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Initially ordered a couple of pictures on canvas, due...
Initially ordered a couple of pictures on canvas, due to the competitive prices on offer.

Pictures arrived via UPS in under a week, and with no additional delivery charge (due to the amount spent). Given the time from ordering to delivery was astounded to find the company is based in Germany, and the canvases were produced and shipped from there. True Germanic efficiency.

On receipt, the quality was flawless, so I promptly ordered some more larger canvases.

Not tried their customer service, but thats because I've had no need, which is the best advert for their services.

I made a purchase for a canvas that was discounted to £5 however when i clicked on my paypal to make the payment the coupon came off and charged me £39.50. I proceeded to cancel but there wasnt an option, I then went to phone & it was £3.50 PER MINUTE to phone this German company. I resorted to sending an email explaining the situation & went back to purchase my original product with the coupon. Customer services got back to me DAYS later to confirm that my order was cancelled & I was confirmed a refund that would take 3 - 5 business days. 7 days later i got in touch to query my refund to which Mypicture replied days later saying IT WAS PROCESSED. I provided paypal statements confirming that was not true and they replied saying IM NOT GETTING A REFUND despite them previously telling me it was happening then was processed. Highly unprofessional company who is out to scam vulnerable people. I continued to chase this refund to then be told I am going to get it & I have to wait? I then got in touch for an update to be told I was NOT GETTING A REFUND. How can a company be as un professional as this? How can a compnay confirm a refund of your money then change there mind? The address at the bottom of the email was in London so I dont beleive anything they say. The canvas was poor quality aswell but i suppose you get what you pay for. SHAME ON YOU FOR MESSING ABOUT SINGLE PARENTS. I have opened a case with paypal. AVOID

Ordered 3 canvases for my son's 50th birthday
Ordered 3 canvases for my son's 50th birthday. I found the site very confusing, but placed the order and it cost £81' I was horrified when Mypicture turned up! His wedding picture was stuck down in the corner of a large canvas with the bottom overlapping the edge. The landscape one was stuck in the middle of the canvas with one edge wrapped and just plain white canvas top and bottom. The third was just as bad.
I contacted them immediately but it took days for them to respond, and they asked us to take pics of them, which we did and sent 3times, all of which they said they didn't receive! Each time it was 4-5 days in replying. When I asked for refund I was told they were not bound by British laws, only German, so no refund. They offered to do one print as a "goodwill gesture"! Lesson learnt... buy British! Don't touch these people

Lousy service, shoddy Quality Control, no customer service and slow delivery
I ordered a framed starchart on 13/12/20 as an Anniversary present. On 21/12/20 the starchart was delivered unframed. I contacted customer services immediately and explained it was an anniversary present for the middle of January. Mypicture contacted me and said they were sorry and would remake the order. It then took until 7th January (17 DAYS) before they remade the order. It was shipped and sent UPS. I was told it would be delivered this week. Tonight I checked and it was still showing it is with UPS. I rang them and they said it was still in Germany and to contact! So faulty order, delay in putting right the error, slow shipping and then item not delivered in time for the Anniversary. Waste of money, extremely poor customer service and lousy delivery excuses by UPS. Would NOT recommend this company to anyone if you want your goods to be right or delivered on time.

Stunning quality, I'm absolutely overjoyed!
I'm so pleased with how these canvases turned out!
I'll definitely be using this company again!

I really wanted to do some memorial artwork for my dearly departed rats, Edward & Eric (Eric I lost back in March and Edward just recently on the 4th Nov), so I started working on these just after Edward's ashes came back.
Unfortunately I didn't have a picture of the boys that captured them in such an adorable position (Mypicture were too lazy to stand up) so I had to take some inspiration from Google images.
Still, I think they turned out fab and they were a pleasure to draw.
My boys - Finally reunited at last and 2 beautiful canvases to remember them by



I ordered a photo book 12days later I checked the order number to see where the package was at is supposedly was suppose to take 3-5 days. The order number when I checked apparently did not exist. I emailed the complaint and received back that there was no record of my order.

I then stupidly ordered the gift again as it was full of important memories, to then receive a new email showing the old order and now the new order being processed.

I have spent another £23 on the same thing to have the same problem I have asked for a refund and cancellation as I obviously don't want two but the responses back are non existent, slow and unhelpful this website will scam you out of money for a product that won't arrive

Very disappointed as the book held photos of special importance of a late family member

Damaged poor quality canvas.
"Don't buy from this site!" - AVOID THIS COMPANY THEY'RE CHEAP RUBBISH
I purchased a canvas from this site, i ordered it on the Sunday & it arrived on the Thursday which was in time for what I needed it for, so delivery timing was ok.
But it was damaged, the canvas had a slash across it & was generally of poor print quality, I must add that the packaging was immaculate so whoever packed it knew that it was damaged & still sent it out unfit for purpose which is rubbish customer care.
Mypicture now claim to be based in Germany & bound by German law but they're using a. CO.UK website & are based in Birmingham on their company registered site, I paid with English pounds!
I had to go to Asda to get a usable canvas & the quality at Asda was perfect & it wasn't damaged either.
AVOID this company, they've taken my money, sent me damaged rubbish quality goods & won't refund me.

Great service, good quality
After ordering 8 canvas prints on the 14th November, I happened to check Trust Pilot and was both worried and sceptical that the prints would arrive, with all the bad reviews about not arriving, however I must have been one of the lucky ones because the prints arrived today, 23rd November.
The quality is fine, although 1 of the prints looks a bit weird as it's not centered on the canvas but realistically Mypicture can only print what we upload.
Overall I am happy with the service however the prints are not to the quality of other canvas prints, but remember they were 6 quid each so the adage "you get what you paid for" is true but we are both happy.

One minor gripe is that I do feel if they are based in Germany then that should be splashed on their UK website as its a little confusing.

Ordered 3 canvases for a birthday prezzie, picked this...
Ordered 3 canvases for a birthday prezzie, picked this site as it looked really professional and promised delivery in 48 hrs. Still waiting 9 days later! As in previous reviews, was given a false tracking number and the telephone number on confirmation email is constantly engaged.
How I wished I'd looked at this review site before I ordered anything off here. I ordered same prints off of Argos and Mypicture came within 2 days and fully finished no DIY job where you've got to frame and stretch canvas yourself!
So if you are thinking of ordering off of here - DONT!
I'm just hoping that my prints will turn up eventually.

Awful website dont ever buy a canvas from these people!
Awful website dont ever buy a canvas from these people! Ive never written a review in my life but i felt i had to let people know so Mypicture dont get screwed over like me! The picture was really bad quality and didn't even fit the cheap wood frame which by the way you have to put together yourself! The picture was completely blurred at the top and the bottom. When i emailed them they take 2 days to reply and give sarcastic, patronising replies to try and get out of it. All i wanted was another one sent out that actually fit the cheap wooden frame they gave me that wasn't blurred but they woukdn't srnd one so i lost my money and missed my friends birthday! All in all they should be shut down. Awful people and awful company!

MyPicture returns/refund policies are breaking the law
Why are MyPicture allowed to break the law? The Consumer Rights Act 2015 clear states that where a product is faulty the seller has one chance to put this right, otheriwse Mypicture MUST issue a refund. I ordered a photorug which was faulty. MyPicture sent a replacement, which was also faulty (as an aside - don't buy the photorugs as there is an inbuilt flaw in the materials used in the manufacturing process). I then asked for a refund. MyPicture told me I was not entitled to a refund as it is THEIR POLICY that they have TWO chances to put right any sales that are faulty or not fit for purpose. I've asked them why they think company policy overides the law, but they have been reluctant to respond. They have even since told me they will send me a diffent product as an alternative! Why would I want that? If I wanted a different product I would have ordered a different product.

Funny enough I also have a 2nd product outstanding that I ordered at the same time as the photorug (over a month ago). I waited 3 weeks for this to turn up, and when I contacted MyPicture they told me it had been returned due to an incorrect address. They told me I had to provide them with my correct address. I advised them that I had provided my correct address, that my details were correct on their website, and that I had just had my photorug delivered and that had the same address details. Their response was that I had to give them my real address. We just went round and round in circles until their customer services gave up and sent out a replacement product - which I haven't received yet.

No, I'm not overly impressed with MyPicture...

Im clearly not the only one that's had a rubbish experience,...
Im clearly not the only one that's had a rubbish experience, seems to be a lot of people!

Appalling products and customer service. I spent a LOT of money getting two canvases for the living room, both of which I ordered so the last pixels are stretched over the edge, so that it doesn't look silly.

When the package arrived BOTH canvases had an edge that was white, one of which was HALF stretched and HALF white!

See here for image:*******795.jpg

You can see that view from the sofa.

NOW, I contacted customer services and informed them of my problem giving them proof by adding the original images and the view of the two canvases with the misprinted sections. I got a rude response with NO APOLOGY with them stating that is how the original image was. Mypicture said they have "reviewed it and have come to the conclusion this is no grounds for complaint". The UTTER CHEEK! I have the images here! One is an original, and one I ZOOMED IN to get the section I wanted, so it was impossible.

They also referred to me using my first name, when I had typed Ms. AND the email was not from a senior member of staff, it was purely from the "team".

There are also speckles of white where some of the canvas has been scratched. I noticed it IMMEDIATELY when I opened the package.

Absolutely disgusted! Will be leaving them off the wall and spreading this review where possible so it happens to nobody else!

Good quality and value; fast delivery; and (normally) good communications and tracking.
I've bought over thirty photo canvasses from this firm, and I have no complaints about quality or value. I can't say that about any other canvas supplier I have used (there have been several). Delivery is usually about a week from the order date, and Mypicture normally keep you well posted on progress. The only exception to that was my last order, when the tracking details were wrong. I told them and got an acknowledgement, but no revised tracking info. Hopefully that was just a hiccup. My only other complaint is that they have stopped offering 120x30cm, 120x40cm, and 90x30cm panoramic canvasses. Being able to get 4:1 and 3:1 aspect ratios was the reason I first tried them. For me it is a frequent size, and now I have to go to another supplier to get them made.

What I thought to be a lovely present for Christmas... turned out to be a nightmare! I ordered a very large acrylic picture at around £70, the picture came within 4 days which was fab! Until I opened the box?! It had 2 large deep scratches in the acrylic. I sent 2 emails over the next few days with no response. I thought I'd bought from a U. K company as its. website, however it turns out to be based in GERMANY, good luck trying to call them it's either in German so u can't tell what's being said or you get through to a English switchboard only to be cut off! I found them on Facebook and wrote a private message with no success... so as a last resort I commented on their wall to inform others of the way Mypicture run there business. I had put a bad review on the company on their facebook page several times to then low and behold get a reply ( funny that). They very rudely told me to " be patient" as they are busy,?! And that I'd get another. And that was the end of that... I replied asking of a ETA as it was a gift for Christmas... NO RESPONSE. So then I sent a inbox message on facebook asking again for the ETA. To be told if I send the order no they would check for me... send the order no. Any response.? You guessed it... nothing. I went on later that evening to check my messages to find that they had blocked me on facebook and blocked me so I couldn't write anymore negative reviews. So now god knows if I will get a picture or not... NEVER EVER EVER USE THIS COMPANY...#toytown

My original order of a framed family photo was placed at the end of May and I was debited £44.90 on 1st June 2020. The Hermes tracking page (when I managed to decipher it, as it was in German) stated that the item had supposedly been delivered to me on 4th June... OH NO IT HADN'T!
Despite several attempts to resolve the issue, both by phone and email, I have been fobbed off and am still waiting! Having read the recent reviews, it seems there is something afoot with this company and I find it hard to believe that any of the positive reviews are actually from real customers.

I am very disappointed with My-Picture
I am very disappointed with My-Picture. I paid for four canvas prints intended as gifts for my family and friends. Everything about the prints was poor quality. Their website says Mypicture use linen but what they sent me looks more like plastic than canvas, perhaps a mix of some kind. I paid for deep stretchers but instead they sent me thin stretchers stapled together to look like deep stretchers - except they are not. The print quality is generally poor. They say they offer 'guaranteed gallery style' but in 45 years of going to art galleries I have never seen anything as bad as the work they sent me. I have prints of similar pictures from two other companies whose products are excellent, so I know from experience what canvas prints should be if they are good. I complained to My-Picture and they dismissed it, also saying they do not offer refunds at all regardless of the problems. They also use '' on their website and email, but actually are a German company from Cologne. They don't seem to understand what the problem is or don't care perhaps. I have lost money I can't afford to lose and need to have the prints re-made by a good company at my cost. I trusted My-Picture and now I feel very badly let down by them. I have sent details of my complaint to Cologne Chamber of Commerce for their assistance.
UPDATE to above review - 21 Nov 2013:
I am pleased to say that My-Picture have at last made a full refund on my order. I had almost lost hope after such a long time and so many emails to the company, but they have eventually done the decent thing and I appreciate that. As a word of advice to them I suggest they add a statement on their website offering full refunds to dissatisfield customers, and that they should resolve any issues much more quickly in future. That will greatly help to build customer confidence.

I read the reviews about this site before ordering...
I read the reviews about this site before ordering and the main issues seemed to be
1. Self build frames
2. Quality
3. Time scale
4 Not Contactable
5 Company in Germany

On the above I found that

1 Yes you do have to build your canavas and Mypicture are more than clear on this on there web site, I decided to take the £7 option and have them do it
2 The quality of the canvas I would imagine would be dependant on the quality of the picture I used a run of the mill camera 10m pixels and the quality of my images is fine the frames are cheap soft wood but you can't see these
3 They are slower than advertised I ordered on the 9/12 and recieved my order on the 22/12 but the did guarentee delivery for christmas and they have arrived
4 The do have an e-mail address which does appear to be a dead end which is always a concern when your parting with money
5. Yes they are in Germany but they don't hide this

Overall I am more than happy with mine the same products were £85 each with other companies I paid £34 each so for an extra couple of days wait they are a bargain, Will use this company again

I received my canvas and couldn't believe they'd sent this 'thing' without checking it, the quality is absolutely horrendous! On contacting them Mypicture say it's due to the dpi of my picture and it's basically my own fault? Nowhere in the order process was I warned that the quality would be compromised!
Lots of emails back and forth and they're now quoting German consumer law saying I'm not entitled to a refund. It seems although they are called they are not a British company and therefore our trading standards do not mean a thing. They keep offering me another print but all I want is my £40 back for something that is no way 'fit for purpose'. Would not recommend this company!

Great service
I live in the USA and wanted to send a friend who lives in Leeds a 1.5" canvas print of one of my art pieces. There website is user friendly. I was very happy to hear from my friend regard production and delivery time from when I placed the order and also, got great feedback from my friend regards quality! So, based on my friends feedback who incidentally is a camera man and photographer. I will be ordering more pieces to send to my brother and friends. Lastly, I thought there prices wich included free delivery (based on order) were very reasonable. 2 thumbs up from me.

Okay so I made an order about 4 days ago and after...
Okay so I made an order about 4 days ago and after reading the reviews i'm only really scared of my order not being delivered for weeks. As for having to assemble them yourself i have 2 comments on that.
1) I can understand that would be really inconvenient for customers who have printed photo's of family and friends to put on their wall. I, however, think it'll be pretty neat having to make my own canvas of my photography work. It'll make it seem a bit more personal to me.
2) For the price they're offering how can you really complain anyway?

I'm definitely not rating this site very highly and as i said i'm very concerned with the delivery time and hope this isn't a problem for me as it was for others.

Canvas print
I recieved a canvas a couple of days ago and it had a scratch like damage in middle original photo was perfect and packaging was not damaged in any way I've send numerous e mails with no joy and called many times and gone straight to voicemail which is really really annoying, I have used site before and was happy
With results but I definitely won't be using ever again if this is not sorted pronto, what is the point in having a service set up to deal with customers when it obviously doesn't £35.00 down the drain, and it was a gift, if I don't get a refund or replacement, i will make sure the people I have previously recommend this site to, don't use it

Encouraged by the offer and because my daughter had...
Encouraged by the offer and because my daughter had just married I put in a large order for some canvas prints. When Mypicture arrived the standard was so dissppointing that I cried. I wrote and complained to the company, going as far to print out on canvas paper in the A4 size on my domestic printer copies as compared to their poor washouted out attempts mine were crisp, clear and strong in colour. They said I had uploaded the photos in the incorrect format - so why did their site not block that order and then tell me to re submit. Failing that when they printed four of each pictures surely after one print it was obvious to anyone that this was not professional quality but a tranvisty. I complained on 3 or 4 occassions and they refused to budge from their point of view it was my error and cheekily offered me 30% discount on my next order as good will gesture - the orginal offer I bought on was 80% off - as though I would again use a company that has such obvious failures in their order system and quality control -PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS COMPANY
I am glad to report that following the posting of this review the company have contacted me and reprinted the photos to a good quality and at their expense. This is a great relief, but I do hope they have taken on board my comments as otherwise I feel it would be easy for people to have a similar experience.

Wish I'd read reviews before ordering
Wish I'd read reviews before ordering. I emailed the same day I placed the order to cancel and requested a refund. Mypicture replied 2 days later saying order was processed but I thought that as they'd actually replied then maybe canvases would be good. I was able to track the order which, again, made me think that maybe this company had improved and they arrived about 1 week after placing order. The canvases are disgusting, the colours are nothing like the photo's that were uploaded, the whole thing has an orange cast and the bottom of them are blurred and out of focus. I e-mailed the company straight away and they have not replied. I am e-mailing on a daily basis. Like many other people, I thought I was dealing with a UK company due to the web address and as it is a German company I do not expect any after sales service and don't think that they care about bad reviews. People should avoid this company like the plague!

I have recently used this company on a friends recommendatio...
I have recently used this company on a friends recommendation, and even though i have just read all the bad reviews my experience has been fab.

I ordered 2 canvas prints tuesday last week and Mypicture arrived a week later even though we've had two bank holidays inbetween.

The whole ordering process is a doddle and communication via email etc for tracking parcel etc was fine.

I was well aware that i would have to put the frames toegether as it does state this in the ordering process, they are easy too, just need a hammer to tap them tight into place. Very happy with the prints and the quailty and they are easy to put onto the frame. I've used drawing pins as don't have a staple gun and seems absolutely fine.

I have now been back and ordered another 4 prints... lets hope they are as good! Fingers Crossed!

Do not order from Mypicture (
£20 for the smallest jigsaw, colours dull and lacking brilliance.
Came minus a box. The idea is it is on a board. So no reference when building jigsaw, or means of storing it!
When it arrived all the pieces were just sitting in a jiffy bag.
Absolute garbage.
Other companies I have ordered jigsaws from have much better presentation.
When I contacted them to complain Mypicture offered me 50% off my next purchase with them - excluding delivery or special offers or discounts - but considering everything on their website is heavily marked up then discounted - it was a less than worthless gesture.
Save your time and money and shop elsewhere.

Finally contacted...
So after I moaned and moaned, I finally got contacted by customer service. In all fairness, Mypicture offered to send me a replacement photo and gave me a code for a freebie, which I was rather impressed with.

Would you believe it BUT THE SECOND ONE ARRIVED BENT AND MISSHAPEN. I've now emailed them again 3 times and have had no reply. What the actual heck.

The problem is with with packaging. They seal around the photo frame well enough but not the edges. By the time it's travelled through the courier service it has been pummelled and shoved and damaged. They need to provide better padding around the the edges of the picture and not just around it. The edges are left vulnerable and will inevitably get damaged in transit.

Disappointed. Again.

By far the worst company I have ever dealt with. This is the first time I have ever submitted a negative review for anyone. * from Customer Services was so rude with her blunt responses. Crux is that their courier (UPS) never reached my house as Mypicture said I had provided the wrong address (I didn't) so expected me to go and collect the pictures from the other side of town whilst in COVID isolation. bluntly refused to try and assist despite being threatened with legal action for failure to attempt to deliver (which I am working on but is quite complicated as this is actually a German registered company - be aware). Shameful. Do not deserve any business. Avoid them at all costs.

*Personal information redacted by admin

Terrible customer service, bent and misshapen photo
The order was received within 10 days, which I was okay with. The website looks as though it is local but it is actually travelling from Germany. By the time the frame arrived it was battered and bent out of shape. I spent nearly £100 on it and I was intending on giving this as a gift, but I am actually too embarrassed to do so.

I contacted the company 5 times in total and all Mypicture have done is send me a generic reply asking for photos - despite my original emails actually containing photos of the damage! Not one personal reply received and I'm out of money for this present and stuck with a huge frame that is too battered to hang up.

DO NOT use this company. Their customer service is not existent and the frames are battered to the point of ridiculousness. Unless you want to just waste your hard earned cash, in which case, go ahead. Frankly, I'm appalled at this company and their lack of integrity. Avoid at all costs.

Absolutely stunning
I'm not easily impressed but Mypicture managed to do so with flying colours. I'm in the UK.
I had been playing around with a graphics program intending to do a canvas-effect print for myself of a friend's donkeys.
Being quite pleased with my resulting image file I decided instead to have it printed professionally on an actual stretched canvas rather than commit it myself to mere paper, and Mypicture (United Arts GmbH) was the site that caught my eye. The website ordering process is slick and efficient, made even easier in my case as I had already sized my image to one of their preset canvas sizes long before uploading, although there's no real requirement to do this, the site provides its own cropping / sizing utility if required. From there on the speed of the entire process from printing to delivery was incredible. I hadn't truly realised Germany was the source (of course I should have, given the GmbH bit) and you certainly wouldn't have known any part of the process was outside the UK because of the utter rapidity*. All with plenty of pleasant notifications every step of the way. The result though was what really captivated me. Simply superb! My uploaded snap here, taken on my lowly budget phone, won't do it justice at all I'm afraid.
[*whether world events, sadly, might take their toll on shipping in future I've no idea, but my own experience was marvellous, and that's all I can refer to here. Best enquire for yourself ahead of placing an order though].

I was looking to convert one of my own pictures into...
I was looking to convert one of my own pictures into a canvas for my living room wall. I came across and the reviews looked good, Mypicture were also the most competitive. I ordered a 4 foot canvas on line, it was simple to do and had various options available. The canvas too less than a week to be delivered and was well packed when it arrived. I was really impressed with the simplicity and speed in which it was delivered, the canvas quality was also good too. What I also like is the fact they have not bombarded me with promotional emails since my order, so this site gets a big thumbs up from me, I would highly recommend them.

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