!

Take your money and forget.
20 days and counting. For the price of the machine and the money these jokers spend on marketing their product NordicTrack should be able to pay someone to answer their phones, chats and emails. The only way to get someone to care is to call the sales number (no surprise there.) They just put you back into a permanently one hold queue that they pass of as tracking inquiries.

I ordered a treadmill 20 days ago and received a tracking number. When the product appeared to stop moving I tried countless times to find out what was going on. Nordictrack do not appear to employee any customer care people so emails go unanswered. They have a live chat option that always tells you there is no one available to chat and automatically goes to their email option (see previous.) The only other option is to call. I've endured for 30 minutes on hold, no message to tell you how long the wait times are or even if there is anyone answering calls at all.

Conclusion; these cowboys want your money. After that you are on your own.

ProForm C22
This bike is very nice and great quality. It did not take long to put together and I love all the features that it has with it. The screen is a very nice size and it is a very clear picture. I like how the bike also came with two three pounds dumb bells that actually has a spot built right in on the bike for them. It also has a place on your bike for your water bottle. The pedals have straps on them to help make your feet secure. The bike also has wheels on it to help securely move it, if need be. I'm very happy with this bike.

I received this product at a discounted price for my unbiased opinion.

Good then, good now
For many years I have purchased NordicTrack fitness equipment and each time I have been pleased with my purchase and the longevity of these items lasting. I recently received a treadmill from them and everything went really smooth from the order process, to setting up, to using it. I had a question for customer service through the process and NordicTrack were attentive and responded quickly and appropriately. I received a discounted product in exchange for my honest feedback.

Order Never Received
Nordictrack shipping is terrible! Ordered rowing machine. Nordictrack states order will be recieved in 10 to 15 days from shipping. Waited over a month from date NordicTrack say they shipped. Never received shipment. As of this writing, still have not seen equipment. Had to cancel the order for a refund. I was told refund should be received in 20 to 30 days. Watch out ordering from this company. Their refunds take as long as their shipping.

Top service and products
I purchase a treadmill and had a very pleasant experience from start to finish. Ordering was easy and delivery was on time. I had this treadmill for over a month now and I am very satisfied with my purchase. Nordic Track is a brand I trust and would recommend to my close friends. I reached out to customer service with questions regarding delivery and I was able to get accurate answers. I have no issues with my treadmill. In exchange for my honest feedback, I received a discounted product.

Norditrack is horrible, go elsewhere
This company is absolutely horrible to deal with and even worse at supporting customers; NordicTrack are simply not worth buying from. The sale of a bike was quick and efficient, but every single thing after that point was a disaster. I received conflicting messages on the delivery of my item and the status of where it was. Calling the company was a nightmare - I would constantly end up in the Sales department, even though I wanted to speak with someone in Customer Service. I would call, repeatedly, and be told "I can't help you, let me transfer you" and when I finally connected with someone, they were just as confused as I was; completely unable to help. They transferred me to the Warehouse/Shipping department and that person was horrible to interact with. Beyond not caring, he clearly lacked customer service skills and could not clarify what the issue was. The Billing department was unsympathetic and simply did not care. The website chats were ineffective; I would ask for Customer Service and would constantly get Sales department. After that debacle, I received the item and decided to return it, which turned into a new nightmare. The website link in their e-mail did not work. I would enter information into their website for my return and get an error response. I called and got transferred to the Returns department on Tuesday, December 29th, 2020 and waited on hold for 2 hours and never spoke with anyone (I hung up after waiting 2 hours, out of frustration). I e-mailed and never got a response. I used the live chat on the website and, again, got the Sales department - "Sorry, we can't help you". I repeated asked for an escalation, support from a supervisor, manager or someone in leadership and got nothing. I called, again, and got transferred to the Returns department where I waited, yes, you guessed it, for 2 hours on hold. After 2 hours and 3 minutes, someone answered. This company is horrible. The Sales group is okay, but every single person after that is miserable to deal with and worse to communicate with. It is shameful that I have to pay to return this pos item considering the miserable experience I had. If this is how Nordictrack regularly does business, no wonder Peloton is beating them at this service. Which, is were I am going back to... I previously owned a Peloton and decided to try nordictrack... what a huge mistake that was. Even though Peloton is more expensive, they are worth it. Their Customer Service is 100 times better.
I will be protesting the 10% restocking fee of $250 considering I never used the bike, so this is completely unfair and unethical to be charged for.

Great products, excellent customer service
I have gotten 2 items from Nordictrack in the last few months. I am really enjoying working with the company. Most recently I got a Pulse Percussion Massasge therapy gun and it pairs well with my treadmill. It works very well for sore muscles and is easy to use. It comes in a nice case with attachments. It is very reasonably priced. Nordictrack products are well built and work well. I highly recommend this company, the products are well built and the prices are fair. I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest opinion.

Received damaged
Received with a warped flywheel spent the last 2 months trying to get it fixed replaced or returned. When mentioned to CSR that I had purchased service plan it was dismissed. I gave them pictures and videos of part NordicTrack said the will send a replacement but it's on back order(of course it is) it finally arrived with no instructions on how to replace it but they said they encourag customers to fix it themselves and it could take a while longer to get someone to repair it. Purchased 12/17 it's now 2/15 and still waiting to get it fixed. And they also say no compensation for my troubles but they sure were expecting their payments. Maybe should have bought a different brand

Super effective bike!
I gotta say this bike has changed my life! This bike is very afforable for a family, and has helped my entire family get into shape during this pandenmic. I'm a stay at home mom, with not a lot of time on my hands or have help with my family. It is very easy to use, especially for someone out of shape after three kids, and a beginner like me. The classes are engaging and entertaining, helpful that NordicTrack offer many classes for diffent levels of skill. I needed some setup assistance, and I received prompt and knowledgable service quikcly as well. I received a discounted product in exchange for my honest and unbiased feedback.

Horrible experience
I was excited to get my Nortictrack treadmill. It was easy enough to place my order, go figure. When I ordered my Peleton bike, the delivery was simple and NordicTrack set it up, not with Nortictrack, we had to convince the delivery guys to take it down stairs. When I got it, the cup holder was cracked and the serial number was rubbed off. My machine stopped working, the motor did, I had to reset it 5 times to work, then I had problems with the software, I
Fit, it would not go to the home screen, and still does not. I called and they make you go through a series of troubleshooting which involved getting a screw driver and removing a panel, not usually a problem, but I am way to busy for that. I tried to call tech support, on hold for hours, I literally have screen shots. I have decided to return it, but that has been a nightmare, I finally spoke to someone and they sent me an email and said they would be in touch to schedule delivery, meanwhile it has been over a week and a half, and no one has called, so I am again on hold with billing, I am at 12 minutes and waiting as I type. Oh, and I have to pay $574 to restock the lemon I was given. I am so very disappointed, and I have been flexible with Covid, but this is not the way to run a company. You need to get your act together, with customer service. Very disappointing. You are willing to be the best in the industry but your customer support and policies are horrendous. Peleton was such a better experience bar none. Too bad, I like the treadmill, but it is not worth the headaches.

Great company
This company has been excellent. I received a nordictrack bike with iFit at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest opinion. I have had an excellent experience with this company. I had a few questions about the programs in the iFit and NordicTrack answered them all right away and where so helpful about telling me about the programs. The trainers in the iFit are an excellent addition as well, they encourage you and keep you motivated. I would recommend this company to all of my friends.

I have the nordictrack bike and i love it. It was easy to setup and the programs on it are great. I love the touch screen, and how I can see where I place with other people on, I felt like it pushed me to keep going. The fan on there is great, I got really hot really quick because i havent worked out in forever, but it was a nice cool breeze. I love having this bike at home, it was too hard to get to the gym with my kids being little and then covid it made it pretty impossible to go to the gym, now i just need more equipment! I received discounted product in exchange for my honest feedback.

Amazing Machine
Our treadmill is absolutely amazing. I have see this brand for years but never owned a NordicTrack and now I wonder why I didn't make the leap a long long time ago. Our whole family can use it because it has workouts/fitness regimens for all levels of fitness. My workouts usually consist of a combo of walking/jogging but my youngest son loves to run on it. My husband does a combo as well but also uses the higher incline. My oldest son uses it for PT to help him recover from his health condition because he can do them at home and that is key for him. The build in fans help keep you cool while you are working out and it can easily be folder for storage when its not in use, though that has not happened in our house because someone is always using it, This has really taken our home gym to the next level and we absolutely love our treadmill. I received this product at a discounted rate for my honest opinion.

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