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NEWSMAX is disreputable and despicable
NEWSMAX is disreputable and despicable. The so-called polls are fraudulent, and I suspect that NewsMax are looking for people dumb enough to buy their subscriptions, which, by the way, they renew automatically, even after you canceled. In my case, I clearly canceled the Blaylock Wellness Report, which was nothing but fluff with far more pages hawking the vitamins that were supposed to cure the condition they were writing about. Nevertheless, they renewed it for the full $54.99 in 2014, claiming that I had only canceled the bonus newsletter (a free-bee) --also nonsense-- and not the thing I had actually subscribed to. So glad I caught that tiny little postcard in today's mail, or they would have stolen another $54.99 out of my checking account if I had not called them to stop it. Never bother with their polls, and certainly do not subscribe to anything, because the teaser articles are way better than the actual publications. I just denounced them and their polls on FB, and I urge people to take the time to do so on their social media.

Found the site through a poll advertisement
Found the site through a poll advertisement - poll on Obamacare and decided to check it out and vote. Well, the questions itself seemed biased, as if NewsMax were meant to influence the voter's answers. Next suspicious thing was that I did not receive their so called 'confirmation' mail, as someone else pointed out, probably because they did not receive the answers they wanted.
Once I was done it spewed some shameless propaganda, portraying it as authorotative news. As a medical health editor I'm used to sifting through garbage and genuine content and this site has nothing but garbage.

Newsmax is a total scam
Newsmax is a total scam. Just another right wing propaganda website. I took a couple of polls giving my approval of the job Obama is doing. I was supposed to receive emails to verify my submissions were valid. NewsMax never came.

Typical of right wingers... Lie or withhold the whole truth. I'm sure they'll publish the "results" of their polls showing how "everyone" disapproves of the president. It's funny how these knuckleheaded RW's keep believing this propaganda BS.

If the president could run for a third term he'd probably win again... and by a landslide again, especially if that lying, sleaze ball, sack of crap Mittens rears his ugly head again.

The Soon To Be Juggernaut
I started watching NewsMax about a year ago as I like to sample all cable network news channels. I mostly watch MSNBC and Fox News to get a wide range of views. On election night, I flipped to each network to get their perspectives and I noticed something at Fox News was different. It appeared that management wanted a quick decision as the focus was to prematurely declare Biden the winner of Arizona when President Trump had a significant lead, and the winner was clearly uncertain. As of the writing of this review, NewsMax is the only cable network that has not declared Biden the winner due to the filed lawsuits by the Trump campaign and the fact that many swing states have not finished counting. It is refreshing to see a network that does not sensationalize the election and is waiting for a definitive resolution before making a call. I will watch NewsMax as my right leaning source, replacing FoxNews. I truly believe the independent perspective of NewsMax will make the network the leading cable network surpassing Fox News within the year. Bravo NewsMax!

String you along
Tonight, January 13, very excited to watch Newsmax regarding impeachment. Rob Schmitt had 2 attorneys arguing the case against Trump. Of course, the discussion was cut short because of a commercial break. Why I the discussion wasn't continued after the commercial was frustrating. Why bother, it's more about substance and it leaves you frustrated with no closure. NewsMax give you a small taste and hook you in, then leave you hanging. Newsmax is now as bad as all the other news channel, too long and too many commercials! A waste of time and they need to organize the guest time and commercial time to give the viewers what we want. When the commercials are given more air time than the guests, that's not right.

Marketing scam is also which is the web address 99 out of 100 marketing emails come from, crap that I continually get in email and have to unsubscribe. No matter which company I am unsubscribing from, when I hit the button, it immediately sends me to and from There it goes to the marketing company's site to unsubscribe. I've found no way to unsubscribe from nowhere on their site to register this complaint or unsubscribe. SCAM!

Three seconds with NewsMax app before deleted--
I downloaded this app a few days ago as alternative to the once-great, now-despicable left leaning Disney Fox News. I figured Disney-Fox would soon be CNN2. But the first words I heard from NewsMax were "president elect Joe Biden". So today I thought I'd give them one more chance. The very first word was the despicable "Biden". So I was wrong about Disney-Fox being CNN2, because NewsMax seems more in the tank for despicable liberals than even Disney-Fox. NewsMax--CNN2. Disney-Fox--CNN3. Delete. Delete. Screw all of you--

When I first get up in the morning your the first channel I turn on, and at 12 noon, and then 10pm
I give the highest review, honest news, I see our country going down, when the real news is not given, Your the best, thank you, PS we as older folks would like to know what happen to Hunter Biden are you going to let him get lost in his Dads basement, and when or if the FBI are going to step up, what about the poor fellow that turned in the hard drive? This should come out completely / or do we even have a FBI anymore or is this so controlled by Democratic Party that we lost our USA?

Carrillo 1000 times better than Bachman
Cardillo is 1000 times better than Bachman. Bachman is way too lightweight, weak, unwilling &/or unable to deal with ridiculous, loudmouthed Dem operatives who shout their talking points over Bachman, over & over again w/out effective reply. Same with former Congressman Joe Walsh. Totally weak RINO. Schmitt I'm not far behind. HOWEVER. HUGE KUDOS to Wayne Root, Howie Carr & Joe Pags. /s/ Barry Blah, West Point Grad, Vietnam Vet, then 30+ years as litigation atty, Unfortunately in the Leftist Repuclic of Mexi-Cali-Forni-Motor-Voter-Fraudu-tionia.

What a Joke!
Bob Sellers, what a joke! Today, February 2nd 2021, this clown walks off the set after asking Mike Lindell a question about censorship and his Twitter account. Lindell shares his opinion about voter fraud and the Dominion machines. Sellers reads his little script about NM not conforming to the ideology of a stolen election, cuts Lindell off when he is speaking, then walks off the set whining, trying to have the producers cut out of the interview with Lindell. I guess this is just another wannabe Conservative news station that has fallen to the feet of Deep State lies. The video clip is going viral. Newsmax will be another Fox News station - loss of viewership due to flippant ideals and censorship. What happened to supporting our right to free speech? Lindell used the platform he was given to share the thoughts of millions of Americans since he has been censored through all other platforms. Keep it sheepy, Newsmax. The true Constitutional Americans will hold the line!

True Investigative Journalism
Finally an honest Network that acknowledges that we need an investigation into the Election Fraud. Without a real investigation we will never have peace in the country. If the democrats have nothing to do hide and feel positive that even though we had election fraud that Biden still won then NewsMax would have no reason to not have a real investigation. Makes you wonder? How long before the woke democrats demand that NewsMax be censored and adhere to the democrat talking points? One of the last true examples of investigative journalism.

Introduction to government run media under Trump rule.
This media business along with One America News and Fox News mirror the one sided, many times not factual, opinionated one sided government run news of countries like Cuba. In these countries, the government runs all media and creates a reality for the people. Anyone who disagrees with the opinion of the man in charge, is punished.
Many, many people supported Castro in 1959. Within a year, NewsMax were isolated from the world, and lost all their civil liberties, because "he" could "fix" everything.

Overly bias but at least its consistent
Was searching for factual reporting during election time... hoped a news source could provide info on what's happening without a significant slant, given the accusations being thrown around and also the wild rumor mill stories popping up everywhere. I do NOT lean towards a particular party, preferring to vote for the candidates as individuals instead, which makes close-to-center reporting quite important to me. I found newsmax and, having never heard of it, decided to give it a shot. Unfortunately, after viewing their stories online and on social media, it was quite clear to me that these guys are possibly the most biased news out there. Every story seems hand selected to support Trump primarily, then the GOP, and finally subtle digs at the Dem side of things. I found nothing even mentioning Independents. The lack of balance in reporting was very disappointing. The way NewsMax report on every Republican speaking in support of the lawsuits and challenges to the preliminary election results, while not even mentioning Republicans in opposition to those same things, is proof positive of the rather heavy right bias. Why not report both sides, equally? People that want a stout dose of Trump slant can use Fox News, and the Dems have CNN. Who wants to report news to people like myself that want actual truth, regardless of who looks good because of that truth?

NewsMax is just another liberal Disney-Fox pretending to be conservative--
Someone recommended NewsMax to me as an alternative to the increasingly left-leaning [since their stink' Disney buyout] Disney-Fox. But, after downloading the NewsMax app and sitting back to hear some conservative news, the first term I head was "president elect Joe Biden". Who are you people? You can't be this stupid? Don't you understand that it's not your place to anoint the new president? You're as bad as Chris Wallace and Leland Bit Tard on the unwatchable Disney-Fox Liberal Weekends. Like they're chanting at the recent Trump flash rallies, "Fox News Sucks!" I guess NewsMax is working for the same criminals like China Joe and Hil-liar and Bare Rock, too. And the social media giants can kiss bottom, too, along with even the conservative news "stars" who beg us to "like" them on stinkin Facebook. No thanks, NewsMax. Nice try--

The digital issue reader is terribly disappointing
The digital edition reader implies that text reflow is possible, but when you increase text size, it is impossible to drag the screen to read all text on a page! And how many readers might really find increased text size useful/ or essential?
Also, you MUST have internet connection to read the digital edition. Not possible to down load an issue to read offline. And I paid $40.00 for this!? What an insult!
Fatal foaws for me. Would greatly improve the experience if these are fixed!

Newsmax is not afraid to TELL IT LIKE IT IS!
Virtually no other place but NEWSMAX, will you see video of radical terrorist muslims on TV. Most networks won't show you, because the Liberals fear it will insight people against muslims. Newsmax believes you should see what is really going on in the world and in our country! NewsMax report the facts. They are much like Trump! They tell it like it is.
The Liberals have shut down free speech on many a college campus. Any view other than their own liberal socialist bias, they seek to banish and destroy to prevent others from exercising their free speech. You can witness this by their attempts to stop Trump from speaking at his own conventions. NEWSMAX, will just keep getting bigger and better, as they expose liberal bias reporting, and show viewers what the liberals don't want them to see. "THE FACTS" With only a few conservative news networks available on television, the liberals are still furious. Because within only a few years, the majority of citizens in the USA have learned by watching these conservative news sources, just how liberally biased the entire main stream media actually is. These liberal stations have continually lied to the American people for decades, with no one to expose them. BUT NO MORE! Now these liberals are being held to account, and they are crying and screaming and gnashing their teeth. These Liberal Socialists seek to destroy anyone and everyone that exposes their liberal bias and lies. But it's not working. Their programs are not working. The socialist liberal nirvana they promised is finally being seen for what it is. A COMPLETE FAILURE. NEWSMAX will pull the curtain off these liberals socialists, and show you who they really are, and what they are up to. GO NEWSMAX!

Wouldn't recommend purchasing from NewsMax
This review has no relation to the political coverage of this channel. I recently purchased a book from their site with a couple magazines. After nearly a month of waiting, there hadn't been any updates so I decided to contact customer service. Guess it was more time wasted as three emails went out without a response from their staff. The next option was to call and their representative admitted that NewsMax had it and just hadn't bothered to ship it out. Extremely disappointing as this WAS suppose to be a father's day gift. Now it seems we'll be lucky just to get it.

I was just searching google for a project for one of...
I was just searching google for a project for one of my classes when a window popped up out of nowhere: "Romney vs. Obama. Urgent National Poll". Since I've heard of the "polls" being talked about in the news, and I do plan to vote in a few days, I decided to answer the poll's questions. When done, I waited for the confirmation email" to "confirm my votes". It never came. I thought that was kind of odd.
Well, it made complete sense why when I googled "Newsmax". It is "conservative" website. I guess NewsMax don't like my answers, and therefore, refuse to count it. (I've never heard of Newsmax before this. I thought I'm participating in a random national poll. Oh well.)

Once they get your name it's there for life
Once NewsMax get your name it's there for life. I made the unfortunate mistake of purchasing a book on thyroid disease through NewsMax Health. The book's content was of common mainstream information that my doctor has been preaching to me. I gave up on trying to get refunded on the book. NewsMax's customer service is job zero. Bad! Now they've got my name, they keep sending a plethora of unwanted emails, I can't get them to un-scribe, and I keep getting their junk newsletter. And since this newsletter has columns written by Dr. Ox and Dr. Roizen (two celeb-glamor docs) that only lends a sense of discredit to the publication. Dr. Oz and his "which" doctoring and Roizen's informercials on PBS pledge drives. Pseudo-science to the max, NewsMax!

Scam poll - won't accept votes unless for Trump - How Lame!
System is coded such that UNLESS your answers to poll questions are PRO-TRUMP, system will NOT download your vote data.

How do I know?
I am a Software Engineer who worked on the code/programming for this poll. Unethical? Of course! However, hey, need a job since w/COVID I was laid off from mine. If the average American ONLY knew...

I actually voted for Trump
Won't again
Still conservative, BUT I CHOOSE to love & defend MY COUNTRY - NOT a Leader OF IT. And sorry, don't feel he's a Leader now. MY ego hasn't become SO off kilter that I cannot recognize right from wrong. All the unrest & divide in our country nowadays IS ABSOLUTELY ATTRIBUTED TO TRUMP'S Leadership & Negative Influence. Sad so many CANNOT SEE Trump has egged us all on against each other. What better way to ruin a country than divide it? Oh... AND I'm mature enough 2B CAPABLE of admitting I made a mistake.

Right or left
GOP or Dumbocrat
Conservative or Liberal

Should be REQUIRED to watch the independent documentary titled "Social Dilemma" BEFORE believing themself even HALFWAY CAPABLE of making ANY logical, sound, reasonable determination of who to vote for (even beyond the Presidential election) AND ALSO WHAT ISSUES NewsMax are casting their votes on!

Because the system is 100% rigged to INSURE the American Voter HAS NO FREE WILL at the Ballot Box!

Lemme guess? Of course you do! Haven't seen the documentary & claim knowledge/awareness, right?

*shaking head*

I have been trying to unsubscribe from this website...
I have been trying to unsubscribe from this website for over a month. I clicked on "Remove your e-mail address from our list," carefully following their instructions to the letter, and it saai it would remove me within 24-48 hours, but a week later I was still receiving their ads and newsletters. I have contacted them and filed a complaint, as well as clicking on "Remove" in every e-mail NewsMax send me, but they refuse to remove me from their list! Newsmax claims to have the most subscribers of any similar organization. No doubt they count the many who have tried to unsubscribe but can't!

Phoney poll and phoney results by Newsmax:
Phoney poll and phoney results by Newsmax:
This phoney right-wing organization has figured out a way to manipulate public opinion in favor of the Republican agenda by falsifying the results of a poll NewsMax are promoting on the Government Shutdown. They have devised a way to monitor the results of your response by asking you to check your email and click on their link to confirm your vote in order for it to be counted. Who knew? Unwittingly, I took the poll. Surprisingly, there was no auto-reply email for Newsmax in my inbox. So, of course, I knew my vote would not be counted. The next morning, however, lo and behold, I DID find an email from Newsmax in my inbox on the subject: 5 Reasons Stocks Might Collapse with the following advice from their so-called Financial Publisher Aaron DeHoog: "I strongly encourage you to take precise steps to protect your wealth such as getting Retirement Crash Insurance." Click here for details etc etc. Well, I can at least confirm they got my email address right. Nothing in the spam folder. Still - no email that would allow me to confirm yesterday's vote so it could be counted. I decided to take the poll again. Once again, I received no confirmation email. So I tried a third time. Finally on the FOURTH try I got my confirmation email along with a nice "thank you for signing up to receive FREE breaking news email alerts from" Of course, I had signed up for nothing of the sort. But it was too late. Ten minutes later I got another email from my new BFF hawking their not to be missed special offer: "Get our special $4.95 offer for the ObamaCare Survival Guide – That's a saving of $15 off the cover price! Please act today... Go Here Now" said the link in big blue caps... etc etc.
If you answered: 1) you oppose a government shutdown; 2) you support implementation of ObamaCare now; 3) you mostly blame congressional Republicans for the shutdown; and 4) you voted for Obama – you can be sure that only 1 out of every 3 or 4 similar responses will actually be counted. The rest will somehow mysteriously end up in cyberspace.

Comments section is more censored than Pravda!
Keep in mind that I'm a very, very conservative leaning individual so I can only figure that these clowns must sleep with a copy of Mein Kampf under their pillows to find any of my posts intolerable! I'm as anti-Obama and anti-liberal policy as NewsMax come but there are ethnically pejorative and downright bigoted posts left untouched on that website while very (like mine) sincere, polite and what I believe to be insightful (at the least thoughtful) writings were "held for review" and subsequently deleted.

Stay away from that group if you care to have a meaningful dialogue. Newsmax, as a website is a joke!

Great Real News!
After Fox' clear partisan pandering to the left and Biden, it was refreshing to watch REAL JOURNALISTS! I do not mind opinions but for FOX to declare AZ so early and then continually push the constant lie as truth is disgusting! I WAS a loyal FOX viewer - 6 hours a DAY+! Well, it's over. Love the fact that NEWSMAX has the app so I see their programming whenever and wherever I want! I need to see if you have a Sirius/XM channel! I'm enjoying seeing integrity in journalism again! Thanks for being the REAL DEAL!

Good unbiased news reporting
Good reporting explaining current news on ballot and voting fraud indicating a stolen election from Trump. Recounts are in process in 5+ states with thousands of volunteers hand-counting ballots. Statements are being taken from those who have witnessed illegal activity (ballot dumping, date changes of vote, votes from dead people. These claims are being pursued by legal authorities. Hand counted ballots are being counted at this point hopefully going in favor of Trump and against Biden. Only complaint on Newsmax TV are the frequency of same commercials - every commercial break is a Medicare bit with Joe Namath! In the space of 15 minutes which may be 3-4 pieces of reported news and discussion, Joe wil l be on 3 times or more. At some point, we have to mute the commercial. Also, the advertising of "Trumpy Bear" (made in China) is demeaning, in our opinion, to President Trump. Pulling the american flag blanket out of the back of the toy is in poor taste. The $40.00+ for the toy should go to the Trump campaign against voter fraud. Newsmax should find another worthwhile piece of merchandise (Made in America) to sell which ALL may wish to use with part of the proceeds going to the President's campaign.

How sad that Americans have drank the one world government kool aide via the present governing group
While the Clintons and their cohorts are smiling out of one side of their mouths and talking trash out of the other side, there are war games afoot. It is interesting how often wars have been manufactured to cover up
Other agendas.
At a local group of "Outlet" stores I asked several of the more well known store managers if NewsMax had any clothes made in the US... as one of them sadly put it..."Good luck with that". China won out!
Makes you think and maybe listen a bit closer.

I foolishly took part in a Newsmax questioner about...
I foolishly took part in a Newsmax questioner about heart health. The "data" that I received back regarding my hearth health was egregiously in error.

It was only a few days later that my email address was spammed big time by Newsmax. For several weeks I was receiving a plethora of junk emails ranging from snake oil (holistic) peddlers hawking "miracle" cures for this and that, bogus investment opportunities and all of this other rot sensationalizing the wondrous "cures" that Dr. Oz and the PBS informercial docs, Dr. Roizen and Dr. Amen have up their sleeves.

Newsmax will take it upon themselves to blow your email address around like dandelion seeds, everywhere, to all sorts of scammers, shammers and charlatans that are lurking about. This is so typical of these arch conservative extremists groups.

If you see the name Newsmax on anything please BEWARE!

Months after unsubscription request they still send...
Months after unsubscription request NewsMax still send me news and 3rd party ads! It is a part of Tea party/Jewish lobbiest business. Nowadays all they publish is how Arabs hate US and Israel and want to destroy! There news a day is too much of a hate publishing, it sounds more like brainwashing of American citizens. Almost after every news to continue reading you end up some sort of ex cia agent Gen. Hayden newsmax news and asked to pay for subscription to be able to read any further!

Ultra-conservative, faceless and biased propaganda
Their "around the web" and "special reports" sections on their websites are all only bait and click advertisements for useless snake oil products.
It's completely editorial opinions, there are no facts. NewsMax are anti-science and their opinions are just downright anti-American democracy. This is like watching state tv in North Korea, complete and utter lies for an uneducated or mentally imprisoned audience.
If a fascist dictator needed a pedestrian looking news outlet to spew their lies, this and OAN would be it.
They should not dare call themselves news or journalists because they are an utter disgrace to the honorable profession.
Unless you enjoy dictatorships and living like Kurt Vonnegut's 1984, steer clear.

Confused here too.
As a veteran I of course lean to the left but because of shanaigans of my own party I have left. I'm now not political. I like Newmax because it give that antithesis of mainstream news. I'm so confused at this point that the only news source I watch with enthusiasm is PBS. I am sure NewsMax will disappoint me as well. Now I don't vote, I care but what's the point at this point and just like everyone else the Working Class doesn't exist anymore even though we are the majority. NewsMax is CLEARLY far right just as much as Main stream is far left. So for that I give them a three because I don't blame them. Fighting misinformation from one side to the other side doing the same is exhausting and dumb.

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