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Nike Cowards
Nike has at least lost 1 devoted longtime customer in me and it honestly sucks. How in the hell does a multi-billion dollar conglomerate let an attention grabbing traitor to our nation tell you what shoe you are going put out and not put out? #1Traitor should have been told to go sit his sorry unAmerican butt down somewhere and quit trying to be relevant. Whoever the gutless coward is that let that traitor stop the Betsy Ross edition Nike from being made... Hope you find yourself cleaning port-a-potties for a new career cus you had best been let go after that decision. I can't imagine the amount of paying customers you have lost due to this weak ass decision. Should have never even entertained the thought of hiring this American embarrassment and hired one of (way too many) unemployed veterans... Yeah the men and women that have fought and bled for our rights. So F**K OFF NIKE AND HELLO UNDER ARMOUR

Still don't have my son's soccer cleats
I am very disappointed with Nikes service. I initiated a return/replacement of some brand new soccer cleats on May 7th. We had only purchased them less than 2 weeks prior. I was originally told that I would need to send them back, and then someone would review the problem and either credit me for the shoes, or Nike would deny the return and send them back to me. Right now they are the only soccer cleats that fit my son so that was unacceptable. I reviewed Nike's return policy while talking to the person, and let them know we were well within the 30 return for any reason policy. One of the shoes was falling apart and I just wanted an exchange for the very same shoe. He realized he was mistaken and that I could return them for any reason. He sent me a return label and I mailed them through UPS the same day and expected a new pair to arrive soon.

After about 11 days, I called Nike again because the shoes had not arrived. I learned from the representative that for some reason, Nike cancelled my return. I received no email or any communication about this. Nike received my defective shoes, and then just didnt send me another pair, or issue a credit to my card. Meanwhile, my son is playing in borrowed shoes that dont really fit him. The representative I spoke to apologized and said that a pair would be sent out right away, and would arrive by either today, May 22nd, or tomorrow at the latest. He also offered me a 20% off coupon for my next Nike purchase, which I have not yet received. My son was hopeful that the cleats would arrive today, but now I received an email saying that they just shipped today. I am very disappointed that Nike didnt do more to remedy the situation in a timely manner. If I had not called, I would have been out a pair of soccer shoes, as well as $250.00.

On 5/25 I again called Nike because although I received notice on 5/22 of shipment on next day air, the tracking info never advanced and even on 5/25 the tracking info said it would update when it moved. I do not understand why it has been so difficult to get a pair of shoes from Nike. I spoke to a corporate person I was advanced to to try to get to the bottom of it. No one could tell me where my sons shoes are. This is unacceptable. We paid $250 for defective shoes and then have to through all of this back and forth to have them replaced. My son is all about soccer, and he has been without proper shoes since 5/07 and there is nowhere on Maui to buy soccer cleats so we are stuck. Again, the representative said a pair would ship (5/25) out but wont arrive until the 29th. How is that next day air? I was told that a manager would reach out via email and send me a 20% off coupon. My son is sitting here crying because he has a game tonight and has to wear shoes that dont fit him. Nike should be doing so much more to fix this. 80% off wouldnt even be worth this hassle.

I would never have bought $250 soccer cleats knowing that if they were defective, it would take at least 22 days to get a new pair (assuming they arrive on the 29th).

Today is the 29th and I have received zero information from Nike regarding shipment or tracking so I am assuming they are not on their way.

For £145, I expected a much better
This is a warning to anybody who's contemplating purchasing some custom Nikes...
My air max 95 customs turned up today that I had to spend £145 for.
On inspecting them, I was deeply shocked with how bad the quality was.
The under sole wasnt glued to the midsole at the back on the left trainer.
The paint work on both of the midsoles is patchy,
The under sole on the front of the right trainer is noticeably off to one side rather than central.
Seriously disappointed and dissatisfied.
Now I'm going to have to mess around with my own time and money trying to sort this out!
0 out of 10 for me. Ridiculous!

Order 1 pair of shoes and set of socks on Oct 20. Told the delivery window was Oct 23-29. Oct 30 nothing came. Order says still being processed.

Called them Oct 30. Nike said they didn't know where the order was. I said to cancel. They said OK and would give me a refund in 5 days.

Get email 2 days later saying the order was split into 2 shipments. 1 package they can track. The other they don't know where it is. They don't know which has the shoes and which has the socks. They think 1 package will still be delivered. Don't know when. They won't give me a refund until they get their products back. What the?! I don't know where your packages are. Why should I wait until your packages are found before I get a refund?

NO order status updates
NO accountability. Said I would get a refund and say something else later.
NO customer service. Seperate "escalation team" that deals with refunds. CSR is totally useless.

Your customer should not have to deal with your lost packages before getting a refund.

They don't stand by their product
I purchased some Nike Tennis Shoes for my daughter and within two months, Nike had developed a hole in the toe area. This was from normal use while playing tennis. Obviously, any quality shoe should not develop a hole in them after only two months of normal use, so we filed a warranty claim with Nike. We had to spend $16 dollars shipping from the Bay Area in Northern California to the warranty address at Nike, which was the cheapest cost available (and unreasonably high).
I received a quick rejection to my claim, stating this was normal wear and tear. They left no way for me to respond to them. I faxed two letters successfully to their Corporate Office and didn't receive the courtesy of a reply. I filed a complaint with the BBB and Nike refused again to attempt to satisfy us as customers.

We are now all done with Nike in this family, since they do not stand by the quality of their product.

Don't rely on their deliver by date
Ordered a pair of custom Nike iD shoes for a kid's 10th birthday in his favorite sports team colors. The order said it would be delivered on a specific date, which I was counting on because the kid was going to that sports game about a week after the supposed delivery date. When the shoes weren't delivered by that day, I called to check on the order and to my surprise Nike told me they wouldn't arrive until the following week (which was the day after the game). I asked if I could pay extra for overnight shipping so that they would arrive before the game. The girl told me she couldn't do that. I asked to speak with a manager, and after checking if he was available, he told her he would email me a survey if I want to "vent." How rude.

Wouldn't Order Again. Return Shipping is a Bit Misleading
I wouldn't order again unless I REALLY want something. I'm neutral about this situation because Nike didn't really do anything wrong and their website and process was very easy to handle which is why I gave them 5-star because I didn't want to be biased. However, read the returns instructions carefully. I was under the impression that Nike has a free shipping (minimum order) and free returns policy.

I took a risk (first order on Nike) and bought this $220 jacket that categorized itself as loose fit, so I went with their smallest size on the chart which was XS. I'm normally a size S in everything USA. When this XS jacket turned out too big still, I thought "no problem, I'll just return". I went through the process and it turns out the return label for guests is just a mailer label. It's not a pre-paid return label which is for members only. I made an account after to see if I could get the pre-paid label but of course, it didn't recognize my order even though the account and order was made from the same email.

Now I have to commute 1 hour to a Nike store to return because this jacket is so large and heavy, shipping it back would cost at least $30 and I'm responsible for it if it's lost in transit. Unless you want to make an account just for that ONE item at Nike, I would say don't bother unless you're ok with paying for returns. God knows what UPS or the post office will charge you.

Over all POOR do not order from
The only reason I ordered from was because I had 2 gift certificates and do not live near a Nike store. I ordered a size 10.5 in a particular shoe and received an 11.5 in a totally different shoe. The box did not come with a return label because, you are not supposed to be able to return anything if you use gift cards. I don't understand that because it should not matter if you use gift cards or not. I called customer service after many minutes she sends me an email to print off a return label. When I clicked on the link it does not work and she send me another email with a link and an adobe download that is old and not compatible with my computer. Now she has to mail me the label. I would just cancel altogether but I want to use the gift certificates. She also told me the name of the wrong shoes that were delivered, I have no idea how she knew. And if she knew should that flag that Nike are not the right item being sent?
Horrible customer service, such a hassle!

Warning: Nike By You
Paid £150 for custom Nikes. Quality was absolutely shocking! Dirty (soles too), poorly painted, poorly glued, edges of leather discoloured. Nike looked like they had skipped the mass production chain line and were a childs craft project. I was shocked, there was no way a store would put them on their shelves, but also you have to assume that after their creation they also passed some form of quality control. Granted, my experience of their returns procedure was simple and swift, but I would not even remotely consider paying and waiting for custom Nikes again. Shame as they are hands down my favourite trainer brand.

I would give 0 stars if I could
One of the worst customer service experience I bought shoes that had a manufacturing defect with the sizing and was told by advisors Nike can't do anything so I asked to speak to a manager and had to wait 1 week with constant calling to receive a call and the manager was very rude and did not even attempt to resolve and accused his staff of lying and offered less that was offered by the advisors and terminated the call without any solution. When asked to speak to someone higher he advised there's no one and to take the business to court JUST WOW.


NIKE Returns is a real nightmare
I ordered the Nike sweatshirt on October 12,2020. Cash on delivery. The sweatshirt turned out to be too small so I gave it back. Really, in the darkest visions, I did not foresee the nightmare connected with money refund... It is a torment... Do not count on a fast money refund as in the case of Zalando:-) Everything is soooo complicated, I think it is done on purpose! It's 16/11/2020 and I still haven't got my money back... I will not let it go. I will report the matter to the Consumer Ombudsman. Next I will report extorting to the Police. I advise other unhappy Nike customers to do the same! For NIKE, I suggest simplifying the RETURN process even further... Maybe for example allow to return the product only for marathon runners? Whoever survives running 42,195 km will survive the NIKE Return!

Extremely disappointed!
I bought my son a pair of Nike Vapormax shoes, cost $160 back in May, within 3 months the sole had come apart from the shoe in one spot so I sent the shoes in to Nike to have them replaced, well today I received an email stating because the tag was not there Nike couldn't offer a refund or replacement because that tag tells them when they were manufactured, they will NOT give me a credit or replacement. Those tags tend to fade sometimes with the wearing of the shoes, but they don't seem to understand that, I even offered a copy of my receipt and that didn't matter to them. My family has bought a ton of Nike products for many years, I always thought they would stand by their products but I was wrong. Be careful what you buy from them and how much you spend as they may not stand by the sometimes poor quality of their products. I will be looking for another brand of shoes and clothing products for my family.

Doesn't matter how many Nikes are burned black and brown people have huge buying power
It is unfortunate that racist supremacists are trying to bring this brand down - by the way - impossible because the brand has decided to stand on the side of truth and equality.
No mind - black consumers (of which I am one) tend to have huge buying power when it comes to sports apparel.
"A new report from Nielsen on the current buying power of consumers of color offers a fascinating look at how we're spending our money. In the report Black Dollars Matter: The Sales Impact of Black Consumers, the message is clear: While African Americans make up just 14% of the population, [they] are responsible for some $1.2 trillion in purchases annually".
I buy Nike goods anyway. I purchased the Nike Vapormax Flyknit trainers - £170 this morning. My son used to favour Adidas - not anymore.
For every Nike trainer thrown away, you will find black people and those who consider themselves allies will be purchasing more and more Nike goods. I bet if you look at their profit margins in the next half year or so, you will find that Nike will have increased. Also there is the small issue of demographics. The world population is 7.4 billion. The demographic of those who are burning Nike goods number 850,000,000. Do the maths - there are more of us - than them.

First they are sour then they are sweet.
After using a coupon that expired a few days from when I was testing it out before purchase I tried it again 12 hrs before purchase on the 13th. The coupon didn't work so I did a live *******@7am on the 15th to see if it can be fix and if I can get a new promo. If I'm not mistaking her name was Angelica and she gave me a hard time by having a small argument then said she will finally help me. She asked for the items and I asked her to wait as I went back to my cart on my phone in a different tab that it was located on. She decided to disconnect me within one minute making me not want to continue ordering from Nike because of the bad customer service, but instead I called in and Ashley helped me over the phone. When I told her I tried live chat but the lady disconnect after an disagreement she changed the subject instead of following through with my report or connect me with someone higher to let them know. This was the first time this happened after being a Nike customer for years. I will continue ordering but their stars have drop from 5 to 4.5, hopefully it never reach 3.

2nd time order was opened
First off I live in Canada, why the heck is my order always shipping from the Netherlands? It adds significant delays as well as too many touches from couriers.

Reason why I state too many couriers touched my parcel is because upon receipt it was opened on both sides of the bag and my order was tampered with. All that was holding my order was one piece of tape down the middle. Now I have to fight to get reimbursed. Either you switch up your courier or you ship out discreetly without any logos on the packaging. 2nd time this has happened in the past several months. Cant say my experience online with them is satisfactory anymore. Your 20% coupon on my next order doesn't resolve a big problem you have with your shipping.

Never Ordering Again
In July 2019 I placed an order for customer football cleats for my grandson. After placing the order the date I was given for delivery was August 27. August 27 came and went with no shoes being delivered. Checked status on line and still had a delivery date of August 27. Contacted Nike via chat was told Nike were missing a piece they needed to complete the shoes and they would delivery September 10. I was also told at that time that they over sold and are only allowed to make so many a day. Received an email on 9/9 stating they were finished and shipped. Tracked them and it showed a delivery date of 9/10, then showed they were delivered that same day. Went home from work - no shoes. Checked tracking again and the date was now 9/11. Still no shoes. Checked tracking again now shoes 9/13. Contacted Nike via Chat again and all I got was sorry for the delay, we can give you 15% on your next purchase. My reply - KEEP YOUR 15% I WILL NEVER PLACE ANOTHER ORDER WITH NIKE AGAIN! High school football will be over for the season by the time I get these shoes. Very disappointed!

Don't use Nike gift cards! They can just cancel it!
This company is not legit! Nike just cancel your gift cards!
I haven't got an order from them not even a delivery guy here and contacted them immediately so I was told to wait for 3-5 days and I've just got a response saying: "your gift cards used for the order is connected with fraudulent activity and we can't do anything. You can go to your local law enforcement". Sounds "good", right? I got this gift card for a month ago from my near friend and it worked flawlessly as I placed an order but then person named Lees just told me that. Does it mean that Nike steals gift cards? I think so...
Sure, police will be informed about that matter.
Buy Nike shoes somewhere external of nike dot com!


Customer Service
I tried purchasing an item online it gave me an error code I tried three payment methods and got a error code on all three. I the called Nike Nike tried to place the order themselves and couldn't said it was my bank, called my bank and said they didn't see the charge going through at all so it wasn't my bank. This was oct 24, they said they would transfer the issue to a product specialist to help me. I called back the 26th to find out there was no progress and told me they made my problem urgent. They emailed me with questions regarding my payment and information the 26th. I emailed them back asap and never got a response. I called Nov 5th and at this time the item I wanted for a birthday present was now out of stock and the lady on the phone told me to find a different item and when I asked to talk to her supervisor she didn't let me. She told me I should hear back from the specialist team within an hour. Two hours passed and haven't received an email so I called back and finally got a supervisor, who told me the issue should have been resolved and to try to purchase the item. The problem was not fixed, to this day I never heard back from the product specialist team, never got my product I needed to order and they could care less, they told me to go find another shoe and purchase it somewhere else. You would think NIKE would know why there was an error code and fix it ASAP. I will never buy another one of Nike items again for this reason.

Foot Locker Cairns Central Australia and Nike "BEWARE"
Foot Locker and Nike worst experience ever. Long story short my daughter bought Nike TN's on sale. After 3 months of wearing the soles were so worn down Nike looked like they were owned for years. Contacted Nike who had Foot Locker contact me(which took long till Matthew from there contacted me) he told us we could exchange for other color or shoe etc. We went to Foot locker only to have to deal with an annoying manager (Julianne) who tries to give me explainations as to why they are wore out and that she should not be wearing them everyday. Seriously?! Also to get a different color same shoe we had to pay the difference. I forgot to mention my daughter in 20 and not an athlete just wears them to walk. So Julianne would not accept the email and tells me to come back another day so she could get in touch with Matthew. It takes me 1/2 hr by car and 1hr by bus I was not leaving without a shoe. So after 3 hrs of wasting my time she finally get in touch with Matthew who now tells me because they do not have the same color she needs to pay the difference to get a different color. Well that is not what the email said. Did get our money back but had been hassled few weeks before that from again Julianne who back then refused us an exchange or a refund. Also my son bought TN'S full price which also fell apart. Those also were returned. So Nike and Foot Locker are absolutely horrible in customer service and quality of workmanship. What do I get in return for the stress and my wasted time? Nothing. Stay away from Foot Locker especially in Cairns Central Australia.

Will never buy again
Worth the read, but quite long, but unfortunately that's the experience I've had in the past 48 hours. I would choose 0 stars but that's not an option.

-I've spent over 2 hours collectively on hold during the busy holiday.
-I've been sent to a store that "had the shoes on hold for me by a manager named Lincoln." Glad I called the store although I was already halfway there didn't even have the shoes in stock and no manager named Lincoln. Unfortunate the Nike employees weren't even capable of calling a store and directing me there.
-I originally ordered these shoes on black Friday looked to exchange them for a different size... got an email after the exchange that Nike didn't even have the size I wanted in stock and they had refunded me my money. Would have been nice to know they were out of stock when I spoke to customer service the 1st time that they didn't have what I wanted.
-And after all of this all they want to offer me is 20% my purchase? That wouldn't even cover the gas I spent going to the wrong location during Christmas traffic.

I have never written a poor review for any company in my life, knowing that it wasn't worth it but believe me when I say I will NEVER shop from Nike again with the way they have treated me with inconsistency and incompetence.

Worst experience I have ever had
I have never had a worst experience buying online in my life!
I paid with apple pay and the website did not read my apartment number on my delivery address. Nike shipped the item with the wrong address and I contacted them everyday since UPS says only the sender can update the address. They told me several times that the issue would be fixed and escalated to their elite team, yesterday I talked to another representative and they told me all people before him lied and nothing was escalated and no one was doing anything to fix the issue.
Worst brand and customer service I've ever ver dealt with! Be aware before buying from them. They definitely do NOT care about their customers and just want your money!

WORST experience shopping online in my ENTIRE life. SCAM?
The WORST experience shopping online in my ENTIRE life. I would be
Certain this is a scam if it wasn't for the Nike domain being official.
After almost 3 weeks on the phone with them, around 10 different orders
That never arrived, more than 15 calls to customer support in which 'we
Will contact you after finding a solution to all this' but Nike NEVER
Do, more than 10h on the phone with them (yes, 10 hours. It's everything
On my recent calls, dates, times, etc), and more than £2500 spent, I
Have no placed orders, no clothes, and of course no money. You are a
F*ing big joke and a DISGRACE for the Nike brand.If you ever have to
Call customer service in the UK, just don't. But if you ever have to
Talk to Connor or Kelly, then you are really doomed. I've got them
Recorded lying again and again. LIARS. Nike, get your ** together.

Misrepresented product on their website, refused to price match item
I orderded a baseball glove which we received the wrong one, due to a mistake with the web photo. Nike made my son think we can get him a glove we could not afford. Nike refused to make a price match and the mistake is still on the website today. I am very upset and disappointed in a company that we have used for years. The customer service rep send me an email specifically telling me not to writer anymore and if I did, they would not answer. I am not asking for anything that any other company would not do, as it is the decent thing to do. I feel that since they are such a big company, and our kids just want to wear the product that big athletes are sponsored by, they can do what ever they want, and losing 1 customer is not big deal. They don't feel like they need to satisfy a customer.

Will not buy from NIKE again
I placed an order online on July 29,2019 based on the information provided on the that stated the uniforms would ship in 4 - 5 business days from order placement.

On August 6,2019 I followed up as I had not heard a thing from them. Nike replied on August 7,2019 with "Please be advised: Blank stock product (including uniform bottoms) - Estimated ship time is 7 business days. Arrival time is based on ship method chosen at checkout (+ 5-7 days for ground, +2 days for expedited).

You should receive an email with tracking shortly!


Nike TEAM"

On August 9 I followed up again as I still had not received any tracking information. The replied with
"Hi John,

Your order is still processing. Please be advised this is a very busy time for Nike Team as we work to fulfil back to school orders for the 85,000 schools we serve. We are working diligently to process and ship your order as quickly as possible.

Your understanding and patience are greatly appreciated. Tracking will be sent as soon as it ships via email."

On August 17,2019 they sent this to me
"Hi John,

I've spoken with my team and the shipment to Guam needed some routing assistance. The carrier was an issue, but traffic moved this over to UPS WW Exp on Wednesday so you should receive a tracking number soon."

On August 24,2019 I asked for tracking information as I still had not received this information. They replied with this "Hi John,

Here is the tracking number we have for you via FedEx: *******46220"

So not it went from being shipped UPS WWE back to FEDEX.

On August 28,2019 I followed up again on shipment as the FEDEX tracking site only showed they had created a shipping label. I was told when following up to call FEDEX. I did and FEDEX told me the order had not been tendered (called for pick up) by NIKE to FEDEX.

August 29,2019 "they told me they are looking into this."

So now my order has been sitting in Dayton, Tennessee 30 days since ordering on July 29,2019. I asked on 3 separate occasions for an email address, phone number and name of someone I could call to discuss with someone but never received a thing from them until September 5,2019 when they told me "We cannot give out the names and emails of the personnel on our team in charge of shipping over in our factory. Nike Team is a brand new site and unfortunately there have been a few glitches in our system which is one of the reasons there were issues getting you your order in a timely fashion. The confusion can be attributed to the training of new employees and we apologize for the frustration this has caused you.

We do hope you accept our sincerest of apologies.

A complete and utter failure on their part. Then I call # *******453 to be told I am dealing with a partner of Nike and there is nothing they can do. I was not asking nor did I ever ask for a discount for their failure. A little empathy, training and customer service would have sufficed.

So now I will only buy Adidas, Asics or UA when buying my running gear, team clothing etc. Thanks for taking ownership of your vendors Nike!

Worse online experience EVER!
Attempted to purchase sneakers for my grandson and order the wrong size. Called and was told that Nike indeed had an upsize and would ship them upon my returning the purchased ones. Was asked to wait for a return label to my email. It never came. Called back and a gentleman apologized and resent me (2) labels.? Returned the item, waited a few days and called. They said they received the shoes, and were issuing a refund. Explained that I requested an exchange. Okay, let's do the exchange now. Received cancellation notice. Called. No, it hasn't been cancelled. Received email. Yes it's been cancelled. Called again, no it was a duplicate order cancelled, your exchange is on the way. Today, email indicating my refund was returned to my account. Called---indeed you will receive a refund in 10-12 business days. DONE

Horrible Customer Service
Nike are quick to get you off the phone telling you anything you want to hear. I have been waiting for over three weeks for two refunds in the amount of $207.58. Customer service only refunded me for one amount and keeps telling me that the other is coming when nothing has been refunded into my account. Most of the reps are not trained well and does not know how to handle calls properly. Two of my items were stolen off my porch and returned to a store, of which they have no ability to tell me which store so I can go to the store and ask for the tapes. They told me to file a police report and a report with FEDEX in order to receive my money back. Which I did so that same day, I was a regular customer with and after this experience I will never buy anything from them.

Nike cancelling my order
I bought a pair of shoes from Nike and recived a confirmation email that Nike confirmed my order. I was so excited about these shoes to arrive until days later I get a message that my order was cancelled. Because the shoes I bought was out of stock all of a sudden just out of nowhere and that their physical stock aren't in sync with what's displayed online. What's ridiculous is that the shoes I bought is still on their website even after this annoying mail entered my inbox. What I got in return is 10% lousy discount on my next order. I don't want no 10% discount I want the shoes I ordered still displayed on the damn website.

Worst customer service ever!
I ordered a pair of shoes on July 12th. Nike were supposed to arrive no later than July 26th. It is now July 29th and the shoes have not even shipped yet. I ordered them for a specific event and had to end up getting a different pair from another store. I have called Nike and chatted with customer service at least 10 times to try to cancel this order. They keep saying that they cannot cancel it and that I will have to wait until the shoes arrive and send them back for a refund. They refuse to put a supervisor on the phone. This has been the worst customer service ever. I will never shop with them again!

Obviously, they're legit because its Nike
Obviously, they're legit because its Nike. Like, that's a huge company. But just because they're legit doesn't mean they're the greatest place to order from. Recently, I ordered a pair of shoes from here and I ordered them at like 6 A. M on August 1st. By noon Nike sent me an email telling me that my order has been shipped. I was in awe. Like, WHAT? It's only been a few hours! But yep, about a day later I received an email from UPS (I'm enrolled in UPS My Choice, its a great program if UPS ever delivers to your house and if someone is trying to surprise you with a gift and it gets sent to your house. You'll get the email) the email was telling me that my package will arrive on Monday the 5th between 2:45pm and 6:45 pm. Super specific.

I'm thinking, wow this is the best order I've ever gotten. And lo and behold on Monday the 5th at 2:52 pm my package arrived. And it was in a big box and in that box was another box with the shoes in them. I liked it better because no one could tell I had ordered shoes. Oh Nike, you've won my heart. If I ever need Nikes again I'm ordering them rather than going in the store to get them.

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