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Great service well priced
We needed to get rid of things left at my mother-in-laws house after she moved and a friend referred me to MaxSold. I was daunted by what felt like an impossible job. I was pleased every step of the way, made money from the sale and it was easy. The staff are responsive and helpful. MaxSold are interested in generating value and they know what will sell and how to market things. They took care of everything beginning to end, and it was exciting to watch the auction unfold day by day. I would have been happy to break even, and was surprised to make a pretty substantial profit. It was well worth the money. Thank you MaxSold team!

Marsh Road Sale
Maxsold staff was excellent to work with, from initial hire through cataloguing process, online auction, and itemized pickup. Every step was made seamless. My concerns were dealt with promptly and efficiently, removing any stress I had to get the house cleaned out prior to property sale closure.
I would recommend Maxsold to anyone. Again I want to commend the staff for their professionalism, following all Covid protocol, and support provided through the process. Extremely well done!

Quite Disappointed
Major problems with their application. I did my job and spent two weeks cataloging items for sale. But their app has big glitches and MaxSold are not stepping up to help. They know my deadline is tight yet they have wasted five days not addressing my issues. In addition, I have found the over caliber of their support staff to be quite average at best. IMHO they do not appear to be problem solvers. They just let you flail in the wind as time evaporates. Im actually quite disappointed in their perfromance addressing a serious technical issue.

The worst auction experience and I have been to 100s!
What is going on with your company and your staff? First the auction lots were totally absurd in size? Why have 50-100 items in 1 lot? So many potential bidders are going to skip bidding as MaxSold are not going to want 95% of the items involved? Second this is totally screwing the seller out of potential extra revenue as these lots could be grouped into 10-15 smaller lots which would attract many more bidders. I bid on some larger lots because there were a few items that I wanted only to be threatened by one member of the staff that I had to take everything or she was getting hold of Max sold? This ironically after I said I would have to come back since I was not aware that was the policy. I promptly informed her that there are literally 100s of auction houses out there and that was fine. Since she chose to accuse and threaten action on me before giving me the chance to come back I chose to tell her because of her rudeness and lack of business etiquette in speaking to a buyer that I was not coming back for the left items and to take them or give them away which brings me to my other issue? Why does this company not contract someone to take unsold and leftover items for free? There are plenty of people and companies out there that would be more than happy to take the scraps. I buy over $100,000 annually from local auctions and every other auction has solved the problems yet they have not? Either via smaller lots or a cleanout crew. To say the least my future $1000s spent will most likely not be going to maxsold auctions as they might have? I was looking to expand buying to more local auctions but this was not worth it,. Ridiculous lot size and rude demands to take everything or be banned? I'll take banned happily if that's the case. Worst experience I have encountered at a auction pick up and I have been to 100s. Buyer and seller beware! I would rate this 0 stars if possible

Was good now not so much and getting worse.
I have purchased from several MaxSold auctions and for the most part, have been pleased. Lately, speaking of today, two different auctions with both have bad items. Issue one: the pictures did not show the damage (extreme damage) to the sofa set. No way this set would have gone so high with the damage it has. The pictures did not do justice with transparency. Issue two: second auction subwoofer does not work. I feel to protect MaxSold reputation, better pictures, and disclosure, and owner statements of working or not working or even untested should be done.

Now very good in the support department.
An Item I was considering had a separate picture of a matching piece but the matching piece was not mentioned in the description. I called Maxsold and the person that answered the phone, after viewing my issue, told me that if I would send an email to ******* describing the issue that Maxsold would contact the seller and get a clarification on the matter.

I did as requested but received this response. "Unfortunately, we only have one-time access to the premises and do not have more information other than what is present in the catalog and pictures. Please note that the description takes precedence over photographs." First of all, photographs should either match the item or take precedence over the description. Second, why would Maxsold not have the ability to make a call to straighten out the conflict. Not good business in my opinion!

Never Again! (Updated)
I have had multiple negative experiences from this company and completely sympathize with the unhappy customers who can do nothing but write an online review because Maxsold will do nothing with their complaints except point to their terms of liability. Broken and hidden damage, inaccurate descriptions, rude treatment by sale managers, expensive fees, rigid and unaccommodating pickup scheduling. The feeling of being ripped off is not what I am accustomed to when shopping at estate sales. Updated- I requested and was given a refund by Maxsold over a recent issue and do believe that MaxSold are willing to help the buyers resolve issues when the seller managers refuse. Maxsold is not involved in the listing, photographs, or any logistics of the sales so you are at the mercy of the sale manager. It was a huge relief to know they are willing to step in! I raised my rating from one star to three stars; bid with caution, do your research, and read every last word of fine print If you do chose to use this platform as a buyer. Good luck!

Beware of the FINE FINE Print
Be careful when an auction advertises 2 day pick up I lost a 200$ item as I bid assuming 2 day pick up meant either day worked that is not correct when I reached out to MAX SOLD I got zero assistance as MaxSold told me my item could only be picked up on day 1, despite the pick up information clearly saying 2 days for pick up and there being many available slots on the second day. I see this as false advertising and a really rotten customer experience I was a regular user and normally had great service but am closing my buyer account for what I can only describe as absolutely horrible customer service - buyer beware dont make the mistake I did with this site who talks a good game on customer service but really doesnt care at all

A wonderful way to upgrade my furniture.
I have never been able to afford 'Good' furniture, with Maxsold I can spend as little or as much as I wish. I have been able to replace much of my chipboard furniture with solid wood by using Maxsold.
Maxsold is an easy to use platform and MaxSold have safe practices in place during the Covid pandemic. Anyone can use Maxsold no matter what your budget, the potential to get what your heart desires is attainable.
I have been able to get items for a great price to enable me to have creative freedom without breaking the bank as I am a mixed media artist.
I reccomend Maxsold to anyone.

MaxSold Household Sale
Hi! I just finished my household sale with MaxSold. I am glad I had the sale; but would not do it again. First of all, I think you need to have a higher starting price than $1.00! When I went into this, I knew it was starting at $1.00; but thought that more people would bid and the price would go up. I got small amounts for most of my stuff; which I think should have gone for a lot more. Also, I did not like the groupings. MaxSold put a lot of good stuff together and it sold for really cheap. I would not do this again. I did get rid of a lot of stuff; which I am glad about; but the prices not so happy about. It was a learning experience; and now I know what it was about. Never again. However, the people that came to my place were very nice! I enjoyed having them here; polite and very nice. My main drawback was how little the stuff sold for.

I would give MaxSold in the Belleville/Picton Ontario area a 0 if allowed but minimum was a 1
Purchased items from a sale and showed up for pickup as per instructions/invoice. No one there. Three calls to 1-877 number and 2 hours later I was told pickup had been changed to date before. No customer service rep I did not receive an email of this change or do you really think I would be at the pickup site. AND yes I have checked my gps and am at the correct location. My credit card was charged so I submitted a request for refund within 3 hours of original pickup time. 1 week later no refund and now the items I purchased but was not able to pickup are being sold on a local FB marketplace page. Legit business I dont think so.

The kind of treasure hunt I LOVE!
MaxSold auctions are my favorite place to look for unique items, collectibles, and great deals. It's easy to view sales, watch items, and bid -- I monitor local MaxSold sales several times a week. I've been a customer for years, purchasing furniture and items for my house and for my friends. I attached a photo of the beautiful set of 6 chairs I bought (and recovered) while visiting a friend in the Phoenix area last year. You never know what you will find but that's the great fun of it! The auctions are run professionally and every purchase/pick-up I've made has gone smoothly. I would recommend MaxSold to anyone with an estate that needs to be liquidated quickly, completely, and without hassle. I made sure my husband has the MaxSold contact information because he will certainly need it if I leave this earth before he does LOL!

If I could give them ZERO stars I would. If everything left in your family estate is pure junk, and you don't care about any of it, then sure, go to max sold. But we had a huge estate full of some beautiful stemware, clothes, appliances, excellent condition furniture, lamps, artwork, vintage keepsakes, one of a kind collector's items, purses, you name it, and we will be lucky if we end up with $100. MaxSold group your items in ridiculously large lots. They take absolutely AWFUL pictures, and terrible descriptions. They do not care one bit about your items.

Fully managed by Maxsold.
The Ottawa Maxsold team were so professional and friendly! Their photographs and descriptions of items for sale were very well done. Most items were sold and the pick up process could not have gone more smoothly. Notably, every effort was made in order that there was no damage to the house. The staff recognized that selling the contents of my parents' home was rather difficult for me personally and could not have been more supportive and understanding. We had some fun! Will definitely recommend the Ottawa Maxsold team.

Breach of contract, Maxsold is rigged against the little guy
I was prevented from removing an item that I won (a washing machine). The water could only be shut off in the basement, so the Maxsold site manager would not allow us to remove the item. We were told to leave the washing machine in place. I arranged transportation and help. I couldn't believe it. I was offered a refund, but it's like winning the lottery, then being told, you can have the price of your winning ticket back.
In my mind, the seller owes me a washing machine.
I want to work with the seller to resolve this, but Maxsold has not been helpful. So bottom line, MaxSold screwed up, and I'm out.

Prepare to be let down if you are a seller
I had to liquidate a house of antiques and quality items and things literally sold for a dollar. I think MaxSold just don't have the reach because there is no way that the items could sold for what they did if they did any type of outreach or marketing. I had a brand new hospital bed that I just spent $1,000 on two months prior sell for $8, A vintage Singer sewing machine in perfect working condition sold for $5, and Weber gas grill with two full propane bottles sell for $4. To make matters worse, I had one item that sold for $400 but the buyer never paid so I got $0. What's the point of prequalifying someone if they can just back out and not pay?

On top of that, it took 2 months to complete the auction because the first time they came out to catalog, 1/3 of the items were not listed in the auction. Whole rooms were excluded so we date to stop the auction, re-catalog the items, and then start it again. It was a time consuming and wasteful effort.

I even understand that the point may be to rid the house of the large items so you don't have to move them. Unfortunately, the larger items like bedroom sets, couches, and tables didn't sell so I still have to move them.

In the end, after the fees, the buyers that didn't pay, and the commissions paid to MaxSold, I made $140. Just a joke for the time and effort that went into it. I live in Los Angeles so it's not like I'm in some rural area with no interest. To summarize, if you are a buyer, probably great, but if you are a seller, don't bother, it will be quicker and the outcome will be the same if you just have an open house and give everything away. The MaxSold idea is great in theory but terrible in execution.

Items Not As Seen in Pictures
Very poor pictures. MaxSold do not show what is really in a lot or any damage. I usually give some items to a thrift store if the lot has too much of what I don't want but this last time I actually had to throw a lot of it in the trash. The pictures showed stuff in a big box which was all damaged and went in the trash. One box of dishes says 24 pieces but not all of it was there. During a heat wave the house had no A/C and was the pick up was behind. They sort through a pile of paper listing to find my items then I have to wait for a person to take me to the items and stand over me. Some of the items were on the floor but I was offered no assistance. Since I am a senior I don't get up and down well. Then I had to carry a lot of "junk" to my car. The basement stuff said "outside access" but I had to either climb numerous outside steps to get it to my car OR find another way which I did on investigating on my own. You can get some good stuff but be careful and try to look at what pictures they have carefully. Ask questions on line but don't expect a quick answer. I told MaxSold about some of my concerns on their survey and the response was "I'm sorry you had a bad day"

I was very unhappy with Maxsold. Items were grouped together in large groups putting many expensive items together. At one point MaxSold grouped 38 candle sticks as 1 lot. Crystal were grouped with wooden ones as well as with large floor candle holders. Expensive vases and urns were grouped together in large groups until I stepped in and made them break them up.
The groups were entirely too large and made no sense how the grouped them.
The photos where poor quality, some dark, some blurred.
I had 3 6' racks if Christmas items. They put each rack as 1 llot. They did nothing to group thing together that made sense. I did all the work, all they did was take pictures. They were supposed to be there till 6:00 but by 3:00 they said they were finished.
I would NOT recommend anyone using Maxsold... we made very little on the sale and felt the quality and professionalism was not there.


Customers beware
My experience with MAXSOLD was not a good one. A few weeks ago we had MAXSOLD run the auction online. After watching what was happening it was heart-wrenching. Watching bids come in at $1.00 on furniture and electronics. MAXSOLD was the only one who made out on the auction. A $700.00 fee for the Auction, plus MaxSold receive 30% more of the total sale of your items, plus they get 15% from buyers. We were told that each bin should receive at least $35.00 or more. Well, I can tell you that did not happen. The purpose of us trying this auction was because we are moving and our furniture especially was not going and we really did not want to do a yard sale.
A Lazyboy rocker recliner sold for $1.00. Our solid wood dining room table with leaf and 8 chairs would have sold for $6.00 and a Walnut Chester Drawer with cedar chest would have sold for $1.00, only the person/s was a no show. It was sickening to see what was sold at prices that were really not fair to the customer. There should have been a minimum of at least $100 on all furniture items, not $1.00. Electronics that were never used, sold for a few dollars. Really a sin. $1300 sold, less their fee($700, less their 30%) received only $244. Was this FAIR, NOT AT ALL.
So because of this BIG MISTAKE, a yard sale was done and we made over $1200. 00 in our pocket. If I had not done the Auction and had all my items I probably would have made over $2500. 00.
MAXSOLD did not make my life easier but I certainly learned my lesson, CUSTOMER beware of MAXSOLD.

The Redding's

Lacks integrity
I know it is all about making a buck with most companies but it would be great to have a little integrity. I've noticed that MaxSold like to split up matching sets of things- for ex. Splitting up 6 dining chairs into two groups of three. This encourages bidding wars and drives up the price. Smart- but also a bit sleazy. The other day I witnessed a buyer stumble as he was leaving one of their auction sites and drop the dishes he was carrying. He had caught his arm on a broken door handle when exiting. The broken handle sticking out was obviously a hazard and should have been taped over or the door pushed open more so people could easily pass through it. I thought the staff would have offered to give him some kind of partial refund (the Max Sold portion) considering that they didn't provide a safe pathway in and out of the house free from hazards. All he got was an, oh, too bad they broke and they helped him pick up the pieces so the next buyer could enter.

MaxSold Timothy Loughmiller toronto area
Toronto area
I recently started attending MaxSold auctions. The first few were wonderful, like a garage sale with friendly, courteous and kind homeowners parting with their history.
Then, I attended a "managed" auction by Timothy Loughmiller estate sales. It was awful. Much worse than lack of customer service skills, more like lack of humanity skills. If you deal with them for your safety Video record your encounter.
MaxSold gave me a refund which I appreciate, however, MaxSold took Mr Loughmiller a side because I had no proof
Please, for your safety, video record your interactions if you deal with this company

Getting it almost right
Good: professional team, great process, most everything gone.
Bad: failed to list several lots on auction, failed pickups given refunds due to no fault of mine, 100% fault of MaxSold. No restitution offered.
BEWARE: MaxSold tells you it is a $700 flat fee and 30% of sales. However, MaxSold subtract the 30% first then take an additional $700 costing you more - a mathematics trick that favors them.
Customer service: After they finish the auction, they don't return emails or answer questions about how they calculate your share of money. They just take their money and are done with you.

First time Amazing
This was our first time selling on MaxSold. It was recommended by a friend who was a regular buyer on the site.
From my first phone call then all throughout my sale every aspect was extremely easy thanks to the amazing professional, friendly staff. Of course there were a couple of snags, but the in person staff and the phone reps smoothed everything out with very little stress to us.
I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to sell their stuff and make some good money.

The worse customer communications ever!
I hate to write a poor review because there are things we were impressed about Maxsold, but getting a hold of someone there to respond to questions and concerns was so frustrating and pointless! We have tried numerous times to speak to ANYONE at the company and it seems that once MaxSold have your business, they couldn't care less about you. Leaving messages on the phone or email was a huge waste of time. The biggest problem was the billing. We were charged for something that was stolen during the pickup even though it was a partner managed auction and there were 4 people at the house supposedly watching people go pick up their purchases. After the item was discovered to be stolen, the manager told us that the rightful purchaser would be refunded but we would be charged! After I complained to someone that evening via phone (after many attempts to get a hold of someone), Riley (on the phone) assured me that Maxsold would NOT charge us. A week later, we got the bill and lo and behold, WE WERE CHARGED! No one answers the phone to explain. I am truly disgusted and will not recommend Maxsold to anyone!

A big move and a big sale.
I am so thrilled to have worked with the great people at Maxsold! There were lots of questions that I had and I always felt greatful that Alana and Ann and others hellped me out. I never felt as though I was being a pest! It made a difference during a time of moving when there is much stress. Thank you Maxsold. The pick ups went very well except for the buyers not coming at the time that MaxSold should have. During a pandamic it was a comfort to see the buyers wearing masks and following proper social distancing.

"Extremely Disappointed"
We definitely cannot recommend MaxSold online auction…MaxSold totally failed us. My husband and I feel angry, disappointed, heartbroken, and depressed. We were looking forward to greatly downsizing in order to move closer to family; it was recommended to view the Maxsold website to help sell the contents of our home. I was very excited after reading the text and listening to the testimonials from past customers. After contacting MaxSold, I was happy the company would handle our online sale; we signed a contract and a team of workers were to come to our home to take pictures of our many antiques and collectibles, in addition to other household items. This fee of taking pictures, forming lots, cataloging items, and arranging pickup of items was to cost $700; the company would take 30% of our sales, in addition to charging buyer's premium costs. The sale would be 7-10 days. However, we were later told there was no team available in PA to do the prep work and one of their partners would contact us. The cost was now $6,000 for the prep. My husband and I did a lot of the preparation, working many days to exhaustion. This sale was not 7-10 days, however it was online 5 days only! And we had absolutely no local advertising. We expected signage for the front lawn so local people would know our household items were being sold on a website. We kept expecting signs to be delivered, but signs were never delivered. Everyone we asked in our community, never heard of MaxSold. We were frustrated that there was no local advertising. It was obvious that this hurt our sales by the few people who bid on our items and how extremely cheap our valuable items sold for; customers told us they were very sad for us but happy for themselves to purchase such quality items at a bargain price! And we were left with so many items that weren't listed online, that we still need to work endless hours trying to take inventory to various auction houses. We definitely made a huge mistake trusting MaxSold to help us.
Cris and Gary Gerber

Maxsold Personnel Ruin Experience
Excellent concept, ease of use. Attending over 20 of these auctions/events, I have encountered the very same rude employee over and over. Despite complaining to Maxsold, the same employee remains, continuing her rude and unprofessional behavior. Other buyers have complained as well, to no avail. The most recent auction showcased her working the auction with her significant other, making unprofessional comments about the military and police, and asking if MaxSold could 'have things' - hinting that if they are not allowed to 'have things' that my account would be banned. I am now banned, was given no explanation from Maxsold, and those two Max employees are not, to my knowledge, held accountable.

Disappointed & Insulted!

I would recommend & endorse your company wholeheartedly except for a couple of things which I'll get to later.
With some of the things you said & especially didn't say in our email correspondence,
I became skeptical & leery about your operation of the auction process.

Your staff was excellent!
MaxSold were friendly, polite, professional, knowledgeable, well informed and thorough.
Both at the front end & back.
I had no problem with them whatsoever.

Where I had the problem was with your auction process!
I was totally disenchanted with it.
It was almost as if you were working for the bidders/buyers & not the sellers who are paying your bills!
It seemed like I had no say in the process at all!
And that's not how it should be!

1 - There is absolutely no reason or any excuse that you can come up with to justify a starting bid of one dollar ($1.00) on all items/lots!
Especially the big ticket items!
This is 2020 not 1920!
People will wait to the last minute to try & steal an item for your one dollar ($1.00) staring bid.
You're doing a disservice to your company & especially a disservice to the sellers!
I was insulted!

If I go to a live auction, each item has their own starting bid, depending on size, category & potential value.
You can take any lot you guys put together, if you use pennies on the dollar as your cost,
You can come up with a bottom line value of around ten dollars ($10.00) +/-.
Kitchen cupboards with 200 - 300 items, as an example, big ticket items, etc. would fetch that easily.
A staring bid of $10 will not break the bank for the bidders/buyers and will appease the sellers!
Starting bid should be up to the sellers discretion!
If they want to start at $5.00 or $20.00 or whatever, that should be a choice between both parties with the sellers having the last say!
And your company makes more money this way.
You need to give the sellers more say in this area!
We know we won't get top dollar, but we'd like to come out with something that isn't insulting!

2 - Fact: The penny was decommissioned/phased out in 2013. Why are you letting your bidders bid in penny ($. 01) increments?
It doesn't make sense?
I found that insulting!
It's a disservice to your company & especially a disservice to the sellers!
Bids should be in one dollar increments ($1.00) until you reach the end of your first phase or however you work it.
After all, we'd like to make a little money but not that little!
That just baffled me!

3 - You need to put in a fail safe price for items to protect the sellers.
To have a dining room table & six chairs sell for $6.00 or two bedroom sets sell for under $20.00 to one buyer or a $1,000.00 reclining chair sell for $8.00 is ridiculous!
I could have sold them myself & gotten a couple hundred dollars for each one.
If you had a higher starting bid it wouldn't be as much of a blow but at one dollar ($1.00), it's an insult!
I had no recourse in taking it off the sale.
One of the bedroom suites was my Mother's and if there was a fail safe price I would have been able to take it off the sale & keep it instead of it selling for under $20.00!
If I had a fail safe price in place, where the total bid price didn't reach my price, ie: $75.00 for each set, I should be given an option of taking it back.
If the price where the total bid price did reach my price, ie: $75.00 + for each set, I would forego the option and the pieces would sell to the highest bidder.
That choice should be mine.
There might be some items with sentimental value that I would want to take back if a reasonable price was not attained!

4 – Because people where bidding at the last minute for your minimum one dollar ($1.00) bid a number of big ticket items were gone. That is totally unfair to the seller.
Not to mention insulting!
When items are placed on my front grass and taken pictures of, to sell on Kijiji for probably 50 – 100 times their purchase price on the same day, you're not doing the sellers any favours at all!
It gives one the impression that your company could be receiving some sort of kick backs from buyers for keeping prices low?
If I wanted to give items away, I wouldn't have hired you guys!

You need to revamp your auction process & make it more seller friendly!
It benefits your company & the people who hire you.
If you were to change & revamp your process to incorporate the above suggestions, I would fully endorse your company.
The way things are now, my skepticism & gut feeling were warranted and spot on!
If someone were to ask me about MaxSold, I would tell them to be careful and explain all of your shortcomings.

Because of my health situation and time constraints, I couldn't shop around like I normally do.
Otherwise I probably would have gone & used someone else!

As a Clearing house:
I was happy that you were able to move most of my items out.

As a Auction house:
The Sellers have to be involved more.
You need to revamp your process, as per above.
You need to make sure the Sellers get Fair Value for their products.
I wasn't too thrilled that you took almost 50% of the take.
I was totally disappointed with your process and the fact that you practically gave away most of my items for next to nothing!

So as you can see, I was disappointed & insulted with your auction process.


Maxsold is so much fun!
I've been having so much fun treasure hunting over the last few years with Maxsold! I love the concept of having auctions run straight from sellers homes so that locations vary. Some are very close by and others make for a fun day trip! I've found all kinds of neat finds. Some for myself, some as gifts for others and some to resell so I can find more treasures! I think the concept that Maxsold has developed is brilliant and I appreciate how organized most of the sales and pickups are.

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