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Best Pillow Ever!
I don't usually write reviews for anything I purchase, but this is the exception. At first I was hesitant to think that a pillow would make that much difference in my sleep comfort. I purchased two pillows one for me and one for my girlfriend, the first night sleeping on mypillow was amazing and also for my girlfriend. I've had a hard time figuring out on how a pillow could impact my life so significantly, it has changed my life forever, also my girlfriends life too. My girlfriends arms have gone numb while sleeping for years and she hasn't had that problem since using the mypillow, My neck pain has disappeared completely, I've suffered with neck pain for 30 plus years, I work nights and when I get home in the mourning I can't wait to puff up mypillow and get a great day of sleep, deep sleep.
I've told friends and family about my experiences with mypillow and some have also purchased pillows to, great success so far one of my friends wife has suffered from headaches while sleeping her whole life and since sleeping on mypillow she hasn't had a headache. These pillows may not be for everyone as I have read different reviews, but my experiences have all been 5 star with no complaints.

My neck and shoulder pain completely went away
I've been waking up with extreme neck and shoulder pain for the past three years. I've exercised, changed my diet, stretched, done yoga. It was to the point that I was in so much pain I was irritable throughout the day and snapping at my loved ones. When I got the my pillow, after one night I noticed a significant difference. After the second night, my pain was completely gone. I had a hard time spending this much money on a pillow, but I'm telling you, as long as you get the appropriate filling level for what you desire, it's entirely worth it. Especially if you suffer from neck shoulder and back pain. I was amazed at the difference that I felt. Yes, this pillow is a little bit pricey, But if someone had told me that I had to spend $100 on a pillow to 100% get rid of my neck and back pain guaranteed, I'd jump on it. And I'm telling you, this pillow absolutely worked for me. I was amazed. One thing though, I purchased a medium level filling, and it was a bit soft. I'd say if you're looking for medium level firmness, go with the next level firmer. I probably could've handled a little bit firmer, but I'm going to stay with the medium because my pain is completely gone. If it's not broke don't fix it, right?

Great product
We bought 2 mypillows in fall of 2020. Interestingly, MyPillow size they for you by your size - my husband weighs more than me so he got a different pillow then mine. They look exactly the same except for a color coded tag. This is a really good product. Its comfy and comes with a great return policy and warranty. I believe the warranty is 10 years. I would say Mike Lindell in completely credible. I say that because I see a lot of bad reviews that were written after he started supporting President Trump. Since when does a person's political choice have ANYTHING to do with you choice of bedding or any other product for that matter. We have bought 4 mypillows. My husband and I both have one, I bought one for my brother in law and we bought a small one for the couch or a long car ride. If you are looking for a good product that is affordable - this is it. When you are reading through the reviews check the dates - it seems he has gotten quite a few bad reviews since he started supporting Trump. I also bought his book at the same time - raw, honest and excellent. Come on people get real. Ps our cat LOVES the little one. I often see him hugging it. What more could you ask for.

Seems like cheap pillow filled with shredded foam, but it works!
It says right on the label that it is filled with shredded polyurethane foam. Even before reading the label I recognized the fill by its lumpy feeling. I had a very cheap pillow with such filling once. I did not use it to sleep on and finally threw it away. The "patented interlocking fill" is just hype.

*However* this shredded foam seems to be to certain specifications. The genius to this pillow is partly the marketing and partly the ordering and care instructions.

On the order form, you are supposed to choose a pillow by T-shirt size. If you wear your t-shirt tight, choose a larger size to get the correct pillow. This actually works.

The instructions say to tumble the pillow on high heat before using. That fluffs it up nicely. Washing and drying on high heat also works well.

After my initial disappointment at the shredded foam fill, I am now quite happy with the pillow because it actually performs quite well. It is more supportive than the higher-line polyester pillows, IMO, while it is also soft. It is possible to shift fill to preference.

I suggest fluffing up the pillow each morning or evening before use, and you may be surprised how well it works.

Wrong merchandise sent, poorly managed customer service
Wrong merchandise sent, poorly managed customer service. I ordered a queen pillow for my husband and what I received was a travel pillow. This being around the holidays I called right away and told him what had occurred and MyPillow said that they will send me out a new one my husband asked if they come in any other sizes and the representative said yes queen king and different thicknesses, so my husband said why don't I just get him a king and a deeper thickness, the representative said not a problem she said that it would be $5.35 more, I said no problem I gave her my credit card, she said she would expedite it for me so my husband would get it at least by Christmas and that was that. I get a call over 24 hours later from a representative stating that my order was canceled. I called back and was told that they only can send me out the pillow that I originally ordered. Needless to say I'm returning the first pillow and will never do business with this company again

Great products, Order Messed Up (twice)
My review is mainly regarding quality control...
We purchased two Twin XL mattresses ($1330. 00) for our new Split King Base (a Costco purchase).
Order arrival was initially said to be 3-4 weeks due to a national foam shortage. No big deal to us at first. But after 5 weeks without shipping notification, we called MyPillow. Was on hold 1hr15m listening to Elvis sing Amazing Grace over and over. Hung up and emailed customer service. After a day or two MyPillow assured us that they'd expedite delivery and we'd receive our new mattresses within a few days. Once our mattresses arrived, we released them from their boxes, they inflated quickly and we could see and feel their excellent quality but we noticed one thing-one mattress was a standard Twin NOT a Twin XL. The standard is 5 inches shorter which neither fit properly on our new Split King base, nor was the right size for two adults OR the new Giza Dream sheets we'd bought from MyPillow while we awaited our expensive mattress order.
We contacted Customer service, provided pictures of the mattress tag showing the serial number and standard twin measurements and after a couple of days they responded telling us that they'd send out a replacement mattress...
Another week or so and the new Twin XL mattress arrived but the box was mis-labeled and it was again a standard twin!... once it was pulled open and inflated, we were shocked to fine yet another standard twin 39x75" long, not 39x80." We again took pictures of the fabric tag and stating it's serial number and measurements and emailed customer service. They apologized and said that they'd send another. I asked them to please verify that the correct measurements were on the fabric tag before it shipped (since by now we'd been waiting 2 months for our expensive order AND the FedEx guys were getting salty with us. We live an hour from town on a rural mountain road).
Finally, a while longer and the second Twin XL finally DID arrive. Customer service was helpful but it was a frustrating wait. That being said:

MyPillow has gotten boatloads of business lately and must be overwhelmed. So I understand. But I won't be reordering anytime soon. HOWEVER, their products are indeed WONDERFUL. We also ordered our first pillows from them and love them. The Giza Dream sheets are absolutely amazingly silky soft and thick. Great quality! The mattresses are indeed excellent and we're happy to have supported Mike Lindell. I'll probably order again but will wait awhile. I'd encourage anyone to try the Giza sheets for sure. But maybe order them on a third party site like Amazon if the price is right.
MyPillow, I hope your quality control process improves making it less frustrating for everyone involved but I thank you for your products!

Good product, but too expensive and they do NOT really honor their supposed 10 year warranty!
I purchased two MyPillow's several years ago. And, while it is a good product, even though MyPillow were and most of their products are way too expensive. Even their New low price of $19.95, you have to add $10 for shipping each pillow?. No way does MyPillow pay that to ship an item that's maybe a pound in weight! But, my main complaint is that I have tried contacting them several times about their 10 year warranty, as my two MyPillows are a couple of years old, but have lost their shape. They just keep telling me to "wash them", which I have done several times. I don't think they have or ever will honor this warranty. It is just for "optics" to make the company look good. This has nothing to do with politics. I have the number of emails, with no action on their part, just the company line of "Just wash them". I would never buy their products again, $150 for slippers? Really? That's more than I paid for my first used car!

Terrible product and terrible customer service
I bought 2 pillows from the first couple nights MyPillow were great but I noticed they started to go flat. Like not enough filling in them. I contacted them sent the pillow back and never received a refund or replacement. I even have the tracking number. Its been 2 years and I have contacted better business bearu and state attorney general over this hopefully I can get a refund. I paid 109 dollars for two pillows but only have one because they wont replace it or refund or send back the one I bought. I don't know how this is legal! I do NOT recommend buying anything from them. The product I had did have problems and they wouldn't honor the 60 day warranty. I only had the pillows less than a week. I have been going back and forth through email with my pillow customer service and they are Horrible. They ask the same question repeatedly and even use different people to send emails so it's like talking to someone completely different each time you call. Repeating what the problem is and so on. Then no help what so ever. Very unprofessional and rude. If you but from the my pillow then good luck to you and I hope you don't have same issues as I do with products and customers service. They also have a law suit against the company for faulty advertising on the filling in the pillows. You can look it up.

Glad I Gave My Pillow a Try
For years, I refused to try My Pillow because of the negative reviews. I suffer from severe arthritis in my neck and nothing would take away the pain. I had to take ibuprofen to sleep. Laying down hurt my neck. I decided I had to try something different. I thought at least My Pillow had a money back guarantee. Out of the box, I didn't think it would be any good. Just didn't seem substantial. But I gave it a try anyway. I was desperate. The first night was amazing. The pillow gave me perfect support through the night. I went to sleep with no medication, I slept through the night and I woke up with no pain. Granted, I have arthritis and it's never going to go away, but now I can sleep. People need to understand, everyone is different. What works for one person, may be awful for another. My husband absolutely hates the pillow. All you can do is give it a try. If it doesn't work, return it and get your money back..

The search has ended!
I have had 2 king-size My Pillow pillows now for over 3 years. I have lived with a chronic bad back since I was a kid, and have endured 5 back surgeries and 1 neck surgery. In the past, I have always preferred goose-down pillows. The problem with goose-down is that it loses support and you are forever adjusting them while trying to find that sweet spot of comfort. This is truly the reason I decided to try MyPillow. I will tell you that it took about a week to adjust to the change to MyPillow, but after those few days, I have never looked back. I LOVE my MyPillow and after 3 years (To use an old Cliche') I'd rather fight than switch.
One other thing... I, like Mr. Lindel, am an American of Traditional Patriotic Values. I truly believe that the Socialist Left is out to get him. I truly believe that most of the negative reviews on MyPillow are false reviews by people out to get him. Mr. Lindell is a self-made multimillionaire and a devout Christian. This man picked himself up to get out of the gutter and worked his butt off to obtain the success he enjoys today!
Mike Lindell, Truly Talks The Talk & Walks The Walk!
Bud Olesen
Olathe, KS

No Customer Service
I purchased sheets and a mattress topper. The sheets are ok but I can't sleep on the mattress topper. When you lay in the bed, your weight sinks you into the topper but your legs are lighter so MyPillow feel like they are up in the air. I've called 4 times to speak to customer service but you can only leave a message. They NEVER call back. Their money back guaranty is useless because they won't tell you where to send it and it is so big that it will cost a fortune to send it back. When you receive the topper it is compressed by machine to a small box. I can't do that here. If you want to buy any of their products, you can speak to someone immediately but returns are NO ANSWER, leave a message. The owner is pushing his book on how he succeeded and plays amazing grace when you call in and are put on hold. What a Scam. If you give them your email, you get $10 off your purchase. Wrong move. You will get at least 10 emails a day on your computer and phone and you can't stop it. It is really annoying. Stay away from this place.

Way over priced. No difference between any standard $10.00 pillow.
I paid $140.00 for two king size pillows. I felt like I just got my wallet stolen. The guy marketed this $10.00 pillow in a way that people bought into it hook, line, and sinker. Purchasers must have been returning these things buy the truck load.
This guy reminds me of Ronco from years ago. Remember the spray on hair, and all the trinkets.
The big box stores probably didn't want to waste there time with them anymore.
Now that all the retailers dropped his products he's cut the price's in half and aggressively advertising with mini infomercials.
I have to give him credit with his marketing strategy.
He got me to pay $140.00 for $20.00 dollars worth of pillows.
Now the latest is the sheets made from cotton imported from the other side of the planet.
Its all a bunch of hype and not worth 20% of his list pricing.
I wonder whats next? A magical flying carpet made from ancient rare material found under the pyramids.

Empty pillow
I fell for the scam. The advertising company has to be getting big commissions on the sales. Slammed with extra fees and charges after i answered no to all the pop ups that fly on the screen. There is no such thing as a free pillow for the extra fee. Fee is three times more then the crap pillow.
MyPillow scammed a lot of money with the advertisements and the people on ythe tv infomercials must be either family or employees. Have fun on the way down wonder if he is stuck with big dollars in pillows. I hope so. I bought the pillows direct from the website mike has over a year or more ago i used it one night gave it to the dog. I am on the direct mail list and i keep getting specials. Th one i got today says on it that retailers continue to cancel my pillow and kike lindell tell him to stop hugging the pillow. Creep

Difficult process to order + hounded by promotional emails
Ordered two king sized pillows following neck surgery. The ordering process was frustrating because "deals" kept popping up with codes to be used to trigger discounts. The codes seldom worked and were labelled as "invalid."
I was willing to forgo a $10 discount just to get it over with but the website just kept hounding me about it. From the time I ordered the pillows (9-16-2021) up until the time MyPillow were to be delivered (9-25-2021) I received 28 emails. Twenty five of those were promoting other "Mypillow" products that I did not search or ask for. I am not a Democrat! I can take care of myself and make my own decisions. Twenty five unsolicited emails in 9 days borders on harassment.
The USPS tracking said that the pillows were delivered on 9-25-2021 but no package was found at the stated location. Porch piracy is not the fault of MyPillow but this certainly adds to the frustration.
I will not be ordering anything in the future from MyPillow.

My Pillow Delivers Quality & Service!
Recently I discovered I needed a new mattress pad even though I had bought one just a couple of years earlier but it was already showing signs of erosion at the bottom. The top area around the pillows was fine.
I was surprised at the wear because I had bought it at JC Penny's a pretty reliable big- box store. However I didn't want to risk damaging my new sheets so I decided to purchase a better pad.

I was browsing on line when I happened on a new social media platform by Mike Lindell that very quickly aired an advertisement for My pillow. I didn't need any pillows and almost exited the site when the announcer mentioned the company offered some 110 other products besides pillows. I was interested in a mattress pad that I wouldn't have to replace every two years so I took a closer look at the my pillow website. I was immediately Impressed by the product claims for the pads:

" Adds Pillowtop Mattress Comfort to all beds
Softens Surface of Mattress without Compromising Support!
Thermoshield technology helps keep you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
Helps you get a better night's sleep!
Non-slip anchor bands
Durable, Machine washable
Made in the USA, 5 Year warranty"
(as shown on

I particularly liked the 5 year warranty and something made in the USA for a change. The pad was a little pricey for the size I needed but I weighed that against the extra 3 years of service I was promised, so I decided to give it a try.

I placed my order and promptly received an email later that afternoon with my order number and that I would receive an email when the item shipped. The next day I got an email with a FED X tracking number and an estimated delivery time of some 7 days coming from Minnesota.

The Fed X package arrived on time and you can see the contents in the 2nd photograph. The mattress pad is thick and heavier than typical box store offerings. It looks to provide at least five years service.

I was pleased with the quick and responsive delivery and the fact that the 'my pillow' people followed up with a post purchase email describing how to care for the purchase. It was a totally refreshing experience and why I had to award them 5 stars

Who has time to order a pillow
I have spent a great deal of time trying to order this pillow. When the cheapest shipping option is $10- it's overpriced. I personally don't like the pillow but a friend wanted to try it so it's kind of a joke and i am sending as a surprise. When i get to the payment part, i put in CC and it immediately says "you are trying to pay with an expired credit card" which is just not true. So i tried it again, only to find out that it hit my bank 2x. Order still not showing placed on the web, i've been hit for 2 orders now on my bank. I called the 800 #, was disconnected multiple times. 3rd time placing a call, unfortunately MyPillow cannot assist me at this time and I can leave a message. This has been the most frustrating experience! No pillow, no order, no customer service agents, no reliable phone system, a broken website and a broken process. Now i have to try to get my money back for the duplicate order, try to get this order placed, and wait fo a call back! The $10 coupon is not nearly enough to put up with this aggravation. Its 6 pm CST on Sat., why no cust service agents?

Words speak for themselves
Must Read
Pillows are not made in the us, some foreign country that has the cheapest labor rate 45 cents per hour. Cost to make each pillow materials and labor is 1.85. Mike inflation of what he charges for profit ratio is 500,000 to 1 unheard of. These cleaply made pillows are way over price. He could sell each pillow for 5.00 each and still be very profiable. Better business bureau gives mike a F rating. Rating are not good. There are some good, but think about this, if you owned a company with bad ratings, what can you do about it. Answer is obvious, stage the review by your self useing fake names or have your friends give fake comments. Bottom line My Pillow is not even close to the best. Don't be fooled by his foreign parts of the world take that know one has even heard of. Wow it sounds great but it's just a ear full of nothing

Worst pillow ever
I bought this pillow a few months ago at Walmart, I bought two of them king size extra firm and MyPillow were expensive they were about $100 each, I was like OK well because of the price I thought maybe you know they were going to be excellent pillows but to my surprise it's the worst pillows ever. It's a rip off the pillow gave me a bad neck pain and huge headaches I would wake up every morning with a headache and extremely stiff also they get really warm my back started hurting because of the neck pain it's just a rip off worst pillow ever in the world I've tried so many even like the cheapest ones are way better than this one I finally had to throw them away and I bought new pillows and oh my god what a difference nice expensive pillows but they're worth way more than the stupid my pillow thing! Don't spend your money on this pillows the are horrible!

Was good for about a month, Now stiff neck/tossing and turning have become the new norm.
I have ordered 4 different pillows. The first two I received 6-7 years ago were pretty good though since have begun to resemble the latest batch I ordered. During the first month sleeping on these newer pillows MyPillow were somewhat comfortable HOWEVER, they now lose their shape, flatten quickly requiring me to reshape them continuously throughout the night, and have caused my neck to be super stiff and in pain upon awakening literally every morning. There are several other pillows on the market for the same price which are FAR SUPERIOR and as a result they should be looked into as this company is a bit of a rip-off. Factor in that the founder is now pushing supposed 'covid cures' that have been scientifically debunked in an effort to increase his personal wealth, MyPillow is a terrible company that used to be okay but has since been blinded by pure greed. Shame on you Mike Lindell. Good thing your make sure to wear your cross necklace outside of your shirt to prove that you are 'trustworthy' and a 'man of god'. Despicable.

Don't buy MyPillow!
MyPillow advertise this piece of junk on LBC.
From the ads it sounded like the pillow would be super-comfortable so I decided to order it. And of course there's that comforting '60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE'

But when it arrived it was screwed up in a plastic wrapper and despite following instructions to put it in the dryer for 15 minutes, it was still all loose and crumbly. So I decided to reject the goods and emailed MyPillow immediately on 23rd December. I heard nothing. So I called them on 5th January and was told that yes, under their 'guarantee' I can return the pillow for a full refund. HOWEVER, I would have to pack it again, label it and deliver it to a post office and at my expense, send it back by special delivery. Also they would deduct the original delivery fee!

Obviously their policy is to sell a rubbish product online with a '60 Day Money Back Guarantee' and expect the majority of dissatisfied customers not to jump through all the hoops and expenditure to actually get part of their money back! I'll bet it works too.

What in the world?
My husband bought a My Pillow from Shop HQ. He was buying it for me because I get frequent headaches and neck soreness. When the pillow arrived I was kind of shock how small MyPillow were able to compress it, but we followed the instructions and let it inflate on its own. We fluffed it, turned it and whatever else to try to make it feel like a real pillow. It felt like it had 5 cotton balls and 3 feathers in the pillow. This was the worst pillow I ever slept on. There was no support or anything. I thought for $50 it should be a good pillow. I was angry and told my husband to take it back, but he doesn't like the hassle of taking things back and so now we are stuck (well he is). They should be ashamed. FYI The $10 travel to go pillow works so much better.

3 Years testimonial
Received 2 identical pillows 1 had less filling, I have to wash every couple weeks in order for filling to plump back up, otherwise I get Bad neck pains and Bad headaches and then it takes about 3 hours in the dryer (on High) and to make Sure MyPillow are FULLY dry I let them set out for a couple more days, because if is NOT, I get the headache sooner, after ALL that I put the in a protective zipped case, which helps
Keep the filling confined to a smaller area, then I can put the pillow cases on. A LOT of work, in a couple of weeks I start over, makes me wonder if the filling is actually safe to breathe in at night? Just listening to
The owner speak in interviews, makes me feel he would say or do ANYTHING to make a Dollar, I would NOT buy ANYTHING from him or endorsed by him Again.

Betterbone: I finally figured this out!
Because I sleep on my back at an incline to help my heartburn, I use a neckroll as a pillow. Its actually a 'dogbones neckbone' and I love how the shape cradles my head. Because the original stuffing in it was hard, I removed it and stuffed it with plush fiberfill from the craft store. It works ok, but keeps packing down so I have to keep buying more and restuffing it. I thought, there must be some more resilient stuffing out there. I saw the ads for Mypillow and got a crazy idea to buy the travel pillow and cut it open and use most of the filling inside my Dogbone. I finally tried it and though it was a messy process (filling has tiny bits that go everywhere) it was worth it. After a couple nights I have woken up without shoulder numbness. The pillow fluffs right up after use to its original shape, no more 'flatbone' and 'misshapenbone'. I wish I had done this sooner. In addition to being great to sleep on, the patented filling helps a uniquely shaped pillow keep its shape and stay resiliant.

GARBAGE. This company is a professional SCAM.
The pillow I was sent was ABSOLUTE GARBAGE. It was all but empty of foam and the pillow case was cheap crap quality, stiff, polyester, TOTAL JUNK. I called MyPillow customer service department to get an RA for the return of the junky pillow I received and WAS NEVER told about their supposed "terms and conditions" (but found out about the T&C after I reported them to the BBB in their response to my complaint). At that time I was told MyPillow would deduct $10 from the total I paid ($42.81) leaving me with a total refund of $30.91. When I got my refund back they had deducted over $20 and only gave me a partial refund. I want the rest of the money owed from my refund. This company is nickel and diming customers, ripping them off- DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY. Even if you return the pillow, their going to keep HALF of the purchase price which the pillow STILL isnt worth.

The pillow that feels like a fluffy cloud.
At first I was taken aback by how the pillows arrived assuming that MyPillow had forgotten to include the second one for free. However, when I opened the package to see that there were two pillows and that they had to be placed in a dryer for 15 minutes, I was wondering if I made a mistake purchasing them. To my pleasant surprise, these pillows were so light and fluffy that I really had a good night's sleep; but to top it all off, I no longer snore! My husband was amazed that we spent the night without waking him up to my loud snoring. At times my husband had to sleep in the living room because it was too much. This was really embarrassing but thank God that this miraculous pillow has put an end to this. Thank you MyPillow for saving my marriage.

My Pillow was MY worst nightmare!
I bought this pillow at Bed, Bath & Beyond the other day along with the Sleep for Success Pillow. It's totally not worth $49. I'm so glad I kept my receipt and the box because I'm bringing it back tomorrow to get a full refund. I had a stiff neck and it just made it worse! The shredded pieces of foam never stayed in place, the pillow was so lumpy and disproportionate. I had to keep adjusting the pillow all night. It felt like I had to fold the pillow in half because it kept going so flat, and it didn't say cool at all I was HOT as H***! I slept on the Sleep for Success Pillow the following night. The next morning I woke up, no stiff, sweaty neck imagine that!

And what's with the inventors picture on the box with his cross hanging out of his shirt for everyone to see? I am buying a pillow not a religious sermon. I'm Christian but I don't want religion sold to me when I'm buying a pillow that's ridiculous! He's a pompous, arrogant, jerk that is so tacky! WORST PILLOW EVER! DO NOT BUY!

Shipping and Customer service
I placed an order on Father's Day. I paid extra for express shipping. It got shipped to the wrong address. Then I emailed customer service and MyPillow told me to wait to confirm that I haven't received the order. Then the following day. I called customer service and was told that I would get a call back. However I didn't. Then my husband proceeded to call and actually got a hold of someone. He was told that they would ship the item right away and that I would receive a new email confirmation. I didn't receive it so I had to get ahold of them again. Then it's been 4 days since they said they would ship the new order and yet I haven't received an email or anything saying that they shipped the order. I paid for express shipping but it's like I might as well not have because it's going to get here if I just paid for regular shipping. The workers from the customer service people to the supervisors are just completely lazy and useless! Never will I ever order something from my pillow again. I am completely disgusted with the service that I have received

Worst pillow ever!
To describe these pillows as poor is an understatement, and their follow-up service, 'illegal'.

We ordered these items and received them promptly. However, on opening them, it was immediately apparent that MyPillow are nothing more than cloth bags filled with shredded foam, offering no realistic hope of support or stability, so they were packed up and sent back after emailing MyPillow after advising them that I was exercising my rights under the Consumer Contract Regulations (29) and cancelling my contract. I further advised them by email that I claimed a full reimbursement (regulation 34) of the purchase sum and the original cost of delivering them to me, a total of 66 pounds and 95 pence. The items were to be returned at my expense. I promptly received a reply accepting the return, apologising for the items not being to my satisfaction and confirming the 66.95 would be refunded to my account.

Some days later, I received a refund, but of only 59.95, which did not account for the original postage cost.

This was brought to the company's attention three weeks ago requesting the remainder of the refund and I have not received a reply.

My advice. Firstly, do not by this poor product and, secondly, do not expect to get all our money back, even though your rights under the law provide for it.

Not just the worst pillow I've ever used, its the worst m product I've ever purchased!
What can I say about a product that, I swear, seems designed to hurt you. The very first night I tried it, my old neck pain got much worse, and I had a whole host of new pain: in my shoulders, my left arm, numbness in my fingers. I thought surely it couldn't be the pillow, so I waited two weeks, saw my chiropractor, and when I felt mostly better I tried again. I made sure to follow the directions to a tee, and... next day same areas of pain, but much worse. This time the pain traveled to both arms, and a horrible tingling pain from my neck to my upper arm. I had to skip work for four days, I almost couldn't move from the pain. I called my ortopaedist, who is a miracle worker, and she told me she has heard dozens of stories just like mine, many even worse. She said 3 of her patients last year required surgery after using My Pillow products. She said it was like if an orthopedic doctor told you what an ideal pillow should be, and then you did the exact opposite of what MyPillow said, and then studied how to make the pillow even worse, you might start approaching the level of harm that My Pillow inflicts. It is now 2 months since this torture started and I am still in pain every day. I am going to have steroid injections next week in my neck and shoulder, and I pray that i get some relief. I don't want to even think about my options if those treatments fail. I'm very concerned about Covid and try to limit any unnecessary outings, but it will be worth the risk if this helps, even a little. I am writing this because if even one person reads it and passes on My Pillow, then its worth it. I am a deeply religious person and I know that it is a Christian company, and therefore I wanted to like this pillow, but as a Christian I could not in good faith remain silent. I hope this post helps at least a few people to avoid the trauma this product caused me.

Customer (lack of) Service
Have not received my pillows yet, which is not the complaint, but customer service is. While placing my order for pillows, the rep. For My Pillow, asked for an email address, to send me my invoice, which I gave.The email is not difficult to understand, or copy, I thought. I did not receive an email, in the time stated, or even a week later. I did call again, and left a message, to get a call back, to give the email address again. When I received the call back, the lady from My Pillow, said to me"how can I help you?"The lady should have known how she could have helped me, because I left a clear message as to the problem. Moving forward, she was unable to follow simple instructions, and I have yet to receive an invoice... so I just left another message... and I wait...

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Description: Hi, I? ۪m Mike Lindell, Inventor, Manufacturer, and CEO of MyPillow Inc. Years ago, like you, I found myself extremely frustrated with my pillow going flat. Most pillows are designed to break down. I would wake up in the morning with a sore arm, my neck...

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