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Mycharge did a good job to help recover my crypto currency...
Mycharge did a good job to help recover my crypto currency in excess of $15k. MyChargeBack were responsive and followed up on issues until we were able to recover my coins at the exchange where it had been misplaced for 5 months. Evan did a great job of following up and checking all the leads in the case. Their crypto tracing service worked well and identified accurate information. They were supportive and diligent with their process and recovery strategy. Thank you for recovering my valuable crypto.

Honest and trustworthy company
I would like to thank the My Charge Back team and I appreciate everything MyChargeBack did to help me get my money back. They were honest and trustworthy the whole way through. I am glad that I chose the most professional recovery company and am more glad that my fears that the recovery might be a scam were not realized! God bless you all.

I would like to thank Sam for his effort and honesty...
I would like to thank Sam for his effort and honesty when talking to me about my case even though I am not dealing with him or his company. I have been bounced around like a ball through all of this and Sam is the first person who spoke any truth. Thank you Sam.

Still waiting!
I logged an issue with MCB and intial feedback was it would not take long.
6months later, I struggle to get feedback, if i do its very sketchy
The last feedback was its with the legal team upto now I have no idea of how my case is going
For now i will give 1 star, because i cant give 0 stars

MyChargeBack was extremely helpful in waking me up...
MyChargeBack was extremely helpful in waking me up to a scam that was trying to steal money from me. MyChargeBack prevented me from falling into an online scam company where I could have lost thousands. Than you again for you guidance.

They helped me get my money back.
Don't believe the negative reviews. They're undoubtedly posted by one of MyCharge Back's jealous competitors (besides the one praising his hacker, who has posted similar comments elsewhere and even admits he wasn't a MyCharge Back client). I know. I had two chargebacks to file with two separate banks and went to two different recovery firms for help. One of them was MyCharge Back, their team is incredible and knowledgeable. MyChargeBack were insistent with my bank, and they got me my money back. The other one was worthless. Instead of spending their time working on my behalf, they kept bad mouthing MyCharge Back. Anyone who wants to know which one it is can contact me offline. Or better, forget about everyone else and just deal with MyCharge Back.

MyCHargeBack: No responses for calls, lawyer from Bulgaria?
Since quite some time I have not heard from them and receives no response for a requested call back! I was asked to sign an authorization for a legal firm in Bulgaria? Which I doubt could be the best place to recover claims...
Any experience in this regard?

Nathan of MyChargeBack has been empathetic, helpful,...
Nathan of MyChargeBack has been empathetic, helpful, and has given valuable advise to help opened my eyes about scam bitcoin investment sites, which helped prevent me from further financial damage. Thanks again to MyChargeBack you are doing a wonderful service.

Absolute lifesaver
Here's the bottom line: Contacting MyChargeBack turned out to be the best thing I ever did. The absolute BEST service I've ever experienced. I was down and out after realizing I had been scammed, and it only got worse after my bank told me there was nothing that could be done. DON'T BELIEVE YOUR BANK! MyChargeBack DON'T KNOW ANYTHING! You need a company like MyChargeBack to navigate the system because the bank will not help you otherwise.

Excellent Service!
I was scammed by an online forex broker and after seeing their ad contacted MyChargeBack. Obviously, as a scam victim, I was hesitant about anything else I found online. But MyChargeBack offered me something no one else had ever done -- MyChargeBack gave me the phone numbers of a few other people who used their services. I rang them and confirmed that they were real people who really were scammed just like I was (they shared certain documents with me). They wholeheartedly recommended MyChargeBack. So I rang MyChargeBack back and signed up. Their service was just as good as what I had been told it would be -- excellent, professional and considerate. Most important, they were honest. And when they joined me in a conference call to my stubborn bank to convince them to approve my chargeback they were absolutely awesome. They knew more than the bank did and rode circles around them. To keep a long story short, my chargeback was approved. I could never had done it without MyChargeBack. Thank you guys!

Uncertainty with confidence
I spoke to a representative and everything is sound good everything looks pretty efficient but my question is is anyone in here have collected or recovered their money from cryptocurrencies? Or has anyone Been Or still in process of recovery? I understand it's not a hundred percent guarantee and I do believe to give 100% of their I just want to know if there are some results to all this from anyone.

My name is Mark I was having a discussion with one...
My name is Mark I was having a discussion with one of the representatives at My CHargeback MyChargeBack helped me realize how not to get scammed and
Explained to me how to look out for manipulation I felt that they were very helpful when i explained to them my situation

Worst services
Last year when I got scammed by binary options broker, I was with nothing to live for, after several failed attempts of call back. After this I contacted mychargeback to get my money back, MyChargeBack werent able to recover my money that I had lost last year, they offer one of the worst service and I would strongly advise please not contact these scammers if you are actually in need of a full recovery.

Very professional, informative, and educational help
Very professional, informative, and educational help. Nathan opened my eyes to how venerable one can be to online scams. Thanks again to MyChargeBack for you help. You are providing a valuable service to potential victims of scams.

Rip off
MyChargeBack are quite happy to take your money upfront and then leave you in the dark for months and months. If you try email or organise a ‘call back' you will hear nothing. If you call them you are told to email for resolution. If you call and follow the instructions as if you were a potential new client you will get connected with someone but nothing will come from it, youve already paid them. Waste of money and time

Thanks for the honest consultation about how I was...
Thanks for the honest consultation about how I was scammed and the reason why you cannot assist me further, due to the time period of my scammed transactions. Thanks also for the advice to check out first before register for any type of trading on different companies webpages.

Got in touch with a representative from MyChargeBack,...
Got in touch with a representative from MyChargeBack, Nathan Anderson, after losing money to an online scam. He was very professional, informative, and instructional on the best strategy to recover my funds. Thank you for the help MyChargeBack, and Nathan.

Good job.
Despite a positive writeup from a well-known journalist about the broker, MyChargeBack were revealed to be a scam, but it was too late - I already lost a lot of money. I found mychargeback through a comment on an online review. They did very good research on my case. Thank you.

Withering hopes.
Their email responses were "ok(?)'. Maybe not much complaint there.
But that's about it! MyChargeBack send you drafts of letters to the institutions that
You are chasing a chargeback from, for you to forward. You could have
Done those drafts for your self in the first place! They don't even engage
The institutions the way they claim on their explainers! They instead advise
You to let them know when, or if there is a response from the banks! Yet
Your expectations were that they would be directly engaging on your behalf!
So what was the point of providing them details of your case in the first place?. And then there is that angle of Bulgaria Law firm. TSK!
Pretty much a waste of effort!

Still Waiting
On the 2/3/2019 My Charge Back "reached out" to me about recovering funds I had lost to a scam. MyChargeBack claim the process takes 50 to 180 days. This must be personal best because it has clearly surpassed those numbers. Prior to signing up, I was getting phone calls almost every night. Once I paid the money I had to do all the calling to see how things were progressing. I can't believe the mostly fluffy reviews endorsing the successful out comes of MCB when I have found the opposite to be the case. Every time I contact them I get some lame, pathetic, excuse and no answer. My case is being passed on to another department, and again no feed back or information about progress being made. I have found them to be incompetent and unprofessional. They are a waste of time and money.

Was scammed by a fake exchange
Was scammed by a fake exchange. Nathan of MyChargeBack Was sympathetic, professional, and informative. He gave me consultation to help guide me from getting further into trouble, what to say to get my deposit recovered, and how to recognize other online scams. Thanks again to MyChargeBack

Sam K
Sam K. Has been very helpful in helping me in my endeavor in trying to assist me in accessing my coinbase account and I really appreciate the efforts. I recommend MyChargeBack services for anyone who needs them in the future.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to write
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to write. This is my first experience, you have the best work team for the purpose of getting a refund. Without your advice I could not do anything, maybe I lost all my money. You gave me knowledge that, the use of credit cards is very safe even though there are scams online and the use of cryto is a disaster to all of us. Stay away from transactions with bitcoin though fast and quick, but fast to fraud. Thank you again, because I have managed to get 100% refund from the use of credit cards.

Since 12.2020 I have instructed MyChargeBack via Georg...
Since 12.2020 I have instructed MyChargeBack via Georg Rusche to recover my money (3750 via MasterCard + 6000 via Coinbase/Bitcoin). MyChargeBack seems serious to me.

As soon as my case closes, I will write a new conclusion here and adjust the stars.

If you can not do the job don t take the money
Sale tactics very bad i had already done the call back of funds myself told the bank police no one will help except us dont come back crying to us in 3 months if you dont get your money back so ilet them take the case paid 2230 euro was asked by benji when he could call to set up call back of funds and see my documents informed him this as already been done so he sent two printed out forms from bulgaria with the wrong amounts of the claims then i informed them to contact the ombudsman informed MyChargeBack want more money after i was told by george leeder we go after the banks the scam companies in a big why they are letting these scammers open account this was not the case at any time
If you have the same problem you can contact me at ******* with numbers we have more chance to get the right out come

Got scammed by a fake trading site that had me pay...
Got scammed by a fake trading site that had me pay via crypto currency. I consulted with a representative from MyChargeBack, Nathan. He was very professional, informative, and helpful in formulating a strategy to recover my stolen funds. Thank you again MyChargeBack.

I got a call from Rafael
I got a call from Rafael. He was very sympathetic to my case. At no point he preasured me to go ahead and deal through Mychargeback. In fact he left the decision entirely on to myself. He was forthcoming with all relevant information to help me with my case.

1. On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the most informative, how informative was the free consultation? 4.5
2. On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the most responsive, how responsive was the sales agent who assisted you? 5
3. After you signed the contract, within how many days did the documents department contact you? 1
4. On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the most helpful, how helpful was the documents department? 5

Thank you very much for your help
Many thanks. I am glad that in the end I did manage to get a part of my money back. I am also blaming myself for using that scam website. I should have done a better research of the company. Thank you very much for helping me. Yours sincerely, Juan

I appreciate the work you are doing.
Engaging My Charge Back's services was a good choice, especially with the support and advice given by the specialist we (my wife and I) were assigned to. Our only small complaint is that we would have liked to have had a quicker response to some of our earlier emails when requesting some advice.

We appreciated it when Markus informed us of his taking over our account for the case, and appreciated him taking us to the "finish line" - convincing the bank to restore our lost money.

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Based on 50 reviews from MyChargeBack customers, company has accumulated an average rating of 3 stars, indicating that majority of customers are satisfied with its service.
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Description: MyChargeBack is a global financial services firm that assists individual consumers, as well as financial institutions, including fintechs and banks, with their complex transaction disputes.

Founded in 2016, MyChargeBack pioneered innovative strategies for pursuing chargebacks and other types of dispute resolution. Its proprietary technologies assist banks by reducing the time and cost that they have to invest in assessing, validating and processing the ever increasing number of these cases.

Today, MyChargeBack has broadened its portfolio by employing state-of-the-art technology to conduct forensic blockchain investigations that trace the path cryptocurrency takes from its point of origin to the exchange at which it was cashed out, as well as cyber intelligence reports about the recipients. MyChargeBack’s expertise and the reports we prepare for our clients are relied upon by courts, as well as police cybercrime units, and as a result, we have growing working relationships with over 450 law enforcement agencies around the world.

MyChargeBack has also been at the forefront of developing proprietary SaaS-based platforms, which are pioneering dispute resolution for chargebacks and investigative services for cryptocurrency transactions.

Led by former financial services executives with expertise in payments, regulation and law, MyChargeBack has worked with its clients to recover over $20 million in disputed credit card, debit card and bank wire transactions.

MyChargeBack is operated by Cactil LLC and maintains offices in New York, Copenhagen, Tel Aviv, and Pretoria, South Africa. Our London office, which is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as a claims management company, is operated by Quandrance Finance Ltd.


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