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Contacted twice, still charged
I attempted to contact LiveCareer after my first negative experience with their services. I requested a refund for my previous charges and asked them to cancel my account. No refund came, but I continued to be charged for their monthly services. Several chats and emails later, the subscription to services I never agreed to continue have finally canceled, but LiveCareer have not told me they were issuing a refund for any of their charges. They just want your credit card info so they can continue to charge you and they make it incredibly difficult to cancel. STAY AWAY.

Fraud, Charged me 4 times only for 1 resume (96$)
Hi Team,
I have used live career for resume making on 21st Jan 2019 it cost me 2.95$.
After that I never used your site but my credit card has be billed 4 times after that (4* 24.95)$. Without any intimation that your subscription has started, this is absolutely fraud business model in terms of payment point of view, You should at least sent a mail for subscription start confirmation and each bill should be mailed as well.
Is this just a loophole or you guys are trying to exploit. Please think about it some one is making their resume on your site and your way of subscription is costing him 96$, Kindly process the refund and change your subscription model so that before monthly subscription will start you should take confirmation from user whether LiveCareer want to go ahead with this subscription or not.

Thieves. DO NOT USE these scam artists
I am so livid with these scammers! Save yourself the money and head ache and don't sign up for they're ongoing resume service that's not even a professional format. When you try to discontinue LiveCareer play dumb. When you dispute they're withdrawals they simply change something around from their point and pull it in a slightly different way. So far I've disputed 7 or 8 withdrawals. My bank said I'm going to have to close down my card when I get home from vacation and open a new one.

I'm usually a stickler for reviewing terms and conditions before I sign up for something and do not remember seeing anything about the hidden fees, but maybe the panic I was in from losing my resume caused me to be careless. After being charged $65 for failing to cancel my subscription, I called customer service and was ridiculed for being stupid enough to sign up for something without reading the fine print. Literally, the rep scolded me like I was a child. I certainly learned my lesson, but any "business" that aims to make their money hoping people don't read the fine print does not deserve your patronage and should be shut down. No wonder LiveCareer aren't accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Do not use this company.

Fraudulent Business Practices
I signed up for the trial and then started getting charged $39.80 a month. Now I'm being charged by Resumenow and LiveCareer which are the same. This last month I was charged 3 times for $39.80. The product is good but not for $120 a month. It took me a couple of months to figure out what was going on because the names were not the same. I am now trying customer service and that doesn't sound very encouraging. Stay away. There have to be more reputable sites out there.

Unacceptable duplicate and recurring charges
As for writing resumes, this template worked well. However, we experienced the same issue the prior reviewer experienced. Printing a resume resulted in recurring charges of $20.55 USD/month. Then, for some reason we were charged an additional $98.26 USD during that time period. We have been charged at total of $180.46 to PRINT a resume. I had a chat conversation with Rosa Arryoyo requesting to be reimbursed for the $98.26. As she repeatedly asked me numerous questions trying to extend a monthly charge, I explained I was late for a meeting and needed to resolve the issue immediately. Again, she persisted with the questions trying to retain my business. I finally had to tell her I had to drop the chat line due to being IN a meeting. She replied that she will reimburse me 1 of the $19.95 fees (not the $98.26 I was duplicate billed) and she had no choice but to close the chat. Disappointing! No choice but to notify the bank of fraudulent charges.

Great service with good intentions
LiveCareer's aim is to help us get work and LiveCareer are not an expensive service for doing so, so thank you, LiveCareer.

I thought I had a good CV but the LiveCareer service helped me improve it by a lot more and it was much simpler to use than any editing in MS Word, etc. The robo auto filler is a good idea that had a hit and miss success rate, but it was still very easy to just open two windows and copy and paste the relevant content from my LiveCareer account.

Customer service was amazing and very responsive to my requests.

In all, when I am back on the job market, I will definitely use their services again and appreciate that they are trying to automate a very tedious part of the modern online job search (filling information online on countless web pages) and doing so at a cheap price.

Let's see if I could rate this zero stars I would. Do not subscribe to this scam LiveCareer start charging 20 dollars over and over after you subscribe. When I called customer service the lady was nothing but rude and gave me a "one time courtesy" for my money back. I had to actually fight with her and continually ask for a supervisor. She even told me "be quiet you keep talking and talking I don't want to give you your money back" bunch of bull. AGAIN, DON'T SUBSCRIBE TO THEM.

All seemed well on the initial engagement. Fairly easy to use, looked ok, minor adjustments here and there- the wrong format but I could it edit myself.

I then logged back into finish it after hours of work on a resume/CV and cover letter. LiveCareer were nowhere to be found. I then was charged again but still no documents. I contacted their live chat and was told I had full access yet they specifically said in their agreement the documents would be available when I logged back in, nothing.

Then I got charged again. I contacted them trying to cancel the subscription and the live chat 'service' was horrific.

Firstly, I never authorised any further payments but they had saved my bank details. Then I was told I couldn't get a refund as their money-back guarantee only applied for the first 14 days during their trial. When I told them I didn't have access to the documents as they stated they said it was because I cancelled the account just now. I had already taken a video of the platform prior to the cancellation where no documents were there after investing not only my money but hours of time into the Resume/CV and cover letter.

Do yourself a favour ask a friend, or use another platform, they'll steal your money and provide you with nothing in return.

Subscription and Live chat support
Resume-now is an exceptionally well managed resume building website. Whatever your career be, you get a resume matching that. Search for different types of resumes, lots of custom build templates and resumes you can choose from. The website helps us to know with different types of resumes.

The live support is fantastic. LiveCareer are always trying to help you without any sales tactics. I had to close my subscription for few months and I contacted these guys with Live chat and within seconds, my refund was approved.

One of the best services offered for the price!
This service never fails to provide excellent services with such a user friendly website. For first time resume writers, or for someone who does not write many resumes, you wont have to with this service. You will most likely get the job with such a clean template, and if not, it saves everything on the website. I'm also a huge fan that LiveCareer do not spam my email 3 times a day like many services. I will recommend this service to everyone I know due to the great quality for prices.

LiveCareer cost me over 650 GBP, cancelled bank account, ruined credit score
LiveCareer took over £200 through direct debit that I wasn't aware of, till my account got cancelled and cost me £450 for overdraft while I was away traveling + ruined credit score.
All for uploading my CV
When I called for a refund LiveCareer refused "because there wasn't a recent month transaction" - due to my account been cancelled because of their drive to debit when I was away traveling.
Absolutely disgusting that a company like this can still exist stealing money from people bay by day.

Obviously, LIveCareer makes their $ off of people like myself who miss the fine print of the auto-renew feature after 14 days. Thank goodness, I caught the $40 fee when looking at my bank statement today. Great product if you cancel after 14 days. $40/month is a bit excessive after that. Customer Service helpful in cancelling quickly, but I'm still disappointed overall. LiveCareer, please read all of these low ratings, and adjust your marketing appropriately.

Gustavo was Great
Needed to find the info for my account (for my daughter's resume) after some time of not logging onto the site. Used Live Chat and Gustavo was my contact. It took several minutes - close to 30 for him to hunt down and locate my information because I only had very basic info available. I didn't even have the correct email address. He was very pleasant, diligent, and helpful throughout the process. And he found it and got me into my account with just a few questions and answers from me. :)

Live Career Services
As someone who has always struggled doing a resume this was the best and easiest Resume Builder I have ever used! Excellent website and customer service. I only canceled my service today because I found a position, the customer service rep was very professional an extremely polite! It took a very short amount of time and absolutely painless to cancel my subscription. Thank you so much for Live Career I have a job because of your website and would not hesitate to use it again!

My first ever cv
As a real technophobe as well as never having to provide a CV before, I was not looking forward to making one. However I should not have been concerned as I was walked through the process step by step. The prompts ensure nothing important is omitted. As a result I was able to upload my CV ( yes, I have learned how to do that too!) and print off for potential employers. I now have a new job and cancelling my subscription has been really easy. I would recommend My Perfect CV to anyone.

They steal money from us!
Not even a star! No stars. LiveCareer is a scam! My son paid $2 for an resume. Then LiveCareer started to charge my bank account since then. Tonight I found I was charged $39.8 and $1.19 international fee and looked suspicious. Then I tracked back and found I have been charging $39.8 and $1.19 every month since last May, almost $450! Are they going to charge me the rest of my life? I am going to make a mission to tell everybody about this scam and to get my money back.

Handling my cancellation
I am a retiree living on a fixed income who clicked on the LiveCareer website. Not paying close attention to the auto renew terms for the 14-day trial period, I took advantage of certain services. When confronted by the renewal charge, I called the company and spoke with Lenny (Badge #418). He was super professional, credited back my full registration fee and proceeded to offer me access to the website for a modest continuing fee. I accepted but also acquired the cancellation date in the future to stop all future charges if I chose. All in all, the experience was highlighted by the knowledge and professionalism of Lenny. I would highly recommend this website for the job seeker.

They charge you with out any notice
I just got to this site and just thought of trying it for 7 days, after i forgot to remove my subscription and LiveCareer charged me 19 dollar and they didn't send me a receipt, i came to know only when i checked my credit card bill. After that i unsubscribed and never used there service they didn't charge me for next three months. Again suddenly they started charging me 3 dollar, with even informing me and i came to know only when i checked my credit card bill. When i called the customer service, they are not agreeing this.

Resume Review Service is a Scam
Paid for the resume review service, expecting I might get some personalized feedback. This was not the case. The resume 'review' was simply a few sections of stock information that was barely if at all customized to my resume. Things like, use action words, "When it comes to bullet statements, hiring managers want to be able to easily see how you have benefited your previous employers" - all of which did not apply to my resume... A total waste of time and money.

Scam, worst experience, and rude customer service
I was building a resume on their site as it suggestion plan $1.95 access 14 days on march. It turns out that doing this automatically signs you up for a membership that charges you $40 per month, and 80$ for two month... for absolutely nothing. When i found out, and contacted them I received no offer for a refund, and cut off your call - so rude, this is the worst experience i ever had. LiveCareer don't care about customer service, since you in their trap, they don't care.

Superb Customer Service
Excellent service. Caring customer service reps, that understands the importance of a resume to obtain a job. Reps like"Adriel" who will go out of his way to provided with superb service is un heard of in these days. No machine, can replace actual interaction with a human person, that actually cares, and well represents their company. I highly recommend "My Perfect Resume " for its resources and quality train customer service reps. Indeed their services match your personality, what can be more "Perfect Then That ".

With gratitude,


Customer Service Review
I was not pleased when I was tricked into paying for the "Free" Perfect Cover Letter and had to subscribe to a membership in order to print out the cover Letter that I created for my husband. I also was not happy that my membership was not cancelled within the 14 days and I was charged another $24.95 fee. I was happy with the wonderful gentleman that helped me cancel my membership to avoid another $24.95 monthly fee in the future. Thank You my Vineland Brother!

Avoid at all costs!
Absolute scammers, even if you only pay for a single transaction with them, once LiveCareer have your card details they will involuntarily opt you into their monthly subscription plan of £13.50 every 28 days and will continually change their vendor i. D to circumvent you stopping payment aurthorisation with your card issuer. When challenged, they deny you have an account with them and then wont respond!

Oh, and they claim, unlawfully, that you automatically agree to their terms and conditions because you visited their website even though they don't make you implicitly aware.

Avoid at all costs unless you like being financially exploited!

Rejoining after 4 years
I called and spoke with a very helpful, diligent rep by the name of Michael Rivera. I had a hard time online finding a way to enroll for a monthly plan. He advised me that I could enroll for a 14 day trial period which would cost me only $1.95, then after I could roll right into a month to month membership. I've used this product in the past and find this site to be one of the best resume builder sites out there. There are so many templates to choose from and the assistance with creating professional bullet points is so very helpful. Customer service was terrific and guided me to where I needed to go. Thank you!

I loved the customer service
Miss Grijalba was by far the best customer support I've ever talked to within my years of battling customer services across various companies. I highly recommend this support tech to any one. Quick, very kind, helpful, and a terrific problem solver. This website is very helpful even to those simple minded people such as myself when it comes to creating a resume. Very simple to use as well as helpful when choosing the right type of words to add onto your resume. 10/10

My wife needed a site to make a resume and this site...
My wife needed a site to make a resume and this site was free so we thought.
1st LiveCareer get you at the download your resume for $1.95. I had a bad feeling when giving my credit card info and I was right. Several days later they billed $39.95 for I still don't know what. Something we never agreed to or wanted and if known was coming would have stopped it.
10/21/2014 Addendum - Since I have posted this review Livecareer has made everything right. They were very helpful and I want to thank them for having good customer service.

Professional Education resume~~ formatting
Alexis worked with me on my professional resume, on the phone, for over an hour. ~Somehow, the resume I created on MyPerfectResume, had large gaps in some parts of the resume. Alexis was very patient, reformatted the whole thing to my satisfaction~~even reducing my resume from 3 to 2 pages! He also sent me a finished copy of my finished resume to my email! I wish just my family members could be so patient! Thank you very much... as I have used your service for several years :)

Scam, Scam, Scam; Stay away from the trial
Recently noticed charges on a credit card I almost never use dating back 10 months for this company I barely recall. It was not clear (in spite of customer service rep I talked to) that this was auto-renew. Customer Service basically said: screw you. Taking it up with the CC company as only recourse. Can't wait to have the Anna B. Bot tell me how sorry she is for my experience. In spite of what she'll say, I never authorized auto-renewal. Stay away from this scam!

Note all the fake 5-star reviews...
Note all the fake 5-star review - LIveCareer is trying so hard to cover themselves.
Look, there are MANY resume builders out there. I wasted my entire morning with this one - billed as a "free" builder - but went to print and charged $1.95. The (hidden) charge would have been fine, but then **the formatting and font CHANGED** when I saved the resume to either Word or PDF. I was advised to save to RTF (that didn't work either - the formatting got completely screwed up)
Do yourself a favor and choose any one of the other dozens of Resume builders out there - you'll be so glad you did.

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