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Full of Promise. But...
Great choice of style, colour, pattern, but alas sizing completely out, I ordered small and some of t-shirts were more like tunics. Quality of workmanship poor. One t- shirt arrived unfinished with raw edges and no hems.
Customer services not good. Despite following exact instructions I have yet to receive a full refund.
Returned goods over 3 weeks ago. My request for information ignored.

Difficult to make contact , nobody to actually talk to. Request for information regarding my refund ignored . I’m still waiting, have proof of postage and it is now over 3 weeks since I returned them using their labels.

Good but I was under the impression shipping was free for first orders, but there was nowhere to enter the code. Was the shipping meant to be free or not?
I was disappointed with the jumper as the fabric did not look like it was in the picture. There should have been more pictures with different views and maybe one picture of the garment alone spread out on a table. There was no welt on either the sleeves or the bottom part. Normally the cuffs and the bottom part of a jumper are drawn in slightly which gives a better shape to it.

Not Very Good At All - Don't Use Them!
I ordered 2 tops and Lotimena took ages to come & when they did arrive they were nothing like the originals on the website, the colours were completely different and the material absolute rubbish. On contacting them to return I got the usual "we will give you 10% off the price if you keep them" etc & "It costs a lot of money to return to China & you have to pay". This company is a con, you think you are ordering from a company in the UK and it turns out to be China! Don't use them!

See the above answer

Shoddy goods
After I received one of the tops I ordered I tried to cancel the second but it still arrived almost two weeks later. It was even worse than the first which I said I would keep and use as a vest. I have tried to get a response from you about how to return the second top. I'm still waiting. This request for my opinion is the only response

If I could give you a minus score I would

As I have mentioned before your site is a nightmare.
I believe that I have placed an order, but usually when buying online a note comes up saying 'transaction successful' or something of the sort. Now my PayPal account says money bas been removed from my account so I presume I have successfully bought something. Also there is no clear break down of the final price, as far as I can make out, postal charges are in the region of £8.00. Yesterday I also bought something on my debit card but the system didn't recognize my name or address this time, In fact my name is incorrect and defied my attempts to change it. I now have the name of the province. Yesterday the system wouldn't let me enter the province as part of my address. Luckily there is the post code.
I'm not confident at all about the transaction and style of business. My cousin in the UK, informs me that only half her order has arrived so far, which makes me even more nervous.
A. e. Gray or as the order insisted
'Bergamo' Gray

Your checkout procedure is difficult to work through, especially not taking the discount for free postage off till final payment. Also not allowing free postage for 1st order if bulk discount is applied is misleading and unfair. Finally it is very difficult to put a UK village address into the delivery page so I hope the items get delivered ok. It has just taken me over 1/2 hour to checkout.

Photo-reality versus reality

Quick to respond, so very polite, enterprising and pragmatic suggestions re returns. I had stupidly duplicated some items by mistake when I ordered. It's a shame that the Lotimena system did not ask me to check this before I paid but this was really my fault.

Purchase of top
I thought the top looked good on the website but was very disappointed when it arrived. It didn't match up to the picture, not in colour or material. Had I known that the product was being shipped from China I would not have bought it because of the cost of returning it if there was something wrong with it. I did contact you pointing this out, but the information I received then, showing the Chinese address did not match what was shown on the website I saw when I bought the garment.

I was offered a small refund which I took but was very disappointed with the whole experience.

Inconsistent, questionable quality and poor communicators
There has been little or no notification of delivery of items and no request for signature.
The quality of the fabric and the finish of the materials has been more than a little disappointing.
No doubt, it has much to do with the fact that the goods are manufactured in China. Problems with sizing and description of material colour and fabric. Shame.

Lacking in good English speaking and poor in understanding of issues.

Wasted my time and money
It is awful. I wasted so much time browsing the beautiful pictures and making decisions about what to buy. And then when I received my order-- it is so different from the picture and the quality is poor. Products made in China are both cheap and good nowadays but Lotimena just brought shame to "made in China". I am SO DISAPPOINTED. Now I need to spend 25 pounds to return them.


Great looking productsHowever the offers of free delivery...
Great looking products
However the offers of free delivery for first time users and other money off offers are misleading and do not deliver as promised.
The sixth item was supposed to be free which is why we bought additional items.
This appears to be another false claim.

Having spent so long selecting items I continued with the order.
Maybe that's the ploy

In the delivery information there is an option for a faster delivery to the UK. However this was not available at checkout so I'm also relying on the delivery as stated at checkout.
As some one who works in consumer credit regulation I don't like being misled. This is a sharp practice which should not exist in the UK.
Maybe it's an oversight or error on the website. Either way I ended up paying more than I expected and didn't get a sixth item free

It's a shame. You have a great product range. Some changes to your website to make the ordering process easier and transparent would help you ensure your customers expectations are met.

Another annoyance which I would aim to fix, as it must reduce sales, is the ability to add items in 1 click to a shortlist or cart without having to go back to the main menu and start your search again. On numerous occasions this happened when clicking the back button

DO NOT buy from this company!
Lotimena is unethical. The item I received was made of substandard material, badly cut, poorly sewn and simply unwearable—nothing like the photo on the website. Delivery is unacceptably slow (from China); when I requested a refund was told Lotimena would give me 25% off. I sent the item back anyway (£8 for an envelope-sized parcel untracked) and am still waiting for my refund one month later. Kiss your money goodbye. They should not be allowed to trade in the UK if they blatantly misrepresent their merchandise and don't comply to distance-selling regulations for refunds. Shame on any online platform for supporting this company.

Well organized company, disappointing quality of products. Pity.
Easy website, pretty styles, order arrived within a few days. Overall a good experience until I looked at the quality of the clothes. Unfortunately Lotimena are quite poor and, looking at the finish, are mass produced from cheap materials, buttons etc. It's a pity as the marketing and photos are misleading. However, perhaps I should have had lower expectations as the prices were very good. Pity. I was looking forward to wearing something different but am returning them all. Sorry, that's honest.

Summer wardrobe
Ordered 2 tops, a dress and shoes which took 3 weeks to arrive. When Hermes delivered Lotimena left parcel in front garden in the rain in not an obvious position. No note was put through my letterbox to this effect. Fortunately, a passer-by noticed it (after? Days) and parcel very wet. Goods were in plastic bag fortunately. Also found the postage charge to be extortionate.

Queried the fact that post-ordering there was free postage on first order. Was told I had omitted to enter a code.

Very Disappointing
Dress received after some delay. Unpacked - fit poor far too large and shapeless. Tried to return. Dress cost was £16 + £6 approx postage and packing. On request for return lable I was told that in order to return it I would have to pay the cost of postage to China. Packed up dress, queued at post office to find cost of postage back to China wa £16. Did not return dress and had to accept £4 discount to price. I will not be buying from Lotinmena again.

See above

Total rubbish, avoid!
The quality of the clothes is utter rubbish. Just cheap polyester with no shape. Nothing like the photos. Mine arrived quickly which suggests Lotimena have a Uk distribution centre. When I asked for a return label they offered a 15% discount to keep the clothes. The clothes must be returned to China! The customer pays return postage and customs fees. They don't make that clear on the website.
It's a scam. Avoid at all costs. Look at all the negative reviews.

Not as they appear in the photos
Had to wait longer than expected for delivery of my items. Not happy with the quality or fit of the clothes when Lotimena arrived. They looked like poor photo copies of an original item. On one blouse the pattern on the pockets did not match with the body, which spoilt the all affect. Not generous size wise either. I bought several items and the only item I felt happy with is the sandles. I will keep things but probably just to wear around the house, as from other reviews it looks like it would be too difficult to return them. I will not be making any more purchases.

I contacted them over the late delivery issue, and the goods arrived eventually as they said they would. Product reviews on their site looked good. However having checked trust pilot my experience seems to be pretty common. I have decided to cut my losses and learn from my mistakes. I would not throw good money after bad by paying expensive postage back to China. I was surprised the goods did eventually arrive after the trust pilot reviews. I am giving them 3 stars for that reason.

Women's solid colour button cardigan.
1.The cardigans were advertised as having 25% off if you bought 2 but I was charged the full price at checkout so I took one off.
It arrived today. So disappointed. The quality is really poor and not at all like the picture. In the picture the wool looks almost fluffy, certainly substantial or heavy. In fact it is thin and cheap. The label stitching can be seen on the right side and there are one or two snags. It looks like a rag. Do not be fooled. I want to send it back but it would cost me £11.70.

Very confusing website
Very confusing website. Couldn't always find the basket so had to order again and then reduce the quantity. ENtered free shipping code for first order but there was no indication until later that this was going to be free. Not easy to find the shirt I wanted. I did not feel at all reassured that this was going to be a UK site, not a Chinese one. Payment also went awry-- after entering card details I was taken back to confirm order page which took me back to payment page.

Your checkout procedure is difficult to work through,...
Your checkout procedure is difficult to work through, especially not taking the discount for free postage off till final payment. Also not allowing free postage for 1st order if bulk discount is applied is misleading and unfair. Finally it is very difficult to put a UK village address into the delivery page so I hope the items get delivered ok. It has just taken me over 1/2 hour to checkout.

The product looks very different from the photos. I was disappointed. I thought I was getting a stylish long cotton top, but the material has a synthetic feel and looks like my granny's curtains, not the vibe off the photo at all.
That said, it came, it fits, it cannot be said to be that different from the photo, but in shape and feel, it is old-fashioned and I thought I was buying something different.
Unclear about shipping charges and no indication of origin of clothing

Sheer disappointment
Very difficult to understand payment method plus coupon doesn't show up and free shipping for first order is non existent. Clothing looks lovely though and I look forward to receiving my order.

Now, having received the trousers I ordered, it was very noticeable that the fabric is not the same as in the photo. A foul dirty yellowish cream colour instead of white. It is of such poor quality that my grandmother in her day would not even have used it as muslin to strain foods. Feeling thoroughly ripped off and deliberately misled I have vowed never to buy clothing online again from Lotimena or anyone else.

I emailed Lotimena by clicking on their email address in blue link to explain their ordering process properly. I found the process annoying and extremely unhelpful regarding instructions. Lotimena did not have the courtesy to reply. I am no dummy to placing orders and paying online successfully. Extremely disappointed.

Not a good purchase
I order a shirt size M, when I received it; it's too big for me plus stitching is not good and material also. Where is the price is quite reasonable not cheap. Same with my daughter's shirt.
Then product return is so difficult and you pay for your parcel I bought 2 items for £40 and I send it back to them which cost me £16. So, if I will get the refund I will get only £24. These items are coming from China.
If you buy anything then remember your return cost.

Why I need to pay my return parcel? which I don't like it.

Ordered dress that looked gorgeous in photos, however what arrived was a sad caricature
Of the photos. The material was the worst, cheapest polyester (supposed to be cottonblend), the printing on it awful, I won't even give it to Charity, goes straight in the bin, since Lotimena do not accept returns. I was given a choice between getting 15% of the price back or sending the item back to China, me being responsible for postage and any custom charges this may incur. I would greatly caution anyone to buy from this company.

Terrible size
Ordered Two blouses to fit 18 uk size. Lotimena sent two blouses same size same item and charged me for one other blouse I did order also seems like size 14 would not fit me no way. Made of terrible cheap material you can see through no shape. I would say the clothes on show are made of totally different materials that's why people buy, they look good in pictures. I will not even bother sending back at their cost as others have said. So in the bin they will go. Won't buy from abroad again ever.

This is my first order and I expected free shipping. The goods are nicely packed with zip closure bags.
There were two items in my order. The long sleeved flowered one has a neckline which is too low
For me so I am returning it. The short sleeved one I am keeping. It fits me well and is of nice firm
Material. The brightly coloured embroidered flowers on the front show up well on the navy blue background. D

Very inaccurate material descriptions
Too many pages of duplicate items - if multiple sellers of same item then list once and give sellers as a choice with the price Lotimena charge. Plus material descriptions are very very poor on clothing items - I would not have bought 3 of the 4 items I ordered if the description had been correct - - cotton usually seems to mean polyester, wool seems to mean polyester, silk seems to mean polyester - perhaps you can see a pattern here. Also do not expect there to be any stretch in material so you need at least 2 sizes above normal. T shirts seem to be the only item of clothing one can rely at all on.

Very unhappy
Not good as Guernsey where I live is not in the UK it's in the Channel Islands and the list of country's does not include this so I hope my order arrives. It said free shipping for first order but I have been charged. Cloths look lovely I hope my dress is if and when it hopefully arrives. My dress arrived I'm very disappointed, very poor fabric. Almost impossible to return dress every problem and threat of more expense is put in the way. I shall never shop this sight again and advise others to avoid it. Sad as the cloths all look lovely.

There was no response , disappointed from the start.

Confusing website but gorgeous clothes
Very confusing website. Couldn't always find the basket so had to order again and then reduce the quantity. ENtered free shipping code for first order but there was no indication until later that this was going to be free. Not easy to find the shirt I wanted. I did not feel at all reassured that this was going to be a UK site, not a Chinese one. Payment also went awry-- after entering card details I was taken back to confirm order page which took me back to payment page.

Looks good on and had several compliments!
Items set separately and arrived three weeks apart. Confirmation reply email when query sent looks well dodgy as Lotimena asked of information which was included in the head of email! Luckily items all arrived and of a decent quality.

Initially confusing and made me suspicious as requested confirmation of an order number that was on the email header, so looked like a scam!!! Order received in full, so all good!

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