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Nick Scali

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• Nov 05, 2023

Deceptive conduct
Nick Scali Helensvale
Shopped in the Helensvale store at sale prices
Had to wait weeks for delivery and the price dropped in between delivery
No attempt to honour the new reduced price even though we didn't have our order yet.
Deceptive conduct
Nick scali lack any integrity
Date of experience: 04 November

Worst service ever
The worst experience we have ever had in our entire life in New Zealand or even abroad.
First of all, the salesperson deliberately hid the fact that our sofa set is manufactured overseas. We have been waiting for the delivery for approx. 16 weeks and whenever we called to enquire, Nick Scali just say it is written in the contract!
And finally, on the delivery day, the driver advised that according to the policy, they will not be taking the wrapping package with them which was really disappointing and frustrating. I called Customer Service but no one really cares and the only answer I get is that "it is there in the contract".
Well, you might be covered by the terms of the agreement that we trusted the salesperson on the purchase day and took her words without reading the entire booklet she handed to us, but from a reputation point of view, trust me, it doesn't look good. Lying to your customers and then saying it is there in the contract doens't really help. Please take a look at the photo showing the mess that your delivery team left behind!
I do not recommend Nick Scali at all.

Significant delay and very bad rude customer service! Don't spend money to buy stress!
If i can give 0 star, i will do. I bought a lounge in castle hill store. When Nick Scali try to sell you the lounge, they told me only take 8-10 weeks, the sales promise me my lounge will definitely delivery before Christmas time. I paid in beginning of the Sep., no one contact me until middle of the Nov, I have to call and track my order. When i try to contact the company and store. They told me they cant do everything but wait. The estimated arrived to Australia date is the end of Dec. The store manager Joe only just keep email me to tell me wait for the date, keep telling me that he will call me, but never happened. He does not do anything, didn't even try to offer the custom some solution after i told him i need the new lounge for my Christmas party and my son's birthday party. Very unprofessional and rude company and castle hill store especially! The store manager is not even good at customer service and not professional, how can you expect their sales to be good to you. Very bad experience with them. Will never buy stuff from nick Scali again! Spend money to buy stress?! NO Thank you!

31.08.2020 - purchased 2 x Legato recliner lounges from Nick Scali Aspley. Contract states expected delivery 10 - 12 weeks (delivery expected 23.11.2020). A deposit of $1179 paid
29.12.2020 - Recliners arrive broken and taken away by delivery drivers to Nick Scali warehouse to be fixed.
06.01.2021 - email from Aspley Nick Scali store confirming recliner had been fixed.
08.01.2021 - 6:38am text message confirmation from Nick Scali confirming redelivery of recliners.
08.01.2021 - 8:50am phone call from Nick Scali stating the recliner DID NOT pass their quality inspection and would contact us within 48 hours to confirm the recliner had been fixed and redelivery - STILL NO PHONE CALL OR RESOLUTION
25.01.2021 - I phoned Aspley store and again no resolution. Recliners not fixed
I am still $1000 out of pocket and no lounges to sit on. Very disgusted with the lack of customer services regarding this matter.
I am still waiting on my requested deposit refund

Should have gone to fantastic furniture
Ordered Nikita lounge suite. Called them Day 1 with issues, lodged a service request and sent photos. Fabric threads over the lounge suite. Half of the material appeared second hand, faded and stretched which created a terrible ripple effect. Corner cushion has zero support - unable to sit on it.
Sent out a technician that sat on the couch while very dirty and marked it. He agreed verbally that it either needed to be re stapled and pulled tighter or replaced.
Called back after not hearing anything to find that Nick Scali had closed my service request.
The woman argued with me about RE opening it and then agreed to send out an 'independent technician' that came out twice.
Today they tell me there's no fault and suggested I read their booklet on lounge purchasing, refused refund, refused to fix, refused to replace.
The couch now groans and squeaks when sat on.
Will never go back, and will ensure that I tell everyone I meet about the terrible experience.

Avoid at all costs.
With the premium price tag, not cheap to begin with. Products all made in China with delivery times at sometime this year maybe.
We have purchased a complete dinning set and large couch. It was meant to be a 8 week delivery schedule with covid and all. It has been an extra 2 months on top of the 8 weeks we already waited. Still unable to provide a time.
Really wish would we brought the furniture from another company and supported the local manufacturers. Now will be enjoying Christmas on milk crates. Thanks Nick Scali

Waiting FIVE months for delivery of my order. Then I am bombarded with text messages and a mumbled and indistinguishable telephone message as to what I had to do regarding delivery, payment, delivery payment, payment and payment. Final payment has to be made well before delivery will be completed, At time of placing my order I was told the delivery driver would only accept cash, all correspondence advises there is a variety of payment methods for delivery payment, two days ago I was advised that payment is to be by any EFT payment. Nothing about the delay in the delivery. One text threatened me with rescheduling of delivery if I did not reply to their text message within 12 hours, (I am not a teenager; I do not have my mobile telephone glued to my left hand). Then a text message saying delivery had been rescheduled! All this in the space of 15 hours.
I rang and was abruptly told the delivery would be made on the originally advised date. I was told in no uncertain terms that it would be delivered on the advised date. I requested an email to confirm delivery date, took her two goes to get the the email address correct even though my email address is notated on the original order form and she ensured I would receive an email confirming delivery date. Still waiting!
Rang to enquire as to my confirming email. Rang Cairns shop number and after being put through a myriad of agonising messages on how to avoid talking to a real person I found myself talking to another person in Wetherill Park in Sydney, I advised I was attempting to talk with someone at the Cairns shop, she make it quite clear I was not going to get to talk with anyone but her. Asked her to confirm delivery date and explained I was after nothing more than a confirming email as promised; of the delivery date. "We don't send emails" Why did one girl promise an email and why have I provided an email address if Nick Scalli does not send emails? She made it quite clear I was not getting an email and she would send me a text, (here we go again) I requested she include her name in the text for future reference and she agreed. I have once again received a text with no name and the delivery date is still the original date! (Here we go again). This will be my third encounter with Nick Scalli; First; Last and Only. Watch this space for news on the delivery.

WORST customer service I've ever received DO NOT BUY FROM NICK SCALI
We have been waiting SINCE AUGUST for our couch. It was supposed to be here last week and no communication, called and Nick Scali said it'll be TWO MONTHS LATE. Not a single care in the world, a women just kept saying ‘nothing I can do'
They wouldn't offer us any sort of compensation? Just save yourself HEAPS OF time and money and DONT ORDER
The most disappointing company I've ever bought from

Bad service and bad product
Please read my concern carefully as i am going to put the same comment on the social media and the review websites. I regret I bought from Nick scali.
1. I paid big price for second hand product, definitely not new as I have seen how the delivery guys re pack the damaged table and base. I bought the concrete top dining table which is $1310 including delivery. Was delivered, noticed by me and delivery guys has damage yet Nick Scali insist that is it.
Then i have to spend time fighting to get a replacement ok. Booked to get the suppose to be a new one, again fighting to get a delivery date which suite me as i am a doctor and hard to leave my job. Anyway i managed to get unpaid 2 hours which cost me about $400 salary loss. When they brought the supposed new table again it was damaged one with damaged legs and base. I was having no option but to accept the damaged product because refusing it mean that the same circle will be repeated and likely i loss another $400 or more of my salary and waiting.
I have seen the driver how he re packaged the first table and i am sure another victim customer will pay for it as new!
This absolutely unfair, no honesty and no trust.
Now i left with a rubbish table for more than $1300.
I will never buy from nick scali even if i have to dine on floor

Delivery date keeps moving forward- very unreliable service
I ordered a couch around 4 months before. Every time I call, delivery date keeps changing. When I asked how long is the maximum waiting time, I was told you might need to wait for long time and there is no specific time of delivery in the contract. So I can't cancel it now, it is all in their hand and Nick Scali have no liability. Pls read the contract before signing. Very poor service.

After sale support
Appalling. Had a faulty 8k lounge delivered after 15 week wait. Nick Scali sent a repair person who made the situation worse. Now lounge is dysfunctional and unsafe. Now im told they need to take corner seat away for repair. This was last week. No active follow up. I spend the day trying to get some one to action repair only to be told i have to wait for manager tomorrow. They don't seem interested in addressing the repair in a timely manner. Again Absolutely useless support. Today i get a phone call. Informing me they can pick up the couch next Monday and will need a further week to do repair on this new couch. I asked to speak to the manager. I was told no manager available today either.
What I expect is prompt pick up and immediate repair and return. Not to wait a further 2 weeks on top of the 2 weeks that I have had the faulty, unsafe couch. At the very least a repair person should attend immediately to make the couch safe.

Appalling customer service - stay away
Put a deposit on 2 Ottomans in early July 20 from Nick Scali, Aspley. I received numerous tentative delivery dates and was about to cancel my order when I was notified it was for pick up on the 9th Feb 21. As I did not respond within their 2 hour window Nick Scali bumped my pick up date to late Feb. Called the 1300 number and was told the warehouse manager wasn't available. I went into the store and was appalled to find that the staff had to call the same 1300 number to speak with the delivery and dispatch company. It would appear customer service is dead as far as Nick Scali is concerned. Will never buy from this company again.

Pathetic Customer Service. Do not trust these guys
I ordered 3 lounges in sep 2020 from nick scali bankstown with promised delivery of nov 2020. It is 18 Jan 2021 today and i am still waiting for the delivery. Store people don't care about customer after sale and never follow up, don't even give you courtesy call to tell you about delay. When you try to cancel your oder than Nick Scali would show you contract that you signed while buying the product... such shameless people...

These people are really pathetic.

Avoid at all costs
Ordered a couch in October last year. Delivery set for mid Jan. Been advised that at this stage won't be until early March or later. Response from Nadine online manager, "not our problem". Wow. Interesting. Will be a problem if no one buys furniture from Nick Scarli

Waste of Time and Poor quality
We were so excited to be receiving our Nick Scali lounge after having waited over 3.5 months for delivery. When it arrived, the frame was broken and leather scratched and scuffed. The wood had literally snapped. It looked really cheap and nasty. Subsequently asked the delivery people to pack it back up. We did receive our money back after one week of waiting but a total waste of our time and we never received so much as an apology for what had occurred. Don't waste your time, go elsewhere for a good quality lounge.

Accusatory Customer After Sales Team
During the in-store purchase, I had minimal fuss with a purchase of a fairly expensive hardwood dining table. The delivery and install was prompt, however upon inspection I noticed damage on on the edge of the table. I went back in store and was given a repair ref# and told would be contacted within 48 hours in which Nick Scali did. The first phone call accused me of damaging it myself and it definitely was not the delivery team and it left the warehouse in perfect condition. I'm not sure how they came to this conclusion as it was re-iterated numerous times that the table had not been touched nor moved since it was delivered. The chairs were still not delivered so the table was not used. The Customer Service agent ended the call with no form of resolution. However, got another call a week later from another Customer Service agent and again same process where they accused me of damaging the table.
The process of after sales service has been more than stressful and made me feel like I was a fraud, where the fact was the table was delivered damaged and I just wanted it fixed.

Beautiful piece of furniture, however I wouldn't deal with Nick Scali again as any issues I would assume would not be attended to and they will find any excuse to blame the customer for any damage.

I did find out that Adriatic furniture do stock furniture coming out from the same overseas supplier and were about 30% cheaper than Nick Scali. So I purchased the rest of my lounge suite from Adriatic Furniture.

Nick Scali online sales cannot be trusted
I rang Nick Scali online sales early October 2020 and asked about the Minorca leather sofabed. I asked if I placed the order that I would receive my order before Christmas. The sales person advised me that orders take maximum 12 weeks but 8 to 10 weeks is more realistic. I took the chance and advise of the sales person and placed an order. Order was placed 2 October 2020. I emailed the same sales person for an update and was told I might receive end of December without more details.
I reminded the sales person what Nick Scali told me prior to placing the order but they denied and advised me that they would never have said that. Very disappointed with that sales person.
Now, 25 December 2020 marks the 12 weeks, and brought that to the sales person's attention and if I don't receive on or before that date, I want a full refund of my deposit.

Bad products and lies with customer
When I bought my furniture had 3 years warranty and I bought 7 years warranty but unfortunately after 3 years look so agley with wrinkles and started peeling a leather. Nick scali furniture madevexcuses to not fixed. I recommend not spend lot of money for crab products.

Nick Scali Essendon DFO Provence Marble Dining Table and chairs able
The provence marble dining table and leather black chairs are a perfect fit for our new home. From the sales team to Pat the delivery guy and his team mate, the table was delivered and assembled in a timely, professional manner. Thankyou for a friendly, seamless service.

Still waiting
I ordered a sofa on the 4th August last year. It's now Mid February over 6 months later and I'm still waiting on it's delivery. I've called numerous times only to be told a new delivery date every time - constantly being pushed back. The last date was the 9/2/21 so I called them on the 10/2 to be told initially that it's tentative dates Nick Scali give and now it was going to arrive on the 26/2. I was then told by another customer service agent that the shipment has in fact arrived but unloading of the container in their warehouse won't be until the 26/2 so I'm still waiting! Ridiculous!

Appalling communication
In store service great. But unfortunately none of what was said in store actually happened.
Lounge 6 weeks late.
We were given delivery options of only 3 days a week between between 11-3pm. And if not home. You will be charged for a second delivery. No care, consideration nor flexibility around customers work commitments.
I have never experienced any of the above from any other furniture store. Yes Freedom furniture have had delays. But their communication was excellent and apologetic.

Can't wait to get our lounge on Tuesday. That will be the last and only purchase from Nick Scali. A real shame. Because I like their furniture a lot!

Great service by Nick Scali
Beautiful Soho Table by Nick Scali. I can express how happy I am with the final product. It. Blends nicely with our our existing furniture and colour svheme

Delivery of product
Poor delivery service, rude customer service. Was told a window of 4 hours for delivery for am. Took half the day off and delivery did not turn up until late pm, lost day of wages and store manager was unperturbed

Still waiting and terrible customer service!
Ordered my couch on 09 September and still waiting not only for the couch but for Nick Scali to advise what the delay is. Nick Scali state 8-12 weeks when you order and you accept this. It has now been 16 weeks wait and as of today after again MYSELF contacting Nick Scali is not arriving to the docks until the 27 Jan and this is (subject to change) SUPRISE SURPISE!
Not once has Nick Scali staff called or emailed me to advise of the delays which I think is only appropriate considering they are substantial delays. Terrible service and will never purchase from them again considering how much money you shell out for thier product!

Still waiting
Purchased a couch 25th July 2020 paid in full Was told 8-10 weeks delivery time frame, every time I've called dates have been changed. Called 2 weeks ago told 11th Jan, called today told shipping container expected 4th Feb. At this rate I'll be waiting 12 months for my couch

David was our service technician, he was very helpful and polite. He was efficient and explained what he had done.

What a bunch of losers, the whole company from the top to the bottom.

Lie to you, take your money, wont give it back, don't deliver on promises.

Common trend here, ordered start of October for hosting Christmas Day (was happy with a 6 week wait) been changed 3 times so far and over 2 months later the container is still not in Australia apparently?

Holding out help of getting it next October but that may be wishful thinking.


Manager at Crossroads in Sydney is too gutless to even call you back, gets a junior staffer to do his dirty work. Pathetic!

Worst retailer I've ever dealt with
Only rated 1 star, as I couldn't rate nickscali any lower. Absolutely horrendous experience and want to post here to warn other people before Nick Scali enter this store. I was advised the delivery of my sofa would take 10 weeks (+2 week contingency for covid) it is now week 19 and still no sofa in sight. As soon as they make the sale, they completely neglect you, after I noticed it was going to be delayed I chased them up for an update (I have been chasing them up for over 4 weeks now with absolutely no response) - the people on the phone can't do anything for you, the people in the store just point fingers to couriers (but note other suppliers have had their deliveries still come on time despite covid, so i don't buy their excuse). For some, the delay might cost more than just time, but actual $, and for me, this is the case, already this delay has cost me more than the price of the sofa itself, and they refuse to provide a refund. They are clearly a big enough company to be able to help provide solutions to customers, so it is blatantly clear that they just decide not to. (Why else would they ignore a customer for 4 weeks straight and provide 0 correspondence for a delivery that is over 8 weeks overdue?)

Thieves daylight robbery
We purchased a couch on Jan 4... we were told given COViD delayed to expect it in 12 weeks latest. At 12 weeks we called them after multiple calls Nick Scali told us another 4 weeks. I call them now they are telling me another 2 weeks. The accounts department told me ther couldn't do anything but I can cancel the order. If I cancel the order I lose 100% of my deposit. Everything my energy is gone I'm tired this is the most frustrating thing that has happened to us. I can't believe they can do this to people and it's perfectly fine. They even keep advertising. Everyone who works there should be doing all they can to help customers but instead they all tell you they cannot do anything about it. All I want is my couch or my money back all my money. To think I even bought local hoping to support or local Nick scali so silly of me.

Donlt shop here
Disgusted. Do not shop here! You need to read the fine print. Delivery is ridiculous. Nick Scali want to charge you multiple times for individual items. Cost me over $200 and I live fifteen minutes away. The first item was damaged, and it took several weeks to get it repaired, and it's still not right now. Second item was delivered (by a contractor, not the store by the way) and was damaged. The delivery people also damaged my newly renovated plater wall. The company has no liability for damage, they they just pass the book. They will replace the damaged bottom cover on my lounge, although it just goes on the same ridiculous waiting list to be repaired. Forget it if you think you have rights. Once you receive it, they won't take it back. You can't complain to head office. (The store manager is responsible for passing the complaint on when you are complaining about their service!) I purchased brand new, not second-hand or repaired. By the way, something else in the small print, for my trouble the delivery people left all the packaging on my drive. They say it's in the terms and conditions! Read the fine print. On second thoughts, just don't shop there. Plush delivered some furniture the same week free, no issues, and they took the packaging with them! I will never buy anything from this company again they have disgusting customer service.

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