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Buyer Beware... only pay through PAYPAL!
If you must have an Item from this company. I suggest... only pay through paypal. Only ordering 1 item at a time... (I say this because something is always going to be out of stock and ModLily try to keep your money) Give them 7 days to ship then ask why it hasn't been shipped the same day put a claim into paypal. Then give the 1 more week after they reply with their generic response asking you to remove your complaint from paypal because it's a hot item... after 1 more week... put it in paypals hands because they pull your money from their account until resolved. Funny My Item was shipped the day I did that and it arrived yep 1 week later. Took a month... DO NOT PAY for fast shipping. Did this last year with a company I believe to be the same company... You will never get it shipped any faster... Expect to not receive anything from them for at least a month. If you haven't paid through paypal I'm not sure what anyone should do. The item I ordered is ok... but less than I expected..

MODLILY WARNING: IF YOU WORK HARD FOR YOUR MONEY, LOOK FOR REASONABLE QUALITY PRODUCT AND VALUE A SCRUPULOUS COMPANY WITH RESPECTABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE, THEN WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT EVER PURCHASE FROM MODLILY! ModLily send you product from China and if you have ANY issues with it, they charge you to ship it back and will only refund a portion of your money. It's a scam from CHINA. So consider your purchase as a donation to the children working in their sweat shops and you'll be lucky to receive a product that you can actually ever wear. The product smells of chemicals, is of incredibly cheap materials and won't hold up in the washer, shipping out is extremely slow, the product is odd proportioned in size and the colors are not what is pictured in the image. THESE TYPE OF PRODUCTS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO BE SOLD ONLINE and with these return policies. It's a rip-off. BUYER BEWARE. Modlily is a horrendous company to give your money to. I have never ordered online with such regrets. I hope I've saved some of you from wasting your money. Shame of you Modlily.

This place is a disaster. The first time I ordered one top... it was a nice top... I wear a size large so ordered XL because I know this is direct from China and will run small. I gave the extra large top to my friend who wears a small and it fit her. The next time I ordered two tops and ordered XXL (yes I really am this dumb). The one shirt, which looked sooooo cute in the picture was the cheapest piece of garbage I have ever seen... the material was so thin and rough and the dye smell so strong when I opened the package... it was disgusting... plus... still too small. The other shirt was okay but too small and I gave to a friend who wears a medium... it fit. The second time I tried to return... BEWARE... there is no way you can return anything. If you return you only get 60% of what you paid, you pay postage and customs to China... and after checking I would have paid twice as much to send it back as I would have received. Avoid this place like the plague. Oh, I almost forgot... it took 9 weeks to get the second order. I received notification it had shipped... but every time I checked it was stuck in Customs. I waited 9 weeks and lost $68 and suffered a great deal of frustration. Buy American.

Where is ModLily Located
OMG! Now I am afraid, I ordered and should have read the reviews. I purchased 2 items totaling 78.60USD. Which include 3 - 7 business day delivery, I checked the order form to confirm the delivery date and noticed Processing Time 6-10 business days, Shipping Time 3-7 business days Total Delivery Time 9-17 business days Earliest Date 2017-10-17 Latest Date 2017-10-27, WTF. W. T. FFFFF... Where is this S#! T coming from?

OMG... notice the response from ModLily is the same

"We apologize for the inconvenience.
I will solve the problem soon for u, but could you tell us your order number first? Our order number is begin with the letter of M or MM, you can find it in your Modlily account or the invoice ID from the PayPal.
If you still cannot find out the order number, please feel free to submit a ticket to contact us. And our customs service will reply you in one working day (except weekends and holidays).
Note: Please mention that you are from ReviewFeeder."


I f I could give them no stars I would. I ordered a sweater in large ( am size 10) according to their website sizes. First, it took forever to get it. ThenI found out why... it comes from China! I tried to put it on and I could not even get the sweater on my arm! I told them I wanted a refund and ModLily did not respond> I could not get anyone to answer me. I emailed them and told them I was sending it back for refund. They told me after I sent it with tracking number that they did not want it sent back! They would give me partial credit. I said NO! I finally escalated to PayPal and gave them the US tracking number. After a month they closed my case saying that the tracking info was not valid! I got it from the Post office it was LA024508781US. I saw it got to Miami then no further updates. I am beyond miffed I lost my original purchase plus the $22 to mail it back to CHina! Stay away. It is not worth it! And i am mad at paypal too. They should not support this company. I had no idea how bad they were and now the internet has exploded with bad ratings for modlily.

DO NOT buy from this company
Edit: thanks to PayPal, I was able to receive a full refund.

I never received my $400+ order back in June. I had a lot of health issues and multiple deaths in my family, so I didn't get around to contacting ModLily or PayPal until now (September).

It turns out ModLily somehow mixed up my order with another customer who lives in Georgia and they do not comprehend that they sent the order to the wrong person... Thank goodness I used PayPal - PayPal shows exactly the name and shipping address for the transaction.

ModLily is beyond incompetent. Their online chat is useless, the person who responds to the reviews on here couldn't even bother to respond to me when I privately messaged my order information. The online chat through their website gave me the name, phone number, and address of the individual they shipped my order in error to. I am afraid of who else's sensitive private information they may have shared. Each time I contact them, they are adamant that they shipped the order correctly and keep giving me this random person's information. They literally do not comprehend that the shipping details in my PayPal transaction and their information are completely different for the same order number. They asked to me to go there to get my package. How about you get your systems fixed and stop leaking customer's information out online.

After posting a review I was contacted by the company and told I could FINALLY get a refund! That was week ago and I am STILL trying to return their worthless products! I was asked to take down my review in exchange for a full refund, I was promised shipping cost to be paid too. But when I asked for a shipping label ModLily keep telling me that I have to cover that cost. To ship this back to China will probably cost half of what I paid for the crappy product anyway! I have read on some reviews that people can't even find the address to return the product so after WEEKS of trying I finally got that at least and will share it with you! Hope this helps everyone else this company tried to screw over!

Yang Xing
Room281, #15-3 Building, 999 Ningqiao Road, Pudong, Shanghai, 201206, China
Phone, *******6980

Followed by these instructions:

Please return by post office and put RMA number on the package. So we will know its from you.
More information you need to care:
1, please send us by post office and registered mail, and email us the tracking number after the shipment
2, Please put your RMA number on the package(RMA number =MM16040xxxxxxxx + 0xxx)
3. Pls email us the tracking info after you mailing it back. Our email address is *******

TERRIBLE - everything. Shipping/customer service/etc.
I wouldn't even give it the one star... TERRIBLE. DON'T ORDER. Save your time, save your money, save your SANITY. I ordered 2 items on November 12. GUESS WHAT...? I STILL DON'T HAVE THE ITEMS. People on here that complained it took 40 days to get their items - consider yourself LUCKY. The "customer service" is a JOKE. You can only submit a 'ticket' and wait days for responses. Even then, no credible info about your order - the tracking - the status of the order.
I've been given FOUR different stories about the "status" of my order.
Finally, today --- ModLily refunded my money. I did make the order through Paypal, so maybe that worked in my favor to get the refund?
I give up. I wanted these items for Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Years, was still thinking I might get them for Valentine's. NEVER AGAIN. Taking my refund and doing good ol' fashioned SHOPPING.

Poor quality not as described
Bought 3 items and paid in USD so presumed this was an American company. When I looked at the invoice the address is Shanghi in China. None of the items I bought looked anything like the pictures. The coat is supposed to be a funnel neck, however, there is nothing about it that looks like funnel like it's so tight on the neck I couldn't do the button up also the actual material the coat is made of is pulling away, similar to unravelling a jumper. The two tops I purchased are supposed to be a large (thought I would order larger than I need as I don't like my clothes too tight) one of them would fit a Barbie doll the other is sooooo large it should be labelled as LXX. I was offered a partial refund which was then placed in their store account for me to buy another item, which I would have to pay postage for!. I have taken up my complaint with Pay Pal now. But my advice would be stay away, keep your money.

BEWARE, FRAUD, worst experience ever
10 Days after paying and placing the order and no communication from this company I finally was able to get some response through email, see how ModLily responded below.It took over a month to receive. They take pictures from other companies models and show them as theirs. Then they try and replicate it with cheap material that is not what is described. It costs more to ship it back to them at your expense then you paid for the whole thing. ($78.00 shipping). Do Not think paypal will back you either. If you do not ship it back and pay for shipping they will close the claim.

Adminstrator At: 03/28/2016 13:49:15 PM
Hello, we have checked your order and the item Strapless Plus Size Dot Print Two Piece Swimwear you purchased is hot-seller, so we need a few more days for processing. And we will ship them out as soon as possible after processing. Then we will email you the tracking number and tracking link. Could you pls wait a few more days to get it? Thanks for understanding.
******* At: 04/02/2016 10:28:53 AM
What is the status of this order? It's been 5 more days.If the order can not be delivered before our vacation I will need to cancel the order. Please update with status.
--******* At: 04/05/2016 11:00:33 AM
Please update me on this order
Adminstrator At: 04/07/2016 16:24:00 PM
Hello, we have checked your order and it has been shipped out on Apr. 5 It is in transit to your country and will be there soon. Pls wait for a few more days to get it. Thank you so much for the support!
---******* At: 04/12/2016 06:00:33 AM
Your product came very late and was very very poor quality. The items were put together in a way that can NOT be worn and also torn fabric and holes in clothing. Not except able and would like a refund.
Adminstrator At: 04/15/2016 17:20:44 PM
Sorry to hear that.
Could you please take pictures about the item you received? We need this to report to our department. Please no worry, we will apply the best help as we can. And send the photo to this ticket. Thx.
******* At: 04/16/2016 05:38:16 AM
I have tried many times to send a picture of the clothes and your site will not upload them.Is there another way I can send them to you?
Adminstrator At: 04/20/2016 16:10:44 PM
We are so sorry for that and if you cannot uploaded it here, pls email it to ******* Thank you so much for the support!
Adminstrator At: 04/22/2016 17:29:09 PM
Thank you so much for the support! We will solve your problem with email, pls check it later.
******* At: 05/11/2016 06:04:27 AM
I have not heard back from you regarding this issue. I have sent you pictures of damaged items. I will be reporting this to FACEBOOK and paypal and Everyone buying from your company about how your company is NOT a honest company.
Adminstrator At: 05/11/2016 16:38:44 PM
We are so sorry that our products fails to meet your satisfaction and you can return it back. But it is not worthwhile for you to return according our return policy, you should bear the shipping fee back, it is so expensive and you should wait a long time. As for the one you received, if you really cannot wear them, we suggest giving others as a gift or selling them on line. You will sell them at good price. Thank you. How about we send you some compensation in your store account, you can use it next time. Pls advise
-******* At: 05/11/2016 23:53:20 PM
How about you refund my paypal account for the damaged items that are NOT wearable for anyone.
Adminstrator At: 05/12/2016 14:48:53 PM
How about we put 15% refund of the cost of the items as compensation to your paypal account and you keep the items? Pls advise
******* At: 05/13/2016 11:52:03 AM

Do not believe the size chart!
I purchased two swimsuits from this site for $20 each. I was very careful to pay close attention to the size chart to make sure I was purchasing the right size, and actually because it was close I went a size up from my normal!
One swimsuit fit my very thin eight year old daughter perfectly! No where near the size I ordered for my size 4 adult self...
The other swimsuit was much closer, but still entirely too small!

When I posted this in a review on each swimsuit Modlily REMOVED MY REVIEWS and blocked me from posting another on these products!

When I try to resolve this with the seller ModLily stated that it would be too expensive to return the items and they offered me $3 for my trouble.
They were definitely telling the truth and after a PayPal dispute was reviewed I looked up the amount of shipping I would need to pay to return the items and it was going to be approximately $30. The seller refuse to give me an address until the PayPal dispute was finalized.

I hope that others read this review before they purchase from modlily I read the reviews only on their website, and it is very clear to me now that their process is to remove any negative reviews.
I will be posting this in as many places as I possibly can to help avoid others from wasting money on a product that is much smaller than advertised!

**AGAIN, since the response posted by a representative from Modlily seems to imply that I was unclear... I used the size chart on the item's page AND ordered a size up from where the size chart put me in order to avoid this problem.
The size charts posted on the items I purchased were completely wrong... and I mean by SEVERAL sized.

My husband ordered two dresses for me for Mother's Day. Didn't look or feel like the picture. Returned Friday, ModLily received it Monday, and 10 days later still waiting for refund. I wish I could give them a "0." Bad material like out of a sweatshop. The one dress was made like a liturgical dance dress, and the other was ridiculous as well. They received my return, but make it difficult to get your money back. My ticket keeps saying processing refund, but it never changes. These people are rip-offs. They owe us $65.21, and I want our hard earned money. I believe they are scammers. Look at their responses. They're robotic, "We apologize for the inconvenience, fill out a ticket saying you're from ReviewFeeder and we will refund you in 1-2 business days." Ridiculous considering you already filled out the ticket to get your money in the first place!

UPDATE: I RECEIVED A REFUND FOR THE $65.21. It took this review, multiple messages once they unlocked where you can leave a message, and poor reviews I left on Facebook. They basically make it difficult so that you will just walk away. It took about 11 days to get the money AFTER they received the package (in which my tracking showed they received it in 2 days), however, I hear it's a warehouse and no person is there. You have to wait until they pick it up I guess. Of course, they didn't reimburse the extra insurance we paid, or postage, but no worries. They won't get another dime from me, and if anyone asks, it will always be a bad review.

Do not purchase from this company
I ordered two bathing suits and five tops from this company all in the same size. The items were either two big or two small. Some tops appeared to be petite sizes. The cup sizes on the bathing suits were small on one and XL on the other. One swim suit had no bottoms. There were two shipments. One took almost three weeks and the other took five weeks. In order to return items you need to send them to China with many restrictions. In lieu of returning the items, I was offered a 50% refund. Now I'm stuck with unwearable clothing and will only get 50% of my money back. As great as the companies marketing is, do not get suckered in. The fabric is cheap, there are no labels, no washing instructions and the sizing is way off. There is not a customer service phone number and you must submit a ticket on line. The customer service hours are very limited and in the middle of the night. I would not shop this company again.

Don't Do It! Scheisty Scamming Rotten Ass Thieves! You Will be Sorry!
I placed an order with these jokesters one week ago today, paid extra for two day shipping, have made several inquiries and a couple phone calls and the order still hasn't shipped. Originally, ModLily said one item on the order was holding it up, so I had them remove that item to speed up shipment. That was three days ago and it still hasn't shipped. But these $#*! S had no problem charging my card asap. Will never order from here again!. Modlily is a complete joke.
Update 6/22/16
Still no package received. I no longer have a need for these items and I've received numerous messages from Sofia at Modlily, promising to resolve the situation. She just keeps telling me to be patient and please wait for the package. She did offer to apply a 20% "refund" to my Modlily user center. Sorry Sofie, but that is not a "refund". That would be no more than a credit that would have to be spent with Modlily! Serves no purpose to me when I have no plans on ever ordering from this site again. I'm not sure what is so hard to understand about wanting the 20% refunded back to the original form of payment!
Update 6/25/16
Have received no reply from Sofia regarding credit back to my card. And still no merchandise. I will be disputing these charges with the credit card company. Please don't order from these thieves!
Order was placed over one month ago, and I still haven't received ANY Stinking Merchandise. Or even a refund. About 2 weeks ago Sofia offered another stinking partial credit to the stinking Modlily user center, if I agreed to take down this review! I still have no merchandise to show!. I want MyMoney REFUNDED back to my Damn Card. Not a piece of it. ALL of It!. I still have no resolution whatsoever! And Sofia will not reply back! Don't do it! Modlily SUCKS!

Another Chinese company with NO clue about U.S. sizes
This company is clearly one of a number of others selling online from China. The sizes listed will be MUCH smaller than these sizes in the U.S.A. (cannot comment on other countries... sorry). Expect lower quality merchandise because China does not have to conform to manufacturing standards in the U.S. And based on how ModLily manage issues with merchandise, expect a run-around with requirements for YOU to demonstrate (usually via photos or video) as to WHY the product is wrong for you (size or defect). Shipping will be an issue, as well, if you are in the U.S. because it takes 14-21 days for an item to pass through customs on both ends, with 14 being a miracle delivery. Some shipments could take longer.

Plus-size women and those with a standard U.S. women's figure probably have the greatest disadvantage in purchasing anything produced in China for a non-U.S. Market. (Most of our clothing comes from overseas, such as China, Taiwan, etc.) Chinese clothing made in China and not for Western consumption will not be prepared to accommodate the hips, tummy, shoulders and behinds of the average American woman. The Western body shape is different than that of a Chinese woman, who is typically slim of hip, bust, behind and arms.

Most unethical business I have ever purchased something from.
I rarely write reviews of anything, but I want to be sure you do not lose your money, your time or your sanity buying clothing from this CHINESE company. In November I purchased 5 tunics in a size I wear in over 30 different brands of clothing. The shipment arrived in 2 days without an invoice in it or instructions for return. None of the pieces fit, with extremely snug armholes and sleeves and very wide body of the tunic. The chemical smell of the clothing was overwhelming, to the point we had to put them outside in order to "air them out". I contacted the company via the weblink ModLily provide on their website. 8 days later I got a response that asked the question: "Are you sure they are the wrong size. It would be very expensive to return them to us, it is not worth it. Can you give them away or resell them?" I had several back and forth unpleasant emails with them asking why they state on their site that you can return the products for a refund when they have no intention of doing so? They explained that with the limited 60% refund (40% restocking fee) and the cost to ship it back to China I would end up not having much of a cash refund. I then got an email that said "If you trust me, I can compensate you differently if this would be acceptable to you." At that point I quit communicating with them. The quality of their clothing to me is equivalent to the quality of clothes you get at KMart/Walmart with a price tag of Khol's, Target, Macy's etc. IF I can help spare just one person going through the financial loss and insanity of trying to work with this group of thieves then I will be glad to have spent the time I did today to write this review. Spend your hard earned $$ on US made and sold goods!

Lied, Never Sent Package, TRACKING IS FAKE!
I ordered something on December 5th, 2018. ModLily said it shipped on December 7th.

I e-mailed them on February 16th asking where my order was. I did understand that it was coming from China. The tracker at the time still said it was on the way.

They responded and said "Thanks for contacting us. I total understand that you need the order urgently. I just checked with the shipping company, everything goes well with your package and we will accelerate the delivery for you. You can also track it online now, here is the tracking information, "

What did they mean accelerate it? You can't accelerate a package that has already been shipped and is on the way. I realized that they never actually shipped it.

I wrote back with their policy, "We promise 50% refund if the shipping time is beyond the promised latest deliver deadline for 15 days and 100% refund if beyond 30 days." Note that they did not uphold this policy until I stated it back to them.

It was beyond 30 days. They wrote back and did refund my order. The refund did go through.

Magically, the shipment that was in process from China to me disappeared. Which makes sense, as they never actually sent the order.

Nightmare company
PLEASE NEVER DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY. ModLily should be based in Nigeria where many scam companies are based.
I requested a refund for a dress that only had a slight resemblence to Modlily website photo. I did an image search and they are using photos from other sites and doing cheap knock offs.

MODLILY 11/21/2016 Terribly sorry for any trouble, and we totally understand your feeling, please no worry, I will apply the best help for you. You know, the price of our products is quite cheap, so its maybe not perfect, and I hope you could understand this and I could apply a compensation to your card. Pls check it, Please no worry, I will apply the best help as I can. Thank you. ME 11/21/2016 I want to return the dress for a full refund. It is not wearable.

MODLILY 11/22/2016 Dont worry about it, you can return it back. But have you review our return policy? Because i have reviews and i think it is not worthwhile for you to return according our return policy, they need to charge you the shipping fee when they send the order to u, and it is so expensive, also you should wait a long time and you should bear the shipping fee back. ME 11/22/2016 I will pay shipping fee.

I cannot wear the dress. I am very disappointed with the dress you sent. You state you product is cheap but it still should be as described. The page is stating it is discounted so original price is not cheap.

Please advise how to return for full refund. MODLILY 11/22/2016 Ok, if you insist to return it back, you can return it and pls kindly note that you need to pay the shipping fee for return to Shanghai, 201206, China. Here is our return address, Yang Xing Room281, #15-3 Building, 999 Ningqiao Road, Pudong, Shanghai, 201206, China Phone #, *******6980 Please return by post office and put RMA number on the package. So we will know its from you.

More information you need to care: 1. Please send us by post office and registered mail, and email us the tracking number after the shipment 2. Please put your RMA number on the package(RMA number =MM*******358519 + 1122) 3. Please go back here to inform us the tracking info after you mailing it back.

Thank you so much for the support! ME 11/23/2016 I have sent dress back today. Tracking # CF 106 336 204 AU. Please also see attached.

I look forward to a full refund as soon as you receive the package. MODLILY 11/24/2016 Thank you so much for the info. We will apply the refund for you when we receive the returned package, is it ok? ME 11/24/2016 As long as refund is processed within 24 hours of receiving return.

MODLILY 11/24/2016 Yes, we will refund you at once when we receive the returned package. ME 12/19/2016 22:08:46 PM I am still waiting for my refund. You received my return 15 days ago! Please action urgently.

MODLILY 12/20/2016 yes, we have received the return package. So I have applied a refund for you. Please wait, our staff will send the refund ASAP. You will receive the refund in few days.

ME 12/20/2016 Why is it taking so long? It's been 16 days already.
MODLILY 12/20/2016 sorry for the delay, although it's delivered in Shanghai for a long time, our warehouse just received it.
ME 12/22/2016 Amazing coincidence you received my return on the day I asked about it.

Ordered a beauitful looking swim suit from Modlily. Thru my ignorance I had no idea I was dealing with a chinese company! IT never came and never came. Was given three dates when to expect. ModLily all came and went. Started with Customer Service, and it was stall, stall, stall, please wait a few more days we are sure it will arrive, we have expediated shipment, contacted shipper, can't make any sense out their tracking for item? Then it turned Ugly with me threatening fraudulent charges thru Chase Credit card, again telling me were processing your refund. Well it never came and never came finally it showed up on my Credit Card. By the way the swim suit never has showed up. Really think twice before you order from these people. Beauitul adds, beautiful clothes, but nothing at your door step... maybe its sitting in one of those container ships off the coast of Long Beach, CA, but on the tracking it has an image of a small airplane so no idea how they ship anything if they really do ship.

Save your money
If you are reading these reviews before ordering you are smarter than I was. I have ordered many nice thing from Zulily and ModLily stand behind what they sell. I ordered a solid color layered dress from ModLily and got one that was the same style but the underdress was a totally different color and fabric. When I contacted them they said they would give me a partial refund if I returned it. So they send me the something that is not what I ordered and I am supposed to pay all the shipping both ways for their mistake? I contacted Paypal and explained the problem to them. They suggested I escalate it from a inquiry to a case which I did. They said I would get a refund if I returned it with tracking at my expense. It wasn't shipped to me with tracking but I agree any seller this dishonest would deny receiving it back unless you have trackable shipping. I then called my credit card company and once I explained to them that what I received did not match what I ordered and that I had offered to return it at the seller's expense the credit card company checked it out and returned all my money to me. Anyone want an ugly dress cheap - you can find this one at Salvation Army.

I wish that I had read reviews about modlily before purchasing. I knew that their prices were too good to be true. It took way too long to receive my items, which did not work out so I requested an exchange for two different items. To do this, I was required to provide the information for the items I wanted to exchange them for. I'm still confused as to why, since ModLily obviously don't pay attention to this. When I received my "exchange", the items were the same originally purchased. I expressed my frustration between the length of time to receive my order, the lack of fulfillment in my exchange request, and determination not pay for the return due to their mess up. I also asked to speak with someone over the phone regarding the issue. Then I had no more responses from "customer service". I hate to have lost the money invested, but I may be better off finding something else to do with my order, than to pull my hair and eyes out trying to get the issue resolved. There's no resolution with these people, and it's such poor service.

Dishonest, low quality, terrible customer service. STAY AWAY!
I ordered several dressed on Modlily. ModLily didn't even ship the right dresses to me, and wouldn't let me send them back to exchange. I requested a refund, they said they would give it to me if I closed the ticket. I closed the ticket and never saw my refund. I started another ticket to again request the refund, and now they're refusing to give it to me. I think they count on people not checking to see if a refund came through, because I don't think they ever had any intention of actually issuing it. I have been communicating about this very simple issue for over 2.5 months, and it still hasn't been resolved.
This company is dishonest and does not give the customer what they bought. Not even the same items. They keep money that is rightfully a customer's, and I honestly think they should be legally pursued. This is not only poor business practice, but is actually illegal. They're taking money for goods and services that they are not rendering.

I ordered a bathing suit well in advance for a vacation I had coming up. When I say "well in advance" I'm talking about a month and a half in advance. The shipping estimate was 2 weeks. Well, 2 weeks turned into 2 months and my one article of clothing did not arrive until 1 week after I came back from my vacation.
Not only was I disappointed about the shipping time, I was also disappointed in the material itself. It was delivered to me ripped in multiple spots of the bathing suit. When I contacted the website ModLily asked to see pictures of the damage, which I tried to send the pics to them and nothing was working, it was their fault because it was through their website.
Finally, after the third attempt of going back and fourth with them, the pics finally attached. However, they still have not gotten back to me. I am now waiting a few days for a response although I feel like I will never get one.
I will never do business with this website again... rip off.

P.S.- there are no return instructions on this website or no address of where to send it to.

If you can wait a month for your order, proceed.
My first order from this company was, presumably, at the worst time of year, November. I paid for my order through Paypal, thank goodness, because the only way I got my order was to threaten non-payment through Paypal. First ModLily tell you your order will ship within 3-4 days. Then after 4 days they will explain that it's really within 7 days. Then, they were supposedly out of stock on one of the two items I ordered, and instead of returning the funds, they provided "website credit". Well after my first negative experience, I really didn't want to deal with them again, but now I had this credit hanging out there, so what did I do? Order again, to use my credit. Big mistake. My order was placed on Jan 28 and I received it yesterday, Feb 28. I got zero communication after the first "we received your order and payment" emails. No order processing update, no tracking, nothing. Again, I processed a claim through paypal for non-receipt, and it still took them a week to respond and provide tracking. I did finally get my order, but I will NEVER order from them again. I would also suggest you stay away, unless you thrive on frustration.

Total rip off; fraud
My wife ordered 3 swimsuits totaling $130.80. The credit card was rejected at first and the website popped a message suggesting to use paypal instead. That's when I walked in, and told her absolutely not. Then after sitting idle some time, she was prompted to re-enter the credit card and seemed to take it but never really came back with an order confirmation. THEN she read unfavorable reviews and tried to go back to the site and cancel less than 5 minutes after hitting the buy button. She got a major run around and no response or confirmation email. I looked at the 'pending' charge on the credit card and continued to monitor it. After 4 days it posted and I filed a dispute. Because ModLily improperly billed the card as a recurring charge and I disputed it as a recurring charge that was canceled, the dispute was found in their favor as though I canceled a subscription of some sort after signing up. I called the card company after that (2 months later when getting the notice) and wanted to reopen the dispute as a merchandise not received dispute because after 2 months we never received anything from them. They could not for some reason dispute it again so the credit card company ate the charge only because it was an expensive annual fee platinum card. Why ever give your credit card info to a company like this? All they will do is rip you off. I just looked in my wife's email again for any confirmation email for this transaction and there are none, so I checked the spam folder and found tons of advertising messages from modlily that began coming a couple of days after this charge appeared. They were going to the SPAM folder on gmail as they should (Thanks for that Google!) but no message confirming a purchase.

Update, the merchant has posted comments on this thread 2 times asking for my order number to correct the issue, and I have replied 2 times reminding them that I never got an order number or any kind of receipt at all: only a recurring charge on my credit card so I provided them the reference number on my credit card statement and charge date and amount.

ModLily did not even deserve a 1 star but of course there was nothing lower. I ordered two swimsuits from this company (Modlily) that looked very sexy in the pictures. When I received them about 3 weeks later, the one swimsuit that has cutouts all over it and did not cover my breasts although the cut is a little lower on the model to make sure her breasts are covered. So that was the first thing (the swimsuit was a complete different cut). Now my second swimsuit is a tie up in the front, from the looks of their picture. When I got it, they sent two strings with the swimsuit and absolutely no instructions on how to lace it up. After contacting them back and forth with regards to how to return the items and get my money back. They send this message: "We are so sorry that our products fails to meet your satisfaction and you can return it back. But it is not worthwhile for you to return according our return policy, you should bear the shipping fee back, it is so expensive and you should wait a long time. As for the one you received, you really cannot wear them, we suggests giving others as a gift or selling them on line. You will sell them at good price. Thank you. How about we send you some compensation in your user center, you can use it next time. Pls advise. "

Please note this is their grammar/spelling, I typed exactly what they wrote.

This company is a scam and I am pursing a consumer lawsuit against them.

I saw all the reviews but really liked what I saw so I ordered it. It took SIX MONTHS to receive the item and I had to call many times to finally get it. ModLily said I would get it within a week, by next week, by the weekend... whatever. FINALLY, I called and they did send it out but it came from New Jersey! REALLY? So, why did it have to go through customs? Not only that, the return address said California but the zip code was New Jersey. Being the internet sleuth that I am, I tried every possibility on the planet to get their phone number but to no avail. The number I previously called had been disconnected. The shirt is of poor quality and does not fit. If they will not take it back, I am ready to file a claim with the government to shut them down. Anyone interested in starting a "class action" suit with me? If you want to buy from them, please know you might as well throw the money in the garbage. (Or send it to me... I'll buy stuff for the poor and give it to them!)

I ordered 2 swimsuits. After I Googled the company, and read all the negatives, I decided to cancel my order. I requested a cancellation within 24 hours of placing my order. ModLily sent a reply saying they were processing my order, again I requested cancellation. Then they told me it would take a little longer before they could ship my order. My reponse, CANCEL. Then they said it would cost $3.00 per item to cancel. Again, CANCEL! Next, they begged me not to cancel. And yet again, CANCEL. 16 days after placing my order I received a notification for shipment of my order. On day 19 they said my order was delivered. Well I didnt receive a thing. I would never order from them, nor recommend them. After further research, I found they go by several different names, all with negative reviews. I now warn people every chance I get. I also noted, that every reply from customer service, is a cookie cutter answer.

I have been negotiating with a Modlily Rep to receive a refund. I did receive half of it in the middle of June. Still waiting on the other half. I contact them daily. They offered to send me the refund transaction number which I am still waiting on. They have not responded to me in a week.


Update: Modlily is nothing but a SCAM and they are LIARS. They tell me they sent the refund. It's been months now and still no money. They keep telling me to recheck my account. I will never deal with ANY of these China based companies.

Cheap, poorly constructed clothing - Stay Away!
Despite the bad reviews, I've been tempted many times to order from one of the cheap online Chinese clothing companies because their styles are terrific. In a weak moment, I decided to give it a try and ordered a coat from Modlily, willing to wait the month or so that it takes to arrive from China. All I can say is, you get what you pay for. Unlike the softly draping material in the online photos, the coat material was a very cheap stiff fabric that stuck straight out. The buttons were different than in the picture, and three of the buttonholes were too small for the buttons to go through. There was a large gap between the two halves of the sweater collar, so it was impossible to button it without making the top of the coat bunch up. So the coat is not wearable, and it's not worth the hassle of trying to return it. I strongly recommend staying far away from this company. (Note that ModLily only allow positive reviews on their website. I tried to post an honest review, with photos, but it never appeared.)

ModLily is essentially a massive scam
I'm so sorry I didn't find this site before I ordered the coat. My experience was the same. The coat looked really cute in the photos. I ordered a Medium - it was more like a medium for super super petite people. Didn't fit across my back. Super short sleeves. It was still cute but it definitely wasn't really well made. So I emailed them - super sketchy. ModLily appears to be one person in China who emails in text-speak and plays games with you to avoid having to deal with returns - plus their website is so crappy, I could only see our history of messages half of the times I logged in. After a lot of pestering and threats, the person agreed to refund me if I handled the shipping to return my coat. It turned out shipping the coat back to China would cost $25 (half the value of the coat). Not to mention, there's no brand on the coat itself. I wouldn't call the company a scam if ModLily only sold their stuff making their sizing very clear and making it clear that returns are near impossible if you're ordering from the US.

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