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Mia Belle Girls

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Cute items, never had any problems!
I really enjoy everything I've bought from this company. It clearly says when you scroll down under the items that estimated shipping time is 28-30 days. The outfit sets are adorable! Now, I will say if you're ordering thinking it's an outfit that's going to be handed down to your 3 other girls- eh, no. That being said wash on delicate and don't shove stuff in the dryer that is 100% cotton and you'll be fine. As for the fit, always go up a size or two based on how the item looks cut. Loose and flowy, 1 size, more form fitting 2 sizes.

Horrible customer service.

I ordered shoes for my daughter. Mia Belle Girls took over a month to arrive and were three sizes too small. When I reached out to the company, I was told I would have to wait for a review team to consider my return. 5 days later I was told they sent the wrong size, if I sent them back and the return process could begin once they arrived. Because of the long shipping process, I asked if they could please ship out the correct order immediately, so that I would not have to wait until the end of July/August to receive a product I ordered in April. I was told no. I was really excited about the shoes, but left very disappointed with the customer service.


Worst company ever!
This company is the worst! I ordered my daughters Halloween costume on October 2nd. It was supposed to be delivered on October 12th. Every week I emailed them to ask for shipping updates, and every week someone told me "it's shipping this week". Today is October 26th, only 5 days til Halloween, and Mia Belle Girls finally reached out to me and told me that her costume won't be here in time. Thank goodness I found her a back up costume when I started to feel like I was being jerked around. I asked for a refund but they refuse to give me one. Don't waste your time or money here.

The absolute worst. 0 Stars --- DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM HERE
Do not buy anything from this poor excuse of a company. I ordered a pair of sandals for my daughter for Valentines day back in January, Mia Belle Girls finally arrived the middle of March. The shoes were extremely small, definitely not true to size, so I sent them back. Well it's June now and we still don't have any shoes and they will not respond to any of my inquiries. Its absolutely unacceptable and ridiculous. I honestly don't know how they haven't been shut down, they sit on a throne of lies.

Never received order, was lied to about refund.
DO NOT order from this company! I placed an order for masks, was told twice that Mia Belle Girls were backed up and so sorry about it. After waiting for one month, I decided to cancel my order. I was told I would receive a refund within 3-5 business days. I waited 8 days, still no refund. I reached out again, and was LIED TO! They told me that refunded my money back to my bank account on May 2. Two problems with this... One: I paid by CC, so they didn't have my bank account information, and Two: I didn't request my refund until May 10... so how did they "refund" on May 2. This is a huge disappointment, and now in the middle of a pandemic, I have to try to work this out with my bank to get my money back. Unacceptable business and customer service. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!

TERRIBLE customer service, slow shipping
We ordered a Halloween costume on 9/13 guaranteed to arrive by Halloween. Mia Belle did not ship my item until 10/24 after I filed a case w PayPal for a refund because Mia Belle Girls would not answer my emails or provide me w tracking information. The costume came the day of Halloween (we needed it the night before so it was useless to us) and it came without the crown it was supposed to have. Mia Belle of course did not reply. I now have a 53.00 Elsa dress- that is now 31.00 on their site- that we will never wear. Thanks, Mia Belle- yall suck!

Deceiving the public
I find it very interesting that many of sets are now $14.99 after Thanksgiving that have been running originally $39.99 and in the $42.00 range during the season in which Mia Belle Girls could actually be worn. I would have loved to order many of these "Fall" sets for my niece as she is born in September and I typically send 5-6 outfits. I receive emails from you all the time, go to your site, and it's the same thing. Nothing in season is ever a normal price. Toddlers just don't wear clothes long enough to spend almost $50.00 on 1 outfit made overseas. Especially when you are doing business with Zulily too. The same outfits are lower prices on Zulily and listed as Mia Bella Girls on Zulily. Everything ordered from Mia Bella seems to always be out of stock on the outfits that are age appropriate. The outfits are definitely not worth $39.99 to $50.00 range. Most are made overseas and run small. My niece is petite and I have to order a size up. Further, today, I clicked on numerous items that are NOT about "Fall and Pumpkins" and of course OUT OF STOCK. Tough to really promote a black Friday sale when people don't want or need outfits with pumpkins and leaves right now to give as gifts for the holidays. The outfits that are the same manufacturer that do not have pumpkins and leaves are still $39.00 to $50.00. Very disappointed with the customer service response. I buy my nieces the nicest clothes for their birthdays and Christmas. When I saw their outfits with pumpkins and leaves go from $39.00 to $14.99 on Black Friday, I said, I reached out to them and expressed myself. They don't care that they are not running a pre-Christmas sale. You can find the stuff they sell on Amazon and Zulily and several other sites for way less. They are advertising as if they are a boutique and unique. They are not.

I wish there was a NO STAR option! Never order from Mia Belle Baby EVER!
No one ever order from Mia Belle Baby EVER! I ordered (two separate orders) four dresses a month and a half before Easter. Easter came and went (no dresses). I emailed them that I wanted to cancel since I had no dresses, and still NO tracking numbers. I received an email back stating that their descriptions plainly stated that items took 21-25 days. I responded back that it had been 45 and still no tracking number, so to cancel my order. To which Mia Belle Girls responded, I couldn't cancel as my items would be delivered that Friday, but they would give me a 20% refund. Received my items two weeks later, still no refund. Emailed them about never receiving a refund after almost another month, and today I actually received a refund on the order that had the ONE DRESS, but not the one that had THREE DRESSES! How convenient. I will NEVER order from them again EVER. Not smart, as I have 11 grandkids and spend a lot on things for them.

Impressed from fast delivery
I am very much impressed by the delivery service of Mia Belle baby which sends my parcel on time and doesn't give a single chance for complaints. I am a shopaholic person and buy a lot of dresses online but really don't get complete satisfaction before. Now, am proudly say that online shopping is worth it if there are more trustworthy stores like Mia Belle Baby. A big thanks for user-friendly service.

Terrible customer service, still havent received product
I Bought outfits for valentines day for Valentines Photos. The hats never came. I had to pay for them from another company. I just got an email saying the hats are on the way. Its March 11, LOL! I asked for a refund and Mia Belle Girls are offering me 20% back? The emails I get aren't even from real people. They are pre-written standard emails. I will never buy from here again or recommend this place to my clients. I am a children's photographer so they would have had a lot of customers. Terrible company.

Never received items
I ordered a pair of slides for my daughter in the middle of July so towards the end of aug when I still hadn't received them I asked for a refund because Mia Belle Girls will be of no use if I ever did receive them. They ask could I wait 30 MORE DAYS! Um no so I told them I'll just do an exchange and I ordered a Halloween costume September 22 today is October 16 and I feel in my heart after reading the reviews that I will not receive the costume by Halloween. This company will never get another penny from me.

Month later still no dress
I really never write reviews because you never know if the company was just having a bad day or going through a hard time. I ordered a dress for my daughter for her daddy daughter dance. When I ordered it said it will take 2-4 days to ship. It's been a month and the dance is over and I still haven't received my dress. I tried to contact them to cancel my order but Mia Belle Girls said they can't because it already processed but still hasn't shipped. That was a week ago and still haven't received a dress. Wish they would just refund my money at this point.

Trying to find out why I have not received my order yet
I have contacted Mia Belle Baby several times to ask where my order is! Mia Belle Girls assured me I would receive it at the latest 21 days! It has been over 30 days now, and I have sent emails because I still have not received a tracking number to track my package! No reply on any of my emails and they blocked me! I deal with several children's clothing companies and have never encountered this problem before! Extremely Disappointed In their customer service! So if you don't mind no contact with the customer service, when you have a problem with your order, then order away! If you don't mind an extreme wait on your package, then order away! I highly suggest shopping else where!

Do not trust this retailer! One star is too generous
If I had an option to give zero stars I would. Mia Belle Girls failed to deliver my daughters Halloween costume as promised by October 31st. They never contacted to tell me it was not coming on time. I found this out two days before Halloween. It is very difficult to get in touch with this company. They do not respond to email. They have no phone number to call. The only call I received was after I filed a complaint with the better business bureau and mia belle wanted me to report that they had settled the issue. They did offer to refund me my money. I would never do business with this company again

Awful service
DO NOT SHOP HERE. It's a waste of time and money. I ordered a dress for my daughters Birthday on this website. I ordered it on May 12, it's currently June 18. And the dress has not arrived! The dress is needless to say Late. I have been emailing customer service for a refund and Mia Belle Girls do not acknowledge my request. All they do is send me tracking information. I was trying to get them to provide me instructions on the return process so once it does arrive I can return it. I don't want the dress anymore I had to go buy my daughter another dress since it didn't arrive on time for her June 15th birthday photos. Shipping takes over a month. They shipped the dress may 30th. Everything comes from China.

Love this clothing store
Mia Belle Baby is so easy to shop with. The sizing is accurate about 90% of the time and Mia Belle Girls use an intuitive sizing option (based on your previous purchases, and how the clothing items fit). The prices are very competitive and there are regular sales and reductions. I also love being able to wear clothes that no one else in town stocks. The next best thing is that items are delivered on time and returns are free and easy. Love it!

Would not Recommend
I ordered a pair of shoes based on their sizing chart and on the size my daughter wears. When i received the shoes Mia Belle Girls were significantly smaller than the size my daughter wears. When i brought this to their attention they informed me that i must be wrong as their sizing is always correct. Originally i asked to exchange for the right size and after this response asked to return. I'd rather not buy from a company with inaccurate sizing and who blames the customer. I was informed that I would only receive store credit. Awful customer service. Be careful of their sizing.

Damn Good
Ohh My God, it'd damn cute! It fits my 4 years old daughter perfectly! The dress flares out around the skirt. The dress looks exactly the same in the top area as well. I guess it was not so expensive. When I got the dress and tried it on my daughter, I find the cost quite worthwhile. The dress was outstanding in terms of design and fabric. The only reason I did not give this dress a perfect 5 stars is because its too dark color. But the high quality of the dress has made it 100% perfect.

I am not one to write a bad review for a company, but this company has just awful customer service! I ordered two matching dresses for my daughter and I, plus two matching bathing suits. I received the dresses a month after I ordered them, and Mia Belle Girls didn't look like the photos, and the fit was terrible. The sizes were bigger than described in the photo, and I asked for a refund, they refuse! They took weeks to respond back to my email, then when I emailed again regarding my bathing suit order that I still hadn't received, they didn't get back to me until weeks later! They refuse to give me a refund, and I had sent the dresses back a month ago now. I just barely received the bathing suits after two months! I spent 140 dollars at this place, and they refuse to give me my money back for clothes that fit nothing like the description! I was a first time customer here, and they lost my business for good. This is not how you treat your customers who spend hundreds of dollars on your items! DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE!

Great company with quality product
I'm shocked by the number of negative reviews for Mia Belle Baby Online... I've had a totally opposite experience with this company.
I have nine - yes 9 - grandchildren and often send baby gifts. My "go to" gift for a new baby is a year of outfits - one in each age size - for the newbie. The items usually ship within a few days and I've only once had a delivery issue. This is a great company with quality products at very reasonable prices. I'll certainly continue to order from and be a Mia Belle Baby fan!


I ordered 2 separate orders in November that were going to be for our Christmas pictures as of 12/24/19 I have not received either order. The orders had shipping labels made to generate a tracking number on November 29th & November 30th but the orders have not left the warehouse yet. I have emailed them several times and Mia Belle Girls have a different story every time and refuse to refund my money. I reached out to BBB and got a return email that the business closed and there was nothing they could do for me unless I could find the address of where they are doing business now. I also read the reviews on the BBB website after making the purchases. I was shocked at all the people having the same issues I am having and wished I would have done research before getting scammed.


Took OVER a month to receive my daughters Halloween costume and when it finally arrived it had three holes in it! Donna from customer service is no help. Save your money and order something that is actually made in America!

AND if you HAVE had a negative experience, PLEASE contact The better Business bureau! These people don't deserve to be in business only to continue to rip people off!

High quality designer dresses
My family members are loyal Mia Belle Baby customers, thanks to the reliable shopping services of the online boutique. All girls in the family love to get dresses from the store as the store deals in unique designer dresses at cost-effective prices. It is easy to explore the online store and order the dresses. Apart from that, the store's delivery and customer support services are really good.

Earlier, we tried buying dresses from a nearby store when we wanted dresses on the same day. But Mia Belle Girls never matched the quality and richness that Mia Belle Baby dresses have. Now, we make sure that all the girls in the house get dresses from the online store.

It is all because the store has always delivered high-quality designer dresses. Plus, their delivery services were never late. I would like to recommend the store to all those who want designer dresses online without spending a huge amount of money on them.

Buyer Beware
For starters, this company deletes and/or fails to post ANY negative reviews of their brand or store on either their Facebook page or their website. In hindsight, I suppose this should have been a huge red flag to me prior to purchasing anything from them. Unfortunately, I just took said lack of negative reviews to mean that Mia Belle Girls offered products and services that were simply a cut above the rest. I've never been so wrong before...

In any case, here's the story of my first (and last) experience with this terrible company. On October 13, I ordered a Halloween costume and tiara for my daughter off of their beautiful, flashy website. Based upon the photos, and the stellar reviews of the products, I thought I was getting a real bargain; a quality costume at a great value that she would not only adore but also be able to wear for many months to come. I ordered it with confidence and an assurance from Mia Belle that it would have guaranteed delivery prior to Halloween.

Fast forward a couple of weeks to October 25th/26th. After seeing a measly two updates to the shipping status of my package (the most recent of which was the 21st of October and indicated the package was still in China), I reached out to the company. In order to cover all my bases, I left voicemails and sent emails to them that week, all of which went unreturned. This past Monday, two days prior to Halloween, I called and left another message which also never received a response. Finally, on Tuesday, I called and was able to speak to a live person (what a concept!). She acted a bit confused and unsure when I asked about the status of my order, and took down my name and number to call back once she was able to find something out from the warehouse. Which of course, never happened either. I then reached out via IM on their website and spoke with yet another person, who informed me that the order was in transit but would definitely arrive after Halloween.

Let me make this abundantly clear - this is the day before Halloween, and I was able to find out only by reaching out to them myself over several days and several different communication channels that my daughter's dream costume wasn't going to arrive on time. No courtesy email or call from them a week ahead of time; no communication initiative from them whatsoever regarding the delay. This is not what I would call good customer service in ANY sense of the word.

About the only positive part of the whole experience was that they did agree to refund the dress back to my card. But only the dress, mind you - not the tiara that was ordered at the same time (and also not received in time for the holiday) because that was just an accessory and not part of the "costume" itself. Give me a break!

As far as the quality of the costume ordered, I have no way of attesting to that since I never actually received it, and I'm sure never will. However, since Tuesday, I've read enough reviews regarding quality/craftsmanship concerns there to raise several red flags as well.

Please, I implore you, if you are considering ordering from this company, take the time to do your research above and beyond their website and Facebook page. As mentioned before, they HEAVILY censor what is posted in the comments and reviews on both of these forums to cast the company in a falsely positive light. I hope I've given some perspective of what the other side of doing business with them is like.

Poor quality and terrible customer service
I ordered two flower girl dresses that looked beautiful online. I received them 20 days later and was very disappointed in the quality and I received the incorrect sizes. The beading was coming off the dress. When I contacted Customer Service, after several emails and sending pictures I finally received approval to return the item. After Mia Belle Girls received the return items, they refused to refund my card and said I could only have a store credit. This went back and forth for days. I will never order from this company again.

Don't Trust This Seller!
Ordered this item on 10/13, having read the banner on the website "Order by Oct 15 for delivery by Halloween".

I began to get a little nervous when I couldn't get any shipping information from the order confirmation email. I called the defunct GoigleVoice number and emailed their website for days without any response. I finally got a hold of someone on Thurs 10/25 who promised delivery on Saturday.

No delivery Saturday. Called 1st thing Mon 10/29, to be told Mia Belle Girls were out of stock! TWO DAYS before Halloween! The lady wasn't even sorry, sounded like she was zonked our on something.

Bottom line: don't buy from this woman. She has a beautiful website, but she cannot deliver the items pictured.

BUYERS BEWARE - You may not get your items. They keep you Money!
BUYERS BEWARE - You may not get your items. Mia Belle Girls keep you Money!

Ordered 2 outfits - After weeks we got an email saying only 1 would be fulfilled and the other we won't get. They gave us store credit and won't give our money back. They came up with some Excuse trying to get us to switch to some other outfit we don't want.




So disappointed
I am so disappointed in this company. I ordered a Halloween costume for my daughter in September. When I ordered it there was no mention that this item was not immediately available. A week after I ordered it I received an email that it hadn't even shipped yet and Mia Belle Girls were having trouble getting this item in stock but I would have it in plenty of time for Halloween. I asked them to cancel the order as we had fall events before actual Halloween that we would be needing a costume for. They refused to cancel the order. I had to buy another costume for my daughter and we are currently five days from Halloween and still no costume. I did receive an email I should have it by next week two days before Halloween -very disappointed that this company could not work with me as a customer once they said the costume would take a month to arrive. I will never buy from this company again.

Beware. Do not buy from Mia Belle Baby
Please do not buy/purchase from this company. Poor quality and late delivery.
1) Costume did not come in as pictured on website. The costume is made of poor quality material, not the same color and you can see through the fabric :(. The sizing is also so much smaller than what is labeled at 150 cm. She is nine year old, petite frame, and it should've been loose on her. It fit her oddly and it was tight. It was so ugly that I wouldn't donate this thing to anyone. 2) I ended up buying another costume as this product came in late. It said it was to deliver in 15 days and I received an email on the Sept 19 that it was on its way. I reached out to the company 11 days after ordered and expressed my concern via email that I needed this product by October 4th and all of sudden the status conveniently turned into processing at warehouse in China. Of course Mia Belle Girls gave me the run around that it takes 18-21 business days and it was in the description and since it is now processing that they couldn't do anything to stop it. The product page for this particular costume said it would be delivered in 15 days as I was very careful to make sure it would come in in time for a photo shoot. Then with all of my complaints, the product page was conveniently removed from their site and I reached out to them to inquire and they stated it was taken down because it became sold out due to it it being one of their most popular items. I don't think so. I told them that they're not a good company and that I'll be reporting this company to the Better Business Bureau and to my credit card company. I do not normally do reviews but I thought it was important to let others know to stay clear away from them.

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