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Pathetic Customer service
I bought a vinyl fence June 20, I finally got it after 5 weeks and it came damaged. It was sent back and it finally came after 6 weeks. This time the gate was damaged. Menards did on the 7th week drop off a new gate. Mind you I mailed in the rebate form on 6/22. Yet today we are at August 6th and they have "no record" of it. How does this happen? Could it be because Menards is antiquated and make you cut things out like you're in kindergarten and then fill it out and mail it to WI? This is exactly how people NEVER see their rebate money. I had been dealing with a district manager Josh out of the Morse Rd Columbus store who now has buried his head in the sand and no longer responds either. Good job Menards. If your District Mangers don't respect your customers, why should any of the hourly associates. If you have a local Lowe's or Home Depot, go there. Save yourself the bullsh*t.

It won't allow me to go below 1. Or I would

Manager locked us in the property and called police for not wearing a mask at back curbside gate!
Total discrimination. They've lost my business for life. My company has been a customer of Menards for over 5 years and we've spent upwards of $100,000 over that course of time on building materials, etc. The quality of products (particularly lumber) has always been pretty subpar, but we deal with it to 'shop local'. However, a recent experience with one of their managers, Mike Likes, was without question THE WORST EXPERIENCE I've EVER had at any store ever.

My partner and I have a legal exemption to face coverings under Section 8(a) of MN EO 20-81, and since Menards is so discriminatory against this, I must pay extra to have orders brought to the back gate. However, on their website, there is no way to apply a business's tax-exempt code. So, we placed our order over the phone (and informed Mike of our mask exemption and that we would not be able to wear a mask) and were told by Mike that when we came to pick it up, we would need to come in to the desk at the back gate and show ID to prove identity with regard to the tax-exempt code. When we arrived we were directed by staff to go in to the back counter to talk to Mike.

Immediately upon arrival, Mike rudely and AGGRESSIVELY rushed us and demanded we put on a mask as he pulled masks from his pocket. Before we could even explain that we had just spoken to him on the phone and were instructed to come to the desk, he very hostily told us to leave and not return. He pretended that he had no idea what we were there for and acted like we had not JUST spoken on the phone.

We calmly told him why we were there and that we needed to get the items we paid for before we could leave. His next step was to call 911!
Within 45 seconds of being there, he had already called the police! Totally insane!
He then told us to walk through the store to the front, even though we weren't wearing masks, contradicting his own policy. To which we declined.
We were taken aback by his aggression and wildly offensive behavior and asked for the order so we could leave. He continued to escalate the situation so we asked for the name of his superior, which he refused to give. We told him we'd be in touch with corporate, that he just lost our business, and proceeded to leave. He became increasingly enraged.

But wait, it gets MUCH WORSE. As we were leaving, Mike rushed out after us, taking photos of our truck. He then ordered the nice girl at the gate to close and lock the gate to prevent us from leaving the property that he just told us to leave. HE LOCKED US IN! Along with a line of about 3 or 4 other vehicles trying to leave!
According to one of the 4 officers that eventually showed up, Mike apparently told them that we had threatened to break down the gate! Which we most certainly said no such thing. We are local business owners and wouldn't dream of conducting ourselves in such a way! Because of Mike's falsification of facts, the police sped in and approached us very aggressively until Menards realized it was just us.

Mike not only treated us terribly but put his employees and other customers in danger with his immature, aggressive, reckless behavior. Had Mike acted this way with someone half as crazy as him, or made fabricated claims of threats to trigger-happy police the way he lied to our local police (who, thankfully, are responsible officers) that situation could have ended very badly. I am still completely flabbergasted by the experience and blown away that Menards would find it acceptable to endanger the safety of employees and customers over discriminatory, pseudoscientific, logic-less policies.

As a result of this experience, Home Depot has just earned our $1500 expenditure for the supplies we came to Menards for. If this was my business, Mike would be terminated immediately. Many other contractors we work with have also had very poor things to say about Menards and Mike in particular, and say they shop elsewhere when possible. We will NEVER shop here again. Menards might want to get ahold of their unhinged and potentially dangerous manager, as more and more people continue to take their business out of town.

Boycott Menards. Give small, local hardware stores your business whenever possible.

I'm okay with mandatory mask wearing... but please drop the attitude.
I don't mind mandatory mask wearing although I feel Menards is exploiting the situation by not selling at cost since Menards are the ones forcing the policy. What I do mind is them posting a security guard inside the entrance to intimidate customers not wearing a mask. I walked through the front door without a mask with the expectation of making a beeline to the returns counter to buy one, and watched a very big rent-a-cop glaring at me as if I were a criminal. It was intimidating and unnecessary. If Menards wants to attract and retain customers, my advice would be to give customers friendly directions rather than acting like you're ready to taze them. Right?

Sold items to someone else
I bought a playset from the Menards in Chesterfield, Michigan. I got a wierd receipt and it said within 24hrs the shipping department would confirm. Well thay never happened so i e-mailed them several times with no response. So i called thought it was figured out. Then Menards day befote delivery they called me and told me they dont have it. She said it was a returned item that they don't carry and it was gone. First of all why would you sell a returned item online as new? Secondly if they would have done what i asked i would have saved time and money. So i got upset and they told me they could either "RIG" something up, or get a refund. When i asked for a diacount they said they would call back vut never did. They do not care about there customers at all. The people at Menards are all the people thay arent smart enough to work at Lowes or Home Depot. When they refunded me they also tried to not refund my shipping costs as well.

Lastly, Menards in Chesterfield, MI received a cease to desist order for price gouging during the pandemic.

BS sales and insanely bad rebates
Don't bother! Menards lure you with 11% off being advertised. It's a gimmick. The rebate is not money back, it's an in store credit which you wont receive for so long it's ridiculous and may as well be never. It's a scam to get you kept inside the company store. I purchased almost $2k of goods for phase 1 of my flooring project around the 1st of July, sent in my rebate forms and it's now mid September and zip, zero, bupkis. I was expecting to apply rebates to phase 2 of my project. I don't expect good service for the rebates on the hundreds of additional dollars I spent there after that. If you're a vet like me, you're better off to shop Lowes and receive a REAL 10% off and REAL sale prices. Too bad, I was a new Menards customer and kinda liked the store. In addition, I received HORRIBLE customer service when I went to a location on Van Dyke in Warren, Michigan. Later, Menards! You've lost me and my family members.

Don't buy Magick Wood Elements from Menards!
Don't buy Magick Wood Elements from Menards!
We ordered a 48 inch vanity through Menards on Feb. 1 from the company Magick Woods Elements Ashwell 48"Wx21"D Gray Bathroom Vanity Cabinet. It was supposed to be delivered Feb. 18. Feb. 18 came and went, and my husband called Menards every day after asking when it will be delivered. There was a point person who finally got in touch with Magick Woods only for them to tell us Menards would ship it March 10. This means it wasn't even assembled! March 10 came and still no vanity. We finally cancelled our order! Beware of Magick Woods Elements provided by Menards. Menards should hold the company's they source from, to standards. No customer should have their whole timeline skewed because a company Menards sells, doesn't bother to even make and send the product.

Customer service indifferent
Menards customer service isn't... it is indifferent\unresponsive, inept, unskilled or untrained, innocently or intentionally. I've searched the web and read other reviews of Menards which are unfavorable and now I can support and add my views & experience. Frankly, my voice will be merely one from the chorus BBB reviewed Menards and Menards earned and F' from BBB with this prevalent comment: The business responded to the dispute but failed to make a good faith effort to resolve it.
I'd summarize their service or lack thereof as "institutional indifference" combined with a lack of familiarity with products and service. Staff of Menards hardware, Hardware Associate Buyer, Menard, Inc. as well as Menards "guest services" is unwilling or unable to write a reply to written requests, form a response or simply acknowledge a written contact in a business-like fashion; i. E., indifference and simply unresponsiveness, either intentionally or innocently.
My dispute? Trying to get what I paid for, the product was shorted on contents, not all parts and pieces were included in my shelving unit. I started trying to get replacements 10 days ago but the supplier was and is the wrong supplier Menards referred me to and Menards has not answered me at all despite cc of 14 email exchanges with the supplier the wrong supplier and two hard copy letters to Eau Claire corporate offices.

"Save Big Money at Menards" is because Menards don't spend it on service representatives or customer service.

I'm a simple customer with a simple problem that Menards has botched so badly Menards picture should be next to the Urban Dictionary definition of FUBAR.

I went to Menards in May because my siding faded for...
I went to Menards in May because my siding faded for the second time in 5 years. The manager indicated he was more than happy to help. Four months later, the manger has done nothing to help us with the issue with the manufacturer. Last night, I stopped in to see if the manager had any more information. He "went off" on me. He indicated that it is not his job to help the customer with this type of problem, he yelled and walked away from me. It was the most unbelievable interaction I have ever had with anyone. He was rude to me and my wife who tried to tell him we were just looking for help from a company we normally love to do business with and normally have good experiences with. This experience was the very worst customer service I have ever received. The manager also indicated that I shoudl talk to their customer service area. When I tried that phone number, it just loops you around in a circle. After listening to many prompts, it finally told me I needed to write a letter. Is Menards afraid to talk to their customers?

Terrible customer service
Better hope that you don't have any issues with your online Menards order because you will never be able to talk to a person about it. There customer service line just refers you to more online documents or the email help service which never responds to you. I had a very simple request request that only required a brief email from them to allow me to pick-up a delivery at a shipping terminal instead of waiting 2 days to have it delivered to my house and Menards couldn't manage to help me out. Others have already posted about the 11% rebate which turns out to be store credit after a convoluted process of printing and snail mailing. First and last time I use these guys.

Shouldnt get any stars. I have placed an order a month in advance. Only part of the order has been shipped, nothing has been updated, and there is no expected delivery date for the rest because Menards lost it. I have been working on getting this resolved for at least 3 weeks and now have no faith in Menard's credibility. The customer service representative I spoke to was also extremely rude and no help at all. I'm never ordering anything from them again, they don't deserve to stay in business as this is not the first time this has happened. They might as well close the online option. Go to ace hardware or another smaller business that will actually care.

The first time I ordered something from Menards for a project I ordered 300 retaining wall blocks online. Menards called and e-mailed a delivery date. I drove 2 hours to the site and they never showed, NO CALL NO SHOW, NOTHING, I sat there all day.

I finally called that night and they gave some bull story and tried to reschedule next week. I asked for some kind of discount for the inconvenience, like free delivery ($120) they gave nothing, did nothing, not even a sorry for the inconvenience!. So I cancelled the order and never used Menards again.

HOME DEPOT AND LOWES, pay a little extra for the service- it's worth it. Worst construction store I have ever gone to. I am a professional contractor and a master carpenter for over 20 years and have never experienced something like that, EVER.

Absolutely zero customer service. Just wow. Zero stars if I could.

These people are the worst to do business with. If giving 0 stars was possible, that is what I would choose. If you are placing an online order with them, STOP! There is no phone number to contact customer service for online orders! (That was clue #1 that I was dealing with scammers). I placed an online order with them on a Saturday evening at 5 PM. I changed my mind the next morning after realizing that what I ordered was junk. I had to send emails to TRY to cancel my order. Menards told me they were unable to cancel the order because it had already shipped! COMPLETE LIE! One part of the order was to ship Fed Ex and they had not received to items yet; the other portion was to ship USPS - can anyone tell me of a USPS that is open on the weekends? No, because they are not. They would not refund my order so I filed a claim with my bank, I reported them to the BBB and Consumer Affairs. Trust me, this place is a joke and a scam.

Good electric heater/stove; bad service
I purchased the Dimplex DS5629GB electric heater/stove from Menards online for a great price (well at least initially). At the time the closest Menards did NOT carry the stove. The stove works great but had some structure and cosmetic issues; there was light showing on the wall behind the unit near the bottom which seemed to be due to the heater assembly cover not being flush with the underside of the stove which is not suppose to be like that. Also, the glossy black finish was compromised with scuff marks on the top! I called Dimplex who informed me to return it to the store. I contacted Menards online and i was informed to contact the store for and exchange or return. I did so. I exchanged the 2 and returned home with the replacement. I unpacked it and noticed the serious damage to one corner! What is Menards selling people! Damaged products? YES Menards ARE! I went back and took the first back! The personnel were nice enough. ( i did call the store once to see if there was 1 of these stoves but that didn't go over well either.The employee said, " i am downstairs and i would have to go all the way upstairs to see..." Would not that be her job to go; i don't need her to tell me that it would be a burden for her!)
Anyway, in the long run i drove 3 - 70 mile round trips which probably increased the total price! Not a good deal after all.
Several years ago i did buy some material at Menards when they offered 11% thinking i would save money but the 11% is only a coupon or check only good at Menards. That should have stopped me from going back but... NEVER again!
I gave 2 stars because the heater works nicely.

Scam 11% rebate
I've shopped menards several times and was told I could get an 11% rebate if I fill out and return their rebate form. This is a scam Menards out source this rebate to a company that does not fulfill there promo then if you even photocopy this form and eventually get someone to help u they say that it was lost misplaced or not received they assure u that they are taking care of this matter for u but only do so to satisfy your displeasure with this scam actually they don't even do this Guss what still no rebate this is not the place u should shop for any needs there are other places to shop Home Depot and lows are a lot more consumer friendly they don't lie to u to get u to shop their stores they both offer on the spot discounts and have many helpful employees on the floor to help u find what u need. Thanks menards but no thanks you lie Too and cheat your customers I'm good but I won't b setting foot in any of your stores under any circumstances ever and if u come up in conversation I will tell the truth your stores suck wish u could disappear like Kmart and toys r us u wouldn't b missed by me that's for shure

Deceptive advertising.
I ordered a bathroom vanity on-line. Menards advertised a good price and a nice rebate of $80. What you don't know is, you get the rebate AFTER you pay and it's really a gift card towards an in-store purchase. Since I live in the next state, I can never use it. Also, after I paid, I was advised there was a $197 trucking fee. So, I had to pay that as well. When the cabinet arrived, the delivery guy said we should have paid extra to have it brought into the house. (A service I was never advised of), and he left the 300+lb. Vanity outside for my son to bring in the house.
Then, we discovered that one of the legs is substantially shorter than the other three- so I have to get a carpenter to fix it. I wish I could rate them with minus stars. This is really the worst company I have ever purchased from.

Bad customer service.
Looking for a portable a/c unit. Found a GE model on, told it was available on line but not in store. Ordered and paid for it. Close to two weeks later still not delivered, told delays in shipping due to riots. Finally got delivery, but we got a totally different brand, not the GE we ordered. And the brand Menards delivered was much cheaper than the GE. Also, were told the unit they delivered could have been picked up, in the store, so the freight we paid was a total rip off. We paid freight for something we could have gotten in the store. I figure we should get a refund for about 80.00. As soon as we received the wrong a/c we went to the store with all our paperwork and was told we needed to deal with, would not help at the store. Since the, I have sent emails (told to do that) 3 times now and it's been almost another two weeks and still haven't got a response from the company. If don't get help will never purchase from them again. And the worse thing: I go on line to and the GE A/C unit still shows in stock and available! I cant believe the poor service.

Too Bad I had to give even 1 star
Shopped on line for some bathroom fixtures. Found Menard's on line site. All over a banner saying 11% rebate on all items. I saw NO small print or exceptions so I purchased the items and received them. Menards were a Delta product so could have gotten it anywhere but with the 11% rebate I was going to save almost $50. Well when it came to filling out the rebate I came to find out the rebate is only good in store! No on line. Now I live in North Carolina and the closest Menard's store is in Ohio so how does this help me save 11%. A total scam, bait and switch. Steer clear of these folks. I've e mail twice for a response to why if I shop on line my rebate isn't good on line, only to be ignored.

Worst employees/company ever!
Watched a manager scream at an elderly man, telling him to get off the property... menards doesn't need his kind there. This poor fellow who could hardly walk asked to be admitted to the service desk (which had NO customers at that time) and not wait in the line to get in. The young lady called for a manager and he came out and stood almost chest to chest with this elderly customer (NOT social distancing... infringing on this elderly man's personal space) and YELLED at this poor fellow. After spending $10,000 here to remodel my home, I will not spend another cent here. Home Depot and Lowes have professional employees who really know there stuff. Boycott MENARDS!

He screwed me and didn't even care.
Within the last 6 months I purchased a nice cushy thick expensive dog bed for my dog at Menards. I paid $50, probably a little bit more with tax. Yesterday I went to wash it for the third time, and the seams just disintegrated. I took it back to Menards figuring there would be no problem, it's still on their website and Menards still sell this product. I figured it'd be an easy exchange. The girls at the service desk looked at me like deers in the headlights, Somebody went and got this so-called manager Curtis. I told him what was going on, still not suspecting there would be any problem. Let me tell you this, I paid cash for the product as I am a bartender and pretty much operate on a cash basis, and didn't save my receipt because, well, it's a dog bed. It says the cover is washable and this was only the third time I have washed it. Well, Curtis got a little power crazy and started telling me without a receipt he couldn't do it. I said yes you can, this is your product. I washed it three times. Stand behind what you sell. He told me without a receipt he wouldn't do it. I said it's a freaking dog bed, I paid cash. I don't have a receipt. You still sell these here. He absolutely refused to make it right with me, started to get quite smart ass. When I told him I wanted to speak to him his manager he told me that John Menards was the only man above him. I told him I didn't buy it, he was the weekend daytime Regional whatever, he just kept repeating that John Menard was the only man above him. I know that he was lying because I asked a girl at the register and she said his boss's name was Kevin so not only did he refuse to make it right with me he flat-out lied to me. Like a big boss would be working on a Saturday afternoon. This little power crazy Nazi bastard just lost a customer, and I spend a lot of money. And yes, it's all cash! $#*! Menards!

Poor Customer Service and Policies
I wanted to write and thank Menards for the terrific deal I got on my patio door at Home Depot. Yep folks that is not a typo I did indeed type and mean Home Depot. You see I went to Menards over the weekend because I was interested in buying a new patio door. Menards could have received my $2700 purchase but Menards didn't. You see upon entering the store I was greeted at the door by an associate telling me that masks were mandatory. I could retrieve one from my car or they would be happy to sell me one at the desk.

Being a good red blooded american I exercised my freedom of choice and promptly left the store and went across the street to Home Depot. Not only did I find a door that met my needs but they were offering 15% off. Not the lame "We will give you 11% credit off your next purchase at menards" but an honest to goodness 15% off of my purchase. I got $500+ off of my $3000 dollar door bring it in at $2500... Add the tax and it is $2700 What a Deal.

Thank you Menards... if you wouldn't have had that bogus policy I probably would have purchased something from you and got a far worse deal.

This isn't my first encounter with Menards. As a general rule of thumb I only shop there as a last resort. My original run in with there customer service department was when they refused to refund me for a $3.14 cent 2x4 after just making a $10,000 purchase of lumber. They said it had already been returned. How I don't know because I had the receipt in hand and this was the first time I had been there since making the purchase to return anything. And if you wish to file a complaint there is no web based complaint division or anything. You download a form and hand fill it in and mail it to Menards at WeReallyDon'tCare Street. Somewhere in the US.

I remodeled my house and spent thousands of dollars at home improvement stores and honestly you cannot beat the service of your local Lowes or Home Depot. You may pay a little more but you get people that are helpful and stand behind their product,

We ordered part of a garage door costing about $400 and a month later it came in was not what we ordered. Being upset we want our money back, BUT Menards charged us $120 restocking fee. WRONG. PLEASE READ! Take it to managers attention if your at Camby it's a waste of your time. Call customer service *******800 or contact the state Department of Consumer Affairs. Retailers don't like this because they'll get fine Heavily. REMEMBER the state laws says It's A illegal Restocking fee if... 1. Being charged if the merchandise is defective. 2. Being charge for delivery that was wrong. 3. Being charge for delivery that was later than the promised time. 4. They exceeded 50% of your purchase. 5. Here's the big one one of the most important! If you had bought a merchandise that has a restocking fee if returned and you were not adequately disclosed about the restocking fee policy then you do not have to pay! Sometimes it's not worth going up the ladder and if that is what is happening let them know from the very beginning like we did tell them" we are not going to stand on here and argue with you we wil contact the state Department of consumer affairs and I will get my money back and you will get a fine it's your choice. Because the consumer affairs attorney that is free will tell you it doesn't matter how little the cost is or how big the cost is we are here to stop illegal restocking fees which is taking advantage of the customers money that's why they get fined. Good luck

Face Masks
I shopped at Menards today and was ran down and was told I had to wear a mask to shop and if I didn't have a mask that I would have to purchase a mask for a dollar, are u kidding me, first of all its not the law to wear a mask so how Menards gonna tell me I can't shop if I don't wear one, second of all, a dollar, u can buy the same exact masks online, 50 masks for. 44 cents, so they're making $46.56 off of every 50, wtf, well until they change that policy I will take my businesses business to Lowe's or Home Depot before I wear one of those annoying masks again or at a dollar for it, who makes money off of people during such a hard time with this pandemic, its all a sham for them to make money, what a disgrace, and not long ago they were charged with price gouging, damn ur some crooked s. O. b.'s!

Your policy for a mask is absolutely ridiculous! I have been shopping lowes, ace, homo depot, Kroger, Walmart, meijer, ect. With no demands for me to wear a mask! I managed to get everything on my list and as I was headed to the checkout I was instructed to put a mask on or leave the store. I told the employee I didn't have a mask and was instructed to purchase one from them in order to check out! I put the stuff in a pile on top of a display and walked out for the first and last time! If a business is going to enforce a mask policy then Menards should at least provide them to customers free of charge! I refuse to wear a mask for anyone because I feel as If America is just letting everyone strip their rights from them one by one and we are letting them get away with it! I'm the one at risk not the people wearing the masks! Good luck with your covid strategy menards, this just may put you under!

Don't order anything to be shipped, Customer Service pretty much non-existent
I spent over $800 online shopping with Menards. There were shipping issues with 2 items and Menards never arrived. I contacted customer service over a month ago about my issues, and multiple times since then (have already been charged for everything). Have yet to receive any response at all other than the confirmation that my request was sent. I have also called the shipping departments where the items were supposed to be shipped from directly. Last week I was told from the shipping department it would be handled and I would receive a call, surprise. No call or updates. I called again today and was told again that I would receive a phone call. Losing faith and really hoping not to have to dispute with credit card company. Will never order from Menards again, can't believe I can't even get a single response despite all my efforts to get this resolved.

Bought a snowblower at Menards in Hermantown (Duluth)...
Bought a snowblower at Menards in Hermantown (Duluth) MN on Oct. 30. Only had my car and the blower wouldnt fit in it. I live in Canada, a four hour drive away. I asked the young salesman if the store would hold it until I could return with a trailer to pick it up. He said store policy only allowed it to be held for 3 weeks and suggested I make special arrangements at their service desk, which I did. The woman at the service desk assured me that it would be no problem at all to hold it until I could get back down to Duluth on Nov. 26th. In fact she said Menards would take it off the floor and put it in the back. All I had to do was to present my receipt at door #11 on Nov. 26th and they would load it onto my trailer. So, with those assurances secured, I paid for the snowblower.
Fast forward to Nov. 26th. I rented a trailer in Canada and drove back to Duluth on Nov. 25. When the receipt was presented at door #11 on Nov. 26th, you guessed it. NO snowblower. They had sold it and everyone of that model all area stores. How the heck does this happen when inventory is so carefully monitored by computer? They sold my machine, fully knowing that it had already been sold to me. Even after I went to all that trouble to get extra assurances that it was okay to pick it up past their policy timeframe.
It gets worse. I then asked to speak to the dept. manager, He told me that their policy was to hold prepaid merchandise for only 2 (that's TWO) weeks and that it didnt matter what his employee had told me. I then asked to speak to the store manager. He was completely unsypathetic to my plight, stating that it was store policy to hold such merchandise for only 1(you read that right, ONE) week. You must be kidding me. And of course, he didn't care at all that his employee/store representative and I had made an exemptive agreement. The same girl who had given me the guarantee that I wouldnt have any trouble getting my blower on Nov. 26 was present during my conversations with both managers. She readily admitted that she had told me it would be okay to do the pick up on the 26th. She also stated that she clearly remembered our conversation. But the store manager refused to stand behind his employee. Poor woman looked so embarassed, especially when the manager said he would "deal" with her later. I sure as heck wouldnt have rented that trailer and driven all the way down there if I hadn; t been guaranteed that the blower that was rightfully mine would be there. He tried to sell me a bigger blower with no offer of a discount or anythng for my trouble. He clearly was not interested in satisfying this customer. In fact. Every offer he made would have cost me more money but his store wouldn't be out one cent. What the heck kind of compromise is that?
I am putting this out there to warn people about the unscrupulous and confusing "policies"at the Menards store in Hermantown MN. The worst thing about the whole encounter was the blatant lack of caring shown by the store manager. He wasn't the least bit concerned about my problem, he refused to take any responsibility for the mistake. He hid behind "store policy" and tried to tell me that there was "nothing he could do" Store policy has no flexibility, his hands were tied. What a crock of... Any manager worth his salt would have bent over backwards to keep the customer happy. Especially one who had spent thousands and thousand of dollars at his store over the past few years. Not this schmuck. My advise? Shop elsewhere. There are plenty of good retailers who really WANT your business.

I bought 2 vanity tops totaling $1900. 00
I bought 2 vanity tops totaling $1900. 00. Menards had to be shipped from up north (Minnesota or Michigan) and it would take at least 2 weeks. Two days after I made the purchase I found out I could get granite vanity tops $800.00 cheaper from another company and that company delivered and installed for free. (Menards charged $79.00 for delivery and extra to carry it upstairs and they do not install). I went back to Menards and asked to cancel the order. They charged me $450.00 restocking fee. I knew this was my fault and expected to be charged something but $450.00! The tops had not even been shipped yet. I will never spend any money at Menards ever again. I have since purchased all new faucets, mirrors, paint and numerous other items that total a lot more than $450.00. They are the ones losing out in the long run. No way to run a business. There are too many other places to go.

Unethical and Unsafe
Rip off store. Unsafe aisles, rarely sales help available, junk quality items, inane jingle music blasting constantly, rude management, refunds nearly impossible to get, misleading sale posters. You name it, if it's unethical, rude, or your basic rip off scheme, Menards engage in it. I've lived here since before this store was built and had more bad experiences than good ones. Their plants are always half dead during the growing season, their tools are over priced and poor quality, and their food items are often outdated and just gross. They sell milk and dairy but do not keep their coolers at the correct temperature. So following safety guidelines is obviously not a priority for them. If you choose to shop there, be careful about EVERYTHING you pick up. You DO NOT want to go through their exchange/refund hassle.

Terrible Action by Employee
Shopped at the Menard's store in Waukesha and Menards still have a 'mask on' policy and their competitors don't. Also while waiting in line at checkout and keeping the social distancing requirement, then when it was my turn the clerk decided that she would do a training session with a new trainee. Then the senior cashier asked me very sarcastically to step back and away from her. There seems to be a lack of customer appreciation and it appears that Menard's is really regressing in today's business environment. We then went to a competitor's store and treatment there was a lot nicer. Will be awhile before we shop at Menards again! Cashier was Vi and receipt number was 3261

Not honoring price tags
The fourth time in roughly two years Menards employees and management refused to honor merchandise price tags on shelves and displays, including boldly-marked sales prices.

"Oh the SKU is wrong, oh that's in the wrong place, oh that sale ended two days ago," blah blah blah.

Honoring the price tag on a merchandise shelf used to be a sacred tradition/trust. If a tag was mismarked, the store ate the difference, then made the fix.

Menards OCD over "loss control" has apparently seeped into the customer purchase experience. Which means over ten years of "saving big money" has finally become too costly for this Menardite. Lowes and Home Depot, here I come (back).

Worst store ever
Just got kicked out of Menards on brookpark rd in Cleveland Ohio for not wearing a mask. Told the so called manager I have a medical condition and that I cannot wear a mask. He told me get out of the store or I will call the police even made me put down what I came to purchase claiming that if I don't wear a mask I cannot purchase anything from the store. Truly believe this was more racial than anything else. I told him several times that I cannot wear a mask and if anything happened to me as a result of the mask he and the store would be liable and I would sue the store which is when he told me get the hell out the store or I will call the police. I put down what I came to purchase walked out the store very angry, with the manager walking behind me as if I was shoplifting making sure I got out of the store. Already placed a phone call into my attorney on regards to this matter. People like this should not be employed by Menards or any other store for that matter. Don't mean to play the race card here but when you tell someone you can't do something because of an existing condition and Menards still insist you do it because they said so then it makes it a personal issue which is why I believe it was racially driven.

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