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I ordered a pair of jeans from this company and when...
I ordered a pair of jeans from this company and when MakeYourOwnJeans arrived, the buttons on the front were too big for the button holes, so I could not get the jeans unbuttoned to get them on. When I emailed the company they responded by saying they do great work, have lots of great testimonials on their web site, and how no one has ever complained about this before.

When I told them all their testimonials mean nothing and it didn't matter if no one complained about it before, they asked to see pictures. I emailed them pictures. Then they said the buttons holes would wear in over time and if not, to stick a sharp object in the button hole and make it bigger myself.

When I refused, they said to ship it back and they would fix it. When I told them I was not going to shell money out of my own pocket to ship it back when the jeans were defective, they basically said, tough luck. They would not send a courier to pick up their jeans, and they would not refund my money. So now I am in the process of getting the charges reversed on my credit card.

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! Do not give this company your money!

I wish there were more dark, thick corduroy colors...
I wish there were more dark, thick corduroy colors to choose from. Where there was green and beige, now there is only beige. It would be great to get shades of dark blue, maroon, brown, green, red, etc. No one makes corduroy cargo pants anymore. Woolrich was the last that I remember. In the north east, having some baggy, warm, style is a good thing. If you guys can get more thick cord material, I would love to order a fleet of pants once I dial in the style. On the last order, the baggy back pockets seem out of place too I would say. Having a lined pocket for the butt pockets like on chinos is better. The whole point of cargo pants is to have massive storage space someplace that you don't sit on and that is comfortable.
Bulk order discounts of say 5 or more of the same style item would also be sweet.
So far so good though, keep it up.

Great Fit, Good Value
I received two pairs of jeans and the first one was close to fitting, with the second one spot-on. Considering MakeYourOwnJeans were both reasonably priced, it wasn't a bad deal.

Made to measure clothing is the best bang for your buck. Choose the right material and your own measurements and customize it to your liking.

It's a waste of money to buy jeans that don't fit and are uncomfortable or not flattering. I'm very tall and my legs are bigger than average, with a smaller waist/hips, so I require some tapering which is difficult to find, especially in the raw jeans category.

I ordered three more pairs because the second one was so comfortable. I actually much preferred the non-raw pair that was made for me.

I would recommend this site to friends and others that would like a better fit than off the rack for roughly the same price.

I ordered 3 pairs of jeans with exactly the same measurement...
I ordered 3 pairs of jeans with exactly the same measurements as previous orders but when MakeYourOwnJeans arrived, they didn't fit.

I emailed makeyourownjeans and notified them of this and they asked for photo evidence. Despite the photo evidence showing that they had cut them too small in the thigh they refused to acknowledge this and as such I have had to refer the matter to my credit card dispute department for investigation.

I have found this company to be thoroughly dishonest and unwilling to admit that they have made a mistake. Even though previous orders have been successful they have really let me down on this occasion, even suggesting that the jeans will stretch to fit me. This is not good enough, I simply want the jeans with the measurements I ordered in the first place!

I have other pairs which have never been worn - due to the fact that the colour wasn't quite the same as the one on the website - and despite these being ordered using the exact same measurements, they fit perfectly, unlike my most recent batch.

I won't be using makeyourownjeans ever again. The customer service is appalling and they are unwilling to accept that they have made an error.

Fit guarantee not worth the risk. It means nothing.
I ordered some jeans the first time with my measurements, and the jeans that were delivered were perfect. MakeYourOwnJeans fit perfectly, and the colours matched the advertised style.
So, a year later I decided to get some more made to the exact same size before the first ones wore out. What a disaster. The measurements were a few inches out and the colours didn't even match the colours of the jeans I ordered, even though they did the first time I ordered. When I complained about the jeans, even though they were easily outside the fit guarantee, they told me to go away. They offered a 10% discount on my next order, but I have already thrown $300 away on the jeans that didn't fit, so I won't be ordering again. When I asked why the colours were wrong they told me that materials vary between batches. I would have accepted that except the colour the first time was a perfect washed out navy blue and the second lot were almost black. A huge variation, and even 6 months later there is no fading and they are still black.
I think this company survives on new customers all the time and when they get things wrong they don't come good with their promises and they know you can't do anything about it.

Disappointing. Poor customer service.
First time order after my previous tailor retired. I used my standard measurements, which however resulted in a very poor fit, to the point where I will never wear the jeans I got. Fortunately MakeYourOwnJeans offered a fit guarantee, so I took the poor fitting jeans as a reference for corrected measurements. However, then I was informed that I had not order a 'fit guarantee' product (this was not at all clear from the website when I ordered), so the best MakeYourOwnJeans could do was offer a 50% discount on the second pair. That would mean that I have to pay 150% of a price that was not even low to start with, and then hope the second pair would fit. After reading the many poor reviews here I decided to take my loss and avoid this website forever.

I would recommend to MakeYourOwnJeans to really crank up the customer service, particularly for first time customers, because if they would have sent me a second pair with good fit, I would have ordered many more.

I wish I had read reviews before ordering
My experience has been as bad as any I have ever had with a retail merchant. Customer service responses are prompt, but are patronizing and are really designed to make a dissatisfied customer give up in frustration. My situation: the jeans did not conform to the my order--1" short in the front riser. I sent pictures showing the shortage, and got back a response that refused to accept my picture of the short measurement because I had used a metal tape measure. So I bought a cloth tape measure, took a fresh picture still showing the shortage and this time got back an email saying that if I stretched the jeans tighter, the discrepancy would be less than an inch. To recognize my problem, the company offered a 10% discount on a new pair of jeans. Ironically, the cloth tape measure cost half as much as the offered discount. No way I would ever do business with this company.

A major problem dealing with them!
I have purchases 4 items of clothing from MYOJ. 2 leather vests and 2 jeans (one long pair and one pair of shorts). I will start by saying that I am vertically challenged (only 4 feet 7 inches tall) so I have major difficulty buying any clothes off the rack. I have never had a pair of jeans that fit me (I am 73 years old) so when I found the MYOJ site I was very happy.
My first order was for a brown leather vest. To the credit of MYOJ MakeYourOwnJeans emailed me to confirm the measurements because they thought I had given the wrong size because of the shortness of the vest. I told them the measurements were right and the item arrived in due time. I was unhappy with myself in ordering suede when that was not what I wanted and it was 1.5 inches too short (MY MISTAKE). When I checked back on my original order I found that I had not ordered suede.
My second order was for a second leather vest (CORRECTLY SIZED THIS TIME) and the 2 pairs of jeans. This order was almost flawless. Fit was perfect although one of the studs on the vest came apart fairly shortly after wearing it a couple of times.
As for the first vest, I contacted them to let them know that they sent suede instead of the easier to keep clean smoother leather. They said that I got what I ordered and basically said that I was lying about the suede. I sent a photo to show that I was not lying and they still refused to accept responsibility for their error. I would like to order another pair of jeans, a leather jacket as well as a leather vest to replace the one which was made incorrectly.
In their favour, they have followed the measurements I sent, perfectly, but I do not appreciate being treated as a liar even though I supplied them with photographic evidence.
Does anyone know of another business that custom makes the same sort of items?

I found the MakeYourOwnJeans website online and without...
I found the MakeYourOwnJeans website online and without reading any reviews, I ordered a pair of jeans. I took an existing pair that I loved and measured them up! Got really excited when I told my wife I found this amazing deal on custom jeans.

Then I started reading reviews. My heart sunk. I had spent all this money (was around $96.00 with shipping, taxes and the extras which were white thread and back pocket flaps) and now I was starting to anticipate a huge let-down. Not only were the reviews not great, finding out MakeYourOwnJeans were coming from India made me even more apprehensive.

Then a family emergency took us out of town and I forgot about the jeans for a week or so. Imagine my surprise, when out-of-the-blue I get a knock at the door - it's DHL. My jeans arrived from India to Canada in less than 2 weeks! I wasn't excited though, I was still nervous. I carefully opened the well-protected package. At first, I held them up and was pleasantly surprised that the quality seemed as good or better than the American Eagle, Hollister and Gap jeans that I had worn in the past. The extras I added when ordering were exactly what I expected. The flaps on the back pockets button well and look great. The thread is very high quality and the denim is thick. The flared bottoms which I did by adding 2 inches to leg opening is perfect. The moment of truth... would they be completely the wrong size like all those reviews had said? Not at all! Perfect fit. Honestly. I laid the jeans on top of the jeans that I had modeled them after and they are exact.

Let me say this: I am an amateur tailor that has made several pieces of clothing. I have also modified and mended about 5 pairs of jeans. I have looked very carefully over many pairs of jeans and these are top-notch.

*Note: When you are ordering, DO NOT simply write your regular American Eagle or Gap sizes down (inseam and waist size). I always wear a 30"-32" waist. Always. So I thought I would skip the measuring waist part and put down 32" - at the last minute I measured just to be sure... 36"! The size you normally wear is simply a number - it is not how big you are. Even now, it's hard to imagine that I'm actually 36" around but if I had written 32" I'd be screwed. They fit perfectly. READ THE MEASURING INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY AND DO WHAT THEY SAY and hopefully you will have the same experience I had.

Perfectly fitting jeans - no complaints.
Here is another slant on Make Your Own Jeans:

I have purchased 3 different orders from MYOJ and MakeYourOwnJeans have all been perfect to size, but unexpected coloring (see below). However I am very satisfied.

My measurements came from another pair of pants, that were slightly too low in the rise. I always have that problem. So I added a couple of inches to the rise, and they came just right and at an on sale price of $40.00 plus shipping.

The first order took months to get here. Their error. The second order came in 10 days as well as the third order. I have ordered 7 pairs of pants in total, and they all fit perfectly.

I cant vouch to how they would be if there was an error. They have a blurb on their web site that says guaranteed fit. But I cant say for sure that they would make good on an error.

I suggest buying one pair to start. See how it works out. If you are measuring yourself, have some one else do it. Or measure from a perfect pair of pants.

I have suggested to them that they have better photos of their jeans, such as models wearing them. Its hard to tell from their little fabric shots. My jeans came with whiskers which I didnt want. Theyre growing on me, and I can always dye them. The fit is perfect. They dont make jeans like these for the masses. Now I can get them. I have ordered 7 pair, and they all fit perfectly.

I'm usually pretty sceptical about things like this...
I'm usually pretty sceptical about things like this and having spent literally years trying to find jeans that fit me in the way I'd like them to, being very tall and very thin, I really wasn't expecting this to work. I'm happy to have been proved wrong.!

I have to say that this company (MYOJ) rocks. I have always had problems buying jean that fit in the leg and have found it embarrassing sometimes when going into shops as folk look at you as if to say you've no chance kiddo...
Thanks to "" that will never happen again!

From what I've seen other custom jean sites do not offer nearly as much flexibility, especially to men, and are much more expensive. The website will ask you to measure yourself--waist (where you want the waist of the jeans to sit, seat), and thighs. You'll also be asked to send in the front and back rise you want, and the outer seam length.

I have just received my 1st pair of jeans and i have to say, MakeYourOwnJeans give some of the better brands a run for their money and at a fraction of the price. The jeans are perfect, definitely the best fit that I've ever had.The quality and "fingtertip feel" of the the jeans are excellent. Add to this the fast service (just over 2 weeks from order to delivery) and excellent price, you really can't fault it.

I am so pleased with my 1st order that I will definitely recommend this company to all my friends.
"I'm so glad i found this site"

Best Fitting Jeans - Fit Guarantee Included
I've been a regular customer with since a few years.

I also write reviews on their website after every purchase regarding the same.

The fit, quality, choices, response has been GREAT and I do not see myself going to off the rack clothing again.

It's surprising to see negative comments here.

My advice would be buy a Fit Guarantee product if you are purchasing for the first time, MakeYourOwnJeans include Free Remakes, this way you will never go wrong and will keep going back to this website like me for all your clothing needs.

I'll mention a few links here in the interest of other customers:

Fit Guarantee Jeans:

Fit Guarantee Suits:

Fit Guarantee Jackets:<... />
Would love to see review of people buying the Fit Guarantee Products first.

Probably they do not give remakes for all products due to their reasonable pricing, makes it a great deal for us who are satisfied with their fit.

I first ordered a $52.00 pair of cross stitched jeans...
I first ordered a $52.00 pair of cross stitched jeans that the time I payed for shipping and duties MakeYourOwnJeans actually cost a shade over $100.00 not too bad as they did fit very well. Based on my first experience I decided to order a second pair which were the grey stretch jeans and I provided pretty much the same measurements but when they arrived they were too short and way too tight. When I sent the company an e-mail explaining that they had made some mistakes I was told that these were stretch jeans and that they would stretch over time, I certainly don't understand how they will get an inch longer the more I wear them? The thigh measurement was 3 inches too small and you would have to lie down on the floor to take them off. I have exchanged many e-mails with their customer service dep't and they keep telling me that they can't do anything for me except offer a 20% discount on my next order. Needless to say I will not be ordering anything else from this company. It is a lot easier to shop elsewhere and have your tailor make the necessary alterations if need be. Buyer beware a total waste of money.

My experience with Oliveo is that you might have to...
My experience with Oliveo is that you might have to tweak a few "non-fitting" jeans to get to your correct size. I have my size and the type of jeans I like, and I now own three of them. I can't get this good of a fit anywhere. Again, if you're willing to sacrifice a couple of jeans to get a feel for how MakeYourOwnJeans are made then I think you'll find that you can get the product you really want. I think some of the problems may arise from submitting measurements that you might think are a good "fit" but in reality result in something kind of weird. For example, though you might think that the front and back rises are independent, they really don't feel right for some measurements. Anyway, I have my size now, and I like them a lot.

Nope. Nu uh... no.
I was excited. An optimist by nature, now 80 bucks broker... lol. I didn't read the return policy, even if MakeYourOwnJeans mess up, which they did, the buyer is responsible for the return shipping so they can correct THEIR mistake. *face palm* oh if I had a time machine... I do not recommend ordering from ANY online custom site based in India with a horrible customer service reputation! So does anyone want to buy a pair of hideous mom jeans. That seems like an oxymoron. In all seriousness, they made the waist 2 inches smaller. I can't button them. I'm going to take them to my tailor and see if they can add the 2 inches, and then I am turning them into a denim skirt. Making lemonade. Or Denimade. Don't waste your money. American Eagle, Top shop, Asos even Mango have very reasonable prices and great jeans with excellent return policies. Please don't give another DIME to these bad business people. I wonder if all of the good reviews are paid for or fake... I want to be mad... I am... but I am a big girl... I took a chance and it didn't work out. Buyer beware!

MYOJ makes the best pants, bar none
MYOJ makes the best pants, bar none.
I have a very "unique build" i would say. I can never find ready made pants that fit how i'd like them to fit. I was just about to call it quits for looking for pants that might fit me that would have the look i liked and that was when i found this website. I was unsure at first because it seemed too good to be true. But then i took a chance and entered my sizes and ordered them.
I am amazed that it only took two weeks to make them and only two days to get here.
WOW! I would give them a 200 on a scale of 1 to 10. These are the most fantastic pants I have ever slipped into.
I love the pants and MakeYourOwnJeans fit better than my previous pair of pants that WERE my favorite until i got these.
The quality of the fabric, stiching, and overall design is seamless. I received 5 pairs of pants and one is better than the next. I have paid 4 times the amount for 1/10 th the quality.
An advice to new customers: get your best fitting pair of pants, the ones that you love and measure them accurately, and I guarantee you, Harry's pants wil be better made, better quality than yours
If any one is interested in buying some custom-made pants, I recommend that you decide beforehand what EXACTLY it is you want (eg size of the flare, colour, etc.), read the instructions CAREFULLY, and then take PLENTY OF TIME AND CARE when it comes to obtaining measurements (check and then recheck if necessary). If you follow these steps, I do not see why anyone can then order that perfect pair of pants.
I totally and unreservedly recommend this company - everything from their efficient professional website to the finished product is great.

Used to love this company and bought over 20 pair of jeans between 2014 and 2019. Then next pair I ordered were sent completely off my measurements. No phone number so e-mailed them pictures showing how far the measurements were off with a tape measurer.

MakeYourOwnJeans played a game with me turning down my requests for a replacement pair over and over, but I did not give up. Finally I wrote them that I had disputed the charge on my Visa and now needed a refund instead of a return because it was SIX months after my original order and I needed them and finally had to buy them from another source. When Visa contacted them, they tried offering the replacement jeans finally, but I provided my bank with copies of over 30 emails evidence of their games - including the one at the end explaining why I now needed a replacement. Needless to say, my bank was taken back with all the evidence and I won and got my money back.

The saddest thing is not all the stress, time, energy and frustration from this, but the fact that I lost my wonderful jean source. I can no longer trust them. The only similar company advertising on the web is also in China and there is reason to believe from their website that it may be the same company using a different name.

I will wait for a custom jean company to open in the US with a published phone number. Then I will be delighted to custom order my jeans again. If you order jeans and they make them to your measurements, consider yourself lucky. But know that, should they mess them up, they will play games with you rather than replace the jeans.

Hit or miss
I have had some garments made that I wear a lot and that fit well. Most of these have been from having MYOJ clone another garment. The problem is that, when there is a flaw in workmanship or size issue, it's automatically the customer's problem and MYOJ is unwilling to stand behind their garments, even when MakeYourOwnJeans are obviously at fault. I've had a pair of jeans made that were much too tight and a sports jacket that I will never wear due to the fit and workmanship. I have found the fabric they use to be generally acceptable or better, however.
If you do want to waste your time and try to get something re-made or to have your money refunded, you can expect some pretty rude and unclear messages to arrive in your inbox from the folks at MYOJ. The bottom line is that for every three garments that you actually like from MYOJ, you can expect to pay for -and be stuck with- one that us completely useless. You could try for a single garment first and, if you like it, then get more of the same made.

Mixed feelings, and poor customer service
I have mixed feelings about this site. I ordered 3 pairs of jeans over 3 months. The price is the best you will find for custom made jeans. All in, each pair was around $70 delivered. The jean material was ok, a little on the thin side when compared with Levis, but MakeYourOwnJeans tell you the weight so that should not be a huge surprise. My biggest issues:
1. The color of material and wash texture is very difficult to judge based on the pictures. I was frustrated with 2 of my 3 jeans not looking like what I expected. On one the color was significantly off in tint and another the fade wash was very patchy.
2. The dimensions for 2 of the three orders I placed were off. The first pair I got were 1.5 inches too long. I sent them a picture and they credited me 20% off my next order or $14. I felt that was fair. The third pair of jeans I ordered came with a waist size that was 3" smaller than the other two pairs. I attached a picture to this review. The smaller pair is on top. When I complained to customer service they said that since these were "stretch" jeans they sew them several inches smaller than what you order in the waist and seat (but not the other areas). Which was strange because my previous two orders were stretch also and were sewn as requested. I felt the jeans were significantly uncomfortable and customer service offered me 20% off my next order. I wasn't happy. The point of ordering custom jeans is to get them as ordered, not sewn to some arbitrarily smaller dimension than you order.
3. The 3rd pair of jeans I got had not been thoroughly washed and bled tons of die. Had I not noticed and washed them with my clothes I would have ruined an entire load. I attached a picture of this as well. You can see the die in the sink, and this is after 8 rinses in warm water and soap. Again, customer service didn't offer much here.

I ordered two pair of jeans and they were wrong on...
I ordered two pair of jeans and MakeYourOwnJeans were wrong on the measurements, to small in the thighs. I contacted them and after over a dozen email they said that they do not make mistakes and I was out of luck. I contacted pay pal, as I paid through them, I logged a dispute and they said that I had merit and after their investigation they sided against me and they said since they were custom made they. Could no help me either, so what good is pay pal? They accept a company and do not stand behind their guarantee. Pay Pal said I should notify my bank and they would notify pay pal, what a waste of time, pay pal gave them the same runaround they gave me. Can't do nothing even if the evidence is overwhelming. It was suggested that I let a lawyer file a claim against MAKE YOUR OWN JEANS. This company is a SCAM in every way. Their way of measurement, with picture on how to measure doesn't make any difference, you get what they feel is what they decide. Don't throw your money away, stay away from them. Let's see what my lawyer wants to do. Not finished yet. Someone is going to eat these jeans and it won't be me. This disabled veteran is not going to give up the fight, especially to a foreign company ripping us off. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Terrible Fit and Worse Customer Service
I had bought jeans from them before that were excellent fitting but my third purchase were too tight. I knew I had put on weight and blamed myself.

I then ordered a Dean Winchester leather jacket in XL size (one size larger than my normal fit as MakeYourOwnJeans recommend when you are buying). The size that arrived was a small M (see the photo).

But worse than that, the jacket was approximately four inches shorter than the photo they sell it with, really more of a bomber jacket than a coat (see the second coat photo from their website).

I wrote to them with detailed measurements (including measurements of store bought coats) and they asked me to send photos. I did.

Their response was that the coat was perfectly cut and they could not be expected to conform to international sizes and I should have checked the size before ordering. Their website does not include any measurements for what they call "ready size" and so that was not possible.

Despite several attempts by me to get them to accept responsibility, they claimed that it was all my fault and that if I wanted a better fit I could order a new coat at my cost. They did not offer any compromise.

They steadfastly refused to respond to my questions on the difference between the design photo and what they sent me.

My advice? Don't bother with Make Your Own Jeans. They don't care about customers, they do not accept responsibility for their mistakes and they do not accept returns.

Taller than the average?... Then MakeYourOwnJeans is surely the right place for you.
My son is pretty tall with a small waist. We could never find the "right" jeans. He would always have to compromise in the waist that is too low or by having the waist so big that MakeYourOwnJeans would bunch up when he wore a belt. Teens are striving to develop a more personalized sense of style nowadays.

So, I looked into Make Your Own Jeans and was a little nervous about it. I took the measurements (several times just to be sure)and submitted the order. Well, I'm writing this review to absolutely and positively reassure you that you have nothing to worry about!

This is the best decision I've ever made! I received email updates throughout the process. After receiving the parcel my son quickly ran to the room, put them on, and came out with the biggest smile on his face ever!

Thank you Make Your Own Jeans! You've made this as easy as possible and made a quality product that truly helps people accept themselves for who they are!

Return customer for the last decade
Return customer for the last decade. Great service, even greater products. Have had items created from sketches as well as alterations to standard products. Have always been accommodating and pleasant To work with. Got some of my favourite clothing here.

Only some what negative that may be more to do with my own personal expectations or be due to limitations based on the type of leather used on the item is the discrepancy in leather when repeat ordering some of the more exotic leather colours, that can for one item come out overly glossed and synthetic, not quite matching my expectations based on the sample photos. Then on another order the same colour option can turn out matt finished and exactly how Id personally envision based on the sample photos. I tend to play safe and stick to standard black when ordering leather items now.

I have been trying to find a wool suit that looks excellent and fits properly. I have long arms so off-the-rack jackets do fit the way MakeYourOwnJeans should.

There were many bad on-line reviews of MakeYourOwnJeans but there were good ones too.

I took a chance, measured carefully following their instructions, used a soft measuring tape, and ordered a suit. Within 2 weeks my suit arrived and I couldn't be more happierthan this. It fits perfectly.

The fabric feels robust and supple. I was worried about certain things like the overall design or the workmanship howevevr they are all better than I could have hoped for at such a reasonable price.

I will be ordering suits from this company hence forth. And I will recommend MakeYourOwnJeans to everyone I know.

It is very exciting to have this service available.

Great Quality at a great price
I have yet to order any jeans from here, but have ordered multiple shorts. I'll start off by saying make sure you read the measurements instructions, people on here are giving bad reviews saying MakeYourOwnJeans input their normal size and can't fit into them. Well it clearly says on their website how to measure. For instance I'm usually a 35" waist but my measurements are 39.5". With that out of the way, the orders I've made have arrived exactly how I've ordered. And the quality is top notch. It's hard for me to wear any other shorts now. They have been shut down due to the global pandemic, which is a bummer, but also shows they care about their employees safety. But soon as they are up and running again, i will be purchasing a big order that I've been customizing. 5 stars all day for Make Your Own Jeans! For the price, with the great quality, and all the different options they have, you can't find a better value.

They didn't make the jeans to my measurements and refused to remake!
Isn't the entire point of "make your own jeans" that MakeYourOwnJeans make them to the measurements you send? So why, when they don't make them correctly, do they have the nerve to tell me, in these words, "we did nothing wrong". If the policy is "we only remake if we are off by more than 10 percent, for example, then say that. But don't pretend like you guarantee the jeans will be made exactly as your clients ask. My jeans were too long. Wash them, they said. Except I did wash and dry 3 times and they were still too long. Take them to a seamstress, they said. Wait. What? Didn't I just pay you to make them the length I asked for? The knee is too big. They say, if there are specific dimensions you are concerned about, you should have made a note with your order. Well, except your site says tell us your measurements and we'll make your jeans exactly that way. Never doing business with again.

Don't waste your money!
After waiting 4 weeks for my jeans to arrive I was disappointed when I tried them on and MakeYourOwnJeans were 2-3 inches too short! Also, the waist was larger than I wanted and the legs kept riding up when I walked. This baffled me since my husband took great care to get my measurements right. When I contacted the company to see about fixing them they told me that since I hadn't chose the option "fit guarantee" that I would have to pay for a fix, + shipping. I never noticed the fit guarantee on their site (and btw it only includes a handful of options). It should be built in for new customers or at least bold and clear when you order so that you feel secure that as a new customer if you don't get it right you can return w/out fees. The guy just wouldn't give in. He said I had to pay $45 on top of the $80 I had already spent. I finally just gave up. Do yourself a favor and go the old fashioned way - try them on at a store!

I wish I had done my research - great idea but execution and product quality is appalling. Jeans were not even close to the measurements I put in to their website. Its incredulous that MakeYourOwnJeans even try and and suggest that their cutter had checked the product, I mean a blind monkey but make a better fit.

I suspect they are buying jeans from some outfit which themselves have discarded as being wrong and then this firm is just selling them OTS as close a fit as possible to the order that comes in.

Customer service - Harry/Paul who whoever you want to call yourselves are idiots - oops sorry, I'm the idiot for falling for this scam. I guess my moral judgement got the better of me this time.

Next - report to the credit card company and try and get my money back for which is obviously a scam. I even returned my jeans with a tracking number and yep - they claimed they never received them.

I sent measurements per their specifications
I sent measurements per their specifications. The jeans I got were 1/2″ to 3″ off in many areas. Multiple emails to them regarding the problem get boilerplate responses or "We didn't get your previous email due to technical difficulties, please resend. We await your prompt response."
Also, MakeYourOwnJeans charged me more than what my invoice shows, including some fee CBC fee. False advertising on website states: Get Tailor Made Jeans As Per Your Specifications Starting at $49, Customize your measurements as below. We make them to fit your needs, your measurements, your special requirements. All our garments are hand cut and individually sewn, as a testimony with and made products they may sometimes differ slightly with the measurements submitted, however as we check each product individually the difference will not be much.
Company finally answered asked me for measurements where they were wrong (which I did in 3 previous emails), they told me they sent the right size, to look at the writing on the inside of the jeans and that jeans will stretch! How absurd is that…I can't even zip them shut. I also have photos with a measuring tape showing they are liars. I'll never do business with them or an overseas company again. So much for helping the global economy. Have filed a report with my credit card, the FTC, here, BBB and several other places. Here is part of email they sent, stating the size I ordered for waist…take a look at what it actually came in as. I can't close the zipper, certainly won't get them to stretch almost 3″ more!
"We rechecked our Cutting report and find that:- 1. The waist measurement you have given is 28 inches and our designers have made it 28.5 inches. You can see on the reverse side the waist measurements it is infact cut more than what the waist you have given. You can measure the waist again from the button to the button eye hole stretching it fully.The jeans will become more loose as you wear them. 2. The Front Rise measurement you have given is 10 inches and our designers have made it accordingly. You have ordered stretch jeans, they stretch when you wear. All stretch jeans are made this way. Let us know where are we wrong in following your Measurements." And of course they go by paperwork, I have the actual finished, incorrect product.

They have yet to respond to two photo evidence I have sent them or offered my money back. They think because they're in India they're not reachable but they are wrong. I'm filing a complaint with their local police department, high court and anyone else I can write to. People like them are a disgrace to their country and to business on the net in general. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!

TERRIBLE! MakeYourOwnJeans WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY! I was excited to try this and took extra time to measure my favorite pair of jeans to make sure they would fit good. I paid $70 for jeans with a thigh meaasurement of 27 inches and got ones with a 20 inch measurement. I could not even pull them up my leg! When I emailed customer service asking for a refund they told me that the measurement was 20 inches and basically called me a liar. After several back and forth emails they then told me to adjust MY measurements and told me to order MORE! Check ther website, there is a reason why there is no refund policy... O AND THE REVIEWS ON THEIR OWN WEBSITE DO NOT INCLUDE ANY NEGATIVE COMMENTS! THEY SCREEN ALL THEIR OWN CUSTOMERS REVIEWS AND ONLY POST 5 STAR REVIEWS! WHAT A SCAM!

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