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Moon Magic

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Not as advertised
I am so disappointed with this ring. It's sad that you can't trust reviews on websites any longer. The only reason I purchase this was because there was a photo review and it looked the same, however what I received looked like a cheap knockoff of what was advertised.

Where are the facets on the rings surrounding the moonstones on what I received? It basically just looks like a silver ring with silver filigree surrounding the stones instead of actual gemstones at it looks cheap and tacky.

Not happy one bit. Total bait and switch! Especially now that I realized their approved comments are only positive ones.

Beautiful and So Friendly!
I bought a ring bundle but didn't love it and reached out to their customer support. Moon Magic were so kind and helpful and offered me four different solutions for what they could do for me. I chose to exchange the ring I bought originally for a different one and it was just so hassle free. Yes, I did have to pay for the shipping cost of the returned merchandise, but I believe that to be reasonable because they didn't charge me for the price difference in rings or for the shipment of the new ring. I really love my ring, it's so gorgeous. It really means a lot to me when companies live up to their promises. They said hassle free returns and exchanges if you don't 100% love your jewelry and they really follow through with it.

Halo=AMAZING(story time)
A story for you. I married my ex husband 5 years ago. We went through a lot and divorced 8 months later. I had a beautiful Neil Lane $8,700 ring. Well, we never let each other get to far and now we're getting married again. I would never spend that money again and I believe diamonds are beautiful but a little overrated. I saw this ring and fell in love. My expectations weren't high. With the ring and band it came to a little over $100. When I tell you I opened it and cried, I am not lying. I loved it more than my first ring. Thank you so so so so much for my forever ring!

Absolutely Amazing!
Would just like to say that I cannot recommend this company enough. I purchased an item on Friday 12th of March and it arrived in the UK to my home address on Monday 15th March although I had an issue when the item had arrived I emailed the company and within less than 24 hours it was all resolved and Inna has been absolutely amazing very caring and fantastic customer service, this has inspired me even more to use Moon Magic for the rest of my purchases, I cannot thank you enough for your kindness shown and compassion in a world that is currently dis regulated.

Beautiful items and caring customer service
I have bought a set of rings and a bracelet from Moon Magic. The items are gorgeous. I hade some issues with the set of rings (first photo). When I contacted the customer service, Moon Magic were really helpful and asked me to replace the set with another beautiful set (second photo). They resolved my issue and handled my inquiries with care. To date, their customer service is one of the best services I ever had. I am very very pleased with their services and highly recommend their company Moon magic and their products.

My magical experience with MoonMagic
Every time I order from this website, something good is happening in my life, it is a kind of magic or maybe MoonMagic jewelry brings me more confidence, I don't know, but the first time I order the opal necklace and found a great job. The second time I ordered a moonstone ring and a few days later I have met my future husband! Our Wedding is soon and we are already choosing my engagement ring on MoonMagic :) I am in love with this brand!

Love the videos that showcase the ring on a person
Love the videos that showcase the ring on a person. A little advice, show the ring(s) with different bands that would really go with the ring. The 'Harlow' ring has a few rounded out bands that I would have liked to see in a video to know what it would look like or create a "try on" system where the customer can pair rings together to see what Moon Magic will look like together before purchasing.

Worth the wait!
I purchase the bundle of Nymph ring and Sovereign band. Gorgeous set! I didn't know moonstone in person and it looks like a relative of opal, gorgeous stone! I'm super happy with my purchase, and even with the wait, it worth it, it took about a month since I made my purchase to finally get the right size with me.
First I ordered size 5 and I'm 5.5, sadly it was too small, so I had to return them and wait another 2 weeks to get them back here in Canada. Moon Magic exchange them with no hassles at all, super quick response and amazing customer service. Be aware you need to pay your shipping back to them and they will send them to you for free again.

SIZING: If you're in between sizes go up, at least in my case, there was no way I could wear size 5, size 6 it's a tiny bit loose, but nothing that breaks the deal. They won't come off.

The bad: the same risk purchasing anything to wear on internet, it may fit it may not. Just be aware you need to pay the shipping to them, they send back to you for free even when it's a exchange. And yes, waiting times, specially if you're not in the States, they send through DHL, but customs and processing is not up to Moonmagic. Just be realistic and patient, trust me it worth it. I love my pieces and I will purchase again soon.

The good! They worth it, they're very well made, beautiful designs, classy and NOT look cheap at all. They drag attention because they're very pretty.
Great customer service, they answered back very quickly, no hassles at all!

I will add some pieces in the future.

Area of opportunity for Moonmagic: Half sizes, that would be ideal.

Bad Quality Rings
I am not one to usually complain however I am extremely upset with the quality of their rings. My partner purchased a ring for me as a gift, this ring lost multiple gems in the first 1-2 weeks of me wearing it. Moon Magic would not offer a refund, only a replacement of the same right or another of the same value... My replacement ring of the same style, had the exact same loss of gems in the same short amount of time. I then decided to choose a different ring as that replacement and pay the extra difference thinking it might just be that style. But no... my third replacement ring not only lost it's smaller gems but it's main stone too! Please keep in mind I am not rough with my hands what so ever and I have multiple rings from Pandora ect... that I have never had issues with. While their customer service was fine and quick in responding, I would not bother with their jewellery again! Ever

Exceptional Customer Service
So my boyfriend ordered me two rings from moon magic but unfortunately when Moon Magic came there were small faults with the products. I emailed customer service at Moon Magic and spoke to Hristina about the issues with the products. I received a pleasant, proactive response in a timely manner in which Hristina explained the options I had. I ordered two replacement rings of similar value and they were shipped out (with no extra fee) the next day. The customer service I received was excellent and the issues were dealt with in a fantastic way. I'm very excited to receive my two new rings! I understand sometimes there can be small faults with goods ordered online and the team at Moon Magic rectified my issue straight away. Will definitely be ordering from here again. X

Perfect Service, Nice Place to choose a Gift from
I do not like shopping, but like every man I sometimes need to choose presents for my beloved one. Moon Magic is for now the best jewelry online store I have ever come across. Their prices do not bite and the quality of the jewelry is good. The order arrived in Ukraine pretty fast (within a month which is really good taking into account that the parcel came from the USA and the whole COVID story). In short, I am delighted - thank you guys!

Horrible Shipping Experience!
My boyfriend paid $100+ Just for my ring and then paid extra for express 2 day shipping! It has been 5 days and UPS tracking still "label created"! When I contacted UPS Moon Magic said it was the senders error not theirs... I just want my ring at this point... if your not going to do business correctly you shouldn't have one. When someone pays you for 2/3 day shipping they expect to have it in 2-3 days! And not be met with generic emails that don't answer anything!

Order not yet delivered
I ordered some items (ring and earrings) from the website on 28th December, and haven't yet received them. I'm absolutely expecting a delay due to COVID and also the Christmas period so that's fine however, I did have tracking available as soon as the item was "dispatched" although it wasn't very specific, for weeks tracking remained as "En Route" and there were no details regarding which country the items were/are in. I went to check tracking a few days ago, in the same way that I would usually check - directly from my moon magic email that has a link taking me to tracking, I'm now surprised to see the tracking number "cannot be located" so I have no information on where my order is. I've been in touch with DHL who have said this has happened before with Moon Magic and I need to contact them first before taking things further. I have tried to get in contact with Moon Magic to no avail. I haven't heard anything from them just yet, I hope Moon Magic will be looking into this query for me as I was incredibly excited to receive the jewelry. I actually left ordering until a certain time of the year when I knew I'd have more funds to be able to afford them. It's not to say that they won't arrive, it's just I've not heard anything and now reading though some of these reviews I am very worried, multiple comments regarding customer service and also the quality of the jewelry itself. I hope this won't be an issue for me. I'm waiting a few more days until I hear anything but at the moment I'm not convinced that I will be receiving my order. DHL say that Moon Magic could have deactivated the tracking? I'm not too sure as to why. I don't want to give a bad rating as I haven't actually had any issues so far and when speaking to them in the past regarding certain pieces of jewelry they have always been great and quick to respond. I'm hoping my order will arrive but as I said, I'm not too sure and will be quite disappointed if it doesn't as I was really looking forward to opening it. Has anybody else had this issue?

Update 26/01/21 - A member of the team has been in touch, has apologized and said that they will look in to this for me.

Update 22/03/21 - I spoke to a wonderful member of staff called Nena who arranged a new order for me and delivery, I've now received my items and they are lovely. Smaller than I thought but that's ok! Beautiful items, I hope I can get long wear out of them. I'm pleased that the issues managed to get resolved thanks to Nena.

Not worth the price
Delivery was unexpectedly given COVID circumstances, but the quality of stones and rings is very questionable... Even from the packaging, you could tell you were just scammed by social media ads and a nicely done website, in addition maybe Moon Magic did it for customs declarations but on the list, they say the total package was worth about 12 USD, which is also another level of fishy and screams scams! So to everyone who did not buy from them yet and considering RUN!

Poor glued in setting - but then they replaced it
Bought a moonstone ring... it was super glued in to a thin and flimsy setting! Of course the stone fell out on the second wearing... and then the warranty only covered 1 month but with the long shipping time, that month had almost expired wheb it arrived as it goes from their export date. I left a review on this site and Moon Magic changed their mind and sent a replacement. Awaiting its arrival and will update on the quality

Rose gold ring turned black in under two days.
Above the clouds turned black in under two days. My finger turned green and was swollen. The opal looks pretty but I'm not sure if its real. I got a moonstone ring, queenly (a month-ish ago), from them too and hated it out of the box. It was definitely pastic looking and got caught on my pocket because the setting was high for my preference. I asked for a refund and Moon Magic took two days to suggest I exchange and not return. (I exchanged for the opal ring) though i insisted on a return three times total. They acted like they could not read the word return. Mind you, I paid for 2 day shipping and live in Florida so I was well under the 30 days.

I attached a picture of the opal ring next to another ring I got from them in rose gold as a partner band, that ring is NICE and hasnt tarnished at all and I shower with it. I have one other partner band from them(got it at the same time as my first order) that one still looks pretty, the silver is looking dull but not bad.

They have terrible quality control obviously, they are deceitful about the stones they "hand pick" and costumer service is good unless you want a return without exchange. Over all I'd say a 2ish out of 5 stars for now. I have mixed feelings. They have offered to send me something else (not give my money back) after I e-mailed about the opal turning black in under 2 days. I hope this next item is nice. Last chance to make it up, Moon Magic. Hope you get it right. Third time is a charm. :) get it?

10/10 would shop here again
10/10 Would shop here again
10/10 Would recommend to family and friends
10/10 Customer service & product quality
Moon Magic has exceeded my expectations in all ways! I ordered the Moon Shell Necklace in Silver, Flora Necklace in Gold then the Gloss Necklace in Rose gold (fell in love with these products as soon as I saw them). When I received my oder, I noticed that there was a slight defect, so I emailed customer service right away - I explained my problem and provided pictures. Moon Magic were super quick to respond and their customer service was exceptional! I had the pleasure of talking to Marijana, who was very friendly and understanding. Within moments of our emails, she rectified my order. I received my package and I am MORE than happy with my products! It is refreshing to speak to a company that values their customers. :) P.s. I think it is super great that they plant 1 tree for each piece of jewelry sold (good to know my purchase made a difference) :)

I've wanted to buy a Moon magic ring for so long, and when I saw the Better Together bundle with Queenly, I was sold. Sadly I must have mis-measured and when it arrived, it was too big. However, a quick email to customer services put me in touch with Hristina, who went over the returns procedure, and sorted out a replacement. This arrived today and fits like a dream. I'm in love! It sparkles and looks amazing as a set of even in singles. I am thrilled with everything, even the gap between sizes. Thank you Hristina and MoonMagic!,

Damaged Goods
I ordered a necklace and it came degraded, almost as if someone picked at it; attached pictures for reference. I understand that sometimes items get bent or damaged on arrival, but the box was in perfect condition... which makes you think, did Moon Magic even look at what they put into the box? It's unfortunate being that their customer service was excellent, item arrived when promised, refund was given, it's just the quality is trash...

I'm so upset. I've order from them once before and was so happy with my purchase. I recently reordered the ring that I originally purchased due to it being stolen. With my second order the ring arrived with missing diamonds, and had black spots all over it. The ring looked terrible. I reached out to customer service and sent pictures of the ring. Moon Magic issued a replacement, well... I got the replacement today and the ring is just as damaged as the last one! I do not believe they are inspecting these items before they sent them to customers. I honestly believe that they're just boxing these items and not giving a hoot about the customers. Then have the nerve to make the ring go from $49 to $99. The ring should be worth $7 at this point. I will attach photos of the original ring and the damage replacement. I will never shop here again... and to think my soon to be brother in law just ordered a ring from here. Goodness!

Gorgeous jewellery that won't break the bank
I have just received my 3rd purchase from Moon Magic and am thrilled with my necklace. The chain arrived tarnished (which can happen with Stirling silver) but it cleaned up nicely with a bit of TLC. I wear my Venus stud earrings and rings every day and Moon Magic are as shiny as the day I first got them. Cristina from customer support is a really gem and lovely to deal with. This company rocks.

Fake Reviews, Product Does Not Match Photo
I had several small issues with this company, but the final straw was when Moon Magic asked for my honest review and never published it. Will never trust an Instagram company again.

- Like others, I too had a problem with my Black Friday purchase being out of stock. It took much longer to arrive.
- Sizing is off and the rings run large.
- The raw moonstone ring I received looked nothing like the photo (see attached image). It was dull, cut into a rectangle, and you can SEE the setting it is mounted to.
- I received a follow up email asking for my review. I wrote that I was disappointed, but the customer service was helpful. The review was never published on their website. I am certain that they delete negative feedback on both their site and their Instagram page. I am also suspicious that they buy fake positive reviews.

Moon Magic made it right, thankfully!
To update on my previous review, I ordered another ring using the credit Moon Magic gave me for my first ring (plus spent an extra $12). I can report I have been wearing it for a month or so now and it has not turned black and it does not turn my finger green. It is a lovely ring (the Nympf). I'm not sure what happened with my first ring but hopefully it was a one-off. With the new ring, I can wash my hands without having to remove my ring which is what I was looking for.

So Lovely Great Customer service
Looking forward to it's arrival, had an issue and contacted cust. Service. Moon Magic gladly replaced my order w/ a different choice & I was able to keep the other ring as well. I love moonstone & feel drawn since forever. I charged both rings under the full moon for 3 nights, night before, night of & night after main full moon energy I Now wear daily 24/7 and get compliments tooLove my moonstone

Everything was perfect from the time I hit the purchase button. I had a typo in my shipping address and Moon Magic quickly reached out and asked me to confirm. Along with that came great customer satisfaction. The product itself is awesome as well. High quality stones and rings! The shipping time was fast due to being in the same state as where the package was shipped from as well! All around I had a great experience purchasing from Moon Magic!

The pictures of the rings are not real
I am very disappointed with the purchase. On the images the ring has blue and purple colors and reflections but in reality it is an opaque white stone without any color. Also, I do not recommend buying for Italy. Customs fees are half of the price paid per ring. My ring was discounted. However, on the commercial invoice that accompanied the package, the shop indicated the full price, so the taxes were unjustly calculated.

Amazing products and awesome customer service.
I purchased a moonstone ring and I absolutely loved it. I always got so many compliments when wearing it. Unfortunately the stone fell off. I contacted customer service and Moon Magic got back to me the next day because of time difference. They asked me for a picture of the ring and the stone and once I sent that I got a tracking number with the confirmation of my replacement. They even asked me if I wanted to get a different stone! AMAZING! I got my new ring and it's beautiful!

Avoid avoid avoid
After waiting over a month and being later from Christmas and countless excuses from an incompetent seller the ring had a arrived and it's not good, bares little resemblance to the pics, Customer service was an absolute joke, read the reviews below, Moon Magic don't lie! Reviews can't be left on the social page for obvious reason and negative comments are being deleted! How embarrassing to have to lie to your customer base

Don't trust this company
I bought a ring from here, when it arrived it looked different than the photo (it had blue stones on the sides and not clear like the photo). I wore it twice and decided I wasn't a fan of the blue so I reached out. Moon Magic responded and said they don't have the ring I chose in stock but I could pick out another ring of similar price. But they didn't have any that I liked so I asked for a refund. I was told I can't get a refund but they would give me a credit for the full amount of the purchase. Ok fine. I take the ring out of the bag to wear today and it is black! This is a far cry from the beautiful photos on the site. I am very disappointed and upset that I wasted my money to begin with.

From rose gold to copper
I have the one that has 3 little stones, with another one.
The one with the 3 little stones changed colors, it was "rose gold" now it looks like COPPER.
Because of the COVID 19, I haven't use it, because I don't want to wash my hands and use hand sanitizer and damage them.
Moon Magic are in their original box, since June. I am disappointed I really loved all the styles moon magic has, but I don't think I'll ever buy again

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