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Purchased a couple hundred dollars worth of custom engraved necklaces and a wallet. And every bit of it was a month late missing christmas gifts and it's such crap that the necklaces are just silver.
This is a sham. A cheap chinese company who doesnt give a crap about customers. Instead of what you ordered youll get a dollar store necklace. Id like to get my hands on one of them and take my size 15 shoe amd stomp a mudhole out of these flipping liars

There is no contact. Other than a repetitive "hello this is Judy. Be patient."
Over and over. I have not received mine. It's past due and my only gift for my 20 year old granddaughter to put $ in and gift card. It was suppose to be special of her and her boyfriend. Out of country I find out now. Pay pal is how I PAID. Hoping to get refunded. MyPhotoWallet STEAL YOUR MONEY. No product. Should be investigated.

Zero Stars if I could. Father's day gift ruined. Buy at your own risk.
First off, I understood the delays in shipping because of covid, but this was shipped before covid started getting serious. I emailed, and I am not exaggerating when I say, at least 5-6 times before I got an actual reply. Though it was by a robot? Well even if it was a human being, MyPhotoWallet replied in the most unprofessional, and childish way they could. I was keeping my emails respectful, and asked as nice as I could. 2: They claimed to only needing a week to process and ship out. This was guaranteed, though when I came to emailing them about it, no replies. Like i said. It took 5-6 emails from me, within a span of a month. Yes. It took them a month to respond to me. I asked when the item will ship, and if it was going to take longer than a week to ship I'd like a refund. Obviously, after about a months response, I knew it wasn't going to ship. So in the 5-6 emails I sent, I kept repeating myself that I'd like a refund. No replies. After all those emails, I resorted to PayPal, because I heard PayPal will side with me. They had given me no tracking information, yet PayPal was asking for one to "prove" I wasn't lying. But they never shipped it? So I only sent the emails I exchanged with them with no responses. Soon as they tried to chargeback my money from them. BOOM. Photowallet decides to ship my item after a month of me emailing them they only decided to ship with a tracking number ready and sent to PayPal, the moment I decided to open up a case against them. Bravo Photowallet. I emailed them, I had asked them to refund me for weeks. Why are they shipping it now? I did not ask for a tracking number. I asked for a refund at that point my husband's Father's Day gift was ruined so I didnt bother with wanting their trash item. They replied! Finally! And said, "I'm sorry we cannot refund you in your case. Have a nice day!" ARE YOU KIDDING ME. I laughed so hard. I was so furious. I emailed them again back to back the same thing asking a refund, their responses were the same. Either saying, they cannot refund me in my case or that they make their items to best of their ability and cannot refund...(mind of you, "the best of their ability", REALLY sucked.) The thing is I laughed so hard because their website CLEARLY says, you are guaranteed a REFUND AT ANY POINT OF THE SHIPPING, PROCESSING OR RETURN IT FOR FULL REFUND. This did not happen. PayPal in the end sided with them because covid delayed their responses by months. Just my luck right? So by the time my item arrived... 2-3 months later. PayPal replied with a, "Your item was delivered so no further actions are required, your case is closed, have a nice day!" I then proceeded to open another case against them... because the wallet was 10000% not what I was expecting for what I paid. And again because of delayed responses from PayPal they closed my case because it no longer needed actions and I never got a refund I'll be doing more research for online websites from now on. I ended up getting my husband another more expensive wallet that came from another country, same as photo wallet, but theirs arrived in just 5 days! With extremely better quality than Photowallet. Want my advice? Avoid all of the pain and headaches AND DON'T SHOP AT PHOTOWALLET.

My Photo Wallet team especially Ms Starling has her expertise in dealing with the problems of her consumers wholeheartedly. She had been a constant support to me regarding my packet delivery to Canada, despite being a mistake from the consumer's end. I express my heartfelt gratitude to her and wish her all the luck in her furure endeavors. I would recommend all my friends to shop from such a customer friendly shopping site like photo wallet.

Do Not Order From Them!
This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I ordered three wallets and the pictures on the wallets were absolutely horrible. I contacted customer service and MyPhotoWallet said to send them pictures of the wallets, which I did. They said they looked great and they didn't see a problem with them. On one of the wallets there were dark marks all over the face of my son and the pictures looked nothing like the originals. Absolutely worst thing I have ever bought and customer service is absolutely ridiculous!

Absolutely Terrible! Wish I could give them a minus 10!
I ordered a key chain for my dad for Christmas. It took over 2 months, Arrived in mid January. Quality was horrific, and MyPhotoWallet refused to either refund me or reprint another - as their website clearly states. STAY AWAY. I wish I'd have read these reviews before dealing with this disreputable company. Emailed several times and finally asked for a phone # to speak with a supervisor and was told 'sorry no phone service available'... The same thing that happened to Alicia F happened to me!

Bad product buyer beware
I'd give them 0 stars if I could I ordered a photo wallet for Father's Day. The wallet finally came in July 2020. I open it up & am horrified about the product I received. It was nothing compared to what MyPhotoWallet advertised. The background of photo was on it and my kiddos weren't outlined correctly. I emailed them wanting my money back or to fix this mess only for them to reply it's nice enjoy. It's a scam don't use this company at all especially since they won't make it right.

I should've checked reviews before buying
MyPhotoWallet don't tell you how long it'll take before the whole think is done meaning it actually takes many many WEEKS and they hide the fact that there's a hidden policy where if you don't receive your item and you want a refund they won't refund you! If the item is lost broken stolen whatever they don't refund you! Rude people who refuse yes REFUSE to give you HR NUMBER or CORPORATES because they are too scared! Cheap piece of $#*! plastic! Might as well smear $#*! on a piece of paper and hand it to your loved one! They could've been nice but no they had an attitude and tried to scam me of money, and now im not even sure I'll get my package in time or at all! Not a trust worthy place. Cheap does not mean better!


Okay product
I ordered a wallet with a photo of my children for my husband as a Christmas present. The photo on the wallet wasn't as bad as some of the reviews I had seen after purchasing the product, but it definitely wasn't the quality that the company advertised. The wallet itself also isn't that good of quality, so I plan to order my husband another one off a higher-quality site. It definitely wasn't worth the money and I received the wallet late.

Ordered the first of December finally received the photo necklaces I ordered on January 4th. Told the two people their gifts would be late. Opened them up you could not even see the photo with the naked eye. Had to use a magnifying glass to see. Emailed company telling them I expect all my money back waiting for them to respond. Stay away terrible service and products!

I ordered my item beginning of February and a month and half later and still have not received it! I emailed them so many times either no replies or when MyPhotoWallet do, they lie into your face. 5 days ago they said my ordered will be shipped in 48 hours and I contacted them today, they said it's not even been shipped. IN CONCLUSION 6 WEEKS GONE, MY ORDER STILL NOT PROCESSED! I'm glad I ordered from PayPal, otherwise I would never get my money back! SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM ALART ALART DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY

Ordered on december 11th
Slow slow slow! Ordered a wallet on December 11th MyPhotoWallet emailed today said it would be another 3-5 days to make on top of the time that he already passes plus another 8-12 days to ship. This was a Christmas gift! I'll be surprised if I see it before February! Very fast to take money out of your account but slow to get you your product! Shop else where! You been warned..

Ass holes
Well weres do i start I orderd from these guys on early morning the 8th of December said spend over £50 get free shipping so that is what I did been messaging them for days asking why I haven't recieved an email with regards to my order being complete then MyPhotoWallet email me 2 days ago saying your order is processed is it just being checked over wich will take 12-24 hours so I replied with an email explaining these are Christmas presents so I thought they would of been here sooner they then said could pay and extra £9:96 for faster shipping to wich I payed and said I would receive a tracking number wich I still haven't recieved absolute arse holes avoid this conpany if still had no tracking I will be going to my bank to see what I can sort to get my money back yes I understand it's Christmas they are busy but 10 days to make a few personalised things is ridiculous

Excellent Experience
I'm usually a pretty sketchy person but But I gave this a shot and I'm so glad I did. It got to me two weeks after payment of that included getting it ready to ship in and out and it getting to me from China and I live in North Carolina United States the wall it was exactly as pictured the quality of the wall it was really great and the picture that I sent them turned out perfect I don't know why everybody else is saying MyPhotoWallet have problems because I had a great experience I'm usually one with the bad luck but for I can't say I did. Definitely recommend

VIP Service? What a joke!
I left instructions to be followed before my order was made, to be given a digital proof beforehand. I left it in the comments section, the seller choose not to follow my instructions and sent the order instead. When I asked for a refund, the seller didn't reply to my email and on messenger, he or she is being uncooperative. I have tried to work it out with them, the fault is theirs alone.

Wish I could give zero stars
I ordered 2 customized items on Dec 4th. The website stated it takes roughly a week to produce and a week to ship so I thought I had plenty of time. Here I am, after Christmas, and still no items! I emailed several times and once MyPhotoWallet finally responded they just said they are busy with high demand. This company is a total sham. I would NEVER recommend using them. What a headache.

Poor quality and service
To say I "not satisfied" is an understatement. I am very disappointed with the customer service, the products and overall company as a whole. I ordered the items in early December under the impression that my order would be here before Christmas. In fact, that is the only reason I chose your company over others. I contacted customer service to make sure it would be here in time and was not told any different. The deception of the website and customer service is very disheartening. I finally received the items today and I am also disappointed with the quality. The key chain is so poorly made that you can barely make out that there is even a picture on it. I am embarrassed to give that as a gift. I have not opened the box of the puzzle but again the quality from just the outside of the box is poor. I would think that given nearly 2 months I would be given a better product. I really hope this was a fluke and you do not do business like this regularly.

Terrible Service, Fake REVIEWS on their webpage
The customer service is terrible. Their system had some issue with processing the order, and i had to send the original picture. I requested a cancellation. MyPhotoWallet said they cannot, if you did, they have to charge $10 since it is already in production... totally liar.

And the link is from China, not the MYPHOWALLET. COM. They charge FOREIGN transaction fee.

Don't order any!

I Had Amazing Customer Service!
I had amazing customer service expectually from Vera, she's was amazing as this is my first time buying from them for Mother's Day and I was wondering how to track down my package as I wasn't fully understanding. She helped me understand and I really liked her in general, though I haven't got my package so I will give it 3 stars. About the site it was easy to navigate through. As I said I haven't gotten my package yet BUT when I do I will talk about the quality ect.

Slow return and product not good
First the ordered came almost a whole month later, then when I received the package I could not at the picture on the dog tag unless I held it sideways and the one I selected I should've been able to see it just from looking at it. I also ordered the key chain and it looks like a cartoon character. I expressed my concerns and information on how to return it and MyPhotoWallet only want to give me 20% back because of how long it took. Not good customer service at all. It takes them 3 or more days to respond to your concerns. If they would've have at least tried to correct it I would've been happy with that however they have no accountability skills.

Totally love this item
Remarkable little front wallet. Will not hold more than a few cards. You can fit more like some have said, but not very comfortably. Remarkable leather. I have had it for a week only can not say if it will last a long time but build seems good quality. No place for extras, so if you like to keep a lot of stuff in your wallet this minimalist is not for you. I am trying to lose the big fat wallet and so far do not regret it.

Great Gift
I read the reviews before buying, so I was 50/50 about buying anything. I ordered an anniversary gift for my hubby. A dog tag chain with a pic of my husband and I and a key chain with a pic of my husband and his Mom who passed away. The pics came out surprisingly great. I was actually scared to open the package, I thought it wasn't going to look too good. I was pleasantly surprised. And so was my husband. Not sure about the other items MyPhotoWallet sale, but those two came out great!

I purchased a wallet (11/22/19) and was immediately charged and still have yet to receive my item. My item is still in China. MyPhotoWallet print a shipping label and will send you a tracking # ( after chasing them endlessly for some type of info) to buy themselves time. Zero communication, horrible customer service... just poor business tactics. THEY NEED TO BE SHUT DOWN!

If I could leave 0 stars I would. I thought a personalized wallet would be a great Christmas gift for my boyfriend but MyPhotoWallet seem to be incompetent and can't actually make your personalized item look anything like the picture you send in (which is the whole point). I wasted 35 dollars on a very disappointing and honestly just all around ugly looking wallet. I tried to email their customer service email and they were absolutely no help and said they could only refund me 15% ($5.25... not even worth it). Not helpful at all. Now I'm out 35$ and need to think of another gift for me boyfriend. Please just save yourself and don't give this company any money it's practically a scam.

Don't order!
I ordered a key chain for my husband with my son date of birth and a photo. IT TOOK MORE THEN 60 DAYS TO GET MY ORDER! And guess what? MY ORDER WAS INCORRECT! I emailed about 5x and no one understands what I mean when I say the month engraved on my chain is incorrect. I have to keep explaining I order dec and engraved it says sept! This company is horrible. The item looks cheap and well see if I EVER get what I paid for. I may have to wait ANOTHER 60 days! Dont do it.

I paid $22.95 for shipping to get it before Father's Day. I purchased my items on 06/09/2020 and today it's 06/18/2020 and still don't have a tracking number and I reached out to them and MyPhotoWallet replied saying it would be shipped after Father's Day I'm so annoyed with them I'm requesting a refund what I paid for express delivery it's so ridiculous I don't recommend them

Very Bad Service - Do not recommend
I ordered this for my husband's birthday almost a month before the day and paid for express shipping. The parcel was delayed and I had to email them for details on shipping. That's when I learnt MyPhotoWallet did not use express shipping even though I paid for it. When the wallet finally came it had the wrong image on it. Remind you they had still not refunded my extra $19 I paid for extra shipping. Save yourself the headache and find another company to deal with. Worse company I have dealt with plus the don't have a phone number so all you can do is send an email and wait

Terrible- Website Lies
Please don't order from here! I wish I read reviews before I placed my order, #1 It ships from China which I couldn't see anywhere on the website where it says that before you order so shipping takes forever #2 Quality of the product in not consistent, I ordered 2 wallets one came out okay not like the picture and the second came out so bad its pretty much laughable! #3 The amount you're paying you're for the wallet, shipping, & if you choose the VIP which did absolutely nothing extra in my opinion, the quality was really cheap on both wallets. Save your money and order from a more reputable website! I posted this review on the website but MyPhotoWallet only post positive reviews!

I wish I would've read these reviews before I ordered from this company. I ordered a wallet at the beginning of November and now it's January and I still have not received my order! I have emailed the company several times and MyPhotoWallet keep sending the same email response saying they guarantee I will receive my order within 4-5 days. I filed a claim with my credit card company and got my money back. This company is a scam that is only there to steal hard working people's money!

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