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Lucy in the Sky

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I placed an order with Lucy in the Sky on 9/19/2022. I purchased 2 dresses Holly Ruched Cross-Back Dress in Teal Size Small L55829 which I received, but requested return multiple times via 3 different email addresses/Instagram over the course of 3 weeks. The other dress I did not receive is Kalene Bodycon Dress in Blue Size Small L52753. Again, I have tried contacting Lucy in the Sky Multiple times over the last few weeks via email, Instragram with an automatic reply that someone will be contacting me in 72 hours, which never happens. I also called their phone number listed online which just rings and rings. I am furious and feel like this company has stolen money from me due to the dress I have not received and my inability to confidently return the dress for a refund. I spent $110.00 on the two dresses.

If I could give them a zero. I would. How disappointing. I wanted to love the store so much, but the lack of customer service was appalling. I bought a dress in the beginning of April for my birthday. (the end of April.) ig said it was gonna take 3 weeks to be shipped to me, but I took the chance because the reviews seems great and I trusted it. I received an email saying it was shipped 2 days after and I waited. I know then the deadline came and no dress. I emailed them, and nothing. I wrote them on IG and nothing... I texted them and nothing. Lucy in the Sky finally got back to me and said "yes there's definitely something wrong here, here are your options" didn't provide an explanation as to why or what happened. Now I'm left 3 days before my birthday with no dress and I'm frantic. No response again today. And yea. I also noticed another girl posted a comment on their IG having the same problem as me... and her comment got deleted. They delete comments they don't like which is bad business practice to me I never want to shop here. I understand I'm only 1 person and it won't effect them, but I'm letting y'all know out there that want to give them a chance that this happened to me.

Great clothes
*** update on the below review. As my order was partially shipped, I have reached out to customer service to ask the status as I see that online the dress is available to buy and actually receive in 2 days (I purchased the dress since 7/7), as per customer service, when I bought it I was giving a time frame to receive as Lucy in the Sky did not have it available at the moment, now even thought they have the dress I have to wait for my time frame.

I placed an order of a few items, one of them was to small. I reached out to customer services as i did not want to returned the item i just wanted a size exchange. They prepare the returned and gave me a store credit so i can order the item again. Besides the customer service being excellent the clothes are excellent as well. I will definitely continue ordering from them.

My daughter ordered a dress from this site on September 19,2019 with shipping promise of 3-5 days. On October 5th the dress still had not shipped. As there is no phone number to be able to contact the company we ad two choices: email and be ignored or chat in and finally get a chat agent (the ONLY chat agent at this fraud of a company) Emma, It took three and a half hours waiting for the chat I suppose that Lucy in the Sky thought we would give up. She tells me that we can either pick a different dress that will ship out immediately (yeah right) or wait and the dress would ship on Oct 25th which is 6 days AFTER her homecoming. I demanded that they refund my daughter immediately. She started that she was processing the refund right then. Well here it is Oct 11th and guess what, that's right, no refund. I am contacting the BBB, my bank and law enforcement as well as social media and CNN in which I have a relative that does their investigative stories. I will also be contacting an attorney. I have read all of these reviews and it is such a shame that this company steals these kids money and dreams. My daughter worked for that money herself and paid for her dress. You picked the wrong 16 year old girl this time.

Total Scam Company! Took my money and gave me no dress for daughter's Homecoming
DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! I WILL BE REPORTING TO BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU. I ordered a dress for Homecoming for my daughter. I paid with PayPal (thank God) and was given a receipt that told me dress would here within 7 to 10 business days. I never received an email stating it was shipped and my daughter was anxious so I looked at my receipt and Lucy in the Sky had put a whole different date and month down! I tried to contact them but of course no phone number so I did a "live chat." Suddenly the dress won't be in for 3 more weeks after Homecoming and they can take 10% off new dress. Seriously? WTF kind of customer service is that? No dress, no refund, but hey we'll take 10% off new dress because you caught us. I told them I wanted Supervisor to contact me. Nope, no can do. What kind of scam is this place. DO NOT TRUST! I did get a refund but as for a dress I'm SOL and I'm not done with them by a long shot!

Literally Terrible
I first bought a prom dress from there a month before my actual prom. I even followed up and contacted customer service to make sure it was going to get there in time. Lucy in the Sky said that it was confirmed to get there... Then, 2 days before my prom, I followed up again as I saw that it wasn't even shipped yet. The person I contacted said that the dress was back stocked, meaning I wouldn't be able to get it. Such a horrible experience, would not recommend trusting their delivery dates. They gave me store credit so I wanted to buy some earings. However, I ordered 2 earings and they delivered fast, but when I opened the package, one of the earings was not the right one I ordered. Lucy in the Sky is so unreliable, so unhelpful, and just downright disrespectful with their customers' time and money. 0/10 Would not recommend.

Cute skirt set!
I took fashion design so I read up on the reviews and verified the materials used in the outfit I ordered for the quality. It arrived and looks exactly as the picture was shown, same color, same make, same material, and fit exactly as I prayed since I'm extremely petite with a 23" waist. I like my clothes to fit tightly and secure with sexy sets. I ordered the Monroe Ruffle skirt set, in baby blue. I haven't worn a skirt since I was 15 and hated them but I feel better about the style.
It's gorgeous! I ordered two more outfits a few days ago, (dresses), that I will post in my next review with this outfit I received. I actually waited to receive the first outfit because of bad reviews to see how legit the site is…turns out just a bunch of angry customers or user error on address with shipping, things happen I guess and people try to get free stuff I assume. It shipped immediately and arrived in 2 days, even though I did not pay for express shipping.
The next outfit of the 2 I ordered yesterday, has also been scheduled to ship out 2 weeks earlier then the expected ship date. Super excited to finally find clothes that fit my tiny body structure! Even more excited to finally attempt a dress in hot pink!

Poor customer service
With my first order, my items arrived quickly and I had no problems, so I decided to place another order. However, it quickly became evident that this company can use improvement. Not only did it take a month for me to receive two items, but when I decided to return both, I never received my store credit/refund after the 10 business day estimate. I sent emails and after not receiving a response, I utilized the live chat feature on their site. Lucy in the Sky issued store credit for one item and said that I'd receive a credit card refund for the other item. It's been over 2 weeks since then and I never received the card refund. Now I have to wait and follow up again. At this point, I don't see myself ordering from them in the future at all.

AVOID ORDERING FROM THIS COMPANY! I ordered 7 playsuits over 4 weeks ago and the order still hasn't even been PROCESSED! The support were snooty and basically told me too bad and it will get processed when it gets processed. Lucy in the Sky offered no explanation as to why it was taking so long and no empathy or understanding for my frustration. I asked for a refund after waiting a whole month for it to even be processed and they told me it would take about 15 business days for the money to be returned to my bank account. So in total I will have wasted almost 6 week on an order I didn't even end up receiving. Huge waste of time and pain dealing with this "company".

Possibly the worse item and customer service I've ever received
I ordered a dress on April 22, the estimated arrival date was 2 days later (the 24). Not only did it not come then, I received no update as to why it was late. I contacted customer service and it sends the same dumb automated response every time, so no one was actually helping me. I sent at least 7 messages before someone helped me. Lucy in the Sky said my dress would be in by May 14 and it never came. So it actually didn't end up coming until June 2, over a month after purchasing and a week after I needed it come for my graduation. Do not purchase from this store! And besides the fact the dress is so short (im 5'8) that my butt is not even covered I mean u can literally see it when I stand straight up. Don't be fooled by their cute items this company effing sucks and ur a fool to think otherwise.

Short, low quality dresses, not for curvier girls
I usually never write reviews, but I am so disappointed by this brand that I felt I absolutely had to.
I saw a girl on TikTok wearing one of these dresses, and I thought it was so cute that I had to get one too, and I am HORRIBLY shocked by the quality and sizing. First, the dress is WAY too short (and I'm only 5'3"), made of super scratchy material that feels low quality, and seems to be intended for very thin people. The impression I get is that this brand is targeted towards very young/teenage girls.

My biggest complaint is the ZIPPER. It keep getting stuck, there is no hook at the top to help slide the zipper, and it does not budge once it's stuck. As I'm typing this I'm currently stuck in the dress because the zipper simply will not move (I've even tried just ripping the dress at this point). It is not a sizing problem since there is still plenty of room. I will never be wearing or ordering from here again. It's no wonder that Lucy in the Sky do not allow customer reviews on the site itself.

Price and quality don't match
I bought three dresses from Lucy in the Sky. One was a pink dress where the straps cut into my collarbones and left marks that lasted days. It was not comfortable at all. The second was a white sequins dress that was see through around the top half of dress. There was no second layer of frabic around the top area like the bottom half had. The lack of having a second layer underneath the sequins on top half caused my upper body to itch. I'll have to sew fabric into the top half to wear it.
The third dress was super comfortable navy blue dress with a beautiful broze floral pattern on it. It was stunning until I cleaned it and the majority of the floral pattern flaked off. Not so stunning anymore. Might be able to get the pattern completely removed but for a 50 to 60 dollar dress I expect the pattern to last the lifetime of the dress. The dresses are pretty low quality for the price. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

Save yourself the pain of being scammed
Do not buy from this site! Honestly the worst customer experience i've ever had. Shipping takes way longer than advertised on the website. Almost 2 months. The material of the dresses looks very cheap and unflattering, nothing like the pictures! Never felt uglier in my life. Way too expensive for what Lucy in the Sky are. I had to email customer service multiple times to get them to ship my dress in the first place (big thank you to Nicole, the most unhelpful person in retail). Very large customs fee (£15) and an extra charge for just transferring money to them from my account, so i spent even more money on a horrendous dress. Either the people behind this are just extremely dim or this site is a massive scam, and they should be refunding me for emotional distress.

$#*! lucy, don't even waste ur time
I ordered my dress literally over 2 weeks ago and it says the max SHIPPING wait was 5-10 days PLUS the extra 1-4 days you have to wait for it to ACTUALLY COME. It's been 14 days and I haven't received $#*! and I've contacted their $#*!ty customer service MULTIPLE times and Lucy in the Sky didn't answer after 3-4 days... AFTER the last person told me that my dress would ship "the next day". After 4 days they finally answered my email (after me emailing so many times, texting AND dming) They replied basically telling me my dress wasn't coming for ANOTHER TWO WEEKS. And my hoco is literally next week. $#*! lucy and they only give store credit as ur "refund". NOT WORTH IT!

Customer Service and Returns VERY DIFFICULT
The worst online store for returns and delivery timeframes. When I made attempts to return items for store credit in my account it says I have no order history, so I am unable to print a return ship label. I reached out to Customer Service which is by email and get generic emails back (see attachment). Lucy in the Sky will NOT refund your money only store credit and items that are delayed which they say you will get full refund I still am not getting any response from Customer Service.
I sent an email to NOT send the delayed items, they continue to send them to me. I am stuck with over $300 of items I can not return or get my money back and its within the 14 days. I am so upset. Buyer BEWARE. I plan on reporting them to the BBB.

Customer service is okay, constant issues with ordering
I ordered from them before two dresses, 1 dress came in the wrong size, and the other dress was a completely different dress that I didn't order but just decided to not hassle them and keep.

Recently ordered two dresses again, by the third month after paying and going back and forth with their customer service about when I'd receive them, I decided to just cancel my order and get a refund. The thing is I'm super understanding when it comes to issues with shipping and Lucy in the Sky said they'd been busy and that's why I hadn't received my order but at the 3 month mark. You kinda just run out of excuses for a business, at some point you should look into it completely and see why an order that's been paid for hasn't been sent to your customer. So though I'm a bit bummed, it's fine, I just won't be ordering from them again since it's been issues both times. This isn't to slam their business, bc my first time ordering from them, I did receive my dresses even though one dress wasn't the right dress, but this is more so because I'm kinda surprised at how many issues and excuses I keep receiving. They had no issues receiving my payment for the dresses but have had many issues shipping their dresses... lmao. So just a light warning for anyone out there ordering, not my favorite experience.

Worst website ever
If i could give this website 0 starts i would. I was told by multiple people on live chat on 2 different days that my order had shipped and will be here in 2-3 days, yet i had not received an email with a tracking number. I decided to give it a few days to update. So i went on live chat today and asked what was up and why i hadn't received an email with a tracking number. The customer service person proceeds to tell me that my order had actually not shipped and Lucy in the Sky apologize for any inconvenience. So why were their customer service people before telling me that it had shipped when it had not? She told me they will cancel my order due to back order. I had used the search engine to get one of their fast delivery dresses because i needed it fast, and it still wouldn't get here on time. DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE! Worst experience i have ever had with a clothing store. I ended up choosing to cancel my order and get a refund.

I ordered 2 in-stock dresses on 8/31. After 3 weeks, Lucy in the Sky still had not even shipped. I contacted them for an update and was told they were no longer in stock and would be delayed several weeks. I canceled the order and received an email from them with my refund confirmation. 3 more weeks have no passed and no refund. I have sent several emails, a text, reached out on Instagram and attempted 11 online chats. Each time I try the online chat, I wait in a long queue and just when it's about to be my turn, it conveniently logs me off and I have to start again. No one responds, they don't have a phone number to call. This place is a scam. They don't ship the merchandise and conveniently are unreachable when you want information about your refund. Stay away! There are so many other websites to get the same type of merchandise who are not a big disaster like this. One of the worst retail experiences of my life.

Never received my order
I ordered a dress for graduation on May 9th, a month and a week before my I needed it. The website told me it'd be delivered between May 22nd-June 2nd. June 3rd hits and I start getting worried because it hasn't shipped. I email the company support and Lucy in the Sky tell me it'll be delivered by June 12th (4 days before I need it). They also give me a $25 store credit. June 13th hits, still no update still no dress. I email them yet again, they tell me it'll be shipped between June 18th-June 30th. Mind you I ordered this a month and a week in advance. Today is now June 15th, the day before I would've worn it. Still hasn't shipped. I had to cancel the order. Extremely upset with the customer service and shipping. Will never order from here again.

Returns are annoying
So one of my store credit didn't work. I contacted customer service and Lucy in the Sky said place a order and they will give it back to my original account. I had returned another order and over 2 weeks they still haven't placed a store credit in my account. So i decided to place a order instead andthen contact them to credit back to my original account for the order i made. Instead i get store credit. Like trying to get my money back for a order i placed is difficult. Like i just want to place my order use my credit before it expires and on top of that free shipping is over $75. Like i just want my money back is that difficult.

Update the associate that gave me my refund only gave me partial refund. I had a totaly of $80 store credit and they only gave me partial of it and didnt give me the full refund. I will never spend my money here again i want my money back seriously. Store credit only. Sure i tried to apply the stinking store credit to my order but the damn code doesnt work. I want my money back!

A month
My daughter ordered the cora ruffle white romper from lucy in the sky and the coral ruffle cream romper from princess polly on may 19th. Today its June 13th and not word from lucy in the sky. The white outfit she wanted to wear for graduation, which is four days away. Princess pollys romper arrived three weeks ago. Not word on her white romper. Graduation is in 3 days. I told her to cancel the order. I handle shipping for my company and after she told me about the shipping, I know she would not get her outfit for 30-45 days. It said DHL/FedEx. This means it begins as an international order. DHL then delivers to the nearest fedex ground terminal for departure or delivery. Lucy in the Sky do NOT have most of their items in a warehouse. The clothes are being produced in a sweatshop and directly shipped to the customer. They are a very unorganized dropshipper at best.

Terrible Customer Service!
I live in Nevada and I ordered a dress for my daughter last year. It didn't fit right so we returned it. Lucy in the Sky wouldn't refund my money but they offered me store credit. I didn't want it but I had no other choice. This year I decided to use the store credit for a dress for my daughter's prom. We picked one out in April. It said it would be here April 28. It is now May 17, the prom has come and gone, we had to rush to the store to get another dress, and I see that Lucy in the Sky dress is finally arriving tomorrow. We are one state away. This is ridiculous and I don't know what to do with this dress. Send it back for more store credit? I'm very very disappointed with this company and will never buy again.

Bad business
You're taking a chance with this company. I did not have a good experience. I ordered a dress for my daughter's homecoming on 9/09/19 that didn't even ship until 9/26/19. I did have to email them a few times and Lucy in the Sky didn't answer their emails until a week later. Needless to say the dress arrived too late and we had to send it back. So when it came time to send it back and I had to create a label I couldn't create a label and then I had to email them again. They apologized and sent me a label. I sent the package back a couple days after receiving label and I have never received my credit. I have to say I got tired of emailing them and just gave up. I lost out.

Beautiful high quality clothes!
I stumbled across Lucy In The Sky via instagram and fell in love with their ruffle dresses. I don't usually like buying from stores that do store credit only for returns (hence the 4 stars), but I decided to risk it because Lucy in the Sky have such a wide selection of beautiful dresses, so I knew I had other options if I didn't like the clothes I got. I bought one dress in 2 colors and a couple more dresses. The first thing I have to mention is that they all are high quality, and it's clear they've put a lot of effort into making these. Unfortunately the maxi dress fit me a little weird and was too long so I'll be returning it, but the other mini ruffle dresses fit perfectly, even though I have an hourglass figure. The sizing seems limited for now, but they are good about telling you that their sizing runs small, which is why instead of ordering my usual S, I ordered all of my dresses in M. For bigger busts that need support, you'll need to improvise with wearing a bra, as a lot of these dresses are revealing in ways that make it hard to wear a bra underneath, but if you like the style, I think it's worth it. Haven't returned my dress yet, but hopefully it'll be a swift and painful exchange with some other dress!

You can watch my full video review on these clothes on my YouTube channel:

Awful company to deal with
I have ordered 2 dresses from Lucy in the Sky, one was in 2019 for my high school homecoming, and I ordered it two months in advance and it still did not come on time. But their dresses are really pretty, so I ordered another one for a wedding this June. This time I ordered it 3 months in advance, so that I could be sure it would arrive on time. Well it did not, and I had contacted their customer support multiple times and Lucy in the Sky give me a different answer each time. They gave me guaranteed dates it would ship by, and when it was still not delivered, I had to contact them again. They suggested to cancel my order and give me $25 store credit, which I did not accept because I will never buy from them again. So I told them I do not want to cancel, I just want a tracking number or some sort of information about when it will be delivered. They responded and said it was on back order until June 30th if I wanted to wait. But then, I recieved an email that the dress had shipped. So the customer support has no idea what they are even talking about and they don't care to help at all. Lucy in the Sky is unprofessional, unreliable, and I will never recommend them to anyone.

Shipping process was awful
This company is awful in customer service, I was not notified that my dress would be three weeks late when I needed it in a week and a half. I had to email them asking them why my dress was late got a late response after the 48 hour time. I felt completely out of the loop with the whole process and I asked for a refund before I ever got a shipment code. Then I got another late response saying sorry it shipped. This company needs to know how to handle when they're getting a heavy increase in customers so Lucy in the Sky can attend to each one in the easy way, they also need to telephone so we can contact them in person and talk about the difficulties in our order. Do not recommend this site. This company needs to know how to handle when they're getting a heavy increase in customers so they can attend to each one in the easy way, they also need to telephone so we can contact them in person and talk out the difficulties in our order. Do not recommend this site

I needed to make a return for a dress that came in too small and I looked at their website and it looked like a pretty simple process, all I had to do was ship it back and email someone because I needed the new dress relatively soon, but I was very much mistaken. It has been over a week since my first email them and I have received one generic email back and no other responses to my 7 other emails trying to reach out. So I tried to use their chat service on their website and have been waiting over 3 hours to talk to someone because as soon as it gets close towards talking to someone I am kicked off and have to start the process all over again. I didn't take a picture of the dress because it was suffocating when I wore it which is why I decided to exchange for a size two size bigger than I normally wear. The dress was cute but I would never recommend this store to anyone I know just because of the horrendous customer service and the terrible sizing.

I still have not received an order I placed over two months ago. I have contacted customer service multiple times, and each time Lucy in the Sky promise a ship date that does not happen. They have offered to give me store credit to wait for the order instead of canceling it, but then they will go back on the amount they initially told me and offer me less. I have asked why they offer me less, since everything is in email and I can see what they said, and they ignore the questions. Other than that, the quality is barely decent, and the sizing is so off that you'll probably have to reorder a dress multiple times just to find the right size. Don't bother with them.

Edit: They finally acknowledged my question about why they would not give me the store credit they initially said they would give me. However, they are now refusing to give me any store credit. It is extremely frustrating considering my order is over 2 months late, and they were the ones who offered the store credit in the first place. I don't know if this is just their customer service being rude because they are petty and mad that I keep reaching out about my order (again, that is TWO MONTHS late), or if this is just always how they are. Please do not order from this company, they are so unprofessional and I promise you can find better quality clothes for the same price.

This store is a scam! Don't lose your money!
I've never written a review, but after my experience with Lucy in the Sky I felt compelled to. I saw the dresses on Instagram, as I think many customers do, and I thought Lucy in the Sky were cute, so read through the website and placed an order. There were a few issues I had which ranged from mild annoyance to the level of literal scam and even in my opinion fraud.
Least importantly, the shipping took WAY longer than the timeframe promised. I bought the dress for a graduation, and I received it just a few days before (weeks later than I was told) the date of my graduation.
My second issue with the dress was that not only was it too small (okay, it happens) but the fact that a) it was unbelievably too small, as in, I am a size 2 (XS in most stores) and a small from this store wouldn't fit halfway up my leg (I am not kidding, it looked like a child's dress) and b) there was no tag that identified the size on the dress itself. I truly believe that the store purposely ships out smaller dresses that are not marked with a size so that they can claim they sent you the correct item and that you're not the size you think you are.
Finally, most suspicious of all, the store does not do returns, BUT this fact is not made clear on the website. It is not posted anywhere that is easily seen. So, after I emailed the store asking for a refund for the dress, I was told there were no refunds. I was instead given a credit to the store, and much as I dislike the store, I decided to use it recently to get my money's worth (I ordered a medium, which is about 3 sizes larger than I am at other stores). That was over a month ago, and I have not heard a THING from the store since then. I have honestly given up and just want to forget I ever ordered from them.
I have read other reviews that are positive, so if you think the dresses are cute, give the store a shot at your own risk. Unfortunately, I do think it is a scam, and I am considering reporting the business to my bank. I think that they are running a scam where they purposely send the wrong size, unmarked, and claim it is right, and then surprise you with the "no-refunds" policy. I am just writing this out so no one else loses upwards of $50!
0/5 stars

Awful customer service
I'm never one to leave review however I find myself reading a lot of reviews before purchasing an item. If you are planning on buying from Lucy in the Sky please reconsider. I ordered my dresses over a month ago and Lucy in the Sky still have not arrived. I am emailed from 3 different emails, commented on facebook and instagram, DMd them and yet no response. I have tried to use the live chat feature and every time I was close to the front of the "queue" to speak to someone I was conveniently "logged out." This occurred 3 times. They do not respond to any emails despite my emails being courteous and patient. I understand that with homecoming there are many people ordering however they are awful at communicating and take forever to shop. Please do not order from them.

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