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Poor customer service
My fiancé and I bought a house and I was so excited I started to shopping for furniture. It's was close to midnight when I found the sofa that I wanted so I placed the order. The very next morning I called to confirm the color of the sofa was white. After calling several times confirming the color several representative confirm that the Curious pearl is white. A few days later I receive three swatches of colors. One of colors was Elliot snow which is closer to the color white. I was so upset because I have been told by so many representative that the curious pearl was white however it is not curious pearl is beige. I contacted them spoke with another representative who advised me that she was sending information to the department that was making the sofa to get the color corrected. After waiting for weeks I received a text message saying that the order was ready to be shipped. I called in and set up a delivery date confirm the color and the color is still wrong curious pearl. I call back escalated to a manager and I was told that a manager will contact me within 24 to 48 hours. That never happened I called back again and the representative told me that the manager closed out the case and no notes on my account to the reason why. I never received a phone call. This is the first time I've ever ordered anything from these people and this will be the last. Living Spaces have lied multiple times and never tried to correct the issue after being told by a representative that the color was white in which it wasn't. There was no attempt to try to make the situation correct. There was no accommodation to try to rectify anything.

Although their sofas are a good price, I would highly recommend AGAINST ordering from them. If I could give them a negative rating, I would! Living Spaces charge you a restocking fee if the furniture does not fit into your elevator or stairwell or door. They refuse to waive it and the costumer service is absolutely atrocious! Their practice is inhuman and greedy, they only want to take money from you and the quality is not great. The shipping takes a really long time and the APR on their credit cards are ridiculous. I absolutely despise this company and would not recommend their furniture to my worst enemy. Save yourself the trouble and go somewhere else. ANYWHERE would be better than Living Spaces.

If you special order anything and try to change it right after you place the order Living Spaces won't do it even though the ship date is 8 weeks out. They claim that they start making the couch right after they receive the order and it takes 8 weeks to make it. Right... NOT! Shop somewhere else. Customer service stinks. Waited for almost 2 days for them to answer my calls. No one ever called. I gave up and will cancel through my bank. Living Spaces has so many problems they do not call you back. If they think you are canceling an order they avoid you at all costs. Bought the same sofa through Overtstock... very pleased with them!

Stay away if you value your money
I modified my review because their leadership at the corporate level made things right. However, I did leave my original review below.

We will never buy from living spaces again. Living Spaces say they have a one year store warranty to cover everything but it's simply not true. They do not stand behind their product and we found our dining set to be very poor quality. When we went to return it they asked if they could send a replacement. We agreed but the replacement had worse issues than the original! When we went to the store (1604 in san antonio, TX) to ask for a refund, the service manager said customer satisfaction is not part of their warranty. Then five minutes later the store manager said, they consider customer satisfaction in their warranty but you can't get a refund after seven days.

How can you say there is a one year store warranty, then state if you don't say anything in seven days they cannot give you a full refund. The two statements are in contradiction and in essence it is a bait and switch. When the customer is sold a substandard product that won't show signs of wear immediately and then they return the product within the year window they hide behind this arbitrary and useless warranty.

Stay away from this place. The quality of the product, terrible customer service and a useless warranty are very upsetting given the price you will pay for their products.

Don't waste ur hard earned money
Wish I would of took the time to check reviews first but all of the bad reviews are true. I would of rather purchases my couch from Costco. Yes I got the special order and color I wanted which took over 3 months to get and with two months after barely sitting on the couch the cushions seams were pulling apart all over and even have holes what a freaking shame. Past four months especially during Covid couldn't get a hold of no one from customer service or warranty and literally the one year coverage will expire soon. Let's see if this will even get resolved. I have even filed online but playing phone tag just to get a live person. I warn u don't waste ur money here u would think ur getting quality but ur not.

They Are Not Upfront About Lead Times
I bought a couch August 21st 2020 with custom upholstery, which is offered by them. I was told by the manager at that time that this would take 2-3 weeks before it arrived in the store.

I checked back in 3 weeks later. When I spoke with a cashier Living Spaces informed me the average time for this has actually been about 8 weeks. So either I was lied to or the manager was not informed of delayed production. Either way I left a feedback comment internally with them on their site. It is now over right weeks later and I have yet to receive any response on this. Also, as a side note, if I don't want to spend 40 minutes waiting on the phone through their system I have to physically go to the store to check on my order, which is just unnecessarily inconvenient.

I checked back in on this at 8 weeks, this past Friday, and the manager was to busy on a conference call to speak to me. The cashier I spoke with said they would email me an update on the order that evening, which have yet to receive.

I don't feel like I'm asking for much. I spent $2500 on a couch and would like to know where it is and when I can expect it. It's ridiculous I still don't know and I should have been informed up front about this lead time instead of being fed false/inaccurate information.

I guess I'll go back tomorrow... We'll see if I can find someone who cares enough to give me some information on where my order is.

Buyers Beware!
I ordered a couch, and then I also ordered right & left facing recliners. The ONLY reason I ordered from Living Spaces was because you stated that you could deliver my furniture on August 16th between 8:00 am & 3:00 pm - several weeks sooner than any other store I looked at. However, there were several phone calls to ‘confirm' delivery of the furniture two days before the expected delivery date. The first call informed me that the sofa was not available, and she could not provide ANY information about when I might receive it. I requested that the other pieces still be delivered, as I had no furniture in my new home. The second call was the next day by someone else (went to voicemail), who took it upon himself to place the order on hold so that I could get everything at once. I called back, was on hold for an hour, and was promised that it would be resolved, and the available pieces would be delivered as promised. I never received a phone call back. On Sunday, August 16th (delivery date), I received a THIRD call confirming delivery for Tuesday. I was obviously upset. The representative called the warehouse and was able to get the delivery rescheduled for that day – between 6pm and MIDNIGHT. The two recliner pieces were indeed delivered in the 11 o'clock hour. Still, at this point NO ONE could tell me anything about when my couch would be delivered.

On a separate order, I bought a console to place between the recliners. I chose to pick it up on August 25th between 12:00 & 7:00. I arrived as instructed, and guess what! No console was available. I didn't receive a phone call in advance to let me know so I wouldn't have to drive an hour out of my way for no reason. I called the help line this morning and was on hold for an HOUR and TWENTY minutes, only to be told basically that there's nothing that can be done, and my product is on its way. No dates, no offers to ship it to me at no cost, nothing. Just blame for your customer that when I made the purchase, DESPITE having been given the ability to choose the pick-up date and time, it could still take 2-4 weeks to be delivered to the store, and that the pick-up date/time is just "when it MIGHT be available." What kind of system is that? That is the biggest load of crap I've ever heard. This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Everyone is nice to speak to, but NO ONE can answer any questions with authority, or even accuracy – just a lot of "I don't know."

I'm beyond upset and disgusted with this ENTIRE process with Living Spaces. I don't know what has happened to customer service, but it is a shame that this is how you run things. I will never purchase another product from your store, and I will discourage ANYONE who asks about your store.

Save your time and money
Ordered a sectional on 8/12/2020. I live in the middle of nowhere so expected delivery to take longer than most. My first estimated time of delivery was 9/3/2020 with a no show. My next estimated time of delivery was 9/15/2020 also received no call to set up delivery. Finally I receive a call one 9/25 to have my couch be delivered the morning of 9/28/2020 only to receive a text on that day from the delivery service that the sectional was damaged and had a large tear. After waiting this long I was over it and canceled the order due to the damaged item. It took over a month for refund and Living Spaces shorted me over $120 of the price I purchased for. I will never shop there again regardless of how fairly priced their items are.

Don't recommend
My gf and I went to check out outdoor furniture. Got all the way to the back of the store and was harassed about my mask. I have a medical condition so I really can't wear a mask and Living Spaces literally kicked us out and were getting really close to us saying we can shop online. The whole point of a furniture store is to shop in person. This is why brick and mortar stores will die off soon. There was no one near us until this associate came up to us within like 3 feet of us and wouldn't leave us alone then followed us out of the store. Never will I recommend them again and I've told so many people to shop here over the years.

LIVING SPACES - WORST WORST WORST store and their delivery is SOOPER BAD. We bought a dining table, an expensive one. So far Living Spaces made 3 delivery trips and yet the assembly of dining table is not done.
First time they delivered chairs saying they picked the wrong dining table. Second time they delivered the base of the table and said they dont have the table top in stock
Third time they delivered the table top but the entire hardware is missing. Look at the pics - this is how my current dining area is.
I have no idea when and how they can fix my dining table

All the chairs are not delivered yet.

Don't fall for the glitzy super stores they have. There is no guarantee to get the best service even when you spend 3 grand. Their customer service takes forever. I have spent over 10 hours just talking to them.

Worst buying experience ever!
I was excited to visit the new location, it's absolutely gorgeous for a furniture store. The sales associates were all very friendly and helpful. But after we made our purchase is when Living Spaces showed their true colors of being a total $#*! company. I made sure the sectional we were buying was in stock by calling customer service beforehand and having the sales associate double check. It would take 3 weeks, fine. 3 days before our delivery date, my husband called to move the date up 1 day, they said sure, no problem. But then the very next day, 2 DAYS before delivery I get a call saying the sectional is on back order and they have no idea when it will be back in stock! I was furious! He offered me the option of getting the floor model on my delivery date if I went to the store to approve the floor model. I did, I made sure they would ship it by talking to customer service there. I wait for our furniture. It didn't show up, no call, nothing. I call and they tell me it will be another week. I'm frustrated, but I have no choice, so I agree. The next delivery date, it doesn't show again, no call, nothing. I call and am given another date 3 weeks later. I can't get a manager to call me back. So I go to the store and whoops they lost or sold my floor model sectional! I canceled the order and spoke with the district manager. He promised to find out the issue, and/or find another sectional for us. He never called! Screw them, they are horrible with customer service. Don't be fooled by their pretty pieces. You won't be happy. This is 1 of MANY reviews like mine. Go down the street to Nebraska Furniture Mart. We got our furniture in 5 days!

Don't buy the warranty!
I bought my daughter a trundle bed at Living Spaces in April of 2019. Over time the bed frame center support pole became bent causing the slats to pop off and the mattress to warp (dipping in the center). We also had issues with the trundle and some of the screws coming off. Honestly, I can't even describe it well... the part that covers the trundle kept coming off. We kept fixing it repeatedly for months. Finally, earlier this month (since we are in quarantine) I took the time to call in the "carefree" 5-year warranty I purchased. I sent in pictures and a video to show what was happening. My claim was denied. In my humble opinion, the quality of the bed frame and the slats are what caused the issue. I'm disappointed and upset because the quality of the piece I bought was poor and the warranty I paid for was just a waste of my money. I will now have to buy my daughter a new bed.

Don't let the nice store employees and cool furniture fool you. When it comes to actually receiving your order, you'll seriously ask yourself if Ashton Kutcher is around cause it'll feel like your on an episode of Punk'd.

Boyfriend and I purchased a mattress and foundation here early June. The salesperson that helped us (who was awesome but seemed like he wasn't very familiar with the mattresses and pretty much just told us what was in stock). So we tried out different mattresses and found one we both agrees on which wouldn't be delivered until the following week which we were a bit upset about but what can you do right? So the following week comes and I get an email saying that the order is getting ready and to choose a delivery date and window... AWESOME! Chose a Friday morning delivery. Friday morning comes, and I check the status of the delivery and it says Order Not Scheduled. Confused, I call customer service to see what happened and Living Spaces informed me due to quality control, they will not be delivering that day and will contact me within the next 24-48 hours with a status update. Super annoyed but what can you do right? I'd rather them reschedule then receive a defected mattress.

So the same things happens another 3 TIMES that they reschedule the delivery but wait until the day of to tell me its a "quality control" issue and they will contact me within the next 24-48 hours. Now i'm starting to think, maaaaybe I should just get a refund because its already been a month and the manufacturers of this mattress apparently can't build a mattress to pass specs. I call customer service and I'm on hold for about a minute, someone picks up... says hello... and then hangs up. I call back again... I'm on hold, someone picks up and hangs ups without saying anything. At this point I'm laughing cause it's funny and probably just trying to keep my cool while at work. So I call from my work phone thinking they've flagged my cell number or something, but you've guessed it... another hang up! I tell my boyfriend to call and same thing happens to him a few times until someone FINALLY talks to him. He explains the situation and the customer service rep explains that there's a quality control issue and they will contact us when they have a status update. Boyfriend says no need to worry, we want a refund. Then all of a sudden the customer service rep says she can't hear him and that she will call him back... ALRIGHT ASHTON YOU CAN COME OUT NOW! JOKE ISN'T FUNNY ANYMORE!

He is currently on the way to the store to talk to someone in person.

I could have waited until after he leaves the store to give a full review, but I am THAT annoyed and upset with this experience that I needed to give potential shoppers a warning... DO NOT SHOP HERE!

Rip off synchrony bank living spaces
I finance a couch and bed totaling around 2,000.00. I bought this furniture in 2020 and have been paying 100.00 a month. Well all of a sudden a promotional fee came on my acct., causing my balance to go from 1,400 to 1,700these people took 300.00 dollars of my payment and told me I missed a promotional. I don't swear but the devil is a liar. Not only are Living Spaces charging promotional fees but they also are charging interest fees. This company is of the devil and I will never ever purchase anything else from this rip-off place. About time I will be able to payoff this furniture I would have to pay around 12,000 for what it actually cost 2,200.00 I will be paying only what this furniture cost little do this evil company know. Horrible horrible horrible! IF U EVER FINANCE BEWARE OF THE HIDDEN FEES... U WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO PAY THEM OFF WITH THEIR PROMOTIONAL FEES AND INTEREST FEES!

False Promises & Shallow Customer Service
I ordered a coffee table from this outfit in March 2021, with promised April 27,2021 delivery date. I received a phone call from their incompetent customer service department less than 24 hours before the table was to be delivered, stating that the table would not be delivered after all, and that it might arrive some time in May. I just called and interacted with another one of their "knowledgeable" reps, who asked why I was so upset, followed by the "assurance" that it might be delivered by the end of the month, but there is no status available at this moment.

Talk about false advertisement - NEVER EVER again will I do business with this shady store. If the quality of their products is anything like their customer service, the table will probably fall apart in no time.

Extended Warranty
About a year ago we purchased a living room set, because our puppy chewed a hole in the old one. We found a living room set we liked and purchased it. We asked the sales person about a extended warranty that would cover pet damage and she told us about what Living Spaces offered and it would cover that kind of damage. A year later the dog chewed a small hole in the arm. I called the warranty company and they told me they do not cover this kind of damage and they receive calls like mine stating that they have been told that the sales people are telling the customers all the time that it is covered. I went to the store today and explained this to them and the manager told me sorry we cannot do anything about this. I am going to have to pay for this damage and told the manager I will never purchase anything there again due to misrepresentation. He said that was fine. I am in retail and this is a total lack of customer service and customer service is all they have to sell, because there are other places you can shop.

Horrible customer services/managers sucks
I did buy a sectional at Living spaces last display item, I knew that not warranty, but I was never realized that the 1300. 00 sectional was falling a parts after one month, the cushions become very floppy and Living Spaces look like I was buying this product at 99 store. I went and talk with Andrew Manager at Irvine, he told me I CAN NOT DO NOTHING FOR YOU, I did ask call the factory, he said I have no idea who is the dealer, I
Asked call headquartes they may know, he said I have no clue how to reach them HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICES PLEASE DO NO T BUY ANYTHING, THEY ARE NICE WHILE YOU ARE BUYING AND, THEY DO NOT CARE AFTER YOU PAY.

BUYER BEWARE of Living Spaces! I waited 4 1/2 months for my custom order. The communication from L. S. is literally nonexistent. Living Spaces couldn't find my order when it was supposed to deliver, and it was 2 wks past due. I finally received an email 2 days later saying it was ready for delivery. I ordered a couch and loveseat in dark gray. This is what they delivered yesterday. Its garbage! Two different colors, damaged fabric and sewn wrong! The delivery guys took pictures and had me fill out an electronic report on the spot explaining the issues. They told me someone from L. S. would contact me within 30 minutes. I never received the call. The next day, I went to the store understandably upset expecting them to bend over backward to remedy this situation. I was met with manager Nick who was more interested in arguing with me about wearing a mask. I was informed the fabric was discontinued? Its only been 4 months! When I asked the Manager to contact the manufacturer to find out if there was enough fabric left to produce another 2 pieces, he told me no without even bothering to check. Discontinued and completely out of stock are two different things! He said in an apathetic tone of voice, I could pick out another fabric and reorder or get a refund. I decided to check and see if I liked any other fabrics. At that point, the manager called over a salesperson and then he walked away. The manager was a disinterested and disengaged prick. Coming to them with this outrageous mess, you would think the manager would have done and said everything possible to diffuse the situation and make sure I was taken care of. They could care less about customer service. The only person who apologized and was concerned, sweet and as helpful as possible was the young man at the service desk named Marcus Pitts. After the lackluster and tepid treatment I received, I went with the refund. No way was I about to give Living Spaces my business. I did get a voicemail a few days later from a supervisor who said she would contact me via email. Never received the email. As a matter of fact, I emailed L. S. and said I wanted to speak to someone at their corporate office and they have never responded back. I shopped at Haverty's, spent a bit more money but was treated like a queen especially after I told them about the L. S. debacle and showed them the photos of that mess. Think long and hard before you shop Living Spaces!

7 Days of Suckage
What kind of a company stands by their products so pitifully that Living Spaces only allow a seven day return period? What this says to me is, "we don't want this crap back." Seven days is woefully short under any circumstances, but add in the constraints of a pandemic and the holidays (decent companies extend their return policy over the holidays) and you have a truly crappy return policy. We ordered a bed headboard that arrived while we were out of town. We realized the size didn't work, and simply wanted to exchange it—unopened and in the original packaging—for a different size, but because we had been out of town, we were already beyond the 7-day period. The customer "service" person gave us a categorical and catatonic "nope." She couldn't have cared less. So, do we have any options, I asked. "Nope," was the reply. So... we're stuck with it? "Yep" was the oh-so-helpful response. So, my advice: Shop elsewhere. And of you do purchase here, be ready to drop whatever you're doing and FLY to the store if you need to do a return or exchange. And regardless, they're going to ding you for a 10% restocking fee. How these people are even in business is beyond me.

Refused service for a Medical condition
I went to Living Spaces in Frisco, Tx on 3/21 at 11:30 am, and was denied service because I didn't have a mask on and I claimed medical Exemption. Spoke with the manager and explained my exception. He still refused me service and said it's store policy. I have news for this company. Your policy doesn't supersede my Constitutional Rights, or the Americans with disabilities Act, and for companies to think Living Spaces have these rights need to be stopped. I will be contacting an attorney. The store is thousands of square feet and not busy. I could maintain more than 6ft at all times in the store. These draconian measures are unacceptable to those with medical conditions that cannot wear a face diaper on a virus with near 0% death risk. Enough is enough. I stayed home and did my part for a year. Gov Abbott put out strict guidance on these order, and said you cannot enforce policy over law. Period no exemptions for the business the consumer has these rights!

Do NOT do business with this company!
I placed an order on 3/22 in store for a bedroom dresser set.The sales lady informed us the delivery will be on May 4th, which we were willing to wait for based on shipping timeframes. I called living Spaces customer service to inform them that I no longer needed the nightstand, but to keep the dresser and chest of drawers. It sounded pretty straight forward and understood. I worked at home intentionally on delivery date, and when the drivers arrived, Living Spaces informed me that they had a nightstand only for delivery! They also informed me that their invoice stated they had to pick up a dresser as well, however the warehouse said the order was cancelled and did not place it on the delivery truck. At no fault of the drivers for the mishap, he called customer service in front of me, and the rep told him that they lost the dresser in the warehouse, and the chest won't be delivered until late June?! I was floored and called customer service, and all they could do was apologize and let me know once they find the item that was misplaced from arrival, they will schedule a delivery. Find the item? How ridiculous! I've gone online to view my order and status, and they have no update with an anticipated date for arrival or any details whatsoever. I've proceeded to wait for my order patiently and now on 5/15 with no bedroom set, I've decided to order from a different company online, and will expect my new set to be delivered in the next 7 days! 7 DAYS! Do not do business with this company, I will also be cancelling my new store card as I refuse to do business with them ever again!

Worst customer service ever
Went to Living Spaces to purchase a new sectional couch. Talking to the sales person she talked us into the carefree insurance. We hesitated at first but she was very convincing on why we should get the insurance.
We were happy with our couch until we smelled smoke coming from the usb electrical consul, we immediately unplugged our electronics and unplugged the consul from the wall outlet.
Contacted the carefree insurance "she sold us on" sent them pictures told them what happened. Carefree said we could get a new usb electrical consul. Living Spaces said to contact
Living spaces to get the new one. I called and living spaces said they were on back order
That I had to wait till they came back to stock. I waited a month no phone call, so I call living spaces, they told me they no longer carry that sectional.
Living spaces told me I can get a whole new sectional to replace mine, but they needed an okay from Carefree ins. Carefree won't get back to me or Living Spaces.

Horrific customer service
Horrible customer service. Living Spaces made a huge mistake that inconvenienced the heck out me on many levels and didn't do one thing to make it right. They insulted me.
I ordered a dining table, paid $1000 for it, and paid for it to be delivered. I got an email the night before delivery confirming the delivery times with a tracking number. YET... delivery time came and went and I had no dining table. I tried to track it, but it was an invalid number. I, me, myself, I had to call Living Spaces and ask where my table was. They had my number and never bothered to call and tell me the table was really back ordered and would take another month. Really? I complained about them not calling me and wasting my time. Wasting my time on delivery day AND wasting the 3 weeks I waited to have it delivered that I could have bought another table guaranteed to be here for my dinner party! I complained about the fact that I needed that table for a dinner party I was having. They offered me free delivery... ya think?... on an entirely different table that I could buy from what they had in stock. Uh, no, I picked this table and decorated my dining room around this particular table! I don't think so. I asked them how they were going to compensate me for this and they said they could give me a$100 gift card... that I could use on another product! Are you kidding me? Oh, so I'm supposed to go buy more stuff from you and owe you more money... because what can I buy for $100? That's how you make this up to me and keep my business? I'm no fool! So I had to cancel my order because they showed zero care for me and my business. I'm not paying for bad service. Buyer beware. Don't plan on getting your stuff when they promise it. Don't plan on them caring about you or if you are inconvenienced. It's all about them.
I had zero clue this company was so bad and had such awful reviews because I trusted if this place is good enough for celebrities to sell their stuff in their stores, then it was reputable. WRONG. Buyer beware. Read all the reviews. They aren't good.

Terrible customer service
I wish I could give 0 star. This was a terrible experience and I don't want other people to go through it. I purchased items over $500 which qualifies for free shipping. I get an email 3 weeks later that Living Spaces are ready for pick up at a local store. I tried to contact the local store but their phone number is not available online: found out it's the company's policy that they don't have local store numbers available for customers. So I called the centralized customer 1-877 number the wait time was 60 mins. I thought it was a mistake... 16 mins maybe? No it was 60mins and my call got cut off about 40 mins into it. At this time I was quite upset. Called second time and finally got a hold of someone. And they scheduled free delivery on a holiday. Now the items showed up on the date they said they would deliver? No, I called the centralized customer service line again and they said the items didn't get put on the truck and it will have to be rescheduled... and gave us another date with 7 hour window for delivery...

At this point I'm so upset about rearranging our family plan on holiday and just going through this poor customer service.

I do not recommend living space and I will never shop there again. This experience shows me how much they don't care about customers time and experience overall.

I tried to purchase 2 sofa's, received 1 sofa, and 5 months later still don't have the 2nd sofa. I have been lied to stating that the 2nd sofa was damaged on the delivery truck, when Living Spaces don't even have the sofa in stock. I understand with Covid there is difficulity, but this is the worst company I have ever dealt with. If you go to the web site and (type) speak with the pop up communication, they don't even relay any info to Living Spaces, it's a joke. Try calling and wait 45 min to 1 hour hold time! I have taken the day off waiting for delivery and no show no call! Just canceled my order and now I am stuck with 1 sofa, when I needed 2... Beyond fustrated! Just recommend going somewhere else to receive honest communication!

Poor quality, nonexistent customer service
Received a rug that was missing entire swatches of weave. Attempted to return using the online system, which did NOT work. The photos I uploaded were never received and trying to use the online chat resulted in nothing. Responses to hours or up to a day to receive (which when you think you are being connected to an actual person is insane) with no results. Lies about the process being initiated, multiple employees with multiple responses that did not match. Called the company, long waits on hold to be told it was my fault for not reporting the problem within 48 hours of delivery. Then I was asked to restart the online return process which I had already done multiple times as well as sending the photos directly to an employee through email response. Asked to speak to a manger, was told I would receive a return label. Never received the label l, and when I called again Living Spaces said the process for the return had never been started. Asked to speak to a manager again and was told none was available and they would call me back... I don't expect they will.
Also received a sofa table that is missing a screw, the drawers don't close unless you push so hard on the furniture that it moves. Do NOT waste your time or money with this company!

Cancelling order with full refund
This is re: Special Order. This order been delayed so much for over 2 months. Initially I was informed by Living Spaces at San Leonardo, CA store that order will be delayed 4-6 weeks. Then it was pushed out 6-8 weeks. Store doesn't know where in manufacturing process the order is, or if even process ever started. Living Spaces keep sending emails to vendor who never responded. I drove 2 hours to the store to file a complaint. They told me there is a recent backlog from vendor, which didn't make sense cause my order was placed 19JUL2020. When I wanted to cancel, they took 25% ''re-stocking fee'' although it is not mentioned about re-stocking fee in my purchase order or receipt. This is frustrating cause it is not my problem that your vendor doesn't have capacity to deliver on time. Living spaces should have known that and explicitly list that in the purchase order or receipt. I have asked for a full refund and I wasn't given that. I am filing a complaint through my attorney through Consumer Financial Protection Agency and filing a law suit against this misconduct from that company

Its sadly to write a review like this; living spaces is an incompetent store to buy your furniture.
We bought majority of our home furniture, and we are not satisfied. I tried reaching out to guest services for managers and Living Spaces keep making excuses that they are in meetings. When you call regarding a delivery you wait for 30 minutes to get to someone but if you choose the option to buy a new furniture they are very quick to answer. Let me cut it short, we bought a Lodge Otter couch, the sales person told us that it will take 3 weeks for our furniture to be delivered, we got it almost 2 months. When receiving the couch was damaged, we had to order a new couch took another 2 months to receive, today we got the couch and it was not the same color and had much more damage to it, there is a hole in the sides, scratches on the materials. I called 3 stores to get to a manager and no one available. This is ridiculous! You want a good quality couch buy from scandinavian designs, Z Galleria, Crate & Barrels, Wayfair, or even Costco! You will get better quality, furniture in a box, excellent customer service. You spend money these people are incompetent to do business with. We will never go back to buying anything from Living Spaces!

We ordered a couch and an accent chair, but when Living Spaces were delivered, we noticed a rip in the seam of the accent chair. We told them about the rip when we first noticed it, and they said they could fix it, but we would have to pay for labor. We explained that it's not our fault it was delivered like that, so eventually they gave us a $175 credit, but didn't tell us that it had an expiration date. We'd go in periodically to see if there was anything we liked within that price range, and didn't find anything. When we tried to use it this month and they were like, "oh yeah this expired 30 days after we gave you the credit." We NEVER even received any kind of confirmation, no email, not even instructions on HOW to redeem the credit. The manager was not understanding at all and they could not provide any proof that we were informed of the expiration date. At first he said he could give us a non-negotiable $50 credit, which he later somehow changed to a $75 credit because "we looked like a nice couple", which was really condescending. Overall, it was just such a a terrible experience. Every day the rip gets bigger even though no one sits in it now. The quality is awful and their customer service is even worse.

Living Spaces will tell you the item you ordered will take 2-3 weeks, just to make the sale and get your money. Then they won't follow up with you about your item at all. You'll call after 3 weeks and they will tell you something completely different on the phone and tell you this item will take 4-6 weeks to make. Even though you were told it was already made at the time of purchase. They'll blame the other person and Covid 19. Then after 8 weeks you will call back because no one who said they'd get back to you, actually got back to you. Then at 8 weeks they'll tell you this item is discontinued. You will not be receiving this item. You'll sit there wondering when they were going to reach out to you and tell you this, if you had not called, how much longer would your money of been held hostage? Living spaces takes your money by telling you lies to finalize the sale, for goods they do not have. They take your money to stay afloat as a business and can not follow through on what you've agreed on. The couch we bought is still being offered on their website exact color, model and fabric. They are still selling an item they do not have. It was the Charcoal Lodge. They are the Fyre festival of furniture stores.

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