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I first heard about NACA in August of 2020, the moment i heard about the program I went on the website, after reading about the great program that it officers for first time home buyers signed up right away for the Home Buyers Workshop, I went on Facebook and learned that the workshop were being offered live on Saturday (the workshops are no longer on Facebook) and because I was so anxious to learn more about the company I attend the Live Workshop on Facebook, got my NACA ID, set up my file and immediately sign up for an intake session with a mortgage counselor.
10/21/2020 I had my first Intake Sessions with Ms. M. Thomas in the Rochester office, I logged on to the meeting somewhat nervous but the moment she introduce herself told me I was going to be good. She went over all my documents with me, she educated me on the entire program and process, she shared her screen with me, she ensured that i understood every topic she spoke about. I was given my action plan to work on for the next three months, which basically required of me to be able to show that I will be able to save a certain amount for my Monthly Recurring Fund and my Payment Shock over that period while still paying my bills on time.
I am so excited to be on the path to owing my first home and knowing that I have NACA to help me achieve it.

Smooth Process
I'm going through the process now and so far NACA has been a very smooth process.My housing counselor is awesome very thorough and have been hands on throughout my process. I was submitted for qualification but it did not go through the first time due to very minor things needed so I was given a new action plan to complete. My action plan was complete the same day now I am awaiting resubmission for qualification. I have nothing bad to say so far this NACA journey is going very well. As long as you do all that is needed within the time frame you are given you will be on your way to home ownership and with all the great benefits NACA has to offer I am determined to stick it out.

A Test of Patience
NACA is an excellent program and really makes you go through a very thorough process. It is the best mortgage program around and you really can't beat its rates, no PMI, no down payment, and no closing costs program. However, be warned that due to popularity, it will take a while to get to home ownership, so if you are in a rush, this is not for you. At best, plan on at least a year. It takes two months to get into the first mandatory workshop, then another 6-8 weeks after that for your first appointment, then your next appointment will be two months after that. Then, even if you have everything you need as requested, plan on another two weeks while waiting on rental and employment verifications, this is all to become NACA qualified and to START looking for a home. If you are impatient, this is not for you; but with patience, you can get to home ownership with excellent financial terms. We attended our workshop in August and just completed our Action Plan and hope to be NACA qualified by the end of February.

Run Baby Run!
If you are looking to experience the most disorganized, ghetto, unprofessional experience and come out not being a home owner, NACA is for you! You will work and work chasing that "golden ticket' and never get a home. And if you are the one in a millionth person who does, Naca places a $250,000 lien on that property, so NACA still owns the property. I am a college educated heath professional who documents and submits detailed medical records and medication orders daily. So I am not a novice to making sure charts and documentation is completed and documented accurately. During my process of trying to get a loan, I submitted EVERYTHING the action plan requested of me over and over again for over a year - to no avail. NACA will make you jump through hoops and loops and you will end up with nothing. In addition, the turn over is huge. Oh, and did I menstion that you have to pay for a new credit check report at each meeting. And if you have a spouse, you pay double. Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America keep pulling and pulling and pulling your credit reports which result in your credit dropping and dropping and dropping. I had several counselors quit and actually express to me how much they hated their jobs and the organization. I finally got fed up and reached out to a REAL professional mortgage company. It took 15 minutes to upload my documents and within an hour I received a preapproval and am enrolled in a program where I have no downpayment or closing costs. I am closing on my home is 5 weeks. People, please reach out to real mortage companies. There are alot of REAL programs that can assist you with home ownership. It is horrible what NACA is doing to people and giving them false hope and playing around with their lives. The govenment needs to ensure that NACA be shut down and those funds be alloted to an organization that will really help people.

I am not sure if I want to stick with NACA
Started off excellent. I sent documents to my housing counselor. Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America were blurry. Made an in-person appointment for her "help". She vanished. Later, I was told by her she was out of the office. I wanted to make another appointment however, I was told I could not because I had not downloaded documents. I emailed the housing counselor for another in person appointment for her "help", did you get any of my documents, emails, calls. So, Yes I did. I went her office for her"help". That woman came around the corner in a stance like she was going to kick my axx. I wanted to apologize to her. She yelled at me.>

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So my web-file says I am Home Purchase Ready... How do I get a NACA realtor. I have been at this since March of this year. By the way. I guess this is my answer to her surveys that she sends me. I do not need the added stress in this process.

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The Patience of Job! John H.
It has been months since I begun the process with NACA, and I must admit with my impatience the Counselor in which was assigned to me has been very kind, courteous and patient with me on this journey. What I thought was a end to the paper journey I was advised that I must have a transcript from 2019 in which the IRS due to covid pandemic is far behind in completing. Therefore I am stuck with anxiety, anger and confusion waiting on this last document before hopefully getting approval to look for my first home. My failure to understand is why can't NACA accept the original tax 1040 form that was filed on my behalf for 2019 instead of delaying a tedious arduous process which could possibly take me into 2022. I am well pleased with my counselor Dwayne but I am drained with the process. To all looking to purchase first home through NACA be patient and Pray.

The Best Mortgage Product!
I came to know NACA back in 2004. We started the process, but decided to go a different route to purchase our fist home. Fast forward 16 years later and here we are, Homebuyer Ready is our Status.We started in May with the American Dream Event, got our action plan and got to work. At our first appointment with our Counselor Sara Traylor, was a breath of fresh air. She was awesome. She was patient. Unfortunately, she is out for medical reasons and was initially informed that we would not be seen until Nov. We contacted the Regional Manager, And was immediately assigned a new Counselor, Johnnita. When I tell you she has been great. A few more documents and could be ready to start shopping. This is a great program. The work you put in with providing the requested documentation as quickly as you can, can move you along. Where else can you get below market interest rate, no down payment, no closing costs or fees. Yes, it takes some time, but it's all worth it! Thank you NACA!

NACA great rates but severe headache
Naca offers awesome rates, but NACA itself is mostly a waste of time. Be prepared to do everything 8 times, and then at least once again. Be prepared to be stressed out over time lines only for NACA to not do their part. Basically, get the headache medicine ready, you will need a refill. I did get a home through NACA, I did not enjoy buying the home, and I honestly resent the home due to the stress caused buying it. I cant help but think, its worth just getting a regular loan. But like I said the rates are great. The process is a mind numbing waste. The harder you work to give them what Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America need, the slower they will respond. I am still working the HAND, and this was all a mistake. But at least I own my headache now.

Very helpful staff
It is with great pleasure and utmost happiness that I share my appreciation for Mortgage counselor Langston Wright and NACA upon becoming a qualified home buyer. I started the application in March 2020 and was not sure of when I would become qualified. I was so fortunate enough to have Mr. Wright who took time and immense patient to support me to meet all the requirements. This is a great stride in my entire life and I'm now one step closer to purchasing a home. I'm optimistic that NACA and its dedicated staff like Mr. Wright will accompany me realizing my longtime dream of becoming a home owner. While looking forward to proceed to the next step in the process, I wanted to express my heartfelt appreciation for the service that Mr. Wright offered which made be heavily indebted to NACA in the years to come. Kudos Langston; Kudos NACA!

My NACA Experience
My NACA experience started off a little shaky because of the pandemic which had recently begun. All interactions had become virtual and I'm sure that effected scheduling. That being said, I am excited about becoming a first-time homebuyer and the NACA program has given me the confidence that I can finally realize my dream. I am a single, self-employed individual and I had lacked the confidence that I could own my own home until I was introduced to NACA. I look forward to sharing NACA with others who may also be good candidates for the program.

During the uncertainty, I was unfortunately assigned to a new counselor which delayed things a bit. But fortunately, I was assigned to Sharon Bogney who has been excellent! Sharon has moved things along smoothly and in a timely manner. She has given me proper instructions which have made the process a lot less stressful. Also, she has been there to answer my questions and get me to where I need to be as efficiently as possible. The NACA program and Sharon have truly been a blessing!

I would like to see NACA streamline their qualification process. While this has been an extremely frustrating experience at times, I must admit I was my own worst enemy. NACA wants what NACA wants. Don't fight it just supply the required documentation. The website didn't seem to be intuitive and all uploads have to be PDF'S so save yourself the pain of trying to upload Word docs or jpeg's, etc. My counselors have been the full range of not so good to terrific. In the 3 plus years I've been trying to get qualified I'm on my 4th counselor now. In that time housing has appreciated demonstrably. So my lax approach to this process is now likely to cost me an additional 6 figures, hooray. Overall it's been a long and winding road but the end is in sight finally.

I started with NACA in 2020. I went into it with a good credit score and money in the bank. The process has been draining and tedious to say the least. My original case worker left early in the process, here in the Jacksonville office there is only one processor for everyone who is applying for the program. The action plan task are never updated correctly. I was told that my file would not be considered a priority due to my high income and high amount of savings and my interest rate would be 1% higher than what is being advertised. Why would you penalize a consumer for coming to you and good condition? I don't like that you have to give a review before you complete the process I feel that that distorts the real view of how the program really works. I'll keep you updated. The benefits of the program are good if you can take the stress of getting to the finish line. So many people quit with macro and go the traditional route because of the headache.

NACA- Unorganized, apathetic, and down right negligent at times.
Terrible communication between their own departments, and between NACA and BoA, lack of accountability. Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America have no incentive to improve because anyone getting involved must sign multiple hold harmless documents (there's a reason for that) so anyone that gets burned by the poor way things are ran has absolutely no recourse.

I spent over a year submitting every piece of paper I was asked for- DILLIGENTLY, and immediately. I found a house I loved and that worked for me but needed some repairs. This was my first experience with the HAND department of NACA. The deal fell through because the list of repairs I got from HAND totaled upwards of $70 000 and in order to move forward I would have to aquire a lead test and assessment to the tune of $2500+ before I could even decide if I can afford to go forward. So that deal was dead. Ok, stuff happens. Not great, I'm out $600 for the initial property inspection but hey, NACA's still worth it.

Second deal, found another property that worked well for me, got the inspection, signed the contract, but unfortunately the appraisal came in low- bummer but not in any way NACA's fault. What IS their fault is the way everything unfolded from that point on.

I had signed my contracts and was about 35 days away from closing when I got the initial appraisal report back, I disputed it whithin 48hrs (might even have been the next day) AS PER NACA's instructions, following everything to the T. After submitting I followed up with evey contact I had- Mortgage Counselor, Hand, etc, because I hadn't heard anything from anyone. Well it turns out ny dispute hadn't made it to BoA for almost 20 days and nobody could give me an aswer as to why or how this could possibly happen, after I did everything right. Nobody would take resposibility. Ok, again, stuff happens. I secured a 30 day extension from the sellers as well as a price reduction on the property and worked it out with HAND to order what they call a "Subject-to-appraisal" to hopefully raise the value. I'm feeling good. I had checked with my mortgage counselor that the loan is active, I had triple checked with HAND that the second appraisal was ordered. I transfered money from my retirement account to make sure I can cover any expenses out of pocket.

I am waiting patiently because I was told it will take 2-3 weeks for the second appraisal to come back. I've done everything I can- asked all the right question, etc etc. I got contacted 2 weeks after the supposed appraisal request submission by the HAND director asking if I'm still going ahead with the house. Ummm excuse me? Apparently my loan application was suspended/declined, the request for the second appraisal was never received and Bank of America was never notified that I am in fact continuing with the property. I had notified HAND- Tammy Johnson and Aeron Hernandez, my mortgage counselor- Michael Swanson, and someone from the mortgage department named Miguel Correa, that I am going ahead with the property, and had continued to submit paperwork. I'm sure I am missing some names.

So this is where I am today- 7 days to my closing date, at risk of losing my deposit, wasted $1500 on inspection fees, estimates, wasted a year of my life following ALL the rules, fulfilling ALL the requests, going above and beyong with following up with anyone and everyone.

This is negligent. I have no other words for the way this was handled. I had some glimmer of hope up until yesterday (when I discovered nothing had been progressed on my file for 2 weeks) but I don't any more. Zero accountabilty, zero follow through, lack of knowledge, they complain they're understaffed but there's 6-7 people involved in getting your file approved and when anything goes wrong they keep blaming it on someone else. I have emails to back all of this up. I know have no choice but to request a letter of denial on Tuesday so I don't lose my earnest money deposit. I've already lost a year of my life on this program, money, time, piece of mind.

I'm at a loss for words.

DO NOT go through this program for a property that needs any repairs(aka HAND is heavily involved). I would even say if you have any savings and decent credit don't go through them at all but my experience has been only with houses that need repairs. I don't doubt they help a select few members that could not afford to purchase a home otherwise. It's very unclear what percentage of their members actually ever close on homes.

No Response
I started with NACA some time ago. I was excited I did everything I was asked to do. After my second appointment my rep stop taking calls and didn't answer any emails. Here I am years later and still trying to get in touch with this lady. I have even called corporate office and the guy on the other end told me I have to pay for two years membership and also pay for a credit check. That was not helpful considering I asked how do I get a new rep and also about the lack of communication with my current rep. I even attended a new workshop class online during covid and was told I need to contact the old rep. This place has given such a head ache. Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America say they help people and I am not saying that they don't but the fact I can't get in touch either email or by phone is said. When I look at my action plan a lot has expired and a lot is still done. I don't like the run around and no one on same page. Some one told me that it wasn't a good idea to try them because they always had a new rep when it was time for another appointment. When files were uploaded to take away from having to do so in the office it would be said they don't have the files but asked for a payment. Now where in the rule book does it say you charge me everytime I come in? According to the rep in texas in which I was on that workshop call with a bunch of other cities. He said your supposed to be charged yearly not monthly/every visit. It's a shame! I find it funny looking back at testimonies I don't see not a 1 on the site for Cleveland, Oh. I am from Cleveland, Oh and my NACA rep was/is Tonda Easly works out of the Euclid office.

I was previously so nervous about even trying to pursue the path of trying to purchase a home. It seems like for some its easy and for others it could be time consuming. Each year I would tell myself I'm going to wait another year. Well a few months ago I told myself I'm going to try and if its my time great and if it isn't then its fine. I heard about NACA with No Down Payment, No Closing Cost, No PMI, Points or Fees and Below Market Fixed Rate. I said that's the program for me. My counselor I'm working with name is Zandria Cooper from the North Charleston, SC area and she is the GREATEST! She so patient, responds to emails and phone calls quickly and never minds answering my questions even if I have a million of them. I have 2 more simple task to do before she submits me for qualification and she definitely motivates even when I doubt myself. All I can say is NACA thank you for helping us and Zandria is definitely a great asset to the team. I'm wishing everyone the best of luck, prayers going out to us all, WE GOT THIS! NACA does take time but its well worth the wait!

Turning your dream, into reality!
I must admit, when my mother and I initially discussed NACA, it all sounded way too good to be true in my opinion. Prior to having any insight, I was a little hesitant. NACA has gratefully proven me wrong. I have witnessed the constant follow ups from NACA agents and have been impressed by the dedication and motivation Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America have assisted my mother with. While she is self driven and devoted to her goals, I know they have shown her that her dream home is possible, and in the soon future. There isn't a day that passes where I do not hear her describe her excitement and appreciation for this program, which has excited us all, as a family! NACA has made this dream a reality.

Echoing Your Effort.
Heard the saying "you reap what you sow"? Well in this case, your NACA counselor is there to guide you through the process, so putting in your effort will lead you to echoing fruitful results from your sow. I have continued to view several successful homeowners which is why despite my lengthy process as a result of my sow/input, I have faith I will fruitfully reap! My current counselor Faith Beach has been more than wonderful to me at this point. She is very knowledgeable and patient. I believe she has faith in me too. Learning about the NACA program through a church member has led me this far. There are very many successful stories of homeowners I have encountered since I found out about the program. I find that I have received more education about homeownership through the program and all NACA bloggers. I'm 100% sure that I'm going to reap more than what I have sown in this process because of those that have held my hand along. I hope everyone can acquire patience and the knowledge of this NACA home buying program, no down payment, no closing costs, no private mortgage insurance, no fees, Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America don't look at credit scores. I fully recommend NACA.

NACA Process
I was first introduced to NACA through my friend who bought her first house from them. What made this program attractive to me was the no closing costs, no down payment, no additional fee's, and the low interest rates. I signed up in October 2020 and attended the initial workshop. I am currently in the process of trying to get qualified. I would recommend paying down debts, saving some money, and keeping your bank accounts clean (No frequent non-payroll deposits like cash app etc. and no overspending) before you enroll in the program. Doing this could make the road to qualification much smoother. I recommend this program to anyone who is interested in home ownership. Especially single parents! It is possible!

My NACA Review
My husband and I was referred by a friend because of what Naca offered No Down Payment, No Closing Cost, No PMI and Below Market Fixed Rate, we attended the home buyer workshop where it detailed the process from start to finish from that point we received our NACA number and started uploading our documents once our documents were completed we were able to get an appointment with one of the NACA counselor Sharon Bogney.
Sharon has really helped us in the process if we have any questions she's quick to answer and has been very patient with us, so make sure you have all your documents in order and debt paid off. Our Next appointment is October 6th we are looking forward to be Quilified. *******

Treat the way you want to be treated.
NACA = sound good just a word helping community? "Not to all" very high Discriminating based on social origin.
I start over 8 month ago first time buyer and I was exited about It, a day off from work and I bought Printer and Scanner...) passing a lot of challenges, I have good credit history and I'M the primary buyer, the only reason -to get a good deal and avoid realtor fee., appointment with different councilor D. J. yesterday he pending the process b/c of house hold member don't have SSI#? My councilor she know about it and never encourage me to separate from my family to become naca qualify, There is no humanity kick out special need person from the house to become qualify.
Where is come from Lack of humanity from NACA or councilor?

Going through the process
I found out about this home buying program, from a friend of mine who started the process as. Unfortunately, since then, he grew tired of the constant cancelled appointments, and gave up. I have already started the process myself, and although I have had one cancelled appointment and one employee left, leaving me to have to do it all over again with a new individual. Luckily, I have been in contact with a new representative that understands the program and can provide me answers to questions and concerns. Once you get in touch with that kind of individual, the process can go much smoother. My advice is to have every piece of document ready when Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America ask for it, or you will take longer to get things done. I'm excited about my journey to soon becoming a homeowner. I will make updates as I move towards the finish line.

Family of 4 homeless due to NACA
I was under contract on a home after receiving lending approval and an approved purchase amount from licensed mortgage broker NACA. 14 days prior to my scheduled closing date NACA informs me that Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America are unable to honor the approval, which is due to the errors of their underwriters, they approved to much. I am seeking my earnest money, inspection fees (all of which were paid after receiving the approval documents form NACA) loss wages to attend the scheduled meetings and required community service, return of credit check fees and member fees.

After reaching out to the lending bank, NACA is refusing to send over my file. Causing further delays. In 3 days my 3 children and I will be without a home due to NACA's negligence, and untimely responses.

NACA Journey... Cuz it is a journey yall
So, I just completed my first appointment with my NACA counselor. It took me several, and I mean several, months to get to this meeting. Don't you dare miss or even think about rescheduling your counselor meeting, cuz hontie... the next NACA meeting available will for sure be at least 3 months out, on a Saturday, and of course at the same time as your best friend's birthday, yup, the one whose birthday you agreed to host months ago. Long story short, I had to reschedule... twice.

I have my meeting with my counselor, and let me tell yall, I am thinking I am killin the game, cuz I spent all night upload, cutting, pasting, downloading, organizing, checking and double checking to make sure I got all my lil ducks in a row; so I can hopefully get my new house by next week.

Hmmm, well, another long story short, after meeting with my counselor, who eventually warmed up to me, I'm pretty sure by the end of this process, she is coming to my housewarming party after I get my NACA house. I walked away with a chubby list of items I needed to complete before our next meeting aka "adult homework" and a tentative guide on how much house I could really afford.

I guess not too bad for the third step of the journey. (Insert Shoulder shrug emoji here)

Back when the home crisis was going on (around 2010) the was an event in LA and people came from far and wide with promises that everyone would be helped. I waited for many days to speak to my lender, was spoken down to by NACA representatives Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America hurded us around like cattle. One rep had us seated for hours yelling at us as if we were prisoners and said that we did it to ourselves and if we were not so stupid we would not be there and that if anyone spoke or said of anything he was saying he would make sure we were sorry. Phones were very different back then and you could not record things like you can now, believe me I tried. He was too far away and the recording didnt pick up his voice enough. So after days of a very unsafe and traumatizing event I finally got my turn to speak to b of a who said NACA RECEIVED 500.00 FROM THE GOVERNMENT FOR EACH DAY I WAS THERE AND THEY COULDNT HELP ME BECAUSE I HAD AN FHA LOAN AND NACA WAS FULLY AWARE OF THIS! They could try to have me speak to someone to do a loan modification by phone.
Big fat waste of time and NACA knew it.
Dont trust this company!

NACA Review
NACA is a great program. I attended the workshop and took a lot of good lessons out of it. NACA makes you understand how to be financially stable and be responsibly ready to own a house. It is a good opportunity for first time home buyers to take advantage. The process seems too long and stressing as it requires a lot of uploading and updating of documents, but if you are patient enough, you will get to the end. I am looking forward to own a house shortly and also I would like to mention that I am very grateful to Latonya Thompson, counselor based in the Washington DC area, for being so helpful and guiding me throughout the process and making it a pleasant counseling session every time we meet.

Best Homeownership Mortgage Program
I became a NACA member recently and can honestly say the process has been going smoothly. When I first hear of the NACA program it was all great things to so. I have been wanting to become a homeowner for a very long time. Many times I have felt pessimistic during the journey, because I have had so many concerns, like where to start. I have been looking and relying on realtors to provide guidance and knowledge, but Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America have yet to do so. Now, I can say that I am feeling really good about the process. I have a new MC and she's very nice and professional. I have a good feeling about how this process with go, including leaning on faith.

I am spreading the word to my family to become a NACA member to build generational wealth. But, the great thing is not only is NACA company that make affordable homeownership a reality, but also assist struggling existing homeowners as well. This is an awesome program. I cannot wait until am qualified and become a homeowner. God Bless!

Made to feel like I'm a waste of time
When I first signed up with naca an attended the workshop i was excited and very enthusiastic. Then in September 2020 I had my intake appointment with Tiffany who was great and I felt positive that I could own a home i wanted for the amount i was approved for 70k. Then yesterday 10/14/2020 i had an appointment with Nicole Rios, who let's just say for lack of a better phrase, she is the reason customer service has a bad name. When she called me, she said at the beginning of the conversation, that she wanted to know why this appointment was set since she usually does not meet with clients a month after the intake appointment (oh I'm sorry, I didn't know I was responsible for your company's incompetence). Then she asked if I was looking for homes in the 70k price range and I told her no I haven't started as I was waiting for this appointment because per Tiffany it was a good idea to dispute EVERYTHING on my credit report and possibly have my approval limit increased. Nicole said that it doesn't work that way and that Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America dont look at medical amounts. I advised Nicole that the medical made up 90% of my credit report, she then countered with well there is a charge for $41 that's on here, I didn't see it and I was looking at my credit report as I was speaking to her. She then went on to say we will have to wait 6 months to a year, I was like oh no that is way to long and told her what my target move out was, she stayed quiet and asked again if I started looking in the price range I was approved for, again I told her no, she said since she is also in San Antonio TX, theres a buyers market but shes only seen it started at 100k. I told her yes I have seen the same. She then said that although I qualify I would need to make anywhere from $3,500 to 4,000 a month! (Did you even read my file Nicole to see that I'M ON DISABILITY) when I told her this she again stayed quiet, I told her I didn't want to waste her time, to which she replied, I didn't know how to say that to you (are you kidding me?!) She then smugly said that while I'm working hard, shes working harder because she has all these different cases that she has to work on (excuse me Nicole how is that even my problem, or pertinent to my conversation with you. If you feel overworked, consult with YOUR SUPERVISORS). Nevertheless another appointment was set for January 11th, 2021 at 4pm. Since I'm a waste of NACA's time I have started looking into other first time buyer's options. To all my local San Antonio TX people who are on disability, do not, I repeat DO NOT put yourself through this degrading process. It has triggered my mental illness and now I am in bed after being made to feel than I am less than, and made to feel like i am not worthy of home ownership.

False Positive Reviews
All of the positive reviews are from people that just started the program. Why ask folks to give reviews that early when Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America have nothing to actually review yet? I will tell you why. Because after 6 months of the run around you start to see the truth. You cant reach your counselor, you can't move forward, you keep resubmitting the same documents, you keep wasting time, energy, & effort.

Why not ask for reviews after folks are in their home? Oh right, they don't ever get in one. We worked with NACA over a year, wasting time & money. No idea what happened to our counselor. She just stopped responding. Not that she responded quickly anyway but she disappeared on us. Soon as everything was 100% she got ghost. Never to be heard from again. Screw NACA Las Vegas location. All probably full of horse & cow manure though.

Y'all - I CANNOT OVERSTATE THIS ENOUGH: DO NOT USE NACA. Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America are what they pretend to be against: predatory. I have been working with NACA since March 2021. I was told I would be easily qualified in a few months... long story short (with much incompetence from NACA) I was under contract for a house, which then I was told that a random underwriter "didn't like" something about my file and I would not be approved for the loan -- mind you, this was after I went through the MONTHS long process to get approved! So they approved me, then unapproved me, based on a minor detail. This technicality was brought up to me before, I addressed it and was told the issue was resolved. For NACA to drag on processes, request access to so many of my personal, confidential financial documents (which I do not feel are secure - their site barely worked) to then be so callous and unprofessional is inexcusable. They gave no real, valid reason and months of waiting, following up and hard work were wasted. Not to mention the counselors are a joke - I worked with 2, Jewel and Erna, who could not have been more unprofessional and lazy. Their manager, whom my house refers to as Ratchet Rochelle, called to YELL at me one day and threatened to deny my loan because she was mad I was calling out the incompetence of her staff. I even reached the area supervisor, Claudette... who was pleasant on the phone but no real help. STAY AWAY FROM NACA if you value your personal security, time and want to be a real home owner. They barely keep appointments just to backtrack on work they should have already done. Use my experience and save yourself the trouble!

Currently going through the process
I am a 50 year old divorcee resident of Louisiana and I am currently going through the NACA process. I wanted to write a review based on my current status. As of today, I have gone through 2 intake appointments and will have what I pray to be the beginning of my qualification process appointment at the beginning of May. I have known people who have gone through NACA to purchase their home, some who did not have great things to say about the process, so when I started this, I went in with the prayer that God would give me the patience I needed as well as to not give up, no matter what. So far, I won't say that it's been super easy but I will say that it has absolutely taught me the importance of a savings and not giving up. I am excited for what NACA has to offer and I would encourage anyone looking to purchase a home to sign up for a workshop class in an area near you, for more information. I can't wait to do an update on finally closing on my new house.

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Based on 50 reviews from Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America customers, company has accumulated an average rating of 3 stars, indicating that majority of customers are satisfied with its service.
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Description: NACA's primary goal is to build strong, healthy neighborhoods in urban and rural areas nationwide through affordable homeownership.

Address: 225 Centre St, 02119


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Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America is not registered on BBB. Therefore, this business has no BBB rating and accreditation.

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