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"Bad English, not plagiarism free, bad quality, a total headache"
Guys... I swear. I tried three times and for three times I lost my deadline because My Assignment Services delivered a very bad quality assignment. Bad English, a lot of plagiarism and they have a hard time to follow and understand the assignment instructions. Stay way from them and look for another website.

Irresponsible, Unprofessional, Unethical and Deceitful- Indian Organistion.
This Indian organisation is irresponsible, unprofessional, unethical and deceitful.

Client ID - CLT58669 and order ID - MAS28320

I submitted the assignment with all required documentation on the morning of Friday along with full payment, after being assured by the staff that it will be completed by Monday. On 7 pm on Monday, i get a call from some one called Rossie stating that the expert had difficulty in opening the attached video for this piece of work. I was assured that it till be completed by midnight - I agree and recopied that video using screen capture and forwarded a copy.

On Tuesday morning when i have not received any completed work, I enquired and I was told to calm down and guaranteed that the work would be completed before close of that day. I am told that the expert had a medical emergency. So I reluctantly agree.

At 5pm on Teuesday when i called to ask for the completed work, the staff inform me that the expert now experiences battery failure in his laptop and is unable to send the completed work. I am assured that a solution will be found within the hour. After few hours i get a new email response stating that a new expert has been put on the case and that the work will completed by midnight.

On Wednesday morning I receive a incorrect work answering 972 words for 500 word question 1 and 76 words for the 500 words second question. Both responses were way off topic to the questions asked and have incorrect "in-text" referencing. By this time I have secured extension till 12 midnight on Wednesday 2020 for submission.

I speak with Paul int his organisation and explain that the work is due before 12 pm Australian time and not Indian time. He assures that the expert will correct both responses and fix incorrect in-text referencing. He guaranteed that the completed work will be provided before midnight Australian time. At 1145pm on Wednesday, no call or response or email were sent before submission time. The submission portal was closed and i have been marked as "NO SUBMISSION" because "Assignment services" did not provide me with completed work before midnight Wednesday.

Thursday morning i receive another piece of work that still has 750 words still way off topic for 500 word response for question 1 and 237 words on 500 word response for the question 2. This new response has still the same incorrect in-text referencing. This was sent before midnight Indian time which was 4 and half hours after the Australian time.

When I now request for my money back, based on the fact none of their published criteria (Punctuality or Quality) were met by this experience. I am told that my money will not be refund even after acknowledging that this was totally their mistake 100%.

Bad Forced to leave review before reading the document
My Assignment Services make you write a review before you can open the assignment. It's a pop up review request you can't get around.
The quality is really bad.
I complained and customer service asked me if I would let them redo it. So I reluctantly agreed then on the hour of the deadline the "expert" left a comment in the app refusing to make any changes.

Paragraphs with no point. Bad grammer.
Writer has no idea how to interpret an RCT research paper and couldn't comment on any of the results. Stringing copied sentences together from the introduction sections. They have not bothered to read the article at all and just gone of the abstracts.

Don't waste your time trusting them.

Appreciate the excellent Service
My deadline for the assignment submission was on the verge of expiration, and I relied on My Assignment Services hurriedly without having much familiarity with the brand. My Assignment Services break all my negative perceptions regarding online assistance. I got the well-prepared solution within the specified time, which helped me escape the missed deadline's consequences. If you guys ever require academic assistance, approach this brand to have commendable service.

SCAM! SCAM! Rubbish!
SCAM! Dont give your work don't expect any refund.The expert dont even have any idea about question he/she just copied and paste my question into the Assingment. I asked them to make an app and the just sent me back 4000word essay

Scam and Fraud services
Hi Everyone

I have been a recent victim of their services. I have paid them and My Assignment Services have not done anything. Please dont fall trap of their well established site. They dont have any experts.
On the day when i had to place order they arranged a call with good expert and afterwards their was no one to assist. They kept on sending copy paste and irrelevant material
They take advantage of difficult situation of students and loot money from them. Please dont avail their services.

They have fake accounts who give good reviews due to which i also got scammed.

Their refund policy is fraud as they dont refund

Please dont avail their services

Thanks for saving my year!
Thanks! You guys saved my year. I ordered the assignment from you, and to my surprise, the assignment is delivered on time and with 90% of accuracy. Well, that's okay, when I submit the assignment, I got passed. This is too exciting for me as due to my part-time job, I was unable to give that much time in the assignment making but finally, I have been promoted. Keep going :)

My Assignment Services are $#*!ing bloody scammer, the worst experience, never, ever received, in my whole life.
Their english is obsolete, the quality of work is the same as you put a monkey to write your paper.
Full of errors, grammar errors, ridiculous. Is a total wasting time, and total wasting of money.
Customer service is even worst, they rejected all call, enquiry and answer a real headache.
One star is not even deserved, if you want to do some charity than go to church, not in this website.

My assignment service
The webpage at was one of the first things that hooked me to the service. The website is easy to navigate, and My Assignment Services provide very affordable costs as well as the capacity to produce assignments on time. My homework was delivered to me on time all of the problems were solved and the answers were correct. I've already told a number of my friends about the site. Overall, in my perspective, was a much superior option than the given alternatives.

0 starts, They stole my money, Pitching company
I paid $ 220 for assignment, but when the deadline expired My Assignment Services asked me for an extra time, I added an extra two days, and then they started sending solutions that were totally irrelevant to the order, beware just random solutions to jobs I don't know and they started sending me, I asked them for refund, they didn't respond to me yet, please do not deal with them

Worst service
Paid for the service once paid no one helping as cant log in to the portal
Had a chat/talk with Roger, Nadia nad Sam but all the times told we will fix the issue from the back end but no help even after 4 days of request.

I enter a document to be reviewed I paid at front $160 to be done in 6 hours. I was asked 6 hours later for an extension of 24 hours because My Assignment Services can not find a person to do it and I gave 6 hours. 12 hours later the assignment is not done and they requested extra 24 hours because they are "still looking for someone to review the assignment!" I REALIZED THEY HAVE VERY LOW AND POOR REVIEWS ON THE INTERNET! DO NOT TRUST THEM AND DO NOT WORK FOR THEM! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!

Please don't trust them, worst writers, Stupid service
I got failed in assignment which i took from them. Why i ask them for an explanation, i don't even a get a call or proper email. I did raised for a refund, My Assignment Services don't even respond to your phones/email. One of the worst service i have seen in my life. Please don't trust them, they keep some crap in their website (Money Back Guarantee, Unlimited Revisions) Don't trust them, even after revision you won't see any improvement. Worst writers i have seen.

I wish I could give 0 star
This website is a scam artist. My Assignment Services are running a very sophisticated platform to promise students for the work. They are running from India. They use Australian phone number to call you. They will try to push you to make the payment. Then either they want to extend the work deadline or do a poor job on their service. This company need to be under watching list as I'm sure there a million of students getting scams by their promised service and their refund policy

Please stay away
This site is a total scam. Beware becaue if you have seen a positive review most probably it is fake. My Assignment Services are good until you pay. After you pay they are a disaster.
The work that they provided is good only to throw away. Dont waste your time and money on this site please

Scam artists
I had my doubts from the outset but My Assignment Services convinced me it was competitors writing bad reviews. Thankfully, I only allowed them to write half my assignment. After almost 10 days I got a piece of rubbish answers, shocking grammar, repeating the same thing in 10 different ways. I had to reconstruct 3 answers and redo the other question 3 hours before the deadline. They just cause more stress and you will lose your hard earned money. Believe everything thqt is being said here, scam artists.

Scam Scam Scam
My Assignment Services asked to pay ₹13k but I said for some discount then they were ready to take ₹ 11.5k.
Then I said to make a payment partially. I made a payment of ₹ 8069. After that they didn't pick my phone. A chat window was open for few days so that they could request for additional payment as well remaining earlier money. I again a made a payment of ₹4000. After that chat window was also closed forever. U had only one option of saying something to assignment window. At the day of deadline. They asked for payment of ₹25k. I said to back my money but they didn't returned my money. That's how I have been cheated by them.

Gave them 1 weeks notice I need draft for my graphic design. Explain I needed multiple drafts because these are marked. My Assignment Services said I will get call from expert but nothing. In SHORT DO NOT TRUST THEM, even they persuade you that it will be ok.

If you are dumb enough like me, use PayPal so you can get refund if you are that desperate to use them!

Is My Assignment service worth it?
After a long day of study, I'm halfway to my deadline. I was apprehensive to use this service since I had previously been cheated out of money by other services, but to my surprise, I had an assignment due in 5 days that My Assignment Services were able to find a highly competent tutor to assign for it and it was completed within 3 days, but when they were unable to complete one of my assignments, I requested a cancellation. Would I suggest My Assignment Service to a friend? Would I recommend My Assignment Service? They were nice and asked for the confirmation receipt that I had previously provided... would I recommend My Assignment Service? And the answer is emphatical yes. From the moment I placed my order on the internet, I had a good experience.

Great Job
My assignment services is one of the best places to go to if you need any assignment related help. I remember I had an urgent TAFE assignment that needed to be submitted within 24 hours, the customer care guys were quite accommodating and I was able to not only submit my assignment on time, but also, I received really good scores. The expert I talked to was polite and understood all my assignment requirements. Great job guys. Keep the good work coming.

The title everything
The title everything! The people in my Assignment services were a huge help and never let me down. If you go ahead with them, I can promise 100 percent of your assignments. They're effective, professional and unbelievable...

Its a scam company
I rate them in negatives. After several contact, My Assignment Services dont understand simple English. They advised they will refund but instead they stop answering calls, emails, chats and in in their system they dont event correct note thats notified. Comes up with their idea. DONT USE THEM IT. YOU WILL LOOSE YOUR MONEY AND ALSO YOUR GRADES. THEY DONT DELIVER WHAT THEY PROMISED. BE CAREFUL OF THIS SITE STUDENTS. I also saved their chat and from there system and can see how they are not at all helpful. Please student be safe.

Regarding Assignments
The company only cares about money and do not deliver the work on time. Also, My Assignment Services ignore the customers and do not care at all about their satisfaction. PHOEBE being one of their agents being sweet in the beginning and promising the work but then there is no response from the team and neither her. Also, trying to contact them from 4 days but there is no reply. Also, my deadlines are gone and still, the work is not given to me. Please do not invent your time in the company and find some other option.

Took my money for a sample assignment. Promised i would have it within 6 hours never received a response, do yourself a favour ring the phone number first you will not get answered. KEEP CLEAR SCAM FROM INDIA

Very underated
I'm not sure why you have such a high percentage of two-star reviews. I've been using my assignments service for a while now and have never had a negative experience or encounter. There are no hidden fees or charges on my account, and all of the teachers and services I've used have always delivered my projects on time. And my assignment services are reasonably priced, so I'm a little surprised.

Bloody Scammers
Don't trust these scammers. My Assignment Services will take your money, but they don't deliver any work to you. They will just say that their expert is working on the assignment. If you ask for the final work, then they will make you to take the extension. They will just do these things and they won't respond to your messages. If you ask for a refund, they will say it's in the process. But you won't get anything. I paid a hard earned $272 NZD to these scammers. They are not based in Australia. They are from India and operating as Digiversal Consultants Pvt Ltd.

So this begins with me clicking on an innocuous site looking for writers. Within minutes it opens a chat box and details are exchanged and I get a call back.
The site was India Assignment Help.
The calls came from a strange Australian number. ( Red flag)
I spoke to Sam, who convinced me to think over it, in less than 20 minutes he calls back saying his "expert is on hold" & I need to pay immediately to talk to him and process my order. (Red flag)
He makes an error with my email id and he's getting impatient. He finally sends me the collect ticket for this Australian service with Sam clearly sounding like a malayali ( I would know).( Red flag)
The collect ticket from Razorpay reads "MAS"
& Is to be paid to Mani Enterprises ( Red flag)
Location is "Second floor of Sector 23 Gautam Buddha Nagar Noida, no building strangely (red flag). I paid up and was told in 5-7 minutes once receipt was prepared the " Expert" would speak to me. As of now it has been 24 hours( red flag)
I tried the portal/ site/whatsapp /app. Standard response, would we talk to you "dear" if this was a scam? ( Biggest red flag, who says dear in a professional setting).
My Assignment Services send me various links to check my order which didn't not reflect until I pestered them and a haphazard attempt to show it was made.
I asked for a refund. Since they have no experts, no feedback and no reliable assistance ( we are not a scam dear, does not count as assistance).
Someone called Adam, who sounds strangely like Sam claims to have completed 12000 assignments just yesterday. Yet they seem so confused about their "experts" From call I was then promised a chat session with this elusive "expert". Still no sign of this talented reclusive individual.
At the end of this orchestrated scam attack I have
1. No reflected order
2. Cannot apply for refund simply cos order does not exist.
3. Have not spoken to any "expert"
4. Have had an attempt to hack my system.
5. An unverified attempt on my bank account.

The site though mentions *trusted by ReviewFeeder,* though all I see here are negative reviews.
Leaving it up to you to decide..

Got my Assessment on time! Thanks!
My r-studio paper was due in 4 days and I had not even started working on it. This is because I wasn't keeping well due to health issues and so I decided to get it done by an expert. I checked a number of websites and was impressed by the simplicity offered by My Assignment Services. I filled up the form, uploaded my assessment, and made the payment. It was quick and the price My Assignment Services quoted was right under my budget. Only 85 AUD for the complete assessment.

They sent it to me on time and I was extremely happy with their quality of work. It was clear that the expert paid attention to the marking rubric and the requirements.

Thanks a lot to you guys for sending my work on time!

Terrible customer service, no replay at all only when it comes to payments, than My Assignment Services are very fast. No Support and the dissertation methodology is useless! SCAM, dont waste your money and especially your time! I was 5hour online on their portal waiting for an expert feedback on 7 messages I sent over the last 5 hours... NOTHING, AVOID THEM

Tried once never again
I've tried this service only once. My Assignment Services didn't give me the finished work according to
The specifications I'd sent. This was not what I expected. Not only that, they even
Tried to charge me to make a few revisions that I wanted in the final essay.

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