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Avoid this fraudulent company
This company is full of sh#t. Stay completely away from them. I ordered an HP omen 3 weeks before I received a confirmation that it was finally picked up by UPS on 01/28. On 02/03 I received what was suppose to be an Omen but was a super $#*!ty acer desk top. At this point I'm pissed off. I call them and spend about 45 mins on the phone being questioned as if I'm lying. Eventually I was sent a label to send the item back. Today 02/04 I was at ups dropping the item off as told me to do and I called customer service to give them the tracking info so they can ship the correct item and that's when all the hell started. I was told they couldn't ship the lap top until they received the other one back. So of course I go ape $#*! on them and then they decided they would just ship item. 5 mins into setting up shipment they lady goes "oh we didn't receive your payment for this week so we can't ship it because of that " omfg like who will pay for a product they haven't received. I was forced to make a payment for what I didn't even receive just to get a product I should've received weeks ago. My experience with this company really pissed me off. I will never do business with them ever again.

Wish I could give negative stars
I got approved and had questions about their buying process and at one time I wanted to talk to a supervisor. ( which let me but he wasn't helpful a me with ordering and they just referred me to the website. No help what so ever. Please make sure you read all policies carefully before you buy anything from this company. Also read reviews. I have read reviews before I started the buying process. I read a lot of reviews that they couldn't return stuff. I looked up the review policy on MDG's website. I am sure glad I did. This is the review policy from their website

"Return Policy
All sales are a final. Unless required by law, there are no returns, refunds or exchanges of any kind whatsoever. However, we may choose to accept a return in our sole and absolute discretion; our exercise of discretion may be affected by various factors, including but not limited to the passage of time from the purchase date and the condition of the returned goods. Products returned for exchange must be sent back exactly as they were received. They must contain the unused product, original packaging and include all disks, registration cards, packing materials and other accessories and must be received within 30 days of the invoice date. We reserve the right to refuse for return or charge a restocking fee of 20% of the current balance. No returns will be accepted without an RA number issued by MDG or when the product manufactures or distributors return policies supersede ours. If approved by MDG, an exchange, merchandise credit or refund will be authorized.
Due to the volatile nature of computer prices, items will only be refunded, exchanged or credited at the current pricing at the time of return. MDG reserves the right to charge higher restocking fees for any special circumstances, such as damaged packaging, missing CD, etc. Physically damaged products will not be accepted."

After reading this policy there is no way I can buy from them. Please before you buy read all policies!

If they can't back up their products please don't buy!

I ordered an 85" TV as I neared the end of my basement remodel. Ended up taking about 3 weeks longer than expected meanwhile my TV arrived 16days late but no problem (SO I Thought) because of the reno delays. When the TV arrived I inspected the box there was absolutely no damage to the outside of the box so I left the box literally at my front door foyer untouched until the day I was finally ready to open the box and use my BRAND NEW TV. To my surprise after unpacking all the massive shipping material the screen was cracked!@$#%@%. I immediately called customer service and was told SORRY you are 10 days past your 30 day return period. I stated I wasn't asking for a return I wanted a replacement TV as the one I received was damaged. said that was also considered a return. I said I am expected to pay for a $1700 TV that I can not use? I they gave me so ridiculous number to a samsung repair shop in Canada. I live in GA-USA. The next time I called they told me to find my own repair shop. Finally I called SEARS TV repair and when the tech arrived he was surprised to see the TV still in the BOX with all the original packing and the first thing he noticed that the TV was missing the clear shatter resistant film that usually sticks to the screen he said would not touch the TV as it was clear to him that the TV was shipped in this condition also noting no damage to the that would cause such severe cracking no damage to the Styrofoam that was supposed to be protecting the screen. So yet a third call to MDG and I finally reached someone I thought was genuinely trying to help me who said she would forward my information to UPPER Mgmt. And promised to call back the next day... She never called... I called back for a 4th time and the NO returns song started singing again. So I now have an 85 inch TV still in box all original packing sitting in my brand newly remodeled basement! Thank YOU MDG------I will see you in court with my expert witnesses I now have 2 licensed and certified SAMSUNG repair tech who have given statements regarding the TV. AND I HAVE STOPPED YOUR AUTHORIZED PAYMENTS. You have an additional 7 days to contact me to get your damaged TV back or I will throw it in the garbage because that is exactly what it is now. I hope SAMSUNG is proud of how you represent them when you resale their products.

MDG has been a nightmare
On March 3rd I ordered a 48 inch television. When came the screen was broken with cracks all through it. stated they would have a new TV sent out when they got this one back. Another TV was shipped and when it arrived the screen was broken even more than first one. MDG told me they would not send me a 48 inch TV again. I asked that they send one by one or 2 day delivery so it did not have to bang against truck for 10 day. They refused to do it. They wanted me to take a smaller TV which I agreed to do if they send it in a different shipping mode. They have refused to do it. I would still go for the 48 inch TV if they would ship it overnight or find a closer location to ship it from. The last one was shipped out of Canada to Arizona. TV's are not built to be sent cross in a UPS truck. In actuality they should not be selling televisions. I tried to get a refund and was told by Amina in customer service that I had to take a smaller TV and if it came broken they would consider giving my money back. I think I would suggest not buying from these people. They answer a few emails but most go unanswered. I know am taking a television that was on a trip 7-11 days. I am going to look into the legal ramifications on this. My bank has suggested that I dispute the charges already taken and stop payment on future charges. If this is not resolved by the first of the month I will do that. I sent them an email last month asking not to take a payment until I have a working television. Of course that email was ignored. I have filled a BBB complaint and will decide what I do from there.

So Far, Great Experience!
My experience with MDG has been wonderful! I was approved on 2/6/19, my personal rep emailed me on 2/7/10, I called him the same day to ask some questions, which he completely answered. I then took a week to review and compare products, ordered on 2/12/19. The first payment was transmitted on 2/13/19. My information was verified with me by phone on 2/15/19, when I also set up a payment date and amount (I added an extra payment every month), and my item was shipped on 2/20/19. (Holiday delay by one day.)

This is a terrific alternative to rent to own, which carries interest bordering usury rates. This is financing, which allows new borrowers and those wishing to rebuild their credit an affordable way to finance, build or rebuild their credit, and is a good education regarding interest and the cost of interest. Does the process take a week or so? Yes, but so does applying for any financing contract. Does your item cost more than it would on Amazon? Yes, but the price of interest is up to you... make more than the minimum payments and your total cost will be less.

I would encourage anyone who is looking to finance a purchase to consider this company over a rent to own scenario. The customer service is wonderful, if you have a question, call and ask them! The total cost of your item is customizable by your payment amount, but will always be less than rent to own, it will help to build your credit and is a great way to learn how to budget and be responsible for a monthly payment. Also, cross your fingers that you are assigned Eldin as your customer rep. He is absolutely wonderful.

Frustrating Purchasing Process
After credit approval we thought we would simply be able to choose product (laptop) and enter all requested information for purchase online, we were wrong. We filled out all the information requested, agreed to payments with no extra warranties box checked, finished up online process, all done right? Order shipped right? Wrong! I received an email to verify payment removed from my bank account, verified amount, order shipped right? Wrong! We received another email that we must now call company to finish purchase process. We were frustrated to say the least at this point, we call, representative tries to upsell warranty that we had already said no to in online purchase. We tell him no. He then says he has what he needs but we must wait for a call within the next day or so from another department to go over payments, which we had already done in their online process. We were ready to cancel order all together, but it was a birthday gift that was already late because of their process so we wait for the call. Order was finally shipped after speaking with another representative, or at least they confirmed via email it had shipped, we haven't received it yet. I am disappointed to say it was a time consuming, redundant, frustrating process. We literally bought a car with less hassle.

When I ordered my product the MDG website said it was in stock. Upon speaking to the sales person I was told you dont have any and you will get in touch again when you do.

Almost a week later the verification department contatcted me to complete the order.

When I brought up issues regarding my order and shipping to a customer service agent my issues were totally ignored and I was again told to just wait.

Shipping issues - Package arrived in the city Thursday at 3pm. I called the shipping company and was told it did arrive and was handed to a Third party courier in which would call to setup a drop off time. I was told they cannot give the name or number to the courier...

If my items I agreed to pay for are being handed off to someone else whos not the original shipper then I have every right to know who it is that will be delivering it and contacting me.

I expressed this to the customer sales agent and the disgusting fact it was now going to take 4 business days for my package to travel 19.2 kilometers

When I emailed the MDG customer service agent back regarding her completely dismissing my complaints I was ignored.

Overall I am not happy at all_ I have bought a lot of things through MDG and this very well maybe the last time I do it as this has left a sour taste with me.

Great Order! (Package Deal) Until Shipping and Receiving Day!
If this was a question just based around how do I feel about my package order I received which was a good deal and it had Samsung Smart Tv, Pro PS4,2 controllers, wireless gaming headset, 2 games SpiderMan and the new NHL 2020. And it runs me less then 100$ a month as far as that package deal and products together I'm completely satisfied and would give MDG company 5 stars simply however it's not just bout the Order I now have Now what took the stars away from me which stands for my satisfaction and happiness overall was the whole Shipping and myself receiving that day. I know MDG uses an outside Shipping company but idk how much know or have set up with the whole Shipping episode I made my Order on the 22nd of Dec. Or so maybe even a day or two sooner I don't completely remember however it wasn't completely approved and turned over to Ceva (Shipping Company) till 24th of Dec for whatever reason I didn't get contacted for a Shipping day setup for like a week later then first opening day was like the 6th of January then was given a window of 9am till 3 pm and that day not only didn't receive it till like 6pm like 3hours late past an already crazy messed up 6 hours window they weren't even willing to put the products in correct room let alone help at least set up if not do it to make sure it all worked and setup right then again they might have late as hell doing that as well smh

Horrible Customer Service/ Super long processing
My order was placed on March 15,2019. I used my Apple IPhone 7 to place order, website did not have preset listing of my bank. I tried uploading bank statements which took forever as you can only upload one document. I ended up having to email it in. I get an email from Nick B about verification of address from utility company weeks later and that was an issue. I have provided legal legitimate proof of power at my new residence and this company would not accept. Finally get that done, I was told by Nick I'd have to call the verification dept to set up future payments even though I really didn't have an option. Initial down payment and first payment were drafted from my account on April 12,2019 and I still have no product. I have been constantly checking for updates via tracking but that would never change. Finally today, April 22,2019 I called MDG and was told my order was shipped on Friday which was a lie. The first guy I spoke to today was so rude and hung up the call. I noticed while browsing their website the product was $50 less but yet I have no product nor was it shipped. honored price match although this service is a total waste unless you absolutely cannot save up the funds and need to build credit. After price matching I'll be spending $500 more for a product selling $475 right now. After one month and one week I am highly dissatisfied in this long drawn out silly process. My order was updated to on hold... call back and their claiming it has to be verified with financing. Hrs has passed still no updates via website so called again and finally product was picked up for shipping. Smh no honor for paying new customers. It should not take this long to set up an account and have a product shipped and delivered. Customer service reps are rude and aren't equipped to deal with frustrated customers/consumers. MDG sux... I could have definitely purchased item in store but trying to rebuild credit. Total waste

Just falls short
I finally received my free camera today but no tv, which is what i paid for. I went back on line to review my order and to find out what other delivery service had my tv and were was it. Looking at their notes the tv has been in San Diego for a couple of days and the courier says that have attempted to reach customer by phone on two separate occasions. Not true as I am almost always at home and I always have my cell on and with me. Not sure who he or she is calling but it wasn't me. The issue I have is i have people on hold waiting to get the tv as they are installing mounts in my room and in my wife's room. I have had too reschedule twice already and they already have been paid. My cell is *******823 and they can call me anytime day or night as I am here and retired. Here is the driver's notes
Waybill Number: MDG2180547
Ship Date: 11-MAY-18
Due Date: 17-MAY-18
Estimated Delivery Date: 17-MAY-18

Shipper Location OAKVILLE, ON CA
Consignee Location EL CAJON, CA US

Shipment Detail
Total Pieces: 1
Actual Weight: 67.0 LB / 30.4KG
Charge Weight: 67.0 LB / 30.4KG
Service Information
Freight Terms: Third Party Billing
Service Level: 5 Day Economy
Delivery Type: Threshold Service
Movement Type: Consol

Key Event History
Event Date Time Event Location Signature / Remarks
Second Call Attempt And Left Message 16-MAY-18 12:10 SAN
On-Hand 16-MAY-18 09:33 SAN Haslerud, Jon D
Unable To Contact Customer 15-MAY-18 11:32 OB Dialer/IVR
Delivery Window Offered To Customer 12-MAY-18 12:53 SAN New 05/18/18 1300 - 1700
Called Customer And Left Message 12-MAY-18 12:47 SAN OB Dialer/IVR
Cleared Customs 11-MAY-18 14:08 SAN YYZCAAMS
Delivery Scheduled 11-MAY-18 YYZ -Toronto
Inbond 10-MAY-18 17:49 YYZ
Pickup 10-MAY-18 12:00 YYZ
Booking Created 10-MAY-18 11:59 YYZ
Delivery Scheduled 10-MAY-18 YYZ -Toronto

Routing Detail

Customer service is as bad as the airlines.
Up until now we've been fairly satisfied with MDG... this is our 4th purchase from them and by far the worst experience! Times one & two were fine... got the products we ordered in a timely manner. Time #3 things started to go downhill. We had moved and changed our info with MDG, however sent our old phone number to the shipping company. Because this was a large item delivery had to be arranged. This one took almost two weeks longer than normal to arrive and several phone calls to get straightened out.

For this purchase we got the tracking number (for "Same Day worldwide" delivery - a misnomer if ever there was one). Tracking said a Monday delivery. Was home all day Monday, no delivery. Called shipping company... they were given our OLD PHONE NUMBER (again) so they couldn't call to set up delivery. Got the number straightened out but had to ARGUE with the delivery company to get it delivered that same week! Finally got the product (a TV) and set it up only to find that the screen was smashed. Called MDG to arrange return of the broken TV and was told 3 business days (not for the tracking number to be generated just three business days). Today is the third day and we don't even have a tracking number yet. Call MDG and we're told it might be another 15 days before we get the TV. Told MDG to cancel the order and was told by two different people that they can't do that in time for the first payment to come out this Friday.

Asked to speak to a boss and apparently I was speaking to the CEO of the company because she doesn't have a boss we can speak to.

Finally through all of this... not ONE time has anyone offered an apology,,, I've only been told that I'm wrong!

Final word on MDG... run away... don't walk... run!

Terrible service
Got an hp computer and samsung tv through them, all was well until a few weeks later the computer completely stopped working (flashing white screen) so we called hp and we're advised it was a software issue which is covered under warranty for 90 days. We thought great as the computer as far as we were told was brand new, however the hp representative then told us that our computers warranty was actually 5 months old already!
We called mdg right away and after zero explanation as to why we have a clearly used computer said we could send it back to them to fix. We were told we would get one payment as a credit to the account as we didn't have the computer in our possession anymore. Fast forward about a week and they now tell us that they can't in fact fix the computer and we were to pick out a different kind, oh and also we owe them double payments before they will even send it to us all of a sudden.
We ended up paying them the double payment and because so much time had passed, also paid another third regular payment and finally got a tracking number for the new computer which should have arrived today but suprise it didn't. Upon calling again we find out they haven't actually even sent this new computer out to us yet (not sure what the tracking number they sent us was from) and they somehow want even more money!
So we've now paid over $150 for something that we have not even had for almost a month now.
Never have dealt with any company so terrible with customer service in my life.
So needless to say I wouldn't recommend them.

Worst shopping experience! EVER!
I have to say this company (MDG Finance) is the most unprofessional and incompetent company I have ever encountered. I purchased a TV and when it arrived it was damaged. I called the company immediately and let them know. I was told to take photos and email them to the person I was speaking to and then would email a return shipping label. I did what I was instructed to do. Several hours went by and I hadn't received a shipping label so i called them back. I asked to speak to the person who's email the photos were sent to and he said that person was not there. I had to explain the situation to this person too. He asked me to email the photos to him and then he could send a shipping label. Again, I did what he instructed me to do and several hours went by and still no shipping label. I called MDG back and got the same person this time. I asked him to please send a shipping label. He told me he didn't get the photos so I sent them to him the second time while I had him on the phone. He told me he did't get them. I checked my email sent box and both emails had been sent but he kept insisting he didn't get them. I asked if they could be sent via text message but was denied this option. I admit that by now I was very angry and I demanded that he send me a shipping label while I was on the phone. I finally got the shipping label. What if I didn't want the TV and just wanted to send it back? I would not have photos because I was just sending it back for whatever reason. Would I not get a shipping label? Anyway, I was told once the TV was returned to UPS and was scanned into the system that they would ship a new TV out to me. 24 hours went by and still no email that they had shipped a new TV to me. I know the TV was scanned by UPS because I saw it when I looked on my UPS app. UPS received it at 5:30pm that day. I called MDG back and was told they would ship it out by the end of the day or first thing in the morning. I waited until late afternoon the next day and still no email about shipping the TV. I called them again, this time I was told by the operator that I had to verify my address before they could ship another TV. I informed the lady that I had already done that. If I hadn't done that I would never have gotten the TV they shipped to me. The lady insisted I upload a new document with proof of address. I explained again that I already did this and a TV was shipped to me. The lady asked who I sent the document to and after five minutes or more of looking through ALL of my trashed emails I found the email with my proof of address and gave her the name and she said that this person was not qualified to ask or except this document and I needed to send her another one. I'm pretty upset by this time and I forwarded that email with the document and she told me my old address was on that document. I couldn't read the document because the print was too small but I know my new address was on there. She insisted that I send another document with proof of my address and I was not going to do that again. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told there wasn't a supervisor there at that time. I told the operator to forget the TV, I was not interested anymore and the hassle wasn't worth it to me. I also asked her to refund my money. I had also purchased an HDMI cable to go with the TV but never received it and told her not to send it because i didn't want the TV anymore. She told me that I needed to return the cable or I would be charged for it. I thought maybe she didn't understand me when I said I never got it so I told her again. She said Ma'am you need to return the cable. I got very upset because she was not listening to me and I felt like I was being called a liar. How can i return something I don't have. She said something about UPS and I think she was saying the cable was there I'm not sure but I did not have it. I told her to just forget the TV and to refund my money. The next day later I received an email that a TV had been shipped by UPS and would arrive on Friday. I guess a TV a TV had already been shipped and on it's way and the operator was not aware of it when I spoke to her. It takes 24 to 72 hours for details can be tracked and the TV had been shipped out the day before ispoke to this operator, I guess. The day I had spoken with the operator I am very upset at this company and was disappointed that a supervisor or a representative from this company didn't even call me to see if they could make this right and apologize for the huge inconvenience and grief they caused me.

Deceitful Promo of free shipping over $1500 purchase.
For the most part, I had a good experience with MDG. Friendly customer service reps. Just MDG needs to more upfront with its policies and shipping. For one, if I had not called in myself to verify my information and payment, I would probably have waited longer for my delivery. I had to make a larger down payment than originally stated in order for my product to ship. Ok. Not a deal breaker being Im a first time customer. But just wasnt nice to have to call in myself to find this out. The worst part on all this is shipping. I felt lied to, on MDG'S prmotion of free shipping on purchase of $1500 or more. My order of a new tv and surround sound came in over $1500. To only have over a $300 shipping and handling charge tacked on. When I talked to customer service about this, I was told, "Sorry, its company policy" and "Your product doesnt qualify for the free shippimg promotion". I moved forward with it, only to ve dissapointed even more with the shipping. I paid over $300 shipping charges, and it took over 2 weeks to receive all my product. CEVA logistics, the comapny MDG uses for moving large items I guess, is horrible, logisitcally speakikg. When tracking item, and it approached my location, I finally received an automated phone call to schedule my delivery... for more than 2 weeks away more, I called CEVA, and it took 3 different phone numbers I was given to reach the person I needed to talk to. He was able to schedule it for the next day. Ok. Thats good. We set a time for between 8 am and 12 noon. Its now after 3 pm with no delivery. Ive waited at home all day for a delivery. A deliveey I paid over $300 for, that was suppossed to be free. I called CEVA again, and was told wwre busy with a "white glove" delivery. And would get to me when they are able. CEVA logistics should remove logistics from their name. Ohh, and their automated system has continued to call me to set up a delivery time for Mid October. It is September 23rd and the product shows its here in town. Horrible delivery service. MDG needs to find another way of delivery.

Terrible Customer Service
I have been a customer of MDG for a long time now I have purchased many items through them and I've never defaulted on a payment! I recently tried to process an order which I kept getting the runaround on because of the current COVID-19 situation wanted to verify that I'm still employed by my employer which is understandable. I sent multiple proofs of documentation showing that I'm still employed including my most recent paystub from which they were able to deduct my current payments that were due, yet they still are giving me the runaround! I was told by two different representatives that I handed in everything that was needed and yet I got a call today saying they still needed more information and wanted to contact my employer, the company that I work for is overwhelmed and shortstaffed the last thing I want to do is to bother them with something stupid like this it's ridiculous especially because I sent in all the proper documentation proving I'm employed. This has completely turned me off from this company and they should be ashamed to be treating a current long term customer this way! This item was meant to be a birthday gift for my son on April 10th had they not given me the runaround I wouldn't be in the situation I am in now. I was told over the weekend the item would be shipped this Monday (today) and yet they are still haggling for more proof. At this point I don't even want to be tied in with this company anymore.

This past week I ordered a laptop. An Asus ROG Strix Scar. It was advertised as having the i7 8750H, 144Hz ips 17.3" display, GTX 1070 GPU, 16GB RAM, and 256GB M. 2 SSD w/ 1TB Firecuda SSHD. All listed for the member price of $1399($1699 non member) until 7/11.

So I started the process, was approved for credit, had to give my bank info for debits every other week, upload a bill verifying address, etc. It all felt a bit excessive in my opinion, but unfortunately, like most others who choose to finance or buy from MDG, I am lacking in the credit dept.

Three days later, I made it to the final verification step in which debit your first payment from your bank in an amount within $1.00 of the standard amount to verify account ownership, so they say. I entered it online and decided I'd check out the laptop I had coming one more time. I clicked on it. It had the exact same linkage, pics, and title. Once I got to the detailed specs is where I noticed the problem. Now, instead of the 144Hz display, it said it was a 120Hz, and for the GPU it now said it was a GTX 1050...

I immediately got on the phone to verify that my purchase would be with the higher specs I had agreed to the week before. I spoke to a russian sounding lady who asked me probably 3 times what specs I was looking for and that what was advertised was what I agreed to. Luckily I took a screen shot of it. I told her that, she paused for a moment and then said the one I ordered was out of stock and now they had this one... THAT IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE IN SCREEN AND ESPECIALLY GPU, AND THEY WEREN'T EVEN GOING TO TELL ME! They just expected me to keep it and pay the same inflated amount for a far inferior laptop! Tried to scam me like I was some unsuspecting idiot who just wouldn't notice! She then said she would have my account manager, Milos, call me in 1 minute. As I had previously tried reaching him first to no avail.

He called, and asked what the problem was. I explained it all again and he stated what he saw in my cart was what was advertised and what was ordered. I said no... Someone obviously changed some of the key specs on the link to make it look the exact same. He said he could get ahold of marketing to see, but that was what they had and what I had ordered. I then told him I had a screenshot, and he asked me to send it to him. I said sure, but do you even have that laptop? He said all they had was what was currently listed.

So I exercised my right to cancel... He tried to goad me into staying, but that laptop is on sale for $900 elsewhere, and the 1050 is a dead GPU... no way I'm paying $2000 all in all for a 1050 GPU laptop in 2019. The 1070 was at least serviceable and higher end. Needless to say, I will never shop, nor recommend this company to anyone. Not to mention I felt like I was giving up my personal info to the Russians since everyone had a hard russian/slovakian accent. So looks like I'll be enrolling in an identity fraud guard since they required so much info only for me to back out due to their unscrupulous business practices. I can only imagine how many people that little trick actually works on...

Excellent Service Plus Plus Plus
This is my first time dealing with MDG and I had no idea what to expect. I'd seen reviews that went both ways. The laptop I got on a payment plan wasn't the latest model in it's line but it is still an excellent product for watching videos and playing the latest games. I was sure to get an upgradeable item so I can eventually switch out those parts that need a little more oomph!
The payment plan offered was very affordable. However, I wanted to save on interest and get it paid off more quickly so I was able to double my payments at no extra cost. They are going to lose out on a bunch of interest and they are ok with that. It's like they just want to help me own it.
They sent me tons of emails over a very long period of time and I browsed a couple times but it was well over a year before I eventually went and did the credit check, I actually was able to get quite a bit more credit than the emails had said. I had plenty of credit for my laptop and I could have gotten the laptop bag and still a bit more but I wanted to get a bag that is a little more feminine and I don't know what else to get quite frankly, so many nice items.
Once I decided on my laptop and let them know that was what I wanted they worked diligently over the next week or two making sure I signed all the right papers and sent in everything they needed. Each time my order was reviewed or changed departments there was something else they needed me to send in. I would have preferred to be told absolutely everything they needed in one go because their way it seemed to drag on a little and I almost gave up on it thinking it wasn't going to work out. I am so happy I stuck it out and sent them what they needed though because my new laptop is awesome!
The kind people at MDG also worked out a perfect payment plan with me that follows my pay days so I never have to worry about not having the money for my loan with them. They were excellent with me all the way through from me doing the credit check, choosing my item, filling out and sending in paperwork, approving my loan, arranging a payment plan, to the email that said my item was on it's way. They also sent my laptop by courier for free. So many businesses I've dealt with recently have been penny-pinching and every little thing is an extra charge. It's nice to see a company put their customers above the almighty dollar in this day and age. That's twice now... they are losing interest by letting me double up my payments and they paid for the courier.
Another sweet thing about MDG is that they report to the credit companies if you make your payments on time every two weeks or month etc., (or if you don't). If you're smart and you don't mess up this good thing it will help to improve your credit score and we can all use that no matter what our score is at. That's pretty awesome of them, I think.
There are some bad reviews for MDG but most of them are by people who either didn't qualify or sweet Goddess forbid, they had to wait a bit and send in further documentation so they had a fit and left a bad review for the company that was willing to help them out. I waited! Every couple days plus every change of departments I was told to either send in more paperwork or that what I had sent wasn't good enough, for instance, once I had to send a pdf instead of a jpg. Oh well! These people were considering financing a laptop for me and I was happy just to know each email or phone call didn't say nope, sorry, too bad for you but you get nothing! Granted there are a few legitimate reviews where someone within the company really did drop the ball but those reviews are very few in number. Most reviews I have read about the Canadian MDG financing company are overflowing with thanks to MDG for allowing people of all walks of life to get things they may not have been able to get otherwise.
This is my review and I am so very happy that I finally gave in and went to see what it was all about. I think I knew I would eventually and that's why I signed up for the emails and then never cancelled them in all that time. I am so thankful to MDG for taking the time to send me several emails and make a few phone calls making sure they got everything they needed from me. Because they did that they were able to decide that I could get the laptop I wanted. I am making double payments and I will give them extra money whenever I can because I want to pay off my laptop and figure out what to get next! I am definitely a customer for life now.
Thank You MDG!

Words vs mdg


Computer order
We ordered our computer and was told it would ship out on March 19 and we would receive March 22. We took the time off to wait from 8 AM on the 22nd and at around 3pm we called UPS and was told there was no shipment. We called MDG to see what was going on as we had received notice from UPS that we would be receiving our order. We were told there were "parts" missing for our order. I talked with a supervisor that was supposes to get back to me on Friday. There was no call back. I received an email Saturday morning saying that our order would be shipped out Monday. Disappointment again. OK so Monday I was on the phone again talking with an agent and a supervisor and was guaranteed that the order would go out on Monday. Well guess what? The order was sent out on Tuesday. Had it gone out on Monday we would have had the order on Thursday but now we have to wait until Monday April 2nd, well guess what we aren't going to be home as we are away for the weekend and now we won't receive our order until Tuesday April 3rd. In the mean time you have already taken out the first payment for an order we have not received. PLUS 2 of your agents have undermined the service of UPS. At one point I had asked for overnight delivery and was told OH we don't recommend that as the parcels do not get handled with care and that our order would arrive damaged. Plus with the last agent we were told that sometimes UPS forgets to scan in palets of orders and that our order may have not even been scanned in. Well guess what after talking with UPS apparently palets of orders are not scanned in until reach the shipping docks. Then palets are unpacked and then scanned in. I was also told that your company has hundreds of order that go out all the time. Wrong thing to say to a supposedly valued customer. I know you are a big company. I don't need to be told that my order is insignificant. We started with your company several years ago and yes we have paid through the nose for interest but we have been loyal with our payments and have paid off a bed, a laptop and we have recently purchased furniture and now this new computer. We are living in the age of modern technology and I really shake my head that issues like this can happen, First off no communication to start that our order was delayed. It took us to call your company to find out what the issue was, Also the lack of education on the part of your agents as far as the relationship that you have with UPS, I feel that I know more about your company now than some of your agents. Apparently depending on the contract between UPS and MDG there is a 24 to 48 hour window that UPS has to scan in the palets once received at the UPS shipping docks. This is none of my business. I am the customer, I order I pay I'm happy. This experience I feel that I wasted a lot of my time to find out what happened with this order. I felt I did someone elses job. I do hope this review lands on hearing ears. I do want a response that someone has read this and will deal with the issues. I am a person that not only likes to complain but gives my opinion and hope it helps the company to work better so that experiences like this are avoided in the future. I was offered a $50 credit on my bill. Honestly this was not enough., I had asked for a second tablet as the one we are getting is free. Contact me if you like. You have my cel number or send me an email. Thank you for your time and allowing me the opportunity to express my views on the latest experience.

Wow, amazing experiences for years!
For the past few years I have used MDG for my computer and electronics needs and have been amazing! When I first looked into them, I read reviews on them just like this site. I wanted to make sure 1. Ordering from them online was safe, 2. They were going to treat me fairly, no over selling what I did not want to make a buck.
My first experience was buying a laptop. They did at first try to persuade my to get a better model, but I knew what I wanted and they did not push it. I received my 2 laptops (one was free because I had purchased over a certain amount). They both worked great and I did not use MDG again for about a year or so. They sent me a message to see if there was anything I might need. We wanted to get some tablets for our kids so I called. They offered to refinance our laptops to lower our payment making it easier to get better tablets. The customer service person was amazing. Since those 2 purchases we have bought a Smart TV and cell phone from them. Once you are I the system with them you cans see all your balances and available credit. If you need to order it only takes a few steps and your orders are on they're way.
The staff has always been very friendly, not too pushy and knowledgeable.
A quick note, if you spend a certain amount you can get items free from them. If you don't need these items you don't need to get them, but they make good presents!

Almost too much of a hassle to get your product
Was approved for a 65" TV with the condition I make 6 weekly payments of $33 before shipped the item. I figured fine, since they were willing to give me credit when no one else would. The 6 weeks went by, payments taken out of my account as promised. After the last payment came out, I expected to receive a call from my account rep to schedule delivery. 4 days go by and no call, so I called customer service. They said it usually takes a few days to finalize the order and I should be getting a call shortly. Two more days go by and still no call, so I called customer service again. This time they say I still owe a balance of $4.70 before the item can be shipped. How could I still owe anything when the agreed upon pre-payments were made? And why did my account rep never call me? I reluctantly agreed for them to take out the payment and said I expected a call the next day to schedule delivery. The next day comes and no call. I left two messages on my reps answering machine, and sent messages through Facebook. I was assured someone would call me, but no one did. I call again the following day, Saturday morning, and this time ask for the manager. He said there was a hold on my order for $4.70, he released the hold and said someone from finance would call me to finalize delivery. Later that day, I got an email to call the finance department to finalize the order. I called them and basically got the third degree, they were questioning me on phone numbers i had 5 years ago that are on my credit report. Finally after another 30 minute call, she said someone would call me to schedule delivery. I finally got an email saying my item was shipped and someone would contact me. I tracked the item, but when it reached the local warehouse, I did not receive a call. I attempted to call the company that is delivering the item, Ceva Logistics, but apparently no one answer's their phones. I sent an email to the company, finally got a phone number to call and schedule deliver through an automated system. I am supposed to receive delivery this Friday, 3 weeks after my final pre-payment. Be prepared to wait a long time for your order, and to have to do a lot of work yourself, because their employees don't seem to be on the ball at all!

Run around
From the start this process has been hard, it was exceptionally easy to speak to someone when asking questions about purchasing the laptop, however I tried calling back a few times to discuss "verification process" and I was told someone would call me back and didn't... so I called again, and it was an accident but I was hung up... so I called back again to have someone tell me it's in the verification dept and someone will call me back the next day, did not I called back.

During the verification process they asked me when I want the payment to come out of my account, I said Thursday... they took the pmt everything was fine! Then verification dept told me that my due date had to be on the day my pay chq comes into my account? Which is every Tuesday? Why in the beginning I am allowed to pick my date when the payment is coming out and when everything is said it done, it's now change to what you want? I didn't appreciate that as I never made my due date the date I get paid ever!

Sometimes I have delays on my pay, and that's why I put it on a different day. I find that really inconvenient. And I wish I was told about this right in the beginning. I felt this was a bit "shady" then after verification a UPS was sent, I didn't know about a UPS I got an email from them saying that they are coming the next day! I took the day off work and no one showed up at my house? I wish I would of known someone was coming... I have to make arrangements with my work and my dogs who don't take kindly to people and I felt like this whole process there was many things that could of been handled differently. I am thoroughly disappointed... I don't write a google review because I am not that kind of person, I know first hand what it does to a company...

But I would like to speak with someone!

Here's and update so after all the process and my last review i chose to stick with them since I've already been waiting for the laptop but after pulled out my last payment for laptop to be shipped I didn't get no calls no emails at all what's so ever for update I had to call them and ask when is my laptop gonna be shipped. Than I was told oh we need your bank statements now? And I was like how does that even work? You take my money from account for a month now and than ask for proof of statement or work stubs? Lol either I told them I get paid through shopify and PayPal because I do e-commerce sent them a statement showed and they tell me it's not enough? So how I the world did you tell me get I approved? Than take money from me for a month? Than ask for statements than Deny me? Like seriously was hoping for my own Xmas present to me but now I gotta go out and wait to buy another when deals comes around again? Horrible place to deal with and should be illegal the way they did it taking money from people than making them wait for the refund because they messed up? Don't EVER EVER GET FROM HERE

What a bad response thanks for your scripted reply horrible place didn't even read the message lol

There service is terrible, unprofessional and just awful
I purchased a portable air conditioner unit and a computer the end of May 2018. I received my items two weeks later, everything was great until three weeks ago when the portable air conditioner unit went out. I placed a call to the customer service unit and directed me to call the place where it came from the number was provided, I asked the rep is there anything they can do in regard to the inconvenience. The rep ensured me that he will have my next payment moved until the air conditioner was fixed ( ok great). I placed a call to the number they provided me and was advised by the person who answered the phone, there is a special unit that will need to call me back! It's now a week later and still no call so I decided to call back to the customer service today, I spoke with another very unprofessional no help rep who just kept telling me she didn't see any notes about me calling a week ago (what!) she can have ups come get it but I will still need to pay for it (totally pissed off) I asked to speak with a supervisor the rep told me he was gone for the day, she said there is a team leader here and without even telling me she x-f the call to his voice mail. I decided to hang up and call back ( no help at all) spoke with another rep again who didn't see any notes from the last two rep (bs) I asked about the ups coming to my home that the last rep was going to send. The rep say if the rep told you then I guess it will come (what!) but she didn't see any notes (bs again). The rep told me the team leader was on lunch for another 25 min and she will have him call me today NEVER RECEIVED A CALL! This company is very unprofessional DO NOT USE THEM THERE PRODUCTS ARE VERY CHEAP!

My husband applied WITH HIS SS # & was approved for $1200 worth of merchandise. After approving him with his SS # then asked for access to our online banking via us entering our login credentials, a copy of our lease front pg & last pg., a voided check from our acct., a copy of his ID, & a copy of a utility bill. FOR AN OVER PRICED TV & LAPTOP! When the voided check wasn't enough they then asked for a picture of our bank statements going back 60 days & wanted it so badly that they started out offering to give us a $50 discount for us to send it to them. When I contacted my bank to ask for a document to be emailed to them with both of our names on it my bank advised me NOT to deal with them stating that they've had a lot of trouble with that company in the past. So much so that they refused to email them anything due to protecting themselves. When I told the CSA that he then offered a $100 discount for us to take a pic of what we had & send it in. I explained that they had gotten all they were getting from us & it still wasn't enough. For a TV & a laptop. It's not like it was a $5000 loan or a car purchase. It was a TV & a laptop. It's ridiculous. I wouldn't deal with this company at all ever if I were you!

Very disappointed say you get $2,500 credit or $3,000 credit no credit check... so I got a tablet everything was going good tablets not working at the cost of the summer they gave me. Then I want to get to TVs cuz I still have 2,200- left on my credit. Did everything I was supposed to sign papers haven't heard anything try to check out. So on Monday I call and they tell me they need a bank statement I gave them my bank statement clearly shows I did an income every month no matter of people lose their job I still get the same, cuz I'm a social. They said they need that because people are losing their jobs this is what I was told. So I gave him my bank statement he said he can open it up he need some kind of password well honey you're not getting password to my bank right there clearly shows your Social Security and the amount that I did every month that should be enough. I guess could he couldn't open it up or I just go into my bank I don't really know what he wanted I can't use the rest of my credit I wasn't given the opportunity. So when they say you get $3,000 credit line be aware. You can't leave people on especially around Christmas. I did everything I was supposed to and you still saying I couldn't get the TVs. After I gave you proof of what I get every month. Shame on you for leading me on... Thank Donna

Misinformation/Run Around
It took almost 2 weeks just to get my checking account approved, then told me I needed to pay 6 payments worth before they'll send it out, no problem- BUT YOU CAN'T PAY IN LUMP SUM? Ridiculous! Then I setup for 6 weekly payments, was informed my items will be shipped out the next business day- FORGOT TO INFORM THE PART WHERE "NEXT BUSINESS DAY" IS THE NEXT WEDNESDAY (My last payment was the Thursday prior). Then they don't even ship it out when they said they would, they waited until Thursday. Was Informed it will be here within 3 business days, TURNS OUT I HAVE TO WAIT A WEEK for that one too. I was misinformed TIME AND TIME AGAIN and if this wasn't going to help me with my credit (I'm trying to rebuild/repair- IT WAS STATED TO ME THAT IT WILL HELP IT) I would have already told them to cancel the order. This process took WAY TOO LONG and I will NEVER recommend this company to any of my friends and family who are looking into doing payments for their gaming supplies as well. (We are a huge Italian Gaming Family!) Over two months worth of wait- RIDICULOUS. Next time I will go through Fingerhut or overpay with Aaron's. At least I know I won't have to go through this unnecessary hassle EVER again.

Don't order if you're busy or in a hurry!
Haven't received item yet, because you have to have 2 or three phone conversations with this company! This wouldn't be so annoying except the site makes you jump through the approval process FIRST! You have to link your bank, then (whether it's a site glitch or whatever) you have to speak to a personal account manager to do it again! The phone rep was nice and tried to be helpful, but it really annoyed me that I had to have multiple conversations BEFORE the order could ship. Then I had to speak with a finance representative to give verbal permission and set up a payment schedule. Why I couldn't achieve this on their site is beyond me. In order to get my item shipped (I'm busy during normal business hours) I had to take time out of my day to talk to these people. Since you can only speak to these folks a limited number of hours during the day this was extremely inconvenient. Finally, shipping times are UPS ground so you'll get your item about a week after it ships and it takes a day or two once you give verbal authorization to receive the item shipped email. That means 2 weeks after the order was place, I'll receive it. Plus, evidently REQUIRE a signature. That means someone has to be home to receive the shipment. Yeah, that's convenient as well since you never know for sure what time UPS is showing up.

A mess
I ordered a laptop and received it after the delivery driver decided he didnt feel like delivering my package and dropped it off at a pickup center, upon looking at my product there was a manufacturing defect (no webcam installed), after bringing this up with mdg i was swiftly told to contact the warranty and put it through my warranty however i was not going to wait an addition 7-10 business days not including shipping back and fourth so i contacted mdg once again asking ither issue me a new product or take this product back and i would like to terminate the policy, the first person i spoke with refused to do anything and only wanted me to use my warranty. I asked to speak to a supervisor and wqs refused and told that i could be directed to a voicemail which i wanted to speak to someone. Realizing i was at a standstill i hung up and called back for another person, this person immediately issued me a new product and had the defective unit picked up the following day. However a 3 buisness days later i still have not received the new product or an accurate/working tracking number. Overall im very dissatisfied with my service and as it stands right now im contemplating cancelling my policy.

Stay away at ALL costs
WARNING: DO NOT Give this company your personal info!
Extremely shady company with bait and switch business practices. Was approved to spend $2,500 only to be told I need to make a large down payment stretched over 3 months BEFORE would even ship the product. Since I am buying these items as gifts for Christmas, it makes zero sense to make payments on an item I wouldn't even have possession of for 3 months.

I have a good, stable and tenured job with great income, and established checking accounts with positive history. I have been approved for virtually all lease-to-own programs I have applied for before and after this transaction, such as Aarons, Quadpay, Afterpay, Flexpay, Klarna, Rent A Center - you name it. In my entire life and history of using lease to own, all of those company's verification steps never once flagged me to make some sort of odd down payment schedule without receiving the product/s. So there should not have been any issues with MDG if they were a legitimate service.

I find it extremely suspicious that they did not tell me about the down payment requirement until they obtained all my personal info and waited until I signed all of the paperwork. I was literally told at the very last step. I honestly am surprised no one has started a class action suit against them for this type of deceptive business behavior (to which I now will be looking into). Stay away at all costs, it is a huge waste of time and a way for them to harvest your personal info. I have used lease to own my entire life (I have never missed a payment with any company in my life) and this is by far the worst company I have ever dealt with. Zero stars.

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