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"Do not waste a minute agonizing over whether this...
"Do not waste a minute agonizing over whether this is a good idea. I am a computer moron, this stuff totally stresses me out. I've survived all these years without MS Office on my home MAC, but am needing it now to do some work related stuff. I was hesitant because the last time I added software, it involved a CD (yes I'm middle aged). Anyway, I did a live chat first. Their guy was available immediately, and assured me that if there were any installation issues, someone could remote in and assist for no additional charge. He also assured me that if installation was not successful, my money would be refunded. I took a deep breath and hit ""order."" I received an email as promised within 30 minutes. I followed the instructions for download, which took only a few minutes, entered activation code, and just like that, I was ready to roll. I will also add that the price point was half of what I found on Amazon. I highly recommend the My Choice Software-fast, efficient, and cost effective! License key arrived quickly. The product was well wrapped and there were comprehensive instructions inside the description of the email. Thanks for the sweeties! A nice touch.

"I am always a bit wary of shopping online with new...
"I am always a bit wary of shopping online with new sites I am unfamiliar with. I came across this site while I was looking for a good deal on 2011 MS Office for Mac. I found that product here for about $50 less than another online retailer I'd used before. I checked the Google reviews and My Choice Software were very positive. Anyway, I made my purchase and was immediately taken to a download link. I bought this on a weekend and the site stated that weekend purchases would take 2-4 hours to have the product key emailed (30 min during business hours), but I received mine in about five minutes. The download, installation and activation went perfectly, and less than 20 minutes from purchasing, I have a working MS Office suite. I am very happy and will use this company again. Fantastic service. Ordered online and chose same day delivery from their well laid out website, easy to find what I wanted. Order was processed quickly and I was kept informed by email/SMS of my installation journey. Would definitely recommend My Choice Software to anyone and I will certainly use them again.


Great Price but Didn't Get EXACTLY What I Wanted
I'm a repeat customer of My Choice Software because their prices are more reasonable than other sites. However, I did not get EXACTLY what I wanted. I wanted Microsoft Project STANDARD 2019. I was "upgraded" to Microsoft Project PROFESSIONAL 2019. However, I do not see this as an "upgrade". I see this as receiving something that contains features that I did not need nor wanted. The reason I feel this way is that there it is not 100% guaranteed that the Professional version will perform exactly as the Standard version. I create tools in VBA for Microsoft Project so I need the exact same environment that my customers use, which is the Standard version. However, I went through this same issue with Project 2016, so I am taking a chance that I will not have any issues with the Professional version. For whatever reason, the Standard version never seems to be available. In the future, if you do not have something, then do not list it on your website as being available. An unwanted "upgrade" is not the best solution.

"I had a problem being able to download the older version...
"I had a problem being able to download the older version of Microsoft Office due to incompatibilities with my system and Grand Canyon University's software requiements. I was in a huge bind because not only did I desperately need Windows in order to do my assignments, but I am a single parent, full time medical missionary on a fixed income and desperately needed the money back to make it the rest of the month. Their worker was prompt in his email replies and in getting my money refunded where he could. I will definitely use this company for any future needs and would recommend them for their honorable way of doing business and their exceptional customer service. Fantastic website, clearly showing exactly what is needed, prices are very competitive. Informative emails prior to arrival involving installation and delivery etc. Upon arrival - fast customer support and amazing help.
Very happy and will use again
Thanks very much:-)"

The Office Home & Student 2010 package meets our needs...
The Office Home & Student 2010 package meets our needs for Outlook, Word, and Excel. We avoided buying Windows 8 and Office 2013, opting for a new computer that had Windows 7, because we don't like the features of the newer versions. Microsoft is trying to mimic the Apple systems, which are not geared to professional people as users. We like print menus and lots of choices that we can select as needed. I don't want a program second-guessing what I'm trying to do, and then not letting me get there when it has guessed wrong - this happens with the Apple products and Windows 8. The software was discounted on My CHoice software, which is why i decided to take it. I kenw how to install in, but it was nice of them to offer their help. This package, which allows installation on one desktop as well as one portable computer, is a good deal financially.

Shaky Start, Outstanding Finish
I ordered MS Office Home/Student license at a great price. The transaction was simple to complete. I expected to be able to download the software at the point of purchase, but was unable to do so. This took place over the holidays so I figured support would be minimal. Nevertheless, I sent an email and received a response that the software was unavailable and I could receive a full refund if so desired. I wished I could have been told this when I was ordering. I decided to keep the order and was told that licenses would be available in about a week. Much to my surprise, I received an email this morning letting me know my order was still out of stock, but at no additional cost I could download the Home/Business software suite. I just completed my download and install and everything works great. Thank you MyChoiceSoftware!

"The website is straight forward and was easily navigated...
"The website is straight forward and was easily navigated to find the exact product I wanted. The prices of the items were competitive and the availability was not in question and transparent, unlike many sites who advertise a low price and continue to do so when My Choice Software have no stock. I was also very happy with the delivery experience, updated at every point and at the prompt dispatch. I am a very happy customer. I'm sure I got sent a new system, everything was in sealled bags and license key was a virgin, im not complaining, i'm very happy, the service was very good and thinking of buying another one for the front room as it was such a good deal.
I have bought from them before and will buy from them again.
I have told friends about the great deal and they have said they are going to order.
Hank you my choice software!"

As a postdoctoral research fellow at a nonprofit academic...
As a postdoctoral research fellow at a nonprofit academic center I live on statistical platforms, but my new institution doesn't directly partner with the Microsoft office software I prefer and the cost to purchase as an independent on a student/fellow meager stipend is a killer. My Choice Software had the software I needed at a price I can manage to get my academic research analyses complete. Great licensing options on the software I need all at a great price for students and academics. Fast and easy access and downloads. My Choice Software have a great stock of other academic-friendly software so I'm sure I'll be back soon. Needed an affordable copy of windows 10 quickly. came through with an affordable, functional option. It turns out it was on 50% discount at their company! I highly recommend them!

My choice software employee was most helpful when microsoft...
My choice software employee was most helpful when microsoft live didn't want to download Office 16. He explained the situation, and we went to google chrome and finally to the site for disabled folks to finally get the program to download. He was cheerful, engaging and stayed with it until the program downloaded and fully activated.We chatted pleasantly the whole time he was working. I hope all of your tech support folks are this good. Because of my awesome experience today. I will definitely come back to Trusted Tech in the future for software needs. Very fast delivery and good quality products. Their delivery to my email was secure and the items were in excellent condition. I would recommend these guys to anyone who may need to purchase any microsoft software for their device. Nice one guys and girls

"My Choice osftware keeps things affordable for the...
"My Choice osftware keeps things affordable for the hobbyist and not just the professional. Computering is supposed to be fun right,... so being able to afford the tools, allows folks on a budget to keep things fresh and up to date. I love the cash back incentives and tokens. I also love the great sale prices. Everything you buy, you have a record of and you can go back and download it again if you need to. Good folks to do business with... I've bought some of the best deals in microsoft software from My CHoice Software, and it hasn't let me down. It's updated daily with new deals. The site is easy to navigate, and download links/code are emailed to you immediately after purchase. So, I highly recommend this online store to anyone looking for the best deals in microsoft software.


"Excellent service I picked the recorded delivery for...
"Excellent service I picked the recorded delivery for my order and recieved an email and text when my game had been dispatched came a day before release and cheapest I could find 5 stars easily I was also very pleased with the fact My Choice Software wouldn't leave the parcel without a signature bit of a pain if your not
In but I arranged for someone to be in I
Ordered a few things from my choice software now and haven'd had any issues. Quite the contrary my experience has been excellent - easy ordering process and items delivered quickly.
Prices usually unbeatable
This is great as it gives you confidence that you will get your game or product and
5 stars for service
5 stars for customer support
5 stars for delivery
5 stars for price
One happy customer, all thanks to My Choice Software"

I have used My Choice Software on a number of occasions...
I have used My Choice Software on a number of occasions and the service has always been fantastic, great communication and delivered on or before the expected delivery date. The pricing is great value for money and the website is easy to negotiate with an option to add stock alerts to your profile should My Choice Software have any item out of stock. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to any avid pc geek or non geek looking for a great deal with fast delivery! Very happy, got on time, no problems with it... One thing that got me was I pre ordered three items and when this game sent it closed my order and cancelled the other two, but I phoned, was help very well, and told to reorder as two new ones, so I know now so thank you to the lady that helped me on phone.

"Customer support employee went out of his way to reconnect...
"Customer support employee went out of his way to reconnect with me when we started a conversation and got disconnected. The email I had lost earlier in the month of May was quickly resent and I was able to then provide my client with the information My Choice Software needed. We also had a productive chat about a company I had a poor experience with and he enlightened me as to how they can swindle customers. Any future needs will go through this employee. Arrived on time, well, ten minutes early, 20 minutes after after ordering, everything was in excellent condition, and i was able to register my license key without any issues. Had reservations prior to using My CHoice Software, now i can safely say they are the best on the market. Couldnt recommend more if i tried.

"Ordered a few things from my choice software now and...
"Ordered a few things from my choice software now and haven'd had any issues. Quite the contrary my experience has been excellent - easy ordering process and items delivered quickly.
Can't fault my choice software. Used them several times now, and will continue to do so. Their prices are spot-on, dispatch is superfast, and I've had successful next day delivery with every order. More reliable than Amazon in my experience. Around 20 orders completed now, everytime My Choice Software have been cheaper than their rivals and always delivered on time (with one exception). A parcel went missing due to Email mixup however once my refund request went into my choice software I had my money back withing 4 hours, amazing customer service in my opinion.
Prices usually unbeatable"

"Fast delivery and excellent price
"Fast delivery and excellent price. Would definitely recommend. Slight draw back is that it wasn't clear that the next day delivery didn't include weekends. Otherwise great service, and everything securely packaged and promptly delivered, 1 hour delivery slot is a great plus point. After ordering on Amazon and waiting for over a week without it being despatched -with no explanation I cancelled my order. Looked up this site and the higher grade of software (according to my son) was cheaper than the other one on Amazon. Ordered late on Thursday and arrived early Friday morning. One happy son and therefore one happy mother. Would definately use again. Extra bonus no fee for being served first class customer support :).
Well done my choice software "

"Earliest delivery of ordered license keys I have experience...
"Earliest delivery of ordered license keys I have experienced and the lowest prices I could find.
Put simply a great site! With a wide selection of software thoughtfully categorized and easy to browse My Choice Software are my go-to for microsoft gear and software. The fact that they not only have great deals on great products they also reward you for using their site. Big thumbs up. I would highly recommend using their services. In my own opinion they are tops.

Just one niggle, unlike most order sites they don't automatically update the price on orders if it drops after your order is placed. It's up to you to notice they've changed it on their site, cancel the order you've already made and place another.

Other than that, can't go wrong with this supplier."

"My Choice Software and their customer service did...
"My Choice Software and their customer service did an outstanding job from the beginning to the very end. My Choice Software went the extra mile trying to resolve my issues with the order and software install. Given this I would recommend your company going forward. I had issues first with the order error and then later with installation. He was a patient technician who was knowledgeable and competent. His solution work and I am up and running now. Thanks! Just awesome!
I wanted to upgrade two different workstations with improved and newer microsoft operating system.
In a matter of minutes i was told the right compatible modules via live-chat, and everything just worked flawlessly.
Fast delivery and awesome technical support!
I highly recommend this shop!"

"Outstanding service
"Outstanding service. The website is a joy to use when identifying the right version of the desired software and then ordering it. It's really great i love to search on your page & see new products. Deep and various catalogue, all with an effective rating and recommendation system. Fantastic deals and discounts. Video and audio previews to show exactly what you're buying and most of the features available. Finally, a rewards system that gives you cash back on purchases! What more do you need.
The best place to buy & also one place to update all your microsoft software
License key arrived within 20 minutes, and I was amazed, instructions for installation included, together with the customer support number of my choice software. Very good."

"Ordered a microsoft windows 10 pro physicall package...
"Ordered a microsoft windows 10 pro physicall package (Wednesday), it was delivered free of charge the following day(Thursday). Unfortunately the product was faulty, My Choice Software collected it by courier on the Friday. They tested the product Monday and they sent a replacement and it arrived on the Tuesday. Constant communication with myself through email. Extremely impressed and happy with the service my choice software provided! Around 20 orders completed now, everytime they have been cheaper than their rivals and always delivered on time (with one exception).
A parcel went missing due to Email mixup however once my refund request went into my choice software I had my money back withing 4 hours, amazing customer service in my opinion."

"My Choice software (almost) always have the best prices
"My Choice software (almost) always have the best prices. I also like their rewards policy, the deals, the freebies and the ease of navigation through the site. First time purchasing can be hard - it might take up to 30 mins to complete your request but after that it just gets better and better. Reliable service, excellent customer support. Besides, you can getgreat discounts from buying stuff, and if you save enough you can even purchase something from this website. I bought Microsoft Windows 8.1 pro from them and I've been really satisfied so far ((: Will definitely come back for more!
My Choice Software always, always have the best customer support. Installed and registered my microsoft Office 10 pro within a couple of minutes."

"It\s great to have (almost) all software on one site,...
"It\s great to have (almost) all software on one site, so you can easily compare functions and prices. I also like that My Choice Software have a wish list function, where you can save items that you think might become useful for a future project. E-mailed with a specific requirement, got a reply straight back with lots of help. Ordered and received next day first class. Easy instructions and installed same day. Nine-year-old Apple Mac works even better. The whole experience was no hassle and effortless. Good support and with that extra mile in customer service. Happy to recommend:-)
My purchase worked out great! Turns out it was an excellent license key, and it has inspired me to write several songs.
I would recommend this place!"

"Came across My Choice Software via friend who used...
"Came across My Choice Software via friend who used them and was happy with them, and i had never heard of them before, here came the worry, feeling brave I ordered 3 purchases through them as My Choice Software were the cheapest in the market. Happily this has been 3 flawless purchases with fast and well packed delivery of goods not to mention saving a huge chunk of money off the price on all 3 items vs anyone else online or offline. Extremely satisfied and will not hesitate to buy from my choice software again! Thank you Pure simplicity. Used the my choice software staff to check what version of software i needed, placed an order, two minutes later the program was installed and my computer runs so much better now. Thank you.

"I purchased microsoft office 10 365 home and business...
"I purchased microsoft office 10 365 home and business for my Husband as it was the cheapest I could find it anywhere, yet was exactly the same as in the shops. My Choice Software kept me updated with my orders progress, provided quick delivery and well packaged the software. I will definitely use them again. Many thanks. I was assisted by Mike@ My Choice Software and was provided with exceptional service and responsiveness.
The product has been turned around for me in a matter of minutes and when received, the quality was excellent.
I would have no hesitation in recommending this Company and look forward to dealing with them again in the future.
Thank you Mike, you made me feel like your #1 priority at all times."

"The site is clear and easy to use and understand
"The site is clear and easy to use and understand. The prices are especially good if the software come from outside US and getting the newsletter let me know about deals that would otherwise have gone by me. The reward system is also a big plus. Where else could you get such a great selection of cheap license keys and programs? I rate that very highly. Having paid for my latest acquisition I was also very pleased that it was discounted. The only minor gripe was that all I got from My Choice Software was a serial number, then had to set up an account with the supplier company to download it from there. It was a little confusing but worth it in the end. I'm absolutely certain that I'll buy again at the same place.

"They are are just amazing
"My Choice Software are are just amazing. I am pretty sure rest of the team as well. The process of getting the license and activation steps are very simple for a common man. They helped me get my $5 off even after I forgot to use the code while the purchase. This kind of customer service always makes me happy. Rob was the one who dealt with my enquiry for the correct microsoft office version and he was able to locate the right license key very quickly indeed!
I had first looked elsewhere online and but unable to find the right version as it was for an older laptop.
But I'll know where to go to first next time I need microsoft software
(Well Done! My Choice Software and Rob and staff!)
Thanks once again Thank you team! "

"Amazing selection, best prices on the internet hands...
"Amazing selection, best prices on the internet hands down! Not to mention My Choice Software are an industry leading retailers. Love the dollar saving deals, makes it extremely easy for new to start acquiring tools right away, also makes the tools easily obtainable for anyone on a budget. Other than occasional resolvable issue with a browser loading the site properly, I love My Choice Software. They are the best company in software business. Always offering deals and some unique vsts I'd not had seen if not here.
Bundles are simply mind blowing, often times pairs, triples or more tend to be less expensive than a single software from somewhere else.
Simply the number one place to go for your computer software needs!"

"I brought a microsoft office 10 Friday afternoon with...
"I brought a microsoft office 10 Friday afternoon with standard delivery. I was stunned to recieve an email 10 minutes after I ordered to be told it had been dispatched! Friday was the bank holiday and I recieved the key Saturday morning! Extremely good prices cheapest around an amazing delivery il be back! Great deals all of the time. Easy to use interface and My Choice Software notify when any software or product you've bought from them has updates available.
They also have loads of free plug-ins and applications available.
I don't buy a lot of stuff because it seems that most products these days are aimed at all people and students.
When I do want something though my Choice software is the first place I look."

"Loads of amazing deals, sometimes you can bag a $300...
"Loads of amazing deals, sometimes you can bag a $300 software for $150 which is great. I've purchased a variety of software in half a dozen different transactions from My Choice Software, and have had an excellent results every time. Their website is easy to use, their prices are more than fair (if not down right fantastic), and their selection of plugins is great. Anybody looking for microsoft software should definitely check out
I check the website pretty much everyday because there's always new deals coming up. I got microsoft windows 8.1 upgrade for my personal computer then an upgrade to the whole firm for a fraction of what it would normally cost!

Fantastic stuff! "

"I'd never used this site before so I was worried the...
"I'd never used this site before so I was worried the first time I ordered an office. But it showed up early and in perfect condition. I havent looked back since use My Choice Software all the time now and some of the offers are amazing. Anyone in any doubt about using my choice software have nothing to worry about, you will receive your item in a timely manner. I use My Choice Software all the time now and most items arrive next day. This was the First time I had used My Choice Software after My Choice Software were recommended by a friend. I found the whole process simply and easy to use.
The Prompt replies to Emails left me feeling confident with my purchase. Items arrived quickly and packaged vey well."

"Web site was easy to use and I quickly found my required...
"Web site was easy to use and I quickly found my required microsoft software I wanted. Delivery was fast and the additional information about the installation was quick and easy to install. I have purchased several keys through Mychoicesoftware and the experience has been simple and satisfying. Each time I was able to download a trial version of the program to evaluate its suitability. The subsequent purchase and registration/activation processes were equally simple and trouble-free. This simplicity and the excellent range and price of product has made my experiences with Mychoicesoftware very rewarding. I would happily recommend the site to anyone I am pleased with my choice software


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