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Monster Fairings

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100% Recommend
I bought a full set of fairings for my boyfriends 600RR and Monster Fairings were absolutely amazing. They were exactly what he wanted and the service was absolutely amazing! Monster Fairings are definitely here to help their customers in any way shape or form. Personally, I don't know much about bike stuff but they definitely helped me out every way they could when ordering and having these made. They ensured that they were exactly what we wanted and in perfect condition before sending them out. I most definitely recommend them and will be ordering more from them in the near future. Thanks again Monster Fairings for the great quality of the fairings, all your help and amazing customer service!

Wicked custom fairings
I asked monster fairings if they'd be able to replicate some custom fairings that i had drawn up, i also sent them photos from google of the colours that i would like ( as i didnt have colour codes) and Monster Fairings managed to execute the design perfectly! They added pearl into the paint like a requested too
The colour layering / blends are perfect, no nibs/ runs or orange peel in the paint either.

They also turned up super protected / packaged which is a nice guarantee they'll get to you safe It also gave me peace of mind that they offer a 100% fitment guarantee.

100% recommend these guys

Honda CBR1000RR 2006 custom fairings
Simply no words. From start to finish it was a real pleasure to deal with Jonathan and Erick at Monster Fairings. Monster Fairings simply went above and beyond to help me create my ideas and bring them to life. So helpful and great people! They kept me updated at every single stage and explained where the production is at. The fairings arrived in perfect condition, well packed, and not a single issue. The paint job and quality are just perfect. Fitment was literally 100%. The paint job is as closes as you can get to an OEM brand new part. Well worth the money and time. I would use them again with 100% confidence. Thank you guys!

Good Looking and Flexible
After a cold tire lowside destroyed the OEM fairings on my Honda CBR600rr trackday bike I was looking for replacement plastic.
I'd heard a lot of negatives about Chinese built aftermarket fairings, mostly that Monster Fairings weren't flexible so they'd crack on installation and explode on impact, and also that the paint quality wasn't great. But for a track bike I thought I'd take a chance based on price. I was still trying to figure out who to buy from when I tripped over a discount code for Monster fairings. Research suggested that Monster was the best of the offshore brands but were a bit more expensive, but given the discount code the price gap was narrowed enough that I thought I'd try the better rated Monsters.
Expedited shipping (to Canada) was offered for a premium price but it was still the off-season so I declined and went with the free shipping option. The fairings actually arrived within the time frame promised for expedited shipping so I'm glad I saved my money on this.
Packaging was well done and none of the parts were damaged or scuffed.
The paint looks amazing. There were maybe 2 small runs in the clearcoat, but I think unless you were the person doing the installation you'd never have seen them. Much better than what I was lead to believe I would be getting.
Next came installation. You do need to be a bit handy to do this well but I think this caveat goes for any aftermarket fairings and is my experience with high priced race glass as well. However in the process of installing, particularly with the tail on the CBR600 you have to flex the panels a LOT and I kept waiting to hear the 'crack' that I was warned of. Well no such crack happened. The parts were all as flexible as you needed them to be to do the installation. Furthermore, on my local track there are a few off-camber downhill corners where I've managed to drag the lowers on both sides, so they are scuffed from hitting the asphalt, but there has been no cracking as a result of those impacts, a far cry from the 'exploding' plastic I was warned of.
I will point out that some of the small black ABS accessory bits didn't fit as well as I'd hoped, but I had most of the OEM ones from the crashed bodywork so I reused them where I could.
Overall I am very happy with these fairings and would recommend them.

Monster Fairings
I rebuilt a written off Honda VFR800 with a totalled fairing. Monster fairings looked like a good product at a very fair price, especially considering OEM prices. Delivery was prompt and the matt black and gold custom paint job was well executed. Every part i could ever want was included with the fairing, and securely packaged. The internal lugs are fully moulded, not glued on and the fit is exact to the frame of my bike. Plenty of fixings supplied.
I have enjoyed so many compliments for this bike wherever I go and I wouldn't hesitate to buy another Monster fairing if I did another bike rebuild. You can see from the photo how good the finished bike looks.

Couldn't be happier with Monster Fairings, product and company
I bought fairings from Monster Fairings for my son's salvaged 2006 GSXR. When he bought his bike, and I saw it, the first thought I had was how will he ever get this bike back to looking even nearly presentable to ride. It looked destroyed. When my son told me about Monster Fairings and asked if I would help him get new fairings for Christmas, I agreed. I must say after placing the order, I was VERY concerned. I knew nothing about the company. However, their Motorcycle Fairing Consultant was quick to respond to my every question, and followed through with me from the second the order was placed through delivery. The production and delivery takes a bit of time, but is totally worth it. After a relatively easy installation of the fairing kit, I was amazed by the final product. The bike looks brand new! I must note everything fit perfectly. I would recommend Monster Fairings for anyone looking to bring back to life an old or wrecked bike or for customization of your new bike. Great company and excellent service!

Beautiful fairings for Hayabusa
Monster Fairings are amazing!
My husband wanted new fairings for his 2006 Hayabusa. We had heard good things about Monster Fairings, so we ordered the electric blue set. When we received the new fairings, Monster Fairings were stunning. We could see the quality. The only issue was, one of the tabs on left side fairing was broke. I immediately reached out to Monster, and they sent a replacement with no issue. While we were waiting for the replacement, due to a mishap in the garage, the right side fairing got damaged. I contacted Monster, they charged me for a replacement piece for that side. And both were shipped together. And upon receiving them, we discovered that the same tab was broke on the left side. Again. Seriously, I am not making this up. So I contacted Monster, thinking they must be getting tired of hearing from me, and told them. They told me not to worry, and sent a replacement for the left side, again. A few days ago, we received that replacement, with no damage! Monster had made certain to reinforce the box. And now the Hayabusa is complete and looking beautiful!
Through it all, Monster Fairings was just amazing. They were so helpful, and very professional. If you want aftermarket fairings for your bike, go to Monster Fairings. Believe me, you won't be disappointed!

Monster fairings. An exciting tale
So we start with the fact. I'm aware this company has been around for some time. Always wanted to order. But always hesitated. Boy was I wrong about hesitating. From start to finish. The employees at monster are nothing short of fantastic and lovely. From erick with his consistent communication. To the other people who are currently helping me sort a piece to be replaced. I have nothing but love for monster fairings. And the pricing. Compared to other companies. Their prices reflects the care and effort put into their quality. Matched by none. Monster Fairings are in a unique league of their own.we also can't forget the main key point regarding fairings. FITMENT. The fitment honestly was flawless. No drilling. No cutting. Everything snugly went together where it should with ease. Don't do my mistake. Buy the bolt kit through these guys. You won't regret it.

Very impressive!
Monster Fairings was incredibly great throughout the whole transaction! Monster Fairings were able to answer my questions and and help design my custom fairings for my R6. When the fairings arrived, they were well pckaged and arrived in perfect shape. The paint work was very crisp and clean. I saw 2 very light runs in the clear coat, both in places that can't be seen once the plastics were mounted. Fitment was great as well! I like to carefully file down the slots to put less stress on the fairing tabs during assembly. Now having the fairings on the bike after a year of hard riding they have held up great, the pint is still as shiny and vibrant as they were on day one!

2020 BMW S1000rr Fairing Kit
Placing the order and getting everything set up went very smooth, all correspondence was done through email and the team at Monster Fairings usually got back to me within 1 - 3 business days. I ran into a pretty frustrating issue when I first received my fairing kit to see that certain pieces such as the front fender, radiator surround, and rear seat cowell had either been molded incorrectly or were missing pieces. Luckily, Robinson at Monster fairings was able to get everything sorted out and get some correctly molded pieces and hardware shipped over. Forewarning to any future customer, the construction of these fairings is outsourced to China so please pay very close attention to any pictures sent to you regarding the fairing and ensure that it is done correctly before having them sent out to you. If pieces are molded incorrectly, a redo can be done so long as you email them soon enough.

Worth the Wait
Fantastic quality fairings and good response times from the Monster Fairings team, Monster Fairings gracefully put up with my near dozen revisions to my custom request and they turned out exactly how I invisioned them. Fitment was near perfect with only a little muscling required- and the paint designs line up perfectly with eachother when assembled. I was only disappointed with the shipment times, as they arrived a nearly full month after the initial window. However when they arrived they were in flawless condition and the packing was superb in order to keep everything safe even if UPS decided to drop kick it like they sometimes do. All in all a great experience and made my 16 year old bike look brand new.

100% satisfied
I couldn't be happier with my order! The process was easy and straight forward from start to finish. Communication was great and I was given the first paint sample within a week or so. Robinson handled my order, and was quick to reply to any email I sent, as well as keeping me updated throughout the process.
Shipping was expectedly delayed but I had my kit a few weeks after I received notification that it had shipped. The fit is perfect and I was able to get the old off and the new on in a few hours with the help of a friend. Only thing I recommend is that you use your OEM bolts, they're just more sturdy. Also make sure to request a tank cover if you're doing a full kit replacement and want the tank to match.
Finally, everyone that has seen my bike before and after putting on the new kit agrees that the look is 1000 times better now! Can't wait for spring to come back.

Custom Fairings
I ordered a fully custom painted set of fairings from Monster Fairings and let me just start my saying I'm incredibly impressed. I drew my own design and Monster Fairings brought it to life even down to the smallest detail. When I received the fairings they were perfectly wrapped and protected. (Which is so important because I've gotten after market fairings from a different manufacturer and received my fairings broken from lack of protective wrapping) Then when fitting the fairings to the bike I had no issues which was a nice surprise. They fit like OEM. So overall the quality of the fairings, the fit, the paint quality all was top notch. I would 10/10 recommend.

I emailed Monster Fairings about a month ago looking to get a new set of fairings for my 2016 Yamaha R1 since I had crashed at the track with my oem ones. I just want to say Monster Fairings were such an easy company to work, they responded immediately to my email and even worked with me on custom fairings. The fitment was overall fairly easy to put on but since I had a crashed bike I had to adjust in some places on the side fairings.The paint quality was absolutely amazing couldn't have been happier with the way it came out! Overall I would definitely recommend Monster Fairings over any other brand!

Thank You Monster Fairings

Sweet Maleficent by Monster fairings
My experience with monster fairings has been amazing! They've done such an amazing job on my custom fairings and no problem at all putting them on, Everything lined up nice and tight and simple to assemble. I was amazed when Monster Fairings sent me pics for my approval on how amazing they looked, just as I pictured it, but better.
Pics does no justice when you see them in person. Absolutely stunning! I say. With no time to lose, I will be ordering another custom set by monster fairings for my second bike sooner than they could possibly imagine. After receiving my second, I will be placing another order for my 3rd.
5 gold stars for monster fairings.
Much love and respect

Hayabusa 2008
I bought a black and orange fairing kit for my Suzuki Hayabusa 2008. By mistake, by myself, I ordered a Track Ready kit, but I should not have, because I should have one for Road Use. I would have been very surprised when I had opened the packages and seen this. BUT those who work for Monster Fairings discovered this and sent me an email and asked if it was a Track Ready I should have, because it was not common to buy a Track Ready fairing kit for a Hayabusa. Well done by them. After this I received an email about how far in the process the production was and when the fairing kit was finished, Monster Fairings sent pictures to see if I was happy. When the 2 packages arrived in Norway and I opened them up, all the parts were VERY nicely wrapped, so that they would not be damaged on the trip to Norway. When I got to see them up close, I discovered some small paint defects on a couple of the parts, but so small that I could use them. But I took pictures and sent them to Monster Fairings and showed them what I was not completely happy with. There is no doubt from Monster Fairings, they should start the production of new parts and send them to me free of charge, because they have a "please guarantee". So far they have had a VERY good service. After fitting all the parts, my wife and I went on a vacation, she on the Hayabusa and I on a Suzuki RF900R. Several hours after we had parked the motorcycles for the evening, halfway through the holiday, a neighbor came and said that both motorcycles were tipped in the courtyard where we had parked them. It turned out that someone had backed the car on the RF900 and then this one tipped on the Hayabusa and then it had also tipped. The Hayabusa was injured on both sides. When I got home from vacation, I contacted Monster Fairings and wondered if they could produce the parts I needed. Yes, they could, since I was already a customer and now the parts are soon on their way to me, so I can repair the Hayabusa during the winter. I live in the north of Norway.
SO, I would highly recommend Monster Fairing. They have great prices and great service.

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Professional Communication and Delivery, Great Product
Monster Fairings initially caught my eye because of their fitment guarantee. The ordering process was handled professionally, any questions I had were answered in a timely manner even before the order was placed, which gave me more confidence in choosing Monster Fairings. Expectations of manufacturing and delivery time were clearly communicated from the beginning, and updates were provided when the fairings were completed, pictures were sent for approval, and when parts were shipped. The fairings arrived in a very sturdy box with every part individually wrapped to prevent them rubbing against each other causing any scratches to the finish. The installation was fairly smooth, I did have to reuse the OEM air intake panel that is between the headlight in order to achieve a better fit, other than that the installation was completed with relative ease. I did not do a custom paint scheme so I can't speak to that process but the fit and finish of the fairings have met my expectations of what was promised. Nothing would infuriate me more than ordering a product, after waiting for a it to be made and shipped, only to have it arrived damaged or not fit or just in poor quality in general. It is evident through out the ordering process that Monster Fairing has taken great care in mitigating all those issues and I would not hesitate to order from them again if the opportunity comes up again.

Quality at its finest
I always knew that Monster Fairings were the best of the best when it came to quality. When it came around time to finally buy some and put them on my machine I was super thrilled because of all the overwhelming support I've heard from other influencers and other reviewers. I won't short anyone out with some fake review, I wasn't paid to get these fairings nor was I sponsored. Monster Fairings are hands down the best quality fairings I've gotten my hands on, Monster Fairings are extremely worth the money and the time spent to get them (they're super fast about delivering too). If you're looking to go fast and look beautiful doing it, this is the company to go for, they even personally emailed me making sure everything was to my liking with 100% satisfactory. I had a few custom things I wanted done to my kit as well and that was no problem at all, I was assured that everything would be as my mind wanted and I was kept that promise upon delivery. I highly recommend Monster Fairings for any of your rides, mine looks beautiful and yours should too.

Greatest Fairings I Could Find
Simply to start, probably the best aftermarket fairing kit on the market! The customer service has been the best since day 1, very patient and understanding. Always keeping me updated as to my order status and the shipping status. Everything came in as expected and in perfect condition, the bike will looks great, it's a 2005 Honda CBR600RR and will looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor with a custom paint job! Already did a test fit and everything fits like OEM. Thanks everyone at Monster Fairings, really appreciate everything and will definitely buy from you guys again whenever needed! You're the best!

Good fairings
I would say great fairings but they're were a couple faults with the fairings I ordered. The first is when my fairings arrived Monster Fairings were damaged, which would be on the either the shipping company or the person packaging the fairing so I am not going to put that on monster fairings. They did however work with me to reproduce new parts to replace the damaged ones which was amazing. This did however happen during covid times so instead of waiting 2 months I waited another 5-6 months which again isn't their fault. When the fairings did arrive they were however off from the originals I ordered and I was tired waiting so I put the damaged ones on due to I didn't want to wait any longer to get my bike on the road again. The fairing do look very good and luckily the parts that were damaged you cannot see the damage. Overall I love the look of my bike and I get nothing but compliments so thank you monster fairings for that. The paint looks very well. I have black fairings and if you know anything about black paint defects show easy and I didn't notice anything. If you are in the U.S. however be prepared to wait 4-5 months to receive your fairings because they do ship from China. So if your in a rush to get fairings this is not the company for you but if you have patience, the fairings look amazing nothing but compliments on my bike. Everything pretty much lines up also pretty simple to do yourself I also got a bolt kit and it worked for me.

Top Notch! Impossible to beat!
I ordered a custom set of fairings for my 2008 Yamaha R6, and I gotta say. These guys did not disappoint. Monster Fairings immediately contacted me to confirm my purchase and asked any design requests that were pertinent.

Naturally, I had to wait about 8 weeks for them to get completed and shipped, but you cannot rush perfection. They updated me on each step every 7-10 days or so. And gave me a notification email when it shipped. Immediately after delivery, they contacted me to ensure that I received them and that they were up to my liking.

I have had these fairings on my bike for about 4 months now and this bike has seen some hard riding, and random weather. All factory hardware and holes lined up perfectly. Quality and finish are second to none. They can't be beat. They supplied extra heat tape, and an extra windscreen, and customer service is phenomenal

1,000% recommend these guys for anybody that wants a custom designed set of fairings on their motorcycle. 10/10 would buy again. No they aren't paying me to say this. I have not received any compensation or discount. All on my own. Best purchase ever made(other than buying my bike lol).

Truly the best!
After extensive research and I mean tons of research I decided to try out Monster Fairings and I'm glad I did. 1st off the price was good but the product, above and beyond. The color I chose was spot on and Monster Fairings weren't messing around when it came to the clear coat. Flawless! 2nd the fitment was so dead on that you wouldn't think these are after market fairings. Finally and the best part the customer service. Monster Fairings is %1000 satisfaction guaranteed. They were quick to respond to my questions and helped with any questions I had and trust me I had alot of questions. So of your in the market for some fairings don't hesitate with Monster Fairings. They're the best!

The 2008-2016 R6 fairings are NOT the same as the 2006-2007...
The 2008-2016 R6 fairings are NOT the same as the 2006-2007 model.
The head light stay, the headlights, the gas tank, the seats, and other small diferences make it so an 08+ Kit doesnt fit the 06-07 bike.

Because of this the 2006-2007 R6 should be in its own category.
Not 2005-2006 and 2007-2008. It made it quite confusing when picking a fairing set for my 07 R6.

The 2005 is the old body style compared to the 2006.

And because of that i could "really" give it a 5/5 star experience.
Most of the "cool" color ways are 08+ and there doesnt seem to be a huge selection of 06-07 colorways.

It would be cool to add all of the colorways from all of the bikes 06-21

Beautiful fairings happy customer
I want to start off saying monster fairings is an amazing company to work with. From start to finish. Even with the few hiccups along the way. Monster Fairings strived to make my vision come to life and the experience fun. Very fast responses to emails and questions. It doesn't matter where I go I get so many compliments. My bike is so beautiful and perfect. So if looking for a great company to support and make your bike dreams come to life. I recommend them. It is a long process and wait time only downside but I believe you get what You pay for. So well worth the wait time. Won't be disappointed!

Phenomenal Products and Customer Service
Like many motorcycle riders out there, when it comes to bodywork there is always a bit of hesitation and concern when you deviate from the overpriced OEM fairings. Two things always come into question: color and fitment. This was my first experience with Monster Fairings and I can guarantee you it will Not be my last! The quality of these fairings is spectacular. The fairings came in very large box, neatly bubble wrapped, to prevent shipping damage. The paint quality was so flawless it looked like glass! The fitment was spot on, in some cases even better than OEM. The plastic is a little bit stiffer than OEM keeping the shape of the bodywork firm and flush. Not one pre-drilled hole was missing or out-of-place. When it comes to paint color you have to understand that nothing is ever going to truly match OEM unless it's really OEM, but the paint color on these aftermarket fairings is almost good enough to pass for OEM if you stand back and look at the entire bike. I actually left my OEM front fender on because the white's were so close of a match. I can't stress enough how satisfied I am with Monster fairings, both their amazing products AND their customer service. Henry and Jonathan were always on point when it came to quick follow-ups via email. All I can say more is I can't wait to unbox another set of Monster Fairings in the future!

Fantastic experience, highly recommended
I've had a fantastic experience with Monster Fairings. I originally purchased a kit from them a while back to replace track-damaged plastics on a 2002 VFR800, and could not have been happier with the quality of the product I received. Everything bolted directly to stock mounting points with minimal headache, and the final result looks great. In addition, customer service has been fantastic, and have been very responsive and helpful to me as a return customer. I have nothing but good things to say about Monster Fairings and would gladly recommend their products to anyone in the market for motorcycle plastics.

Expectations exceeded.
TLDR - Despite Covid, my custom fairings came in only 2 months, I was notified when the base layer was painted, then when the clear was laid. Fairings came well wrapped, paint looks great, my emails were replied to within 48 hours (great considering Monster Fairings are based in the UK I think) and for 800 bucks, I simply can't complain. That 1/3 the cost of new factory fairings, and half the cost of painted track fairings here in the states. Would highly recommend.

This will be a tad longer than the typical review seems to be, but I think context is incredibly important for a discussion like this. With that said, here we go! I highsided my GSX-R at the track after running out of skill, and debated about going with race fairings or keeping the bike in a more street legal configuration. Ultimately since the bike was far from totaled, and I wanted to be able to keep the bike as an option for street riding, I decided to keep street focused plastics. Then I had to decide where to buy from. Factory stuff is nice, the fit is perfect, paint is good, and it was of course the best option if I wanted to make the bike a pure street bike and keep the stock appearance. But since the bike is mostly a track bike, and I am bound to crash the thing again, and its going to spend most its life getting hit with rocks coming off other bikes slicks at 100+ miles per hour, it seemed silly to invest serious dough into factory plastics.

So I decided to go with replicas. Ebay is littered with fairings for 400-800 bucks, but it seems super hit an miss and there is no recourse if you recieve gabage stuff. Monster fairings is what, 20 percent more expensive? But there was a guy (Jonathan) who was able to answer questions, respond to concerns, and if I had needed it, I am sure would have worked to make any mistakes right.

So thats why I chose monster fairngs. I don't like gambling, and I hopped they would be a good way to make sure that my replica fairings for 800 bucks were worthwhile, rather than a 400 dollar pile of garbage.

Fitment was easy even though I am an even worse wrench than I am a rider, and as I noted with my highside story, I am a pretty bad rider, meaning I am a horrendous wrench. And yet I stumbled through. There are no instructions, so take photos of how everything is supposed to be, unless you have a great memory.

Fitment isn't perfect (but mostly around the intake vent I reused because I decided I liked it the factory blue and it wasnt damaged, perhaps the one they sent would have fit better, so i can't hold it against them), I had one small scuff on my paint low down on my fairing (but that could have been my fault so again I'm not going to hold it against them because I could have scuffed it during transport to my workplace or during install.

Overall, for 800 bucks, I couldn't have asked for more. I would have gladly paid 1400 for what they provided (service and product).

Cbr600rr Awesome fairings
I highly recomed.
I decided to get a set of fairings as mine where a bit scratched up at first I was a bit worried about fitment and quality but after Monster Fairings arrived from getting the box i could tell the quality was going to high. The box was sturdy and each piece was more than sufficiently wrapped for protection. The quality of the pain was excellent and no damage at all not even a scratch from shipping. The fitment was perfect had no issues at all with the installation every hole lined up and no modifications where needed to make it fit. Communication throughout the whole process was above excellent and kept me up to date with how the job was progressing and when it was done. Monster fairings is definitely not going to let you down. I'll be buying of them again.

2003 Honda CBR600RR vs Monster fairing's! Its Monster ALL the WaY!
I own a 2003 Honda CBR600RR, with only 15,000 original Klms ( about 8700 orig Miles). The bike runs and drives like a New Bike,. But over the years, the sun took its toll, it was So badly faded, plus at one time somebody pushed the bike over, and left minor scratches deep into the Fairing, and I had been on a few Gravel roads, the FEW times I actually rode the bike... Well I was shocked to find THE BEST price I could get to PAINT the bike professionally averaged between $5500 and $8600 Canadian. I live in Edmonton Alberta Canada, " Wayne Gretzky central " for all you Hockey fans. I even tried the local bike dealers, and Monster Fairings wanted outrageous prices to replace the damaged bikes... not one of them mentioned to try the internet. And at 58 yrs of age, I didnt think to bring it up,. So imagine my surprise when I started fiddling with the computer and I came across! After looking through all the amazing choices, they offered, I settled on a Gloss black with Gorgeous dark green flames... at 10% the cost of painting my bike WiTHOUT flames.! With Covid ravaging the world, Monster warned it may take slightly longer to get the kit, then the website advertised, ( which was totally understandable, and impressed me right from the start at the honesty displayed throughout my experience with Monster Fairing's)... Well, imagine my surprise when my kit showed up within the advertised time frame, and not only did the kit come complete, it came with a few parts I was NoT expecting, and it was GORGEOUS, absalutely STUNNING,.! I could not wait to dig in, to my new project. It took approx 4 hours to dismantle my bike, ( with a bit of struggling on the rear Fairing portion ( the part that fits over both seats, and has the built in Brake light assembly,) but everything came off safe n sound. After spending another 3 days ( about 4 hours each day) working on installing the new Fairing kit, My Bike was finished. Just as my wife was pulling into the driveway from work, as she opened the garage door, she actually GASPED at the stunning, most beautiful bike she had EVER seen. For all of us, doing the actual work, you don't REALLY notice, as were so busy working on each individual piece, the final product escapes us, until I stood back, and actually took a moment to Look, at the bike Finished, for the 1st time myself,... I could not believe my eyes... I have been riding for 50 years, and She hit the nail RiGHT on the head.! This was, without a doubt, the most beautiful Bike I had ever seen. ( SiDE NoTE for anyone struggling with THE INSTALLATION of THE REAR TAIL FAIRING... dont force it over the fairing mounting frame,. You don't need too,... just take your HairDryer, and APPLY SOME HEAT to the inside of the New Fairing piece, don't leave it in one place longer than about 40 seconds, keep moving the hairdryer up and down, side to side,. Start on the end with the widest part of the mounting frame, the part sticking out, and drag the hairdryer up and down, the inside of the fairing, stopping every 30 - 40 seconds to gently pull it over the mounting frame,... I promise you will be glad you did, because it will slip on, easy as you please.) Today, its been less then 1 week since I opened my fairing kit... and I cannot go anywhere without people asking me, about my bike.! If your considering, changing the look of YOUR bike,... skip all those other companies, on the net,... and stay with MONSTER FAIRINGS,... you will be amazed, at your finished bike,. The low cost of Monsters Products... not too mention the durability of what they sell... If you buy with Monster Fairings, you will get a lot more than what you paid for, in sheer quality, customer service, and the satisfaction of knowing, you will get what you ordered,. And you will be Happy you did.! No Question, my experience was amazing from start to finish... PS: The guys at Monster will ALWAYS answer any questions you have, or e-mails you send them. The RED Pictures were the BEFORE, Black w/ Green Flames were the AFTER

2016 gsxr 600
I've had me fairings for about 2 years now and I did a custom colour for my kit and it went surprisingly smooth. The process to get the colour done and sent to me was fairly quick. The kit definitely needs to be warm to fit on the bike properly. The first install I had to pull due to living in Canada but as soon as winter ended the kit fit better as it warmed up. The fairing kit went through a lot. Bike has been dropped and then converted into a stunt bike and im still shocked how well the fairings are holding up. Better option than oem full fairings as Monster Fairings cost almost double the price.

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