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Do not use!
I have used Lookfantastic for a while now as Look Fantastic offer some of the best prices, delivery is good etc and have always been happy to continue using them. However in November I ordered some face cream as a present for someone. When the order turned up it was a mascara. I contacted customer services straight away and said that I wanted a refund and to re-order the product that I wanted. There was absolutely no aplology, just a scripted email about how I would have to post the product back and then I would get my refund. By the way be very careful if this happens to you, they have lots of rules about sending stuff back and if you don't meet the criteria they can refuse to give you a refund. So I did everything they asked and sent it back. The face cream I wanted had gone out of stock, so I had missed out on that as a present and was not happy, again not one single apology that this had happened because of their mistake!
After a couple of weeks of not hearing anything I emailed them and kept getting the same message that they had not received my parcel, I was the one that was doing all the chasing. On 15th December I finally got an email saying that the parcel had arrived in the warehouse and I would get a refund in 3-5 working days. It took a month of me chasing them to get my refund and each time someone different would give me a different answer, it has not arrived yet (sent proof) it is still processing etc. By this time I was livid and yet again no apology, in fact they couldn't have cared less. In the end I went through my bank and filled out a form to show all my proof and that I had not yet had a refund. Surprise, surprise I got a refund a few days after filling out this form (over a month after they received the item back) I have learnt my lesson, cheap prices don't mean everything and until something goes wrong you don't know what a company is really like. I will never use them again and they have lost a very loyal customer. I will be paying more from now on for my products, but it's worth it to go to a company that actually cares about their customers. This is probably the most disgusting service I have had in a very long time.

Too Slow to Ship Out
I would actually give 2.5 stars or 50%. Had I been aware that even though I ordered from the US site my items would still be shipping from England I probably wouldn't have bothered. It took about 2 weeks for me to get my stuff which wouldn't be terrible for overseas except that I've ordered from INDIA and received the item within 6 DAYS. Their issue is that Look Fantastic take way too long to ship out the product. I once worked for a beauty company the ships orders out SAME DAY. Look Fantastic step your game up. As a previous commentor mentioned they don't ship everything at once and this is because apparently not all items are in stock although they claim to be. In my case all items were supposedly in stock but when time came to ship 2 out of 3 shipped with the third to be shipped at a later date. I waited patiently for the third to ship, even gave them a few days after the two weeks it took to get the first shipment but nothing, no update on where the last item was. Tired of waiting and upset over being deceived, I decided to cancel the order. After hearing customer service horror stories I was preparing for the worst but it was a SUPER easy and pleasant experience. I dont know this as fact but perhaps US orders are handled by Americans who tend to place great emphasis on great service. 1.5 star for selling items at a lower price than company site (at the time of my purchase) and 1 star for easy cancellation, other than that they are way too slow shipping out (perhaps they need to use a different courier as well) and dont seem truthful about what they have in stock.

Don't Touch This Place - They Should Be Put Out Of Business! Disgusting People!
I live in the US, where customer service is not great, but way better than in the UK - and I know what I am talking about, as I lived in the UK for 25 years.
This company have the worst attitude and the most uncaring, nasty customer care 'specialists' / 'managers'.
After ordering my product from their website almost a month ago - which btw, stated that orders usually ship within 24 hours, I had to call them up 10 days ago to find out where my order had got to.
I did not receive one email of explanation from the company, but I was told that the product was in stock and that Look Fantastic were expediting the shipping.
Today, almost two weeks later, after not hearing a word from these people, I had to once again call them to enquire about my order.
I got the same BS excuse as before... technical glitch in the system, it was being expedited etc... do these people really think that we're complete idiots? Not once did the customer 'care' specialist nor her so-called manager Sarah, hint at an apology! These people don't give a toss about their clients or their jobs. They are so badly trained and they should NEVER EVER deal with customers directly. This person was dismissive and downright infuriating. There was no one above her who I could speak to and in the end, I asked for a full refund. Really... is this how people in Britain do business? I'm surprised that anyone ever stays in business with attitudes like that. These people aren't qualified to do anything, other than be polite and accommodating to customers, yet they have an air of snootiness about them, they are sullen and rude. I will never again order from them and if just one customer is put off using this site by my review, I would have done my civic duty! Get your act together LookFantastic, train these officious vipers to treat customers with the respect that they deserve, because right now, you're a total disaster!

I ordered
I ordered - by mistake - a number of items from this place about 2 months ago and wrote immediately to get the order cancelled - no response at all until after 2 days where Look Fantastic have send the package, regardless. Suddenly I do get a response in the form of regret over that order is against my wish has been posted, but that I just need to return it when it arrives.

The package arrives with the postman after few days and I refuse to receive it, as we (in Denmark at least) usually do in these kind of situations and the package returns by post man.

This is now 6 weeks ago and it is impossible to get my money refunded! Why? Because can't find the returnd package. What would assume not to be my problem as I've never had the package in my posession. However; according to Lookfantastic's guidelines (or at least according to their absolutely lousy support) it is my responsibility as I have rejected it.

Any attempt to explain to them that the package is returning on the same parcel number as when they them self sent it off, and again NEVER were in my possession and therefore can't possibly be my responsibility is speaking for the deaf ears.

Never again will i shop through that place (despite earlier ok experiences and I actually recommended it to friends several times. Will undo that mistake asap) - this is the most arrogant and fraudulent place i have come across.

Utterly useless customer service!
I was a loyal customer for Lookfantastic for more than 3 years. Everything worked fine until you need to reach their customer services. Look Fantastic are utterly useless people! All they know is to say: sorry, we cannot do that. One simple request, change the delivery address for an order which hasn't been processed or dispatched. There's no reason for not be able to do this, I have ordered from many other websites, all of them were able to process this simple request as long as the order is not yet dispatched (sometimes they can do it even after the order is dispatched, and that is called real customer service). Lookgantastic cannot do it. So I ask for cancelling the order, they cannot do it again. The website clearly stated the customers can cancel the order without any reason within 14 days. They are clearly not keeping their promises. The point of having customer service is to help customers, and they are clearly not doing that. Very disappointed. My order will be on the way to a wrong address, and if someone else takes my parcel, I will lose hundreds of pounds. Lookfantastic should be responsible for that lost because their customer service is useless. I will not buy from them ever again.

PROBLEM remain UNSOLVED and IGNORED by LookFantastic Team since Nov 2020. Fyi this review on 18/2/21
-Order placed on the 1st Nov 2020.
-After 2 weeks still no updates on the parcel delivering to me & raise this problem at LF online chat box.
-Dec 15th, request the invoice for the order to clear customs but NO reply and shows the problem is completed solved by the LF team.
-Dec 29th, Ask for return and refund since no reply for me to clear customs. And guess what no reply from the LF team and marked the problems as solved in LF message.
-Dec 30th, LF team replied & send me the instruction on doing the return and refund procedure.! The team remind me that it is my responsible until the parcel safely return to their warehouse even if I HAVE NOT RECEIVED IT AT ALL!

I felt threaten and unfair why would it be my responsible when I have not received or get my hand on the parcel and everything that is broken or missing would be my responsibility. Ridiculous!

Since, I did not received anything. So, I am not able to do the return process as the LF team requested (put the return label on the parcel and fill the return form and send back).

So I went on to their website and waiting for the live chat to be available and tell a real life person about my problem hoping that she (Millie) could raised it up to related department or person about the matter.

Guess what? In the end Look Fantastic still send me an email teaching how to do return&refund. I was shocked and think maybe she doesn't understand my problem and I went on the live chat box in LF website days later because they do take days to reply me. And omg I met Millie again! I wrote her a long long message making sure she knows and understand my problem and provide me a solution with her team.

AND GUESS WHAT AGAIN? They sent me how to do return and refund again! AND THIS HAPPENED TO ME AT LEAST 5 TIMESSS!

Im furious about how ignorant they are and this time I wrote multiple message containing same contain telling them my problem hopefully SOMEONE in the team will raised it to their management and NO ONE until this guy name Thomas replied all my message by telling me they will do refund for me in 3-5 working days.

And the next 3 days I received an email listing down what they will refund for me. GUESS WHAT PEOPLE! Thomas put ONE out of the 15 items that I bought in that parcel in the refund list.

So, I went on and remind him that my parcel has more than one thing AND they reply me that I have to return the parcel only I will get refund. I guess if you were me, you would feel helpless from these people. Hey! LOOKFANTASTIC TEAM, I CANT DO RETURN FOR YOU, YOU HAVE TO ASK YOUR COURIER COMPANY TO SEND IT BACK TO YOU! I DID NOT RECEIVED ANYTHING FROM YOUR COMPANY and I DONT THINK ITS FAIR TO ASK YOUR CUSTOMER TO PAY FOR THINGS THAT IS MISSING OR BROKEN WENT IT SEND BACK TO YOU WHEN YOUR CUSTOMER DID NOT RECEIVED ANYTHING AT THE 1ST PLACE!


I've been a LookFantastic customer for years and had...
I've been a LookFantastic customer for years and had different cases. But what I can say for sure is that their customer service is getting worse over time! It's now absolutely unacceptable!
I placed my 134 GBP order (!) late in May and it has been dispatched June 1st. In 20 days, when I didn't get my parcel, I contacted Customer Service asking for a bar code which is a must for any international delivery and has nothing to delivery option local tracking code. I had to ask on this several times and this request has been ignored again and again by every new support person taking my requests. Finally, Look Fantastic asked me to submit a Disclaimer Form to *******, which I did, asking in the message to replace the order to a different address, as the last one was not valid anymore. That new different address has been also listed in my account as "favorite". Later that day I received an Order Dispatched message, and - surprise! - the replacement has been sent to the old address.
I contacted customer support and care@ immediately, pointing their attention to the mistake and again asking for a bar code to be able to somehow track the parcel or claim it on my postal, since I have no chance to know, when it's delivered or probably lost. Holy cow, I had to write this request at least 10 times, no kidding! NOBODY on LF side even tried to read the thread and continued answering meaningless crap on this.

Now it's the most interesting part! Finally, I've got the attention of their Customer Relations Executive. She told me that they are unable to take liability for any lost orders, as they have despatched my order to the address provided on my account! When I disagreed, saying that I clearly stated on the address where to send the replacement and also they had to confirm the address with me, if taking one from my account where I have several addresses, the answer turned to be even more ridiculous:

"I can confirm that your original order was despatched to the address you provided. After further investigation you confirmed the address was incorrect after the replacement was sent."

Am I blind or something?! I can see exactly what address I have provided in my email to care@, why BS me? Why of a sudden it's my mistake?

I'm so pissed. It was indeed my last order on LF.
People, when you give them 5 stars for a product you like, remember, that the one you're to send your thanks is manufacturer. As an online store, LF is seriously bad. That's sad, because I loved them and remember the times, when everything was nice and seamless.

Unprofessional and poor customer service
I have to admit my order arrived quickly and the products were excellent for a beauty box. I didn't think I would have any issues as I canceled the monthly subscription as soon as the box was desptached the next day by the 23rd of the month.

I received an email a week later saying my June box was on its way. I hadn't ordered it, nor did it show up on my account as an order. I contacted LF via all mediums and, yes 100+ people can't be wrong. No response for a day despite writing negative tweets, and FB messages. I then got a reply to say I had subscribed and I had to see out my term (a month which I had) clearly an incapable being who can't read, and unprofessional as it took so long to reply.

I can only deduce Look Fantastic have so many complaints they can't handle them. My situation is ongoing, but as a beauty blogger, they are going to get the worst review ever if they don't resolve this. I'll probably like the box, but it's the principle, that I didn't order it and followed their guidelines. Also the customer service girl should have known I was within my 14 day cooling off period, and by cancelling I was exercising my right to cancel. This was ignored or the girl didn't understand it.

Yes, these reviews are real. The customer service is bad, and is long winded. If they don't resolve things I will just keep writing bad reviews and post them on my site and social media.

Bloody Awesome
So I live in Hong Kong, where dead sea bath salts and various cosmetic products are ultra-expensive x3 UK prices. I ordered 3 x 5kg bags of dead sea salt and various other items to be delivered to Hongkers all worth a total of just over 100 pounds and 18kg in weight. It was only until I ordered that I took a look at independent reviews like these. All were very negative, some claiming that this site was a scam, delivery took months etc... So I had resigned to the idea I have probably lost 100 sterling or would be waiting for a couple of months for an incomplete order.

To my surprise. I ordered 3-March, delivery came 12-March. All there. A couple of minor issues, but all due to logistics and some small faults of my own when ordering (thought that there were 2 bottles of cream because the picture featured 2 bottles... but in fact only one... a bit misleading... but my fault really). Had to come and write this because I was actually quite peeved with myself for not looking at independent reviews first before buying... then thinking it was prolly too good to be true because shipping alone costs an arm and a leg. I sent some stuff to the UK by air a few weeks back, 20Kg and it cost the equivalent of 50 sterling. This 18Kg package was sent by air... the in the opposite direction! So well chuffed at receiving it. Very good! Excellent! Can't fault them. Had a live chat with customer service about shipping charges making sure it was as advertised, "Free"... it was prompt and polite... "What charges?" Excellent... well chuffed!

False Advertising - No Free Gifts and Terrible Customer Service
My advice... Do NOT shop with this company. Look Fantastic are dishonest with misleading advertising and their customer service is terrible.

I myself will stick with reputable companies with at least a modicum of customer service and care as to whether or not customers return to them. I personally wish I had read these reviews before I gave my money to this company. This is more on principle than anything else. I can't personally claim this company is a scam or anything along these lines as I did get what I ordered and within a reasonable time, but I can say their business practices and customer service leaves a lot to be desired.

So, my issue is that I was lured in with the "free gift" worth £55 with a spend over a certain amount of money. Because of this I decided to purchase an item I was on the fence about buying as I felt a bit guilty about the cost of the item, but thought I would go for it given the free gift I would get. This gift was not included in my delivered items. I enquired about this and got the run around from customer service about exclusions that existed, which were not actually present on their website at the time of purchase.

After my complaint a blurb saying 'exclusions apply' now existed on their website where they were giving away free gifts, but with no link to what these exclusions are. I am very tech-savvy and it took me ages to find these exclusions and when I did there was a packet of them, which nearly ensures that most customers would not actually qualify for their offers or free gifts. I explained this to them and received another regurgitated email.

They have now once again changed their exclusions on the product page saying that electrical items are excluded, but there are still many other exclusions that are not mentioned or linked to. Apparently had I purchased something that entitled me to the free gift, the fact that I used a discount code to get 10% off is also something that is prohibited from being done in order to get the free gift even though I still spent well over the needed amount to get this free gift. From what I have heard the free gifts, if one is so lucky to not be excluded, contain substandard sample type products that do not come close to adding up to the amount they claim. It is clearly a money making ploy for this business and it worked on me.

Lesson learned. I will now only shop online after reading reviews first and at shops I know to have better customer service and that are more transparent with their offers. If you take away the lure of their misleading free gift promotion, one really isn't saving much if anything at all as their prices are comparative to much better, reputable and reliable companies out there. Personally, I would look elsewhere as I think this and all the other negative reviews, which is probably just a fraction of their unhappy customers, speak volumes for the way they operate as a company. They lure you in and get you to spend more money with them based on there false/misleading advertising. Very unscrupulous.

I was so excited about this website, the discounts...
I was so excited about this website, the discounts are amazing!

My issue with LookFantastic goes beyond the fact that my order is yet to arrive (3 months later) it is actually that their process of finding my order or getting a refund placed more responsibility with me than with them.

Firstly you may only communicate with them through their website message system. So after back and forth messages confirming address etc I must fill in a form and upload it to their website. At the time of writing this their upload did not work on my work or personal computers so that took even longer... The form asks you for the date your order was shipped in addition to other things that Look Fantastic could/should have looked into from their end. At this point I was annoyed with the process but understanding that it was procedure... it was only today when I looked at the message asking to submit another form because I didn't list the entire contents of my $300 dollar order for them. Instead I wrote the order number and "the entire order."

How ridiculous. The order was shipped all together. I haven't received the order. I made the order through your website. Obviously all of the order is still MIA. Seriously what do you think happened? Mid flight to Australia a bottle of shampoo jumped out of the box and made its way to me while the rest of the box is lost in transit?! I think it is customer service 101 that you shouldn't bother a customer who has already wasted enough time on your time consuming process! Now I have to start the process over... what a joke. I think ill go back to Bath and Unwind... more expensive but very reliable.

Something is wrong with them
Lookfantastic used to be a great online store, I ordered from them often and never had any problems until this year.

For some reason Look Fantastic started shipping ordered products separately, e.g. you receive confirmation e-mail that they have sent the cream, shampoo and makeup, and then a couple of days later they inform you that they have now despatched the cleanser as well. So you have to wait for two packages. Which would not be such a problem, if the second part arrived, however that never happens. First time I contacted them (you have to print and fill in the form), to say that I have received first part of my order, but that one product sent separately was missing. They agreed to send it again. While i was waiting for it, I was stupid enough to make another order (I've never had problems with them before, so I trusted that everything will turn out ok with my first order, and they had a great offer at the moment).

Well, deja vu! They again sent most of my order the very next day, but a cream was sent separately five days later. And surprise, surprise - not only I haven't received the product from the very first order (sent TWICE), but now there is no trace of the second part of the second orher either! That means three products went missing (it's been almost three months already, so I doubt any of them will turn up) and I'm definitely not ordering from them ever again.

I ordered total of 13x OGX shampoo & 3x conditioner with LOOKFANTASTIC 20 days ago. The Price was per item AED23.05. Look Fantastic charged me AED368.80 and sent me an information that my order is on its way. The WEIRD part starts from here.
I have received small box with 3 items in it (2 shampoo / 1 conditioner). After first delivery, i received another information that second party will arrivie on 28th of OCT. However it never came.
I have called their customer service, sent them an email so many times (4/5 times)
First they informed me that my order will be send shortly there is a delivery issue miss communication whatsoever.
And then they informed me that the items which i ordered OGX shampoo (BRAZILIAN KERATIN SMOOTH) is out of stock and they dont know when it will be available. They offered me couple of time to cancel the order and refund the money back. However i informed them that i can wait. I dont want to cancel.
Yesterday without asking or informing me i received an email that LOOKFANTASTIC canceled my order any will refund my money within 4 to 5 working days.
I was shock.
Moreover THE FUNNY PART IS, this morning (the next day) i was searching for the same item and guess what! They have it available in their website with the price tag of AED34.95
SO after all these false information or forcing me to cancel my order, (BECAUSE IT IS OUT OF STOCK) how come the very early next day less then even 24h it is available...
What kind of service is that. If you cant effort to sale it from AED23.05 why do you advertise it from this price. And why do you charge them, sending an amount which you like and cancel it whenever they want.

1. Look Fantastic send you order which was canceled online,
2. It takes them 2 weeks to do this
3. When you contact LF for the return, they dont tell what you need to do...
4. they delay issuing the Authorisation Number
5. Than they issue you wrong RA number for the Royal mail label
6. When you eventually return parcel back to LF they claim some items are missing, which is not true
7. When you start proofing the item are not missing your end as the post office receipt indicated the correct weight - (2 kg od salt)


From the beginning, I have been given partial information, which makes me think that LF deliberately postpones every single step so the return is not possible. When the return is finally made LF informs me that there is 40 days policy. The return process is timely and frustrating.
DONT BUY anything from LookFantastic! Pay a little bit more and have a pleasant experience!

And you guys from Lookfantastic customer service; please do not bother commenting my review... I will not be reading it as I am busy posting the reviews to other review sites and social media; as well as writing to Ombudsmen! Cheers

Horrible! Outrageous delivery delays
While being in USA I was looking for specific products and found it at LookFantastic. I placed an order on Aug 4 with delivery scheduled for Aug 8. My departure from USA was on Aug 10, it was sort of perfect so I went ahead and ordered it.
Then a $#*! show started. Within 24h I received 3 emails from FedEx with different tracking numbers. That seemed odd but I decided that it doesn't really matter if it comes in one parcel or three.
On August 7th I receive email from LookFantastic "We are sorry that the following products have not yet been sent for your order" with all ordered items below. As soon as I received it I immediately went online and cancelled the order as it was obvious that I won't get it before my departure.
On August 10 (when I was already out of USA) I received another email "We are contacting you today to apologize for the delay in despatching your order. Over the last few days we have completed essential warehouse system upgrades so that we can dispatch orders more efficiently. During the upgrade process, we have incurred some unforeseen delays in dispatching your order on this occasion. Our warehouse teams are working around the clock to resume service as usual and we expect your order to be on its way very soon". I went online again and cancelled that order for the second time.
On August 14 I decided to double-check that the order is cancelled and went online again only to see that it's still not cancelled. So I canceled it for the THIRD time!
And funny enough 3hours later I received notification that the order has been shipped. Why has it been shipped?!
I got in touch with customer service only to hear that I'll see no refund as the products have been sent (who cares that I asked three times to cancel the order and not send it? Who cares that I'll never receive that order as I am across the ocean now?)
LookFantastic customer service is a joke!
LookFantastic breaks delivery agreements!
LookFantastic website and personal account don't seem to function as Look Fantastic are supposed to!
LookFantastic warehouse is a mess!
LookFantastic doesn't take responsibility for its own mistakes and business flaws

DON'T BUY and Extremely Poor Customer Service. Go dispute if you don't receive items.
Look Fantastic are not $#*!, but skewed. I guess they are almost broken, so they want to hold our money to keep the company function. I placed an order a half month ago, because of an appealing 50% off discount. The DHL show item which my city, then there are nothing updates. Then I found the address they inputted are missed, no street name and number, and no zip code. Then I contact them directly through their website because there are a couple steps I have to go through before I can successfully reach out to them. I selected the order I have trouble with (this is the first order I placed in this web) and selected 2 products I ordered. First, I told them, the address they gave to DHL is incorrect which is different from the address I typed in when I placed the order, and I told them my clear and distinct home address to them to make them easier to notify the mistake they made! Second, I leave unambiguous and legible requests "I don't need these items anymore, please refund me, because I have been waiting a month" to them. Then the same day night they replied to me "please confirm my address". $#*!? Okay, 9.1 I confirmed address again. 9.2 They ask me "refund or replacement" LMAO, I leave refund!. 9.3 They relied on, let's confirm the 2 products you want a refund. Hi! This is the hardest shopping experience I have ever have. They keep back and forth ask my question I provided in the first message. Which companies have such a complicated process to keep send repeat information? After I contact them, the DHL tracking shows item delivered successfully in KY and website synchronistically shows that Delivered successfully in my city. Haha, let even not the state I live, 10thousand miles away. Are they going to use this mistook information to cheat with shareholders? The lowest level of unfinished customer services auto-reply program do better than these guys. If you don't want to spend your money to train your customer service team, how large discount you provide people, they will not choose you again next time. If you can't deal with your US market well, then close it. You leave a poor impression to us. The time I checked email and open the website to reply to their message was enough for me to reach out to my bank to open a Dispute case. That might be an easier way.

Horrible Customer service and mishandling of Credit Cards
1) Look Fantastic contacted me that none of my credit cards on file were working, and for me to enter a new card.( I only did this because I am stuck in a 1 year contract with their Beauty Box sub program) I did this 3 times per their requests, got a email back saying it still didn't work! This went on all of November. I finally sent them a email saying cancel my subscription! I had stop trusting them on the handling of my credit cards. No response to that, but just got a email that my Nov sub. Box was just shipped ( on 11/22, will arrive 12/7!... using one of the credit cards on file! A month late! Wee! I don't even want it... but can't cancel!

2) After 2 boxes into my year sub, I saw on Beauty Blogs that yearly LF subbers were paying only $14.50/box, I was being charged $16.50/box...$24.00 more a year for the same products! After emailing them, their response was the 11.25 GBP is the exchange for $16.50. That Look Fantastic were correct! Well it's not, it is $14.02. But they continue to charge me $16.50/mo for the Nov. Box. Even after my many emails wanting to cancel or to be charged correctly, I get a canned email back saying I am stuck with them for 1 year! No if, ands or but's. Which brings me to 3...

3) The 6 mo subcription is $16.00/mo. I am on my 7th box paying $16.50/mo. I have sent them an email saying I have more than fulfilled any commitment to them, since I am paying over $16.00/mo, I should be a 6 mo. Subscriber. This sub stops NOW! Because of their CC mistreatment, and over paying monthly, I am done... I have tried to cancel this monthly and they refuse, they don't even work with you! Very dishonest company.

I subscribe to other beauty boxes, have never had this happen with any of them.

Truly awful customer service
I've used lookfantastic in the past with no issues so always thought of them as a good company. However, I will never be using them again after the issues I've experienced.

I placed an order last week for Christmas presents and selected the free delivery option as I had plenty of time for the parcel to arrive before Christmas. I then went back to add something to the basket, the website then automatically defaulted to premium next day delivery, and I only realised this after I had paid. I emailed customer services immediately to request the free delivery service but I didn't receive a reply until 48 hours later, by that point I had received the parcel. Customer services replied offering me a credit of £4.95, but the issue of the website selecting the delivery option for me, and overriding the previous selection I had made was not addressed. Infact, one of the emails from customer services advised me that 'our customers know that if Look Fantastic go back to add something, that it will default to next day delivery'. Wow, so I should have known that? Amazing customer service.

It goes on, the delivery also included an incorrect item, so I had to email them once again. I was told that I couldn't get the correct item until they had received the incorrect item back - so it's their fault but I have to wait until they receive the item until I get the correct one?! I ended up finding a telephone number for them after googling it and someone offered to send out the correct item as long as I rang up with the tracking order of the returned item. Fair enough. So I have received the replacement item today, and guess what, they have sent the same wrong item again. Yes, really. I laughed when I opened the box.

Customer services couldn't have sounded more disinterested. I was told that they can send it again, at which point I said I need to know it will be the right item (something she couldn't even guarantee), or a refund. I can only get a refund once they receive the return item. No one tried to go out their way to help me and no one sounded bothered in the slightest in the amount of issues I've had, I even requested to speak to a manager and was told they were too busy.

Never ever will I use this website or any other sites relating to the hut again, and I will be telling everyone to avoid at all costs. All the good reviews on here are only good because they've had no issues. It's only when you deal with the seriously incompetent customer service staff that you realise how awful this company is.

Please be really CAREFUL if you are thinking of purchase...
Please be really CAREFUL if you are thinking of purchase items from LookFantastic! I purchased the Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Conditioner a few days ago. I have used it for only 3 times. Two days ago the bottle was accidentally dropped from a merely 30-cm platform and to my surprise the pump dispenser just BROKE IN HALF! And the entire bottle is ruined!

I have used other cheaper shampoos with pump dispensers, and this problem has never occurred before. I strongly suspect that this bottle that I have received has spent a long time in the storeroom, and is already of DEPRECIATED quality before it is sold to me. I tried to contact the contact the customer service and after 2 days of patient waiting, Look Fantastic replied that "a product can only be replaced if it is delivered to you damaged and cannot be replaced if damaged after delivery."

I have had similar experiences with and and have received either a replacement or a refund f
Rom the 2 sites. In contrast, the customer service in LookFantastic has been really disappointing. After sending me a product of such poor quality, they are just trying to avoid their responsibility without even offering me an apology!

Think twice before making your purchase with LookFantastic because your basic right as a consumer to receive a product of reasonable quality cannot even be guaranteed!

It is not the money, but the ability of a company to earn consumers' trust that matters. Unfortunately they have lost my trust.

Avoid - horrible customer service, poorly ran
Absolutely the worst internet- based company I have ever dealt with. 1)I ordered the $499 Nuface Trinity Anniversary product that was to include all attachments, but Look Fantastic sent me the regular Trinity - no attachments. 2)no toll free number - have to use chat. Normally I am fine using chat, but 1st 2 agents would not speak with me because I did not recall that I registered via Facebook, and therefore, needed to give them my maiden name. They gave me no clues such as "if you used Facebook, consider what your name is on Facebook..." Luckily I remembered or wouldn't have been able to even contact anyone. 3) Courier never arrived on agreed upon date. Had to contact LF - they didn't contact me - that the courier needed more time 4) and this is my favorite... the courier did not show AGAIN. I contact LF - courier would not pick up bc they did not have the dimensions! I asked in my very first chat "can I return it in the box it came in?" Logic would tell them to contact their own shipping dept to get the box size. Avoid this company at all costs. If this is how they operate, most likely they have much more unethical things going on. I will be contacting Visa and Rakuten as well - anyone who will have real empathy.

Unfortunately I missed checking customer reviews before...
Unfortunately I missed checking customer reviews before placing my order with Look Fantastic. I don't know what has happened to this company as I am pretty sure I have ordered products from them in the previous years, and the order was shipped very quickly from UK to my address in Holland. Not this time. Order placed - email sent next day by Look Fantastic confirming order despatch with a tracking number. The tracking information only shows that shipment has been made to the destination country. I am unable to find out any type of information to track the order once it has arrived. The order was placed at the beginning of January but not received and it's now the end of January. I tried ringing Look Fantastic but obtain a customer service recorded message, so you just keep hanging on the line costing more money. I have also sent emails. In the email confirmation receipt from Look Fantastic Look Fantastic promise to reply within 1 day. This also hasn't happened.

My word of advice to anyone thinking of placing an order with Look Fantastic is to save your money and look elsewhere.

This company appear to take money without shipping goods. Nothing other than a bunch of crooks!

It appears that LF's idea of customer service is having...
It appears that LF's idea of customer service is having scores of customer service officers armed with standard textbook replies to your genuine concerns and queries. While I understand the need for consistency in how queries are dealt with, I have had my questions and issues brushed aside and ignored with a 'I am sorry... (repeat the obvious)'

In fact, my credit card was charged for an order I did not complete. I had not even selected the option to pay by credit card for that particular order. However, when I checked on a different order and found that Look Fantastic wanted my credit card details updated, I did just that. Later, I found that I had been charged for the other order that I did not complete. Basically, my card had been charged without my authorisation.

When I sent a message highlighting this, LF's response was 'I am sorry that your card has been charged, the item has been dispatched and will be due with you shortly.'

Aside from the fact that I've been charged for an order I did not complete or intend to complete, their response to this has been completely unacceptable. I have shopped at other websites and never had such terrible customer service. Needless to say, I do not trust LF with my credit card details anymore.

Worst online shopping experience ever!
There have been not 1, but everything wrong with ordering from this website. Ordered 4 items from this rubbish website, which clearly stated that delivery will be within 2 weeks. Once my order was complete and payment was taken, I get an order dispatch email stating that I have to wait at least about a month for the order to be delivered. A bit puzzled initially, but I patiently wait, about 3,4 days from the month target date coming up, I get a little impatient and contact them to check whether my order can be tracked and when I can expect the delivery by? I then get a response saying that there is no way Look Fantastic can track it, and it can take anywhere between now and up to ANOTHER month to be delivered. Obviously, I was baffled, but thought, whatever, it will come when it is supposed to come!

Anyway, so after waiting for another week or so. My order finally arrives. Guess what? 3 out of the 4 items ordered are missing and the 1 sad little item that did make it through my front door, is damaged. Furious, I contact their very inadequate customer service team again, clearly stating in ALL my emails that I would like a full refund as I refuse to wait another month and a half for my order to arrive. What do I need to do in order to have this request processed?

I get a response saying 'fill out this form and email it back to us'. I do that, send back the form. No where on the emails or the form was I informed that I need to physically write on the form that I want a refund otherwise it is considered as a 'replacement of the order' form.

I fill out my item details, put a comment about the items missing and arriving damaged in the small box they provide to write any comments. I scan it and send an email with the form, AGAIN, mentioning that I would like a full refund. 2 days later, I receive another email saying "your order has been dispatched". Confused, and furious yet again, because at this point, I just want my money back and want to forget about this store forever. I call them, informing them about my entire experience and query from day one, for them to only tell me "sorry, you did not write on the form that you wanted a refund, therefore we automatically replace your goods and expect you to wait another month for another delivery".

Clearly my emails were of zero value to them, it did not matter what my emails stated time and again requesting for a refund over and over again. Just because on this stupid form that I received upon ASKING for a refund, I did not physically write the 4 words "I WANT A REFUND", except wrote that in the email I attached the form to, they have assumed that they can just dispatch the products to me again, without even providing a courtesy express delivery. Here I am, expected to wait another month, because 'sorry maám, we cannot do anything once the product has been dispatched'.

Worst experience of online shopping of all time. How much would you bet that when these products DO finally arrive in a month, they will probably be missing and/or damaged again? Look out for review part II on this one, guys!

And save yourself the trouble, do not order from this terrible website again. They will send you faulty or no goods, and then refuse to return you your money.

Also realised, another website that I was on reading their reviews, any review that gave them a bad rating "had been reported to compliance to be removed" - nicely done LookFantastic! Dont order from them... Ta!

Money taken with no products received!
I have used this company many times and unfortunately after my current experience, I will never use them again. I will be warning anyone else not to use them, as if something goes wrong with the order, Look Fantastic do not resolve it. I have had my products stolen and almost a month later they have not confirmed that they will be giving me a refund, even after multiple times of chasing them up and asking them to confirm this.
They have £80 of my money and I have not received the products.
Their service has left me extremely stressed out, not to mention out of pocket!
All they are doing is telling me that the courier team are investigating the issue but it has been weeks and I am none the wiser on what is going on.
I never gave the courier any permission to leave products in a safe place or with a neighbour as I live in a block of flats and do not know the neighbours. It is very clear my parcel has been stolen as the courier emailed me to say they delivered it (whilst I was at home) and nothing was delivered.
This is an extremely terrible thing to happen, especially when Lookfantastic have not done anything to be helpful or keep me informed and I'm starting to think I am never going to see my money again. During these current times this is devastating. I will be reporting them, please do not order from here!

Recently I purchased Wella SP Lotion for Dandruff and Maxfactor Foundation. Even though Look Fantastic advertise on their Web-Site that "Delivery is Free", it is WRONG. Only if you purchase a Total Sum of Dollars, then only Delivery is given as Free.

It has been one month now, since I placed the order with, but I still have not received Delivery of the Products, EVEN THOUGH I PAID RS. 1000/- for Delivery Charges.

LookFantastic sent my courier through Jersey Post.

Then my Courier was held up at Mumbai Customs office, since they have rules that if Value of Product is greater than Rs. 2000/-, they inspect the item.

Firstly Look Fantastic does not provide us Email Addresses or Contact Numbers. So if we have to Follow-Up with them, we have to send Online Messages from their Website.

Their Customer Help Desk staff are totally UNCONCERNED AND NOT WILLING TO HELP. I wrote nearly 20 messages to them asking about my Product.

Then finally, they told me to contact Jersey Post.

Jersey Post simply told me to Contact Mumbai Customs and Retrieve my courier.

Till today, I am struggling with the Customs Staff here to get my Product.

If Look Fantastic CANNOT HANDLE RESPONSIBILITY of ASSURED DELIVERY OF PRODUCT in India, then they should not send us Indians Emails to Buy Products from them.


I Strongly Recommend LOOK FANTASTIC.COM Not to Advertise their Product in India. Since they do not Take Responsibility of delivering Costly Products to their Customers but charge HIGH DELIVERY CHARGES.


Worst customer service ever
I never made a comment on any online shopping site, but now, I must give one due to the very bad experience I had with
1. I made another on 22/06, and was informed that the package could be delivered from 26-28/06. In 03/07, while the package was confirmed to be delivered on their courier service website, didn't receive my package. When I send a message to LF, I was told to wait until a month later to make a claim. First stupid thing!
2. Then, getting back on 22/06, I was told to confirm the address, which is another stupid things since this is not the first time I make an order from their site to be sent to that address. This seems that Look Fantastic try to create a long string of message and make you tired.
3. Then, I was required to sign in the form by handwriting. SInce i don't have printer at home, the CS staff said that he/she will send me a form by post. I waited until 2 weeks and no thing.
4. I must print the form by myself, send it to them, in the part "Items not receive", I wrote"The whole order", the they get back to me with this message "I am sorry. In the non disclaimer form items not received please write the names of the items you have not received. This is neccasary for further investigation. " Opssssss, do you have to be so rigit like that?
Of many years order goods online, I never had such a bad experience as this way with LookFantastic. When I found out this website, I intended to be their loyal customers since they offer some brands that I need. But... BYE NOW!

Stay away from this company
I made an order on Lookfantastic in November and bought a lot of Christmas gifts. On December 23rd I still hadnt received my order and the company told me that the parcel probably had got lost in the mail. I asked for the possibility to cancel my order and get a refund, since I couldn't receive the products on time for Christmas. Look Fantastic didn't answer me, I just got a message that a new parcel had been dispatched.
A week later I noticed that the dispatching list did not include all the products I had ordered and paid for over a month earlier. I sent Lookfantastic a message and they replied that they did not have my product in stock and they have no idea when they will get it. I again asked for them to cancel my order at least for this product and give me a refund.
I also told the company that I had asked for the possibility to cancel the whole order since I didn't receive it in time for Christmas and I want to return the parcel when I get it in the mail. They answered me that I will have to pay for the return costs (30) since they do not take any responsibility in this. I decided to keep the parcel with all these unwanted items, since I did not want to pay 30 euros for sending it back.
I still noticed a few weeks later that I hadn't got the refund for the product they had been unable to send me. I again sent them a message and told them that I had paid for the product two months earlier and I wanted my refund immediately. I told them that if I wouldn't get my refund I would take it to my Credit card company and tell them that this company had cheated me and charged me for a product that they had never sent me. The company then replied that they had now dispatched this product, which they earlier stated that they did not even have in stock. I told the company that I had cancelled the order twice and I have no interest in receiving this product and I have made it perfectly clear earlier. They replied that I can return the product and again pay for the return fees. I sent them a message that I will no longer do business with them and I will let Mastercard handle it with the police. After this I finally got my refund for the one product.
I still ended up with all my unwanted Christmas gifts that I received at the end on January, more than two months after I made the order. I also spent hours writing messages to their customer service, trying to fix my problem. This company is a cheat and their customer service is a joke. They never would have given me my refund if I hadnt taken it to Mastercard. I am pretty sure that they never even dispatched the product they say they didnt have in stock, because I never received a message from the post office. They just sent me the dispatching mail so that my Credit card company couldnt charge them for never sending the product. If and when you have problems with this company I advice you to take it to your Credit card company right away. Otherwise Lookfantastic will do everything to cheat you. I will never again order anything from them and I advice everyone to stay away from this company.

No honest 'Fantastic'
I recently ordered an expensive
Strivectin Tightening Face and Neck cream Paid £41.5 from Lookfantastic online shop for my birthday, which I had a strong reaction to this cream. Only after used 3 days, my face and neck were red, itching, and burning, especially on my forehead and nose had small water spots! I stopped using it and contacted the Lookfantastic team, providing with the photos of my face reaction and all relevant information about this cream.

After a week, I got an email saying not action Lookfantastic team can be taken, except an apology! I am so shocked and disappointed with the way how Lookfantastic treat their customers!

It should be legally able to return/refund in 14 days! I don't feel this is a safe online shop, as customers interests are not being looked after. Lookfantatic DONT CARE THEIR CUSTOMER'S SAFETY!

You would be the next one ending up buying an expensive cream from Lookfantastic but getting an apology with an email, when having reactions!

DONT GO FOR Lookfantastic online shop if you don't want to be treated like me! Don't recommend Lookfantastic online shop, as Look Fantastic are NOT HONESTLY FANTASTI! If there is the choice to rate '0' I will definitely give Lookfantastic online shop a '0'!

Awful customer service
I have ordered from this site many times and never had any issues until recently.

I placed an order which was quite expensive and unfortunately there was an error on my delivery address.

When I contacted customer services it had not yet been dispatched to the courier but I was told there was nothing look fantastic could do and that it was my responsibility to check the address before submitting my order.

I accept that, however i was offered no help whatsoever and the woman was absolutely useless. She then lied to me and told me that if I contacted royal mail Look Fantastic could edit the address and it could be sent to me.

The next day I did so. Look fantastic had proceeded to dispatch my order despite me informing them the address was wrong.

After being on hold to RM for about 10 minutes I was then informed by the royal mail customer services they had no power to change any delivery details and hopefully my item would not be successfully delivered and instead be returned.

I am fuming at how I have been dealt with as a customer. It was a genuine mistake and one i feel could have been easily resolved. Instead they were not interested in even providing me with courier details at first until I got quite annoyed and demanded to know this information. Know I just have to hope and wait that the items will be returned and I get a refund.

Absolute disgusting customer service and I will never order from here again. Utter disgrace.

Update: Never received order, Refund (finally) took 2-3 months, and a lot of grief
Order 67940324: My order was placed in March 2016. The ETA for my order was towards the end of March. I never received this order, never received the "dispatch" numbers, and requested a refund instead. I initiated a refund at the beginning of April, but it took me a few emails (and a threat of opening a claim on Paypal) to even get a reply from customer service. Fast forward to May 4,2016, and I had ONLY received the $10.09 refund for my tracking, yet Look Fantastic claimed that they had 'checked my account' and could confirm that a refund of $74.28 had already been made on April 26. NOTE THAT I DID NOT RECEIVE THIS REFUND - and I emailed them with a screenshot of my payment account. Later, they began claiming they couldn't refund me because I 'had a dispute open on Paypal' yet, the claim had already automatically closed on April 28, and they had still posted me with a tracking refund on April 30. (Which to me, doesn't make sense) Again, I had to send a screenshot for 'evidence' of the dispute being closed.

So finally, today: (May 20,2016) I finally received the refund. However, this is after weeks and days of emails sent back and forth, me posting reviews, reporting the company to the FTC, threatening to gather online upset consumers to report them to various authority, posting publicly about my experience on their Facebook, messaging them on Facebook, and finally asking them to put me in contact with authority figures from The Hut Group and the owner of LookFantastic (with a list of names, position, email, phone, etc).

I am writing this review of my experience, because I feel that other consumers should KNOW and UNDERSTAND what this company's customer service is like before doing business with them. From other reviews I see across different websites, I see that this is common problem with this company. I am furious because it took this much grief and hair pulling to get a proper and true refund for an order that was never received. I swear I have a couple gray hairs just from dealing with this company. And I'd also like to note that I got a refund of 74.27, not 74.28 - which is what I was actually due. Big deal, one cent - but seriously? After all that, they post the wrong amount? But I am done dealing with this company; I just take issue with the fact that if they rip one cent off of a million people, they still profit. And that is something I do not believe this company deserves. AT ALL.

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