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Your website is difficult to use
Your website is difficult to use. I had to put my order in 4 times before it took it correctly. I'm sure I was doing it correctly …. It kept defaulting to the wrong size iPad cover. Finally was able to get what I wanted. Also, we purchase a navy blue cover and it is beginning to split where it fold over. Thanks. Nathaniel Ritter

If I could I would give 0 stars
I bought a cover for iPhone October the 1 and I got it today November 18.
49 days. Outrageous!
Plus the shell containing the cover was already open and the inner soft lining of the cover detached.
35€ thrown out through the window.
So unprofessional.

Wow, super easy and well-reviewed products
Wow, super easy and well-reviewed products. I did a Google search for an all in one charger for apple products and Moderno popped up. Within 3 minutes, I have a beautiful and practical charger on order with all of my ordering details pre-populated through Shop Pay. Ah, thanks for making life easy!

Over priced retailer. Opened packaged. Color doesn't match picture
I'm not too happy with my purchase. 1. It came opened as you can see in my picture it came opened as you see it. So someone must've opened it and looked at it tried it before shipping it. 2nd the color doesn't match the picture at all it's supposed to be "Khaki" but it's way lighter like a beige cream color. I found practically the same thing on eBay for 9.99 shipped from China. So Moderno Collections must be buying from them at about that cost or less and charging $34.99 for this on their website and profiting at least $25 per case. It's clearly just a cheap case from China then they just add a zip lock bag with their company name on it and re sell it for a higher price. Next time I'll just buy my case from eBay and not a small retailer like this one.

Great customer Service and Great product
I am writing this because Moderno Collections have outstanding customer service and were able to assist me with my questions about their product. I purchased a sleek gray case for my iphone XR and it provided a wallet and enough room for a magnetic plate to have my phone stick on my dashboard. Thanks again for everything!

I already sent one email
I already sent one email. Your system kept inserting my apt number ( my billing address) into the frame of my shopping address which is a home! With no apt!
Please look into my shipping address and Remove the apt number at the house shipping address which is Incorrect. I want to avoid any confusion re delivery.
Not happy. I had to waste much time-- "change adress" - did not work. Started over trying two times to order- bad system. Poor! Rating and do not even have a product yet.

Arrogant customer service
Ordered leather iPad cover wrong size arrived (don't think it was what I ordered but of course I have no proof). Arrived with no invoice, company info or return address. After searching for typical order information gave up until I got email for feedback. Found customer service info thru links on email but according to them I was beyond the 30-day return period. No way for me to know since again no invoice, etc. it was however within the time limit or close. No way for them. I still don't know how far off I was, but I know it was days at the most. Now have a case for an iPad I don't own and am out $40. Don't bother.

Terrible Quality
I bought an iPad cover from Moderna and it lasted less than 70 days. Leather on the fold has already cracked and torn. Similar to another reviewer, Moderno Collections advised me that their warranty is only valid for 30 days. They did offer me a 40% discount if I was willing to replace it. Update. The Moderno representative wrote and reversed their decision. My money was refunded. Nice to see a company with integrity!

I am so shocked to see so many bad reviews!
I am so shocked to see so many bad reviews! My experience was great. I received my MacBook case within a week or so, it's study and greatly made. I had one dilemma on my part and when I reached out it was resolved quickly! I have nothing but good things to say. I'm absolutely happy with my purchase and the service.

I ordered an iPad cover
I ordered an iPad cover. You sent me the wrong item. I contacted you. You asked for pictures of wrong item and the the model number of my iPad. I sent pictures and gave you my iPad info. You responded by giving me the correct size iPad cover. However, when I received the new cover, it was not what you recommend... it was the original item I had ordered... confusing.
I have asked for a mailing label several times... still waiting. If I don't receive one soon, I will stop payment.

Received Wrong Item, Can't Get Customer Service to Respond
I ordered a case for my MacBook pro, 13" 2012-2015 series. I received a case that was meant for a 17" laptop. Inches too wide and deep. Clearly wrong. I contacted customer service. Moderno Collections insisted I send pictures to "prove" it was wrong, and "prove" I had a 13" macbook. I sent the pictures. No response in days. No way to contact this company.

P. O. S fake af
I am convinced this business is a near complete fake. It's a sort of store front for some one who imports items from an entirely separate place. I ordered a 13" laptop case and received one for a 15" mac book. The order took two or three weeks to arrive. I had a bad feeling from the start but this is ridiculous. The packaging doesn't bare a brand name. The case is made of hard plastic not rubber. I have asked for a full refund, but we'll see how that works out.

IPad cover
Got the wrong size cover. I need to return and get a refund, Moderno Collections refuse to give a refund instead they want to give me a gift card for next purchase. There will be no next purchase therefore I'm out of my money spend with them. I will report to with PayPal and try to get my money back, almost 40.00 USD.

Does not last even 12 months
Moderno promotes itself as a premium brand, but my charger failed in less than a year. You may as well purchase a cheap alternative since Moderno Collections are likely to last as long as Moderno. It was great while it worked, but it was a lot of money for ten months of charging. Not worth the money.

I purchased the same cover different color a few month...
I purchased the same cover different color a few month ago, I am very disappointed it is falling apart, fraying at the edges. It was advertised as leather but it is a cheep leather plastic product. I be happy to send you pictures.
Very unsatisfied customer.
I only ordered another one to get your company name and contact info.

This fake company
Do not order from this fake company! I ordered a IPad case from this company and Moderno Collections never sent me the product. The were quick to take the money off my card. I sent an email to the company the next day because I wanted to change the color. I did not get a response but after a week of trying to contact them the order on there website says that the order is still being packed. There is no contact number to talk to anyone. I lost 40 bucks. If you like giving people free money or better yet if you don't mind this company steeling from you then make a selection on there website and order something. If I ever one day get the IPad case I will update this. I have purchased another one from another website

Take my money, wait a week, tell me the items out of stock.
Perhaps the worst online shopping experience I've been through. From go Moderno Collections made the process difficult. I ordered one item (a laptop case). Day one to five: no shipping info. I shoot them an email asking about an eta (totally understandable that it's taking a while thanks to rona) and get a "we'll keep you informed" response. Almost two weeks go by from me giving them my money and finally an update: the item you ordered is out of stock. Cool, I gave up two days ago and got the charge reversed by my bank since the customer service reps must be at the very end of a long and convoluted info chain. Save some time and shop elsewhere.

Sent Wrong Product
Do you not buy anything from this company. Sent me the wrong item and would not even send me a shipping label to return the wrong item. I provided proof that I ordered a cover for iPad mini and curved a cover for iPad Pro. No offer of a discount for the inconvenience of having to return the wrong product and would not send the correct product until I returned the wrong item. As if this was not bad enough, the case is pretty bad quality. Not worth $40 at all. Complete joke. Stay far away.

Terrible Company
Save your time, money and frustration and do not order from them. I ordered 2 items from them - an ipad case and a screen cover. Only the screen cover arrived. I have contacted them 6 times now as to where my case is and have not had any response. Moderno Collections are an absolute scam.

Extremely poor quality
Less than six months after I got the case it fell apart. The edges of the case are not leather Moderno Collections are plastic and pealed away within months. The spine of the case completely deteriorated with in a few month. The case does not stand up well on its own. It is very poor quality. The price and color choice are what motivated me to buy the case but I regret it now. I called customer service and even sent pictures and they were not willing to do anything. I have no idea how this company stays in business. I regret buying such a poor quality product. Do not fall the pictures and description and pricing. This is not a quality product and you will regret the purchase

Received 11 days after ordering
Received 11 days after ordering. Product is without a doubt below average quality. At this price point quality could easily be better. Other cases I've purchased at this price point make this case look like a dollar tree item. On the bright side, it does fit my device. The apple pencil charges and the auto brightness works, so that's a relief. I wish the hand strap on the back was adjustable/made of better material. Would not recommend, would not buy again, but if you want a case for the iPad pro 11 2021 that has a hand strap on the back, this is one of the only options available on the market.

Replacement product
This was a replacement charger due to the original one having some technical errors. Customer service was quite helpful with trying to troubleshoot issues with my original purchase. When we realized we could not use it, Moderno Collections immediately mailed me a replacement product which is operating very well! Highly recommend this product!

I received a text this morning stating that " as a...
I received a text this morning stating that " as a VIP customer we want to make your Mother's Day shopping easy. Here is 20% off and free shipping sitewide. When I checked out there wasn't any 20% applied or any where to take advantage of this offer. Could you please fix this and apply the 20% discount? Thank you, Joe

Bright Green Lights at Night and Doesn't charge with Case on Phone
This thing only charged my watch to 84% after being on all night and I had to remove my phone case to charge it. Additionally, the bright green lights on the charger are extremely bright at night. Will be returning after only one use. Very disappointed.

Ordered 2 - one is great, the other won't stay connected.
One of the two charging stands I ordered works great for both my iPhone 11pro and my Apple watch Series 7. If I had to change anything, I'd have an option to dim the charging light as it's a bit bright for the nightstand.
The second charger will not stay securely connected to the power cord. I am trying to get this issue resolved with customer support now which is a little frustrating because Moderno Collections have asked me to send a video of the issue. That is difficult to do since I don't have 3 hands and it is a somewhat intermittent issue (it plugs in but then becomes loose). I will update this review if the issue is resolved.

I was surprised that it remembered my payment info...
I was surprised that it remembered my payment info from a different site. A little sketch in a way. I wish it showed how it got that info, but I presume it is through an application by google. Would be better to have that discretion, however the process made it painless.

Terrible Company
I ordered an item on 12/3/20 hoping to have it in time for Christmas, but when I hadn't heard anything for weeks, I emailed on 12/17/20 inquiring about my order, then miraculously it was "ready" to be shipped. Now I won't receive this in time, and when I inquired about why it took so long to ship I kept getting robo answers, no apology whatsoever. There is no excuse unless you are simply just a terrible business, to delay shipping a non custom item, that was probably made in China anyway for 3 weeks! I realize the post is held up tight now, but seriously 3 weeks just to put it in the mail! All of my other orders I placed after this one are here in my house right now. I wish I had read these reviews first, I would of never bought from them. I would highly recommend to never do business with this company. Stay away unless you want some grief in your life!

Manufacturer does not stand behind their products.
Manufacturer does not stand behind their products. Cheap merchandise and poor return policy. I bought my daughter an Apple watch band and it broke two weeks later. We paid for it to be fixed but then it tarnished a week later. No returns, no store credit, no refunds after 14 days. Not sure what Moderno Collections do if it's before 14 days, they probably have some sort of scam going on.

I received my Rotatable MagSafe wireless fast charger...
I received my Rotatable MagSafe wireless fast charger today. It took a while to receive it. I had some concerns about ordering it because it said it was only for the iPhone 12 series. However, I knew the iPhone 13 Pro was coming out on September 24, which it did and I purchased it. Therefore I got online with the people from Moderna and typed The technician live and asked him if the charger would be compatible with the new upcoming September 24 iPhone 13 pro model. And he said Moderno Collections would be compatible. I already knew that the new iPhone 13 Pro would be considerably heavier and have a smooth surface. When I purchased the unit because I did all I could do by asking the professional who miss guided me. They sent me an email informing me it would be compatible. Compatible? Not hardly. You cannot view YouTube or any thing in the horizontal orientation, because the new iPhone 13 Pro is heavier and will not remain on the charger as it slides off, either in a case or alone without the case. On top of that the fast charger has a larger footprint than just the battery inside it, therefore not aligning properly, and rides on top of the camera housing and lens. I ordered mini items for my new iPhone 13 Pro and have been happy with ALL INCLUDING delivery and the product itself, but NOT This Moderna rotatable wireless MagSafe fast charger. So disappointing after paying such a high premium for such a product! I wanted to like it, and I tried every way I could, but it is extremely depressing and disappointing to receive something that doesn't work after asking the professional technician for his advice. I am now apprehensive and skeptical to refer any of the many people asking me about the charger. I don't think Moderna took into consideration the new design with the cameras, and the new additional weight of the iPhone 13 PRO. Not to mention the technician was not thoroughly informed with all the literature and all the information out about the additional weight and new dimensions of the camera lens on the iPhone 13 Pro from the previous models, or he would not have advised me that it was compatible.

I found the order process easy
I found the order process easy. However, I provided my email information to receive 10% off my first order but no code appeared. If the quality of the cover is as reviewers rate it, the price I paid is still a great buy. Looking forward to the iPad cover.

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