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Pleasantly Surprised...
I never thought I would sign up for a marriage or dating website but I must say this worked out pretty well for me... I had the chance to meet a really good young lady and even though it did not end up in marriage I would say my experience was positive overall I am still signed up and hopefully I will meet that good muslim woman... The only cons I have is that I wish the monthly price was 5-10$ less and that there is a few scammers that Muslims4Marriage need to get rid of but that is pretty normal on these type of sites

It's a SCAM...
Muslims4Marriage are there to make money. Women doesn't seem to be fully decent. A real good Muslim girl never behaves outwardly. Most of these women are failures in life and I doubt if some of them are for real, because most of the advertise profile are the same which says that they are interested in me. I am getting email response from the same profile of the same woman year after year. What a JOKE. It's total SCAM, don't get duped.

I am not surprised at all that some people have negative things to say about this website. Muslims4Marriage must have used a wrong approach and instead of blaming themselves, they decide to shift the blame t the website. I have been using this website for months now and I have had no reason to be bitter. That is part of life anyways, no matter how good anything is, there are people out there who will still find fault with it. Negative reviews about online dating used to bother me before but not anymore.

One of the better.
I've found that out of all of the online dating sites. This is the only one that gets it right. Muslims4Marriage provide free members with all of the necessary functionality. To meet an individual. You see someone interesting. You send them a message. After using the site for awhile. I started meeting people quite frequently. I do not expect their response immediately.

Joined this thinking it would be a fun way to meet.
Joined this site. Thinking it would be a fun way to meet new people. Immediately after signing up. I was bombarded with extremely explicit message. From girls of lower than average attractiveness asking for pics. Received a lot of obvious phishing scam messages and crude crap. But never anything genuine. Best part of all.

I had previously been signed up to and with...
I had previously been signed up to and with Muslima. When I found Muslims4Marriage and created my 'free' account I received about 5 interests and messages "i would like to get to know you better". So like a fool I paid my $66 only to find that three of the people were looking at making me an investment offer (scammers). I sent 5 contacts or so a message and Muslims4Marriage haven't even read my emails yet after 4 days. I only got 1 scammer after me with Muslima which is the best site I've found. It seems to me that the Muslims4Marriage site is a setup - when i deleted my account, they didn't ask my reasons as did Muslima. They got my money so why should they.

BE CAREFUL STAY AWAY! This company does not make it at all easy to stop subscriptions
Anyone who has been duped into paying for a monthly subscription should be aware of the following:

This company does not make it at all easy to stop subscriptions you may sign up to.

Nothing about this site and it's service is free and so if you wish to establish communications with anyone you may wish to connect with is at an additional cost.

My experience with their customer services is not a positive one. I had requested cancellation of my subscription prior to the next billing cycle but that request was ignored and so this company continued to take money from my account.

I challenged them on this with several emails to their customer support and Muslims4Marriage refused to refund me my money.

The website does not make it at all simple to cancel membership as other organisations that provide subscription services and the only way is via email!

I will be campaigning against this organisation to highlight their zero customer services policy and outright contravention of international consumer rights!


This site has revolutionized the world of online.
This site has revolutionized the world of online dating by providing a free. Easy to navigate dating website. That offers a service comparable to the paid sites. While the matching system has its limitations. The fact that the site is free means that it has one of the largest databases of users in the country. Which is crucial in this industry.

Some profiles are fake. I had contact with a lady and she asked me to communicate with whatsapp. I did. Nice contact. After some days she had a big problem. She had sent money to her father for surgery. Her landlord threatened to put her on the street. One big fake story. After all she was Ghana and it turned all about money and it had nothing to do with love. Fortunately she did not succeed.

Site seems very shady, and very expensive
Site seems very shady, and very expensive - sadly i succumbed to signing up but was bombarded by replies from women from other countries that just wanted to come to the US. Very sad... I got several replies from women who supposedly lived locally only to discover Muslims4Marriage really live in morocco, egypt and indonesia. I suspect many of the profiles are fake, best to just avoid this site. Even when you sign up it seemed a bit odd that you literally have do describe who you are and who you are looking for in less than 800 characters, a real shame! Their search feature doesn't seem to work either... almost like the site put together very quickly if you are a man and go to advanced search and use the defaults, change "living in" to 'united states', then go to "have children" and set to 'no' - nobody come up in the search - this is telling enough! Dont use this site... total sham.

I Keep wondeing
Each time I see the bad reviews about this website, I keep wondering where Muslims4Marriage are coming from because I have been using this website for some time now and have found none. Even recently, I saw the need to upgrade my membership which brought me more satisfying result. The singles on the website are stunning in beauty and I will recommend this to anyone to try out even if it is the free membership. It is the best way to kill boredom.

From all the comments I've been reading I can see not.

From all the comments I've been reading. I can see not a lot of people are having luck in this site. A lot of people on this site are not looking for something real. I was lucky enough to find my boyfriend on there. After 3 weeks of being on there we started talking. Then we decided to go out.

It is hard to imagine
It is hard to imagine what will happen to some o the shy guys like myself if online dating websites like this one is ever shut down. I find it hard expressing myself in front of a lady especially if we are just meeting for the first time. But through dating websites I can express myself easily and establish a common ground so that our first meeting will not be a question and answer king of thing. I dont mind the cost at all so far my target is met.

A nice one for the dating site portfolio!
I've been joking with my circle of friends recently that the only way I can get dates. Is using a bunch of quality dating sites together (having different accounts and getting emails from each when I get a message). This is one for the list of memberships in my opinion. Works well in Stockport. I also really like the site. is a scam is a scam

I have full evidence your website is a fraud and misleading.
I have made a few accounts and one paid account.
Then massaged or winked or liked users, the unpaid accounts got an automated response and the paid account did not it shows the user did not login or read the massages.(this was done at the same time)
Also your online users is fake, Muslims4Marriage are not online.
I have screen shots of all of the above on multiple accounts
For more info
I maid a website

Big Fraud
This is 100 % fake. It is a modren way of dacoity. All the profiles are fake and nothing else. When you have basic membership, you may receive many winks on daily basis, but when you shift to platinum memebership by paying fee. You will no longer receive a single wink.
Moreover plz send 1000 memebrs a message, nobody will reply you. Try to chat any online memebr, here too nobody will reply you. Plz anybody can tell me how to complain such fraud and fake site, so others may save themselves from this modren dacoity.

Full of scamers
Lots of scams. People want to communicate with you on your personal email send you pics tell you sad stories that they've lost family and loved ones. Sob stories, Muslims4Marriage are very good at it to. Very cunning they come in slow and try and work an angle it's hard to see them coming. Remember if it sounds to good to be true it probably isn't. These people are playing with peoples religions and using God as a way of crookery. It's not acceptable there should be criminal action taken against them.

Waste of Money and Time! Stay AWAY!
Many fake profiles. Many of the ladies profiles say that Muslims4Marriage are from a certain country, then turns out they are from Nigeria, then they give you a sob story and ask for Money. They also have a bug in their system that deletes your information in the text box that you fill out about yourself, after a couple of days. Then you would have to retype everything you want to say in your profile. A friend of mine gave me the best advise ever. He said, all people (especially ladies) are on online dating for a reason. They have big issues. READ the TERMS OF USE BEFORE YOU SUBSCRIBE! Scammers. Avoid like the plague!

I was referred to this website by a friend who told me he met his girlfriend from here, at first I thought it was a fake site and that he was joking and he made it up, but he assured me it was real. I checked in google and it came up as a top dating site, I was not sure what to think as I had never used a site like this before. I signed up using my facebook profile, it was really easy,

Hit or miss
Being a free dating site is nice. What is not nice is the thousands of assessment questions you have the opportunity to answer or not, but Muslims4Marriage are what the site uses to determine your "match percentage". Many of the questions are repetitive. After getting an additional 200+ "likes" within two weeks of changing my profile.

Seems better than others
Compared to all the other dating sites out there - and of course compared to all the dating scams you will find -This is site is pretty much others! It ain't perfect though. And I know that most people will most likely find someone special on those prime dating sites. But let's face the facts here: this site is pretty.

I think, hands down, its the best free site.
I think, hands down, its the best free site. And coming close to the best site overall. It has thousands of questions and tests. The more you answer the closer it can match you. (so it claims) though some of the matches are baffling. It also forms a personality profile on you based on your question answers and test results.

Believe it or not, I met my husband on this site.

Believe it or not. I met my husband on this site. We have almost been married a year and have a newborn baby girl. I honestly never thought I would meet my husband on a dating website. But I got a surprise when everything fell in place. I have referred 2 good friends to the website.

Here's the deal with this website
I've been using it for months because i paid for that long upfront.
The website owners are a team of scammers, Muslims4Marriage create most of the fake profiles usually the same usernames that repeat with different pictures, they will send you winks and chat requisite once you pay than they will continue doing that but never go beyond liking your pics and winks.
Add to that a massive number of African scammers harassing you but those guys will wait for you to initiate the contact ( if you pay attention most of the women pictures are very sexy ones and too revealing trying to catch the eyes of men.
I can assure you not even 10% of the profiles are real its so much work to just end up talking to a real woman on this website.
The worst part now: when you complain about those fake profile you get an email saying they will look into it. But they want those profile to stay and attract customers so they don't do anything about it and you will see those profile very active. I reported 5 in 3 days and all of them still there. Do not waste your money like i did and don't believe the positive reviews its all from the administrators themselves doing PR

Its was one of the
First companies to develop a platform designed. To connect people from around
The world. And it remains at the forefront of its field. Continually
Developing improved communication technologies. That allow people to discover
And enjoy the possibilities of an exciting.
Globally-interconnected future. The site now has over 20 million
Members. More than 80 million visitors annually. And 1.5 million+ messages
Exchanged daily.

All the excellent reviews are FAKE
First of all, if you notice and read the reviews that gave 5 stars, Muslims4Marriage are paid people and pretty much liars. You can communicate with anyone on this site without paying $50 initial fee, you can't view any emails or messages to the contrary of all said in these reviews. Try it yourself. Then if you read real people reviews who actually paid they say it's a scam with a lot of fake reviews.

I just signed out, it is scam...
This is my first-time use of dating site. My experience about one week as follows. You decide if you are on this site.
1. More than 90% of account is not complete, all fields "Discuss later"
2. Ask you to communicate with email, after giving the email, Muslims4Marriage will reply, most of them are some sad story. Dad or mon is passed away, or we are in other countries, if you are in the US, they would come up someplace like a country in Africa, or in Asia
3. They want to see you soon and need money and she will be returning after meeting you
4. I met one user says, a daughter is Gaddafi, needs to handle millions of dollars that Gaddafi left

The easiest way is to check from google, facebook, LinkedIn or on other social media. If they give you real name and graduated from college, you can check from LinkedIn or other background check site.
In short, I have many contacts in a few days, among the more than 20 people, one seems like right.

When I report the scammer, the admin says, all female can open an account for free, and admin cannot control what those free account holders do.
You decide.

I am a little surprised by some of the more negative.
I am a little surprised by some of the more negative reviews below. Ultimately the site is a free site with good interaction. And you can get out what you put in. Upload some photos, give a description, send some asks, and actually get some real responses from people. Who probably would not be paying to be listed otherwise.

Fake profiles
Do not believe them, Muslims4Marriage are fake people, they send you a lot of females to respond to them, they are all fake profiles, once you pay subscription to contact them, they all disappear, you will lose your money for nothing, stay away from this site. Alot of the reviews on this site about them are also made up by the owner of muslim4marriage, he makes up reviews with very bad English.

I have been a member of this site for over 4 years
I have been a member of this site for over 4 years. I have had excellent experience with it. I met a girl from Dubai on the site and we met in London and got engaged for 2 years. She later found out she had a rare form of ovarian cancer, and did not want o continue. I went back to the site after a while and met someone new to whom I an very happily married. This site is s great site for those who are serious about marriage. If you want to just play around, you will encounter teasers who also wan to play. If you wan a serious relationship there are thousands of single Muslim women on site.

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