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I ordered a upart wig 20 inch on 06/26/18 and it was supposed to be delivered 7/01/2018. The order said it was delivered and signed but the shipping still says its in Greensboro on top of the best part im just returning home from Mrytle Beach. It was 9:25 when i reached home and me and my 3 yr old live alone. When i checked the tracking the signature is an A Humphrey I dont know anyone with that name my neighbors are thw rogers and are also on vacation till the 7th. I called the customer service number and wrote on the customer service website. No info back I just want a refund, the facebook website made it sound amazing. But this website says all the horrible things a online shopper dreads. I just want my money back im tired of scams, and bad customer service. I work hard for my money and just want good quality items at a safe and promising way. I should of investigated more i will change my card number once i recieve my refund. Anyone reading these reviews DO NOT ORDER FROM LUVME HAIR.

Beauty in a Box
First of all. I am a "Newbie" when it comes to wigs. I had never really considered wearing one because I never thought Luvme Hair would look natural on me. As time went on, several of my friends started wearing wigs and looking GREAT! After asking around for recommendations re: companies to try, Il decided on Luvme. Best decision EVER! My wig arrived, beautifully packaged. I appreciated the fact that obvious care had gone into the packaging! The hair was ABSOLUTELY gorgeous and so full of body. I actually did the install myself. It was just that easy! Family and friends are still complementing me on my "new do". When I tell them it's a wig they are amazed and constantly asking "where did I purchase it"? As a CEO it is important that my look is professional and on point in my worklife. But I also wanted something that also felt great and looked great for everyday. I am sooo in love with my purchase and can't wait to try another one!

Beautiful Headband Wig
First of all, let me just say... I do not do wigs! Lol! I have very thick natural hair but I have been getting a little bored with it. And thanks to this pandemic, who feels like doing their hair all the time? My friend started talking about headband wigs so I started doing my own research and decided to purchase one from Luvme based on the reviews I read and the videos I watched. I ordered my wig on a Sunday, it arrived that THURSDAY! Not only was the packaging beautiful, it came with extra goodies! I purchased the 18in Wet and Wavy headband wig. It came with 5 extra headbands, bobby pins, 2 wig caps, an edge brush, and a few other items. I love the versatility of this wig and the fact that it is not synthetic hair. I can wet it for a wash and go look or brush the curls out a bit for a fuller look. I can wear it in a cute bun or pony tail and I can straighten it! I may look into purchasing another one because I am going to get a lot of usage from this wig!

Affordable Quality Hair
So I ordered this hair because of course we're in quarantine, and I could not go to the salon to get my regular sewin bundles. I I have never bought a human hair wig. Usally if I get a wig is something quick and synthetic because I know eventually I'm going back to the salon. I saw this site and fell in love with the pictures. I still was a little skeptical because I never order from any online vendor except for Amazon the minute I opened my box I fell in love I just placed the order on April 1st and then I turned around and bought another wig on the 21st. Not that I needed to it all because this wig is going to definitely last me a long time and it's not hard to put on as I thought it would be. The tutorial from one of the other wig lovers on their page even taught me how to melt my lace. I am definitely hooked for life. Thank you Luvme!

Worst hair buying experience I've ever had. I am so hurt.
This was the worst $338.00 i have ever spent this was some BS hair, the color was not what i requested and I have emailed the company several times. The only response from the company was to try and have the product professionally styled, by one of their approved stylists. I declined and have continually requested a full refund. I feel as though I purchased a product I'm not satisfied with and the company refuses to assist with my refund. I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone. I have received better services and hair from Amazon. Do not waste your money on this BS Luvme Hair call hair. They also tried to refund me $35 like what the world. I've paid way more than that.
XX. Signed a mad black woman who do not play about her hair A. Taylor.

Bald Spot in my Luvme Wig after just 6 months of meticulous care and wear!
I've never purchased or paid for a wig over $100; but I tried Luvme Hair and purchased a 12 inch curly full lace wig. When it arrived, it didn't have the curl pattern that I saw in the pictures but I was so excited to wear it that I overlooked that fact. Just like all the reviews that I've seen, yes, it was soft and after 6 months, it is still soft. In about a month or so, I noticed it started shedding. It was just a little bit of shedding each time; so again I overlooked it. When I took it off to wash and condition it like I do every 2-3 weeks, to my surprise there was a baseball size BALDSPOT in the rear just about my left ear. I immediately started to wonder if people were seeing this baldspot when I wore it. I contacted Luvme and their asked me a few questions, did I bleach the knots, which I didn't because it came bleached. Luvme Hair asked me to send pictures, so I did. They asked about a residue that they saw along the perimeter of the front of the wig. I told them it was glue. That is normal as I hadn't shampooed it yet. They asked me if I dyed the wig. I said yes but only the middle to ends of the hair as I wanted the roots to be natural black; to me this look more natural; so the wig was natural black to the roots and dark to medium brown from about 1.5 inches from the roots to the ends. They promised to give me 60% discount on a new wig. I told them they should replace the entire wig as the package said that if I properly cared for the wig, it should last a year. Well this didn't. They wouldn't give me another wig! I got really upset and said for them to refund me the $60 dollars and get a wig elsewhere. I didn't want to deal with people that are unreasonable about their flawed products any longer. They retract that promise and said they will give me a $30 refund; which they did.

I'm not bitter, but I do feel that I should have gotten a new wig to try. They didn't agree. Well there are several good wig companies out there with just as good if not better quality wigs.

A company is only as good as their product; all of their product. Yes, there are alot of reviews where the product was great, however, this one wasn't. As long as your wig units are great, then Luvme Hair is a good company. When something goes wrong, then the company shows its true face. Beware consumer. Beware.

Buyer beware would not purchase again
I brought two frontals and three extensions. Let's start with customer service. They're available for questions when you are purchasing the unit but once you have a problems Luvme Hair ignore your complaint. The frontals are silky at first because they have this silicone on them that last for two months after that the hair loses luster and becomes dry and course. Cap construction is poor. The frontal does not come down far enough to cover your edges which was a deal breaker. This was the case for both frontals. The hair does not shed or tangle. However, I would only buy this hair if it were on sale, the cap construction is made poorly so it's not worth the full price. By two months the frontals start to bald and by three you will need a new one. This is because the holes that they are looping the hair in are too big. Brought a frontal from "her imports" that lasted 8 months before balding because the cap construction was made well. This company had another name but due to bad reviews changed the name to luv me hair but it's still the same owners. I would not recommend. Indique and her imports have great frontals that last. They are pricey but you get what you pay for. Indiques hair last a full two years and her imports one year. I would go for either for quality hair.

I'm loving me with Luvme hair
The packaging is beautiful. I opened my box and I had free gifts. Most companies could careless, about sending freebies (I order from a lot them). Bobby pins, wax stick, tweezers, a beautiful hair pin, wig caps, and an extra wig strap. These things were package in a cute bag I can carry in my purse. Let's get to the hair! Beautiful so soft... I'm an amateur and this install was so easy. I only needed gel because I wanted to secure my wig. I have gotten so many compliments in a few hours. As you girls know when someone ask you what lace? You have arrived. This company thinks about it's customers. Luvme Hair communicate well I got friendly emails about my order. My order came super quick. Oh I order the 10in undetectable lace, in style body wave. I'm excited about purchasing my next unit because my experience with this company was superb.

False advertising and a scam
I received my unit on 1/15/2020 and was completely shocked and angry at the product I received. It wasn't as described and had a different color shade as well. I've contacted the company several times requesting a refund. Per return instructions I've include pictures of the product and the company has been reluctant to provide any other return directions. The only response from the company was to try and have the product professionally styled, by one of their approved stylists. I declined and have continually requested a refund with no response from the company. I feel as though I purchased a product I'm not satisfied with and the company refuses to assist with my refund. This is like highway robbery and totally unacceptable. This company's false promises of easy no hassle returns are a sham and fraudulent. This company needs to be held to a higher standard! Company has false advertising and shady business practices.

Trustworthy & Reliable Beautiful Online Hair Company.
Luvme Hair has made a true believer out of me. I have loss plenty of me due to take hair merchant online. These too companies has falsely, post fake pictures of beautiful hair products that wasn't even real. This has caused, me to lose faith in all online hair companies. Until I seen Luvme Hair products and how beautiful the hair was looking on actual people and not on manican heads. I have watch YouTube videos and did my research before I decide to buy a product from Luvme Hair. I finally trust my instinct and purchase my first product from them and it came in 2 days like Luvme Hair said. So that was a plus for me because anybody words should be hold as a bond. I felt better and my products came in a beautiful box. Once I open it I was amazed how soft the hair was, and I had so many extra products that came as a gift as well. I was so happy, and totally empress at how easy and beautiful the wig was. It only took me a few seconds to install the wig, and I been in love every since. I have purchased three wigs from Luvme Hair and I am not done ordering, from them yet. Luvme Hair, has so many products I am interested in purchasing in the near future. The products I have didn't have a strong smell like most online hair products have. There are absolutely no shedding, and the wigs density is very high and this make the wigs ever more beautiful. I have no complaints, and I have 6 of my dear friends that have purchased their first wig as well. As long as this company is in business, I will be one of theirs faithful online customers.
Denise M.

Simply Amazing
My unit actually arrived five days before the actual delivery date, so that was a plus. When I opened my pretty purple box, I received bonus gifts (hair pins, glitzy hair clip, tweezers, a comb, frizz stick, and duck clips)... the United was secured beautifully in a Hairnet inside of a pretty purple bag.
While I have never been a fan of 1B or #2 colored hair, it didn't matter to me after I felt how extremely soft this hair was! I know nothing about lacefrontals so I had to have my daughter coach me from Vegas on how to bleach the knots and installing this beautiful unit. Not sure if I did the job right but I can honestly say that I feel great about my purchase. I did wash and color it but that's only because my 50th birthday is in a few months and I can't wait to show off this unit! I will definitely be purchasing more units from this company, I am no longer skeptical. Thank you Luvme Hair for helping me getting my groove back!

The wig I ordered looks nothing like the one I received. I have sent several emails requesting a refund and a return label. It has been over a month and a half. The wig is of poor quality, the wrong color there is white lining showing in the center of the wig where their should be hair. Luvme Hair falsely replied to my credit card company that Luvme Hair sent me the right wig causing me to seek futher action against them. I would give them minus 5 stars if I could. I have been trying to return their wig to them per their refund policy sine I got it! When you get the pamphlet it list all the things wrong with the wig which is clearly false advertisement on there website. If I have to I will report them to the BBB, District Attorney of Consumer Affairs, social media, etc. Send me a return label and tell my credit card co not to rebill me.

My first experience
My first experience with these unprofessional amateurs sucked major anal. First I ordered my wig unit 2 weeks before Mother's Day never recieved it. Got refunded. So I reordered again now I'm on my fourth order getting refunded and still no wig. Now y'all help me make sense of this. The payment comes straight out of my bank account, they'll refund me with no problem but the problem is I don't want my money back I want the wig. Here comes Memorial Day around the corner and still no wig unit but I'm getting refunded again. I've called their bogus customer service number *******238 and it's a fax or BOGUS like I said. You can't talk to a live person and their emails are bull too. Computerized bull. I wouldn't recommend them to a doll wig maker. I'm beyond pissed and I'm going on every platform so Luvmehair needs to not play these games with people. Luvme Hair keep asking for order numbers for what because I'm still not getting the unit. Make it make sense

Fast shipping and good quality affordable hair
I have ordered from Luvme Hair a few times. I love how Luvme Hair have coupon codes that you can use to get a discount on the hair. I also love the fast shipping I got the hair in less than a week. I also love the gift package they give you with your wigs which it includes a few hair accessories. I love the quality hair that they have and love how it can be versatile. The wig I ordered is a lace frontal 14 inches color 613 which is blonde body wave. I dyed the hair by highlighting it with two Revlon colors medium rich brown and dark ash blonde. The hair took the color well I washed it and styled it. The hair is still holding up pretty well still soft and hardly any shedding. I have got so many wonderful compliments on this hair and how beautiful I look with it. Thank you so much Luvme Hair.

Great Quality Top of the Line Wigs
I have purchased wigs from other companies before but none of them can compare to LuvMe Hair... Luvme Hair has the greatest quality wigs... The hair is human, soft and managable with minimal shedding... The lace is the truth it blends right into your skin and it looks so natural... You can wear it glueless or glued down but either way it looks natural... The combs are perfectly placed so Luvme Hair won't be pulling on your edges... But for longevity I sew my wigs on and between hair dos I use the combs to conveniently take it on and off... You can part it anywhere and it looks just like your scalp... I've never had irritation from this wig... Just shampoo and reuse... This has been the best purchase/investment I ever made in hair... I Love that when I shampoo the wig it bounces right back and looks just as good as it did from day one... I get the best results when I let my wig air dry then style... I would definitely recommend Luvme Hair you won't regret your purchase... These Wigs are

Best Unit Ever!
I first started seeing ads on Facebook, then on Instagram. Of course, I was very skeptical, but started reading the customer reviews and viewing the "unboxing" videos, and was intrigued. I finally worked up the nerve to order and WOW! 2 DAYS LATER! My beautiful unit was delivered. I was so pleased and felt like royalty when I saw the purple box with a bow, the wonderful gifts inside, along with the softest, best quality hair I have ever experienced on a unit. The installation was easy, and I have flat ironed it with no problems, used a wand on the highest heat setting, and the hair not only responded well, but the curls maintained their shapes for days on end. I use very little product, if any... I've even washed and conditioned it and air dried it to get the deep wavy look shown on my picture. The color is amazing, and I've received many compliments on this unit. Thanks so much for being a quality company with quality products, and I WILL be ordering more!

This hair is trash! Period
So I ordered my "virgin hair" from love me approx. March 17... when I recieved the hair it was soft but very thin. Oh yes I ordered a 24' "undetectable" lace wig that I still had to bleach the knots on... so as I said the hair was soft but thin... it felt lite weight while wearing but quickly started shedding day 2... the instructions tell you not to get it wet with salt water or do to much. But if the hair is "virgin "it should be able to withstand the pressure. That was the first thing that should have WARNED me... so it's been around 3 weeks and this hair sheds like a dog in the summer! It tangles so bad and without product this hair would be a bird's nest with the birds nesting in it!... the best thing that came out if this purchase was the "free flatirons" which probably cost this company more than this trash hair they're selling to unsuspecting woman trying to make themselves more beautiful. Bottom line. This hair is no good and do not waste your time... money... or efforts. Thank you

Luv me hair have me in wig heaven
I was so skeptical about purchasing online but after following your social media for so long I took the risk and it was the best risk I could of every taken. I'm just a ordianary girl in a small town in Alabama that is is Love with Luv me hair. My first order was #lm348396 curly celebrity wig I I recieve so many compliments at work(all I do is work) had me feeling like a celebrity I ordered my 2nd unit friday #lm369988 and it's on the way I already readjusted my budget and savings to add a luv me wig each month. Their wigs or beginner friendly if I can install it DON'T you be scared because you can too, the wig is so soft and I highly Recommend it. Every wig will have it's on name that will create a new personality for me during each wear nope I'm not crazy I'll just be feeling myself in my luv me wig. To experience wig heaven shop luv me hair I am a satisfied customer.

First time ordering from this company and Luvme Hair totally exceeded my expectations! I'm normally skeptical about ordering hair online because I want to see my unit, touch it, feel the quality but this company was recommended so I gave it a shot! First, the shipment was fast, 2 DAYS! I ordered Thursday, it came Monday (minus the weekend), with real time tracking! I ordered the lace front Body Wave in 18in. The hairline was pre-plucked, knots were not bleached but that was an easy fix. The unit was already 60% and I received an additional 40% off! Unheard of! I love how full the unit is, it says 180 density and it shows. The hair is super soft and I haven't noticed any shedding! Came with adjustable straps and a band, along with 3 combs inside of the unit. Let's talk about the gifts that came with it! A flatiron that doubles as a curling iron!, rat tail comb, bobbypins, hair clips, wig cap, and a cute carrying case.
I will definitely order from this company again! No more beauty supply stores for me. Thank you Luvme Hair and keep up the great customer service!

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! The hair I received was very cheap looking with shredded ends. I ordered the body wave and it had hardly no wave pattern at all. The color was supposed to be a natural which I thought would be a 1B but the color was closer to a #2 or medium brown with a few golden streaks in it. I was very unhappy with the order and Luvme Hair want me to pay to have it shipped back or be refunded half the price. I decided on being refunded half the price instead of giving them more money to ship the wig back. Its been weeks and still have not received the refund. No one will answer emails, fb posts, inbox messages etc. Very poor customer service! They only speak to you frequently as an optional buyer. DO NOT BUY A WIG FROM THESE SCAM ARTISTS!

This Business is Everything when making a person feel beautiful. Being a mom, going to college, and working. I never seem to have time to do my hair or get my hair done. But LUVME HAIR! Is a quick and very easy install. You can change the style of the hair, wash the hair, dye the hair and you can even wear it without glue. The deals and coupons Luvme Hair have is a fantastic way to save. Especially if you are a first timer at installing a wig and not sure how to you can east purchase a 10in lace front for under a $100 for practice. But that's not all these units comes with tons of gifts, a special Thank you, and even a brochure on How to! Beautiful and I won't switch up the game for another I'm a LUVME woman and either way you gotta LUVME.

Not quality hair.
I ordered a wig and received my wig on September 16,2021. I immediately emailed Stella at luvmehsir about returning my hair. She told me to send pictures I did. I said the color is different from picture. Stella told me Luvme Hair could give me 30 percent off on next purchase. I said no then she told me to sell the wig. I said no then she offered me twenty dollars I said no. I said please refund my account. I was told they don't do refund only credits. I emailed back and said you have two different refund policies going on because the one that came with the hair states they will refund you in the form of payment you paid minus shipping. I attached the policy the came in the box with the hair. No more response from Stella. Buyer beware they don't honor return policy and hair is this hair was not quality.

Scam Alert!
Do not buy from this company it's a scam, reviews included. Luvme Hair are selling and sending out cheap ugly wigs and are only offering $30 refunds on the units that were purchased for $150-$200 and up. When you reach out to Stella you will get the run arounds/a bunch of excuses. This is the absolute worst hair experience that I have ever had and I will NOT! Purchase from them again. Ladies put your money where it counts, and it's not with Luvme hair. They don't even deserve 1 star.

UPDATE*** I'm a little late with my update, but I am happy to say that I received a full refund. I wasn't letting up on them. I maybe received my money back into my account a month later, after a constant back and forth. I still say stay away from this company! Their reviews are lies and their hair is party city quality. NEVER AGAIN! #theytriedit

Wig has lice nits, not the same wig advertised. Luvmehair will not honor their return policy
This wig has nits. Luvme Hair won't honor their own return policy.

This is Luvmehair response: You can wash it and condition it and the hair will be nice again. This style is very popular, many ladies have tried and love it.
We believe you will be more amazing. How about having a try?

Luvmehair website return policy: Helpful Hint:

1.We recommend shipping packages back using USPS Flat Rate shipping with a tracking number for convenience, as we are not responsible for lost packages or stolen packages. Without proof of receipt and delivery, we will not issue return credit. You will be responsible for covering shipping costs to return items and shipping charges must be prepaid.

2. Returned items must be unworn and unwashed and uncut and unstyled (free of any stains from makeup, deodorant, or wear) with gifts and product package attached. Defective items must be reported with Email within 14 days of receipt. If not reported, we will not issue credit. If you believe you have received an incorrect item, please contact us within 14 days of receiving your package. Report email: *******

3. Customers will only be charged once at most for shipping costs (this includes returns); No-restocking to be charged to the consumers for the return of the product. If the returning is due to buyer's problem. We does not provide return shipping labels. A restocking fee will be assessed on orders that are refused by the customer at the time of delivery or returned due to an "un-deliverable" address. When delivered, the unauthorized rejection is not allowed, and the cost of unauthorized rejection/return will be borne by the buyer.


1.If the returning is due to our problems (Such as: Incorrect products, Quality problem of products), we will provide a full refund for you;

2.If the returning is due to buyer's problems (Such as: Don't like/want, Order wrong product/size), we will remove $20 from your refund as loss of freight and handling fee, and you must contact us for returning within one month of receiving.

3. Once your return is received and inspected, we will send you an email to notify you that we have received your returned item. We will also notify you of the approval or rejection of your refund. If you are approved, then your refund will be processed, and a credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment, within a certain amount of days. If you no longer use the original card, please contact us in advance.

4.If you have any problems with order/products/payment, please contact with us at first. If you return the items without contacting us, or if there is no reason to dispute, we will not ensure your refund and make a complaint according to the policy.

Soooo I purchased the 200% density small curl lace frontal unit. I've been wearing lace frontal full lace for over 10yrs now. I usually have my units custom made but because of all the great reviews I took a chance won't ever happen again. Fast shipping and 200% density is THE ONLY true to sale pitch. Upon receiving my unit there was the most putrid odor I have ever smelled. It was moist as if Luvme Hair washed it in fish a$$ and delivered it. I washed and conditioned it twice and it still smells like fish a$$. The lace frontal goes far behind my ears so I will have to cut into the unit to get the correct fit. There are fly aways in every part of the frontal. I created my own conditioner with lemon honey and leave in conditioner I use regularly and put a shower cap on it. I will let this sit over night and see what it do. Emailed them several times to no avail. Don't f$$$ with this slave trade a$$ company cause mingling and tingtong gives 2 about US.

First unit definitely a hit on the first purchase
I give luvme 3 stars because I was a bit reluctant to try them because I am a heavy researcher and I came across this site and seen all of the good reviews as well as the bad i usually spend 300 on more on my vendor and I been loyal to them for yrs because the quality is spectacular your wigs last 3 yrs + I took a chance with luv me just to see all the hype that was coming on my news feed on social media the packaging it came in was nice as well as the delivery it came 3 days early I noticed it came from China and that was a bit skeptical but I tried the unit out its been 2 weeks and my wig is holding up just as good as day 1 I recommend mielle products especially with curly hair Luvme Hair have all the curly natural hair products u need. ( Black owned busines) p. S this will be my first and last time purchasing luvme because I got a hit this time and definitely not setting myself up with a miss next time.

I Give LuvMe Hair Co. 5 Stars Rating; Simply, because of the Quality... Versatility and Density (Mea
I Give LuvMe Hair Co. 5 Stars Rating; Simply, because of the Quality... Versatility and Density (Meaning the amazing volume of each unit). The Quality because it doesn't shed from the wefts, it last beyond the recommended time frame... and 100% human as stated. These Quality units are worth purchasing because LuvMe is way affordable than other companies... Luvme Hair are legit... Not Scammers... So get that off your minds... They are a real true company who stand by the words and the products they sell... Versatility because, They offer so many different units... From Short Styles... Long Styles... Curly... Straight... Wavy... Kinky Yaki... Loose deep wave... And Body Wave... They also offer a variety of colors... Blended colors... Mixed colors... Solid colors... And Two-, toned... So the are very versatile when it comes to catering to everyone needs who's looking for versatility to fit a woman's taste in hairstyles... Right down to the ones who's less hair savvy than others... So this is why they offer bob wigs, u parts units, glueless units and headbands wigs all with clip-in combs... For a quick do it yourself styles... In regards to the Full lace, undectable and the Frontal units... To me they are not hard at all to install yourselves... Because practice makes perfect... But you get watch youtube tutorials if you need help installing... So Versatility is a thousand percent there... you can even dye every unit you purchase if you like... How cool is that? No worries... They even respond to your questions and assist you in anyways they can... Ooo... Let's not speak about Volume... You talking about Curly... Wavy... Body... oh my... The units display so much volume once install and layed... The straight and body wave curls so gorgeously... The Density on each unit is A+++... Even if it advertise it's density for a particular unit... Hunny... Let me tell y'all... It's even better once you receive it... no low density hair with this company... LuvMe... I was amazed at my wigs when they arrived... Each unit is full, looks very natural... and styles very well... You can even create wedding styles... They are that good... So far I've purchased over 5 units... Shipping be is very fast along with the arrival time frame... You also receive a small gift pack along with each purchase of a unit... So LuvMe is a Great Company to Shop with when it comes down to hair wig units... They are a Company who stands by their products and words... Is it worth it... Yes... Most definitely

Lace Front Wavy/shedding/tangled
I purchased the lace front deep wavy 14 inch and at first the hair was beautiful until i washed it. The hair tangled and shedded horribly, i tried different conditioners and followed the instructions but the hair continued to tangle and shed and thin out very bad! I washed and conditioned it again and tangled and shedded even worst well after the third time i contacted LUVME by email and even sent pictures and Luvme Hair told me i could have a 28 percent discount on my next order. Well after this horrible experience with this hair i will not be ordering again, i only posted a review because they refused to compensate for the hair. I have been wearing human hair a long time and any time hair sheds and tangles at this level it is BAD HAIR and should be compensated.
Be careful before purchasing this hair.

Bad Customer Service
I ordered a 10 inch bob 7/2/19. The description had no mention of layers. I received the wig 7/8/19. I cut and tented the lace and installed it. It didn't seem right! To my surprise the back looked like a child cut it! The last layer was longer than the top, giving a mullet appearance. I emailed Stella immediately. I also emailed later that night with pictures. I was offered a partial refund, in which I declined. I did not pay a partial price. And I do not feel like I should have to go through the trouble of sending the wig all the way to Hong Kong. The next email had the same offer but this time I was told to send the wig to a person and an address the wig did not come from. I was also told that I had to pay for the shipping and try to send it usps because Luvme Hair don't have shipping labels! Their customer service is terrible! And you can barely decipher the emails.

Dont believe he hype of the hair. The reviews that are positive must have been done by people who were receiving some sort of compensation. Customer service is good until AFTER Luvme Hair have taken your money! Once your purchase is made they are not responsive and are actually very rude. Once they finally responded they insisted that I pay them to return the hair that they have been dishonest about. I too have submitted photos of my order Bc the hair was different colors and not what I ordered. In return, I was told that the hair was fine and that I should find someone to color it. Im sorry but when paying hundreds of dollars for a product you should be able to expect some sort of quality! PLEASE DONT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE! They are terrible and deceiving. They were also dishonest on the customs form saying that the product was a sample and wasnt worth anything which is a complete lie! In all honesty for the time they have wasted of mine and the money they took it is potentially worth taking legal action against the company.

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