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Everything is email....
Everything is email.... I spent a month trying to get a ring fixed a little over a year ago.... gave up- need the ring fixed so here we are again.
took weeks to get into my account..... your online help would email me in gibberish and couldn't understand the email. I phone with a person would be very helpful and more than likely increase sales. I need two side rings.... about $3k on your site but it is a pain to get useful help.

I would love to purchase more.... please hire sales folks - computer folk can't sale of customer service.....

Elizabeth from the live chat was very helpful!
Elizabeth from the live chat was very helpful!

When I received the ring I purchased at sale price, I emailed and asked if there was an option to upgrade to a bigger stone.

I was told that since it was a sale item, I would have to return my old ring and re purchase a new set. It seemed like a lot of work instead of just switching out the stone. I opted to keep it as-is. I really like it but will probably take it to a local jeweler and have them switch out the stone for me.

Buyer Beware
While I love my eternity ring from MoissaniteCO which my husband gifted me on our wedding day, I am not satisfied.
I have had my wedding band for 14 months and this is the 3rd stone that came out. Just two months ago was the 2nd time and here we are again. The 1st time happened right after my wedding! I work at a desk and don't do any extreme work where I'm bumping the ring or hitting it against something. This is very frustration to not be able to enjoy my wedding ring.

And now the ring is no longer under warranty and to get it repaired through them is a nightmare. Moissanite Co are throwing hidden fees that wasn't communicated and you can't speak with anyone on the phone. You can only email or live chat but the live chat is down and now I have to wait for a response.

I just want to enjoy my wedding ring!

Needless to say because of this incident they have lost my husband and I as customers. I own other moissanite jewelry which my husband purchased form Charles & Colvard and have not had ONE issue with them. I guess we should have gotten my wedding band from them as well. Lesson learned.

Buyer Beware!

I decided to purchase from Moissanite Co
I decided to purchase from Moissanite Co. because of the selection and pricing. Your site also has lots of information that helped me make an informed decision. I had one quick question about the earrings I was ordering and received a quick reply through online messaging, which was great. Thanks for posting ring pics on Instagram, it's nice to see all the different cuts of stones. The quality of the rings comes through in the photos. Would love to see some pictures posted of earrings and pendants as well. Thank you!

I am very impressed with your website and the ease...
I am very impressed with your website and the ease of finding the products you offer. The descriptions as well as pictures and the video of your items are fabulous for shopping online. The best I have ever seen. The education online of your jewelry and loose stones is very valuable when deciding. I have been emailing with Craig and he has been so helpful supplying me with pricing and suggestions. It has truly been a pleasure. I look forward to seeing my purchase in person as well as more in the near future.

This stone (forever one, 2ct, H&A cut) is exceptional
This stone (forever one, 2ct, H&A cut) is exceptional. It is a real beauty and achievement of technical art. It is worth affording a 10 x magnifying glass in order to see the star in the center. The star-like reflections are also visibly by the naked eye. A comparison of moissanite with diamond is obvious, even though this stone is a kind of its own, and an equivalent in diamond in respect to the 4 C's, that primary looks in the same way to the naked eye, would be out of scope for most.

Shopping experience has been good
Shopping experience has been good. Only 3 star rating because I just received my ring 2 weeks ago and need it resized and not only did I have to pay for shipping and insurance for the value of the ring -$54 but it's then an additional $25 to resize which I was informed about but then having to pay $10 for shipping. Both me and my fiance had her ring finger sized and informed was an 8 so that's what I ordered but the 8 is way to big. I just think since I'm going to buy the band here shortly which is another $1500 you could throw in a ring sizing free, or any purchase over $2000 gets 1 ring sizing free. A lot of places have free ring sizing. Just a thought.

Chris has been absolutely wonderful and has given me...
Chris has been absolutely wonderful and has given me exceptional customer service. He has made customizing a wedding/ anniversary ring online, simple and anxiety free. I did my research before going with Moissanite Co, this company's prices and the quality of their stones are highly sought after, because Moissanite Co use Charles and Colvard moissanite. Moisssanite of that quality, Forever One, will last as long as a diamond, but sparkle much more. Conflict free, yes please!

moissaniteco's products are always exceptional quality...
moissaniteco's products are always exceptional quality and you are sure to be impressed. The only gripe I have with the whole buying experience is that I wish the shipping methods were different. I hate that Moissanite Co only ship signature required, as I am never home when fedex delivers... then i have to drive almost 45mins to the local fedex store just to get my package. That being said I understand why they do it that way, as we are dealing with precious metals and fine jewelry.

After 32 years of marriage, I was ready for my dream ring: a large 3 stone emerald cut. I'd researched various diamond companies and was so disappointed that my dream ring would cost about $19,000 dollars! After weeks of research, I stumbled upon moissanite... The Moissanite Company impressed me with the detail of their site, educating me on moissanite and other gems. I also found my dream ring amongst hundreds of beautiful patterns... And it was a price we could afford, just a little over $2,000!

I have chatted with both Kristen and Elizabeth and...
I have chatted with both Kristen and Elizabeth and Moissanite Co were both very helpful. They answered my questions and eased the anxiety I had about my lack of knowledge regarding stone color and clarity. Thank you ladies and thank you Moissanite Co.

The stones in my fiance wedding band does not look like the stones in the picture. The only reason that I have not returned it is because he likes it and that is all that matters. Other than that, my overall experience was good.

Incredible experience!
Cannot recommend this company strongly enough! Not only was the ring incredibly beautiful, the selection amazing, and the pricing reasonable, but the customer service I received from day one was hands down the best I have ever had! Every minor detail or trivial question I had was immediately professionally handled and I was helped through the entire process. Even after I got the ring and decided to change the center stone, Moissanite Co let me send it back and replaced the center stone with zero issues! If there was a score above five I could give, I would in a heartbeat. My new fiancé LOOOOOVES her ring and MoissaniteCo is 100% to thank for that. I will absolutely buy here again!

I researched both Moissanite and Moissanite Co
I researched both Moissanite and Moissanite Co. extensively before deciding on ordering a ring from here. The hardest part was choosing which one! There are so many beautiful rings! I just placed the order and will be proposing to my girlfriend as soon as it comes and I am sure she is going to love this ring! It is so much more affordable than other rings I was looking at. Basically, I am able to get my girlfriend her dream ring for low end of my budget. I cant wait to see it!

Stay far away
I have never had such an awful experience with a company during a time that should be the happiest. I bought my fiancé's ring in December and proposed in April because of a family emergency and in less then two months the white gold is turning gold like she's had the ring for years and 2 side stones have came out! I contacted the company and Moissanite Co refused me a refund only a repair, why would I want to keep getting it repaired judging by the threads it's not only me that has had issues it's disgusting they rip people off with poor quality and poor craftsman rings. I am going this week to 2 other jewelers because I went yesterday and one of the jewelers said the entire ring was Moissanite but the side stones were supposed to be diamond.

I have ordered many times from and...
I have ordered many times from and am a very satisfied customer. Moissanite is a beautiful stone but there can be variance in cut quality. The staff at Moissaniteco are experts at picking out the best of the bunch so you know your stone will be beautiful. A beautiful stone deserves a beautiful setting and MoCo offers top quality settings at very fair prices. If you have something in mind and can't quite find exactly what you're looking for, Moissanite Co can customize! They respond quickly to any questions or concerns and are very customer service focused.

I live in Canada and, despite local vendors offering moissanite, I still choose MoissaniteCo and would not hesitate to recommend them to others. They can't be beat for quality, selection, price and customer service.

Return customer and I would shop here again
Return customer and I would shop here again. After owning Moissanite pieces for over 20 years with no damage eternity band purchased with house brand broke a stone after less than 2 weeks. Customer service, repair and turn around time were excellent and the quality of the look of the stones are beautiful but I do question the hardness. On the repaired item, so far so good. On an unworn returned item there was a high restocking fee but it was no surprise - my fault for not inquiring about gram weight of item before I ordered. Differing opinions on what substantial weight is. In any event - good business to deal with. Fast and professional communication and I have found them to stand by their policies as stated. I will likely purchase from them again.

The only reason I gave the company 4 stars instead...
The only reason I gave the company 4 stars instead of 5 centered on the fact that Moissanite Co made it impossible for the customer to talk directly with a live human being. That being said, the company did everything it stated it would on its very accurate web site, all within the time limits given. Communication via Email proved less than satisfactory because my questions were not answered as I wanted and there was no easy way to correct the problem. When ordering, I took a risk I was not comfortable with. Things could have been much worse had there been a real problem with the order. The finished product I received was first class in every way and actually did exceed my high expectations.

Website is very informative and purchase process easy
Website is very informative and purchase process easy. I had purchased a stone directly from C&C when I found had the exact same stones for a fraction of the price, so I ordered the same stone from with intent of returning the stone I I order from C&C. I kept C&C stone until the one arrived to ensure same quality. The one received from didn't seem to have quite as much brilliance, so I contacted chat service and Moissanite Co went above and beyond to locate a replacement stone. The second stone I received from Moissanite was much better and comparable to the one from C&C.'s cust svc was GREAT. I'll admit I was concerned dealing only via chat room and email, but they were very responsive and kept me in the loop and resolved my issue. I'll be buying from again!!

We lost our home in a fire and with it all of my jewelry
We lost our home in a fire and with it all of my jewelry. I needed a new wedding ring and chose to go with moissanite because of the qualities of the Stone. I got a simple solitaire because I like classic and timeless. My ring has received compliments every single day since I've worn it! The stone is so sparkly with a great fire. I was nervous that getting such a large stone (3 carats) would be a mistake, but I love it more everyday. The quality in craftsmanship is apparent and I'm really very pleased with my purchase.

Credit card processing error repeated times
Credit card processing error repeated times. Notified support and Moissanite Co referred me back to my credit card agency. There were no problems on my end so called back, again told to call credit card issuer. Eventually I convinced an agent to look into the problem, sure enough, their credit card processor changed some settings. To compensate me for the repeated problems, I was given a $50 coupon code which I felt should have been higher given the numerous times I had to report the problem and stay on top of this to get a ring ordered.

Easy to order and when I had questions I had a very...
Easy to order and when I had questions I had a very nice experience with customer service. My ring arrived within the appropriate time frame and is beautiful. The band was thinner than I expected, hard to tell those things online, but it still looks great. It's slightly loose whereas all my other rings of the same size fit perfect so I'm not sure if its the larger center stone that pulls it to the side or if it was made just a tad over the size I ordered. I waited so long to be able to buy it though so I didn't want to send it back for resizing. I put a sizer on it for now and that's working. It is definitely gorgeous and sparkles like nothing else! I'm a moissanite girl for life now!

I am a return customer
I am a return customer.
Chris (and Mike) provided service of the highest regard. Whist there was slight hiccup in the production of my custom-order, all issues were addressed quickly and courteously and the finished ring set was absolutely beautiful. I was amazed at their generosity to provide expedited international shipping to assist me even further. Moissanite Co also provided me with a very clear video of the finished product to make certain that I was happy with the items. Now that I have received them, I am absolutely delighted with the rings.
Chris was particularly helpful and extremely patient during the initial CAD design process and gave me lots of guidance. His service is exemplary and I found his design suggestions to be exceptionally helpful.

Poor customer service
The ring was nice, but the service is poor. After twelve days making the ring apparently no-one realized it was the wrong design! I Had to propose with the wrong ring and explain to my fiancé that Moissanite Co screwed up, were making the new one, and I would have to send that one back. Obviously she was very disappointed. It took over 5 weeks to get here when it should have been less than half that! You would think a company like this would go above and beyond to fix this mistake, but all I got from them was a very inscensir apology. I am very unsatisfied with how little effort they put in to make this right.

I wanted to give my wife a ring that I was assured...
I wanted to give my wife a ring that I was assured had the clarity, quality and look that she deserved. Like others, while diamonds are traditional, Moissanite Co have become more of a symbol of one person trying to outdo the next and "show off". We're not into that. Plus, with Moissanite, we are assured of the stone being "conflict free". The ring and stone were exactly what she wanted and loves wearing it.
The whole process from beginning to end was super smooth and we received exactly what we wanted. 5 stars all around!

Absolutely Perfect!
Absolutely Perfect! I loved the shopping experience! The pictures and videos of my ring were so helpful in making my selection. Your site was so well thought out and easy to navigate. The actual ordering process was simple. The financing was simple and very affordable. The price point was in my budget and very reasonable for the quality of the ring I received. And my goodness, I am in love with this ring!! It's absolutely gorgeous. It has so much sparkle, the setting is just what I wanted and fit perfectly into my new wedding set. I can't thank for this wonderful experience and for making my dream come true.

First online web site order for 2017 placed on 03/24/2017 with a promised commitment time of 3-3.5 weeks which was a JOKE as of today 04/18/2017 the item was still in production from 03/272017 and no status up date could be provided?! Merchant was PAID IN FULL on 03/24/2017 however we DISPUTED the transaction to assure our account integrity and we are anticipating a FULL REFUND?! Staff are rude and obnoxious if you make a contact attempt by e-mail so do not HOLD your breath waiting for a reply?! Moissanite Co have no phone service to speak of?! I have read NEGATIVE reviews on the web for this merchant as well?! Save your time, money and aggravation and shop else where as the Testimonials do not jive with the negative information on the web for this merchant?!

We received the ring set and loved it
We received the ring set and loved it. However, the ring set is too big and we have to return them for resizing. We contacted the customer service and his reply was it was our error and as a courtesy we are only paying $25 per ring for resizing. First of all, it's not our error. We have had a diamond ring of the same size we placed an order with you but for some reason your rings came too big. We have a tag on the wedding ring still and don't understand why this can not be subject as a free return and order a small size of ring when we are returning within 30 days of your shipment. The tag on the engagement ring is off so we understand it can't be returned. Overall, the customer service is poor and I won't recommend anyone shopping with you guys.

I couldn't remember my own ring size, and customer...
I couldn't remember my own ring size, and customer service was able to look up the order from my fiancé to ensure I ordered the right band size! I also wanted the matching band as my engagement ring is a unique design (eng-156) and I wanted the band to be flush with the engagement ring. I did not see the band available for sale by itself, just as a set, but customer service provided me with a link to purchase the band individually. Top notch customer service!

Easy shopping, fast checkout
Easy shopping, fast checkout. Update: Now that I received my princess cut stud earrings and tennis bracelet I have to say I'm crazy in love with them! Moissanite Co are perfect and the stones are gorgeous. They're real sparklers and this is coming from someone who can spot a CZ a mile away. I compare them side by side with my own 1 ct diamond and they sparkle at all angles just like a diamond. I got the Forever One earrings they're similar to about .75 carat diamond. Perfect size for everyday. The tennis bracelet is Moissanite Co and is gorgeous. Will definitely be shopping again with Moissanite Co.

Everyone I spoke with at moissaniteco was so kind and...
Everyone I spoke with at moissaniteco was so kind and responsive to my many questions when deciding a ring and I appreciate that. It's awesome how many options Moissanite Co have and that they can really work with you on designing the perfect ring. I got a wedding set and both the engagement ring and band are absolutely beautiful. Wow pictures barely do them justice. I'm really impressed with the moissanite stone in general also, man does it sparkle and shine!!

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