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They delivered wrong assignment and did not refund
MyAssignmentHelp are the worst place to go to to have your assignments done. They failed to deliver the right assignment for the requirement requested then they re-did it again with missing information where I ended up doing it all from scratch by myself. On top of that and after a long chat they refunded only half the amount and upon checking why they gave me a silly excuse saying they paid for the instructor as if it is my responsibility to bear the fees of the instructor who failed to meet the guidelines of the assignment. This does not end here, also whenever I ask them to escalate the matter and speak to a supervisor they tell you "you cannot". Don't waste money here as they are not professionals! Speaking from experience and this is not the first issue with them. On a previous occasion they totally missed the deadline of another assignment from their end by 1 week which caused me a zero grade. And also no refund received for that, they just sweet talked me into giving better discounts which they did not.

I had this company complete two assignments for me. The first assignment seems like a high-school student to completed it it was inconsistent and font inconsistent I'm color of font I'm sure multiple times of going back and forth to receive a refund. I had to file dispute with PayPal to get it. The other assignment I gave more than a week to complete it, received the work, it was missing resources inconsistent color of fonts and did not follow the directions I gave. After 3 attempts on trying to make it right the writer still failed. My assignment was late on both accounts so I lost points and I had to complete the assignment myself. The second assignment that MyAssignmentHelp wrote for me I am still trying to battle getting my money back. I have to file dispute with my credit card company and let them know what's going on. Do not use company it is not based in America, do you want to call it is very hard to understand the people on the other end they have a really thick Indian accent. Once more to not use company scam.

Paid extra $$$ to get my work done in few hours. Called after the deadline and customer service rep couldn't even communicate in English! MyAssignmentHelp assured me it will be done in the next few hours ( it was already after the deadline). I paid extra for quality writer! Results: Incomplete work, full of major gramma errors. I didn't even wanted to deal with customer service so I went to dispute the charge through paypal - after which I received an email from them saying that if I use any of the work provided they will publicize that work and the work might be showing up a plagiarism! I NEVER USED THIS WORK, but they had my name so at this point I was afraid they will contact my university to report it. I never got the money back, nor quality work done - forget about customer satisfaction! THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM

Disappointed and Dissatisfied
My overall experience with My Assignment Help had initially been comfortable. MyAssignmentHelp ask for a 50% advance payment and the balance needs to be paid before you download the solution, which is fair actually. Although I received my essay more than 2 hours before the deadline, I was shocked to find the whole essay including the references were based in Australia while I had clearly mentioned Canada! Furthermore, the so called expert writer was out of context of the essay and it was hence, clearly obvious that he did not understand the task in hand. I had to rewrite most of the essay and was left with a lot of inconvenience and lost time.
It was evident that the essay was clearly not written in accordance to the provided task and description. Moreover, there shouldn't be an issue where I have to find mistakes and inform them. After inquiry with their support team via LiveChat, they did apologize for the matter but further went to justify their expert stating that a revision will take a further 16 hours. In my opinion, I did not get my money's worth. I edited the essay myself and submitted it. They later send me the revised solution after nearly 14 hours from the time of my request. While I tried to take a look, I was literally shocked to find that they had the audacity to charge me an extra 75$ to download the revised solution! This is highly unethical and clearly unprofessional. This is like the following scenario, I place an order for a Big Mac meal and I then get a Chicken burger sandwich! So what I received is completely different from what I ordered and instead of a meal, I get just a sandwich! Then I call them to discuss and they charge me extra for my BigMac! Now you tell me, is this by any means ethical? My Opinion: Go find some other source for your work!

Terrible experience! Don't go to them for anything!
If there was an option to give a 0 then I would because giving them one star is too generous already! MyAssignmentHelp scam and lie to you. If they change my review stars to a 5 then they are just fabricating this whole website. But literally had two ‘experts' for two different courses and assignments. These ‘experts' were apparently professors, etc, like when you ask one of the people who work for this, you get told not to worry about it since they are professors, etc and DON'T even show us their credentials! These so called ‘experts' had the audacity to submit my examination TWO HOURS LATE OF DEADLINE and get me a failing grade! I got 11/60 which is not even half way! The people who are ‘sales advisors' and just work here always say, I understand how you feel but you guys don't! I literally have to repeat this course (which will cost me more than I paid you guys (like 10 times more expensive) and you guys asked me for a refund through bank account transfer or the wallet to which you guys still proceeded to give me a refund through my wallet (and I told you guys to give it through bank transfer 3 TIMES!) Not to mention that you guys only refund 50% of the cost back! Not even a full refund! That site is a joke!

Bad service... just for money (Not Recommended At ALL)
I ordered an assignment and MyAssignmentHelp charged me $151. First they promised me to deliver as per the requirements within the agreed date. They sent mail stating that I need to pay the remaining out of the cost which is $70, I asked them to ensure that everything has been done according to the requirements and I attached a document to ensure that this is the requirements, they confirmed stating that to make sure that everything will be matching my expectation I need to pay the remaining out and they will do the rework.
After that I got shocked that they didn't do anything and went with them in communication coming and going between them, even I wasted my phone credit talking over the phone with them for more than hours and at the end they informed me that they are sorry but I need to pay more to have the rework which is $150 extra. After long discussion I trust them again and agreed to pay $100 where they said that they gave me a discount of $50 and the assignment will be delivered with 2 days.
Just 2 hours after the agreement, I got new message saying that the amount of words will be exceeding the limit and I need to pay another $50 and here you will find that they are cheating.
Delay in delivery the assignment, paying extra for rework and at the end asking for more and more. Even I reached to their management in LinkedIn (Rose Robinson - Customer relationship manager) please check it in LinkedIn and sent her mail and she didn't even reply to my messages at the same time and then she sent only message saying that I forward your message to the expert, is this customer satisfaction that they are looking for?
I got fed up with this company after 1 month discussion about this assignment and now i need to do all the work by myself.

Believe me am telling all the truth and if you want to check please go to the feedback review in their website and search for global business strategy assignment feedback and you will find it.

I recommend everyone not to deal with them, when you chat with their customer service you will feel that they are the best but the problem what you are getting from customer service is totally different from what you will end up with them.

Am ready to share everyone the documents and the communication just to know what happened to me and to ensure not to fall with similar situation.

Below is just one of the communication from them and I have lot to share.


Message: Hi,

Just quick recap on your mail below, you informed me that to do the amendments I need to pay the remaining amount of money, so please explain to me why it turned that I need to pay extra.

Definitely there was a mistake from your side in the communication...
Dear Student,

We request you to pay the remaining balance and go through the solution we have provided and let us know for the amendments.

Also, We have discussed your case with our expert and found that the docs file provided by you in your last message was not initially mentioned.

To provide the amendments according to this docx file an additional word count of 1600 words is needed for which 70 USD is supposed to be paid.

Kindly update with your status so that we can provide the changes.


16-May-2016 05:02 pm...

Dear Student,

We have received your requirements regarding the activities.

We have forwarded your message to the expert and will work accordingly.

We will be able to provide the revised solution / response within 48 hours or sooner.

We appreciate your cooperation with us.

16-May-2016 09:58 am

If there is an option to rate them without any star i would rather rate it like this...


Big-Time Scam
I really needed help since I was working part-time and didn't have much time. I saw this website and contacted them to see if MyAssignmentHelp can help me. Once you contact them they immediately bounce on you to make the payment. You will keep getting notifications until we make the payment. For once I thought this could be genuine and I proceeded with the payment. For me, it was huge money at that time.
They gave some irrelevant garbage copied from the internet. I had to ask for an extension and asked for re-work. Again they made changes here and there and gave it back to me. The work was totally irrelevant. I could not submit that and I was marked zero.
I asked for a refund and take only give 50% refund as per company policy. When I questioned them about it, they told me the expert has done some work and they should be paid for it. I'm Like... What? Any dog can copy from the internet and paste the code and give it to me... I had to pay 50% for this $#*! work? Finally, they gave a 50% refund and they have refunded it on their website wallet, not the source bank account. This is very very frustrating. They don't care about your money, career, time anything! It's just a dirty business that makes us believe it's genuine. Please please please don't trust them.

A Professional scam company to stay away from
A scam company to stay away from, don't even go there if you want anything in English.
I was looking for help on getting wording checked and wanted it to look more professional to read, so sent it to myassignmenthelp.
The worse thing I ever did and deeply regretted sending it.
I needed the assignment to reworded so that other professional people will see my writing as from someone who knew what MyAssignmentHelp were on about and needed it in good English. The following is an extract to what I received after I complained about the first two returned essays.
Remember I am in Australia and have not even mentioned India in any assignments or paperwork. But this is the English version of very good English to what Assignmenthelp informed me
THE ORIGINAL WORDING THAT I SENT WAS PRETTY MUCH IN PERFECT ENGLISH, I had used Grammarly to check all my words and as my assignmenthelp say they use PhD professionals, but they do not understand English as you can see from the following.
I tried to get a refund of $180.00 and they refused but gave me a $40 credit. And refused to send me funds
Which after what they tried on me will never trust another myassignmenthelp company again.
This company is definitely a scam and all should stay away from them.

The funny thing about all this with my assignment is it is about scammers in the world wide web and that we want to stop fraud.
So one thing about is that they will appear on all our websites as an Indian scam website...
There are many different projects coming up in India where people become the victim of corrupt crypto currency and fraudulent activities. There are a large number of coins and projects that are being created on a regular basis. Here at, we do understand that not all people here are honest and they often try to induce some or the other fraudulent activities that disrupts the entire business system.
There are many dishonest cases that completely shake the interest and the trust of customers o enter into any kinds of business relations with the projects or with any new companies that comes up with the crypto currencies.
We realize that profit maximization must be the motif of all the business set up but at the same time, a customer centric approach must be followed at all costs...


Customers who click on the badge or the I. D t will be directed strategy to your registry. They will get all the necessary and required information about your business and also about the authenticity of your business but there will be no disclosure of any personal information.
We assure you that if you register with us then you will feel safe and secured. However without any prior registration all the coins produced by you are unauthentic and treated as scam.
We would like to inform you that all the information collected from you will remain totally private everywhere only instead of websites.
Unregistered people will not access the registry, since on clicking the badge on the website it takes them to the https://XXXXXXXX.COM website.
This way you have all reasons to be and feel safe from any deceitful person...

They are Thieves stay a way of them
MyAssignmentHelp said they can help me, but they could not. Once I asked them for a refund they start manipulate with me. The process for them to manipulate to NOT refund your money is the following:
1- They ask you to give them second chance to solve another assignment. Around 5-10 times each time to refund.
2- They refund it to your wallet on the website NOT to your Bank account. Each time you call them they pretend to be stupid by saying " It Is in your wallet", While I keep asking from the very beginning to return to my Bank account.
3- They said it will return within 7-10 days. They will say that for 4-5 Times may be more. Each time after 10 days you call them and they said after 10 days. So the total is 40-50 days instead of the actual 10 days.
4- After you get mad they said to give just 2 days, after 2 days they will say give another 2 days.
5- Now I am waiting since 3 Nov until today 13 Dec. I am waiting I don't know what is the There next step?

Hired them for help with work and gave them very strict and specific requirements. The expert starting working and completely ignored all the requirements i gave as well as all the corrections i was giving him whilst he was working on the piece. In the end he submitted a 15000 word piece of work with less than 100 references, most of those being repetitions meaning there were less than 50 individual references. He completely ignored all of my input and corrections i gave and presented a piece of work that looks like it was copied from the internet with no analysis, even though i stressed this was important. I made it clear in initial discussions with the sales team that i needed a LOT of references with the nature of the paper and MyAssignmentHelp are telling me after i have paid them £500 that they can only do a max of 140 references which include repeated references (aka ibid).

I even offered the expert more time originally to improve the quality of the work as i feared it would not be good and made this clear to the team but they assured me he didnt need it and if i didnt like the work i could get my money back.

Aggravating matters, customer service is rude and unhelpful and continually say 'your money is safe' but they refuse to refund any money as they say the 'expert has put a lot of work into this and so he has been paid'. This company does not refund money if you are unhappy with work. They are shady scammers and i would not recommend thier services to my enemy.

They still refuse to give me a refund, so i beg you, do not fall for the same scam i did!

Liars, Dishonest and criminal minded people who wants to steal your money
I uploaded my assignment and then in 5 minutes I received an email that I am Doctor XYZ and I have done several assignments like this. I was impressed I paid. Then MyAssignmentHelp took like 10 days to complete the assignments, by that time I already had done the assignment myself.
After 10 days, they sent me assignment which was only 50% completed. Two out of 4 questions were missing.
When I checked the solutions, they were all wrong.It seemed they tried to google search and then solve the assignment.
I contacted them, they said give them 1 more chance. So I kept quiet. I knew they can never solve it as they had no knowledge of the subject. Then the deadline was over. They didnt bring any solution. I asked them for refund. They refused and said they can only refund 50% and the funny thing is that they will refund it NOT TO ME but to my account on their website. So I get nothing. I told them that I will never use their fraudulent services and kindly give me my money back but they plainly refused.
Please be careful. They dont have any experts. They will ask you for your notes and then with the help of your notes and good old "GOOGLE" they will try to solve the assignment. Once money gone into their pockets, never expect to get it back. They are crooks and thieves who just want to make a fool out of students. Be careful. Dont fall into the hands of these criminal minded people

Scammers with a low IQ
MyAssignmentHelp deserve one star and some jail. I have paid for two products, same deadline for both. On the first one they have sent me something related to the topic but with senseless sentences and ALOT of grammar mistakes. I have reported it as INCORRECT 12 hours before the dealine, and now, 36 hours after the same deadline with my assignment failed they are sending me the same reply, that they need more words count (for me to purchase) in order to repair their mistake. Obviously, they ignore my request to be paid back and keep on sending me the same automated messages. If on the first one the experience was horrific, on the second one it gets better. I haven't received nothing within the deadline, but 2 hours before they were telling me they need 6 to 8 more hours. Wow! Anyway, 12 hours after the deadline they've sent me something unrelated to my order, I made a claim, that I don't need their services anymore and that I want my money back and as a reply they gave me another essay, again with the wrong topic. Since their "experts" failed on every level I have asked them to give me my money back. 5 days have passed now and they still talk about repairing the mistake and that it's a sad thing that I've failed. These people are the real deal scammers. The worst thing it's that they don't even speak or understand english at the level they should. Wow.
Anyway, I regret doing this, I wish I would have done some research before contacting them, if you see this, avoid them with confidence! And by the way, when you are creating a new order you instantly receive a phone call from a guy that's calling from an asian country such as India or Bangladesh, but when you request a phone call in order to solve your problem quicker they obviously refuse, because it costs. They are really just some scammers, low level of intelligence, disrespectful that hide behind some fake names such as Victoria, Sonia or whatever other names.

Horrible Experience
Summarization of Below:
- Instructions not followed
- Did not complete assignment better then my previous one
- Horrible refund policy
- Spelling and Grammar Mistakes
- Not willing to negotiate
- Over priced
- Plagiarism

I provided attached files which had instructions of how to complete the assignment, along with my previous marked assignment (that I didn't do well in), in order for the expert to follow. The expert did not read these attachments and created an assignment that was worst then my previous one, although MyAssignmentHelp guarantee a higher grade.

I requested a refund and was declined because they claimed they submitted an assignment with quality. Mind you, there was spelling mistakes, grammar issues and insufficient logic overall. For instance, calling Canadian provinces countries. There was also plagiarism found in the assignment, which could get me expelled from my University.

Not only did they deny my refund, they requested me to pay additional money in order to have the assignment completed efficiently.

They will probably respond to this, making it seem like they're going to help. This is to manipulate other customers in thinking they provide great assistance, it's all a front. Almost a scam. SAVE YOUR MONEY.

Absolute Bull
DO NOT use this service! I was extremely stressed & busy to be able to do an assignment of mine so i went to them to assist me. I paid $60 for an essay. MyAssignmentHelp gave me an absolute bull$#*! of an excuse essay that was obviously copied & pasted from somewhere, the assignment was all wrong, multiple times they tried "redoing" it but it was still the same. I asked for a refund but they refused. I did not give them any of my personal details (i suggest you dont either) & they said they tried to call me which after reading so many reviews I'm glad they couldn't contact me. They have resorted to threatening me with telling my university about my work being plagiarised (even though i ended up doing the assignment & losing marks for late submission). I'm still in the process of trying to get my money back. $60 goes a long way for a student!

As close to an actual business as a SCAM can get

As MyAssignmentHelp have stated, 99.9% of customers are supposedly satisfied, which technically means only about 0.1% of reviews are actually real. What these reviews all have in common is that these people are frauds and they will take your money faster than you can blink. Don't expect to get anything of actual quality, you are actually better off doing it yourself. You can spend literally DAYS trying to get some actual answers from their "customer service" but you won't get anything satisfactory.

Response to the representative:
If you can't identity "fakes" using your very own website and see the "fishy things" going on then there's some serious issues with your so-called business and all the more to avoid you at all costs.

There is a reason why I disputed with my credit card company and I WON the disputed because your "company" is a SCAM.

If you'd like I will be more than glad to post the two letter I wrote for my credit card company to dispute with your bank to get my money back, I'm sure it'll highlight some of your BS.

They sent me threats
I was put under large amounts of time pressure and ended up doing something stupid which I will not regret for a long time to come but I feel it is very important that everyone out there has the chance to avoid the mistakes I made with this company.

I paid 100 USD for a 1250 word essay. The writer completed the essay within the time period requested. I submitted the final work and received a failing grade from my lecture. The websites policy states that in the event of a failing grade (which apparently never happens), that the student will be given back 50% of their payment.

So, I made contact with the Admin of the website regarding this matter, and BOY WHAT A MISTAKE!. Instead of helping me out I endured 7 days of abusive emails and threats. Eventually I filed a complaint with PayPal in order to get my money back. As soon as Myassignmenthelp noticed I had filed a complaint, MyAssignmentHelp threatened to make contact with my University attempt to expel me if I did not pay them an additional 100 USD to this account ---

Make the payment on below details: PLS SEE THE BELOW BANK DETAILS ------------------------------ Account Holder Name: Abhishek Gupta Bank Name: HSBC Bank Bank Address: 724-728 George Street, (Haymarket) Sydney NSW 2000 Account Number: 145920412 BSB: 342-091 SWIFT Code of HKBAAU2S ------------------------------ Please send the screenshot of payment to the below link after paying! http://myassignmenthelp.inf Regards, Team MyAssignmentHelp.Com

I cannot go on enough about how horrid these people are! The amount of threats to my family and work and college I have received all because I filed a dispute with Paypal is insane. Avoid these people at all cost

Fraud and Scammers
I cancelled my order after only one min from placing it because I red online so many people were scammed from this site and since then now a year passed and MyAssignmentHelp still didn't get my money back after they agreed to fully refund my money just continue to lie about chargeback from my bank and I did close that account like 8 months ago and they won't be any charges afterwards and also they asked to close my dispute with PayPal and I don't recommend anyone to do so because that would be your only way to get your money back and lastly when I told them of your won't pay me my money back I publish my review they said do it if that would help you get your money back can you imagine that.

I asked them to do direct payment to my Paypal account if they want to pay me back and after they agreed they came back to me to talk again about this chargeback $#*!, I warn anyone not to order anything from this site all the positive reviews are paid people doing that for them don't order anything from this site

Hi everyone, I'm a student at a university and I work a full time job. I hired to complete a test for me that MyAssignmentHelp agreed that they can do at the, however, on the day of the exam, they didnt do it. Just BE AWARE! They will scam you! I provided them a PDF of the questions. Prior to the day of the test, they state that the "expert" taking the test is fully prepared and ready to take the test but on the day of the test, the "expert" was not available according to them. It was a timed test and i failed my test due to non-completion. At the end of the day it is your choice to choose what you want to do but as a previous and dissatisfied customer, i would not suggest this company at all. They are not even located in US. I have received calls from different countries which also occurred charges on my phone account. If you still place an order, i would be very careful using your credit card. I would ask them that you can only pay on PayPal's website. They say they have refunded my money but its been over 15 days and i still have not received my money. Finally i filed a complaint to my bank!

Worst! Dont trust its a scam
Well! Its all starting with a encouraging chats n makes u believe that are the best. MyAssignmentHelp will force u make a payment asap or u will lose the offer. But if u pay thats it! Say sorry for ur self.
I paid for my assignment $80 and my friends too which was bit more than mine $130. So after couple of days they uploaded a sample of 200 words out of 2000 words assignment but it was completely piece of sh! T. So i upload my marking rubic so that will help the tutor to redo it and they replied me saying they will make sure its complete as its required.
One good thing is that i gave a due date pior 2 days before the original due. As i reached the due date i didnt find the full solution so i contacted them chat and they were keeping on saying allow us 15 mins to go thru but took more than thatn everytime i msged them this is the reply i got. So i tried over phone and no answer but after couple of hours i got a call back asking for some more time to time to finish. So i asked them to upload whatever its completed so far and still asking time for that. I gave another day and i didnt get the reply or assignments. Contacted them didn't find a solution.

So on paypal marked these transactions as dispute then they msg me to remove or they will take legal actions aganist me for using their piece of $#*! which was fully wrong.
Finally they said that they will inform my uni for using their assignment. Dont worry if u didnt use those piece of sh! T bcz they cant take any legal actions. But u can report it in
If u are in aus like i did.
Conclusion dont use it! ITS A SCAM

Sham company
I contacted this company to write an assignment when my son was sick and I couldn't complete on time. The first ‘solution' was completely off track and not in the guidelines sent to them. When revising the assignment MyAssignmentHelp took so long I was asking for my assignment to submit so I would have something (they knew the deadline). When I submitted I received a grade of 20/100 feedback given was the assignment was hard to read, bad referencing, poor editing, didn't answer the question. When I went to the company they started saying they would look at a refund but nothing happened. I submitted a dispute to PayPal and received threatening emails from the company telling my to cancel the dispute. When the dispute went in my favour and a refund was given I am now receiving threatening emails saying I have to repay the money or they're publishing the assignment so my uni finds out. Every day I'm getting emails telling me I have 9 days to pay for a failing grade assignment or it's published. DON'T trust this company it's a sham.

Liers, scammers, dishonest, nothing more than a scam
First off, this company is based off somewhere in INDIA, NOT AUSTRALIA or the UK as the website makes you believe it is. I have attached a paypal screenshot that MyAssignmentHelp have provided me to prove it to you. They also said that my order would be $290AUD, and by that means they overcharged me with their % surcharge to cover that. $#*!ing $#*!ed Indian pieces of $#*!s. Here goes the rest of my review detailing this abysmal lot of $#*!wits.

What a way to go losing $300+ on these bunch of scum bags. They will lie about everything to hold onto your money once they get it. After submitting my payment for an order, I wanted to ask for a refund (which I emailed them about, 1 hour after the payment, to which an order number was NOT received yet). However, after emailing them for a refund FOUR times over the span of 8 hours, I still had no response. It was only after I talked to them via their live customer service chat did I receive my order number almost immediately, and then be given "a writer has already started on your order, and as such, we cannot refund it".

However, after discussing with their live chat for about a total of 3-4 hours, demonstrating here and there all over the place about their $#*!TY customer service, did they finally claim they would give me a refund. However, of course, the time they guaranteed for me to receive my money back, was proven wrong and wrong, over and over again. They will not respond to your questions, unless you literally ask the same question about 10 times in a row will they finally respond to it (which will be a lie anyway). The customer service representative clearly does represent the company as who they are, incompetent, ESL, liars.

There is NOTHING legitimate about this business. All nothing but a shady show to snag away your hard earned money. Steer clear.

However, the only saving grace for me is that I paid via paypal. Say hello to buyer protection. You won't be holding onto that money no matter how hard you attempt to, as I have taken around 10+ screenshots showing your lack of customer service and multitude of LIES, that will help my case with attaining the ACTUAL refund which you, as a company, clearly, do not intend, on providing :) Have fun, idiots.

Send me copy and pasted wrong solution
I ordered a complete mathematical solution for the cox model with correlated random effects which assumes for different variance covaraince structures. However, I received a draft where the solution is copy and pasted from a book for a typical linear regression model. This clearly shows that the company has not got any expert with knowledge of the field nor does MyAssignmentHelp understand or read the question properly.
By doing so they just wast time and money. I have paid $115 and I am shocked to receive the completely wrong solution. When you are posting an order then they try their best to take the maximum amount of money from the client by making phone calls and bombardment of emails and when it comes to deliver they throw a wrong solution on your face. Further to this when I requested for a phone call to assure me that they will refund me my amount they make excuses that their lines are busy (fake excuses and fake review on website) they have ripped me off.
Now I want my money back as my deadline for submission is passed.

This company is a scam!
I wasted $40 to buy an assignment solution from them which turned out of a very poor quality that I could not use any of it. On top of the completely irrelevant content, the report was full or grammatical and spelling mistakes. I requested a refund straight away which MyAssignmentHelp refused. Instead they suggested that I deal with their 'expert' who can help to correct the mistakes. I explained that I did not trust their expert after the quality of work I received. Also they would have to write a completely new report as what they sent me was not suitable. I did not have time to wait for them to completely re-write the assignment with no guarantees that the new work would be of any better quality. When I put the transaction dispute through PayPal some Indian guy called and started to blackmail me that they would have to contact my University if I do not cancel the dispute! Don't make my mistake, avoid AssignmentHelp as all they do is still your money!

Ok! MyAssignmentHelp told me I gave them 40 minutes to answer my 5 questions... AND THAT'S ONLY A PARTIAL WORK! I didn't send them the full pdf questions! I told them my time was 1 pm to x pm, the experts arrived 40 minutes late. I keep spamming them I already don't have much time yet. Until the end of the exam, I had already submitted my answers to the lecturer and they haven't sent any answers yet... until I ask for a refund, they keep blaming me I gave them very little time to upload the answer for me. Yo, COME ON, I ALREADY STATED FROM THE BEGINNING MY EXAM TIME IS FROM 1PM TO XPM. SO, THE EXPERT LATE IT'S STILL MY FAULT? EVEN PARTIAL REFUND THEY STILL IGNORED ME!

Assignment 3 hours deadline: after 3 hours deadline the writer has not started to write anything
I have booked an online law assignment 3 hours deadline. I have paid USD 400 in total to find two different writers to do the same assignment. After 3 hours deadline the two writers said that MyAssignmentHelp are busy and has not started to write anything. I have received a mark of zero for my online exam. It is an exam. No refund was made. I have no alternative but to accept an extension of time but the late rework was rubbish. They provide a rubbish solution, totally irrelevant. I have failed my exam. The subject is law. Criminal law. They are rubbish. This is the 'third' time I use this service. I am also rubbish as I do not do my assignment and exam myself but trust this rubbish writer. Assignment and exam should be done by yourself but not others. I have learnt a lesson. You should learn this lesson too. Thank you for your watching.

No apology was ever issued nothing to make the problem right nothing
I spoke with Marci about this instead she did not want to listen and place me on hold and pass my call to another so called "concern team member" I spoke with Dawson, and Siri, and Sheba about this and instead MyAssignmentHelp said they were relaying the message to the "concern team" but when I read this message the only thing the message stated was the fact that your writer followed the template. Marci has hung up on me multiple times, refused to listen to my concern about. I called and Steven he was immediately rude and hung up me as well. Dawson has hung up on me. I have had the same concern since Monday, and finally on Sunday I get a resolution that is completely unfair. My problem was never with the assignment my problem is with the customer service I received this week. The fact that on Sunday somebody finally reached out to me was a mistake on your companies part. Marci called me on Sunday and had no clue about my case at all, did not know any details at all, but I was told but a number of your employees that messages were being delivered. To have to wait since Monday to speak with someone and finally I get someone who is so nonchalant, and inconsiderate and clearly hates her life and job, was really discouraging. Marci could care less about hearing my side of the case, and cut me off multiple times. When I wanted to go over the worksheet with her I was place on mute multiple times, and Hung up on. She did not even let me finish telling her about the rest of the problems I had with the assignment. Nobody, none of your employees cared at all none of them. Sheeba called me 10 times at 12midnight on friday woke me up out of my sleep and I went downstairs to going over word by word what was wrong with my assignment, then places me on hold only to hang up on me again. I called back and Devine refuses to transfer my call or even let me know she called. At 1:00pm in the morning she calls back 10 more times, and we discuss arranging a call back the following day at 9am, that called never happen, my message was never sent to anyone, and I had to speak with rude Marci and explain my story, the same story I have been explaining since Monday. Devine, Siri and Troy, or Tony were all extremely non-helpful. Your company treated my concerns as if they were no exsistant the fact that I had to defend myself and argue down employee after employee when your company knew I was being honest about my assignment being done incorrectly, is extremely discouraging and hurtful, especially because I am a loyal customer. I have never asked for a refund on any of assignments. My assignments have been done wrong and multiple deadlines were missed, but never not once have I requested a refund, not once. I am completely fed up with your company and I suggested you get employees that actually want to work and help or get better experts that complete assignments correctly so that way customers wont be irritated. Instantly it was rude employee after another as if I took their money and refused to give it back. The sad part about all this is you guys still missed the point, and those employees will still have a job with your company and continue to be rude and non-helpful to loyal customers. I can not believe it took a week for someone to call me and the person that did call me was rude, and knew nothing about my case. I will continue with the fraud claims I had my bank made on your company and I will be perusing legal action for emotional distress on individual employees listed above. I am no longer using your service and will post this on your google reviews, and yelp reviews as well as facebook etc. I am a very popular YouTube creator with an massive amount of followers on all my social media platforms I will have my followers do the same and will be doing a video on my experience with your company, and how they treated someone like me like trash, because that means you treat everyone like that. I was lied to multiple times even before I put the order in for the assignment. I was lied to about getting a preview of the draft before paying full amount, I was lied too after arguing with multiple staff members that I was told this by a employee of your my assignment was done correctly with high quality work, I was lied to about receiving a call back, and the number of escalations your experts needs, I was lied to about my concerns being forward to someone and that a supervisor will speak with me. Only to get some condescending women who hates her life to finally speak to me and rush me off the phone, and hang up multiple times in my face. Its so funny because had Marci listen to me instead of cutting me of and let me finish pointing out the rest of the mistakes made in the paper, the expert probably would not have gotten paid at all. But she did not she cut me off, like everyone at your company did. The only person who finally helped me was nobody. The world will know this is how treats loyal customers. You will feel me and my subscribers power, and you will finally learn your lesson. No apology was ever issued nothing to make the problem right nothing at all, no discount no free assignment nothing.

Total scam, not money back guaranteed
MyAssignmentHelp charged me for "future orders" called "pre-booking" that I didn't request and will never use. Could not get that refunded. Lost money there. I received the paper I requested and got a 68% on it, even though I paid for distinction quality assignment. I asked for a refund because I failed the assignment, the reply was anything over a 50% is considered passing to them. They refuse to refund and threatened to call the school and publish my paper. What school allows 50% as a passing grade?!
Foreign customer service reps, not based in America as advertised on the site, difficult to deal with, not a true money back guarantee, and does not stand behind their work or the quality you pay for. Do yourself (and your grades) a favor and move on... find a different site for help with assignments. This one is the ultimate scam.

I STRONLY recommend you DO NOT use this website. I just a week ago paid $341 to get an assignment done using PowerShell ISE script. The solution I received back was Virtual machines created using Server 2012 (we are now 2021) and these created using the graphical approach. Again I repeat I asked for scripts using POWERSHELL ISE, and I received back pictures of two machines created using Hyper V manager. Now Obviously not handing this assignment in, I requested a refund for me money. The person I spoke to told me that their solution fulfilled my requirements. Not only did I almost spill my drink out of my mouth from laughing so hard, I had to legit ask if she was serious. So today as I am again asking where my money is, MyAssignmentHelp have now delayed my money the full week and are asking for "proof of grades". Not only is this website pure garbage, they are scam artists. I do not usually ever write google reviews, but I have JUST got off their website after talking to customer service and have finally said screw, keep my money as you cannot do much with scam artists. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I MADE, DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENTS. YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO GET A REFUND ON YOUR MONEY AND THEY DO NOT DO THE ASSIGNMENT PROPERLY. If any of you require proof of the conversation I have literally screenshotted the whole conversation with them and I also have the assignment I asked for along with what they sent. ***Also take this in for a second, not only was the assignment wrong, these scam artists charged me $341 and sent me back an assignment with two virtual machines created along with a random report I did not ask for. All in all creating virtual machines (2 specifically) takes me less then 10 minutes to do myself. So these scam artists did two random things I did not ask for which take a total of 30 minutes max and randomly charged me $341. Anyways I am done my rant for now I will be posting this review AS MANY PLACES as I can to warn all of you to stay far away from this website.

I have lost my time searching about the best website for writing and assignment helping and finally one of my closest friend advised me with myassignment help

Unfortunately, I have chosen the distinction service which claims that MyAssignmentHelp are going to assign the top writer on my subject to work on my dissertation.
When I received the first draft, it was written in a poor English with lots of grammatical and even countries name mistakes. I have requested to change the writer 2 times and in each time, I became 100% sure that the writers doing my work are simple students from poor countries like Bangladesh and Indonesia.
So, please stay away of this SCAM company. You will lose your time, work and money.
Here's some photos from the work I received from them. ( See how arbitrary they are working)
Moreover, they refused to give me back my money!

Unprofessional Do Not Use!
Good foundations for a great business, unfortunately my experience has not been good after providing with the appropriate task outlines i had it sent back numerous (understatement) times unfinished and incorrect did not receive a pass.

If you have a due date i would advise getting it to them before that (if your willing to take the chance of uncertainty)and asking for it at a date before hand to avoid the chase of trying to get them to actually complete fully and correctly.

Overall stressful run around only to be met with the help desk and their unprofessional responses and only to have them ignore any questions in regards to a refund or where to leave feedback.

Their promise to you a High distinction or a refund please do not believe you'd be lucky to even get a response in regards to asking about a refund more likely to be ignored not much for customer service.

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