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I've had Netflix longer than I can remember
I've had Netflix longer than I can remember. Every now and then Netflix throw some good movies on there. Also they have some classic shows you can binge watch during snowy or rainy days.

When you have a shared account, you can have different profiles for each person you share with. However, everyone has different tastes and the technology still isn't updated where each profile can have their own tastes. I know it's extra leg work and if someone really wants their own personalized Netflix then they should just have their own account. Or they can offer that feature at a slightly higher price for families that share accounts.

The streaming is the only option that I use on Netflix. I just can't trust myself to efficiently send DVDs back at a reasonable time.

Overall, more recently Netflix has stepped up their game with the addition of Friends and The Interview. If they continue to negotiate harder for better movies and shows, they can get to 5 stars.

Not for me
I was a subscriber for several years several years ago and cancelled because after a while I wasn't watching it at all. Whenever I searched for anything Netflix never had it. They were so disorganised, nothing in alphabetical order, pictures with the names of films or shows on them that I usually couldn't even see or read, it was a real struggle, many shows/films under the wrong categories, and not a lot to my taste anyway, not that I could find anyhow. I requested on more than one occasion that they add an alphabetical list somewhere of everything that was on currently and was told that was a great idea, but of course they never did anything about it. I ultimately cancelled and that was my main reason - I couldn't find anything and wasn't even watching it any more.

Three things I really hate about the actual viewing of netflix are that if you want to watch the credits, or sometimes even want to see the end of something before the credits, you've got to have the remote control handy and rush to click on watch credits before they cut it off, that the next episode plays after cutting off the beginning and you've got to rewind, and that they pause the show/film midstream to ask if you want to continue watching. I really think these things should be the other way round. They should play everything from beginning to end, not stop and ask if you're still watching, and give people the option to skip the credits if that's what they want to do. It's not their place to worry about customers' use of data. I've got enough to play it 24/7, and I'm sure I'm not alone.

I just decided to do what was supposed to be a 30 day free trial to see if anything had changed for the better, but no, and to top it off they cut off my trial abruptly and early and when I asked why, they said it was to prevent fraud because they (probably a robot rather than a person) had decided that there was unusual activity on my account, so they suddenly cancelled it. I told them it was no different to my activity when I was a subscriber in the past. On top of that, the free trial was an upgrade to the premium version, which meant I should have been able to have a lot more activity than I actually did if there were other people also watching it. They said if I wanted to join I'd have to use a different method of payment, and I didn't do anything to warrant this treatment, it was their doing, and I only have one method of payment. If I did join, which I don't plan to, what's to stop this sudden cancelling of my account again and again if their technology decides to do so? All the netflix person had to offer was a refund of my last month's subscription (which didn't apply this time) and to tell me I'd have to use a different method of payment. Their support is worse than it used to be. At least they used to be more friendly and pay more attention to what was said to them, even if they didn't do anything about it.

Once great, now meh
Netflix DVD rental used to be great. Great selection of movies, great customer service, great prices - you get the idea. The decision to split the company into separate parts - one devoted to streaming content and the other to renting out hard copies has not been good for those of us who would rather watch/rent dvds than stream stuff online. There are now a remarkably large number of movies simply UNAVAILABLE if you want to rent the dvd. Many dvds arrive in unplayable condition as well. But the biggest problem with the service now is THROTTLING, which is a deliberate denial/slowdown of service to users who return discs too quickly for NetFlix to make a profit from their accounts. This is a REAL THING, not tin-foil hat conspiracy craziness.

My account was closed for an extended period of time and when I decided to start renting again, I also decided to open a new account. As dvd renters know, the first month for new accounts is free. And what a terrific free month it was! Turnover on rentals was brisk. I'd mail things back the day after receipt. I generally found myself getting TWO deliveries from NetFlix per week. Which STOPPED shortly after the free month ended. Now, dvds I mail back seem to vanish into nowhere for days at a time. Getting them to ship stuff out is like a grudge match now. Look, if sending too many dvds out to folks is all that much of a problem, why don't Netflix just change their rental plans? Charge a set amount PER DISC. I'd be more than happy to pay 2-3 dollars for each dvd I rent if that's what they want. But the way they screw around to try and keep profits up is really annoying.

Going downhill, hard to find any English language content
Their library has all but disappeared compared to when I joined a few years ago. It looks like Netflix have lots of content still, but my only language is English, and when you start looking at things you find over half the shows in other languages, most with english subtitles. Tried watching a few, very hard to follow most shows cant read and watch at same time. This is clearly intentional and there is no way to search for shows in your language. Makes the service marginal at best. In past they had a huge library of English TV series and movies, most of which are gone now. I was watching a few series only to have them be deleted while I was part way through. I'd try (I have no affiliation)which has more english language content and has a free option with no ads.

2 stars instead of 1 because Netflix does have some English content, and some Netflix made content (although most of the "Netflix Original" is non English.) If they did have a way to search for shows actually in the language you speak most of the content would disappear from the search screens. Very sad trend.

Great Original Programming
What I really like about Netflix is the Original Programming! Series like "Stranger Things", "Glitch" and "The Mist" make it worth having. A couple of things I don't like is Netflix take off Movies without warning, and they don't have a lot of the newer TV Series and it takes forever to get new movies. And the cost of it has gone up very quickly! I was paying $8.99 (Which was a lot higher than my son's price of $5.99 but ok, I was a little late to the party) Then in November 2016 it went to $9.99. Then 6 months later in May 2017 it went to $11.99. And now in November of 2017 it goes up to $13.99 so I can have a small amount of shows in HD! I am rethinking the HD thing! So that is over 50% increase in 1 year! Maybe the new Disney Streaming Service will be less expensive. Or maybe Netflix will go down, since it is going to lose all Disney/Marvel/Star Wars movies when the Disney service goes on line (or maybe sooner!)

Blamed for Customer Support Error
I spoke with a customer support specialist today about a year long issue and was told that it was basically my fault for thinking that the previous Netflix customer service representative did their job. I called in a year ago to let them know that I suspected fraud and was told either change your password or cancel the account and open a new account. I chose to cancel the account and open a new account with payment through another source. Fast forward a year. Netflix have been billing me through two accounts and told me since I didn't finish the cancellation process, I was just paying for someone to watch Netflix for free, for a year. Question: If you already suspected fraud on your account, would you be willing to give anyone your account number? Well, because I didn't do that and trusted that the customer support person would cancel my account. I have paid almost $200 for a hacker to have free Netflix for a year. That's not the icing on the cake. Then, the representative from today says, "By the way, there is no way someone can get your information to get into your account." Yeah, right. She clearly told me that the account was being used and that the user was in another country. Yeah, I don't have friends in Asia Boo! It gets better! They told me that they could only reimburse me for one of the twelve months. Buyer beware! Hopefully, your account never gets hacked! It is more common than Netflix leads people to believe...

One star away from being 5 star simply because it forces...
One star away from being 5 star simply because it forces you to pay extra for the newer, better movies by signing up for dvd delivery. It's cheap either way but its annoying to have access to 2/3 of a trilogy, being unable to watch the one part of the trilogy you really wanted to watch.

Instead of shelling out 100+ bones a month for your standard internet + tv combo, you can pay 8$/mo for access to all of their online content (which is decently extensive) to watch as much as you want. TV shows, movies of all genres and even a fireplace. Which I watched today during the Christmas festivities.

For a few dollars more you can get dvds mailed to you (newer content than what is available online)

[1] Incredibly cheap compared to the alternative
[2] Large library of content
[3] Convenient, instant access

[1] Content is a few weeks old (if that matters to you)
[2] Content for kids online is not very extensive or new
[3] If money is no object, pay for the latest and greatest instead

Netflix... the OG of subscription and streaming
I've had Netflix we're probably going on at least 10 years now. Started with the DVDs that came in the mail and it was always fun to see what was coming next, and to be able to build up your playlist and had the next one returned automatically when you turn to the current disc was great. Course DVDs as the case with most technology overtime, have gone on away for the most part in lieu of or in favor of streaming. I have Netflix free now through my phone carrier which is a pretty cool benefit, but I have no problem paying $10 a month for the service. My biggest gripe with Netflix is the constant reversion to standard definition vs. HD. I have called a couple of times and the claim is that it's my Wi-Fi, yet I have Hulu live and Roku and neither of those seem to have a problem with the HD streaming. And it's not pleasant to look at a standard-definition picture on a 60-inch TV-the quality is just quite poor. However the pros it most definitely outweigh the Cons with Netflix, and I will continue to subscribe to it. Especially since I have about 27 people in my family using my login and I've never had an issue with Netflix telling me that I've got too many devices connected

I'm starting to feel scammed and pissed dont do it.
I download movies during not peak times to watch offline. Every time I do I have problems playing atleast half of them if not every single one. So I call customer service. Today was the 5th time over the same thing. And Netflix say well it was a problem with you downloading it. Your going to have to redownload them all again. Well I'm not doing that anymore. When I know it's not a problem with the downloads it's on their end because I've watched one of the movies every night offline and tonite was the first time it didnt work. How is it a downloading problem on my end if I've already watched it offline a dozen times? I'm spending hours and hundreds of dollars for hotspot internet every download. Right now I have 22 movies that are between 1 and 2.4 GB per movie. At 60 bucks per 20 GB that's money I'm wasting on Netflix and they will not make any attempt at fixing or making amends... only continue to say it's my downloading is the problem... and not even attempt to find the true solution as this is the 5th call about the same issue. So I need customer service to do their job and find out what the real problem is and finally fix it. Or I'm done

I have a very basic computer set up with a Lenovo computer...
I have a very basic computer set up with a Lenovo computer less than 6 months old, Win 7, DSL modem. No special anything on it.

I can watch Hulu shows and TV shows on without any problems. But, when I tried NetFlix I had terrible streaming/buffering problems. When I contacted Netflix Netflix told me to contact my internet service provider (ATT) - that it was their problem.

Talk about passing the buck! And telling me to contact ATT to fix anything is like telling me to give myself a frontal lobotomy without any anesthia, and, oh, here's an old pocket knife you can use to do it.

I hate companies that "pass the buck" to another company when there is a compatibility problem. This happens too often in the computer & communications arena.

Netflix should have been able to identify the problem (I'm sure I'm not the only person to run into this problem) and have some suggested solutions that they could give me.

Netflix is not my friend. Too bad because I'd love to watch some episodes that they have.

Review for DVD service
The concept behind Netflix dvd service is solid. Instead of renting 1 dvd/bluray disc for $1.50, you rent as many as you can watch for about $15.00 (with bluray) but the price is dependent on what service you select. The problem with this is not the discs themselves, but the way Netflix arrive. It was not uncommon for me to wait 4 days for a disc to arrive and 3 days for the disc to be returned. With approximately 1 week between the time the dvd was sent and the time Netflix got the dvd back, i was averaging about 4-5 discs per month. For the price, i would rather buy the disc outright for the retail price and be able to keep it than pay about $3.00 for what is usually a one time viewing.

In summary, if the price was cheaper and with a more prompt delivery time i would recommend it. But as it sits i cannot. Do yourself a favor and just buy the movies on an e-retail site used. Then you can at least keep the disc

I love Netflix: I use both the streaming on DVD services and have been relatively satisfied with both. My only complaint is that it is impossible to see ALL of the new titles that are available. I realize that Netflix are trying to help, but their algorithm is only guessing at what you might like based on what you've already watched. Well, the problem with that is if a title I want isn't shown then I don't even KNOW that I could have watched it. I have to go to other websites every month in order to find out what they are actually going to be offering, and to know in advance what is going to be taken off. These websites aren't always accurate, but that's better than not knowing at all. Believe me, I've complained about this over and over and so far nothing has changed. And like others say, thanks to this practice, viewers are all too frequently presented with the same titles over and over--even titles that you've already watched (and rated) and THAT is annoying. Still, I find plenty to watch and am getting my money's worth. It's just that I shouldn't have to go to OTHER websites to find out which titles I want to watch.

Anti-Trump Orwellian Internet Company
Netflix is 1000% over for me - You don't nuzzle up to the enemy and promote them (ie Obama, Letterman, most of Hollywood) in the middle of a civil war and get my support ever again.

This media streaming is all going to go blockchain and torrent, anyway. Hollywood is a gross display of self-importance, ideological subversion, brainwashing and ignorance.

The vast vast majority of actors, actresses, directors and industry leveraged critics are disconnected from humanity and today's reality. Netflix are overpaid, under informed and brainwashed to support global communism. Just mind blowing to see who these people really are. Yeuch!

Uncensored blockchain and torrent technology, with videos of real people, real talent, good news, fair play and integrity will put this nightmare group of elite "entertainment propaganda" into the grave of what will be rememberd as Earth's Dark Ages. How's that for a legacy!

There are all kinds of options for free tv and movies online - lots of free comparable apps too. Tubi and Crackle and a plethora of other apps are out there for free movies/tv.

Netflix Cancels all their GOOD shows
I had been a Netflix subscriber since before Netflix were a streaming service when they rented out DVD's via their mail service in the early 2000's. I was always happy with their service until recently. They seem to cancel shows more often than renewing them even if they're popular and they don't show any respect to their paying subscribers by finishing the stories that they started. Instead they have a myriad of bad reality shows to make up for lack of great content.
The cancelled shows that did not have an ending or the writers had wished to continue include; The OA, Anne with an E, AJ and the Queen, Insatiable, Santa Clarita's Diet, Chambers, She's Gotta Have It, No Good Nick, Sense8, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and the whole Netflix MCU catalogue among many others. Not finishing a series is like a book store selling unfinished books with half the book being blank pages. What is even the point?
Seeing as Netflix likes canceling shows and many of them I did watch I chose to cancel Netflix There is no point in paying for unfinished content or rewarding a company for having so many cancelled shows in their library.

I use Netflix both as a streaming and as a rent-dvds-at-home...
I use Netflix both as a streaming and as a rent-dvds-at-home service. Overall, it's well worth the money for me, but there are negative aspects. Read on...

-- PLUS: Easy interface, works on multiple devices (tablet, phone, Windows and Mac computers, gaming systems), lots of shows/movies to watch.
-- MINUS: You have to wait until the dvds have been out for a while before Netflix show up on streaming, which means that you can't watch the latest episode of XXXXX that aired last week. Their entire catalog isn't available for streaming. NCIS, for example, is not available streaming.

DVD rental:
-- PLUS: Lots more selection than streaming, very easy to ship back to Netflix since each disc comes in a returnable package, turn around time on DVDs is very fast.
-- MINUS: Some DVDs in sets are no longer available, which makes it impossible to watch a whole series. For example, season 2 of XXXXX show may have discs 2,4 & 5 permanently missing.

Wish I had cancelled cable years ago... Netflix and indoor antenna made it possible...
Where was I all these years that I spent $100 ++ on cable with all the bells and whistles? During those years I only watched Netflix occasionally and did not discover the amazing amount of interesting content Netflix offer. Now that I have free television with limited (but sufficient) content, I have found many Netflix "treasures" that I would never have discovered before. The documentaries are unique, plentiful, and top rate. The older classic movies... those I never had a chance to watch when they were produced... are wonderful entertainment, much to my surprise. I have found that these older films actually rely on good plots and good character interaction... unlike many current favorites that rely mostly on special effects and competition for the fastest action possible. Best of all are the foreign movies which give me an opportunity to be part of the cultures and concerns of countries I would never be able to visit. Also, I find that I do not mind waiting a year or so for the latest episodes of a favorite television show that I cannot access with free television. I have enough to view with all the other choices available.

Shows I never heard of
Ok so I live in Ireland and I only use saorview tv. Sky tv is just too expensive for how little I would be watching. So my 2 brothers and I went together to get the 4 screen Netflix account for 12 a month. It's great. Lots of programmes I had never heard of and in some cases programmes which my jobs had stopped me keeping up with so the convenience of Netflix is amazing. New stuff added each month then to make it better. I love how we have individual profiles so my list is just mine and the KIDS profile is separate so if my cousin's come this profile is there automatically so on our Netflix from the beginning it was one profile plus kids but then we edited and now have our 3 individual profiles plus kids. So Netflix don't have to see what I'm watching and their programmes won't be in my list either. Also there are Netflix original series which won't be seen anywhere else. I'm obsessed with hemlock grove right now. All in all Netflix is a welcome and cheap edition. And also my broadband is unbelievably bad its only 1.7MB and the Netflix works on a smart tv and 2 phones at the same time so don't listen to this "you need at least 2MB". Oh and also don't forget the first month is free, at the beginning you give your card details but you will not be charged until the last day when you will then be charged for the following month but you can cancel before this day and not be charged.

I wanted to love Netflix
I wanted to love Netflix - it's so easy. I put my account on hold quite a while ago because I rarely watched the DVDs I ordered right away (maybe 1 a month) and rarely used the junk streaming content - I thought I might get wistful for crap movies and shows and I'd spent so much time feeding their ratings machine, but I didn't. I logged in and canceled my account, sad for the lost ratings. I noticed a charge on my online credit card statement recently and investigated - Netflix had reactivated my account three months ago (yeah yeah, I should be more vigilant with the statements, whatever). When I called, Tayvon said he could only authorize one month of credit but could see I hadn't used it since I placed the hold. I asked to escalate, he put me on hold then offered to give two months credit because his supervisor was busy. He told me I could call my bank and dispute the third charge (likely a policy because AMEX will eat a small charge rather than go to the trouble to dispute it). Ick.

Netflix customer service like to B. S. their customers.
I recently joined Netflix again after a hiatus of many years, I received a 30 day free trial. I have a Roku device and I added the Netflix app, logged in and all was well for the first week. Suddenly while watching a show a swirling orange icon appears and then my profile and my son's profile disappears and it switches to my daughters (Kids) account. There is no option to switch profiles and exiting the app and re-entering the app takes us directly to my daughter's account. Restarting the Roku brings back the option "Who is watching Netflix" where I can then re-select my profile but, after a few moments the profile is gone again and I am force back into the kids profile.

I contacted Netflix via chat and informed them that their app is the only app that we have trouble with. The app opens and I can watch kids shows all day but, the two adult profiles disappear completely. I let them know I also uninstalled and reinstalled their app with the same results. Immediately the customer service rep tried to shift blame to my Roku device even though I told them that their app opens and the problem is internal to their app. (What if I would have bought a new Roku on that advice?) When I wouldn't let them off the hook that easy, Netflix said they had to do "research" and then returned to tell me that there was a server issue that Netflix engineers was trying to fix. It has now been a week and the same problem keeps happening over and over. I can use any other app on the entire Roku app store without issue but, Netflix is the only one I can't use without a problem.

I don't know if my family is going to keep watching or in my case "not watching" Netflix past the end of the free trial. I really like the selection of shows on Netflix but, if you can't watch them then what's the point.

It was so much better before...
I've been a member for nearly 13 years. At first, I joined for DVD only, and was amazed at how many movies I was able to find. Then, having a tight budget I joined streaming and canceled the DVD plan. I swear, that every time I looked up a movie for streaming, it was sorry, that is only available on DVD. I suspect that Netflix said it on purpose just so that I would feel forced to join the DVD plan again. And, I feel that the selection has gotten lousier. If you look up a genre, that same movie title will appear under at least five other genres. How in hell could that be possible? Horror isn't mystery, mystery is not necessarily drama, and action is not horror, and so on. There have been some Netfilx originals that were entertaining, but far and few between. We are seriously considering canceling because we also belong to Amazon Prime which has equally paltry picking so why pay twice for the same things? We recently joined and pay a small donation with far more classy programming! Also, animated previews of movies and series as soon as you log on are very distracting and irritating!

Today with hundreds of cable channels to flick through and on-demand choices from your cable supplier... it's actually a pretty good bargain to have NETFLIX as an alternative source of entertainment! The cost per month is nominal, and the wide variety of categories to choose from are fairly extensive. I tend to watch a lot of documentaries on NETFLIX, and find them to be for the most part very good entertainment. Movie selections are also very good, and you can dial in the type of movies you are interested in such as drama, scary, action, etc! All in all, I really feel that NETFLIX is a very good source of viewing options at the right price. Don't get me wrong... NETFLIX is not the end all be all... but dollar for dollar it provides some great viewing. If you never tried NETFLIX, I would recommend it especially for having a wide enough selection to suit almost everyone in your family. Thumbs up here for NETFLIX!

Just a few days ago my Netflix account was hacked and Netflix changed the email address and password so I couldn't log in anymore. I called Netflix and the situation was (supposed to be) resolved. My account was restored. I changed my password and then added my cell phone number for verification. They told me they never implemented two-step verification like other companies but that I would be ok moving forward.

About an hour and a half ago, I received an email notification that my email has been changed. My email and phone numbers are no longer associated with my account and I can't log in to change or cancel my membership.

I tried to call and because of the virus, they said their call helpline is down and the online live chat keeps kicking off with wait times flip-flopping from 15 min to 45 min to 1 hour back to 20 min and so on. Then they kick-off and I have to redo it.

How is it possible that an internet company even allows the possibility of someone getting into your account and being able to cut off the account holder so easily? MY CREDIT CARD INFORMATION IS ATTACHED TO THIS ACCOUNT.


I'm requesting my account be canceled and I'm done with Netflix until they install better security measures. I hope to hear from them soon.

If You Raise Your Price, You Need To Raise Your Quality
If you're going to raise my price, please raise your quality. There are amazing shows that are originals on this site and Netflix are really great. I highly recommend watching the majority of Netflix original series'. The problem is, they put up A LOT of TV shows that were amazing, but got canceled so it'd be nice to have some sort of closure to that and for them to at least try to pick up some of the shows people are actually asking them to like: Constantine, Survivors, Resurrection, etc... Cliff hanger endings are no fun. Also, the amount of time between the Jessica Jones seasons is too long. Also, you need a better selection of movies... especially horror. The price raise was annoying, but I like the service so I'll keep with it for now. I also was screwed out of a lot of money because of their old DVD plan. They kept mine on even though DVDs had gone out and just kept recharging me over what I should've paid since I NEVER got DVDs from them. If they'd return that extra money, I probably would be giving them a higher review right now.

UPDATE: I have noticed that Netflix is also only putting up one season of shows that have multiple seasons or putting episodes out of order and that is annoying.

If I had done this review a few months ago
If I had done this review a few months ago. Netflix would have gotten a 5 star. The recent price increase and changing the way the accounts work as far as what you get for the level of package you bought now has me thinking very different about them. I think they let there popularity get the best of them. They thought they had a tight grip on their customer base. In this soft economy people did not stand for it and it hurt them. Big Time! They need to drop back to what worked and stop trying to be greedy. They have a great product and great features. They should stop trying to get over on the customer before they lose respect and end up like the one they helped run out of the market (Blockbusters) If they do that I will change my review. I still have them but I dropped my package like everyone else did when the changes came out. The rest of the customers they had just canceled them... Frontrunner

I love netflix
I love netflix. I started with a free trial and knew I'd join before it was over. I got the 2 a month. Mostly I watch it for the instant streaming movies and tv shows. They've added a lot of new titles lately and are getting newer movies too. Sometimes the sound is not that great on the computer and I need headphones, but that's the only real problem with streaming. It also lets you know when a movie on instant is not going to be available online for much longer.

You can also watch on XBox and Wii. The interface on both is really easy to use and got improved so it's easier to search.

I had a movie go missing before it got to me and Netflix sent out a replacement quickly. Even let me know when the missing one turned up somewhere. Movies get here fast. One day I got a notice my next disc had been shipped and got it the next day! They have a really good selection too, but sometimes the recommendations based on my viweing are really strange. But you know that makes it fun because I might get suggested something I'd never consider.

Pretty good
If you sign up for Netflix wanting it to essentially be pay T. V. but without the hassle of having to sign up for a dozen expensive packages just to get access to the four or five shows you actually want to watch, you're going to get what you pay for.

Here's the rub though. If you live outside of the United States, quite often the selection of shows that aren't produced by Netflix will seem to be fairly limited. While it's great that Netflix is producing quality content such as Orange Is The New Black, Stranger Things, and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, it can come as an incredible disappointment that the shows you were a huge fan of ten or fifteen years ago aren't there.

So the actual content can be a bit of a mixed bag. It seems like a lot of the not-produced-by-Netflix content is just Bollywood movies and Korean dramas. Sure, that stuff has its audience, but how many people in Australia are actually watching that stuff?

But this is a fairly minor gripe against an otherwise good service. Netflix does provide a good range of original shows, many of which are of pretty good quality. And, unlike some of the shows on YouTube Red, you know that there's some quality control people around instead of the decisions being made solely based on who's currently popular.

Netflix online browsing/selction modes changing - for the worse
A year ago, I would have given them a "Highly Recommended" review - now, not even close. I used to *love* Netflix - via the online browsing it was easy to use, easy to see which movies I've already watched, and it showed ratings (via 1 to 5 stars) for each movie/show. I have had a Netflix account for over 10 years. However, I have in the last few months given up my DVD account because since Netflix split from and became, I did not receive my DVD's in a timely fashion (they started slowing down the turn-around time from 1-2 days to 3-4 days) nor do they receive them and credit my account (as having been received so I get the next DVD) as they take several days to receive them now (from 1-2 days to 3-5 days!). I called to complain several times, and because it got worse instead of better, I finally cancelled the DVD portion of my account.

I am also becoming less and less enamored with the streaming side as well. They keep making changes to it, and they aren't good changes. When you go online to view and select movies to put in your queue (PC-based for me as I don't do iPhone stuff), the whole selection process has changed. You used to be able to see the synopsis, a short list of cast, the year it was put out, the star rating, whether it was in your queue or not, and if you'd already watched it. The star-rating system is gone now, so you don't see the rating on the show - instead, you have to watch it (before I wouldn't waste my time with 1-star movies) and if it's a bad movie, you've just wasted your time - plus, you can't rate it with stars: it is either a 'thumbs up' or thumbs down' rating. Additionally, when browsing the movies/shows, you can no longer tell if you've already watched something as the notifications for that are gone now as well. For me, this is basically one thing that separated the other online streaming providers from Netflix: the rating system and the ability to tell if you've already watched it or not.

Having said all that, I will say that Netflix's customer service is tops - too bad the online/browsing experience has changed for the worse.:-( I also gave ratings (below in Detailed Ratings) based on how the service is NOW.

I'm now going to be looking at alternatives to Netflix such as Amazon or something else more user-friendly. Netflix needs to learn that there is just some things you don't mess with, and that is the user-interaction in the PC browsing mode. Bring back the old style, or continue to lose customers!

Netflix Customer Service
At Netflix's suggestion, I changed my account password. As a long time subscriber, I knew I would have to disengage my existing account and sign in with my new password to access my account. Regretfully, however, I had forgotten the procedure to enter my new password to access my account. I telephoned Netflix for the simple instructions needed.
During a 30-minute telephone conversation the Netflix blamed my internet provider for my not being able to access my account. He then blamed my download speed. When neither of these proved true, and I repeatedly requested the simple procedure for entering my new password, he directed me to the Netflix Help site where I could select my problem from multiple problems listed and hopefully find a solution. I terminated the call and called Netflix again.
A second Netflix Rep again blamed my internet provider and my download speed. When I responded that this was proven not true in my last call to Netflix, she angrily responded in a raised voice, "I am not going to argue with you, this is not Netflix's problem, call your internet provider!" She then disconnected my call.
A third call to Netflix was prefaced by my advising the rep that if the requested information was not provided, I would terminate my account. The rep responded by requesting the name of my Internet provider and my download speed. I angrily responded that this would be my last request for the procedure to enter my new password before terminating my account. The simple procedure was reluctantly provided, my new password entered, and Netflix access regained. Three phone calls and an ultimatum before my simple request was filled.
The moral here is to NEVER call non-existent Netflix Customer Service and go directly to the Netflix Help site. Good luck!

I only gave 1 star because it won't allow me to save with none. I cancelled my Netflix approximately a 1yr and 3 months ago. I noticed back in September Netflix were still withdrawing about $10/month and I hadn't used it or thought about it in a year. Since the charge was only about $10/month I had overlooked it. But it had cost me about $120 total after adding it up. I called to cancel it again. The service rep was extremely rude and claimed they could tell if I had called before and that I had never called to cancel; however, he ended up telling me he for sure had it cancelled this time and would put a note on the acct to refund the $120 if I disputed it with my bank. Well my bank can only legally dispute back like 60 days. And come to find out they have continued to take out the fee each month since. I had to put in a stop payment with my bank and am out about $150 total for a service(that has not been returned to me) that I haven't used and was suppose to be cancelled twice now!

Well worth it but nothing less than a decade old
I enjoy Netflix and having the ability to have thousands of media options available. Price is kept reasonable to the consumer for affordability. This coupled with hulu allow me to forgo cable and is 10 times cheaper and lets me have more to watch. I've never had an issue with customer service and have always found them to be easy to work with. 2019_____________
Add on: I enjoyed Netflix in 2017 and took a leave from it for 2.5 years. I recently reactivated it for 6 months 2020. Several old tv shows that were fan favorites got removed. Main hollywood favorites got replaced with terrible seconds. Netflix doesn't supply full seasons and leaves you missing a season here or there. Watch one show and the algorithm fills up your page with this or that. Watch one cartoon and it fills your page suggestions up with cartoons. I tried to find other stuff to watch under different categories and it wouldn't display anything but children shows.

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Description: Netflix offers streaming movies and TV shows in addition to a DVD by mail rental service.

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