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I paid £20 for unlimited deliveries, my first order arrived and was filthy - white top looked as though it had been used to clean the floor. Trousers and top had been screwed up into a very small bag. I rang customer services who were dismissive and told me to return them for refund. Returned item via M&S food hall a week ago, still no refund. Second delivery was meant to arrive 6 days ago, still not arrived and now tracking is saying ‘action needed’ but no details of when the item will arrive. M&S have really gone down hill. This is not the first issue I’ve had with them over last couple of years. Sadly will have to use other more reliable retailers and bid farewell to M&S as too stressful trying to chase them and getting a response. They’d do well to take a leaf from NEXT for prompt delivery and great customer service!

Me and family are on summer holidays in London from Canada. Went to the High Street Kensington store this evening. I tried several dresses and decided to buy 2 and on the way to cashier picked up a sweater. There was a large mirror by the the shoe dept and I tried the sweater on in front of that. A staff member yelled at me loudly from afar and said I should go to the fitting rooms to do that. I was extremely embarrassed and so was my young daughter as all the customers started looking at us. I felt worse as I’m a woman of colour. After composing myself I walked towards the staff member and told her that I didn’t appreciate her tone. Her excuse was that she was doing her job. I was quite shaken after the experience and left the store feeling disgusted.

I would leave 0 stars if possible. Order an item, for my wedding... Told its on its way, its with the courier, its been refunded... Never asked it to be refunded - called up - stock problems, why take my order?? no reply - then told it was a glitch.... Their advise, reorder it and oh wait, your refund for well over 150 quid will be with you in 5 days... Stupid and terrible service. These companies just do not care, no wonder the high street is dead.

My bad experience was with the School Shop online. My first order I measured Mt son using the measurements on the site when item arrived all were to small. I did not have the returns label as stated so I had to email to get this and print it out myself. It took over 2 weeks to receive my refund. I then re ordered correct sizes but this ti e I received the wrong colour Rugby top(there's not even an option to chose a different colour as it's a set colour for the school) and the shorts thus time were to big so I had to return again and no returns again so had to email. I have now been waiting for 4 weeks for my refund I have been told its been issued this has caused myself stress and I will definitely not be using the School Shop again...

I bought a size 44e total support bra for work. What a disappointment. It rubs me under the arm the whole time the straps.are not long enough. Surely M&S think if a woman is buying g a larger bra it will need longer staps. I have them at full extension and it is painful to wear. Shame because it is a nice bra. I went back to M&S as used to shop there but bras became silly sizes unfortunately my new supplier went undernin Covid. However I will need to look for somewhere else. I am so disappointed. Your knicker sizes have also gone insane as has the price.

I've been to their St ann store, took the wrong size by mistake, went the next day to exchange one of the 3 trousers to the right size, staff didn't give me a new receipt for the new trouser so I assumed that when you change size they don't give you a new receipt.
2 days later I noticed the trousers' fabric are rubbish and colour is leaving marks on my skin and other clothes as well so I decided to return the trousers, staff and manager refused to return the one that didn't have a receipt although it was staff mistake that she didn't give me a receipt, instead of the manager apologising for her unprofessional attitude and investigates further he spoke rudely and threw the trouser on the floor in front of all customers and said I'm the manager and I'm not returning it that's my decision if you don't like my decision call customer service.
I did and they said they opened an internal investigation but I don't believe them plus eventually they send me a gift card not my cache, I had to take responsibility for their staff mistakes, M&S are desperate for any client and couldn't handle the loss of £30, they tried everything to keep it in store, rubbish store, rubbish management, rubbish products, hope they close soon, don't go there and save your money

I would like to express one of my worse shopping experiences I had i.e with M&S. I bought two pairs of jeggings from the store (Bangalore Phoenix Mall ), I was so excited when I bought that but gradually it is casted down as it spilled out it’s inferiority. After 4 washes fabric has started to peel off and soon it became a showcase piece as it is no damn good to wear. When I tried to address the same on customer portal, I have experienced the robberish behaviour of the executives trying some mockery activities on me to divert. The best shopping experience, the best customer response I wouldn’t like to experience again. Even though it has clear quality issue no action is taken at store and customer care serves after several visits.
As per M and S only 35 days your product will be good after that, they will not take any concern. This is said to be one of the top best brand which is totally worse now.

My 85 year old mother regularly shops in South End Green NW3 Marks And Spencer as usually it is worth paying a little more for the extra quality. Yesterday I when I saw her she said that she was very upset with the Cox apples she bought as three of them were so bad that she had to throw them away. The apple she kept was also bruised and I said that we would take it back, thinking Marks and Spencer are very good to their customers and would replace the apples. I spoke to the Store Manager at South End Green and was very disappointed when he said that all he could do was to throw the bad apple away as my Mum did not have her receipt. When we got to pay for the shopping we were buying the kind lady serving us at at the till recognised my Mum and said to me how sweet my Mum is and nice to meet her daughter, I showed her the bad apple and explained the situation and she was also surprised at the manager's decision, saying that she would have replaced the apples. i must say that although the new packaging is now more sustainable and does not use plastic it does make inspecting the apples very difficult to check for damage, bruising etc. I realise that the cost of apples are not an expensive purchase (although my Mum is very careful with her money) but I was more disappointed with the attitude and response of the Manager and his poor customer service.

Honestly the WORSE customer experience I've ever had from start to finish.
Ordered 30 mens tees for £180 for summer holidays
The took full payment BEFORE they even dispatched which is illegal
A bag arrived with 29 tees balled up like used rags and shoved in. The tees were wrinkled and some even dirty - they appeared to be returns.
After spending days trying to speak to customer service on the phone (they intentionally try to stop you from getting through) I explained the unbelievable state of the order.
The agent refused to send a new order and initially wanted me to go into a store to return in person. This is an ONLINE order!
After much debate a superior agreed to collect the order.
I sent the order back and emailed photos as attached as evidence.
EVERY email I sent to chase up was replied no knowledge of this entire problem, they have no cases nor history on the account.
Utter confusion with each email, finally I am getting my refunds BUT rather then one for £180 I am getting tons of small refunds (reason who knows), loads of emails and text messages
The company is actually less efficient than the NHS and that's the bottom of the barrel.
M&S staff from the warehouse packers, customer service agents and refund processors are disorganized idiotic morons who none of should be working in eCommerce.

One of the worst services and very unprofessional. I wanted to give 0 star
I ordered pyjama and the moment I received it I requested for the return.
Nobody picked up the item and for one return I called them and emailed them hundred times.
Marks and spencer is one of the unprofessional company. They just want people to buy but they don't respect their policies. They can lie to any extent someone will come to pick up today if nobody will come to pick up we will refund your amount by next week then they will stop responding to your calls or emails.
WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE - They know how to waste customer time and money
Don't waste your money on buying stuff from such an unprofessional company otherwise you will never be able to return if something is wrong and you will be stuck with that item forever .

Absolutely fantastic company which traded in my local high st for nearly 80 years
The building deteriorated and despite being the centre focal point of the hight street it closed without any help from our local authority.
Instead of abandoning the area they have opened an out of town food only shop which is much better and accessible and its 3 times as busy. it stock items it didnt do before aswell. Fantastic success story for Marks and Spencers and its customers

the combination of Marks and Spencer online ordering and Hermes/Evri delivery is simply dreadful. Of the last orders I have placed, one parcel never arrived, one parcel arrived late, and one parcel wasn't even something I had ordered. Im still waiting for the unordered item to be collected by Hermes/Evri, which should have been 2 days ago. M and S customer service is a waste of my time too. I would give no stars if that was possible.

Visited the Bromley store in the glades Kent. Attempting to buy my son a suit for prom, was helped by a lovely employee called Steve.
Steve went above and beyond from helping search for the suit on shop floor and in the fitting room. He was absolutely amazing and wonderful. An asset to Marks and Spencer, showed what customer service was all about. He made sure my son was happy and made the whole experience so easy and pleasant.
So this is a big thank you to Steve for a very happy teenager and mum. You were amazing!! Marks and Spence take note - Steve deserves some recognition and is a credit to you!

Shopped at marks Spencers for over twenty years then made a big mistake by saying I thought this supervisor was attractive it got back to her and she told all her colleagues that’s the man that fancy me what do you think 🤔 she even pointed me out to her daughter which was worrying when she released I wasn’t interested she got me banned from the store I feel so sorry for her husband he seems a very nice man I would never take a another man’s wife dose he really think I was band for giving staff cards for there customer service all her lies should say it all

I've tried to make a purchase today online. When I get through to the payment section the website won't allow me to proceed past the standard delivery option and keeps bouncing me back up to the top of the page. I've had this problem with the site before.
It's really not what I would expect from a large retail company and is very frustrating.
Please fix the problem Marks and Spencer if you don't want to lose sales

I normally shop at the Crewe Food Store Branch but since visiting the Nantwich Food Store Branch and having experience their excellent customer service this will now be my preferred store. I like to give credit where it is due especially in this day and age where everybody wants to moan and complain. I have arthritis and struggle lifting heavy items but a wonderful customer services assistant called Melissa helped me locate my products within the store and helped me with the check-out. She really went out of her way to help me and I just want to convey my thanks to M&S for having and training such wonderful staff. Thank you so much, it really makes a difference. Mr Paul Thompson.

Was at the M & S store in Romford at the cafe. My wife had a tumble in a tube train and was walking round with a frame. Staff all very kind especially Lianne and Janice in the cafe. We had tea and coffee and - of course - iced buns which my wife Esme declared 'are even nicer than Krispy Kreme donuts' which used to be her favourites. The afternoon was topped off by her buying a super white and black long dress for an event we hope to go to - after she gets better. Thanks.

I purchased a sofa from marks and Spencer’s because I thought it would be of a high quality . How wrong I was as the base cushions you sit on do not fit properly due to excess material resulting in folds on the front of the seat . This became apparent after only a few weeks but I have been officially informed there is nothing wrong . I have been a very satisfied customer for many, many years - they will no longer get my custom but they obviously couldn’t careless about their customers or reputation.

I placed an order online and went to my local store to ‘click and collect’ The new system there is two screens mounted high on the wall close to the entrance. There were already three or four people waiting and a lady who was trying to log in with her own name which wasn’t being recognised. She was having to find her original order details on her phone. Meanwhile I have put my name on the screen - so everybody around me could see my name which was in large letters. All this in a cramped area between racks of clothes. The assistant disappeared into a cupboard and came out again with my order shouting ‘Jacky’. Where is the privacy in this new system? What does it achieve over the old collection method other than a lack of common courtesy and good customer service? As your assistant said herself ‘we’re not doing very well at the moment are we?’ The whole shopping experience now is like shopping at Argos.

On 6.05.22 I made an online order for 2 items for my mother's birthday. The order was confirmed and I was due to collect my parcel on 16.05.22.
A day before collection date on 15.05.22 I received an email saying that one item was unavailable and I contacted customer service. It turned out that in fact the whole order was cancelled.
For 10 days nobody tried to contact me to inform me about the issue! Why did you confirm the order in a first place?
You managed to ruin my birthday present that I had for my my mother and left me no time to organize a replacement. For years I was a regular M&S customer but after this experience I'll make sure I never shop M&S again. I'll spread the word about my M&S shopping too!
You've left a really bad taste in my mouth!
Worst shopping experience I've ever had and that from a company that I used to respect!

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Description: Marks & Spencer are one of the UKs top department stores with a substantial range of products available online. All M&S clothing and home products are available through, as well as some online exclusive products.

Address: Waterside House, 35 North Wharf Rd


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