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I thought the experience was exceptional, except the...
I thought the experience was exceptional, except the fact that only after you have taken time to complete a whole resume your asked to sigh up for a monthly service instead of being aware of this in the beginning. I would be more happy just paying a one time fee for a complete resume for $3 without having to sign up for a monthly service. People actually don't like being (cleverly guided to thing MyPerfectResume did not intent to opt in to). I like you service but I don't want to pay monthly bills for a one time needed service.

I purchased my resume template for $3 and MyPerfectResume signed me up for a membership that I never knew about. I saw charges on my bank account and logged on to find a recurring membership charge. I'm blown away at how scammy this company seems. The customer service agent was incredibly rude. See screenshots of the chat. It took me threatening them to get a refund and it's still doubtful that they will refund me the full amount. I would like to add that the customer service rep said it says three different times that I'm being signed up for a membership. That never happened. I approved a charge of $3 for my resume and another one of 0.45 for the word version. I never approved a membership.

Resume misguide
When looking on line to find a resume builder example, I found that it said free resume builder, I built my resume thinking it was going to be free, get to the end and it's charging me for it, I am disappointed that it wound up costing me instead of being free as advertised, but I needed it for my portfolio at work and didn't have a choice since I took the time to build it and need it a sap.

DO NOT use MyPerfectResume
DO NOT use MyPerfectResume! MyPerfectResume are unethical and will rip you off. I downloaded a $2 resume template and ended up being charged $600 for over a year on a monthly recurrring auto charge. They are SNEAKY. They sent me a receipt for the $2 download but never for the $34.95 monthly charge. I have sent them over 10 emails to date and have yet to receive my full refund. Please do NOT use their service.

I chose to use My Perfect Resume to create a resume...
I chose to use My Perfect Resume to create a resume because I hadn't worked in awhile a needed help starting. Within a month I was hired for the job I applied for, it was the only resume I sent!
Thanks to the perfect resume, I had no stress applying and was hired quickly. I'm now updating my resume because I'm applying for a better position within the company! Thanks! This is a great resource.

This website is super helpful and makes the process...
This website is super helpful and makes the process a little less intimidating. The suggestions and tips provided are really helpful. My one complaint is it felt slightly like a trick because I searched for free websites to help me create a resume and it didn't inform me until my entire process of creating said resume to tell me that I would indeed be getting charged. It's not a bad price or anything, only like three dollars, but for people who are looking for a job and trying to not spend money, that was an annoyance.

Definitely a bait and switch experience
Definitely a bait and switch experience. MyPerfectResume get you with the offer of a "free" template" and you can select a "free" template. Then after you spend all of the time answering the questions and try to download your resume using their "free" template turns out it's not free.
Now of course I know there are very few things in life that are free - but this really is pretty underhanded. You really should be more up front so that people know that it will cost them money to download their resume even if they select a "free" template.
Especially now that there are so many people that have lost their jobs - seems like you might want to be a little more helpful. Because while I do not have to be in a hurry to find another job not everyone has that same luxury.

I Love the Suggestions that Go along with the Inputs
I Love the Suggestions that Go along with the Inputs. It enhances the Brainstorming Process.

Also, the easy of use, the it Flows both Backwards and Forward making it easy to follow up with additional details.

The Spell Checker is very Helpful Feature.

Finally, I Love the Simplicity and how it Streamlines the Formatting.

I highly Recommend it to Others in their Job Searches.

Thank You,

Mark Vigen

In one of the cover letter templates, there is a typo...
In one of the cover letter templates, there is a typo that states "which all me..." it should say "which allows me." Also, I completed my resume and noticed there was a comma where there should've been a period, there was a repeated bullet point, and there were missing periods at the end of multiple sentences. I realize I need to check it over but I thought that's what I was paying for. I applied to over a dozen companies emphasizing my attention to detail. I scrutinized my resume and found these mistakes. Completely embarrassing to say the least. You need to proof read all templates ASAP as well as have the grammar/spell check updated.

It would be nice to know that I have to pay just to...
It would be nice to know that I have to pay just to be able to save the resume I just spent hours building BEFORE I spent all the time doing so. This is the third 'free' site that has done this and I guess you're the lucky ones to get the money I cannot afford anyways, solely because I DO NOT want to have to do this yet again somewhere else. I will not be continuing use here after this.

Excellent Customer Service
I so appreciated the customer service from My perfect resume! Both my husband & I are looking for jobs, and MyPerfectResume have worked with us to help us be able to utilize their awesome resources for crafting cover letters and resumes, within our tight budget constraints. I found the site easy to use, and the results were beautiful! Best resume yet!
Thank you ever so much for really caring and trying to help.

I discovered the website on a search for free resume...
I discovered the website on a search for free resume templates, so I was a bit disappointed to discover it wasn't actually a free template. And I simply needed to update my resume as I have been at the same company for over 9 years, so I really don't need a membership or monthly service This was a bit deceptive and the payment thing does not come up at all until you have gone through the entire process

I was impressed by the easy access to information that...
I was impressed by the easy access to information that accurately reflected my work experience just by selecting a title. The wording very well reflected my duties in a way that was both accurate and informational. My only complaint was that I spent so much time on this and did not know there would be a fee. I think the fee information should be presented prior to starting. That being said, I felt that the fee of $2.95 was very much worth the quality of the resume that was the result of the time I spent.

This sight said free resume creator
This sight said free resume creator. I spent an hour on it before it told me I couldn't save it without purchasing it. So I guess your not technically lying because I was able to create it for free just not get it for free. Clever word play. I am sure several corrupt companies do it though to avoid law suits. Try telling the truth next time because I am telling everyone I know this is not free.

Building the resume was great
Building the resume was great. Not knowing there was a charge until the end before you could even print anything and then be locked out of going back to the resume is sleazy business practice. Then to find out if I don't cancel within 14 days then is an additional $24.99 charge each month thereafter is criminal. Imwill be canceling as soon as I am sure my resume went to it's destination.

I am an idiot
I am an idiot. Takes an hour to write a simple professional email. I don't speak the professional language. Best I can do is to smile often and not cuss. My actual job doesn't involve computer skills or fancy talk, and I am passionate and very good at what I do. I just need a good resume to get my foot in the door and I can handle the rest. This site made building my resume so simple. Even I could do it. There were also a lot or personalization options that were incredibly easy to maneuver and I feel like my resume really shines now. I just had to fill in the blanks and MyPerfectResume supplied the fancy words and eye catching format. I didn't cry once the whole process!

I liked this website, it was actually really really...
I liked this website, it was actually really really helpful and it saved me so much time, I loved making the resume. However I wish that I was informed that I have to pay in order to get the resume before I started and not after I finished it... I could've just took pictures and copied it for free, that actually pissed me off, but I got my cool back and I gave it a 4 stars because it actually deserves it, I don thin paying bu ti really don like things like this.

Instead of "download resume" the button should say...
Instead of "download resume" the button should say "purchase resume", because thats what it is. Also your advertisement says "free resume", I did not get a free resume. I'm fine with paying for your services but when you charge me without making it clear that you are charging me and when you advertise a free sevice but then it is not free it feels very slimy. Just be honest for gods sake, you have a decent service.

Scam! Want my account deleted
I want my bank info and account deactivated, I cancelled my subscription bc I I did not know you guys have monthly fees, I woke this morning saying I re subscribed I did not, I called the number and he demanded I stayed and he would give a discount I said no, you guys re subscribed me when I did not know I want nothing to do with the site, he gave me this number 105858793 and said my subscription was cancelled and hung up. I go log in and my bank info is still there it says next bill date is June 7th, I want my account deleted and bank info out, I will change bank numbers. You are a scam and your agents don't know anything. My acc# is 82130527 plz take my bank card off and delete me completely from your site. I don't want even a penny taken from me. *as you can see in my email I deleted the subscription and then I got an email saying I'm back** MyPerfectResume obviously re activated my subscription for me what a scam.

The website was ultimately very helpful but it is advertised...
The website was ultimately very helpful but it is advertised as a "free" resume builder. After having taken the time to complete it all, I tried to download it only to be told that I have to pay to be able have the resume be useful to me in the slightest. Truly if it were advertised that you had to pay to use it, I would've been more inclined to pay for it but I don't respect a bait and switch.

I am not happy with your deceitful practice
I am not happy with your deceitful practice. After spending hours creating my resume i find out i have to subscribe before i can download it. I might have used your service anyway but you never gave me the option to choose until after my work was complete! I will be writing bad reviews about you on all social media as well as the online review forums. Enjoy your 2.95 as I will be canceling as soon as i save my resume!

IN search bar said these templates were free -spent...
IN search bar said these templates were free -spent a lot of time creating my resume to find i have to pay for it in order to download it. Dont really have a choice but to pay this fee -and to top it off you will charge me 34$ in 14 days -heres hoping i am able to cancel this after i have downloaded my cv. Because that would be unethical -the resume tools and prompts are excellent -but being forced to pay is something else. I will definately cancel any subscription after i have downloaded my work

Ann D.
Thank you for taking the time to correct the mistakes and assist in making my résumé more noticeable. I feel very satisfied with the level of attention shown towards my account and commend you and your company for your help.
At the present time I do not need to do anything further with the resume you created for me because as soon as I sent it out I had an immediate response from the employer I was looking at. I have interviewed, been made and offer, and my pay requirements have been met.

I dont like that you automatically apply recurring...
I dont like that you automatically apply recurring billing - in my mind that's dishonest and should be made clearer. I find typing text into the resume can be clunky at times. Unable to add bulletpoints (or maybe I just haven't figured how to do that successfully in-app). Instead I copy and paste from a word doc with bulletpoints to get around that currently. Annoying as when I paste it back in there are unexplained spaces which I then have to fix up. We like bulletpoints! That's about it so far.

Periodic need
I like using your product. I do not feel a need to a subscription when I attain a job. Make it feasible for people to use and purchase. As my Dad always told me "It's better to make a little of something than some of nothing". I help a friend out from time to time and I offer using this site but MyPerfectResume don't want to pay the price. There are FREE resume sites out there. Just saying.

I found the templates attractive and fairly easy to...
I found the templates attractive and fairly easy to use. The language options seem very formal and it would be great to have a less formal option for wording. Also I found it very difficult to add in a full address to my cover letter - I couldn't find instructions and ended up have to manually edit it. I had to put their Company name into field for the addressee name and the street address in the company name field etc. Otherwise only the city name and postal code appeared in the addressee section of the letter.

My cancellation was a joke
I canceled my subscription and now MyPerfectResume are taking money from my account in $25.00 increments. The person on the phone acts as if he can't hear me. He is continuing to tell me about my subscription details. I had to hang up on him. I called back and he offered half of my money back. I said no that won't work for me. Please let me speak with your supervisor. Now I'm getting my money in 7-10 business days. OMG thank you. The lesson here today. Make sure your subscription is really canceled.

I searched for free resume and this was the first site...
I searched for free resume and this was the first site that pulled up. At no point while filling out the information and spending over an hour building my resume was I informed of the $2.95 charge. It was not until the very end when I went to download my resume that I was prompted to put in my card information and notified it would be charged $2.95 AND if not cancelled within 14 days, another $24.95 every 4 weeks will be charged. Congrats on the bate and switch technique of advertisement. I didn't want to spend another few hours rebuilding my resume so after thinking on it a day I decided to just pay for it.

It was extremely easy and fast, all templates are wonderful...
It was extremely easy and fast, all templates are wonderful and have a lot to choose from. Besides being the fastest resume I've done without even have to think of what information I should apply you have so many benefits, MyPerfectResume can check your resume and correct all your mistakes or give you a better way to re-word phrases, and customer service is always there for any questions and concerns you might have and you have a 30 day to cancel subscription if needed.

I understand you're a business; but for people trying...
I understand you're a business; but for people trying to find a job right now, $24 is an expensive undertaking in this critical time. I appreciate the ease with which I was able to make a resume, but man I'm low on cash and falling behind on bills, and for access to creation of one sheet of paper, I just am unsure of the morality of it. Hopefully it was a worthy investment. Thank you.

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