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Uninterested attitude. Extremely disappointed.
First, I attempted to return a legging that was too big. I got a message that the item was unreturnable, which was never mentioned when I purchased it online. I persisted, and talked to someone (after a loooong wait). The Guest Educator said okay, I could expect a return label in 48 hours. Not having received 1, I contacted them again, and then a return label was made. I returned item. It arrived May 4'20.3 weeks later I asked, Lululemon reported that I would be contacted IF the item qualified for a return! 24 hrs. Post that promise, I have not heard. This is a dreary, dismal way to treat customers. If only LLL would understand that I am waiting for refund before I order again. Shame on Lululemon. Their Guest Education Service does not match their product by any stretch.

Online and in store, TERRIBLE customer service!
The first week of December, I ordered a $100 gift card for my niece for Christmas. Not only did it not arrive, LLL sent me an email asking me review my order. According to their own website, the package was eternally stuck in "waiting for pick up by carrier." Their customer service put me on hold for four minutes to confirm this, even though it took me less than 30 seconds to pull up my account on my end. She asked if an email replacement would work, to which I reluctantly agreed to only because if the very late date (it was already after Christmas). As we were getting off the phone she says "ok, you should have that in 3-5 business days." Seriously? It's already been 3 weeks and now you are basically adding another. I'm just so sad for my young niece.

Additionally, the day after Christmas I drove with my daughter to the closest town with a LLL to exchange one if the two pairs of leggings that she had received for Christmas. We were basically asked to leave immediately upon walking in. An employee stood at the door asking if people were buying, returning or exchanging. When we said exchanging, she strongly suggested that we come back another time as the line was over 20 minutes long. We decided to divide and conquer so I stood in line while she found a new item to purchase. We were out of there in under 10 minutes. Lululemon were busy yes, but I honestly suspect that it had more to do with keeping their end if year sales higher! It was a very strange experience, no one has ever asked me to not come into their store before.

My daughters and nieces are all on the LLL bandwagon (one is an athlete ranked among the top 10 in the world in her sport), I'm going to talk to them about this experience and encourage a new work out brand! Gym Shark anyone?

Extremely disappointed from loyal customer!
Extremely disappointed! I spend SO much money here! I've only 1 time in my life have ever exchanged anything, not returned... exchanged.
And today, I tried to exchange, not return, a pair align capris because Lululemon were in the wrong sized shelf when I bought them, and they said they couldn't. Couple things, yes my fault for not double checking, and my fault for instinctively removing that back annoying tag that they allow to rip off but still.
They can send them back to corp or the manufacturer to sew the tag back on instead of "throwing them away" they said, because that tag was missing.
They should take a lesson from Nordstrom! I'm not a 1 time shopper either. Again, I buy everything there, have never returned and have only exchanged one time in my life.
Time to find a new brand. Athleta I hear is good as well as P'tula.

Sportswear brand that can fade upon wash!
I hv got a pair of lululemon black wonder under crops and a simply bare tank in purple. Lululemon share the same quality blunder ----- turning water from clarity to black and purple respectively! No warm water or softener added which I follow the cleaning direction strictly! In fact, the black wonder under crops I got by gift card for their last running tights which got holes on thighs after several washes.

They cost over 120 us dollars but they don't worth at all for color discoloration :(. Even clothes less than 10 dollars (or even 1 dollar) won't fade like this upon washing.

The return policy is also a disaster when their staff gave harsh words to protect their company by all means; and their courier company service is also a nightmare which I have waited for almost a day to find out that they didn't have placed the delivery order. Seldom do they refund for their quality issues clothes!

Don't consider buying their stuff again!

Lululemon quality has gone downhill~ seams come apart, won't fix issue
I have recently purchased three pairs of lululemon pants that came apart at the seams. Like completely apart between the legs, and unraveled on the front & back! I have been a devoted customer for over 10 years and never had an issue. I contacted customer service thinking that Lululemon would repair them, spent over an hour on two live chats, gave my info three times, photos and emails. I was told the whole time that they would help me out. I just received an email yesterday with them saying their quality does not cover "external force" or "normal wear and tear". Your telling me that your pants that you charge over $100 for, do not last over 3 months, and it is my issue not yours? Yes, my thighs do touch, I don't have the perfect body but I also have never had this happen to any other pants in my lifetime.

Worst customer service - over 3 hour waits!
I love LuluLemon Products, but will never ever purchase online again. Multiple problems with 3 separate orders, all using gift cards and adding extra $$. All had Order Mistakes, and mistakes with Returns, all requiring me to call Customer Service. Lululemon say it will take over 2wks to receive the goods at their warehouse. Only then can I re-order online all over again. In total I've done over 20 calls each with 2 - 3 hour wait times. Problem still not resolved. They owe me a total of $160 of product. The PRINT link on their return email doesnt work, so I cannot print out the return form and shipping label. Eventually when stores re-open I could take the goods there and exchange for the correct sizes I need. Last time I called I was # 795 in line! I dont have the time to keep doing these chat calls...

The worst customer service!
My daughters and I have loved Lululemon gear for years because of it's high quality. Generally, the customer service had been good in both the stores and online. However, when I ordered a birthday gift for my daughter that should've arrived on or near her birthday a couple of weeks ago, my opinion of Lululemon changed dramatically.

The order arrived on my daughter's birthday, which was great, but unfortunately, it was not what I had ordered. Instead, she received another lady's order, and this lady (we were told) had received my daughter's. After a 15 minute phone call, I was told that my daughter who lives in a different state, should pack up the same packaging and wait for a call from Lululemon so that she would know when to leave it at her front door for Fed Ex pickup. Once Lululemon received my daughter's correct order back from the other lady as well as this order, then Lulu would then send the correct items to my daughter. This was fine, but I was a little disappointed not to hear a sincere apology from the customer service representative.

The next day, I got a message from a rep at Lulu who did not leave her name, saying that my daughter should place the items in the original packaging at her front door for next day pick up from Fed Ex. Unfortunately, I didn't pick up the message in time to tell my daughter, so called Lululemon to let them know that Fed Ex should come the following day instead. A rep named Nick took my call and insisted that 1) it was my responsibility to call Fed Ex and make these arrangements, not his and 2) it wasn't a Lulu rep who called me; it was Fed Ex- I still have the call from British Columbia on my cell phone- definitely was from Lulu. After about 15 minutes on the phone with Nick, I realized that he was not going to handle this for me, and that I should get the tracking # from him and simply deal with this on my own. So, I did, and eventually, my daughter got her birthday present a couple weeks late. I get that mistakes happen, but poor customer service should not. I don't feel that excited to wear my Lulu stuff, the way I used to and certainly don't feel like shopping there again; maybe Zella-- Nordstrom's customer service blows Lulu's away, then again, that's clearly not too difficult.

Unsatisfactory Service
Currently feeling pretty let down by lululemon and their customer service. My boyfriend purchased an item for me with the guarantee that the item would arrive by 12/24 or the item would be free. We still have not received the purchased item and instead of receiving our item for free, we are being offered a gift card, for a lesser value. After speaking to customer service regarding the advertisement for a refund on the item, Lululemon let us know that while they value our thoughts they don't offer compensation upon request. The only request we have made is to receive the refund for the item that THEY guaranteed. This was very obviously false advertisement, and it's really disappointing that they are now making us feel as if we are asking for more than what was initially guaranteed. Please make this right!

Poor quality leggings, terrible service, arrogant from the top down,
I have found my daughter countless pairs of these and Lululemon all have holes in them after very little time. It's an overpriced product of poor quality. On top of that you have to deal with their staff who are arrogant and have attitudes which has escalated with this covid-19 thing as some little brat came up to me to tell me that my mask wasn't done properly and that I had to fix it or get out of the store! This was all set in one sentence. At no point in time does it say under any bylaws that they have the right to do this. I was told this is the company-wide policy so instead of being hired to serve the customers they are being hired to dominate, harass, and police the customers who come into the store with no apologies. Do not shop here

I am so disappointed with LuLuLemon
I am so disappointed with LuLuLemon lately, the service I have received has been appalling.
For the amount of money I have spent in the past and the amount I planned on continuing to spend you'd think Lululemon would bend over backwards to fix what has gone on. They did the complete opposite. I asked to speak to a manager and they even told me there wasn't one.
At this point, beyond using a gift certificate that I received from a friend, I'm never purchasing LuLuLemon attire again and I will spread the word on my experiences with LuLuLemon to my friends and family to ensure no one buys any certificates for me in the future and hopefully doesn't buy product from them again either.
I have had nothing but issues placing numerous orders the last few days, I've missed discounts for Black Friday and cyber Monday due to the discrepancies.
I am just happy to part ways with this company.

HORRIBLE customer service
I can't believe this company does as well as it does with it's horrible customer service. I finally broke down and decided to order my first pair of Lululemon leggings. Five days after ordering, I received a notice that my order was cancelled with no explanation. I called the number given to me in the email and was told Lululemon were experiencing high call volume so I could opt to be put into the line to receive a text. I entered my information and waited for my text. Three hours later, I received a notice that they were closing for the day but reply yes to receive a call in the morning. Fast forward FIVE days, I received a text that they were ready to help me. At the time, I was at my son's soccer game so I didn't reply for 30 minutes after receiving Lululemon's text. It has now been 3 hours and they have not replied. Why do I think it will be another 5 days? I find it hard to believe in this day and age, people put up with this. I buy a lot of exercise clothing and was excited to receive my first pair of leggings from Lululemon. I will not be ordering anything from them.

Canceled my order without notifying me
I ordered one top and a matching set (bra and leggings) from Lululemon last weekend. I got a confirmation shortly after and later got another email with the shipping information. This morning I decided to check when my order will arrive and noticed it says that the order for leggings got canceled. You have to scroll to the bottom of the email about the shipping information to see it. There is no "we are sorry" or an explanation why Lululemon did not ship it. It's so rude and unprofessional. First of all I can't return the bra. It's was on final sale. And second I don't have anything that matches it and that is why I wanted those specific leggings. This was my first time ordering clothes from them. Never again...

Bad Experience with One Employee
We were shopping at the lulu store on King Street in Alexandria, VA today. We experienced that our interactions with a certain employee was very negative. And here are the reasons! The employee had the attitude of very "know it all" and was disrespectful to our opinions as customers. Lululemon acted in a defensive way in the context of our interactions. This employee tried to control the whole situation without regard to what the customer (us) really wanted. It's normal to offer suggestions, but this employee was forceful and tried to get us to buy things that we didn't wanna buy, or switch the
Size when we didn't want the size switched. Don't get me wrong, I love lulu lemon and their clothes but this certain employee in this store made me think twice about purchasing anything from there.

The most infuriating conversation ever!
My daughter was instructed By store employees to register for the Sweat Collective online. We live over an hour away from a Lululemon and it would be convenient for her to purchase at home. She is 14 and teaches 4 dance classes a week. She spoke to an online employee at length, Lululemon had her fill out all kinds of information and was told she would be enrolled within a week. The week is here and her membership online AND in store was revoked because of her age. Online members must be 18. That information was never shared before... but I can understand if that is a term. However, I was told that we would have to go into a store and reapply to reinstate her membership there. What? She has been a member for over a year. She has already brought in proof of employment and applied. They should have taken care of it. I asked 5 times to speak to a supervisor or manager and was refused. The employee was a broken record of useless information. My daughter did everything that was asked of her and now is being punished. Terrible customer service! TERRIBLE!

They take customers through a hassle.
I was a loyal customer all till today. After being o. The phone back & forth. I discovered Lululemon are a non hassle free company. I spend thousand of dollars with this company. In top of that recommending this company to many friends. However the store I shop with. Has a pair of box it out tights on sale. But didn't have a size 4. But online do. She stated I Gould called them. And they should give me price adjustment. Didn't know it would be a big HASSLE. After they lady telling me that she will be able to help me. Get my item. Still ran into a bumpy road. Reminder I was on the phone back & forth trying to find this tights. Still didn't get a chance to purchase my tights. She stated that her hands was tide and I can just purchase for regular price. Once they come call them back and she came make the adjustment. Reminder I just had spoke with someone previously. Calm back and Rebecca sattad hat she WILL be able to help. Me. She said let me place you on a brief hold. So now I'm excited thinking I'm going to get my tights. Nope. Very disappointment once again. A company that I have spent thousand of dollars with. Can even give me a discount code to accommodate to a loyal customer. I guess gym shark here I come. I can spend money and this one time they had to accommaidate me ended up a bloody mess. Now I'm super sad & upset. To the I cancel workout. I guess my coins & loyalty doesn't mean anything to you guys. That being said duces.

Online Shopping at Lululemon - RETURN REFUND PROCESS SUCKS!
I order some pants from Lululemon early April and of course didn't fit that well so i decided to return them. I sent them back and Lululemon received them on April 28th and as of today no refund has been processed. I contacted them twice and this was their reply:

Thanks for reaching out to us here at lululemon's Guest Education Centre (GEC).

I'm sorry to hear you have not received your refund. From your USPS tracking number, I can see that your package arrived at our warehouse on April 28. We may be experiencing some delays in this regard and appreciate your patience with us in these unprecedented times.

With that being said, I have created a request for our team to reach out to our warehouse and provide you with an update in regard to your refund. This request is completed within 15-20 business days, you should be hearing from our team within this timeline.

You may also receive a return cancellation email within this process, not to worry, our returns team has manually updated the system to credit your account and as such, a return cancellation will be ensued.

If you have any further questions, give us a call at the Guest Education Centre (GEC) at *******300, reply to this email or start a chat with us on our website. Our hours are Monday-Friday 6am-7pm and Saturday-Sunday 7am-5pm PST.



Lululemon online
Went to the store in Carlsbad, said it had the product I needed ended up not having the size I wanted. Sales person said no worries it will be here on the 24th if you order it online! Great really in 4 days it will be here? Yes no problem! Sold! Guess what got an email 2 days later oh your product is on its way... January 4th! So I sent a text to their online service and all of a sudden it will be here the 24th! Well it's 11:06 on the 24th and guess what not here! Check email I have a new update on my shipment... won't be here until the 26th! Why drag your feet? I would have gone to another store that had it and bought it to make sure I had it on time! Never again will I order online and trust the date! Be honest and tell the costumer the truth so Lululemon have the option to buy or go to another store! They are only in it for the sale! Such crap!

Customer Service
Have spent over $2500 dollars within the last 2 months and probable $3500 within the last year at lululemon and love the Grand Ave. Store great people always helpful and feel good walking out of there! I went to Edina/Galleria today and as always SNOBS! Except Kelly the woman that helped me try stuff on. But the lady that rang me up threw my purchases in the bag no folding busy talking to her friend and could barley say a word to me then I get home and she forgot to take the security tag off of one of my items! Really I don't have time to return again but will need to but it was so obvious I was an inconvenience to the woman ringing me up that she couldn't wait to have me go away. Love the selection at the store but hope that the St. Paul store can expand so that I don't have to go back to the SNOBISH Galleria store... I have been on lululemon passion for a year but this totally put a SOUR taste in my brain!

Align pant starting pilling after One wash and One wear
Since Lululemon won't approve this review on their website, I am even more passionate about sharing my experience. I have been a long time wearer of Lululemon Align pants. I own about a dozen of the 21" and 25" lengths. My most recent purchase starting pilling after just one wear/wash. Considering the price point of these pants, that is completely unacceptable! Also, since searching (not too difficult) online, I've been seeing more and more reviews about the pilling! Of course, this isn't shown on the reviews online on their website but other websites. Anyway, I called wanting a replacement and have been given the runaround. I am so disappointed in their customer service and this experience that I will never spend another dollar at their store. At this point, I will most likely never get a replacement but I want to warn others to not only count on the reviews on Lululemon's website. But to make sure and look for reviews elsewhere.

Don't buy if it's FINAL SALE
Lululemon has the worst quality control over sale items, and Lululemon won't approve your review about negative experience.

My experience is the final sale items highly likely to be defect, so don't buy.

Lululemon just assuming all negative reviews are bad customer that want to return the used item. I would like to hear others experience before making a purchase of sale items. If I know sale=final sale= defect or used. I will think about it.

The final sale items are likely having tag pinned on the cloth, which means you never qualify for a return if something wrong with the item because they need to confirm the tag is still on, which never on when it arrived. And they make you feel like you are a bad customer just want to get returns after using the items.

My experience is I got a jacket with a hair sewed in the cuff by manufacturers that I can not take it out myself. Plus it's kinda disgusting to do so. Another it's a used jacket that smell like Tide. The second one I just put in washer. The first one it's in trash now...

Attached their emails for not approving my reviews and assuming I want a return and tell me need tag on to qualify. And also attached the hair in cuff that I took when I notice.

Too slow return shipping and No refund!
I purchased visor from the Lululemon on July 19th and returned July 24th. The return processing was too delay so I had to contact the lululemon customer service several times but it was useless info from the customer service. On August 24th, about a month later, I checked USPS tracking again and it was delivered on August 11th but Lululemon didn't refund my money yet. So I contacted the customer service AGAIN and requested my money back and they told me that I have to wait again about 3-5 days due to refund processing. Unbelievable! They already received a returned item about 13 days ago but they didn't even know until the customer contact them! I have ever, never had this kind of experience with any companies in my life.

Military discount review
Lululemon you need to re evaluate your "military" discount. I am the spouse of a 20 year Army Veteran. Yesterday, Sunday July 14th at the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas I took my two grand daughters 12 & 15 there to by somethings. Lululemon offers what I believed to be a generous 25% military discount to military, retirees and their spouses. We have used the discount three times in the last 12 months in Orlando, South Carolina and on the day prior Saturday at the Fashion Show store on the Las Vegas Strip. I wasn't present with my grandkids made the purchase at the Fashion Show but the clerk gave the discount anyway to my granddaughter because she has an account with Lululemon.
Yesterday the two clerks blatantly refused to give me the discount because their policy says I have to be the one wearing the clothes! The girls wear a sizes 2 & 4 and were punching an item each. I am a size 2 at Chico's but for sure not at Lululemon. After an embarrassing discussion with both clerks, I said I was purchasing the items for myself in order to get the discount. I asked them to set me up with an account and Lululemon refused. The male clerk said if you are not the one wearing these clothes I will warn you I will have to revoke yours and your granddaughter's accounts! I still didn't have an account because the female clerk refused to set it up. Also the clerks couldn't find my granddaughter's account by her phone number and email address lookup. Not a problem the day before at the Fashion Show store! In order to not cause myself and grandkids any further embarrassment we walked away and left a $281 sale (before discount) on the counter. Can a male military purchase for their wife? Can a female military purchase for their female partner. I can not purchase a gift for my grandkids? Was my size a factor?
Lululemon's website says the discount is only for those that are purchasing the items for themselves. So the clerks were following policy.
Lululemon that's not how retail military discounts are known to be offered at almost all retail shops. I show my military ID and my children, grandkids and nephew and niece get the military discount when I pay for their items!
Lululemon please re evaluate your generous Military discount?

Poor customer service, quality way below average
I would say I had worst customer service experience with lululemon than anywhere ever. Overpriced ugly poor quality trash that now just collects in my closet and is not being used bc the quality is so bad but it can not be returned. Wasted over $1000 in items I will never and could never wear. For someone who used to spend at least $300 a month on this now disgraceful store its no more worth it for me and I don't ever feel like I'm treated fairly or as a loyal customer and with worst return policy THIS STORE is just not worth it. I hope that people open their eyes and stop this nonsense like I did and never spend a single dime on lululemon. Because Lululemon sure don't care one bit about their customers.

More left to be desired
Sure I love lululemon but I only have experience in the store. Let's just start out with how hard their mobile app is to use. It requires you to sign in every time you open the app and it frequently deletes items from my cart. Never order online from lululemon. EVER. First of all Lululemon charged me double and they didn't even do what I asked for in the ordering process. I ordered two pairs of leggings. One showed up days late and the other was lost. Not just delayed but lost. Like I will never get them lost. And the worst part is that they are not out of stock online and nowhere in stores near me. And all the customer service representative did was refund me and said sorry for ya. Which I'm almost 90 percent positive won't work. It will probably charge me two more times instead of actually refunding my money. Never order online from them. If you want their products actually go in store because ordering online is complete and under crap. It would be better if I hired a bird to go make me some leggings because then I could afloat know that I would get something.

Further Adventures in Lululemon's World of Scams
Refer to my old review. Then come back. Not much has changed with old Lulu. It is same old thing of changing product sizing and fit and not the label. Same old thing of no returns and insulting emails. If the product does not perform well in the gym because of these changes, it is your tough luck. This time it was a cuckoo online who sent me pants made for ostriches or beachcombers. She didn't know the difference between an inseam and the length. Duh! At the store, Lululemon sell me a product with the same name. After one wearing at the gym, it was obvious it was a different pant. Now the online company has three pairs of pants and refuses to credit my Amex, which has all the charges. Meanwhile, the CEO resigned, and the shareholders are up in arms with losses. Does this tell you something? Go somewhere else from now on.

Got asked to leave the fitting room
I went into a store tonight (March 3,2021) and wanted to try on some items. I was allowed 6 items in the dressing room. As I am trying on my items, I have tried on 2 of them at this point the sales lady tells me I have 2 minutes left and I have to leave my dressing room. When I asked her why, she mentioned its store policy that each person only has 7 minutes in the dressing rooms. Firstly I am appalled at this policy and the fact it was not mentioned prior to entering the changerooms. Secondly I was asked to leave! I did not get to try on my items (6 items in 7 minutes, that's just over a minute per item) and had to leave. I was also told your store policy is no returns. This is the worst customer service i have ever seen. I had to leave the store before I got to try on my items and did not purchase anything. I have never been more disappointed. I have been in the fitness industry for sometime, I have purchased lulu lemons before and have loved the products. I was very excited after hitting my goal weight to come into your store and purchase some new items for my wardrobe. I am so appalled and disappointed with your company's policy that I question if I want to even support your company or even go into another location and have another horrible experience like this. Your mission statement is "to elevate the world from mediocrity to greatness" well your customer service is mediocre at best. I am so disappointed and unhappy, you need to change your policies before I would consider purchasing from your company again.

Terrible customer service and they take your money and fail to process order!
Terrible customer service and terrible company to deal with! Placed order and your computer system failed to process it but took my money out of the account and now I have to wait 3 to 10 business days to get my money released back to me! Never offered anything for my trouble and inconvenience of being without my money. Now I won't hsve my money until the week before Christmas and will be too late to order without NOW paying for shipping. Don't even know if the jacket will be in stock by that time! If it wasn't on my daughters list I would never buy from this company again! Terrible, terrible customer service and I will Be glad to tell everyone I know and on social media how terrible this company is!

Bad customer services
I went to lululemon today, and I was treated badly by employees of the Southcenter branch of lululemon at Southcenter branch /in WA state on Sunday 10/11/20 at Tukwila around 4:45 pm, and I showed my ID as a physician, which is the same thing I did the previous time (last month) and I was given 25% last time. The teller (I think her name was Renae) was talking rudely to me, and the other person who claimed that she was the manager and her name was Andrea, and then Lululemon called the actual manager who was Marley and she was mean and did not help and said no discount for you and I even showed her my ID and told her I just came from my round in the hospital and how the companies like North Face gave us 50%discount and Adidas gave us 40% for front line health providers that are helping during these times of COVID19. Lululemon, who promised us at least 25% as an appreciation of our work, would not respect it and honor it. I took their name and I asked for a pen to write it down and they would not give me a pen, and I even asked for the receipt to be emailed and they sent it to the wrong email and then I had to correct it with them and they had me waiting to do the whole sale process again after they canceled the first one. It was definitely a hassle they gave me.
I would like to address and talk with the owner and headquarters to inform them about this branch and their employees, so they can do some educational orientation like how to respect mainly the customers., and when I told them I would complain tomorrow they seemed careless and told me to go ahead and complain today (Sunday) as they were sure nobody would listen to me from management. I hope there is someone watching above branches and their behavior and conduct with customers and do classes and education for them before hiring them especially in positions like managers.
I would really appreciate a contact from you to discuss this further and my number is *******162
Clinic number is *******660

Thank you,

Customer service said I "might" get a credit if I bring returns in to a store but otherwise no?
I called b/c I had items to return. With covid going on I got really afraid and haven't been in a store since March. I knew my returns were late. I called customer service and asked if there's an exception. The person would not give a straight answer except to say that No, I can't return by mail and get a credit and I needed to go in a store to return and see if Lululemon will give a credit? These items were purchased online, in 2020. I still have them. I'm just really disappointed that I couldn't even get a yes or a no? And that no exceptions were made for a pandemic? Of course I'm too nervous to go in so I'm stuck. Admit that ultimately it's My Fault. I know that! I'm just saying...

Never Again Lulu"lemon"!
I ordered a pair of women running gloves online about one week ago and it's still in transit in the FedEx truck. Or so Lululemon say. So, I chatted with an incompetent agent today Saturday 10/31/20. As an educated person and customer, I am quite sure I know how to read a FedEx website. Our conversation wasn't productive at all. I simply would like to know where are my running gloves? Here is the end of our chat today. :) :) :)
Agent: [10/31/20,12:33:19 PM] You too take care Anne, if you want to relief some stress I would check out some new gear on our We Made Too Much Section. Have a great day!
End of conversation
I sent Lululemon an email tonight to inquire about my order since it was supposed to be delivered to my place today. If they play the arrogant game, I have news for them. I will contact as many organizations as I can and I will get my money back. This company shouldn't be in business. Unfortunately for Luluorange, I know numerous people in the community and I'll communicate my discontent and dislike with them. Apology for being blunt dear Lululemon, but you have just lost one potential customer and many more...
So long!

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