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I placed an order on 12/5 for 2 long sleeve shirts...
I placed an order on 12/5 for 2 long sleeve shirts for Christmas. I received the 1st one no problem, but the 2nd one showed up in the short sleeved version. Fine, I decided I'd take it because heck, we live in North Carolina anyhow so it's hot more than it is cold. But I noticed that there was a $4.00 price difference so I emailed them to request that $4.00 be credited back to my card that I used to purchase it.

6 days later no response so I called them and spoke with one woman who said she would issue a ticket to have them read my original email which would be responded to in 3 to 5 days. What? You're going to issue an email to have them read my email? I asked her if she could just credit it back to me and she said yes, but then said she didn't want to do that because I already emailed them and didn't know if NFL Shop read it already. I said, if they read it, they would have replied. It was just going round and round so I just accepted it and got off the phone.

10 minutes later I came to my senses and said to myself that I would not accept that. So I called back, explained the story again and said that no, I didn't want a ticket issued and wait another 5 days which would have been 12 days after my initial email.

If it wasn't for the gentleman that I spoke to the 2nd time I called back this would have received a less than 1 star review, but thankfully he listened to me and immediately credited me back with the $4.00 and apologized for the inconvenience without hesitation. No back and forth, nothing... just told me that I should have been credited upon calling the first time. So although I would say in general has some bad customer service between the unanswered email and the 1st CSR rep, this gentleman definitely was top notch.

I wouldn't order from them again though. I mean I did get the wrong item which for me is a deal breaker.

Completely Degraded, Disrespected and Harassed
My wife decided to do something nice and ordered her and myself a jersey, as well as a couple items for our baby daughter. The order was split into 3 different shipments with the first one estimated to arrive 10/4/2021. This is where the disrespected customer mistreatment and harassment starts. We received the notice that the first package has been delivered, this is when we noticed that the website first cut off half of our address, so this leads to our package having been delivered to a wrong house. We called customer service to rectify the issue and received the run around from the first customer service agent we spoke with, we got their supervisor who was quite a bit nicer and explained what the process was and helped us get our package replaced. In the meantime my wife emailed the customer service email and received a call back within about 15 minutes. Cool NFL Shop are on the ball! Not the case.

This is where the degrading, disrespect and harassment starts. The customer service agent instead of trying to resolve the issue tells my wife she needs to go to the house our package was delivered to and get it from them. This is not a practice that should ever be told to a customer. They then said it was signed for and called the person who had signed for it. (red flags) Whenever I have signed for a package either for a business or personal packages I have never been asked for a phone number. They called this person and had my wife on a three way call and the guy started calling my wife fat and that he was using the jersey to patch a hole in the roof of his house or his car, saying my wife was too fat to even walk across the street. I got on the phone to try and see if I could resolve the issue and it was implied that I was drunk and told to have another drink and walk back across 8 mile Eminem. (at this point this is the first time I heard the words this recording has been erased). We got this operators "supervisor" who sounded sincere enough to try to help. The first gentlemen kept chiming in and interrupting the conversation. During the conversation as my wife was trying to work with this "supervisor" she heard "this recording has been deleted", this was deletion number 2 of this conversation. This "supervisor" finally gave my wife a website to go to to help resolve our issue and stated there was a verification she had to go through. As she started this verification it became very evident this was an inappropriate website and it just kept get worse and showing sexual acts as well as naked men. The final screen was even worse for what it had said which cannot be repeated in this review. Once she got to the end and repeated what the end screen had said she heard herself in the background on a loop. Before the call ended the guy she was dealing with said that he didn't live far away and that he should stop by our house. This brought tears to her eyes and ended the call. These people called back 4 times after that at which point I told them they are now harassing us and I am calling the police.

If this is truly a reputable company then why treat your customers this way? The way we were treated is beyond unprofessional on a level that I never thought was possible. Please do not order from this company. They do not treat their customers with any respect or dignity.

Take your business some where else!
Ordered my SB50 gears on 1/25/2016. The items I ordered would not ship out until 2/2/16 the latest so I upgraded my shipping to 3 days. I did not get an email/shipping confirmation on 2/2/16 so I chatted with Cindy. She apologized for the delay and she said it would ship overnight and I will receive my order on 2/5/16 the latest. I also sent an email to them about it in order to help speed the process.

So today, 2/5/16, my order did not arrive. I was so disappointed. I received an email notifying me that NFLShop shipped it out overnight. Ok cool, not! I checked the tracking number and It said it won't be here until 2/8/16! I called FedEx and the rep said that NFLShop knew that standard overnight shipment does not include weekends. I was upset as hell with NFLShop. I spent over $200 for nothing. The Chat and Email did not help and their customer service number was not listed for easy access.

I was freaking mad about the whole situation that I was able to find their number after I did some digging in their website. I got a hold of a representative and he said NFL Shop dropped the ball on this matter and they are willing to give me $10 back in order to make up for this. Really?

I will be returning my order and I expect a full refund!

I will go to D-I-c-k's tomorrow and buy my gear for SB50.
Lesson learned.

Id like to start with I have never taken time out of...
Id like to start with I have never taken time out of my busy life to make a comment about service/experience even if I was very unsatisfied... but this just really took the cake, and I hope others know the incredibly horrible service of this company!

My boyfriend ordered me a Broncos Jersey for Christmas, when we got it, it was too small. We sent it back and filled out the return slip where it asks what the problem was and if you wanted a different size, ect. I called multiple times in 2 weeks and was on hold for 30+ minutes. I only waited because we spent a good amount of money and I was worried it was lost or something. After multiple attempts I finally got ahold of someone there. He was hard to understand, spoke very slangy words. He said that he would put a note on the order that when it was received I would get a call back. A week later, still no call so I decided to call again to check the status. The lady this time told me that NFL Shop received it a few days back and that money was refunded to the card it was paid with and that we had to reorder the jersey again (FYI the money is still not in his account so we are out that $). Apparently it is a new policy that the gentleman a week before never told me about. Had I known that I may have just reordered it then and got it shipped that day, that is how egar I was to get this Manning Broncos Jersey!

I am extremely upset with how this company handled a simple return for a larger size. There was no phone call, no help, and the worst turn around service ever. I have ordered plenty of things from other sport sites and have never had an issue, who would of thought that such an accredited company such as the NFL would have such poor quality customer service. I WILL NEVER RECOMEND THEM TO ANYONE! WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!

A joke- terrible customer service
Have you ever heard the expression the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing? Well that is how NFL Shop handled my issue.
First to be fair, I did order a customize shirt on November 21st.- I misunderstood i assume- yes I know what happens when you assume- by ordering thru their drop down menu I was not customizing a shirt. Customizing to me meant have someone name on the shirt. Also in my defense to read their no return policy, I would have needed to scrod down to the 3rd to last item to see it.
The ordered originally show a 3 day shipping, Then I get an email telling me delivery it would be delay on 12/7. I then get an emailing blaming fed ex telling me it wont arrive to after Christmas. I chatted with customer service on 12/11, who basically said it was my fault for the delay since I choose free shipping, They agreed to canceled the order after I said I was going to call the credit card company and refuse payment. Today, I received an email telling me the order shipped on 12/12 will be delivered on! 2/17. I called customer service today, was told the person I chatted with on line did not have the authority to cancel an order, never explained why on 12/11 they did not know the item was scheduled for shipping the next day, did not know why I was not informed they the agreed to cancellation was not going to happen, refused to get a supervisor on the phone, had no way of reaching someone at the NFL shop to help resolve the problem.

1/2/14- Ordered jersey in a size XL around 5:30 PM CST. Around 8:00 PM CST that same night I changed it to a size large. Received return email at 9:05 PM from Ja'Corley stating that NFL Shop were investigating this matter and someone would be in contact in 3-5 business days.
1/3/14- Received email that the change had been made from an XL to an L and received a new order number. I had also called that morning and spoke to someone who was very rude and I failed to get her name.
From 1/3/14 to present it shows in "New" status on the website. I read 60 horror stories about people placing orders and it taking days, weeks, or months to get their items. I called and spoke to Rodneykia Butler and expressed my concerns. She said my order would not ship out before the 16th of January and that the warehouse had made changes to the order and that's why it would not ship within the "3 business days" like the website said. All of what she was telling me was the same issues I had read about and every single person had the same issues. She "gave" me $10 to use on my next order (which I will never order from them again) and that she would up my delivery to next day delivery once my item ships. I told her this was the same information that I had read on the reviews and it never happens. She assured me it will. I will keep very close watch to see if anything changes. So far I'm definitely not impressed nor will I use NFL shop again. Their customer service is horrible and they like to pass the buck off to someone else. My fault for not reading reviews but I was under the impression that since it was the "NFL Shop" that they would be reputable.

They sent me the wrong jersey not once but twice…
So I ordered me a new Aaron Rodgers Nike green captain NFL vapor jersey a few weeks back as I needed a new one cause the one I bought back from 2015 has finally started to look worn down and the stitching on the numbers was starting to come undone. The jersey got delivered last Thursday and when I opened it it was the wrong size and the jersey didn't have the captain patch on it. I called NFL shop and NFL Shop told me some BS that sometimes whatever warehouse the jersey is coming from they don't really check what they are sending out and what was ordered and I'm like what kind of BS is that?!?! When a customer orders something they expect what they ordered and what they paid for. I mean wrong size and no captain patch? I specifically ordered the Aaron Rodgers jersey with the captain patch not one without one. So I started the return process and ordered another one over the phone and I told the guy I want the one WITH THE CAPTAIN PATCH and he said sure no problem will inform the warehouse. The guy over the phone said since they made a mistake he will have overnight delivery for my order and should arrive on Saturday. So Saturday comes along I check my nflshop account and my order has been cancelled. I was irate. So I called them again asking why it was cancelled and once again they come up with some BS and couldn't give me a explanation on what happened. Also the first refund I got back in the exact amount dollars but on the 2nd one I only got refunded back $116 dollars on a $150 dollar jersey with tax and all that $170 and only got back $116? Wtf kind of crap is that? Anyways so since the 2nd one got cancelled I went ahead and ordered another one online on that Saturday. The jersey just came in and once again the jersey is without a captain patch. It was the right size but NO CAPTAIN PATCH not what I ordered again. So 3x in 2 weeks NFLSHOP messes up my order. What's the point of having something for sale which specifically says Aaron Rodgers CAPTAIN vapor jersey and not send out what I ordered? I will never do business with NFLSHOP ever again. These guys are a bunch of frauds and will never get another dime from me with their fake advertising.

I ordered a number of items back on November 12th
I ordered a number of items back on November 12th. I got the shipping notification on the 15th but the tracking number didn't work. I thought it was odd but gave it a few more days but nothing came. On the 19th I sent an email and got a standard reply acknowledging the note I sent. But no additional response ever came. On the 20th I decided to call and get the tracking number sorted out, NFL Shop said they had to investigate and i would get a call back. No one ever contacted me back.

I then began posting on their Facebook page, I got prompt replys but no information just that my package was in transit and would arrive by the 29th. Amazing so I order it on the 12th and it seems like arrival on the 29th is acceptable. No explanation that there was an issue with some details which would have helped just that it should arrive by the 29th and oh a $10 promo credit. Not sure why they would bother with that since my experience has been so bad I can't see ordering anything directly through them ever again.

Today the 25th I decided to call customer service again and try and get more information and at least some understanding of what was going on since to date no one has told me anything. This time I was put on hold for a long time and the rep told me the Supervisor had tracked it down and Fedex screwed up and was holding it. Now I'm being told it will arrive by the 26th or 27th at the latest. We will see if that happens since I do not have any confidence based on the responses so far.

Terrible customer service overall especially considering it is the holiday season. I would think twice or three times before ever considering making a purchase from if you actually want the gifts to arrive in time to actually use them as gifts.

Worst. Experience. Ever
So on December 5th I ordered a customer infant Tampa BAY Buccaneers Jersey. The website wouldn't let everyone pick a province, only a state, so I had to order over the phone. I CLEARLY stated my address WITH unit number to the rep. Had her repeat it multiple times and it STILL wasn't included. Without the unit number, the package was shipped back. I called, complained, NFL Shop assured me that a supervisor would call me the next morning... that never happened. Instead, they credited me $30 on my account and told me they re-shipped my order. HALF of that was true because part of my order was refunded without my approval... but the custom jersey was re-shipped and they assured me I would have it by January 3rd (nearly two weeks after Christmas which it was intended for and order well in advance). So then I find out that they DIDN'T PUT MY UNIT NUMBER AGAIN! SO NOW MY ORDER IS BEING SHIPPED BACK AGAIN! The NFLSHOP has to remain competitive because I was tempted to buy a knock off jersey from China but I chose to get the real thing. With customer service like this I could have got three of these jerseys for the same price in HALF the time by now. Worst customer service I've ever encountered and "Supervisors" never follow through with their promise of a call back. I will NEVER order ANYTHING from this website again.

To make things even worse
After my horrible experience with NFLSHOP.COM and not being informed of when I would receive my order 45 days after I was supposed to... to make things even worse I call in to check yet again for the status of my order and was informed that ANTHONECIA a customer support person CANCELLED my order WITHOUT me even telling her to. When we spoke two weeks before that she randomly said "ok you'll be receiving your refunded amount in 8-10 business days" etc etc, completely shocked and surprised I responded, "what do you mean you cancelled my order? I never told you to cancel my order what are you talking about" she say there for a few seconds not saying a word and was like "oh um I can print a ticket and stop the cancellation" I questioned her several times and she reassured me that my order would not be cancelled and I would still maintain my place in line for my item. Well now MICHAEL is telling me once an order is cancelled there is NO way to undo it. So not only did ANTHONECIA CANCEL my order WITHOUT authorization, she then LIED to me and promised my order would not be cancelled. MICHAEL a supervisor proceeds to tell me I can just order something else... I don't want a different item I want the item I paid for and was guaranteed delivery by OCTOBER 13! Now I can't even place another order because NFL Shop don't have what I want in stock... hmmm sounds like I will NEVER order from this AWFUL, DECIEVING, LYING, UNPROFESSIONAL place again. Don't worry I have been spreading the word and have many ppl on board with me to never order from this shop for any NFL needs. Fans will not be treated well, nor will they ever get their item.

Worst Online Purchase of My Life
Ordered a jersey on September 13th and paid the $25 dollar expedited shipping charge to get it hopefully before that Sunday's game. Sundays game came and went and no jersey. So I called customer service for the first time and NFL Shop informed me that because it was a limited edition jersey it would only ship on October 13. I was quite frustrated because they allowed me to pay for expedited shipping on something that wasn't even going to ship until a month later.

Whatever, I'm a patient guy. November 13 rolls around and I get no email from them confirming my jersey had shipped. So i call in again. "We're sorry sir, but there has been an unexpected delay at our warehouse." They said that their warehouse was a couple days behind in getting orders out. And that it should ship any day.

A full week goes by and still no shipment. So I call again and I'm quite irate at this point. They still have not shipped the jersey and do not have a target date to ship it. They cannot communicate with the warehouse at all apparently to determine a more accurate shipping date. So... I request a full refund and them to cancel my order. I almost couldn't believe my ears when the representative said, "I'm sorry but your order has progressed too far along to cancel." If the Jersey has not left the warehouse why cant you cancel the order? All I want is my money back so I can take my business elsewhere and get a jersey sometime this season to cheer on my team.

Note: they have given me $20 worth of store credit and 20% off my order throughout this whole debacle but they are insane if they think I'm going to order something off their site EVER AGAIN. I swear this place is just a front for the NFL to collect interest off my/our money (they had no problem whatsoever taking it) only to ship out the purchases months later... if ever. Id be interested to see if anyone has had a recent and good experience with this site because all I can find are piss poor negative reviews as of recent.


This is by far THE WORSE place to order from...
This is by far THE WORSE place to order from... I ordered a Jersey on 12/15/14 payed the $9.99 extra for a 2-3 day shipping because i wanted to ensure i received it before Christmas. 5 days later still no email or anything so i contact the customer service chat on 12/20/14 and was told "Sorry for the inconvenience" that NFL Shop would rush my order and overnight ship for free and credit me the 9.99. I then received an email saying my order was shipped that i could track my order, which i waited the 12 hours they said to wait before tracking and when i did it read LABEL CREATED my order was on that status for two whole days. I then contacted the Customer Service Chat one more time on 12/23/14 and was then told that i would receive my order on the 27th?! And that they would give me a $20 store credit for the inconvenience! Sure enough i told them i wouldn't be needing that store credit because i will NEVER order from them again. They don't even get one star from me, they force you to click at least one. I never have issues or concerns ordering online let alone from getting help from Customer Service. I will most definantly never order from them again, and i regret not reading the reviews before i spent my time and money on NFL Shop. People be wise and listen there are hundreds of unsatisfied customers just like me, and all because of the same issue!

What Has Happened to this Company?
Okay, so here is a very lengthy and a very HONEST review. First off let me say I've ordered from this company a dozen times with only very minor problems but this time has been a nightmare.
~On Nov 9th I placed an order for an LA Rams Nike jacket originally priced at $120, I had spent over $50 on my previous order an got a "$25 off of orders of $100+" coupon and had a $5 promo code. Also I opted in for express shipping to get it in 3 days. Overall, the total was $108. Everything's ordered looking good at this point.
~On Nov 13th I still didn't have my jacket but I'm patient and was thinking some post offices were closed for the Veteran's Day weekend, no big deal. Well, still didn't ship on Monday. I called customer service on Tuesday Nov 14th and NFL Shop told me my order had been cancelled but offered me no reason why.
~So they transferred me to another department and I spoke to a man named Marlin. He couldn't offer me a reason why the original cancellation but said he could reorder the same item for my purchase price over the phone since I could no longer use my coupons. He said my order should be just over $90 before shipping, just a little more expensive but no big deal to me. So we order it, everything is good again.
~Next I got my confirmation email and my order was $139, "What the Heck?!?!". First why did that guy straight up lie about my total? And still, was my original cancelled.
~Called customer service again, the woman that answered slurred out her name where no could understand and offered me no help whatsoever and eventually got an attitude with me which I hung up on.
~Called customer service AGAIN, and this woman, Destiny, was a little more helpful but here phone connection was filled with so much static that I could barely understand her. After being on hold for 27 minutes I finally had an answer...
~They put a "dispute" on my account and said I had to dispute with my bank. So now it will take 7 - 10 days to dispute the charges and 45+ days for NFL Shop to unlock my account where I could once again make an order! NFL Shop claimed to have never authorized the second order but they charged me anyway!

For a once respectable Stop correcting "company" they have fallen so far and the customer service department is a joke. I love football but I may never buy from them again.

Negative Customer Experience
I had ordered 2 clearance hoodies. When the order arrived, the hoodie did not match the color on the website.

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I used the chat service and was told NFL Shop could only fix one of the errors. I was told they would refund the other one. I advised that I didn't find that acceptable, however they proceeded with their solution. I accidentally had closed my chat and had to start a new one.

That process was even more frustrating and did not resolve my issue of simply stating I would keep one of the error items. I decided to contact the call center who reversed the refund as my preference was to simply keep it rather than have nothing. The process to get the return amended was cumbersome and downright painful. In addition to not getting what I ordered because of their error, I have to make a trip to the post office to return.

To be honest, I've dealt with other companies who would have simply shipped the 1 correct one and told me to keep both of the incorrect ones as a token of customer experience gesture based on the price point. I've certainly had better experiences with other companies.

Ridiculous... Scam
I ordered merchandise from in the amount of $205 on 10/19. According to the tracking #, I was supposed to receive it on 10/22 however it could not be delivered b/c no one was home but my front door is always unlocked and NFL Shop could've left it in the corridor like Amazon, Groupon, UPS, FedEx etc. does. Anyway I thought that delivery will be attempted again but it wasn't and no update in shipping tracking system so I contacted LaserShip on 10/26 and the woman stated she doesn't know what happened to the merchandise and will place it under 24-hour investigation so that they can locate the package. Couple of weeks pass by and nothing so I can contact them again on 11/6 and the woman tells me she will make sure they ship out the items. I get new shipping # in email and I checked the status of it on 11/7 and there's no information on it so I wait few days to check status again and it indicated Lasership Origin Scan. I check couple of days later again and now it indicated that on 11/9, that items were loaded onto vehicle, and this info stayed the same like this for couple of weeks and then I checked on 11/19, and the status indicated that "order has been delivered: Front Door" on 11/9.

Now this is an obvious case of FRAUD. No items were delivered to my residence on 11/9, nor as of today. It appears the culprit here is the shipping carrier. One would expect NFLshop, company, that makes over 7 billion a year in revenue to have a contract with a reputable reliable carrier perhaps such as Fedex or UPS and not a scam company such as Lasership. Anyway I've learned my lesson and now I know whom to give my business to.

The Worst...
The worst Customer Service I have ever experienced in my life. Ordered MANY items on 9/17/2016... at that time the NFL Shop website stated that the items in the order would ship within 6 business days. Unfortunately, the items did not ship within 6 business days. In fact, NFL Shop haven't shipped at all (So far 12 business days have passed). Since then, I have spoken with customer service on four separate occasions and have been given three different ship dates (confirmed on the phone as well as email)... As of today, the NFL Shop has no idea where the order is in regards to the order process and has advised me that the problem/discrepancy is due to "warehouse updates". Even more peculiar is that the very same items that I ordered are magically listed to "ship within 5 business days" on the NFL Shop website... Additionally, the supervisors that I spoke with could not give me a definitive ship date, and could offer no further appeasement. Their advice to me was to "wait for it".

For a multi-BILLION dollar company, this is a complete and utter disgrace. I have placed many orders from businesses originating in THIRD WORLD countries that have done a 1000x better job at fulfilling orders and shipments. This is 2016! If Amazon can ship an order in one day, hell even SAME DAY, why can't the NF-freaking-L do it in 6, let alone 12?!

Do yourself a favor and please stay away. You will thank me later for it.

Your Average Customer Who At The Very Least Expects Mediocrity

Sarah, I have sent you a private message as requested. I would like a response as soon as possible please! You have all information needed to track me within your system, considering you guys have been emailing me for the past week and a half to tell me my item is out of stock and will not ship. You guys are quickly asking to have this issue turned into a social media awareness campaign for NFL Shop; believe me, it will not be a positive campaign that's for sure! A response and a resolution needs to be communicated immediately!

Buyer beware! I can kick myself for not reading the reviews on this site before I ordered a Christmas gift. I received an email that said my jersey had shipped. Two days later I receive a "sorry, the item you ordered is out of stock due to it is popular by our customers. Please make a new choice then we will know how to do with your order". How to do with? Who are these people? In other emails the rep signs off by saying "Have a nice day. You are the best". These people are so unprofessional.

I JUST WANT MY ORDER, LAUREN E, KARMEN, and JOANE. My order number is 3673; I don't want to hear your timeless excuse that the order number does not belong to NFL-Shop like you've told countless people in these reviews. You have no trouble emailing me so I know the order is there. Not to mention you took the money under that order number. I need a resolution to this quickly, LAUREN E, KARMEN, and JOANE!

Customer Service
I ordered a sweater for over $100 and paid for speedy shipping, my order came to $150. Upon arrival the sweater was a very different colour than seen on the website and the material was so thin, I could have bought this for $20 somewhere else. Very disappointing quality. I tried contacting customer service and there is no email, the "chat with us" option was "unavailable due to helping other customers" -I call bull$#*! and there was a phone number. So I call the customer service number on the site and the guy who answered said "i don't work for, my company just takes random calls" -pardon me? He then continued to tell me he has no knowledge of the company, no contact information and had no idea where/if there was a store near by. He said he didn't even know if it was just an online company or not. SO HELPFUL. I got aggravated and asked why he was listed as the customer service contact on the website if he doesn't know anything, he told me himself and his supervisor had no way of contacting the store to discuss my order -again, bull$#*!, he just kept repeating "I have no information ma'am". My next issue was that he told me I had to pay to ship it back to the USA to return it. It was a Canadian website and didn't say anything about this upon ordering. Convenient. I think it is so unprofessional to not have a proper, knowledgable customer service team when you have paying customers, and to have no way of customers contacting the company. Overall, horrible service, horrible experience and waste of my time and $150.00. I do not recommend.

Ordered A Month Ago
I placed my order on September 21st, not really paying attention to the 6 business days processing before my order actually will be shipped. I called on the 28th and I was told my order would ship on the next day which was a Thursday. The CSR told me to be expecting an email to confirm that my order had shipped I waited Thursday and Friday no email was received. I call the next week and was told that there was no information about my order at that time. So to make a long story short after calling about 4 or 5 times and even right before I wrote this review I called and my order has still not be shipped and there is NO INFORMATION available and there is no way of the CSR finding out when my order will be shipped. ALLLLLLLL I want is my order I am highly pissed. I going to call corporate office as well as report this company to the BBB. I placed my order way before this hurricane. I will never refer anyone else to this company. The sad part about it is I wanted to do a portion of my Christmas shopping with them. WHY ME? And their communication between their warehouse and call center is not good at all I would love to come perfect the break down in communication. Customer Service is very important; when you have consumers spending their money it is always important to keep them happy so that NFL Shop will continue to come back and buy more. A CSR response should never be "I don't know." it should always be "Let me find out and get back with you."

Unprofessional and can't keep their word
I had received a 20% off coupon with madden 18. I went to use it on there website but would only take 20% off a Nike shirt with limited quantities(which was the one thing it said it excluded) I then called them and NFL Shop told me the jersey I ordered wasn't included cause they have someone else make it (but it's official) after I made a stink about it they gave me the 20% off. Five minutes later I received an email which showed my purchases and they ordered the wrong hoodie (which I explained to the rep for a good three minutes). I then called them back and was informed I needed to make another transaction cause they couldn't change the numbers. So I did that and the next rep tried tricking me into not getting my 20% off or the free shipping I then had to get a supervisor on the phone we got it straightened out but they held my money for 2 days for their mistake. When talking with 2 reps and a supervisor no one told me I had the potential of waiting for my items to ship due to hurricane Irma (They just wanted a sale). 4 days later I called them to check the status and they said it hasn't shipped because of the hurricane. I then asked why I wasn't told and they said they didn't know it was coming even though the nfl had canceled a game 3 days before I placed my order. I told them I wanted next day air they gave me 2 business day shipping. FedEx gave it a tracking number Friday yet I guess Friday didn't count and FedEx runs Saturday but that doesn't count. Then we come to Monday and my items were at my local FedEx but I couldn't go pick them up because the nfl shop put a hold on my property so i couldn't pick it up. First time in my life I wasn't able to pick up the items I payed for because I guess somehow the shippers still have the rights even though I paid for them and they are no longer nfl property. The only thing official about the nfl shop is officially over priced with officially the worst service I've ever received. There are plenty of sites to order from or local stores I'd pick them over nfl shop from here on out

I highly recommend going with Amazon, or websites from actual trustworthy stores like Target, Macys, Walmart, etc. with legitimate return policies that make sense.
I bought a hat for $27.99 it arrived and I did not like how it fit me. Now I am trying to return it and get my money back but apparently there is a sale that has been going on which makes the price of this hat now about $21 dlls. Which shouldn't matter. If I bought it for $27.99 and it did not fit as expected, and I am returning it within the return time frame, I should be able to get ALL of my money back. When I saw how much my refund would be it said $21 MINUS A CHARGE OF $10 FOR SHIPPING. In total I would only receive about $12.84 dlls back if I want it refunded to my original payment which is ridiculous! NFL Shop give me the option to refund my money back to an E-gift card which would waive the shipping cost and would bring my refund up to $22.83 but 1) Why would I want a gift card from a webpage I DO NOT want to spend one more cent on? And 2) It is not even the original amount I payed.

This "sale" has a timer on the webpage that says how much time left until the sale ends. It said about 8hrs so I put a timer on my phone and waited until the sale was over and the hat went back to the normal price of $27.99. When the timer was over, ANOTHER sale started of another 23hrs. I waited again, and ANOTHER sale began of ANOTHER 23hrs. This has been going on for 4 days now. SHAAAADY! I am convinced this will go on until I miss the return time frame.

I tried the "help" option, the "chat" option and even the phone number. All of these options provided terrible, mediocre, non-human customer service. They are just interested in taking our money.
PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM NFLSHOP.COM. Spend your hard earned money elsewhere.

Shop local folks
I have NEVER expierenced customer service this awful before. I paid for 3 day shipping because I needed it by a certain day (hence why you usually pay more) and I was told that my order would not arrive to me in time. When I called the customer service Sequina, who has absolutely no business being in customer service, told me that I placed my order at a bad time. I placed it Thursday at 9pm central time, well in the time frame of their operation hours. I was told my order didn't get processed until Friday at 12am. Weird, but that is still one full business day. It was a holiday weekend, and i couldn't count Monday as a business day (duh). Even so, my order should have been able to arrive Wednesday which is when I needed it!... Fri, Tuesday, Wednesday... THREE BUSINESS DAYS. Now let's get to the wonderful customer service. This lady Sequina, Shaniqwa or whatever her name was, was the rudest, most obnoxious GIRL I have ever spoken to. I do not call customer service very often but when I have, I've been met with impeccable service. This girl spoke over me, raised her voice at me, and couldn't give me a straight reason why my order was going to take 5 business days instead of 3. She even tried to hang up on me when I asked to speak to her supervisor. She purposely mispronunced my name even though she had my account information right in front of her. Considering that the NFL is a multi BILLION dollar corporation you would think NFL Shop could afford to hire people in customer service with some CLASS. I will be returning my purchase and never using them again. Stick to local football shops people, it's the small people that actually care about your worries and troubles. Not disrespectful robots who just want to get off the phone so they can get back to filing their nails, and popping their gum.

Please do not order from the especially...
Please do not order from the especially if you are buying an item for a gift! I originally placed my order the first week of November to get my 6 yo son a personalized Saints Jersey for Christmas. It was the only item on his Christmas list, and I thought I was ahead of the game and ordering it in plenty of time for Christmas. Boy was I wrong! I have had it on order now for 2 1/2 months ( didn't get it here for Christmas, so then we were aiming for his birthday in February) and now the order has been cancelled as of this week. has been horrible to deal with, the website will say the item is available and in stock, but then you never hear from them about the order. The availability will change from 3-5 days, to 8-10 days, but was never listed as unavailable or backorderd as it should have been. After multiple emails and phone calls, NFL Shop said the item remained unavailable, and suggested I order a similar personalized jersey which was in stock, but when I tried they wouldn't allow me to cancel my other jersey, saying it was being shipped. Of course, we never received it, and now 2 weeks from my son's birthday, I have ordered a Saints jersey from another website. Unfortunately, it will not be personalized, but at least he will have a Saints jersey with his favorite player. Worst experience ever! Beware, they falsely advertise items as being available when they are not!

Update: I have been promised a refund. It took complaining here and elsewhere to get it.
Updated in title to reflect the current state of affairs.

Don't believe the "Hassle-Free 90 Day Return Policy." This policy doesn't apply to all items on the website, even for exchanges. Some items can only be returned within 30 days, but you can't easily find that out because has carefully buried this information deep within its website. Your order acknowledgment email won't include that information, either.

To make matters worse, has only one customer service number, no way to contact management to ask for redress, and a Facebook customer service system that is slow and powerless to help. People who plan ahead and shop well before Christmas, like me, may find themselves stuck with items that don't fit and can't be exchanged even when the size chart for the item is inaccurate (I measured a shirt we already have to be sure I ordered the right size... but the size chart measurements are incorrect). This isn't customer service, it is deception. should redesign its website so that items with this restrictive return policy are clearly identified upfront, with a link from the item page to the return policy for that item. This would help customers decide whether buying in advance for the holidays would be the best option for them.

I ordered customized Dallas jersey on Dec. 18th from Nfl shop because it said delivery in 3 days. I paid $169.00 for the jersey and $15.95 for shipping. It was my husband's MAIN Christmas present. On Christmas eve evening... no package! I had to run out and get him something else in it's place to open because I feel so bad. DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS it arrives. Nice jersey but lettering was TERRIBLE! It's size 3x with teeny tiny lettering! My husband didn't want to rude about his gift until I told him how much I paid! I called customer service immediately and NFL Shop said because it's custom made, unless something is wrong, there's nothing they can do! I explained that THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG! The font is so thin and TERRIBLY spaced out that it's ugly! Then I was told that my complaint has to go through corporate and I will receive a call within 3 to 5 days! Yeah like I'm supposed to believe that! And on top of it all the same exact jersey is being advertised on their website at less than half the price! I'm so disgusted that I even told the supervisor on the phone, that just kept saying "um, sorry ma'am, to f**k off! I have NEVER EVER BEEN SO DISAPPOINTED MAKING AN ONLINE ORDER! From beginning to end TERRIBLE! I thought using a big brand named online shop would keep me from getting ripped off but I see now reading all of these terrible reviews I was totally wrong! Oh, I forgot to mention they refunded me my shipping cost and said Sorry! Now my husband's $169.00 jersey (that I can now get on another website for $40.00) will sit in the closet for who knows how long since Nfl shop has no clue what 3-5 days means! CHANGE IT FROM NFLSHOP.COM TO YOUDEFINATELYWONTGETYOURMONEYSWORTHHERE.COM! IF I COULD RATE IT A TRIPLE 0 I WOULD!

Not worth the hassle!
I'm furious that I can't get an answer as to the status of my order and why it's taking so long to move from NEW status? I have called 4 times this is now my 5th and I have been on hold for an hour! My money was taken and you continue to send emails stating that jerseys can be ordered as late as today and you will still receive them by 12/24. I ordered a jersey for my husband for Christmas on 12/14 early morning and you stated it would be there by 12/24 if I chose 3 day shipping, Well I chose next day shipping and it hasn't even left your warehouse yet. It states that it takes 5 business days to process in your warehouse so then how can it be received by 12/24 in any circumstance that you are advertising?

Even just now received an email with the following:
Alternate Image 1 Alternate Image 2 Alternate Image 3 Alternate Image 4 Alternate Image 5 Alternate Image 6 Alternate Image 7 Alternate Image 8
Click image to enlarge
Order by 3:00 p.m. EST on Monday, 12/21, choose 3 Business Days shipping, receive by 12/24.

See shipping options.

Mens New Orleans Saints Drew Brees Nike Black Game Jersey

In Stock
Price: $99.99
FREE 2-Day Shipping & free returns
Learn more | sign in

You charge the shipping fees, so are you pocketing that money? I will never order from you again!

No Problems
I ordered my boyfriend a jersey and a sweatshirt. I was a little worried after placing the order because of all the negative reviews, how much I spent, and the fact that I needed the items before a certain date. I placed an order on 10/23 and received it on the expected delivery date, 10/27. The order was packaged the day I placed the order and it shipped out the next day via FedEx; I was provided the tracking number. The hoodie did not fit so I will update my review if I have issues returning/exchanging it but I have had no issues thus far. Not sure what all the negative reviews are about... I'm guessing a decent amount are not for the official NFL site as there are many, many other sites named something similar selling both authentic and fake merchandise. I do realize experiences vary from customer to customer but I had a great experience ordering from

I also just placed an order for two more sweatshirts yesterday, 10/31, and received a tracking number for it this morning. I will update this review if something goes wrong with the original return or my new order.

Update 11/11:
I received the second order on time, on 11/3. I believe I dropped off the return on 11/2. NFL Shop received the return on 11/9 and I received my refund the same day.

I am happy this is who I bought the sweatshirts and jersey from, I had a great experience. I am glad I didnt experience any of the negative things others described.

Will never order from here again!
Will never order from here again! Placed an order on Nov. 10th. Called back to check on the order as my account stated I was refunded the money a few days later. NFL Shop said one of the three items I ordered was out of stock and they were going to refund that money but assured me the other two items would def. Be here no later than the 22nd as I explained it was for a bday present. They told me I could keep calling back and checking on status of shipping since all my account status said was refunded. Call back on the 21st the day before I was promised and was told the other two items are on back order and they have no idea why the three different times I called before the people promised me my items would be here when promised as their records clearly said they were on back order. "They probably just said that to get me off the phone" exact words from the last cs person I spoke to. I was livid, I could of ordered these items from somewhere else to have them on time for the bday present! I demanded all my money back on all items and cancelled my order completely. I again was "promised" I would be refunded my money back into my account within 2-10 business days! Here I sit on the phone for twenty minutes still waiting for a supervisor as now it has been the 12th business day and still nothing! I ended up ordering my items from and received them in less than a week! NFL.COM BLOWS! I wouldnt of even give it one star but it was the only way I could leave my comment on this site!

Jersey from Lost & Found? DAMAGED
Order # 20-*******194138

Sent an email to *******, but this was the AUTO response. So here we are, AGAIN... :( I already CALLED customer service. NFL Shop were about as much help an infant trying to map out directions.

Auto Response




Email messages to this mailbox do not reach a person, but rest assured, we are here to help!


Please visit our help desk for all customer service related issues! You can call us 24/7 or start a live chat during our business hours.

Damaged Jersey
Customer By CSS Email (Clint Taylor) (05/22/2018 10:00 PM)
Hi there,

My name is Clint Taylor. Order # 20-*******194138. I ordered a Jacksonville Jaguars jersey in white, and it has shown up with all sorts of markings.

It's a #27 Leonard Fournette. Jaguars have just changed their jersey style. Which is why I ordered this one as I like the old style better. I've already spoken to customer service on the phone. All they want to offer is a refund. Not including my shipping costs. For YOUR mistake. All I want is a white Leonard Fournette, the old style. I shouldnt have to waste my time running around ect. When its your fault. I order sneakers on a regular basis from a company called GOAT. When you receive a package of goods. It has a letter stating the person who has checked over your items to make sure they are up to par. This would also let the vendor track the employee who made the mistake. Hence, less mistakes. NFL is huge, how does a compnay so big not have better policies in place. This is terrible. I had to go to site jabber last year for another issue. Please dont make me take this public again. I'm infuriated. I expect nothing less than a NEW Jersey sent at your cost. One without scratches on the numbers, a brown stain by the number 2 on the left. And black specs on the front. Not to mention another scratch on the left shoulder. The jersey was sealed in 2 plastic packages. Yet when i opened it. It looks like the jersey was picked out of a lost and found... I've already spent far too much time on this matter.
Correct it.

Lies after lies! Scammers!
Placed an order of two items, one hoodie and one colour rush jersey on the 9th of Oct.
The hoodie was shipped out one day after the order, the jersey had to wait.
More than two weeks went by, and not a word about my jersey. I then contacted them about this, I was told NFL Shop didn't know the status of the jersey, and they didn't even have an estimate shipment day.
I ask them to cancel the order, as I was fed up with their awful service. They refused to do so because "the order was too far down the track to make any changes."
Finally, they gave in and cancelled it. BUT, they only sent me an email saying they'll only refund me partially, instead of a full refund for the jersey, for something I never received, without any sort of explanation.
As for the hoodie, it's been two weeks since the shipment date, and nothing on the tracking system for my order has changed. I don't even know where it is, let along when I can expect it.
And now they have stopped replying to my messages and I'm robbed of 240-something dollars.
Seriously, if I don't get a FULL REFUND ON EVERYTHING, a lawsuit will be in order with all the other people they've screwed over!

UPDATE: After their response on this website of my previous review saying that they'll give me my money back, I have yet to receive any email regarding the refund. All I have, is the order cancellation email of the jersey I got two days ago, the one they only partially refunded me. I have included a screenshot of the said email below.
I'm only making another review to grab their attention. Because apparently, they'll just give you an automated response, take your money, and hope they can wear out your patience and give up on chasing after your money.

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