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Expect just what you pay for...
I recently purchased the aeron chair. There is lots of scratch on the one of arm rest. I didn't read full terms that 'open box' is including the refurbished items. So, it's my fault and I don't care for the scratches since it's much cheaper than the original price.

The thing is... tilt tension, forward tilt and tilt limiter didn't work. I have been using the Aeron chair in the office more than 4 years, so I am very familiar with it. I requested if MadisonSeating could send me the problematic part only for replacement because I don't want to re-pack the heavy chair again and live without chair(I throw out my old one when it was delivered and I also discarded the package box.)

Madison Seating replied that they can exchange the chair once I send back the chair although they cannot send me the portion only.

I said I will keep the malfunction chair. Tilt doesn't work but I don't use that function a lot. To be honest. And I really don't want to disassemble and re-pack the chair again. So, basically it was my choice.

Just... it would be perfect if they have done checking every functions are working before shipping out (considering that it took 3 weeks-14 business days-to get my chair but I know actual shipping only took 2 days)

Customer service replied very fast and service itself was good. I thought that I just got what I pay for and should deserve it. That's all. I am just not patient enough to wait for another chair and too bothered to re-pack the chair.

Love my Herman Miller Aeron v2, slow delivery, but no other complaints
First off, I have wanted a Herman Miller chair for several years. I first sat in the Aeron in 2010 when the company I worked for purchased them for the office. I looked at Madison Seating since I couldn't justify the cost (over $1100) to get one of the new Aeron v2 chairs.

I found that Madison Seating were selling chairs on Amazon, but I didn't see the newer Aeron listed so I decided to order directly from Madison Seating. I was very apprehensive since I read a lot of mixed reviews on Madison Seating, and doing a search online revealed a lot of negativity including a lawsuit against them. I have seen that Herman Miller and Madison have now settled this.

I ordered just after the holidays on January 3rd, and did have to contact them to get updates on my order. I think their website says it usually ships 10-14 days, so on the 14th day I contacted them again. Each time MadisonSeating responded to me the same day, usually within an hour or so, and apologized for the delay. In all honestly, I am not expecting Amazon delivery times, especially on a large item like this. I see a lot of other negative reviews due to slow delivery times, but I wouldn't say they deserve 1 star because of that. My chair arrived today (Jan 23rd), so 20 days since placing the order.

It was very well packaged in a Madison Seating branded box, but I decided to take photos just in case. Again, I was nervous after seeing all of the negative reviews. Once I opened it up, the Aeron v2 chair was in two parts; the back and the base. It came supplied with an allen key in a small bag attached to the chair, and the back attached easily with 4 bolts.

Again, being skeptical of the purchase I checked a few things to make sure the chair was genuine. If you run your fingers behind the back rest (at the top), you will feel dots which signify the size. I ordered a size B, and indeed there were two dots I could feel. The base (that you sit on) also has B imprinted underneath. Also at the back of the back-rest is the Herman Miller logo. The older Aeron's seem to have 'Herman Miller' where mine just has the H logo, but I checked this online and this also appears to be genuine.

To satisfy my curiosity I took apart the boxed unit that is located under the seat, where the tension knob comes from. It simply un-clips, and I wanted to see the mechanism inside to see if it was full of dust or dirt. Mine looks brand new.

Perhaps I am one of the lucky ones, but I am very happy with my chair. It cost $699, saving a considerable amount compared to a new one. It looks, smells, and feels brand new. The arm rests show absolutely no signs of wear, and there is no damage at all. Time will tell if this lasts, but being a Herman Miller I have been told that this will be a chair for life.

As for Madison Seating, perhaps the lawsuit and past issues have taught them some valuable lessons. All I'd say is read their terms and conditions, and know what to expect with their 'open box' products, which is what mine is. Don't expect to have it for 3 weeks, and if it arrives earlier then you won't be disappointed. Their communication with me was fast, so I can't really complain. Unfortunately it is human nature to complain and get angry when something doesn't go our way, which is why I think people leave more negative reviews than good ones.

My experience with them was good, and let's hope they continue this with all of their future customers. If there was one thing they could do better, then I'd say that's have faster shipping times. Also, if they offered free returns (no $50 re-stock fee) with their 30 day no hassle guarantee, then this will probably entice more people to buy from them.

Impatient and out-of-touch customers (with world events) are fooling themselves
... don't let them fool you.

Covid-19 has been a huge punch in the gut for a lot of business out there, and it continues to be as well. Many of the reviews I see here appear to be people that think their city is a country, their country the world. Anyone with a shred of understanding on what has been going on over the past seven months would know that meeting a shipping deadline is out of many businesses hands. However, that didn't stop this company from delivering a quality product just outside of the normal estimated delivery time. MadisonSeating stated 14 days after time of purchase. I received the tracking info email on day 16 or 17, chair arrived a few days later (I live in Ohio, they are located in New Jersey), and even the packaging was exceptional too.

I do a lot of online ordering, more than you, reading this, do and I'd bet my life on that. So far, unless I haven't purchased something/s completely left-field and low-need, not a single business has been delivering product on time. That is as is expected! I have a brain, I read and follow the news, so I get it: Covid-19 = everyone is getting hit hard and taking a back seat to life-support needs; food, water, and medicine take priority on shipping world-wide and everyone else is left to compete for second place. I digress...

Madison Seating ended up sending me a high quality chair that was loaded with adjustment options, new upholstering, and they saved me over $700. The contributing factor behind why they sell "so cheap," is, "blemishes." I **** you not. My V2 Leap Chair (by Steelcase) had a few minor, superficial scratches on the aluminium base frame. That's it! If I hadn't been looking for the imperfections, I honestly cannot say I would have noticed them. Mind blown. I cannot believe I got this chair for the price I paid.

Do yourself a favor, especially if you're a gamer, content creator, and/ or someone who spends a lot of time in front of a computer... make the investment in your health. This is exactly what it is, an ergonomic health purchase. No more leg and feet swelling, proper posture, and everything from my neck down to my feet has never felt better. Not only does this speak to the quality products Steelcase manufactures, but it's a testament to the refurbishing care and know-how that Madison Seating has in ensuring you get more than what you pay for.

My one regret in this lifetime is that I wasn't a millionaire and couldn't donate a substantial sum to Madison Seating to help them through this devastating year of small businesses. They_are_that_great_at_what_they_do! Save your wallet. Invest in your health. Get a chair from these people, you will not regret it.

Apparently I should have ordered two, as even Super Widdles approves *see photo*

Ok Customer Service
On the first shipment, both chairs arrived completely broken and not at the fault of FedEx because the boxes were in great shape. When I contacted Madison, MadisonSeating offered me 70% off to keep the 2 chairs. How funny is that. Why in the heck would I want or pay for 2 broken chairs. I understand why and it's because of the shipping cost they didn't want to eat. So I refused their offer and they sent out 2 more chairs which satisfied the deal. Unfortunately, I had to wait another 10 days for those to ship out. When there is a problem with the first order, I would expect the second shipment would have been escalated if you want to be known for good customer service. But, the bottom line is that customer service did fix the issue. I would consider buying from the again despite the issues because you can't find Steelcase Leap chairs anywhere for $250 that are not used. They are open boxed items, but I don't care as long as they are in great shape and function correctly. In the end, the complete transaction took over a month, but I'm a patient person to some degree and the second shipment was good.

This furniture website is TOTAL SCAM!
This furniture website is TOTAL SCAM! NEVER EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM! Not professional, treating their customers like... i even don't have words to describe it. I'll tell you why. The 90% of my shopping that is online shopping. And bying in that was the WORST EXPERIENCE in my entire life! I ordered a leather sofa from Madisonseating about two weeks ago MadisonSeating told me that i will get my order in 10 bussines days. Yesterday i called to confirm my delivery and to verify that the items I wanted were in stock. Because i'm not living at this house it's my summer house and I need to go there to meet delivery guy. Lady that answer the phone was completely RUDE. I was told that my order was NOT IN STOCK. THEY CANCEL MY DELIVERY AND NEVER LET ME KNOW ABOUT THIS! They never called me to let me know... If i wouldn't check my email i never found out about cancelation! So i losing more than two week's time, which was very critical to me. Because i was buying this sofa for my kids that they would have place to sleep while we are in our summer house. They ruined my plans for this summer. Such a web site doesn't have right to sell online at all.

I would rate zero stars if it were possible
I would rate zero stars if it were possible. I paid $700.00 for an "open box" Leap V2 chair and received a used, broken (seat adjustment lever broken off) chair that was covered in some type of orange film and improperly packaged. There were gouge marks all over the bottom of the seat where it looked like someone used a screwdriver (repeatedly) to try and remove the seat bottom. Any damage that was done to this chair in shipment was obviously caused by their poor packaging and I let UPS know this after the company filed a bogus damage claim with UPS! I sent the chair back and was told MadisonSeating would send a check instead of issuing a credit to my charge card. If I wanted an immediate credit, it would be less the 3% fee that Amex charged them to use my card! Amex didn't agree with that, obviously and they are now investigating this company's practices. Totally rude, unprofessional staff who argue instead or resolving issues. I wish I would have done more research before buying from this company as there are a TON of negative reviews online. It appears at least 40% of the people who do business with them are unsatisfied. Looks like the site with the greatest percentage of good reviews is theirs. Go figure! Do yourself a favor and spend more money for a new chair with a factory warranty. There is a big difference between "open box" and USED. Steelcase and all of their dealers ship for free.

Finally, a honest online chair company
The chair arrived and looks brand new, It was packaged well with attention to detail. Easy to assemble even without instructions. Any repair work done wasn't obvious (this was an open-box purchase).

I was concerned with this order as it was the second time I'd tried to purchase a Herman Miller chair online. The other company was on the West Coast (same as me) and since prices were the same, I ordered it out of California. It was a disaster. When it arrived, it was in pieces (mechanism beneath the seat) and the chair wouldn't work. I took pictures and sent it to the company and finally after a couple of weeks I received a return shipping label.

So, when my chair arrived from Madison Seating I was concerned it'd be the same experience. But the chair was in perfect condition. Restoring my faith in on-line shopping. Thank you, Madison Seating, for being an honorable and honest company. I will happily recommend using this company if you're in the market! Good product selection and great prices for the perfect chair.

It did take two weeks from order to receiving, but coming cross-country, I was expecting it to take that long.

A supervisor from Madison seating contacted me and...
A supervisor from Madison seating contacted me and went through my issues with me. MadisonSeating sent me a new chair with the options I expected in my original order free of charge and made arrangements for me to return the original chair free of charge. They went above and beyond to resolve the issue and I appreciate this effort. I still feel the first line customer service was lacking in their desire to help with my issue or consider my position but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. Still up in the air if I will shop with them again.

I am updating this review: A supervisor from Madison seating contacted me and went through my issues with me. They sent me a new chair with the options I expected in my original order free of charge and made arrangements for me to return the original chair free of charge. They went above and beyond to resolve the issue and I appreciate this effort. I still feel the first line customer service was lacking in their desire to help with my issue or consider my position but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. Still up in the air if I will shop with them again.

This company was initially hard to deal with. I didn't feel I got what I ordered and dealing with them to try and resolve the issue was difficult. I tried to work with them to get the correct option and was even willing to pay more for it but they were inflexible and unhelpful. They did contact me later and we worked it out.

Don't waste your time!
Don't waste your time! I tried to purchase a Steelcase chair - only to find *AFTER* checking out that there was a 10-14 day time BEFORE shipping (not including holidays and weekends). I inquired about this and was told that's their policy and due to covid (isn't that a convenient excuse) there wasn't anything MadisonSeating could do about it. After some back and forth, where I then learned it would be 18-30 days before my item even left their warehouse (making the lead time 4-6 weeks for an in stock office chair), their customer service responded that I seemed unhappy and would I like to cancel my order, which I did.

Terrible service, and terrible experience overall. The whole experience feels like I was dealing with people in China or India selling knocks offs but who knows?

Update: After my email canceling my order and telling them what a terrible experience it was trying to give them my money, this is the response I received:

Hi Dawn,

WE feel the same way about you.

That is why we reported to online merchant services so other vendors can read about our experience with you and decide if they wish to fulfill your online transactions.

You may find that your online orders will start being declined or unfulfilled.

We can only hope that this year will bring you more joy and less anger, more compassion and less vengeance, more kindness and less rage.

The Team at Madisonseating

Decent products and customer service
Office chairs are expensive, and Madison specializes in refurbished chairs and a fraction of the cost for a new chair. Solid business model, and I (obviously) knew that I wasn't going to get an original, like-new chair for 85% off of retail, but I took my chances with them. My chair arrived 3 weeks late, but was well packed and looked new mechanically. However, the fabric is noticeably lower quality than the stock OEM weave and the chair padding was not up to OEM par either. I've used this exact chair at my company for years, and I know how it should look and feel.

I left a 3-star product review on their site stating basically what I just posted above--that the chair mechanics looked great, but that the refurbished padding and fabric were both really poor quality compared to OEM, and that the fabric swatches MadisonSeating have on their own site didn't match the poor quality fabric I received on my chair. They edited my 3-star review and removed the information I described regarding the fabric and padding. They also changed my product review to a 5-star review, which is deceptive and unethical in my opinion.

In fairness, after posting an initial 1-star review here, customer service contacted me and assuaged me a bit, hence my reason for bumping to a 3-star review here. It's not worth the time, cost, and hassle of returning, even after she generously offered to waive the restocking fee. It's just not worth the hassle for me. For the price it is not a bad chair per se, and I will probably get the padding replaced and reupholstered with better quality materials at some point, since the chair frame, levers, and hydraulics are actually in pretty solid shape. That said, had I seen this in person first, I probably would not have purchased it, especially since I now know that they censor and edit product reviews on their own site. Would I buy from Madison again? Probably not.

MAKE SURE you know you are ordering what you want
Update 10/29/2018

First, props to Madison Seating for making some positive changes to their website to correct the issues I encountered in my original review. I've upgraded my review by one star, though I don't feel I can justify more than that unless I ever buy another product from them and have a more positive experience. Still, MadisonSeating are moving in the right direction here.

I just took another look at their site, and decided the changes warranted an update here. They finally removed their deceptive "satisfaction guarantee" blurb and replaced it with a far more accurate "moneyback guarantee" link. Also, unlike the previous blurb which linked to a page full of misinformation, the new link now takes you directly to their Terms of Service, so you can see what you're actually getting.

For the curious, I attached a screenshot of what their old "satisfaction guarantee" used to promise, so you can see what the issue was. For most online purchases, paying return shipping isn't a huge deal. But when it's for a chair you paid $500 for instead of buying a new one for $500 more, a $200 return shipping charge is a pretty big deal. At that point, you may as well have bought the new chair for a couple hundred bucks more.


Their "satisfaction guarantee" is false advertising and worthless. Even though they say you have 30 days to return an item and they will pay the return shipping, this is a lie. Hidden in their terms and conditions, they state that not only is the customer liable to pay return shipping, they also charge a $50 restocking fee. The Aeron chair we ordered was too small, and between shipping and restocking fee, it is costing $216 to return the chair.

As for the chair itself, they do indicate that they are open box. This is true, but a bit deceptive. They are essentially used chairs that Madison Seating refurbishes. They claim they provide a 10-year warranty for their Aeron chairs, but given how untrustworthy their "satisfaction guarantee" is, I wouldn't trust this one bit. The chair I got was in good condition, and did look practically new, so if you can be sure you're getting what you want the first time, it can still be a good deal.

Also, their shipping was VERY SLOW. Estimated arrival was 8-10 business days from the date it was ordered, well, it was over 2 weeks before they even made a shipping order, and then another 3 days before they finally shipped it.

In conclusion, if you are sure you know exactly what you want, and you can't find a better price for a nearly-new chair, Madison may still be your best option. Just be aware of what you're getting into.

Update 12/14/2016: Madison is now threatening legal action because of my reviews pointing out their dishonesty. At this point, I cannot recommend this company under any circumstances.

I have photo proof of the purchase, screenshot proof of their lies on their website, which at this point, anyone can still see for themselves, and if they change it, I'm quite certain Google cache will still reveal the truth to anyone who cares.


Update 6/30/2017, Re: Madison seating response

Yes, as I already clearly stated in my honest and accurate review, you can find the ACTUAL return policy hidden away in the terms and conditions. Calling it "clearly visible" is, at best, somewhat disingenuous, as the terms and conditions conditions are not easily accessible until the purchase page, and then not highly visible so as to attract attention. Unlike the entirely false so-called "satisfaction guarantee" made extremely visible and attention-grabbing on the home page. It is blatant false advertising, nothing more, nothing less. Any company this blatant and shameless with false advertising is a company I can neither trust nor recommend to anyone else to any extent.

The fact that so many reviews exist revealing similar experiences speaks volumes.

Also note that to this date, Madison Seating has never contacted us in any attempt to resolve this amicably, but only to threaten. We ended up selling the chair ourselves at a far more moderate and less-costly loss than returning it.

Caveat emptor.


I purchased a new office chair for my company through Madison Seating. I was told each time I asked it will ship next month, until today, now MadisonSeating are out of stock and do not have the one I ordered 3 months ago available. But they still have them on their website and does not state out of stock.

Not to shoot the messenger but please review and advise.

You have been sold out since Nov 9th when I placed this order? Please explain

I keep receiving conflicting information from your company.

Today: 2/9/21

Hi Bob,

We are sold out of the Executive Model Aeron chair with no restock date just yet.

We do have the same chair for a lower cost in an all black version.

Will this work for you?



Sent 12/28
Dear Valued Customer,

Due to Covid-19 we are experiencing some delays on certain items.

The Aeron chair you selected has a release date of Mid/Late January.

We do have the same chair in all black available for an immediate release.

Are you flexible on the color selection?

Otherwise, we will keep you priority listed for the original selection. You will only be charged prior to the shipment.

Warm regards,

Customer Service
Sent 11/24
Dear Valued Customer,

We have had some delays due to the Corona Virus outbreak, as our website indicates.

We hope you and your family are staying safe during this crisis.

This order is scheduled to be shipped out by Early/Mid December. Tracking will be emailed once released.

PLEASE NOTE: Shipments may be released sooner than the anticipated release estimate. Unless the order is canceled, all orders will automatically be released when available.

You will only be charged for the transaction prior to its release.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Customer Care
Sent 11/16

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your recent purchase with, the leader in North America selling brand name office chairs at discount prices.

As your email confirmation indicates, we ask that you allow an estimated 14 business days for delivery from the order date. (Business days do not include weekends or legal holidays).

The name of the carrier and associated tracking number will be forwarded to you prior to shipment so you will know the exact date of delivery.

We will only charge once the shipment is scheduled for release.

Thank you for your patience.


*Personal information redacted by admin

Positive experience in the end
I ordered a chair off this site because of the great prices and discounts. When the chair arrived it was somehow broken. So I immediately contacted them and MadisonSeating told me to send a picture to their customer service detailing the damage. So I did. In the mean time I did my research on the company which I did not do before buying the chair. This had me worried. The number of negative reviews, especially from several years back had me thinking I stupidly gave my money away to a company that sells you broken chairs and doesn't cooperate to fix it. A few hours passed and I received an email from them stating that the damage must have occurred from fedex as the chair left their warehouse in perfect condition along with providing me a new tracking number for a new chair. I did not have to even send the old one back as they suggested donating it when I have time. The new steelcase chair arrived in perfect condition a few days later and was fully operational.

I think it's important to remember these chairs are refurbished chairs and I wish they were a little more upfront about that in their advertising. To be honest, I didn't notice it was 'open box' on their site (as it's kind of hidden and not stated clearly), but I would have been happy buying a refurbished model anyways considering the discount. I'm suspicious that the chair didn't break because of fedex as I feel it would be difficult for them to break something that's properly packaged, and that it's something that went unnoticed in the quality control stage at their warehouse. However, if the previous reviews from a few years back are true it seems that they got their act together as reviews like those were probably hurting their business. Based on my experience, if you are unlucky enough to be sent a broken one, they will send you a better one.

Misleading and deceptive business practices
Misleading and deceptive business practices.

I ordered an Aeron Posture Fit Chair by Herman Miller advertised for $649.99 that includes the posture fit kit.

I received the chair but in the shipping box I found a letter saying: "It appears just the Posture-fit Kit accessory per your order was not available at the time of shipment of your chair and we did not want to hold back your entire order for this item"

The letter confirms "you have not been charged for this accessory".

Indeed, MadisonSeating did not charge me for that. What they did was they sent me an item I had not ordered, the "Aeron Fully Loaded By Herman Miller" chair they offer at their website for $574.99.

The shipping charges for either of those chairs is $75.00. So the chair I got and the shipping charges I had to pay equals the charges they made to my credit card.

I could have purchased the "Aeron Fully Loaded By Herman Miller" from another vendor and I would have saved $20.00.

It is not a lot of money but it is a business practice that in my opinion is deceptive and misleading. If they do not have the item in stock, they should have contacted me, before shipping the item, to determine if it was ok to proceed in the way they did.

Congratulations, Madison Seating - you took $20.00 from a Goi. -

2nd Chair for myself
I bought a Steel Case Leap V1 chair from Madison back in 2015 for my work office as the business owner didn't provide good comfortable chairs. When the chair arrived, it was immediately noticed, and some fellow staff were jealous. About 4 months after I bought the chair, a wheel broke, I reported the issue to Customer Service via email with pictures and received a new wheel assembly overnight.

Two co-workers ordered matching chairs, and all of us are still happy with our purchases.

Fast forward to 2020, when COVID-19 required me to spend more time working from home, I decided I needed a new chair at home. I went right back to Madison Seating and ordered the same Leap V1 chair except this time I splurged for the leather, which if you have cats at home you will need, and you can thank me later.

Both times, shipping did take a couple of weeks, we are all spoiled with two days shipping, but for the cost savings it was worth the wait!

The wife is a little jealous now, so I'll probably have to get a third chair now, just for her.

New Bar in Customer Service
These folks at Madisonseating [a shout out to Annie and Laila] are serious about customer service. How serious? You ask. Well, let me tell you. My office task chair arrived with a balky pneumatic lift. I finally got around to sending them an email late on a Friday afternoon [3:44pm their time]. Twelve minutes later and I have the time stamped emails to prove it I received a reply.

And it was not your automated boilerplate Thank you for being our customer, were sorry for the inconvenience, well get right on this, you should hear from us in two weeks response. This was from an actual human with the FedEx tracking number of the replacement part being sent to me. Yeah, thats right. On a Friday afternoon.

OK, you say, Im not convinced. You are probably one of their best customers so of course you would be treated like royalty. Au contraire.

I am a frugal individual [the less polite might say cheap] who had never made a purchase from Madisonseating before. And by frugal, I mean purchasing a refurbished, decadently-expensive-when-new Humanscale Task chair at a ridiculously low price. Heck, with the price I paid for the chair, the shipping cost [of my replacement part] alone probably eliminated their margin.

This will not be my last purchase from them. If you are smart, you will give them a try as well.

Great service. Great prices.
I recently received a large shipment of ergonomic office chairs from I am not only impressed with the excellent condition of the chairs but the crazy savings I received on my purchase. Being a start up company, I am extremely conscious of every dollar I spend. I stumbled onto's website while searching on Amazon for some good deals on brand name chairs. I saw MadisonSeating had excellent reviews so I decided to contact them directly regarding any additional discounts they can afford me if I ordered a large quantity. I was transferred to their corporate sales department and spoke to a nice young lady who was extremely knowledgeable on the chairs and did infact award me a special volume discount rate. The chairs arrived with Fedex and required just a simple assembly. I am hoping to do more hires before the summer and will most definitely come back to Madisonseating. Com for additional chairs. Their prices are the lowest and they had terrific service to boot!"

The guarantee says you can return an item for a full refund if not completely satisfied which MadisonSeating did when they sent me a defective chair (they sell used, demo chairs, reconditioned chairs). HOWEVER then they back ball you from all future purchases. Here is there email back to me after they confirmed a new order I placed and paid for.

Our records indicate you purchased and then insisted on returning item(s) stating the chairs were incorrect. The product came back exactly as what was advertised and we lost on shipping charges for the return.

We prefer not to fulfill any future orders with you as you seem to have an issue with our products and services.

Stay far far away from this retailer they send you defective items and want you to keep it even though its defective. Buy from a authorized dealer that stands behind the product. If you don't believe me read all the other complaints.

Madison Seating Lies about Delivery times
Moving cross country, we didn't ship our office chair because because Madison said it would be delivered to the new address on time (10 to 15 business days). The order confirmation repeated this time frame. As the end of the time frame approached, we reached out to Madison to confirm it would be arriving (as we had not heard anything yet, such as a tracking number or that it had been shipped) and MadisonSeating said due to Covid-19 delays, it would be an additional two weeks. We thought this was odd given that their website continued to say the same chair would arrive in 10 to 15 days if we were to order it that same day, but oh well. Two weeks pass, and we don't hear anything back, so we again reach out, and they respond that it will be as much as another month before the chair will arrive. At this point we cancelled our order. They clearly do not have what they are selling in stock, and instead of listing them as Back-ordered, they are continuing to sell products with a promise on the site and in the order confirmation e-mails as if they will be delivered on time. Then, they won't reach out to you and let you know your orders is delayed (by months!?!), but will wait for you to contact them. They blame Covid-19, but the issue is that they are promising to deliver something they can't, something they don't have in stock, lying to customers about this, and then stringing customers along. We ended up cancelling our order and buying our chair locally now that we've long since moved cross-country.

I guess I'm one of the lucky ones
I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. The Herman Miller Mirra chair I received was actually okay, minus the scratches on all surfaces. The open box description should include "and dragged behind a truck". I am picky though. From a distance it looks okay and doesn't stink of chemicals or smell like a 7 layer burrito. The picture in their cart showed the Mirra chair with tilt seat adjust and back lock. The description said fully adjustable. When I got the chair there was no tilt and lock adjusters on the left hand side of the chair. As soon as I talked to the sales rep I knew I was being "handled". He told me none of their Mirra chairs have this options. I have decided to keep it for now. Shipping it back from WV would be well over 100.00 I found the missing part on another web site for 40.00. All in all I'll be into this chair for a little over 500.00 still a couple hundred off, but the warranty from them is useless. If the chair holds up, I did alright. All I can say is pay the extra money and go with a authorized dealer. This transaction went okay for me. I also could have gone very wrong. Stay away, don't be fooled by their slick web site. MadisonSeating are terrible!

Great customer service - replacement of broken chair (Leap V2 - Steelcase) at no cost
Last December (2020), I purchased from Madison Seating a "Leap V2" chair (manufactured by Steelcase). The chair was purchased online and delivered to my apartment in New York City, two weeks later. Initially, the chair appeared in good condition (clean and easy to assemble). Unfortunately, however, as soon as the chair was assembled, I noticed that one of the chair's structural joints was broken: on the left-side of the chair, the plastic joint where a metal screw connects the actual seat to the back-rest was "snapped" (see attached photograph). I reached-out to Madison Seating's sales and customer support teams by e-mail, and one their members (Annie) immediately replied to me, offering to send me a replacement chair at no cost (and offering me to keep the broken chair). Given the relatively high cost of this chair (and the logistical hurdles that would have been involved with returning such a large item by any carrier), I was very relieved to receive such offer. This is great customer service (prompt reply and honest business policies). I look forward to receive the new chair (and then update this review accordingly).

They canceled my order after asking to speak to a manager
I was so excited to purchase a chair from this company! When I bought it I was informed that it would be shipped in 10 to 14 business days. After I hadn't received it I emailed them and MadisonSeating informed me that it would be shipped by the end of the month. I emailed them again at the end of the month at which time they informed me it would be shipped in the middle of October. I recently emailed them and they informed me that it would be shipped mid November. They never reached out to me to tell me that the shipping will be delayed I had to contact them. When you call in to talk to someone it says that they are experiencing Short delays in shipping. 2 1/2 months is not a short delay! In addition when I went to look at the shipping times as if I was purchasing a new chair it's still says 10 to 14 days. I believe this is false advertising. If they know that there are delays in shipping because of Covid which is understandable, they should be transparent about that when you order the chair. After I complained and asked to speak to a manager, they canceled my order. I have purchased things from several companies that have delays because of Covid. Again, that is completely understandable but these companies are transparent about it where Madison seating is not. I am so disappointed in the customer service and that they canceled my order without asking me if I would like my order canceled first. I would highly recommend that you do not do business with this company. If anything, I hope that they update their website and their phone to be honest with consumers. I also hope if there's going to be delays that they reach out to the consumer ahead of time and let them know. After I emailed them about canceling my order and told them I never asked to cancel the order, they emailed me back stating that because of my reviews they were canceling my order. I feel like canceling my order was a breach of contract.

This is THE WORST company to do business with
This is THE WORST company to do business with. I ordered one table and MadisonSeating informed me that my card was declined. It in fact did decline due to my bank putting a "security hold" on the card. I called my bank and they removed the hold. I then called Madison Seating back and told them to re-run the card. Again, they informed me that the card declined for a second time. I waited a few days after not hearing from them, and decided to try to order the table again, and this time it went through successfully. 2 days later I found out that they had charged me for two tables and sent me two tables. I only wanted one, and the cost of the table was $639.99. They told me in order to send it back, I had to make my own arrangements, as they do not provide a return service. I was quoted $474.78 for shipping, and Madison Seating charged me a "re-stocking fee" of 30% ($192.00). This brought my total to $666.78. Do NOT do business with this company. There's a reason they only have 3 stars out of 142 ratings!

Grey Market Liars
Purchased a Steelcase Leap chair in March. It saw very little use until this month when my wife started using it while teaching at home. The pneumatic lifter is broken, and gradually lowers when you sit in it until it is at its lowest level. We were told MadisonSeating would repair it if we sent the entire chair back, and paid an additional $75 shipping to send it back to us... that's about $125 round trip for an under-warranty repair. Contacted Steelcase and they identify Madisonseating as a grey market reseller, frequently reselling used items as new or misrepresenting older models as new. The series of emails I had with them can only be described as hostile on their part, with no solution being offered that didn't wind up costing us significantly. In addition, the warranty on their site states "All items sold as new will include a (1) year warranty from the manufacturer directly." This is patently not true, as we discovered when we approached Steelcase. They are NOT licensed resellers and cannot offer this warranty. We will be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau. Buying from them is NOT recommended.

I made the mistake of ordering my Leap Steelcase chair...
I made the mistake of ordering my Leap Steelcase chair and THEN reading the reviews and I was a nervous wreck about everything because I was so sure MadisonSeating were going to rip me off. When the chair was listed as being shipped 3 days after the sale, but 2 weeks later it still had not been picked up from the site, I was already trying to figure out how to get my money back.

However, I emailed Madison on a Thursday, asked them why the chair was taking so long, they apologized and by the end of Friday, the chair had been picked up and I had it the following Tuesday.

The chair is brand new, smelled a bit new which is unpleasant, but that dissipated almost immediately. It was easy to assemble, is exactly what I was looking for and I paid hundreds less than what it was going for at most other websites.

So, yes, do be aware that there might be issues. This is not a 5 star review because I should not have had to remind them to ship my item- which took about 3 weeks total to get here, rather than the 10 days promised- but shipping was free and the chair did arrive in perfect condition.

I had a lot of hesitation placing my order with Madison
I had a lot of hesitation placing my order with Madison. I had read many good as well as many poor reviews. I wanted a Knoll Life chair. This was listed as "open box." I discussed this by phone with a sales rep. MadisonSeating suggested this would be a display chair with mild wear. A 10-14 day expected delivery was anticipated. The chair was ordered just before Christmas, an admittedly busy time, and arrived in 15 days. It was packed extremely well, with tons of bubble wrap and in a sturdy box. The chair was in excellent condition with just tiny scuff marks on the legs of the base. The rest of the chair was like new. The only problem was with one of the arms that would not hold its position and was of a slightly different style than the other arm. I called on a Saturday when only sales people were available, and left pictures on an e-mail. On Monday a service person called and was apologetic. They shipped out two new arms and did not request the old ones back. They arrived within 3-4 days. So, overall the experience was quite acceptable and the service department was pleasant and responsive.

Obsessed with my Aeron chair!
I was determined to purchase a Herman Miller chair without spending over $1000. Low and behold Madisonseating provided the perfect price for exactly what I was looking for.

I suffer from extreme lower back pain. I called in regards to this particular product line and the representative took his time going over all of the details and features that would suit my particular needs. With his help Finalizing my purchase for the Aeron highly adjustable chair with the posture fit was a no brainer. It arrived within the 10-14 business day delivery time frame as promised and I honestly couldn't have been more excited. Although its advertised as an open box special, my chair arrived in MINT condition. The representatives are always a pleasure to speak with and MadisonSeating always respond to all of my emails almost immediately.

Bottom line, if you're looking for a great office chair at an amazing price Madisonseating is the place to go.

Know what you are buying to be happy
For the chair, 5 stars. For not really knowing I was buying used, I deducted 1 star. I am 5 star happy with my chair.

If you didn't now the subtle differences with new style and where to look for MFR date, you'd think this was new. Delivery in about 2 weeks. Aluminum base, everything looks like brand new. No marks on frame, fabric is perfect. No visible wear anywhere on it. The arm rest padsd may not be HM original, but MadisonSeating look great.
Here's the catch: Open Box to Amazon, Newegg, etc. are new/ current products It is not the current model (updated in 2014 I believe) Date code on chair shows it was made in 2007. So know you may be buying refurbished, not current model when it says "open box" Saved me about 35% off what I could buy new model in box., but about $200 more than I could buy used in excellent condition. For me the 200 was worth having a "like new" chair. We had gas lift cylinder problems with our vintage 2007 HM chairs, Hopefully the durability of this chair will match its good looks.

Stained chairs, criminal threats, no refunds after taking merch back- they do it all!
On March 21,2020, I ordered two chairs from Madison Seating, one Herman Miller Aeron and a Humanscale Diffrient. MadisonSeating charged my credit card right away for both chairs. On April 3, I received an email that both chairs shipped, which was not true, as only the Aeron arrived on April 4. I was happy with the Aeron and upon emailing Madison about the second chair, they said it would ship "next week."

On April 21,2020, one month from the order date, I received the Humanscale chair, which was not in mere "open box" condition, but clearly heavily USED. The same day, I emailed Madison with photos, showing that it was a stained, scratched and snagged chair. Madison said it cannot open the files. I re-send in JPG format. Madison says "no attachments." I email photos within Google drive with a link. I also send photos separately embedded in Gmail. I email again to confirm receipt of photos. No response. I follow up the next day. No response.

On April 28,2020, not having a response, I emailed Madison to have the chair picked up and that I will be disputing the charge with my credit card company. On April 30, I received an email offering for me to keep the chair with a 50% discount. I was not interested in keeping a heavily used and dirty chair for $250.

On May 1,2020, Madison sent me an email threatening to file a police report for "stolen merchandise."

On May 5,2020, Madison sends another threatening email, again claiming the chair is "stolen merchandise" and that I would have to defend said action in New York. (No legal basis).

On May 5,2020, an unidentified person with caller ID of Madison Seating calls my home number and leaves message purporting to be a third party investigator looking into "stolen merchandise" and threatening to call my local police department.

On May 6,2020, after getting a letter from my attorney (which detailed all their illegal actions), Madison FINALLY send a pre-paid shipping label for me to return the used chair. I accept Madison's offer to resolve the matter with the return of the chair in exchange for the full refund for the chair. The chair has been boxed up with the label affixed. Photos of the same are included in the email to Madison.

On May 7,2020, (as I would find out later from the documents received by my credit card company), Madison challenges the dispute. To support its challenge to my credit card dispute, it includes a letter dated 4/24/20 which is obviously fake since I did not file the dispute until 4/28/20! Also, they falsely claim that they already sent me the return label, but the label is clearly generated on 5/6/20.

On May 8,2020, UPS picked up the chair. On May 19,2020, the chair's receipt by Madison is confirmed.

On May 24,2020, after getting a letter from my credit card company, I call to find out that Madison has NOT indicated the matter resolved.

On May 27,2020, I send an email demand that Madison either issue credit or inform the credit card company that the matter is resolved. Madison REFUSES to cooperate.

On May 28,2020, another email is sent to Madison to confirm receipt of the chair and to reverse the charge. Madison never responds.

Subsequently, I found out from my credit card company that they have tried repeated to contact Madison to release the refund from their bank. The person who answers the phone at Madison indicates that "the person who handles that" is not in, just left, out for several days, etc. Not surprisingly, they do not return calls.

So, several months after Madison took my money for two chairs, they got one used chair back (to sell to another unsuspecting customer?) and kept the money for both.

What a saga it was just to deliver a simple desk
What a saga it was just to deliver a simple desk. The freight delivery company MadisonSeating used here in southern California was horrible. They never called to schedule delivery, just decided to head out and attempt to show up but then called me after they got lost where I had to spend a half hour giving them turn-by-turn directions.

After all that they didn't even deliver the desk, because I wasn't home since they didn't bother to schedule delivery ahead of time. I specifically instructed them to drop it off at the leasing office of my apartment so they wouldn't have to come out again. I come home to find no package at the office then tell me they would need to charge me $100 to attempt delivery again because I couldn't take their initial surprise delivery.

After a week of going back and forth with the delivery company and finally with Madison, they took care of not charging me $100 for another delivery attempt, which is the only reason I gave them 2 stars. So I finally take delivery of my desk... except only one of the boxes contains parts of my desk in it. I opened the other box and it was the legs to a completely different item (coffee table?).

So here we go back to another round of dealing with customer service and the delivery company to return the random coffee table I got and get the legs to the desk I ordered. I still haven't gotten my whole desk yet, and while in the end I think they'll get everything to me, just... never again. Get a new delivery company, the one they use in the L. A. area at least has been a total pain.

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