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Incompetent lien department/won't research multiple liens for release
I am in the process of selling my home (scheduled to close on 4/1/21). For 3 weeks now, I have been trying to get open liens canceled. We should only have 1 active lien with Mr Cooper, however Mr. Cooper have screwed up both refinances and recorded multiple times with my county. We have 2 liens that should not be open, and no one seems to want to help. I have emailed for 3 weeks straight. I have called over 50 times. All they have sent me is a recorded release which is the one I already have. I have asked them to research the records so they can see the liens that still need to be recorded as satisfied. They will not do it. I have attached the deeds of trust that are open,, and they are ignoring those files and just sending what they already have as satisfied. I am running out of options, as I cannot sell my home with multiple liens. Since they messed this up, and will not update the records and cancel the remaining duplicate liens, we are in jeopardy of losing our buyers, and in breech of contract. This has become more than frustrating as it is now putting my family and sale in jeopardy, and we have to sell this home, to complete the purchase of the new one.

Run as fast as you can
They're racist. End of story. There's a reason Mr. Cooper use a black male as their "mascot" and an entire rebranding that includes "diversity" to hide behind. Any person of color, don't waste your precious time w an interview, you're their token to fulfill their diversity quota. They didn't realize they got the wrong one, their management had IT mess w my computer: logging me off randomly, glitching, erasing my desktop icons, all in my month of training because I went to the VP within the first week of working there to complain about some assistant managers coughing & clearing their throats purposely (along w other new hires) to distract & bully ppl as they walk by so I was instantly targeted as the "problematic black". Little did I know they're all in cahoots w each other w no integral, authoritative figure. There's also a reason they hire a bunch of recent college grads for the HA role, so they can shove a bunch of info down their throats in a small amount of time just to spit it out for the licensing test. No one learns or retains information like that. Extremely manipulative company. It's a game, a cult I should say. Nation star/Mr. Cooper, next time you choose to stoop so low, make sure you do it to someone who isn't so self aware or w a degree in technology. Idiots.

Incompetent thieves
Our loan was sold to mr Cooper right away and it's been drama ever since. The borrower isn't allowed to pay their own bills, which is normal of course, but Mr Cooper won't pay them properly either! So we ended up going back and forth for months trying to get it sorted out and then once we thought it was resolved Mr. Cooper suddenly decided that they had paid the insurance twice and charged us a chunk of extra money! I chatted with them and called, but there was no convincing them that it was their error.
That's what happened last year. Now this year they still haven't even attempted to pay the insurance and it's due in just over a week. With so little time, if they mess it up again I won't have time to try to fix everything before the payment is late again.

They also would have missed a tax bill if I hadn't been nervous about them messing it up and notified them that they were missing one ahead of time.

I can't even contact them on their website anymore, the message center won't load on my phone or computer. Their page to update insurance information says it finds multiple properties when I put our information in and then when I put the loan number in it says our loan doesn't exist.

What a stressful mess.

They offer online account solutions that don't work!
We just had our mortgage transferred to this company. First of all, I didn't even get a bill until I called them looking for the bill. Then I received one AFTER the bill was already past due. Then, I was told that I could set up an online account to "make my life easier"... and first impressions are HORRIBLE! I made a payment and set up Auto Pay and even received an email stating "Thank you for your payment". Then I go online 7 days later and see that there is a FEE of $35 charged and my payment that I just made is showing PAST DUE! I call the customer service to find out what is going on and Mr. Cooper are telling me that it was an "NSF" (which means Non SUFFICIENT FUNDS"). The payment never hit the account and they said that I entered the number incorrectly?! How do you charge me for a NSF, if you never even tried charging my account? The rep said then said it was a charge because my account "could not be found" by the bank? I verified my routing and account number with them on the line with my bank. I never got any notices that they needed to verify any information that was entered, and slapped an NSF on my account... when in actuality, they didn't even try drafting the payment, which they already said that they had received? I asked to speak to a manager, and they said they will put me in a "queue" for a manager to call me in 24 hours? Maybe that's why you don't know how to take care of customers! Managers are not present? They said enter in automatic payment info again. What happens next time they tell me that "The account could not be found"... when they cannot even verify what numbers i entered in? I think it's a ploy to just charge a FEE and just say that I entered in the incorrect information!

Multiple headaches dealing with them!
I would give them a negative 5 stars if I could. My first dispute with them arose from a bankruptcy where we included them in the bankruptcy notification stating that it was our intention to repay the mortgage. Mr. Cooper conveniently lost this paperwork and never corrected it. Our mortgage continued to show as "in bankruptcy" for years and they refused to correct it, which lowered our credit rating.
Next, we needed to get a countersignature on an insurance claim check. Even though they have headquarters in Dallas, which is where we live, they insisted that we MAIL the $17,000 check to them to countersign, and they would then mail it back, and refused to overnight it or pay even for a signature or tracking. AFter two weeks, the check still hadn't arrived and I called to track it down. It turned out that they sent the check to an address where we hadn't lived in three years. The had the correct address, though, because all their other correspondence came to the right address. But they said that was a "different department."? What? In this day and age they don't have one database of all their customers? Eventually the check was returned to them undeliverable and they again sent it to us, almost a month after we sent it to them to sign.
When it came time to sell the house, they lost the paperwork for providing our title company a payoff statement, so we had to do send it again. Every time I called about an issue, I talked to someone different who didn't know anything about the history of the issue so I had to explain it all again.
These were just a few of the issues I ran into. But I am getting a headache just thinking about them so I'll stop here.
I do NOT recommend working with this company!

Is it time for another "CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT?"
Thank you Marion H. I will contact John Crudele at the Sunday New York Post. Mr. Cooper's failures to be accountable for properly handling of mortgage accounts, over charge's, not applying funds correctly, nor interest payments correctly and failure to return my monies owed to me from escrow, over charges and over charges of interest calculated daily for an additional 30 day's of charge's on my loan that had been completely satisfied 30 day's prior. Multiple phone calls with Laquinte Probe for the past 5 week's and still no resolutions. Laquinte Probe claims to be head of customer relations and assured me that he would personally be handling and resolving my many issue's and concerns However, this has NOT been the case. Each phone call to him He states that someone other than himself has reviewed my account. I have repeatedly requested for him to do this and each phone conversation he says he will Yet so far that hasn't happened. Per another phone call with Laquinte Proby on Friday February 14,2020 I requested all documentations to be mailed to me via United States Postal Service because my online Mr. Cooper Account has not shown any corrections, nor updated info from my latest discrepancies of misapplied payments made on January 22,2020 and January 23,2020, Today is Friday February 28,2020Two week's later and I have Yet to receive the requested documents. I was also informed that a check for my Escrow money and over charges of interest would be mailed to me within 2 - 3 week's, as of today's date it's been 37 days (over 5 week's). Still haven't received any check. Mr Cooper Needs to be held accountable! Previously Known and operated business as NationStar Mortgage, and the employees stated that the company Rebranded, What a load of manure! Mr Cooper is currently owned and operated by all of the same NationStar employees, same CEO's, management, etc Please feel free to contact me towards taking legal actions. Thank you for taking the time to read my review/complaint.

The worst
Hello. I need help with this mistake that has been plaguing my life for months.

Mr. Cooper claimed that I had late payments on my mortgage on 1107 Varela street, Key West, Florida 33043. This is not true because I set up automatic bill pay with Bank of America, which pays Mr. Cooper each month. I ended up paying three weeks in advance which was mistaken as a late payment.

On May 25th I paid for the month of June. This was thought to be a late payment for May, even though I paid on time for May. I ended up paying a $40 late fee. I had another issue because my payment date was switched to the 1st and when I paid on the 31st for the next month, Mr. Cooper thought it was a late payment. Eventually after paying $40 a month in late fees I paid Mr. Cooper $2,600. After all of this confusion, frustration and wasted money I switched my payment to the third of the month. I'm trying to prevent this from happening again.

I have never been late on a payment and I have continued to pay on time each month despite what Mr. Cooper's statements may say. I have the records from Bank of America proving my payments have been made. I've included this to further shed light on this situation.

Through this mistake, my credit score has been ruined. Before this misunderstanding my credit score was over 800. Now I am struggling to refinance my house because of Mr. Cooper's lack of attention to details. I am stuck paying Mr. Cooper because of his carelessness.

I have worked very hard my whole life to build my credit score to what it was. I've never paid late on anything, and you can see that in my records. Now my 78 years of building my credit is ruined by Mr. Cooper's mistakes. I am so distraught.

I really need this corrected soon so I can take advantage of the low interest rates. I am trying to give my children the best inheritance I possibly can. Thank you for your time and efforts.

Joan Thoman

Loan number 063430206-011D
Nationstar mortgage

Former Cooper Insider... run away
For legal purposes I won't disclose my name or location but I am a former " Cooper" I can tell u first hand that this company is a joke Mr. Cooper do not care about their customers they have the option to waive the 20.00 pay by phone fee that they charge u but refuse to because they want their customers to go on their website and stop calling them... if u ever have a complaint u will more than likely be hung up on as cooper employees are poorly trained and often have bad attitudes because their lunches are cut down to 30 minutes instead of a full hour or because most employees make less than 16 an hour... most cooper managers are newbies to the mortgage business and have less than 2 years experience they will often make false promises to get customers off the telephone or avoid customer calls all together... the best way to get a results are to ask for the following managers... Robert (Patrick) O Neal, Matthew Connor, Ned Tempsta, they will ignore u also while they make off color and inappropriate jokes in the workplace but will probably get one if they're flunkies to respond to your messages if in the DFW area u should probably pay a visit to their main office 800 121 bypass Lewisville, TX security is about a big of a joke as they are

Run away!
Refinancing with Mr. Cooper? DON'T! As an existing customer with an 825 credit score, no other debt, and more that adequate resources, I thought it would be a quick and easy refi. We were to close at end of October. During the process my loan processor changed, an appraisal was waived, but then required (even though Mr. Cooper had a very recent BPO that they had ordered). Their customer application portal doesn't match what your loan processor says and offers no information to the borrower to resubmit an acceptable document. They never provided a loan cost disclosure after multiple requests. At one point loan processor said he thought we should send in one more trust verification and then he sent us multiple documents with the wrong state's legal verbiage, then cut and pasted one that we had signed and notarized, but underwriting wouldn't accept it, so did a 3rd one. We had 3 closing dates set, with clear to close and they cancelled them. They locked my rate without my permission and the lock end date changed at Mr. Cooper's whim. When I submitted a complaint to the Mr. Cooper Customer Service office, my loan was declined and access to my lending portal with submitted documents was closed as of 1/4/2021.

The WORST mortgage lender Co to exist!
The day my mortgage was sold to Mr. Cooper was the day that my nightmare began! Mr. Cooper didn't mail me statements for a year! Every time I called, I was told that Mr. Cooper are not required by law to send statements, I will need to call every month and ask the amount of my payment. There were times that I send payments and Mr. Cooper claimed they never received the payments, which resulted in them charging me late fees. Every 1st of the month when I used to send payments, the checks were cashed after the grace period, and i was charged late fees. I put my property on the market on March 1st, 2019. On March 8th, the escrow title company requested Mr. Cooper the payoff amount including all fees, letting Mr. Cooper know that escrow will be closing on March 28th, telling Mr. Cooper that they need to calculate all interest and fees until March, 28th. Mr. Cooper faxed the payoff amount including the calculated interest until 04/01. They faxed it on March 13th. Escrow closed on March 28th, and Mr Cooper was wired the funds on March 28th. The property had a damaged roof that needed repair, the hazard insurance was informed, and send a check made out to both Mr. Cooper and myself. The check was send to Mr. Cooper. I had to pay $18841. 30 out of my own pocket. The roof was repaired, and inspection has passed. I have been calling the Loss and Drafts Department for 3 days, asking when are they planning to mail me my check. Every time I get a different answer, but today I told the rep that the property has no longer a loan, as the entire loan was paid off on March 28th. To my horror, the rep tells me, no, the loan hasn't been paid off, but she can't give me the details as I need to call the payoff department. I call them, and they tell me that I still owe money. I tell them that I'm looking at the all the documents as we speak, I see their statement and the date, I see their calculations until 04/01, and I see the wire transfer on March 28th. They tell me that they only calculated the payoff until March 8th and not until March 28th, when escrow closes. I tell them that I see in black and white in front of me the request for the payoff until March 28th, and their response for the payoff. That's when things started to get ugly, I was told that if I don't pay the rest of what I owe the property will be foreclosed on. I asked what is the amount that they claim that I still owe? I get told that they are not allowed to tell me over the phone, I will be charged $25 for them to email that to me. I slammed down the phone, called my attorney and the escrow title and explained the whole story. Keep in mind that I have all documents proving Mr. Cooper are liars. Both my attorney and the rep from the escrow title called Mr. Cooper and got told that there is $200 outstanding. The escrow title wired the $200 to Mr. Cooper today. By law a lender must call a few days before escrow closes to inform of any changes in the payoff amount, or to make sure that the right payoff amount is being paid. Mr. Cooper didn't do that. If I didn't call them today, they would have forclosed on the property without my knowledge. This can't carry on like that. Mr. Cooper is a scamming, cheating, bunch of liars company. No wonder they have over 400 reviews on Yelp with 1 star ratings.

Another update, class action way to go
Start with Dallas Morning News Article from 3/29/18, gist is name change didn't change anything. You will also get a couple of pictures of top executives celebrating name change at NSE, and Bray and his flunky congratulating themselves of their market wizardry of changing name.
More helpful are stories of lawsuits, particularly Mr Harmon an engineer from TX suing them for 10 million. Mr. Cooper foreclosed on him claiming he hadn't paid taxes, but he had, had proof and was never late on anything. Remember this is a blood sport. Many more like him. Go to YELP for horror story after horror story.
Politicians love to talk about middle class, working folks etc, but we know that's horsewomen poo right? From what I've seen only New York has sued them as a state, but I'm just beginning this f. G rabbit hole.
People pay off mortgages just to get away from Mr Cooper, (btw start calling them that so they get as many negatives as Nationstar online), guess what happens-that's right Mr Cooper then reports them as over 30 days late on their mortgage, screwing up their credit.
Looks like pressuring politicians, Stare AG's to go after them and finding a good Law Firm for a massive class action is the best way to slow their roll.

Horrible Company!
Financial problems caused us to get a month behind on our mortgage. When I called Mr. Cooper to discuss options, I was told we could do a 6 month forbearance at a reduced payment. It was all done over the phone in about 5 minutes. There were no forms to sign and no formal agreement sent to us. I asked specifically what would happen with the balance after the 6 months and was told to call and make a payment arrangement. All 6 reduced payments were made in time. At the end of the forbearance, I received a statement that said we owed over 5k. I called to make arrangements and was told that my only options were to pay the full balance due or sell my home. I would never have agreed to the forbearance if I was aware of that. I cannot pay the 5k in a lump sum. When I spoke with a supervisor named Sarah, she claimed that Mr. Cooper sent me the terms of the forbearance by mail and my online account. I never received anything from them and there are no forbearance documents online either. I asked for a copy of the recorded phone call to prove the terms were never disclosed. Sarah refused my request stating it was against policy. When I asked for a copy of the policy, I was told she couldn't send it to me and I could find it on their website. I have thoroughly searched the website and found no policy stating she could not send me the recording. There was no attempt whatsoever to help me get current, just sell my home. This company lies and doesn't care about their customers. I have reached out to a lawfirm to start a civil suit against them.

Looking to capitalize in peoples time of need
Mr Cooper purchased my Mortgage from the preferred lender of my builder about three months after we closed. I have gone three years with no late payments and everything was ok. Then the global pandemic hits and I lost my income for 12 weeks like most of the country. After days of trying to reach some one, yes Mr. Cooper automated system either said the were busy and hung up or you waited for at least over 3-4 hours to talk to someone.
With that said the only help they will give you is 3 months of forbearance, then you have to pay the full amount. How is that helpful?
Since then they have also been changing the wording on there site to make it seem a little more helpful, but it's the same response. They added a grey area of "might" be able to move payments till the end of the term, but that's after you have applied, and all your equity is in there hands.
Beware of any of this, switch lenders if u can, if not try and find another way away from this company. They are looking to capitalize in people's time of need like in 2008.

Fraud & Larceny/ Mortgage Scams
I had a perfect credit score when NationStar aka Mr. Cooper bought my personal information posing as a mortgage loan servicer. In 2015, I discovered my ID had been compromised with my mortgage information and I jumped to the challenge. I alerted the Fort Worth Nissan dealership, who had sold 3 cars to the fake me in about 2 weeks for almost twice their book value. I reported this to the police and also gave them the online ads attempting to sell the vehicles with phone numbers of the seller aka fake me. I froze my credit, jumped through all hoops and to-do checklists with the FTC, FBI, etc. I found and reported cosmetic surgery loans, bank accounts, credit cards, more cars, an apartment (near Mr. Cooper in Dallas, The View at Kessler Park). I contacted management, verified the latest stolen vehicle (#4 or 5 of 7 I know of) was in the parking lot with matching plate. Informed them of the fraud and my intent to file a police report, left my number & called the police, filed the complaint. Years later in 2020, I get a nasty letter demanding rent in arrears. Mr. Cooper (the police & management) let the fake me live there and never arrested her! When attempting a refi on my home, I was told my mortgage was not showing up on the 3 credit bureau's. The ID theft was sabotaging my work and my life in horrible ways. For the last 6+ years Mr. Cooper has refused to secure my account. Has repeatedly stated they have no fraud policy or obligation to remove the public/criminal's access to my account. The Attorney General is now involved since 2020 and the fake me is quickly being scrubbed from the internet. It appears someone is working OT to clean up my damaged credit quickly. They even replaced the management and changed the name of the apartment building this year to Skyline at Kessler Park. Mr. Cooper refuses to protect my account from fraud and will not act unless I give them the name of the employee who made the numerous changes on my account which allowed this to continue unabated for many years. Of course I can't do that, but the lawsuit will come at a very disappointing time for Nationstar, as they position themselves to begin their post pandemic foreclosure scams. It's going to be a bloody hot summer in 2022. I intend to renovate the 11 story building into a homeless shelter for victims of Mr. Cooper fraud when I own it. I've served on the Board of the Central Community Housing Trust, before it changed names too. Aeon will do good with all those units.

Let me tell you a brief story. Our home was always in my name. Mr. Cooper bought our mortgage, we did a rifi in 2013. My husband died in 2016. After 3 years I wanted to sell. Two days before closing a defective deed was discovered. I had sold the home in 2 days, we could not close and we were promised a quick resolution, that was November 28,2018. They left out two things on the new deed, in it's entirety and with rights of survivorship. They have been covering their ass ever since refusing to fix what they broke. I found out after research with my title company that 3 weeks after we signed closing papers, Tamika Williams on behalf of Mr Cooper sent an urgent request supposedly at my request to change the deed. I reported it to Mr Cooper who still has no answer why it happened. I have not sold my house this error would force me into probate and we did everything to never be in probate. They refuse to discuss it with me. I am a widow it is costing me 20k a year in payments. Despicable, Shady, Unethical like the collections agency they used to be. They have paid enormous fines for errors like this and they still will not fix the error they made. I am currently hiring an attorney to bring suit against them. They have caused incredible hardship and made me ill in the process. They prey on those like me stuck and it is Wrong. I had sold all my furniture and signed a long term lease. I had to back out of that costing me thousands more. Anyone else have issues like mine? If do how did you deal with it?

Paid off my mortgage and told them to stop the automatic payment. Mr. Cooper did not. I asked for a payoff amount. They sent a letter with the amount that arrive two days after the date that amount expired. Seven days after they were suppose to stop the automatic payment from my bank I was notified it had finally been done. I over paid by about 1500 dollars to be safe and then they got another automatic payment. They owe me about $2500. I asked that it me mailed to me since I did not get a clear payoff amount and they did not stop the automatic payments when requested and when I was told it would be done. I am still waiting for the money I'm owed (30 days now) that a supervisor told me would be mailed to me within a couple of days. Approimately 30 days out I get a letter letting me know they received my payoff. If you can get away from this company do so. Is anyone aware of any class actions against this company. CITI sold my mortgage to this company. I'm letting them know I will never do business with them when they sale people's mortgage to such a dishonest and crooked company. Even in the payoff they still grub for a few dollars.

Scam to get more money
Was told to refinance be very easy since you always pay your bills an have a good credit score! That's all we need now because we are the same one refinancing only take about 20-25 days the most! The first guy told me this he was very nice Michael! The 2nd guy Robert was terrible never want to talk to me all talk to machine or call my boss Jennifer she never called me back so call her boss Elizabeth who also never called me back then Mr. Cooper give my application to jimmy who was tell me the truth said that Robert told me not the true so I paid what was need then told jimmy that none of his boss return my calls but don't know they didn't said I will telll them my problem an they will call me that's the last time talk to jimmy never got a call from any boss they just don't care only want to work at home an do nothing for there clients! Finally Michael call me back said everything was going good loan is almost done! I said great told him what happened with the other so call bosses an employee so he will let them know too! Still no call me! Got a email said I was a bad person who don't pay his bills on time an low credit score that is the opposite of me that's is very bad business when everything going on now in the world! I think it's because I am a minority not up to there level I am nothing to them but a animal to help them look good on paper!

After having my loan transferred without my knowledge or consent I was forced to register with Mr. Cooper. With help from one of their agents I registered and set up auto pay. I informed the agent the existing mortgage company had already drafted my payment for December and did not want another one taken this month. Well that is exactly what happened. In my effort to have the payment returned I was told that Mr. Cooper was not at fault and I would have to wait for the other mortgage company to reimburse me, 5-7 business days. I don't know about anyone else but I can't afford two Mortgage payments in a month. Now I set in overdraft, other bills coming due. I was told basically, too bad. I had to get very stern and point out it is in fact Mr. Cooper's fault and I should not be the one scrambling to cover their incompetence. After a very contentious conversation I was finally told Mr. Cooper would make the reimbursement tomorrow. We will see. The practice of transferring(selling) ones mortgage without consent can not be in the best interest of the borrower and certainly should not just be sprung on you by email. I guess that is what we get when banks pay off our members of Congress so they can do what ever they want to us. This practice is certainly not in alignment with consumers protection. I will write my congressmen immediately.

Run! Nightmare of a company!
Can someone please tell me how to get out from underneath of this predatory company called "Mr. Cooper"? BEWARE of this TERRIBLE mortgage company with EXTREMELY poor customer service. It is impossible to get anything resolved by a human, let alone a series of emails with proof to their various "departments". Mr. Cooper do not care about customers or try to help them once they are unknowingly stuck with them. Unfortunately, our mortgage was transferred to them by Loan Depot and we did not have a choice. We have been homeowners for over 40 years, have excellent credit ratings, always pay our bills on time, and since Loan Depot sold our loan to "Mr. Cooper" we have experienced nothing but problems. They are intentionally holding our money hostage, probably to collect interest on it and to have the audacity to charge us late fees. The first loan payment was paid almost 2 months ago and they have "no record" of it. We paid this loan payment to Loan Depot as we were instructed to do, and it was wired to 2 days later. Bank of America debited our account on the same day. Mr. Cooper has had the money all, of this time and "cannot find it". We provided proof to Mr. Cooper three times via email and wire tracking numbers, but guess what? They have no record of the payment! How is this even possible? I even set up automatic payments for the following months when I was able to do so (after much trouble), but the auto payment information has mysteriously disappeared and now we are two months past due. Loan Depot is having problems with this company as well, because this has been happening frequently with refinance customers like ourselves. Why in the world do they use Mr. Cooper to sell their loans to? This was supposed to be an exciting time for us, our final home loan (are in our 60s), enabling us to stay in our home of 20 years without having to downsize. This has caused us so much stress, not to mention hours of precious time, and with no resolution in sight. From reading all of the negative reviews, it looks like we're in for a long and painful ride with this unscrupulous company. After numerous phone calls trying to get this resolved, the last customer service rep did tell me that the reason for the stupid name change was because of the horrible reputation they had under the old name and that they were trying to do better. Ha! I have been reading horror stories about suddenly inflated escrow payments for no reason, unjust late fees, and hidden fees not disclosed to the customer in their statements. I hope that with all of these burned customers we can all come together in a class action law suit against Mr. Cooper so that we can sue them for illegal practices. I intend to file every complaint that I can, warn as many people as I can, hire an attorney, and fight this company until I get this resolved. It is a shame that what was supposed to be a happy decision to refinance our beloved home in order to live out our final days here has turned into this nightmare. Shame on them. There has to be a way to get out from under them... they shouldn't be allowed to do this to people.

Totally and completely useless company
My problem with Mr. Cooper's incompetence was what should be a simple one. Mr. Cooper posted the incorrect (by $7.00 less) than my check was clearly written for, both numerically and in long hand. My next monthly statement indicated my payment was $7.00 more than it should be. After reviewing my cancelled check and my bank statement which indicated the correct amount (as written on the check) was deducted from my account, I thought I'd give them a call and get this problem rectified. BIG MISTAKE.

This is the most incompetent company I have ever dealt with and, as a result, if they can get the payoff amount correct, I am paying off my loan with them next month. First, it took me at least 10 minutes on the "robo merry-go-round" before I could finally get to a "know nothing customer service representative". After I asked for a supervisor (she said they didn't have them... only people that deal with problems that have been escalated to a higher level. After another 10-15 minutes I finally got hold of one and he was more useless than the initial representative. The first gal said they keep copies of the checks, so I knew that they should be able to pull it up and verify the amount was correct and then remove the $7.00 "overdue" charge. No, that would be too easy, if they indeed keep the checks like they said.

Instead, they wanted me to send them a copy of my check AND a copy of my bank statement that showed my bank actually took the correct amount out. I told them that it is not my place to fix their problems and I was not about to send them a copy of my bank statement. They said that was the only way they'd remove that $7.00. After nearly an hour (total) the guy wouldn't allow me to talk to anyone with some authority and that's the way it is.

In summary, if I could, I'd give them a minus 5 but, hopefully, enough people will read all of the negative comments about this company (their rating is a 1 out of 5) and not be foolish enough to do business with them. If they decide to... I wish them luck, because they'll need it..

Bad customer service
My mortgage was recently transferred to this company with very little notification. I contacted Mr. Cooper once regarding a letter Mr. Cooper sent. It was from refinancing which was not stated. The man who helped me was rude and so pushy. I explained that I recently got transferred and was just inquiring about the transfer and not refinancing. Today, three weeks later, I received a call from them. The man on the phone stated that he just wanted to verify some info. After doing so he asked me if I had any questions. I did. I had one and asked it. He did not really answer my question he seemed to be reciting something off of a script. I asked again in detail based on the info I had received from my previous lender and he interrupted me and was rather rude about it. He kept stating the same info one which did not relate to my question. He stated that he will just send info in the mail and I was trying to say there was no need but he would not listen. He also wanted to confirm a number, one that I don't have and would not listen to me. I had to hang up. It seemed I was talking to a robot. This was horrible. I dislike that this is who has my mortgage. I wasn't thinking about refinancing, but this has definitely made me consider it. I just don't trust them. I will be looking for another mortgage lending.

House burned down and Mr Cooper took 50 days to return my portion of the Ins check.
If I could give 0 stars if could. My house was destroyed by the Camp Fire in California on Nov. 8. I received a check to payoff the loan and replacement cost from Farmers Ins (Mr. Cooper were awesome) within 25 days of the fire. The check with my name and Mr Coopers name was received by the payoff dept on 12/14/18. At this time my check was send to the research dept. Which the name does not fit them as the did no research to find out why my check was in their hands. Research Dept took my check and filed it away. On 12/20/18 I called the Escalation Dept to confirm that account was paid off and my money was on the way and found out customer service failed to tell me I need a signed Mortgage Affidavit to release my funds and payoff the account. So on 12/20/18 this information was emailed to me and emailed back to escalation which emailed the affidavit to the Research Dept to complete the transaction. Escalation Dept. sent a second email to Research Dept to get confirmation that the payoff was moving forward. Apparently the Research Dept needs to research how to open and read emails because there was never a reply to the emails sent to them. I might also add that there is no way to contact the Research Dept. because I asked ever person (supervisors included) how to get into contact with them. Hmmm! On 1/14/19 I still had not received a check so I jumped through all the customer service hoops only to find out my money is still sitting at the Research Dept. All that needed to be done was for some to upload the affidavit and they process was started. So now I have to wait another 20 days to get my check. This all assuming the research dept has nothing to do with the process because if they gotta actually work I'm screwed!

Don't see many good reviews - Homeowners / Escrow issue.
Unfortunately was sold to this incompetent company. First error, Mr. Cooper misapplied a principal payment. It took me writing to the corporate office to get it corrected. Then the correction was wrong, I had to write again to get the correction corrected. Then my boss's mortgage got sold to them. He had a huge issue with Mr. Cooper not paying his home owners. I pay on time every month with extra to the principal. I get a notice from my Homeowners that i am being cancelled. I have never been late for any payment. I called Mr. Cooper on 9/4. I was told the check was sent 7/31! REally? They would not give me or my insurance company a check number. I asked to have another check cut and Fedexed and to email me the fedex #. I was told they don't email. Anyone that has Mr. Cooper knows they get 10 emails a week with BS. I asked her to call me. Today -- A WEEK LATER, my homeowners emailed me to let me know that they don't have the payment yet (9/11). I haven't heard from Mr. Cooper on the check # or fedex #. Oh and Mr. Cooper told me they have this problem over and over again due to COVID and the Post office being slow. They are LIARS. I get all of my other bills == their bill is on time every month. Only thing they can't get on time is their clients Homeowner's payments. I now have to send a payment to keep my homeowners. I wrote to the Attorney General, BBB, and looking at other agencies. What I need to do is start a class action suit. I posted this on Facebook and they deleted it. MR COOPER IS AS SKETCHY AS THE DAY IS LONG! STAY AWAY. Also, I have emailed, Tony Ebers, Jay Bray, Steve Covington, and Glenn Onstad. They are the top execs and the Board Member... They have yet to respond! Whole organization is totally useless.

Mr. Cooper reports false information
Like many others on here, my mortgage went to Mr. Cooper when Pacific Union Financial went out of business. Pacific Union didn't transfer my last 3 payments, November through January. When I tried to figure out what was going on, I was assured it was due to our chapter 13 bankruptcy. I told them on 15 different calls that the Chapter 13 did not involve the house. Mr. Cooper kept telling me it's ok, your not behind and then send bills stating we're behind $1700. After the 15th time of trying to fix this my loan was sold to an even crappier company, Midland Mortgage. That's where loans go to die, with those scum bags.

Mr. Cooper reported them that I was behind $1700. I have never missed a payment in 5 years of owning my home. I call Mr. Cooper and ask why they said I was behind $1700. They pull it right up. Oh you missed November through January's payments. I have proof all payments were made and it was a transfer error. Regardless to say, now I have a lawyer to prove I have never missed a payment because Mr. Cooper company is a bunch of idiots.

Worse loan company ever. Do not ever use this company.

Worst mortgage company ever.
Mr Cooper/Nation Star is a mortgage company. I have never worked with a more disorganized and incompetent mortgage company than this one at Mr Cooper. I have had this company since September 2018, and it took me months to get on their website. Once I got on their website, I found that I was months behind in my monthly payments due to them doubling my taxes in error and raising my payment by more than 50%. It took multiple phone calls to get this fixed and going through the credit bureau to get my credit score corrected. Since then I have been very vigilant watching where each and every payment goes, and most months I have to call or email to get this corrected. I call to get problems resolved yet within a few months have those same problems again. Many responses I get via email say "we've already addressed this issue." This is another one! Just because it's the same problem as last time doesn't mean it's not a new problem. I will never recommend this company to anyone. I also contacted the veterans company I used that got this mortgage to tell them to stop using Mr Cooper. Mr. Cooper were going to contact Mr Cooper personally to fix things, but Mr Cooper has not yet responded to me. I will make sure they are aware of this as well. Do not use this company and refinance immediately if your mortgage company sells to them. Zero stars from me.

Dishonest Company - Doesn't Care About Customers!
I was unemployed since 9/2018 but was able to maintain payments until 4/2019. I called them once or twice a month as a sign of good faith. I spoke with one representative early on and was told that by law I have at least 120 days before my loan goes into foreclosure. I continued to make calls letting them know that I was diligently searching for a job, but I was also told that I could not apply for a loan modification until I had proof of income. By the beginning of July 2019 I called because I wanted to make at least one payment as I had borrowed from family to get that. The rep would not accept it and said Mr. Cooper would only accept two payments, and that I should call back when I have two payments. I got a job by the end of July and called them on July 24 to tell them that I had a job and would call in for the two payments with my first check. On July 27th, as soon as funds for my first paycheck was deposited I called Mr. Cooper to make the two payments. As of July 27th I had not reached 120 days delinquency but they refused to accept my payment and told me my loan had gone into foreclosure.

It seemed as though their only concern was making sure they got to foreclose on my home. What type of collection company refuses to take payments? I was been grossly misguided about my options and this is a serious and tragic event. They don't really care about their customers.

Unbelievably bad
Their customer service is awful. Mr. Cooper pretend you can contact them in ways other than by phone but if you do they always tell you to call them anyway so they just waste your time pretending the other methods are viable. Then when you call them, THEY DON'T LISTEN TO YOU. I called with a question. The rep thought she knew what I was asking, cut me off and launched into a script. I tried interjecting repeatedly to tell her that wasn't what I was asking. She essentially told me to shut up so she could finish answering the question I didn't ask. I've never interacted with any customer service that rude or terrible. I wrote a complaint. Mr Cooper replied with a letter telling me they'd investigated the complaint. Their summary of the complaint also revealed they were totally missing the point. Their summary ended with them saying they found the jerk rep who doesn't listen to the CUSTOMER when providing CUSTOMER SERVICE had done nothing wrong. Neither the rep OR the company I complained to about the rep ever bothered to LISTEN TO WHAT I WAS SAYING. This is literally the worst customer service I've ever dealt with. If mortgage rates ever become more favorable than what we have locked in I am 100% REFINANCING JUST SO I CAN STOP GIVING MR COOPER MY MONEY. Also their reps (even the ones that don't overtly not care what you're saying) give you false info. I was told by Mr Cooper that my escrow pmt increased because of insurance. I called the insurance Mr Cooper's claim flat out wasn't true. I hope they go out of business. It defies reason that such a poorly run and managed company should continue to exist.

Stay Away from Mr. Cooper
Save yourself the grief and disappointment and don't do business with Mr. Cooper. Let me explain.

Person's Involved in our Refi Journey

Carolina AGUAYO

We have been a customer of Mr Cooper since 2012, when we secured a 30-year refi loan.

Our journey to refinance our existing loan began on or about February 26,2021. Previously, we had shopped around, but a favorable loan rate and loyalty to the company, we chose; Mr Cooper.

We uploaded all the requested documents in a timely manner. (Which many sat in the "In Review" digital box for months) The appraisal on our home was completed on March 2nd. Thereafter, we were conditionally approved.

We found are "first" loan processor, Emily Cleveland, to be unresponsive to our questions. Emails went unanswered for weeks at a time. On or about March, we learned Emily was "no longer with the company." Enter our "second " loan processor, Carolina Aguayo.

We found Carolina to a bit more responsive then Emily. As the journey dragged on, days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, it seemed the process had stalled. We learned from Carolina there was a issue with the title to our home. We provided a little house history and additional documents and that seem to resolve the title issue. (We never were given an explanation about how the issue was resolved. Though, Carolina told us Mandi Taylor had gone to the Title Company and "argued for us.") Two days letter, we receive a "Notice of Incomplete Application" letter. We reached out to Carolina and she told us to disregard the letter. Thereafter, we sent emails to Carolina inquiring about the status of our loan. We were lucky to receive a reply within a week.

As we entered July, (five months since we began the process) we received/ reviewed and signed off on the Disclosure Documents. A few days later we received a letter notifying us that our loan application had been denied because of; "Credit Application Incomplete. " Speaking with Austin Blackburn, he shared with us he had never seen this before. We spoke to his manager, Eric Rogers, who told us since the appraisal of our home was four months old, (not our fault) it needed to be re-certified. But Mr. Cooper couldn't find anyone to do the task! (We live in the San Francisco Bay Area!) So, they sent us the denial letter and closed our file. That's how you treat a existing loyal customer!

The worse mortgage company on the face of the planet.
The master the art of third party.
The bought my loan then the hassle started. Mr. Cooper never informed me of that and my automatic payment kept going to the previous lender and come back.
Three month later while I am not home they invaded the house, stole all valuable electronics, had parties left pizza boxes, beer, liquor and used male contraceptive garbage behind and changed the lock.
When I came back they didn't want me to call the police and promised to handle and reimburse... Etc however they transferred me to the insurance company and claim they have no knowledge of what happened and (now) they don't have police reports. At the end of the year they added more than 3 K to my escrow claiming it was for the third party company to secure the house.
They repeated this several times and faked it on paper when I started to sell the house just to get rid of them and actually they added those illegal transactions to my total and twisted my neck with passion.
They then claimed that they failed in charging me for taxes and added 7K plus when I was leaving.
The icing of the cake was tons of discrimination comments and other very narrow minded uncalled for acts.
If you see mrcooper RUN away as fast as you can.

Horrible Customer Service
I realize it's a challenging time and hold times are longer then usual. However, after 60min hold with no option for call back for holding your place in line, I was finally able to talk to a representative that showed no empathy for our situation. My husband has a compromised lung problem and was put on medical leave from employer on 3/18/20 as I explained our situation and worried about mortgage payment I was told we'd have to provide several documents including Disability form, which haven't even been processed yet because it's taking longer to work with EDD and doctors office. She said we had to provide documentation with 2-3 business days after submitting application and no guarantee we would even be approved for there forbearance program. This only adds more stress to our already stressful situation. Horrible for Mr. Cooper to expect such a quick turnaround and in the meantime the clock is ticking and we can fall further behind. I am applaud at the lack of understanding this company provides to it's customer. Almost as if setting us up for failure. Shame on them and are Mr. Cooper even complaining with the regulations for distressed home owners?

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