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I stupidly purchased a 12 month subscription to this software. Within 20 hours the target was notified of the spyware on their phone. Most of the features were not working for me. I was advised by Erica to use the screen recorder. The screen recorder alerts the target with a popup. I was advised by Justin that if the target restarts their phone the pop up will always come up. I advised Erica and Jason that the website assures that the screen recorder will be undetected.

Then the target started investigating, quickly found the spyware app when thoroughly searching through their applications.

I tried to export the data so that I could unlink the software and get a refund. I get an alert saying "You need to select at least one option to export data" despite the fact I have multiple options selected. I spoke to Summer who told me it would be fixed in a week. I asked how long this feature was not working, she said weeks.

So I've been sold software that was not functioning for weeks at the time of purchase (export option), with premium features I paid for which also don't work and the software alerted the user of the software who has subsequently found the "hidden" application within days of a 12 month subscription. Not to mention how useless and condescending the chat agents, Erica, Jason and Summer are, who are incapable of taking any accountability, blaming me for the issues within the app. This is a SCAM.

If you trusted MSPY enough to purchase their software and you got screwed over within the first 10 days, read carefully, I will tell you how to get your refund. In my estimation, MSPY is not a trustable company! Simple is that. MSpy love to wine and dine you and then leave you high and dry once you buy! I have a softbricked phone right now because they did not root my phone correctly. Do not trust them to do the installation services, they could ruin your phone. I have to pay to have someone else fix it. :( GRRRR. DO NOT USE THEM TO DO YOUR INSTALL OR ROOTING THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING. Once they have you and you have an issue, their live chats take 20 minutes in between responses! Your sales responses take 30 seconds before you buy. They just want to get rid of you so you will leave them alone and if you try to call, you might get them the first time, but after that, you do not get them, your phone call will be dropped every time. If you call from a different number, it has to be a number that isn't from your area code and you will get a live person again. THEY ARE SCAM ARTISTS WHO TALK A GOOD GAME, BUT CAN'T BACK UP THE SERVICE THEY PROVIDE. They do not reply to emails or private messages until you get their payment service involved who is a separate entity. I emailed *******, *******, *******, *******, and pa******* and would get automatic messages assuring me my issues were being handled and then no reply. Finally I contacted Paypro Global their payment company since I was still in my 10 days. They are as shady as MSPY. They told me I would get my refund if I dropped my open case dispute with Paypal. I called Paypal and they explained to me that I should under no circumstances drop that case dispute because then I could not open up another one and they would never pay me back my money and I would be out $250.00! PAYPAL THEN ESCALATED MY DISPUTE TO A CLAIM AND PROMISED THAT I WOULD BE GETTING MY MONEY BACK. THEY PUT AN IMMEDIATE HOLD ON THE FUNDS. Guess what, then Mspy was interested in working things out with me LOL LOL LOL, but as per Paypal I was already getting my money back and I no longer had to talk with MSPY. Today, 2 weeks and 2 days after I bought Mspy, I got my money back. Now I just need to fix my phone. WOW!

Both pay pro global and MSPY are shady. They are thieves and con artists. STAY AWAY DO NOT ORDER. You see all these good reviews, but honestly this is just advertisements on behalf of MSPY and not from real people. They have a lot going for them marketing wise, if they would just put that marketing into being honest, providing excellent customer service and backing up the product that they say they offer, they would have something there, but they have nothing, nada, zip, zero other than the reputation of being thieves. I will be making it my mission to make sure people know about what a terrible company this is and to ensure people know how to get their money back if they made the mistake of dealing with them in the first place.

John P. [mSpy Rep]

Apr 10,17 6:55AM

Subject: Regarding your review about mSpy.

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We have sent you a message before and haven't received any response. We won't to help you to resolve your issue as soon as possible. Please provide your customer information so we can contact you back!

Thank you

John P. [mSpy Rep]

Apr 10,17 6:55AM

Subject: Regarding your review about mSpy.

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We have sent you a message before and haven't received any response. We won't to help you to resolve your issue as soon as possible. Please provide your customer information so we can contact you back!

Thank you


Dear Mspy,

I bought your 12 month premium package on 3/21/17. It was installed on 3/22/17. I reported problems with the battery draining excessively by 3/24/17 and spoke with Alan Peters on 3/25/17 who explained that this was an MSPY issue because the battery should not be draining my phone since update service was consuming between 40-60% of my battery at any given time. He escalated the issue to the developers and I was to have a reply by 3/27/17. We removed the software from the phone to make the phone usable again, which worked, again indicating that the issue was the software. Alan also notated my account on 3/25/17 stating that this was an issue should I need a refund and told me that he did not think there would be an issue with me obtaining a refund should this problem not be fixable.

On 3/27/17, I tried contacting MSPY to discuss the issue and return to using the software, but got no reply. Whenever I have tried contacting via telephone, I get disconnected. On 3/28/17 on my 7th day after having purchased Mspy, I requested a refund since no one has contacted me back to help fix the issue. I received emails back from ******* saying my email was received and someone would be in contact. I also contacted billing@mspy, refund@mspy, and management at mspy. 30 minutes after my initial email on 3/28/17 my autopay was turned off my account, not by myself but by mspy.

On 3/29/17 after not hearing anything back from Mspy I contacted Paypro and again sent *******@mspy and *******@smspy and email with my request. I received an email back from mspy saying that my request was being processed and would be processed within 48 business hours. Is that my refund that is being processed? Or is this just saying you got the email? I dont know.

I want to be very clear. I requested a refund from mspy due to a software issue on your end according to your representative Alan Peters. I have not had any communication back from your company as to what is going on with this refund and it is day 9 of my 10 day refund period. I expect my request to have been entered in on day 7 and expect a refund in full. Paypro has my request logged at day 8.
Please advise me as to where we are at in this process.

I appreciate MSPY's response to my review after it being up for over a week, however their technicians have already told me the usage was from a) a rooted phone, b) a smart manager error c) and now preinstalled software. GIMME A BREAK.

Deceptive & Manipulative Marketing: No trials
I signed up for what i thought was a trial of the mSpy software. My impression of this were based on the multiple big green buttons on their website with the words "Try". I wanted to use the software to monitor iPhone messages. Once I signed up, I found out that the only way their software can do this is to either jailbreak the phone or use iPhone backups. Neither is a solution for me. I went to cancel my trial, having used the software for 30-60 minutes and found out that mSpy do not have a trail. I paid for an entire year of the software and would not be refunded my money. Their customer service referred me to details in their terms of service agreement.

I wouldn't be more disappointed here. Putting multiple trial buttons on your homepage, only to have the fact that there is no trial buried in your terms of service is just not a good business practice.

If this company is manipulative on something as simple and basic as a software trial, who knows what else they are doing.


I have not received an update to my target device in over 1 week. First mSpy told me it was a problem with their server and it will be fixed in 3 days. Then I spoke to the manager and he told me that the software has been uninstalled from the computer. They have made this same excuse several times and each time they force me to go through the trouble of accessing the target devise and re-installing the program, which takes a large amount of time and effort for me to locate the target devise and re-install everything all over again. They have made me do this at least 5 times so far. I have nicely asked the manager to please fix the problem without making me re-install the program once again.

I believe the reason this happens is that I renewed the service for 3 months. Every time I have renewed the product for 3 months or more, they cut the connection and make me re-install the program. My advice to everyone would be to ONLY use this service on a monthly basis and don't buy several months at the same time. Once they have your money, they will cut the connection.

The manager, John, says he is still working on the issue. If he is able to fix it, I will delete this review and write a nice review. Until then, I am angry at this dishonest company.

Total waste of $80 bucks!
I got the service a few days ago, I connected the target device, it connected. I gave it a few days for new text messages and things like that. It said there was new logs - NOTHING SHOWS! You DO NOT GET TEXT MESSAGES! IPhone 13 pro. ICloud backup on. Customer support said you see "calendar, events, notes, and email if mSpy use the mail icon, and contacts" - I paid $80 bucks for info I ALREADY HAD! The demo shows MESSAGES! It shows full conversations!

It is COMPLETELY FALSE ADVERTISING! NONE of that came through, no photos no media, no activity - just some old reminder for groceries! Seriously! I double checked the target device to make sure it was backing up and it is.

Customer support said they will "process a refund" but at this point I am just not convinced they will. They said they escalated it to billing and I would get an email. I have little faith in that.

Customer ID 7896797

If the refund is not done - please do it. This is junk. It's a bait and switch. Promising 1 thing and delivering next to nothing. It's sick.

I will report fraudulent charge/scam to the bank if it is not resolved very quickly. You can take a persons money VERY QUICKLY so I know you can give it back VERY QUICKLY!

Do not waste your money on this! It's way overpriced anyway but I thought it would work! I am a fool! On top of already feeling like a fool for needing something like this I feel even worse! You trick people!

Maybe late for me... but mSpy have countless negative reviews and have a F rating with BBB as per one review from another site!

I thought I was dealing with a serious and responsible company! I was completing a renewal 12 mo. Subscription for one of my Computers and completed an order for 53.99 as seen in my computer screen. Never in my computer screen I saw or it was reflected that I was completing an order for smartphones (12 months Premium Subscription at $169.99); it was when I verified my credit card account that I found the 169.99 charge and then I asked for a cancellation and a refund.

This is an outrage and an abuse! They refuse to refund my money claiming this was a mistake from my part or that I change my mind! I cannot believe I have been their customer for a year now with three and two computers subscriptions! Here is their response to my claim:


Thank you for responding.

We have examined your case and according to our Refund Policy your request cannot be approved. Kindly check our policy once again here:

Please be advised that if any personal issues like "I've changed my mind", "I've made a purchase by mistake", etc. occur, no refund can be applied.

At the same time, we are sorry for the inconveniences that you might have faced and we would like to offer you one of the following alternative solutions:

1. We may merge your orders, so in total you will receive 2 subscriptions for 2 years each.

2. We may freeze your subscription until you can use it. In this case it will be put on hold and you will be able to reactivate it anytime when you are ready to start using mSpy without losing your subscription days.

Please let us know if any of these options is suitable for you and we will assist you promptly.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kindest regards
Monica Garrison
Billing Department

I cannot recommend a Company that is abusive and that does not care for their good customers! Renewing their services can led you to this type of "very convenient" situation for them! What a scam!"

Here is an update of my situation: (MAY 08 2015)

After multiple emails they finally refunded my money!. I have no complaints about the effectiveness of their product and believe it really works. I has been their customer for more than a year and had never had a complaint until now. My recommendation is to be very careful at the moment to renew your subscription using the website, do it by phone looks like a better option to avoid these issues with the system and having to go through a refund process.

Bait and switch
Was told the software could monitor all the social media on my daughter's recent iPhone with updated iOS. This was not true. I was told the software would be fully installed for me on the phone, this was also not true. I was told I needed to buy the Family version to have the functionality that I wanted--all lies to try to sell me the priciest version of the software prepaid for a full year up front. Furthermore, I think it's possible that my credit card got Phished from using their chat function by a person who told me the many lies about the capability of the software so that I would try to run a purchase through. I tried for days to get the company to address that either someone at their company was lying about the software in order to boost sales and get commissions, or that someone had hacked their chat for Phishing purposes to steal credit card info (the link to buy software didn't work and kept saying my credit card would not go through, now I suspect it was collecting credit card information). I also tried for days to get a refund based on the egregious lies I was told and the software not being what I wanted or needed at all. I got absolutely nowhere, received the same cut and pasted run around answers without any type of resolution. I finally contested the charge through my credit card company to get my money back, and cancelled 2 credit cards in case someone stole my information. Thanks a lot mSpy. My advice is stay as far away from this company as possible!

Like several other reviews that I read I am very unhappy...
Like several other reviews that I read I am very unhappy with mspy! With no warning I have lost all call recordings and surround recordings that I had over the last several months. MSpy deleted this feature with NO warning to their customers so that we could at least back up what we needed to. Now I am with out recordings that were important. Their explanation is as follows:
We do understand your concerns and were terribly sorry for any inconveniences caused by our
These features are device-dependable and in many cases, its performance is out of our control.
As our main goal is to provide our highly-esteemed clients with best quality product, we need to
Make sure that everything we produce and support corresponds the highest standards.
At the same time, our product offers a large variety of other useful features to satisfy the most
Demanding needs.

The fact that they did not warn customers that this was going to happen first of all shows no customer consideration. Secondly, their other features are not comparable to the option for recordings! So now I am stuck with a very recently renewed subscription for the same amount of money for less options!

Terrible! Doesn't work! No refund! Rip off!
I purchased this as their website said you dont need physical contact with the phone as I had the icloud details. I put the software on and it didnt work. Contacted customer service they said icloud backup needed to be activated. I told them it was.It still didnt work. After going back and forth they just said you need to dusable the two factor authentication or set up new apple ID. Told them this is not possible. Instead of refunding me they put account on hold said they were doing testing itd be done in few weeks. I didnt hear anhthing so I contacted them and got same standard response. Months passed by. Ive been emailing over and over seeking refund and I was told it doesnt matter whats on their website the T and Cs say you need to have to be able to disable the 2 factor authorisation. It didnt matter that I actually put the software on properly and had back up on and it shouldve worked they just said you cant disable it so no refund.

Get help from an ethical hacker

Do you suspect that your partner might be cheating on you?
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Do you need evidence of him/her cheating?

Then contact michaelstealth9@ gmail. Com
He provides ethical hacking services to anyone who is suspicious of a cheating spouse. All the hacks are executed remotely, this means that you can have access to a suspected cheating spouse device without even having Contact with the target device. The only information required to gain access to the target device are: target phone number
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With this info, he can grant you access to the target phone records, call records, text messages including deleted texts that goes as far as 8 months, access to social profiles attached to the email and phone number.
He also does other database hacking and spyware development.

You can also request for proof before making payment. MSpy also have a money back policy in rare cases of dissatisfaction.

Regards, Rob

Do NOT waste your money. Won't work 90% of the time
This has been the worst software service and customer service I have ever experienced. The product works initially when first installed and you think it is going to continue to work. THEN the software stops connecting according to the time selected, for me 20 minute intervals. Over the next week the software will only connect and upload once per 24 hours then 48 hours then STOPS connecting completely. The customer service LIES and gives you their standard line of BS excuse that the wifi connection is not strong enough when NOTHING has changed with the phone or the cellular or wifi environment. MSpy will tell you that YOU ARE THE ONLY customer with this problem. READ all the reviews you are NOT. You will have to UNINSTALL and REINSTALL the software to have it work properly again and you must have the phone in your possession for about 3 hours.

TOTAL Cheaters and Liars. I've had their service for 9 months since after working great the first 2 weeks purchased a full year. Since then the program has stopped functioning 8 times and each time I've had to get possession of the phone and uninstall and reinstall. I AM DONE WITH THIS USELESS SERVICE. Look somewhere else or you will be pulling your hair out after the first month of service. WOULD NEVER EVER RECOMMEND


First and foremost, the application DOES NOT WORK on any platform. The program is merely a nice-looking visual interface with zero functionality programmed into it. To make things worse, just to install it, the web interface forces you to enter very private data such as the target user's Apple ID and password as well as yours. This is red flags galore, because with that data mSpy can steal all your private information. Also, if you have any user's Apple ID and password, you can technically get all the information they advertise simply by logging onto the user's So the entire program is moot, and a scam interface to trick people who are unaware.

The other bigger problem is that their "tech support," which is another well marketed illusion, will NOT help you, is mostly automated in circular prompts, and will not refund anything. It is illegal to not refund a nonfunctional product. I literally wasted almost $100 on this junk. I cannot imagine how many unfortunate customers they've scammed into sinking unrefundable cash into this fake application.

So, please, for your sake, do NOT download this program. What everyone's saying on here is right. It's a beautifully marketed scam. I learned the hard way and I would like to prevent anyone else from having a comparable experience. I don't even know how this app is allowed to persist on app platforms. It should be banned.

DON'T BUY! SCAM! IPHONE 2 factor authent off/on REQUIRED

I purchased this product after reading everything on the website about it. I own an iPhone 8 and it wasn't until after they took my $48.99, that I went to download the software just to find out that I needed two important things: Apple ID and password from the Target device as well as being able to turn off and on the two factor authentication. Without these two things you will not be able to download their software. I have been trying to get my money back I've never been able to use the software of course but they continue to stall me out with emails saying that they'll refund me using excuses because I filed a. Claim with my bank that they have to wait for that claim to go through well that's been done. Most of the time the bank doesnt research anything they're lazy and violate federal reserve board rules taking more than time allowed by law to resolve a claim. So because of this some claims they don't honor because they are behind AND NO RESEARCH DONE. Or I guess the bank is getting a kickback for them from them to not honor my claim or there's not enough information given to my bank I don't know what the reason is but I have them dead to right here clearly they update the website now but that does not suffice because I have screenshots showing what the website look like before they did the update. So now I go to the news media I will go and file more complaints with the federal trade commission consumer fairs etc. keep in mind this is been going on I've been trying to get my money back since February. It's not so much about the money but it's the principle of the thing plus I'd like to let other people know ahead of time about this type of a scam but they're doing so that way no one else gets ripped off
NOTE: see attached email where they say my account suspended (punishment for requesting refund from my bank). Lol! Like I care. I NEVER GOT THE SOFTWAREINSTALLED ANYWAY!

Not As Described and Terrible Service
Review is based on installation on a Samsung S21. The initial installation went well - the online video describing the steps to complete the install were very helpful and made install simple. After installation, I realized that social apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, etc were not populating data like phone calls/texts/key logger were. After chatting with support, I learned that the device needed to be rooted for these to work; I didn't see that disclaimer when reviewing the materials on their site - just that with the premium package it would track these apps too. I moved on and learned to live with it since the screen recorder function, which grabs random images when using these apps, was working. Within 2 weeks of the install, screen recorder stopped populating data; after a chat with support, I was told to delete the account (lose data already captured in the dashboard) and re-install mspy on the device. Getting the device to delete and re-install is not an easy task given the device is usually in the owner's possession. Eventually I was able to do this yet screen recorder still does not work and I have now lost the previous data other than what I was able to export/save to my computer. Chat support has been useless. Email to their support resulted in an offer to provide rooting of the device at no charge but my reply to their offer has gone unresponded to. I am now 6 days later, paying for a service that does not work as described, and still their support has not bothered to reply to my follow up emails.

Proceed with extreme caution with this product - I certainly could not offer a recommendation for it.

False advertising
We reviewed Mspy and several other applications thoroughly before buying. We needed something to keep track of what our daughter was up to on the iPad. We read on their site, and asked via the IM on their webpage about certain functions we needed in order to monitor communications. It was stated that it would do the things we needed. Once we paid for it, we found it didn't. We asked customer service and now we find it doesn't do what another customer service agent claimed. This was also stated in writing on their webpage.

We tried to get a refund, it had only been two weeks, but mSpy said they would not return our money.

There are better programs/applications/software, and certainly better companies. Their customer service is incredibly poor. The people there don't seem to know or understand what they are doing, some seem to not understand what their product does or does not do.

Stay away from this company, and do not give them any money. If you have any problems, you will not get your money back, and the level of help, technical and otherwise is so weak that you will likely only be frustrated and dissatisfied.

False advertisement with terrible customer service.
***update for full transparency, after much back and forth I was given 75% refund***

It started out great when the target phone was android. I was using it as monitoring software for my teenager. The selling point was the key logging, text logging and most importantly remote access. Website says that it is compatible with any iPhone or android. I recently upgraded the target phone to an iPhone SE, which per the website is compatible.

As far as iPhone I was allowed to use only a fraction of the features. I contacted tech support who confirmed that none of my needed features are available for remote access meaning that I would need to get the phone and do a data dump every time. I politely explained that this is the opposite of the advertisement and since the software is no longer doing what it was supposed to I'd like a refund for the balance of my subscription. Their reply is that the limited software abilities are beyond their control and mSpy cannot issue a refund. How is it beyond your control when you advertise all these features on "any iPhone, iPad or android"? They offered to freeze my account so I would still have the time on my subscription but that's not really useful as I don't intend on returning my family's brand new iPhones to get androids in the foreseeable future. I have saved the chat logs with tech support stating that the features do not work.

Bottom line if the target phone is android it works just okay. If you have an iPhone or I guess a newer iPhone (2nd gen SE is not that new) don't expect any of the advertised features. One star for terrible customer service and false advertising.

Does not work as advertised
Make sure you check that your device can be rooted/jail broken before you purchase. This is NOT clearly spelled out in any of their sales information and when I checked to see if the device was compatible using their compatibility checker it said it was! But it is not... none of the premium features work unless the device is rooted and newer devices cannot be rooted unless you are willing to undertake some pretty complex procedures (and if you mess up, you could brick the device).

Oh the keylogger works (sometimes, not always). But seeing one side of a conversation is completely unhelpful in most circumstances and there are much cheaper and free keylogger apps you can get.

Customer service is a joke, Dan was so rude, not helpful at all and forget about getting a refund. I'm really upset that we paid $175 for a keylogger that only works some of the time anyway (there is a setting that turns off and you have to turn it back on!).

Complete waste of money if you are running a device over android 5.0, save yourself from this BS company.

It doesnt deserve 1 star! If I could rate 0 I would! Should have heeded all the hundreds of bad reviews I read before I plopped down $119 for a service that would not and does not work! Oh, dont for get the several international fees of a few bucks here and there that mSpy do not disclose they are charging until you see them come out of your bank account! Any and all communication with this disastrous company is almost impossible. You might get a boiler plate response that tells you customer service or billing or support are processing your request but it will be 48 hours before you get a response of any kind. And it is usually useless. No, it is USELESS! This is a bait and switch company. There are things they do not disclose until after youve given them your money. For instance, the premium subscription will ONLY WORK IF YOU JAILBREAK THE PHONE (which is difficult and convoluted and problematic!). This requires that you have the phone and if I had the phone, Id just monitor the text messages, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.! I wouldnt NEED the flipping service to begin with! The jailbreak will ONLY work up to iOS 9. Apple has already updated to 11. So its useless. But of course they dont tell you about the iOS requirement until youve spent your money and tried to jailbreak. Only then do you discover. I think all of these positive reviews are BS probably written by the company. There is no way this thing works! My target phone is set to backup to the cloud every time it is connected to WiFi, charging, and screen is locked. This happens every 24 hours. I KNOW that it is doing so because I can see on my phone the date, time when the target phone was last backed up. This product then does not update. You can only manually update every 24 hours and then it grays out the button and you have to wait until next time. Ive done this for 72 hours, pushed an update three times. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING UPDATED. I managed to get a hold of the target phone in a lucky moment, took a look and saw all the text messages over 72 hours this stupid BS service did NOT update a single one of them. In fact, in over one week, I only got the first push and one update. Thats what I paid for. Customer service is a joke. If you want to speak with a live person you must pay extra for phone support or online assistance. More money wasted no doubt! I wont do it! I suspect those idiots wont know anything more than what the idiot emailers did. Also, FORGET ANY KIND OF REFUND! They will NOT do it. You will be forced to dispute with your bank. Instead, they will offer to extend your subscription to a year or 18 months for the cost of three months premium you already paid. Which is a scam and ridiculous if the service does not work. How many updates will you actually get?! And just call it a day if you forget your password! You wont be able to recover it because the email info will not show up in your inbox nor Your spam or junk folder! Captcha will never work! I am at my wits end with this bull****! I should have never bought it! What a complete scam! RUNAWAY AND DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! Bad bad bad bad!
Purchased mspy just to try for one month for my son's phone who was dealing with extreme bullying and abuse at school, without it I doubt such a quick resolution would have been the case. I cannot say enough how much, for my circumstance, this product does was it says.
Viewing time stamps on picture texts and the location to pick him up if danger had occurred helped keep me relieved during the day while at work.
Over the course of using the product I ran into an issue with the gps tracking not continuing to keep record on the specified intervals but when I contacted the support team mSpy issued instruction and was able to be solved with ease and in a timely manner.
While I have not used a competitors product the 3 people currently using that I've recommended this product to have told me it's far superior with better support and much easier to use.
Please if you were considering purchasing make sure you check with a team member so they can best help you pick out what works best for you.

Bad service and no refund
Chat started: 2020-11-28 05:23 PM UTC

(05:23:19 PM) ******* Help
(05:23:31 PM) Customer Care: Thanks for contacting our mSpy Customer Care Team in the Live Chat.
(05:23:31 PM) Customer Care: Please make sure you described your issue in detail. Our agent will join this chat soon.
(05:23:35 PM) *** Alex Scott joined the chat ***
(05:23:38 PM) Alex Scott: Hello. My name is Alex. I will assist you today.
(05:24:18 PM) ******* Alex help me
(05:25:55 PM) ******* How to log in to the device that I will spy
(05:27:18 PM) Alex Scott: Please note that although mSpy monitors devices remotely, device access is required for installation. Should I freeze your subscription until you will have access? In the mean time you can ask your target person to contact us and we will help him to set it up for you. Or you can try the service like Localize -

It can monitor phones remotely
(05:28:24 PM) ******* Sorry Alex but yesterday your college told me that I do not need acces the the iPhone that I will spy
(05:28:42 PM) ******* Visitor uploaded: 97E14D1F-3104-45FE-AAAE-61D229F418C3. Png
URL: /> Type: image/png
Size: 658821
(05:30:02 PM) ******* See time 11:37 in conversatie
(05:31:42 PM) ******* You reed it
(05:36:58 PM) ******* I require technical assistance.
(05:38:11 PM) Alex Scott: I did. He said that mSpy works remotely, not that you won't need to have access to the device for installation.
(05:39:16 PM) ******* Okay then I don't have anything about this program
(05:40:00 PM) ******* I cannot use this
(05:41:17 PM) Alex Scott: Should I freeze your subscription until you will have access? In the mean time you can ask your target person to contact us and we will help him to set it up for you.
(05:42:24 PM) ******* Alex I will spy that iPhone I need to now if she have a boyfriend
(05:43:01 PM) ******* She must not know that I spy her
(05:44:32 PM) Alex Scott: In such case the only option would be to use Localize until you will be able to get it.
(05:44:45 PM) ******* Is this possible with spy or not
(05:45:24 PM) ******* Then I will back mine money if it's not possible to spy the other iPhone
(05:48:22 PM) Alex Scott: Let me transfer you to the relevant department, please. The agent will be connected shortly, keep the chat window open.
(05:53:08 PM) ******* I require technical assistance.
(05:53:33 PM) ******* I wait
(05:54:16 PM) ******* Last question do you know a program that I can spy an iPhone
(05:56:50 PM) Alex Scott: Please do. May take a few minutes before mSpy will join this chat. Yes, as I previously mentioned you can try Localize:
(05:57:22 PM) ******* I require technical assistance.
(05:58:18 PM) ******* Then only know where the phone is
(06:00:20 PM) Alex Scott: Yes, correct. Unfortunately in order to monitor logs like Text messages monitoring app installation on your child device will be required.
(06:00:56 PM) Alex Scott: You're welcome. If you have any other questions, please, let me know.
(06:01:00 PM) Alex Scott: I'll be stepping out of the chat for now.
Feel free to contact us back any time you want, we are working 24/7!
(06:01:03 PM) *** Alex Scott left the chat ***

Please read for proof of cheaters and liars
The website is full of lies. You will not be able to read text messages or see phones calls or anything other than location (if it works at that particular time) and notes. This is a terrible program please do not waste your money. If you don't like it mSpy will only refund a third of your money. They are liars and cheats and do not care about the truth. Here is the proof. They want you to pay more to get them to set it up but that does not work either. Please please do not waste your money.

Amanda Brown (mSpy)
Sep 28,2021, 12:20 UTC

Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting mSpy!

We appreciate your feedback regarding installation difficulties. At mSpy, we value every client and strive for excellent service. For this reason, we are willing to provide you mAssistance for free instead of issuing your refund. This remote installation costs 53.99$ on a regular basis.

You will need physical access to complete all the installation steps. We perform this procedure through Teamviewer. (Go to Play Store Search for Teamviewer Quicksupport Download Provide ID and Password)

Follow the link to schedule remote installation:

MSpy technical support is available 24/7: + 1-⁠855-⁠896-⁠0187.
Also, you can get in touch with us anytime through LIVE chat. ( Click 'Chat')

Also, we would like to suggest other options:

1. We can freeze your subscription until you are capable of using it. As we put it on hold, the duration of your subscription will remain the same. You can reactivate it anytime by contacting us through email or LIVE Chat.

2. We can extend your subscription for 1 additional month for free if you decide to start using it now.

3. We can offer iOS monitoring without jailbreak. (This solution requires iCloud credentials.)

4. We regret that our software did not meet your expectations. Though your case is non-refundable according to the mSpy policy, we suggest a partial refund— 30% of the amount paid.

Once again, we genuinely apologize for the inconvenience. If you come across any other difficulties, let us know, we will gladly help!

Always happy to hear from you. Appreciate your cooperation.
Best regards,

Amanda Brown
Billing Manager

Wish I could give it negative
MSpy misrepresent the product and the "ease of use". Stay away from this product! It eats your data like crazy--something they do not tell you before you purchase it. Total rip off!

Here are the words of another consumer which reflect our sentiments precisely:*******2693350.html />
"Don't believe positive reviews for mSpy on other sites. MSpy pays for fake positive reviews and owns many of the 'professional' reviews of their product.

Fact of the matter is that mSpy software doesn't work properly and they sell features that they don't support and when the software doesn't work they refuse to refund any money. MSpy is a very dishonest operation and I'd highly recommend that you avoid them.

MSpy sells premium features that can't be activated without using third party software that can damage your mobile device and may be stealing data from your phone.

When the 3rd party software fails to enable the 'premium features', mSpy refuses refunds blaming the 3rd party software that you, the user, was required to use. Very, very unethical."

Want to Spy on a Phone? INCFIDELIBUS has you covered
It all started one day when I had my puppy dog $#*! itself, I couldn't find any towels in the bathroom to clean up the floor. I opened the bedroom door to get my laundry basket and there mSpy were; wouldn't have hurt so badly if it were not my bestfriend &my boyfriend. I was really hurt &upset, and knew the only way I would be able to get to leave it all behind me and move on would be to know the whole truth. I tried asking both of them individually to tell me the truth, just to know who inititated the 'betrayal' but they both weren't responding so I knew the only way I could get the truth would be to go through their mobile phones and retrieve past &ongoing conversation. I tried doing this on my own but couldn't get much done since the spy Apps I tried using required some form of access to the phones (which wasn't possible in my case). I got really frustrated and decided to go through people's experiences with attempts to hack mobile phones and saw a few POSITIVE reviews and recommendations pointing to - I N C F I D E L I B U S at G M A I L. C O M, so I contacted this guy and he was able to help me gain access into both phones, including past and deleted chats and messages within 30 hours. I was really amazed &glad I eventually got to know the truth, and that made me move on &heal faster from the heartbreak. I appreciate the efforts and good work of - I N C F I D E L I B U S at G M A I L. C O M

Read this first
MSpy has a website with all of their options for their products. In actuality, their software doesn't have all of the options that mSpy state.

For instance, for Apple (IOS) users, the website says that all is needed is an Apple ID and password for the target phone. After paying, you find out that their software isn't capable of this and they ask you to "wait" while their software department figures out how to implement the option. They offer to freeze your account to use when they finally figure out how to offer the option, or to give you a discount on additional months.

If you ask for a refund through their IT ticket system, they will respond after days, and then again offer the freeze account or discount option, but not offer or process a refund. Every new attempt at a response takes days from them.

I am still currently waiting for a refund and it's been almost a month.

Edit - I finally received only a partial refund on 12/25/20, after requesting a full refund on 11/24/20 (the same day I ordered product) and sending many emails.

If you want to actually ‘talk' to their customer service department on the phone. It will cost you $12 for ‘express' customer service option.

Consider these things in your decision. Good luck.

They lied to me about two factor authentication and they give you the run around
I want a refund! I have needed one for a week now. There is cause False advertising. You can not remove Two factor authentication!
She has had here account for over 4 years! We are not starting over with a New iCloud account!
You are taking my time away and I want a refund for a product that does not work!
I will be contacting the better business-bureau and making tons and tons and tons of noise on line and reviews unless I get my money back.
No I don't want half my money back or an extra 40 days for something that Doesn't Work!
I want a refund!


Sent from my iPhone

On Mar 22,2019, at 7:01 AM, Kate Santos (mSpy ticket system) <*******> wrote:

##- Please type your reply above this line -##
Your request with Ticket ID 1324740 has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email.

Kate Santos (mSpy ticket system)
Mar 22,11:31 EET

Dear Customer

Thank you for your feedback.

Kindly note that your issue can be resolved, you should just follow instructions provided to you previously.

We regret that the application was beyond your expectations. We would like to cooperate with you and suggest a partial refund that is 50% of the amount paid.

At the same time, you'll also have an opportunity to continue using the software within your subscription plan for monitoring any target device during the billing period. If you cannot use the software right now, we can freeze your account for future. You will be able to re-activate it whenever you're ready.

Please let us know if we should proceed with the partial refund issuance.
Kind Regards,

Kate Santos
Billing Manager

Cynnamon French
Mar 21,14:58 EET

No. I wanted a refund!

I spent one hour trying to resolve it with Apple. Any new account set up on new devices will automatically have the two factor. As well all the Dara in her iCloud will not be accessible. She had thousands of pics so setting up a new email, new iCloud in a new device that will still have two factor will not work.
Your are falsely advertising the removable of two factor.

[image1. Png]


Sent from my iPhone

Image1. Png

MSpy Billing Department (mSpy ticket system)
Mar 21,11:34 EET

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your email.

We are sorry to hear that at the moment you cannot use the product on the device in question and we would like to offer the following solutions to you:

1. We will gladly extend your subscription for 4 months for FREE in case it is possible for you to replace the target device.

2. We can suggest freezing your account until the situation changes. You'll be able to unfreeze it at any time convenient for you and will not lose any day of your subscription. When you decide to continue using mSpy, you will just need to contact us by live chat or by phone and we will unfreeze your account.

Your issue can be resolved by turning off 2-factor authentication. If this option is not available, as a temporary solution, we can offer that you create a new iCloud account (do not enable the 2-Factor authentication for it) and link the target device to that new account. Once this is done, you will be able to connect the device to your mSpy account without any issues. Please follow this guide to find detailed instructions:*******058

We hope you will find one of the solutions suitable.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Kimberly Parker
MSpy Billing Team

Cynnamon French
Mar 21,00:07 EET

I need a refund! I just spent two hours on the phone with Apple. MSpy will not remove to two factor authentication on the iPhone so mspy is useless.


Sent from my iPhone

Cynnamon French
Mar 19,01:24 EET

Mspy keeps giving me an error and not showing anything from the target phone. I want a refund because it is not working at all.

[image1. Png]

Sent from my iPhone

Image1. Png

Alex Scott (mSpy ticket system)
Mar 18,19:48 EET

Chat started on Monday, March 18,2019 7:23:51 PM

(7:23:51 PM) *** Visitor 32474734 has joined the chat ***
(7:23:51 PM) Visitor 32474734: My Phone ID is 7759729. I want to cancel mSpy because Another reason - I' m not getting any data. Nothing. The device has been backed up twice but it's still not showing anything!
(7:23:53 PM) Customer Care: It would be a painful loss for us if you stop using the mSpy service. We wish to assist you as much as possible to keep you as our Customer. Can you please describe the issues that you have experienced as fully as possible?
(7:24:22 PM) Visitor 32474734: No data from the target phone
(7:24:31 PM) *** Alex Scott has joined the chat ***
(7:24:34 PM) Alex Scott: Hello. My name is Alex. I will assist you today.
(7:25:52 PM) *** Visitor 32474734 has left ***
(7:25:53 PM) Visitor 32474734 is currently viewing<... /> (7:30:42 PM) Visitor 32474734 is currently viewing<... />
Thank you for choosing mSpy.

If you have any additional questions, we are happy to provide you all the necessary information.

Kind Regards,

Alex Scott
Customer Care Manager

This email is a service from mSpy ticket system. Delivered by Zendesk

Website capabilities are fraudulent, Tech Support is AWFUL.
After spending $169 for a 12-month subscription, I installed the application - but with problems. Following the installation instructions I should have settings on my phone now but I don't. So I contact their Tech Support and the TS person tells me to come back in 7 hours (?) because the team I need will be in then. So I do, and mSpy tell me that it appears to be installed correctly on their side - have a nice day!

It's not installed correctly, and doesn't work. Not to mention I specifically bought this for the Snapchat capability because on their website it SPECIFICALLY states "Employ mSpy to know if your child is sending or receiving inappropriate photos or videos...". After purchasing, and being on Chat for 6 HOURS, the TS tells me that "about 3 months ago we can't track incoming media on Snapchat, only outgoing." Then why hasn't the website been changed to correct the Features section?

It took me less than five minutes to buy the product two days ago and I have more than 8 HOURS in Tech Support time.

A word about Tech Support - part of the reason that it takes so long is because they have MULTIPLE Chat windows open at once, trying to service multiple customers. So after you type a response, you will wait 5-10 minutes before you receive a reply in the Chat window. This is not an exaggeration and I kept a log, just to make my point when I will have to fight for a refund.

I had some concerns with my teenage daughter's social media. I googled "snapchat tracker for iphone". The first website to come up was mspy. I read some reviews and their initial claims that it would work for iphone. I'm a savvy shopper who is on a strict budget, I finally read enough to feel like it was worth the 59.99 annual premium to ensure her safety. Once downloaded, I could not get it to work. MSpy sent some more links for troubleshooting and in one of those links I discovered that it no longer works for iphone. How convenient for them to put that there but leave that out other places! I never once was able to utilize this program. I sent them an email requesting a refund within the hour. They got back to me the next day and said they could only refund me a partial payment. Very shady! I tried to escalate and the best they could do was refund me 70%. So they still made $17.99 off of a program I never used! What a ripoff! It appears this is how they make their money, taking advantage of concerned parents who are already frazzled WHAT A SHAM! It was a huge let down to be taken advantage of instead of find genuine support o help our future generation be safe in the digital age.

This is a scam website with scam software with scam employees
I was interested in proffesional software first mSpy let me pay twice first time they said something went wrong and after the second payement the first payement was visible and when i asked my money back for both payments because the software is not what i am looking for then they send the same bullying coppee mails
1. We can merge both subscriptions into one and add 3 months to it for free, so in total, you will receive 27 months Premium plan for no extra fee.

2. We can leave two separate subscriptions, and you will be able to track two devices. In this case, we can offer a free extension of both subscriptions for 3 additional months to each.

3. Additionally, we can freeze your subscription until you are capable of using it. As we put it on hold, the duration of your subscription will remain the same. You can reactivate it anytime by contacting us through email or LIVE Chat. Additionally, you can switch the target device any time.


Father looking to keep tabs on my son
Father looking to keep tabs on my son. Purchased it only to find out that I have to Jailbreak my sons Iphone. My mistake for not seeing the small print disclaimer on the bottom of the on the second page. Discovered my "mistake" within 30 seconds of purchasing and tried to get a refund via their 800 number. MSpy said I would have to request the refund in writing, which I did. Two day later they responded with a surprising "NO". Luckily I used my Am Ex and disputed it the minute I got off the phone the first day.

Mspy was nice enough to offer their software to me at a 40% discount after my email to them voicing my displeasure. "no refund, but we will offer you a discount on something you will never use". What a deal!

I have received two more emails asking for payment since my Am Ex stopped the payment. Right... let me get right on that.

If they are not hiding anything (excuse the pun) then print the fact about Jailbreaking on the front page and not the bottom of the order page.


Made a purchase on October 1st, upon trying to install I received an error message. Sent a email to support. On October 5th after many failures I requested a refund.

On October 10 I get the following reply:

Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting us!

Right now we have a problem with linking an iPhone device. We are sorry that you've experienced difficulties with using our program.

All efforts of our Development Team is on that problem right now. We ask you to wait for a little and we promise that it will be fixed in the nearest time. We are extending your subscription for 1 additional week and please check your account again in 24 hours.

Thank you for your understanding.
Best Regards,
Anthony Russo
Advanced Technical Support

To Mr Russo: Your website advertised it's ability for iPhone 10 days later you reply to only want to give me an extra 7 days upon trying 24 hours, your system still doesn't work.

October 10th, I made a second request for a refund since clearly the company is incapable of providing the service you advertise.

October 16th, I get the following reply

Dear Customer,

We have received your cancellation request.
The auto-renewal (automated billing) option has been deactivated in your account.

Our Billing Team will review the issue and contact you within several business days.

If you have any questions you can check our Refund Policy here

Best Regards,
Payton Bryant
Advanced Technical Support

As a company your advertisement and promises to work with iPhones isn't true, the time you've wasted didn't provide the solution I need. As a company you haven't been able to deliver what the consumer paid for.

CUSTOMERS stay away, it's only in your best interest to fine a more reputable company and one that will be more efficient and effective.

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