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Excellent company in my experience, great products and great service
Very impressed by the responsive feedback when I was getting to grips with mTracker. Overall this is a great company that produces superlative products that integrate seamlessly with FCPX and Motion 5. I've used many of their plug-ins and templates for an endless variety of productions, including work broadcast on British terrestrial TV. Recommended.

Great Customer Service
Excellent customer service! One of the reasons why we will continue to buy plugins from this Motion VFX is because of our ability to get Technical Support from them! Buying a product is one thing but being able to get support for that product seals the deal. We would actually pay for a monthly subscription for if MotionVFX offered tech support with screen share! Currently they don't offer that program but the support they do offer via email has been great.

The best plug in platform.
Simply the best plugin platform for FCPX. Everything is perfectly imagined to be fully integrated in the app. MInstaller is the best tools to use with multiple devices, searching my tools and work on all my projects.

Continued excellent support from the MotionVFX team!
Continued excellent support from the MotionVFX team! Not only did MotionVFX add functionality to a template–making it useable for my project–they did it in record time. Fantastic products and equally fantastic support.

Great support!
I had some issues installing the app. But the support was very fast and accurate with screenshots so I could easily resolve my problem.

Best customer service
I send a message to the customer service department and their reply to me after five minutes MotionVFX were they have four highly recommend it

MotionVFX = the best plugins for FCP... period!
MotionVFX delivers every time! Their plugins are simply the best in the market. There's just no hassle, no drama, ultra high-quality effects. They're extremely user-friendly, their support is VIP... honestly, it's the best investment you can make to elevate your video production game. I own like 10 of their plugins and they're all awesome!

Perfect creative tools
I love working with these add-ons. My problem was quickly resolved by the tech support team when I needed them. I do enjoy the frequent sales promotion to increase my plug-in library.

Great products and support
The guys at MotionVFX have great plugins, and this is very easy to verify, just checkout their site and YouTub channel. What I want to highlight here is how dedicated their support is. The team is very responsive and thorough, I'd definitely recommend them and would do business again in the future.

This Company helped me at my deepest point of life... Awesome Company!
I hope it is ok to post here the same review like I wrote on another rating portal because this is exactly what I want to say:

It's not about how great the Products of MotionVFX are (look at their Website and you see what you'll get - MotionVFX are the most stable working addons btw) - this rieview is about how much it helped me at the deepest point of my life. WHAT!? REALLY!? HOW? 2020 I really lost a lot because of Covid. In very short time, I could not use most of my software subscriptions anymore - because my Money ran out. Think about what that means! - As a creative you get your heart ripped out of your soul when you could not use the tools which you love and identify with every day...
This was also a reason I got Final Cut because it is not subscription based, like all of their Addons (it's yours, FOREVER!). Then I bought Motion 5 - it's the next logical Step but then I realised that something is Missing - that really good and professional looking 3D-ish looking Stuff - so I found mo2-Plugin of MOTIONVFX. When you are familiar with Final Cut and/or Motion you will get fast into creating 3D Motion Stuff in really impressiv quality because mo2 uses also that fancy physical based rendering which is today the bang. IF you get first in the world of 3D it is soooo mega amazing - when first Time apply a material to an 3D Object - But Illumination on it and turn on the "Bloom" - it made me really cry because I loved that so much. So on one side I lost almost everything but on the other side I got something very very great, impressive heart loving Tool which NOONE could take away from me because I dont have credits anymore. Then sure I have to mention at this Point that theier Customer Service is unbelievable awesome. Sure when you discover something new and dont have friends who are nerds in this area - you have questions. Where monay companies are bothered and say "watch video tehere, read this faq or dunno - and doesn't help you with your Problems - its getting *******@MotionVFX they are very FRIENDly (really - the Mvfx support guy which helped and helps me a loooot (Zbiggy) - I really feel he is a good buddy of me now. And thats awesome - and I love this in the time of chatbot-pandemic. This is the most truthful review I ever wrote in my life - TEAM of MotionVFX - thank you for this - you are awesome - I love you:*

Good stuff, nothing else in the Apple ecosystem comes even remotely close to what they make.
Never had any big probs with their stuff (the only bugs that I noticed were caused by known macOS problems). Great support too (never encountered any other company whose CS would send custom-made video tutorial for a custom modification that I wanted to try).


Nobody to answer when issues!
This Cy has no contact available so when there is a pb, you cannot get any person to support.
I have bought several plug ins for FCPX of which mCHARACTER, mTRAVEL2 etc and no answer at all from tMotionVFW guys. Why?

Excellent customer Service.
I'm very happy with the Services of MotionVFX. Excellent customer support, very responsive and efficient, an extremely friendly and dedicated service. And also, their plugins are well made, very complete and customizable. MotionVFX give a very professional look to my amateur montages. All this supported by very good tutorials. Congratulation for your work. Alain

Impressed by the responsiveness and helpfulness of the MOTIONVFX team!
MOTIONVFX was super helpful in troubleshooting the multiple Apple Silicon issues we experienced with their plug-ins. MotionVFX are prompt to response, eager to help, and make sure the issue is solved! 5-stars!

Not refund! If plugin doesn't work, not have a trial version to check before pay! BE CAREFUL with
WARNING! Some of this plugins are slow down the FCPX! And system I dont know why. Mac OS catalina mac book pro 32gb ram, 8 gb video. I deleted it, and now no have any problem! Send message to a support Immediately, but MotionVFX don t want to refund, or doing something! BE CAREFUL! Now I send another letter to support if it not help Ill send that feedback everywhere! Why I need to pay for something that doesnt work good? This is a support answer - (Zbigniew Jaroszek ( Help Desk)"Finally, as also mentioned earlier, we do not refund products that have already been downloaded, installed and used.")I installed it only one time and deleted, they can chek it in my account.
Motionvfx if you dont refund your products why you not have at least a trial version of this?
So that people can check what they are buying before they pay you money! Be loyal to people, or you will lose more than you gain!

In June 2020 I bought my first product from them (the "mO2 Artist Bundle", that contains the "mO2" 3D rendering / object creation plugin, and the Advanced Shaders Pack which gives you a huge library of high quality materials to use on your 3D objects).
Nothing available in the market, for Final Cut Pro X and/or Motion 5, comes anywhere close to these products! The mO2 plugin, is actually a whole new application that runs within FCPX and/or Motion, rather than just a "plugin", per se, for them (as "plugin" may suggest); in that you can now use FCPX as a machine to create 3D objects & camera-animated 3D scenes, rather than just a video editor! It's a game changer! <3
Their customer support is EXCELLENT! This needs to be emphasized! Anything I have ever needed explaining has been covered 100% by their support agents who are DEDICATED to help you. MotionVFX really care to make sure you are completely covered and have understood everything! If needed they will make screen recording videos, just for you, to guide you until everything is clear! And as a newbie, I have needed their help quite often in the last months...;)
Their products are truly EXCELLENT and their after-sales support is FANTASTIC! (After seeing this I have bought MANY products from them).

Superb technical service - issue resolved within 24 hours!
I contacted the technical support team after encountering an issue with one of their plug-ins - after a very quick & polite response, the issue was resolved. An extremely dedicated & friendly service - thank you!

Exceptional Products and Support
As well as creating and selling some of the best plugins and templates for Final Cut Pro, MotionVFX also has some of the best support I've ever encountered. Not only have MotionVFX provided me with detailed responses to technical questions, recently they far exceeded expectations when responding to an issue not directly related to one of their products. In addition to providing information and advice, they engaged in meaningful and informative discussions, and provided a solution that was above and beyond ‘the call of duty'. Therefore, I can only describe their support as exemplary. In addition, when I initially began working with Final Cut Pro, the very first plugin I found and wanted to buy was one from MotionVFX. And since that time, many more purchases have been been made, and none ever been regretted. In brief, if you are looking for the ‘complete package' of quality products, tutorials, service and support, I suggest you won't find a better company than MotionVFX.
Frank E. Lancaster, Nanaimo, BC Canada

Best Plugins for FCP and Motion
The folks at MotionVFX have been my go to source for creative inspiration since 2019. Their tutorials are thorough and easy-to-follow. Customer support is terrific.

I have confidence in MotionVFX Products when I purchase their digital products
I mostly work in post production and over the several years. I really do enjoy the plugins and digital assets that MotionVFX has. The customer service is there, so I'm comfortable when I make a purchase for their products. I recommend Motion VFX. When I have an issue I contact their support and I get help with an actual solution and not some round about answer. So I'm a happy customer.

Excellent Support Service
Following a problem with Minstaller arising from the Big Sur update to 11.4 release, I raised a ticket and within a few hours received feedback from the Support desk and a full resolution to the problem within a day.
Excellent support from a company that sells innovative products for FCPX.

Very laggy products
Very poor customer care after MotionVFX have taken your money. Most of this software doesnt run correctly so before you buy make sure you computer can run it. One guy said it would run fine but it would not render and refused a refund.

The best in the business
Best costumer service. I love working with these guys. Very professional products and MotionVFX are always down to solve any problems I may have.

Excellent products and support!
Excellent products and support! My go-to for FCPX and Motion-related pug-ins and templates. A little pricier than some competition, but worth it!

MotionVFX the best
MotionVFX needs no presentation, we all know the power and reliability of their plugin templates and more, very creative, easy and fast. Also the customer service is very fast, MotionVFX are very willing to help you with any request

Don't purchase "MTravel" In fact, don't purchase anything! From them!
This was my first experience with this company and it wasn't good. First, the fcpx plugin didn't work as advertised. I had to reinstall and then finally add a patch download which sort of got it to work. The program didn't look anything like the example. Super quirky and doesn't come with any maps. That would've been good to know beforehand.

Since the software didn't even come close to my needs I politely requesting a refund, or at least a credit for another product, but MotionVFX refuse to do either. I am currently disputing with my credit card company. Bad business decision on their part! Especially over $69.00.

THE PLUGINS DON'T WORK, Very laggy and poor cutomer care
Be careful buying from Motion VFX... Poor templates and plugins, customer care is rude if MotionVFX don't like your question.

Very good quality and amazing support
I use motionvfx products everyday, saved a lot of time and money. The support also is very helpful. For me it's the only source of fcp add-ons.
Thanks a lot folks!

Always great experience! Best plug-ins for Final Cut Pro! We bought a lot. Great customer service. I do recommend! 7 Miracles Studio

Had a red error with Mega Pack Trasitions
I had an issue with mega pack transitions 10. 4. 8 but my fcpx was 10. 4. 6. I contacted support, but luckily there was a code for this. MotionVFX provided it, I copy and paste it. Then it worked!

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