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Sick of arbitary posting times for direct deposit!
I have had my Netspend card for several years. The entire reason for getting the card is because of the 2 day earlier posting times for direct deposit. Over the years of having netspend, I have gone from getting my pay like clock work at 9pm Wednesday night (payday is actually Friday), to early hours Thursday morning, to now it randomly posting late Thursday night. The Times I have called about this issue, of course, Netspend blames my company though I know others who use different financial institutions who post their pay early DONT have this issue! This has caused me so many problems especially when setting up bills. Needless to say, I am SICK to death of Netspend and this BS! Just give me my f***ing money already!

I wish I could give 0 stars
I am a longtime customer of Netspend. But this week the day before my direct deposit, someone was able to charge 178.00 in fuel at a 7-11 in 2 separate charges WITHOUT MY CARD BEING PRESENT. I only had 56.00 in my account. After 40.00 in overdraft fees my account was 152.00 overdrawn. In the middle of a pandemic. I called customer service and explained the issue. I was told that NetSpend would dispute the charges as soon as it actually posted to my account, at this point it was authorization like when you use your card at the pump. I explained that I had my card and it had not been used in another town and certainly not for 178.00 in gas. My car holds 15.00 tops. Then the CSR tells me that it will take 45 - 90 to get the dispute settled and if it was in my favor the 56.00 would be credited. What does that mean? 3 months? I need my money now. And if I hadn't been able to stop my direct deposit I would be out 178.00 plus the 40.00 in fees that they would perhaps keep permanently. It has been such a hassle getting a paper check and having to go out to cash it. I buy groceries online for delivery so I don't get sick. I explained all this in numerous phone calls. I have the all access card that states 0 liability. The charge should have never been authorized without the card being present in the first place. Apparently the 0 liability is a myth. Don't fall for it like I did. I am thankful they were only able to steal 56.00 from me. Netspend has a fee for everything. They fee you to death but it's such a hassle to change over all my ACH payments I was willing to pay them. Until they suddenly became shady. Beware of losing your money to this company.

Selling Net Spend Debit Cards to Minors
When my son was 17 years old (two months ago) he was sold a net spend debit card by a company called Kum & Go a local gas station/convenience store. After my son paid 80 dollars in cash for the card, he tried to use it but it did not work. After calling Net Spend, he was informed that he needed to input his social security number to activate the card. He was also informed that he could not use his social security number because he was not 18 years of age. When he tried to return the card to Kum & Go, a seller of the Net Spend product, we was told that he could not and that he would have to get it sorted out with Net Spend. When he called Net Spend back to get a refund, NetSpend informed him that he needed to find someone over the age of 18 to activate the card for him. Now that he is 18 years of age, Net Spend will not activate the card without a copy of his drivers license and a copy of his social security card. This is how I came to find out about the situate since my son does not have access to his social security card. This debit card should never have been sold to a minor! How can you get away with selling something to some that they cannot use and then not let them return it for a refund?

Stolen Money
I spoke with a very nice customer service rep that refunded me my money in full. He explained to me the process on fraudulent charges and stated that Netspend was working upgrades for the card in the near future to help with security issues. I was surprised and thankful that NetSpend called me so quickly (less than an hour) after posting my review. I was not expecting that at all. I am happy they rectified the situation because I really needed my money.
On the 2nd of June I checked my account to pay some bills and noticed a charge of $360.88 that I did not make on my card to Ethiopian Airlines. I called Netspend immediately and was told I had to wait until the charge went through to file a dispute but in the meantime I could purchase another card and move $250 per day until I got my money out, activate my new card and if it was still pending after 10 days to call back and they would release my funds. I waited 11 days to call them and when I called she said that there was nothing she could do and that the company that processed the charge would have to do something about and I should try to call them. How can I call them with no verifying information?! I did not charge anything to Ethiopian Airlines and don't ever plan on it. The fact that you call yourself a bank and hold on to peoples money is insane! I have been waiting for 20 days and the charge is still pending in my account, how? It is very sad after reading these reviews that a company would actually do this to hard working people! I am pissed, I needed my money and it caused me to be late on a couple bills while I am already struggling and no cares!

Do not buy Netspend, it is garbage and they should be prosecuted for fraud.
I bought two different PayPal netspend cards for my step sons, so NetSpend could buy stuff for Christmas online. Both were $100 and after several attempts to activate and a ridiculous amount of back and forth I gave up, well now it's been a few months and I started to try again to activate as I don't like being stolen from and now they basically just hang up on
Me and say those cards are expired. I seriously wonder what percent of money put on these cards just get lost to fees or just abandoned out of frustration. These people really should be prosecuted for fraud, they are preying on the poorest most desperate people in our society… I have a PayPal account and love it. I can't believe PayPal would allow their name to be associated with Netspend! Disgusting!

NetSpend are the worse company, i needed to transfer money from my savings account to my checking account I was aware of only 6 transfers being able to be done within the month but when i called last week 3/18/2020 they told me I had one more transfer available if i needed to transfer any additional money out (not informing me of the consequences). Today 3/23/2020 I called to transfer money because my account overdraft, I understood there was an overdraft fee after 24 hours if not depositing money into my checking but when Amy the girl i spoke to on the phone today actually explain to me the consequence of my 7th savings transfer I was very upset, furious and overwhelmed! (7th saving transfer follows with a cancellation on your saving account for a 90 day period). She had the audacity to tell me to go to a bank or a chain store! With the corona virus going on and many many places not opening she refused to help me further. I had no choice but to close my saving account due to the lack of information giving to me by one of their colleagues. I begged her to help me but she refused to look for any kind of alternatives. I explain to her this wasn't my fault this was the companies fault for not communicating well with their customer yet an apology wasn't even given to me all she said was for the future we will make sure to inform our colleagues as if the future would be any help to my now. It is unfair and ridiculous how customers need to suffer the consequences for the lack of professionalism and accuracy of information given to us by NET-SPEND!

Account Locked
Account locked down for no reason, didn't even receive an email or anything to let me know it was locked until I tried to login, WELL GEE YOU DON'T SAY. Pretty shady right there.
Been using this card for years and never had a problem until now. I send them an email about my issues, still no response after two days, so I call. Representatives are no help whatsoever and don't care, just redirect you to someone else to wait another twenty minutes. Finally get to the point where I have to send in verification via email of my identity after already having plenty of proof ON THE PHONE. Jump through hoops to get them to accept my ID, Proof of address, AND SOCIAL SECURITY CARD. No response back for another three days while I have absolutely no money to get gas, food, or pay my due bills the entire time. I call them on the phone again and am not let down by their sheer lack of care. NetSpend just repeat the same thing over and over without even listening to what you're trying to explain to them. Can't cancel the card or get a refund, can't withdraw my money out, can't even login to my account to do anything. Can't use the money I busted my a** for to be able to live and my savings are locked up with it.
This company is shady as he**, I wish I had done the thorough research beforehand and went with an actual bank or even just carrying my money around everywhere with me, would have been a lot safer than letting Netspend hold it, honestly. Leaving it outside on the sidewalk with a sign above it would be safer. Definitely learned my lesson now, never again will I give a single cent to this company, and if anyone asks me about it, I will make sure they know to steer far, far away from it. I feel for all the other people here who have experienced the same thing or worse.

Netspend rip off
I had netspend for almost two years no issues. I went to reload my card and could not. I reached out to netspend and was told fraud activity was reported so I would have to get a new card which I did, only when I tried to activate I could not. Then I call netspend back, I'm told I can no longer be a customer, for no explanation what so ever. I put 500 in card and told I have to wait for a refund in check form and it has to be 10 business days. I should not have to wait that long to get my money, it's my money. I reached out to corporate and NetSpend are a bigger joke than their customer service. They never sent me anything in email, phone, or mail there was an issue with my account. And corporate email says they for security reasons can not tell me why they shut my service off, I have never ever seen or heard anything like this? Until I researched and seen they gave done this to several others and FTC even filed suit against them for this. How are they still in business and why is this allowed? From my research I can basically see most are shut down after they use card for larger card or multiple card reloads after taxes, unemployment retro pay etc. which is stupid on netspend part to shut people down thinking this is a security issue. It's common especially during pandemic. Omg I despise their whole dumb company and wish I never ever used them,

Stllen stimulus check and poor customer service
My stimulus check was deposited on March 12th. Within 8 hours my entire check was stolen with a virtual card. Only $5 was left out of my $1400 check. Any real bank would have flagged the card during the first 2 transactions. $500 and a $300 western union transfer. I called as soon as I noticed. It took me 3 days to get in contact with netspend. Once I did get in contact with Netspend I was given the runaround. I still have no gotten my money back. I spoke with someone today and was told it would take 15 business days to receive my money back. Within 15 days NetSpend would mail me a check. Even though the money was deposited onto my bank card. They decided to close my account and mail me a check. The check still has not been mailed out... they will mail it with 15 business days. It is ridiculous that I have been give the runaround and I am the victim. Netspend has the worst customer service.

A company full of theives!
My experience with NetSpend occurred last summer, and I am glad that I really dodged a bullet with this one. I've since opened a bank account and own an actual debit card. Onto my experience, I had just began a small summer job that payed well for my age, once the job was complete, I didn't have the necessary components for a bank account so I began looking for alternatives. My local grocery store had these cards in stock with the name "NetSpend", once I realized that their cards were re loadable, I instantly purchased it and loaded $500 onto the card. Upon activation, I received an error indicating that I needed to call their customer service which might I add is awful in it's own right (finding a fluent English speaker is an absolute nightmare), after a relatively smooth connection, the woman on the other end indicated that I needed to provide some personal information (Social security #, proof of address etc.), after sending this information TWICE, both times were completely denied with VERY poor excuses. Not only did NetSpend have my money held hostage but I had no other money to use in the meantime, after constant battle with their god awful customer service, they offered to return the money in the form of a check, I agreed and much to my surprise, received it in the mail after I gave hell to their support team. I ended up having to use Visa gift cards that summer as an alternative, It wasn't the best option but it was a thousand times more reliant than this horrible excuse of a company, If YOU or your child or whoever are looking for an alternative to a bank account, save yourself the trouble and avoid this monstrosity, you will not regret it, I promise. They can and WILL rip you clean off. I've even read some reviews where some never even received the paycheck from NetSpend, ultimately ending with them never gaining the money that NetSpend took, back! Awful company and I will do everything in my power to assure that no one I know or myself, to never purchase from them ever again. Goodbye NetSpend, unlike you, Huntington actually cares for my money and doesn't hold it hostage.
(PS: No regrets!)

This card/company needs to be investigated ASAP
My elderly father has an account with this company and recently lost his card and requested a replacement for a $25 expedited fee and the card never arrived. The fee was supposed have to card sent in 1-3 business days back in June. Since then my father has been hospitalized and each time he calls and tries to inquire about his account NetSpend ask him a series of questions that i know he doesn't know the answer to as he has early onset dementia and when you provide his social security number they now say the account doesn't exist. My father's monthly social security benefits are applied to this card and for the last two months he (we) have not been able to access his money to pay his bills like rent, which means i have been paying the bills. We've recently had to enlist the help of an attorney. NetSpend should be ashamed of themselves for taking advantage of unsuspecting people like my father.

They steal your money!
Recentlygot a Netspend card, loaded $215 and the first time that I went to use it it got denied. Called customer service and was told that it is standard procedure for them to receive a copy of my social security card even though it says that nowhere on their packaging. Unfortunately I've lost my social security card so I explained that to them ask them if I could provide any other type of documentation NetSpend told me no. After a much heated debate with their horrible customer service representative I was told that they would be mailing me my check back and I would receive it in 7 to 10 business days. I also didn't mention that I purchased that card to pay a traffic ticket and another bill that I had due on that same day, so now I had to call the police department get an extension for 30 days on my ticket and my other bills yet to be paid. Today I arrived home it is the 10th business day, run to my mailbox and guess what? No check from NetSpend. I also forgot to mention that when I called them about it the other day to check on its status they had my condo number wrong even though I was the one who registered it and certainly registered it right. So in my mind I think because I caused such a stink with the customer service representative he purposely left a number out of my condo number so that I wouldn't receive the check, because come to find out when it gets sent back there's another 15 day waiting period Before they can mail you another check, that also takes 7 to 10 days to arrive. I'm going to call them tomorrow and raise hell I want my money back I'm not having it tied up for over a month because they're stupid and cannot do their jobs right. If you are planning on purchasing a NetSpend card do yourself a favor and buy a Visa gift card instead! Horrible experience!

I haveNet Spend, opened it a couple months ago and get my direct deposit on it. I made a purchase through another company didn't feel comfortable about the purchase so I wanted to wipe out card and get a new one. Net spend said NetSpend had put a block on it, until the new card came in. I asked the customer service representative if you could get a temporary card until the new one came in. Her reply was I need to purchase one. So I purchased a card called customer service and they saidI need verify the account I would have to answer some social security questions. The question were pertaining to street addresses that I had no idea what they were. They said I didn't answer the questions correctly. To me the addresses have nothing to do with social security. I spoke to a supervisor and I was agitated and then they told me they would have the fraud department contact me in 24 hours. I then called social security and asked if they ask about addresses and they said they don't. They said I was a victim of a possible scam and fraud. I also went to consumer affairs website and there are several complaints about asking no pertaining questions on account. Net spend refuses to release my money until I verify their questions. Another representative told me that fraud department would call me back in 2-3 day and whoever told me 24 hours was misinformed. I feel like I am a victim of fraud.

None protection of customer accounts
I in a co-worker both have NetSpend, our direct deposit from our employers go to NetSpend. A month ago my co-workers NetSpend account was hacked, a purchase was made on his account that he had no knowledge of and had not authorized. A month after that I find out that my account has also been hacked to the tune of hundreds of dollars. It seems that a foreign company was was taking money from my account a little bit at a time sometimes four or five times in that day and I never got one alert about the money that was being taken from my account. The amounts that were taken should have made NetSpend curious because the same company using two different accounts were taking the same amount out four or five times a day and then NetSpend finally hit it in a bigger amount and this went on for months. The only way I found out about it was because I have a separate account with Bank America Bank of America when I talk to the reception receptionist so the bank manager about it they asked to see statements of my account with NetSpend. Bank of America pull those account numbers and did a little investigation themselves and found out these companies truly don't exist there is an account and the money is going to those accounts but the account is one account not two. So I filed a dispute claim with NetSpend, and as soon as I filed the dispute claim NetSpend locked and closed my account out completely said that risk management closed my account with money still on my account or in my account I should say. And I was told that I wouldn't receive my money on their account for 10 business days. So I have no way of knowing what the investigation is going to lead them to I have no way of knowing where they are with this investigation. And since they've blocked my account they could literally just say forget it and not pay me a dime of my money back period and I'm talking hard it's a dollars. So in the long run if you're trusting NetSpend to secure your money, I wouldn't trust them to secure a penny of my money.

Netspend is a scam!
NetSpend charge you for the card (4.95) they charge you for reloading the card (4.95) They charge you for every transaction (1.00) they charge you to pull money out the ATM (2.00) They charge you for purchasing anything online (1.00) so basically Everytime you use the card they take your Money also! This was never informed to me. If your already using their services why take additional money off every time I use the card? I would rather have a bank account, or a green dot card. They both would save you way more money! Netspend is a scam & I wouldn't recommend & their customer service representative are very unprofessional, and confusing. I just told them to Shut my card off Immediately, I'd rather spend $25 to open up a ligit bank account, it's so worth it. Now you can actually save your money with NETSPEND taking anything from you... Thanks State Employees Credit Union

Total Scammer
I previously had a Netspend card and had no issues for a good amount of time. However, on or around 10/16/2020 I had contacted Netspend and asked them if it would be a problem if had had the store put my refund onto the Netspend card if I had originally paid with cash, NetSpend assured me I wouldn't have any issues. I then proceeded with the refund for my prior cash purchase and within a day or two my Netspend account showed it had posted. I then proceeded with using my Netspend card and it got declined. I then called Netspend and asked them what was going on, they then told me my account has a block on it that i need to email them with the refund receipt and I did just that. I then receive a email stating my account had to be passed to the risk team. I then called customer service again and was then told I needed to send the actual purchase receipt so I emailed them again with this information. I then got another email stating there was still problems so I called them again and they told me they never received the purchase receipt they only received duplicate images of the refund receipt. I pleaded with them telling them I need access to the funds and they told me to send a copy of the original purchase receipt again and then received another email stating there was still issues. I emailed them numerous times with a copy of the original cash purchase receipt and they kept telling me they only received numerous duplicate copies of the refund receipt and the only way for them to release the funds so I can have access to my account was to send them the original purchase receipt. Finally after getting extremely upset and still pleading with them and after send more emails with the same information they then finally took the hold off my account and told me I had access to those funds.
So I then went to the ATM at withdrew all the money I had on my card. Some time later I went to go and try to load money on my card and it wouldn't go through. I checked my Netspend account and unbelievably my account was negative for the balance of my refund of $775.94. Also they closed my account and I've tried to call customer service numerous times after this and my call either gets disconnected or I never reach customer service. I feel they are trying to steal money by saying someone over drafted they're account and somehow maybe putting a claim to get that money fraudulently credited to them making it seem like they are cheated out of money when in fact they are lying and trying to cheat people and steal from people and the government. I don't want to risk this being put on my credit report and I sure the heck don't want them to me able to make false claims so they can have maybe insurance or what ever other service give the money to reimburse them for money that doesn't rightfully belong to them. This business needs to own up to their lies and admit fault and quit trying to fraudulently make money that doesn't belong to them

Doing the same things in 2020 that got them sued in 2016
When I initially got my card, NetSpend cancelled my first card (which already had my paycheck loaded) because I called and asked why it was taking so long to receive it. Without a mention, they cancelled it. When it arrived, I couldn't activate it because it was closed, so I had to pay for overnight shipping. It was like pulling teeth getting them to activate it. Kept telling me that the cross street next to my house was incorrect, DOB wasn't correct, etc. By some act of God, they activated it. Thought the nightmare was over. Wrong. I got charged some fees for features that I did not ask for. I had to file a complaint with the BBB to get it taken care of. The headquarters are in Austin, Texas but call center in India. Rude CSR's will hang up on you if they can't resolve anything. The assistant to the President was asking me in an email to mark my BBB complaint as resolved. Begging, in fact. I had the card for about 2 years and didn't have any further issues, but I wondered what would happen if the card got hacked? Will they resolve it? I decided not to find out. I went with a bank. The fact that they are doing the same thing in 2020 that got them sued for $54 million by the FTC in 2016, should be a HUGE RED FLAG. THEY ARE STILL:
Making activation impossible (or nearly) by demanding faxed copies of ss cards, I.D. licenses, and denying that they received the info. Asking questions like DOB, cross street, etc and denying access to money saying your answers are incorrect.
Locking people out of their account with no explanations leaving people with no access to their money
Not refunding money when fraudulent activity occurs.
They. Are. Still. Doing. The. Same. Thing.

TERRIBLE, AWFUL and HORRIBLE! I will never, never, NEVER purchase a Netspend anything card again! EVER! 4 days ago I purchase a Netspend card and loaded $160.00 on it. I was unable to activate the card and upon calling customer service I was informed that NetSpend were unable to activate the card due to a negative balance on a previous card from 2016. First of all, I don't even know how you get a negative balance on a card that is PREPAID to begin with. So I paid the negative balance of $46.13 as instructed & told that they would the activate the new card and I could access the $160.00 that I'd loaded on the card. After 4 days, numerous phone calls and talking to too many people to count, the only thing I've accomplished is repeatedly being told that they will contact the billing department by email to lift the restrictions of my card. The customer service team is very rude and unhelpful, I was actually told to twiddle my thumbs until the restriction was lifted! I've been told the money will be accessible in 24 hours for literally 4 days now! I will NEVER waste my time or money with Netspend again & advise anyone to use ANY other company than Netspend because they're HORRIBLE all the way around!

This company is a scam! Allowing me to register 2 debit cards accidentally bought for 3 minors and whole registering the 3rd it tells me something is wrong and NetSpend cannot verify my identity that I need to send on a copy of my driver's license, pay stub, utility bill. I do not feel comfortable giving that kind of information when registering a gift card. So now I'm out 20 bucks because I will not give this company copies of my personal business to get my daughter's 20 bucks all I do know is to make sure you get the right kind of card, my husband didn't realize he was buying these kinds of gift cards/debit cards but he did and now my kids cannot even use them well my oldest child cannot! Never use these gift cards

Can not access my money that I put on the cars
This company sucks. I have been trying to contact a live representative for days now and I only get one prompt when I call and it asks me for the card number and the PIN. When I enter this information it says that my pin is not correct. I know for a fact that my pin is correct and I'm starting to get really pissed off now. Instead of resolving this quickly, I had to text help in order for someone to respond. NetSpend responded by giving me an email address. I don't want to text them, I don't want to email them I just want to speak to a live human being and stop getting the runaround. Basically the money I put on the card is useless. I will never ever again in my life purchase a card from NetSpend. If you're looking to speak with someone, good luck because I've been trying for days. I do not recommend NetSpend to anyone unless they want to lose their money and get screwed

Wish I could give them zero stars
Wish I could give them zero stars. NetSpend are a scam. Our daughter received their card from her grandfather for her birthday. He thought it was a gift card, as it is deceivingly placed among the gift cards in the stores. To access the money, you have to call and give your Social Security number and open an account. Because we didn't do this for over 90 days, they tried to tell us the card had expired, and that there was no money. I argued that there was $50 loaded on there. Eventually they agreed to forward my money to an account. This was in Dec. The card was came while I was on vacation, so when I got to activating it in early Feb, I found they had been deducting a $5.95 fee from the month of Aug - 4 months prior to when I called to activate it! My balance was $14.95. I was able to recover some of the fees, but after the fee to send a check of the remaining balance, I walked away with $32. They stole the difference of $18 from a two year old child. Truly, they are a deplorable company.

Please please do not trust this card company with your money!
I noticed a lot of charges on my card and call them right away. NetSpend started a dispute and said that they were unauthorized charges and gave me my money back. Then a few days later (on my birthday day) I get a letter in the mail saying that they took the $197 back out of my account because Google IMVU said that they were authorized. I contacted Google IMVU and they said that they were unauthorized charges and that they close down the account. They also sent me an email verifying this information. I called NetSpend back and asked why if it says that it wasn't authorized then why am I not getting my money back and they said there's nothing we can do that they were authorized charges. They end up sending me these big stack of papers that just shows receipts for things that I did not order. I am now stuck with $197 gone out of my account and they told me that all I can do is get a hold of Google IMVU to get the money back. How can I get the money back from Google IMVU when they're saying that the charges were unauthorized and they already gave the money back. I really liked this company at 1st and I made the awful mistake of trusting them with my son school clothes money. It might not seem like a lot of money to somebody else but to me it is. So please do not trust them with your money.

I like Netspend
I personally really enjoy having netspend. I have had several times where my account has been hacked. Netspend has made it right every single time. I would not have known right away if it weren't for them flagging my account. NetSpend really do pay attention to what is right on my account and what is not. They have always reimbursed me when my account has been hacked. Just today I had a company charge me the same thing twice. That company stated they could only see the one transaction. They asked for my bank to be on the line to verify. I got Netspend on the line and they verified that there were 2 of the same transaction. Netspend declined the 2nd transaction and refunded my money back immediately. I love that you get paid before the actual pay date. I don't like the fee for the ATM, as the ATM's charge a fee and then Netspend charges a fee. I love how even transactions that are pending have already come out of the available balance immediately. I have overdrawn several banks for this alone. All in all, I've had Netspend for 5 years and I don't plan on leaving them anytime soon!

Sorry Central
I've had Netspend over 5-6 years. Currently... have over 7-9 cards sitting in my dresser. Due to "holds" or "sorry errors" on netspend's end. I've called back multiples times with communication failure between reps. Had "expedited cards" sent out to me for 3-5 business days, which came in the original 7 days. I use netspend to deposit my checks from work. I thought for the convenience of getting paid earlier and less hassle (as advertised). It seems the aggravation of miscommunication and holds being placed for a $36 charge at 7 am is not worth it at all. When in all seriousness I gas up over $40 on a regular. I'm not sure what the error true was behind that hold. I was told another card would again be "expedited" out to me, so I can add this to the collection of wonderful errors I already have. Guess it's my fault for not baking wisely. OoO

Netspend Locked Me Out Of My Account
Netspend locked me out of my account. Yazzy told me to upload my id, ss card and proof of address. She said it would be unlocked after 6 hours of double that. Kaylee emailed me later that night at 12:00. She approved it but to exert her power she told me upload another photo of my ss card to show me whos boss and who has the upper hand. I did everything even though I don't trust them with my personal information because NetSpend are untrustworthy and liars. So After that they said it would take 6 hours to unlock it but then decided to exert their power again by changing it to 24 hours for a review and decision. Even though I never reported a fraudulent activity and never got an explanation of why the lock was placed in the first place. I guess they just need some money and a good excuse to keep mine so they did this. Now, after the twenty four hours came and went the emailed me over twenty four hours later to ask for access to my money, to show who had the upper hand again Netspend told me the lock was under review and they will email about the decision in two days this time. They are getting arrogant now. So, I told them I need access to my money because someone needs medical attention also because its my money and I feel like Im begging from them or asking for a home loan. They are slow to respond and when I call its a Indian call center and the customer service agent will duck the call as soon as possible when I tell them I'm calling about the lock they seem to want to reroute the call and then leave me on the phone until it hangs up or if not that they will try to make me believe that six hours didn't pass yet when it has been days and I have proof in the emails. They will say anything to be right or nothing at all and avoid you. I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone to use. I might just apply for a loan because I probably would get that faster than getting my own money back from my Netspend account.

Denied receiving my stimulus payment
Last year I received my social security disability and was told to be on the lookout for a direct Express card. I had just moved and the only people who had my new address was the social security office and I hadn't even put in a change of address form yet. A couple of days later I received a NetSpend card in the mail with my name on it and when I called to see if my benefits was on it I was told that this was the card I was waiting for and NetSpend gave me the account number and routing number for me to send to the social security office and was told to apply for the stimulus check and to enter the information they gave me. I was told there was a time limit and to hurry up and apply. I used the information and applied for the stimulus payment and before I could contact the social security office I received a direct Express card in the mail? I contacted them to activate my account and told them what NetSpend had done and they stated that they are not affiliated with NetSpend and the social security office wouldn't be sending me a netspend card EITHER! I contacted them about it and was given the run around and continually lied to. When I tried to use the irs website to change the account information it was too late! Last year I kept calling and emailing them about my payment and was told that I never got one and this year I got on the irs website and it shows a scheduled deposit on April 15th? I received a letter from the IRS stating that payment was taken for child support but the 2nd payment is clear and nobody can take it away. The irs website shows a scheduled deposit on January 4th to the NETSPEND account and I haven't received my money yet? NetSpend keeps CLAIMING that there is no record of any transaction and to contact the IRS? I have done so on many occasions and they have informed me that if it says scheduled deposit on a certain date and has the account number than they DID IN FACT SENT IT! Now I'm having to file a trace on the payment to find out where my money is! Netspends app shows NOTHING ACCEPT TO BE READY FOR A ECONOMIC STIMULUS PAYMENTS AND TO MAKE SURE I HAVE A CARD AND IT KEEPS SENDING ME EMAILS about having direct deposit when I am signed up for EVERYTIME ALERTS?! IF NETSPEND DIDN'T LIE TO ME I WOULD HAVE ALREADY RECEIVED MY PAYMENTS BECAUSE PEOPLE ON SOCIAL SECURITY DIDN'T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING AND THE FUNDS WAS AUTOMATIC... NOW I'M TRYING TO GET THE MONEY AND ANSWERS EVERYBODY ELSE HAS GOTTEN AND DON'T KNOW HOW LONG IT WILL TAKE TO GET MY MONEY BUT 1 THINGS FOR SURE... THE IRS AND THE SOCIAL SECURITY OFFICE IS AWARE OF THE SITUATION AND I INTEND ON CANCELING THE ACCOUNT TO MAKE SURE THE NEXT ROUND OF STIMULUS PAYMENTS DEPOSITED WILL NEVER GO TO MY NETSPEND CARD! AS OF THIS MORNING THE IRS WEBSITE STILL STATES THE PAYMENT WAS SENT AND WHEN I CALL NETSPEND I BET THEY SAY THE SAME THING... THEY DON'T HAVE ANY KNOWLEDGE OR RECORD OF ANY TRANSACTION... BUT METABANK SAYS IT'S NOT THEM AND THEIR NOT INVOLVED WITH IT BUT THEIR NAME IS ON THE CARD AS THE ONE WHO ISSUED IT AND MASTERCARD ISNT INVOLVED BUT THEIR LOGO IS ON THE FRONT? I BELIEVE THEY ARE STEALING MONEY FROM PEOPLE (AT LEAST IN MY CASE) AND SOMETHING SHADY IS GOING ON WHEN A COMPANY LIES TO A DISABLED PERSON AND TRICKS THEM INTO ACTIVATING THERE CARD AND WILL NOT STRAIGHTEN THINGS OUT BETWEEN THE IRS, SOCIAL SECURITY AND MYSELF!

Give me my money now
So I was scammed out of my info by someone posing as a netspend employee. Half of my taxes was stolen and the other half NetSpend won't give me back! I did everything they requested and they are holding my remaining funds without a time frame. They are holding my money left in the account to investigate it which is stupid when they can see the IRS deposited the money. The day after I requested them to close my account they let a additional 240. Leave my account by the thief. I reached out to the CEO who had a nasty attitude loser named Billy call me back only to say we are right and you are wrong deal with it and wait. This has put my family in a financial hardship due to being unemployed and just moving into a new home. That was my rent for future months that they are holding like it's theirs.

I didn't think this was legal
On May 28th my card was stolen along with my phone which is how NetSpend got my pin numbers etc. My acct was taken for almost $19,000 dollars. I called when I first knew of my card being stolen and shut off the card and and started the dispute. Not only that I had another deposit go on my acct and I couldn't access that money. They said I could transfer funds that was a lie! They have cancelled my account and I can no longer have a NetSpend acct. The rep said to look for a check in the mail. First off this was not my fault but they are sure making it that way. When I got my unemployment back pay I was so thankful. Then to have it gone has been a nightmare. I am praying that I get these funds back. Please if anyone can help me I would be so thankful.

Dont do it. Negative stars they dont even get 1 star
This is the worst place ever I went purchased a card put 24.88 cash on it and tried to activate it and NetSpend want all kinds of stuff I sent them my I'd and print out from dmv and my utility bill now they want a copy of my social security card that's ridiculous I have been sent so many cards from them and now that I purchased one added money and I cant activate it they wont even give me there name or I'd number but they want all my personal info and wont transfer to supervisor and now I'm blocked I am so furious I will never do that again the worst prepaid company ever to stop that off looking at the package it states I'd verified I verified it didn't say anything about social security card until you open the package it's a scam they should get there business took so how they like that its caused so much hardship and it's only 20 bucks and sum change really

Ordered my FIRST card on the 25th of January and was supposed to receive it between Feb 3rd - 8th. It is now the 13th and I still haven't received my FIRST card. I called on the 10th to pay 25$ to have my SECOND card shipped and RECEIVED in 1-2 days so by the 12th. Now NetSpend are telling me I should receive the second card on or before the 16th. So much paying 25$ for 1-2 day shipping. All anyone from customer service does is lie and give you the run around. I would call see what they told me then call back knowing I wouldn't get the same person and they would tell me something completely different. They talk over you and don't let you talk. Don't even try to talk to a supervisor. I called 2 times in a row to speak with one and was on hold both times for a MINIMUM of 35 minutes before hanging up. I tried emailing them and they just do the same thing. Also the fees are ridiculous, as soon as my money was deposited to my account they already took a 3$ fee from my money. Not to mention the misleading 25$ for overnight shipping. I have money that I can't even use and no one at spend seems to care. Worst company ever. If you have a Kroger grocery store near you I suggest you pay $3 to get one of their cards they are amazing. Earn points wherever you shop and earn free groceries when you shop at Kroger. If I hadn't lost my account number I would've used it to avoid a horrible company like net spend.

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Description: NetSpend is a leading provider of reloadable prepaid cards and related financial services in the United States. We serve the estimated 68 million underbanked consumers who do not have a traditional bank account or who rely on alternative financial services. Our mission is to provide products and services that empower consumers with the convenience, security and freedom to be self-banked.

Since 1999, our products have helped more than 10 million consumers to make purchases, pay bills and manage their money without the need for a checking account or credit history.

Through our nationwide network of more than 70,000 distribution locations and 130,000 reload points, consumers can buy and reload NetSpend Prepaid Cards at neighborhood retailers, check cashers, convenience stores, grocers, pharmacies, insurance providers and tax preparers nationwide. In addition, our direct distribution channel reaches consumers beyond our store-based distributors. NetSpend is also a leading provider of corporate payroll card solutions that help employers offer all employees a direct deposit option and eliminate expenses associated with paper checks for employees and employers alike

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