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Matte Collection

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Awful customer service and never received item
Item was stuck in a transit setting until 12 days after shipping (14 days max it stated for international shipping) I complained to their head office to which Matte Collection suggested I do the chasing up? Then miraculously 17 days later the item had been delivered so it said, when I hadn't, no refund and no item. Do not trust.

Love love love their stuff
I love Matte swim every swim suit I have ordered from them has been exactly what I seen on their website. I have gained some weight in the last year and went from a size 2 to a size 8 but their bathing suits hugs more curves in the right places. I was uncomfortable wearing bikini but now that I have found matte swim I have been ordering bikini and it has totally hid my extra weight in my stomach area but still gives me the sexy curves I am looking to show. Thank you Matte swim for creating bathing suits for all body types. Also, Matte Collection have very fast processing and shipping which is great.

I wish I came on here before ever making a purchase with them. Customer service is non existent. Matte Collection don't have a phone number so you can't call and they don't reply to emails. This was my first time ordering from them and will definitely be my last. I also will warn everyone not to shop here at all. I find it sketchy that all reviews on their website are 5 stars. The swimwear is cheap and they did not refund me for a swimsuit that I ordered and never received!

Unpleasant Experience
I ordered a bathing suit to wear on my vacation. I received the bathing suit and it did not fit. I returned it and received confirmation that the return was received on 10/2/20. My return wasn't processed in the system until 10/8/20, which means that I did not have time to order another bathing suit for my vacation. I decided to just order another bathing suit with the credit. I ordered another bathing suit and Matte Collection sent me the wrong item. I am done with this company. The bathing suits are nice, but they don't look anything like the picture.

They do not give credit after return!
Matte Collection does not give you your credit back after Matte Collection received a return! I made multiple purchases, the first one I had to return some pieces and immediately was processed and received a credit. I used to buy a few more that I had to return because all the suits fit differently. I returned successfully and they said they processed credit and I NEVER received it! I've emailed at least 6 times and now they don't answer! So you might/might not get your money back!

It's ridiculous as it's a credit so I have to use it on their products!

Awesome bikinis
I purchased 2 bikinis towards the end of the summer and Matte Collection were true to size and cute as ever! The reviews on the site helped me a bunch because the ladies will give their stats to help you make sure you are buying the right size and it was so helpful. The color choices are super fun and I'm very happy with my purchase.

Worst online boutique
I purchased my items on Tuesday early afternoon, 24 later I sent two emails no response, I sent a DM in the evening advising that I have not received a tracking number and matte rep advise the items was purchased yesterday and we ship within 24 hours, I advise that we are speaking 24 hours later and no update on shipment, matte rep stated the package is not ready and she will try to get it ready in order to ship on Thursday. Mind you I pay extra for a two days delivery because I was going out of town and if Matte Collection would of really shipped it within 24 hours I would have received it but there shipping is actually 48 hours and the tracking on the delivery still states the package is still in Atlanta. I will be requesting a refund once received and NEVER ordering from them again. HORRIBLE!

Great Customer Service
I placed my order with expedited shipping early January and I still have not received it til this day. I asked if Matte Collection would be able to send out a replacement order and they did! I received it 3 days after receiving the tracking number! I really appreciate them for sending another order promptly. I am now a lifetime customer, and these swimsuits look so BOMB on me! I wish I could have had them for my birthday in Cabo, however next vacay I will have them! Thank you matte so much!

Matte Collection said my item was delivered,. Never received my item. When i emailed them they then told me to contact the postal office about delivering since they were the one that marked it delivered. Once talking to the postal office they said that never went them them and it was a fake tracking number and everything. Im sure i wont get my money back. Save ur time and money. DONT BUY FROM THEM...

Wish I can give zero stars.
I accidentally clicked the wrong size when ordering. Website says cancel by email, I do right away. Matte Collection get back in an hour saying (Sorry it was shipped) Yeah bs. Anyway I figured who cares I can just return it. Received and didnt bother trying because I knew it did not fit so repackaged it in its condition that it arrived. Paid 8 dollars and drove to post office asap to ship it. They received it and even sent email saying they received it but came up with BS saying (sorry we cannot refund as it is final sale so they will send it back.) I do not want or need or will fit that bikini it will not fit so they better not bother sending it to me you stole my money no matter. And final sale? Yeah the exact bikini is STILL there FULLprice on the site, it was a one day flash sale which was barely a sale being that i paid twice for shipping and returning. Then they send me policy, and according to the purchase through discount policy they would owe me at least store credit. I noted this and because it was the TRUTH they never emailed me back. Ladies beware. If it doesnt fit just sell it or give it away you will not get your money back. They are disgusting unfair scam artists and they can go to hell. Do not buy. Save your money and a headache.

Sexy and quality
Don't hesitate to buy these swimsuits! Out of the 10 I got, only 1 didn't look good on my body type but I knew better. I got the Eliseo black which fitted more like a medium, than a large which is what I usually get. The snake Eliseo fitted me amazing. The very recent one I wore was the Edan 2 piece and hubby looked like he was about to have a heart attack
So buy the swimsuits before the summer ends!

Not "True to Size"
I ordered the Teri Ribbed Bikini and the Brax One Piece and neither piece fit as described/shown in pictures. I ordered a small (I have a 34" bust and about 40" hips) and the bikini top was WAY too big with no way to adjust the band but the bottoms were ok. The neckline of the Brax did not come higher than the bottom of my sternum and I would have to tape the straps down to my nipples just to avoid being exposed. I was able to hike the suit high enough to have the neckline come to nipple level but then the bottoms are digging in and uncomfortable.

The kicker is that, since I ordered these during a BOGO sale, I can't return or exchange anything and now I have to blow more money on a tailor if I want to try to salvage these. I would recommend avoiding sets (unless you are top-heavy) and be wary of the sizing guide.

Five Star Service
Matte collection has exceeded my expectations when it came to customer service. I was very amazed how great my communication with was them. My package was "Missing" by USPS carrier. I contact matte and immediately Matte Collection were trying to help me resolved and even went as far as shipping another package to replace the lost one. If I can give them more then a 5 star I will because at the end all of my fraustration they made me feel at ease. You guy's rock I will continue to support you every chance that I get!

I've ordered from Matte Collection more than once but my last experience with them was horrible! I placed an order with them back in July for two swimsuits. When I received my package, I only had one of the swimsuits. I reached out to them and Matte Collection apologized and told me that they would mail me my missing item and email me the tracking number. I never heard back so I emailed them requesting the tracking information. I spent over a month having to follow up with them and USPS behind a package that they never sent. Now it's September and I'm just now receiving a package from them but it's the swimsuit that they already sent me. Matte Collection could have been a pretty good company if you never have to deal with the customer service department. Customer service can make or break any company and for that reason is why I would NEVER shop with them and I would not recommend them to anyone. They showed little to no concern about THEIR errors after taking my money.

Defective Item was sent to me without a real resolution
I purchased a bathing suit from Matte on July 19,2021. I was very unsatisfied. I received it Friday July 23,2021, I went to attempt to put it on and both the straps that attach to the metal piece of the bathing suit on the back where you would strap a bra, the threading came out. I needed this bathing suit for a Saturday event and so I was left to have to sew it back together as good as I could. I was very disappointed. Considering that this one wasn't cheap and I could've bought it from another place makes me extremely sad. This is not okay with me. I did have to wear the bathing suit with the risk of it possibly ripping because I was relying on this one I did not have time to purchase a replacement elsewhere. So Imagine if I had been embarrassed by it ripping on me while I was at my event. I did not want to be left in that predicament. I don't feel that I should have had to go through this type of stress for a purchase. I requested a refund. This is the email I received in response. That is not concerning or apologetic. I wanted to upload a picture but sadly its to large of an image. Good thing I was able to file a complaint with the better business bureau. So Ill await a further response.

I apologize about the damaged item. This is not a reflection of our brand and we will do our best to rectify the situation. Due to you not addressing the situation prior we cannot issue a full refund but I did issue you a store credit for your inconvenience. Please let me know if I can assist you with anything else.


Love it!
The Matte swimwear collection is just what I expected it to be. I purchased the Adonis Sheer Cover up- Leopard and the Kai One piece- Orange and absolutely loved them both. Not only do I love the swimwear, I really loved the fast shipping. It was the fastest shipping I have ever experienced! Matte Collection is the way to go if you're looking for the best quality and fast delivery.

I ordered from this company and only received half the items I paid for (keep in mind that standard shipping is $12 with a 1-2 business day turnaround). I received half of my items almost a week later and I have YET to receive the rest of my items (almost 2 weeks now). I inquired about getting a $12 shipping credit since I had yet to receive my items. Matte Collection proceeded to tell me that they do not give credits. But what about the customer? I paid for shipping and expected to receive my items in a timely fashion, but no I'm waiting for my items and it has been 2 weeks. Very poor service! Will not recommend!

Best Swim wear!
My friends and i have been planning a girls trip to miami for a few months and we all decided to wait until last minute to purchase new things for the trip! One of my friends told me to check out Matte Collections and i fell in love! I ordered Swimsuit cover ups and my friends ordered bikinis. Shipping was fast, great customer service, and quality items! We love everything we ordered and cannot wait to take photos! Will definitely be shopping here again this summer.

Trash customer service!
I sent an email 4 days ago about the wrong bathing suit being shipped to my house. The reply time is supposed to be 24-48 hours. I've emailed Matte Collection in the past and Matte Collection have reached out to me in a quick manner. I'm guessing they're not trying to reach out to me since they messed up my order...

Swimsuits and coverups
When I first purchased a couple of swimsuits and cover ups from the Matte Collection, I was a little bit nervous because I have never heard of them other than pop up ads nor have I seen the quality of their product. Once I received my order, I was not only happy it was delivered early, but more than satisfied with the quality of the material and the fit of the swimsuits and cover ups.

Great quality for the price
A friend told me about this site and liked what I saw and decided to order a few swimsuits to check out the quality. I am in my 50's, fashionista, petite, curvy with a belly pouch. I love the colors, quality, price and how it fits my shape. I can't wait for the pandemic to be over so I can book a few trips to wear my beautiful swimsuits. The only con I will say is Matte Collection should make the cups better to hold the girls up (breast).

Love Them
I was In need of a cute swimsuit. So Friday morning I am up browsing. Came across Jayda, and Sweetie on their page. I click on it and fell in love. My shipping came super fast.And then I saw the had a 2hour flash sale. Baby I jump on it quick. Great quality Matte Collection email u to show their love and appreciation that. They definitely have a customer in me. Shop with them you will not be disappointed. My vacation is in 1 week, I am go sit the girls down in my swimsuits and cover up

Perfect Fit
At first, I was a bit worried when placing my order however it all worked out pretty well. My first incident was that ii left off some important information from my address and I immediately i emailed them to have it rectified. Matte Collection were very prompt and that issue was resolved. They delivered my swimsuits in less that 4 days and I'm definitely pleased. I hope they keep up the good work so I will shop again!

I'm a slim thick girl but a very pleased one..

Great Quality, Outstanding Fit. Fast service
I am a first time customer of Matte Collection. I ordered several swimsuits and each one of them fit to perfection. I was worried that the cost associated with the item would be a precursor for the quality received. The swimwear is great quality, not thin material and provides support where needed. I am a new customer with an intent to become a frequent shopper.

Best customer service/ high quality bathing suits
So I recently just got back into wearing bathing suits after having my daughter a year ago & I couldn't be happier with my purchases. I only purchased one pieces because I'm still not ready to show my stomach but these one pieces are killing any two piece I've ever worn! They're sexy, but Matte Collection cover enough that I don't feel uncomfortable. On top of that I made another purchase and someone emailed me thanking me for the business! I'm HUGE on customer service so it's just made me feel that much better about ordering from this company! I can't wait to see what new pieces they'll have in the months or years to come! One piece of advice I'd give the company is to start using more models with different body types so the average woman knows that she too can look just as bomb as the model on the site! Thanks for everything <3

They Give Small Business Owners A Bad Rep Buyer Beware!
I saw an amazing ad for MATTE COLLECTIONS swimsuits & coverups. I ordered three items on June 1,2021 and received my order quickly because of my location. Received on 6/3/2021. To my surprise the quality of what I ordered was definitely not what was represented in her ads! I returned item. The Achilles Sheer cover yellow quality was horrible. The Eliseo one piece was taken out of the package and anyone could see it wasn't the size as stated so it was put back in it's original packaging. I followed their written instruction as to return items in it's original form & package. I received an email from Matte Collection saying your order has shipped (I never placed another order of course). Checking return I saw that postal status was unable to deliver! Checking with company Matte Collection aren't open on the weekend and I guess don't have means of receiving mail on the weekend as a business. When I contacted the company to verify my return, they said they have no returns from me I would have to take it up with the postal service. After days, Unbeknownst to me the company claims they got my return and one item was stained in which they returned to me at cost to me. Item was taken out and put back in packaging. Because I'm also a business owner I know the importance of return merchandise in the same condition it was received No notification of items received back in any unaccepted conditions or partial refund until I had to contact MATTE COLLECTION. I contacted postal service and they say items haven't been delivered or located. I do understand returns processing mistakes at MATTE COLLECTION but the customer shouldn't have to PAY for them! I had to provide proof of my return but no proof of you receiving my return with my info on it was provided. Why would a company claim items were return and they weren't and items were actually lost in the mail. I requested proof of return and of course she had none. SMDH Bad business practice. Giving small up and coming businesses a bad rep.! Buyer beware of the MATTE COLLECTION
P.S. This is what I received back and the so call stain was smaller than a pin head and wiped right off. Not sure what it was but no reason to keep my funds and charge shipping twice.

The Best SwimSuit Line EVER!
I have been a customer of Matte Collection for 2 years now, and I have to say Matte Collection never disappoint. I love that they make their swimwear for ALL body types, not just one body type style. They have sales and special promos abd the customer service is amazing! I love that the suits are high quality but priced reasonably. I will FOREVER be a customer.

Fits perfectly!
I am 5'5. About 145-150 lbs. I am also a C cup. I usually avoid swimsuits. I haven't been able to find one that actually FITS in a very long time. This swimsuit is so affordable and the quality is amazing honestly. I got my confidence back with this suit for sure and I will be ordering again. Thanks Matte Collection!

Matte Collection Boosts Your Body Confidence
I am in LOVE with my Matte Collection swimsuits. I put on a few pounds during the pandemic and was dreading swimsuit season as none of mine fit. One of my girlfriends told me to check out Matte Collection and I loved all the styles! I found perfect ones to accommodate my "new body", so I bought a few suits. The quality is amazing and were exactly as Matte Collection looked online. I'm feeling summertime fine(whatever that means in a pandemic) poolside! These swimsuits gave me a new boost of confidence.

Thank You!
-Tiffany Singletary

I absolutely love this company!
When I originally purchased this bikini, I was a bit skeptical about the quality due to the low price. However, when I tried it on, it fit perfectly, and the quality is fantastic. I usually don't purchase bikini's online because I never know if they're true to size, but I didn't experience that problem with this brand. I will definitely be purchasing from this company again!

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