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• Oct 16, 2023

Stay clear of this company!
Very terrible customer service. Been waiting almost a month just to get set up as a customer despite needing medical supplies. Whenever I call for a status update I get caught in a phone loop being transferred to various departments multiple times. Highly discourage anybody from using this company.

Worst medical supply company EVER
I moved states and Lincare wasn't smart enough to change where LinCare submitted bills from - and they were denied by Blue Cross/Blue Shield (BCBS). I (mistake) tried to HELP Lincare by asking BCBS to contact Lincare - which they did, forwarding me what they'd told them and even the contact person. A month later, I get a very long bill with charges over 13 months old! (BTW, I had always paid promptly, so never a problem on my end). Bill did not show any of my payments. Discussion with them said to send photos of the cancelled checks - which I did. No response. Then every 2 weeks, a new call requesting payment with no knowledge (obviously they don't put anything in their files). Bottom line: after many of these calls and several letters threatening me with collection (and my numerous phone calls, each time having to explain the same information again), I flied a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Lincare has continued to ignore me and did not respond to BBB in the allotted time. I can't understand how they can be in business: NO ONE is willing to address concerns, NO CORRESPONDENCE to any of my written requests and NO RECORD IN MY FILE saying there is a problem (so the poor collection people don't know what they're in for when they call me). AVOID AT ALL COSTS. I wish I received minimum wage for all the hours this has already taken with no end in sight!

Unable to deliver ordinary product support despite high fees
Lincare is one of several providers of health-related services. The office providing me with service, in Latham, NY, has proven unable to provide the services for which LinCare have contracted in an orderly, effective and efficient way. They appear unwilling to adopt ordinary best practices to deliver relatively simple services, for which they are very well compensated -- by me, by my health insurance provider and by Medicare. Here's why.

I have COPD, and rely on supplemental oxygen, supplied oxygen concentrators (devices that remove nitrogen from air, passing along only the oxygen; this is better alternative than bottled oxygen for many reasons). This entails providing two machines, one for use in the house and one that is portable, runs on rechargable batteries.

The external battery for my portable concentrator has been showing problems for the last six months. I would come back from using the system, put the external battery in its charger and it would not immediately begin charging. I reported this to Lincare, and the firm eventually ordered a replacement -- this took over six weeks, as I recall. When it arrived, a delivery person arranged to bring it by.

Lincare had ordered the wrong battery. It could not be used with my machine.

The delivery person took the wrong battery back, promising to order the correct battery.

I heard nothing further from Lincare through the rest of the summer. But, as cooler weather set in, the battery seemed to revert to normal behavior. When Lincare eventually did call, to arrange delivery of what one assumes was the correct battery, I reported the new situation, and Lincare cancelled the new battery.

Just a day ago, I discovered the external battery has failed definitively. Half the cells are not charging, and the battery-failure signal on the charger correctly reports this.

I called Lincare again. They do not keep parts in stock and claim they cannot get a replacement battery from the maker in less than several weeks. [Other companies selling this same product claim to deliver in days.] Lincare's offer: They would provide oxygen in tanks — one assumes, with one or another home fill-er-up strategy until the local staff got its act together to get the requisite battery.

Oxygen in tanks is obsolete technology. One cannot travel with it: Airlines do not allow it; Amtrak makes it difficult, and in any case, one cannot carry sufficient for, e.g., a trip to town. Driving down to the city is also out; that's a six-hour round trip plus time on site and two tanks fully charged will not last half that long. In the next couple weeks, I have two long-ish trips to make and a meeting to attend and tickets to the ballet. Bottled oxygen is inadequate for any of this.

More to the point, it is not what I am paying for.

Incompetent or Scammers? Which?
This is the worst bunch of charlatans, lazy liars and con artists I have come across in all my 89 years. LinCare delivered a defective monitor of blood coagulation to me and have since refused to take it back, even though I did what they told me to do to determine whether it is defective or not. (I went to Columbia Heart Hospital (Prism) and had blood taken from my arm and the resultant coagulation time compared to their monitor (the comparison was supervised by Molly, the pharmacist at the hospital) and the results were drastically different, with the result from the Lincare monitor being clearly wrong.) I called Lincare every day for over 2 weeks since then to have someone pick it up. I did not want a replacement since by that time I had no confidence in the company. (The person they sent initially to help me learn how to use it did not himself know how to use it.) All I wanted was for them to pick it up, as I was disgusted with them. (My intention was to go to the hospital each month and have the test done there rather than to deal with Lincare.) For over 2 weeks they gave me a run around, making promises and not fulfilling them. I never was able to speak to the same person twice, (when I could get a person to speak to) and with each new person I had to explain the matter over again. Each new person would make promises that would evaporate into nothing. In the meantime the company was pulling dollars from my insurance company.

LinCare Rips Off Disabled People
My doctor prescribed a home unit for me about 9 years ago. It was so noisy, we could barely hear the tv or radio. LinCare also gave me refillable cannisters with regulators to travel with, and they were inconvenient from day one. NO ONE at LinCare even suggested a rechargable portable unit... I had to research it myself. After the old red tape crap, they sent me a portable unit. The thing would shut down if I set it on 4 or more liters per minute... and LinCare told me that I was responsible for sending the unit back, and wouldn't give me a replacement unit. I don't know how many times I told the techs (if you want to call them that) about the portable unit problem... and to top it off, they NEVER cleaned the inside or inspected the home unit... even though I started to get a dark substance in my breathing tube. I looked at past billings, and in the last 9 years, I paid over $6,000 in co-payments, and my insurance paid OVER $10,000... 3X the amount that NEW units would cost! My new insurance company will not purchase the units for me, even after I told them what I paid... but they will cover out -of - pocket expenses toward my total deductible if I did. Today was a great day... after calling their billing office, and telling LinCare where to stick their machines, I promptly called their service manager, and repeated the message to him. I now OWN two very quiet, clean and properly operating oxygen concentrators. GOOD RIDDANCE TO ONE OF THE MOST GREEDY, AND POORLY RUN companies that TAKES ADVANTAGE OF DISABLED PEOPLE.

Horror show from begining to end!
For two years I have been going through Hell with this co. It was first recommended by the MGH a prestigious hospital in Boston! LinCare are totally incompetent. Do not use them ever. I thought after even speaking with supervisors at MGH and women at the office repeatedly I could maybe work with them as I am a reasonable man and willing to give people a chance it all came to naught- in fact matters got worse: My wife needed O2 deliveries and when I called they were hardly ever on the same day they said- they would even confirm the man was coming and he would come two days later only after my intervention several times. They wanted to push it off for another week I explained this is Oxygen, not pizza delivery! Over the two year period I have developed a heart condition keeping everything about lincar from my wife who was critical. She died this week!
I called Lincar and asked to have the equipment picked up- which equip. Was only gotten with great stress and in shabby condition and had to be replaced ( the oxygen machine which sounded like a machine shopwhen running). Well, a man came I waited for three days and whe he came he could not fit he equip. On his truck and had to call for help! I had told two girls about every item needed to be returned! So in all, forget this co. I am calling several lawyers for the stress which may have contributed to my heart condition Sincerely Mr. T. in Melrose Ma Thank you all..

No regard for patient care
This company is actually owned and operated by Lincare. I do not recommend Lincare. I'd look for another provider immediately! I've dealt with this company for years. Very seldom have there been good experiences. The good only comes from a handful of employees that have the best intentions. Unfortunately, corporate will still do what LinCare want, even at the cost of patient care. Most of the time, there are supply issues. However, my biggest complaint is the oxygen service is horrible. Roosevelt and Derrick are wonderful, but the rest of the delivery drivers have poor people skills and they really don't want to do the job. Heaven forbid, trying to get oxygen on the weekend. Its like pulling teeth to get a delivery.

My recent complaint is that this company will let the patient go without oxygen, period! We're currently dealing with a weather event that creates a great deal of problems with oxygen delivery. That's understandable, but this company doesn't take any precautions before a winter storm to avoid service issues. Heaven forbid, there is a winter storm, this company will tell you your out of luck. The service manager, point blank told me that oxygen delivery isn't their problem and the patient can do without or find some other way to get the oxygen. If that's the case, why does this company provide a medically necessary service?

Go somewhere else or deal with the nightmare.

The worst healthcare provider around
Well where do we begin. This company was a joke from the very beginning. My husband had a sleep apnea test done and the only good thing that came out of this was that he doesn't have this disorder. However, he does have oxygen at night when he sleeps. Well, the doctor sent the order over to this company at the beginning of December and it took this people over 3 weeks to contact us regarding a night test that my husband need to do to see if he qualified for the oxygen at night. Well, won't anybody say that he qualifies when the dr sends over an order to this company stating that he needs it. Well, LinCare this lovely people, NOT, contacted us to set up a delivery time for this equipment, for the night test, to be on a Friday between the hours of 10-2. Well my husband sat around the house waiting and he called this company at noon,. They stated that they would actually be there between 3P-5P. THAT WAS A LIE. The guy that was suppose to deliver called my husband at 7PM, remember they were suppose to be there first at 10-2 then it was 3-5, and stated that he would not be coming by that night. This was a huge inconvience especially for somebody that works 6 days a week and cannot wait around the house on his one day off for a company that does not follow thru with what they say. These people finally showed up on a Tuesday morning, without telling us, and dropped this testing equipment off. Then they came by the next day to pick it up. At that point, they stated that they would run the test and see if he qualified. After this another 3 weeks went by and we had to call this company to get the results. Right there is wrong. This company is the one that required this test to be done, but the patient has to do all the leg work. They informed my husband that it was his job not theirs, to contact the doctors office to let them know the results. Right here, I was so pissed off a this company. Once we got this done, it was another 4 weeks before anything was done about it. At this point we were informed by the doctors office that the equipment that my husband was needing would not be covered and it would cost us $125.00 a month out of pocket. Well they are wrong again. I contacted the insurance company, United Health Care, and per them the equipment that was needed was indeed covered. So I wonder who was going to pocket the cash- going from our wallet to theirs. This right is a BIG RED flag. When I was talking to the insurance company, they were also talking to a representative at Lincare and they turned around and stated that my husband never took the night test and it was going to expire the next day. I would think that this company (LIncare) should have contacted us regarding this issue and to let us know; oh wait, this test was preformed 1 month prior-just more money for this company to take from the insurance company or the patient. It didn't take long for myself to decide to go with another supplier. I believe this company is nothing but a money sucking company that doesn't care about any patient or insurance company. The location that we were going thru was in Loves Park, IL!

I had another instance but it was my mother. She found out she had sleep apnea and she went thru Lincare, because that is who was in network with her insurance company. She went thru so many masks because this company could not figure out how to fit her properly with the correct one. So after not sleeping for about 3 months, she decided she wasn't going to use it any more. She took it back to the location in Ottawa, IL- Then after she did that, she was get EOB's from her insurance company it was showing that they were still charging the insurance company for the equipment that she had gave back to them months earlier. It came down to her threatening them that if they continued billing the insurance company, that she was going to turn them in and they would have to pay it all back. Surprise, it had stopped and she never got billed.

Sevierville, TN office is Scum!
Stay away from them!

If I could rate 0 stars I would.

LinCare are incompetent and cannot listen to anything anyone tells them. They enter insurance information in wrong and cannot get the correct doctors down that they list for things. They state they go by "Medicare Guidelines," but are too stupid to listen to the patient when the patient tells them they already got the correct documentation ready for when the process started with Medicare to begin with and is the reason you are being sent to them. If you want to be screwed in the butt by these people, then go with them. If you want actual assistance then go with other people. Believe me, they filed the wrong insurances and for the wrong doctors. They will not approve you if they deem so unfit when medicare already approved you themselves.

Their brain cells makes me wonder how they have made it this far in life.

Also if you call and receive a person named Amanda, be prepared to listen to her whine and try to argue with you on your medical information and history. Took over 2 weeks to hear something back from them, we called and she made excuses. You have to keep on them, or they won't do their jobs. We told her to contact the doctor to obtain the information that we already had that they "needed" and refused to do so calling back 5 minutes later stating they just wouldn't approve what was needed.

Cow manure is smarter than they are.

Lincare sent me a bill on Jan 8. This was over 3 months after I got the CPAP machine (in August) LinCare had not yet submitted this to insurance. I called them and was told that they needed info from my Doctor so the cpap/humidifier could be billed correctly to insurance. I told them that they had all the info they needed to do this as I had to give them this info before they even allowed to pick up my machine in August. I then asked them If they needed more info why did they not try to contact me? No answer for this very easy question! This was what the billing office was telling me. They referred me to the local office where I picked up the machine and Steve at the local office in Omaha told me that billing had everything they needed to submit to insurance. Steve said he would take care of this and make sure that billing got their info. He has not idea why they would tell me this. They also want to rent me the machine. I told them that I wished them to submit this to insurance as a purchase. Based upon my past experience with Lincare I do not hold out much hope that this will be taken care of. They never return phone calls and you are always on hold for at least 20 minutes. The above issue resulted in me being on the phone with them for over 1 hour. Most of this time was being on hold. Needless to say they will not get a penny from me until this gets fixed!

Horrific customer service
I have been trying to aquire a rollator from Limcare of Newburgh NY for the past 2-3 months and it has been a nightmare. I was asked to have my doctor send a prescription for this rollator which LinCare did immediately. Rita at Lincare said they received the prescription and said it should not take long. A couple of weeks went by and I called their office and started to get the run around. After a month's time I was asked to have my doctor send a certificate of medical necessity which they complied with. This went on and on with delays and no contact from Lincare. After many calls to their office I finally spoke to Rita and she seemed confused about what equipment I needed and sent out a regular walker instead of a rollator. I finally got a rollator delivered and it did not fit my needs as it was too small. I called them and Rita said she will check with her manager and call me back. I did not recive any call back and I have to call the office. I was told that they only have this one model and cannot order any other. I also called their corporate office twice with no call back as well. I called a third time and asked for a, manager who did call me yesterday and offered to see if they can maybe order a differwnt rollator but by this time I have made other arrangements. I also returned the unwanted rollator yesterday to their driver and he had no paperwork to give us that we returned it and asked my wife to take a cell phone photo of his paperwork. Very unprofessional! Do not deal with Lincare!

Incompetent, Rude, Lazy, Liars
Most incompetent, lazy and rude company I have ever had the displeasure of working with. I was diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea in November and have been trying to get a C-PAP machine. It is now December 29 and Lincare has still not sent the order to be authorized through my insurance- even after calling them WITH my insurance agency reps twice and having my insurance agency representative give them exact instructions on what to do and how to even get the authorization expedited. Today, Jennifer hung up on me after not allowing me to speak to her boss and telling me that Mellissa (who is supposed to be working my claim) sent the authorization in on the 18th. I know that is not accurate information, because I called the authorization department of my insurance company this morning and LinCare had no record of the request.
When I called the corporate number to report the unresolved issue, Chris decided to defend Melissa and try to tell me that I had called customer service at my insurance company and that was why they didn't know the authorization had been sent over- unfortunately for Chris, my insurance company is actually on the ball and when I called customer service, they called the authorization department to check and gave me the number to follow up with.

Now thanks to the extraordinary incompetence showed by the Springfield Lincare team, not only am I still suffering and unable to get good rest, my bill will likely not hit until the new year and I'll have to pay out of pocket for it instead of having it hit when I had already paid my out of pocket maximums.

Customer Service is so bad
Oh how I wish I had read all of these before I signed on with Lincare 4 weeks ago. I am in need of just a couple new supplies now for my cpap. I did my intake at the office in Hermon. LinCare all were very nice. Different story now. My supplies apparently come from Florida. Order was placed as should be I called it was past when I should have received it. Bottom line no one could find the order then I was told it was back ordered on and on. No one had any answers for me. I could not believe it was the same folks I met in the Hermon office. First time I called was not too bad. They were going to call back after they checked into my situation. Did not hear back so I called. I was treated so rude and I am not kidding. No customer service at all. Actually very $#*!y and no answers I will get my stuff when I do. She could not answer for florida! I felt like an idiot. At least made to feel that way. Another time I called about? A leakage in my hose. Don't do that. That person had the same $#*!y undertone about her as the others. I am so very disappointed. I went to them after a recommendation from someone else. I just left another place previously for all the same reasons. Also I am getting billed for supplies I have not even seen yet if I get them at all. Now it looks as though I may have to hit the road again for another place. What is wrong with people?

Mistakes at every single step
I expected poor service in my small town office because of lack of a decent labor pool, though the local office says the larger city office LinCare work under is worse. The "office manager" was so unprofessional and quite mean to the respiratory therapist that i ended up buying the poor lady lunch because I felt so bad for her to work in that environment. ( she had to come to my restaurant to correct a mistake... which was nice on her part).
Had to take my machine in twice so they could confirm what i was using. When time to reorder the person at the national level had no ides what i needed. I told her the correct machine. Still had to tell her my machine only had one filter and not black. She assured me she found the correct info. Still received wrong filter... and good thing i refused auto order because they would have sent me everything that i didn't need for 6 months and for wrong machine at that
Billing has been wrong, coded wrong etc both times. Though corrections have been easy... as if they are used to making alot of corrections on a regular basis.
Overall, started the process of switching to them end of January finalized in August. Some due. To my schedule but a lot i hear that local doctors won't to out of their way to cooperate with the local office because of bad experiences and their ineptness. I really don't want to order more from lincare. But stuck until January

Ontario Oregon office & financial asst if crap!
I filled out a financial assistance form days before I ever picked up the concentrator believing it was getting processed. Picked up machine & paid over $100 as the Ontario OR office told me. I was told that would carry through for a while because I would get at least 30%-60% assistance. I get a bill I I call billing & my application not processed yet. Get another letter saying LinCare need my debt card info, I tell them I can't just have them charge my card whatever amount I have to know what amount I have to pay & the amt of financial asst I have. They tell me they can't process the app without the card info. I talk to the Ontario office & they were to talk to the corp office to get app processed without card info. I never hear from Ontario office, I call Florida corp office was told fin app was stopped because the machine was taken back. Ontario told me they only give equipment to the patients, but the corp office says they stopped app process. Call corp & Dennis says Ontario has to explain why process was stopped and only they can request a hold on billing. Now all the sudden Ontario OR office has all the power. I have informed my care provider to NEVER, NEVER use Lincare for patients. They never call back, don't follow through with issues and pass the buck like no other. I went to NORCO(where I should have went in the first place) & I received my new machine from them & didn't have to give a debt card or PAY ANY MONEY THAT DAY. I filled out the financial app & left with my machine in less than 30 minutes. GO TO NORCO never Lincare-what a joke.

Heartless and exploitative to Medicare patients.
I was forced to remain in the hospital an additional day because LinCare was haggling over accepting my Medicare status and it would be two weeks before LinCare made deliveries in my area. If I hadn't ramrodded things the next day, I would not have been discharged then. I was given an old, obsolete, continuous flow oxygen regulator that depletes the oxygen tanks super fast. LinCare made me jump through hurdles to get a "conserving device regulator". I had to get Dr's orders and drive 35+ miles to their office, do the sidewalk oxygen saturation stress walk, wait a half hour to eventually qualify.
They mislead and withheld information on the availability and qualifications to receive a portable oxygen concentrator. I asked why the indefinite wait was so long to get one. I was told: "Because everyone wants one." My rebuttal to their specious reasoning was: "Everybody wants food and gasoline, but you don't stand in line for it." The bottom line here is that they do not want to deal with portable oxygen concentrators. Period! It is the Money!
Their billing appears to be either a scam or complete incompetence. For 6 months they have billed me for a charge that the secondary insurance covers. When I call billing, they say: "Don't pay it we'll bill the secondary insurance." Their last excuse was that the hurricane in Florida shut down the Billing Department; so they wouldn't be able to guarantee an immediate adjustment. They obviously guarantee scam dunning letters to the patient in spite of the hurricane.
If I could divorce this scabrous supplier, if I could in a millisecond. They are a Medicare scam. My previous supplier was 1.3 miles from my home, was available 24/7 and had a pulmonary therapist on staff (on call). LinCare is a 45 minute drive, delivers every two weeks, has untrained personnel that dispense a mishmash of old salvaged oxygen equipment without and verbal or written instructions on proper use. You will be told anything to get you off the phone. I have been referred to the Medicare ombudsman to let them know how our tax dollars are being used to provide worse than slipshod patient service. If you are on Medicare and can't get the decent service needed, use the site below or call Medicare.,

This company should be shut down by the government
I have sleep apnea and received my equipment and supplies in the State of Pennsylvania where I maintained my primary residence. I had absolutely no problem with the Pennsylvania provider and my supplies where always delivered in a timely fashion. When I became a Florida resident I was told that I had to switch to a Florida provider in order to be insured under my Medicare and Supplemental insurance coverage. I randomly chose LinCare to provide the equipment. BIG MISTAKE. I initiated the process in March 2018 and complied with every requirement necessary to obtain the equipment from LinCare's Delray Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida office. The process started in March. I am writing this review on July 24,2018 and still have not received my supplies. Every time I called the Delray Office and spoke to the Center Manager I got a different story. I was told on July 11, several months after initiating contact with the Delray Office, that the supplies had arrived and would be shipped the following week. Nothing arrived and I received no notifications. On July 20,2018 I contacted the "I Care Team" at Lincare and a representative of that department called the Delray Office and I was told that the equipment was not shipped because the supplies had not all been received but that LinCare were now in the Delray office and that they would be shipped on Monday, July 23,2018 and that I would receive a phone call with the tracking number. No phone call was received on Monday and I called back the "I Care Team" for a third time. Ironically, the recorded message on the hold message from Lincare says to be sure to treat your sleep apnea to get a good nights sleep and to avoid anxiety and other problems. I have not had replacement equipment for more than 3 months and don't know if they will ever resolve this. I have spent an inordinate amount of time on this with trips to my doctors office to compile records for submittal, phone calls with long hold times, totally inconsistent information from LinCare offices. Avoid this company if you can. What is inconceivable, there must be thousand of sleep apnea patients in south Florida and yet my generic order has not been filled. Stay healthy by avoiding LinCare.

Worst billing staff I've ever dealt with
04/2018 Doctor orders CPAP
04/2018 LinCare fills order for CPAP
11/2018 Most recent doctor visit
04/2018 through 01/2019 LinCare bills insurance and fills orders for supplies, without issue
01/2019 My Employer retiree Medicare supplemental plan changes, I notify LinCare. LinCare demands that I see my doctor to continue service because of this change. My doctor will not schedule a visit without need. My insurance doesn't require a visit. I advise LinCare of this, LinCare now claim that Medicare needs me to visit due to my PPO changing. I inquire with Medicare, they inform me that neither do they need me to see my doctor, nor would they unless it had been more than a year since my last doctor visit or there was no certificate of medical need. There is a certificate on file with LinCare.
02/2019 LinCare now states that they will not submit bills to my insurance because they don't think they will be paid. I tell them that I will no longer so business with them, have someone call me to schedule a pick up for their device
03/2019 A representative from LinCare shows up at my house, unannounced, to pick up device. I buy my own device, outright, from ApriaDirect. No more issue.

This is after an incident in 2016 with LinCare where they filled a prescription for a $100 Tems unit, then started billing me $10 per month When I called them to inform that I already paid the co-pay, they told me that it was a rental I sent the unit back and they continued to bill me for six months

Questionable billing practices
I was fortunate enough not to require CPAP any longer. I returned my equipment on Oct 4,2017. After the return I received a small invoice for charges, after insurance, for Aug and Sept 2017. This invoice was paid. In early Dec 2017 I received a box of supplies. I contact them and returned the supplies to their office. Two weeks later I received a bill for these supplies. I called and was told that "it probably hasn't been processed yet but should be correct by January". In January I got another invoice for the same amount and a day or two later a threatening letter to pay them the $10 or else. I called again and was told not to worry that the credit has been processed. I then asked, "so my account is zero?". No you have a balance of $60. I asked for what and was told these were charges from November 2016. I replied, "you mean 2017?". No LinCare are from 2016. This is 2018, so they are 1 1/2 years behind on billing. Gets better: a February bill arrived for the same $10 that was supposed to have been credited to my account. Two days later another invoice arrived for $60, that was Saturday. On Monday I received another threatening letter telling me that I had to pay $60 immediately before they send me to collections also stating that I have been contacted many times?!?!?!? If I had not called them, there would have been no contact at all. I am typing this while on hold, so far for about 45 minutes.

One of the worst companies I have ever dealt with. The left hand has absolutely no clue what the right hand is doing.

Poor Followup, Poor Service
I have been a Lincare patient for over two years now. When originally setup with my CPAP unit there was poor instruction on accessing the Lincare online system to view the CPAP records that were being logged (unit seal, sleep time, etc.). My unit failed within the first year and a replacement took weeks to get. Although a loaner unit was provided, it was on its last leg and was very noisy. Most recently the supplies that I was receiving regularly all of a sudden quit coming in. I called my local Lincare center and was referred to the Lincare CPAP national 1-800 number. It took four days to get through due to the recent Hurricane Irma in Florida, and when I finally got through (today) I was instructed that my 'local Lincare service center had placed a hold on my CPAP supplies subscription". Soooooo... I called my local Lincare center back up and after sitting on hold for quite a while a service assistant returned to explain that "this is ridiculous, it appears that corporate has an inquiry into continuation of supplies and it has not been responded to... we will get that in for you today". Ridiculous is right. What is ridiculous is the service provided by my lo zl Lincare center. I received a survey in the mail a few weeks back and let them know my frustrations. As of this date I have had no response from a Lincare representative other than this exchange today regarding lack of regular supplies being made available. At least LinCare offered to let me pick up a mask/pillow today since mine is leaking... that is 'if we have one'...

If zero stars were available I'd go with that
Approximately one year ago my account for CPAP supplies with Home Health was "sold" to LinCare. I was with Home Health since 2013. When I ordered supplies from Home Health LinCare were in my hands within two days almost every time and for sure in three days.
Since the account change I have ordered supplies twice from Lin Care. The first time took nearly three months as I called a few weeks after the initial order and was told they had no order on file. This happened twice = about 1.5 months of waiting. The third time I called to "re-order for the lost order" I was actually sent some supplies 2 weeks later. The order was not the supplies I had requested and I managed to take them to the local store and exchange them. I thought the whole thing was probably just confusion caused by the transfer of the account.

I guess I was wrong as about five weeks ago I re-ordered. Again, after waiting two weeks, I called to check on the order. This time I was told there was an issue with my prescription needing to be renewed. As I was told that, I had a copy of my prescription in my hand I had gotten from the local store. It stated that prescription was good for 99 years. After trying to get someone to tell me why a new prescription was needed and getting no answer, I finally agreed to waiting two more weeks while that prescription was received by Lin Care.

Again, I waited 2 weeks + a few days before calling to check on my order. Again, I was told there was no order on file. I reordered again and am now waiting ten days for the order to be filled (that's two more weeks so we're looking at over two months I've been waiting on this latest order.

I have no understanding of what the issue is in spite of spending several hours on the phone with the representatives of this company. I don't have high hopes at this point.

Find a different company for oxygen supplies.
I've been a patient there for about 4yrs. At first I liked it. About 6mnths in that changed. I lived upstairs and I asked that LinCare call when they got there because my doorbell didn't work. I had to constantly go to the office to exchange my tanks. When I saw how they treated patients it made sense that they had new drivers constantly. I was just prescribed a nebulizer and was told they'd deliver it this past Monday. The driver brought my tanks but he had no idea about bringing a nebulizer. I called on Tuesday and asked if my boyfriend could pick it up on his way home from work and was told sure no problem we'll have it ready to go. I called to get their address and when I told them he would be there around 4pm I was told he couldn't pick it up unless he was my power of attorney for healthcare. When I asked why she didn't say that yesterday when I told her he was coming and she said I figured you'd know that. What?! How would I know that? She then says I can bring it on Monday. I'm having a major operation on Wed and the whole reason they have me using a nebulizer is to have my lungs in as good of shape as possible so I don't have to be on a ventilator any longer than necessary. I've decided when I get home from the hospital in a couple weeks I am changing my oxygen provider. If you haven't chosen one yet PLEASE Don't choose Lincare! You'll thank me later

SinCare Strangling Liquid Oxygen Patients
After putting me through unmitigated Hell over my liquid O2 prescription(LinCare refused to honor my primary care MD's O2 RX, my cardiologist's O2 RX& finally, when my pulmonologist wrote me an RX for O2 & included my O2 reading of 86-LinCare abruptly informed me LinCare no longer took my insurance!(I think they were actually hoping i couldn't produce the right readings; when i did, they dropped my insurance!)They then tossed a deaf lady on O2 a post it with the number of a company that didn't even HAVE liquid O2!
Legally they're supposed to set you up with someone,& NOT to change your RX. When they hadn't done that, I ended up with NO O2! They contemptuosly threw an O2 concentrator in the door(for which a friend had to write a check as they no longer accepted my insurance. Within 10 minutes I was violently ill. When my crying mother called them they callously replied"everyone gets sick when they lose their liquid O2!"-they then assured her I would "adjustc. I didn't & I haven't.
My pulmonologist's office told me to go to the ER when I described my symptoms. I explained that I was extremely reluctant to do that, as cancer treatment destroyed my immune system,& I feared hospital acquired infections(I have a history of such)
I finally was able to stop my heart from racing,& my air hunger by hooking up to the O2 death box & canned backup bottles. Even that wasn't adequate; I am still confused, dizzy, my vision is blurred,& I keep waking gasping for breath. Havent had a decent nights sleep since SinCare snatched my liquid O2 tanks. Apparently we all get so sick because liquid O2 is denser than O2 from bottles or O2 machines. That means each breath draws in more oxygen; up to FOUR TIMES more! So when our oxygen is cut by 3/4, we choke; theres no way to "adjust"to suffocation!
LinCare, being respiratory specialists, know EXACTLY what they're doing to patients. They just don't CARE!
This is being done because they want to discontinue liquid O2. By refusing to accept our insurance, LinCare knows most of us can't pay $1100 a month for liquid O2(considering that their parent company, Linde MAKES the oxygen they sell, I doubt LinCare pays much for it!)
This is about not wanting to pay the extra insurance fees to transport liquid O2, costs to train drivers to handle it,& to maintain the specialized equipment.
LinCare has over 1,000 locations in the USA,& just bought Home Patient HealthCare. LinCare is making money hand over fist on the huge aging Baby Boomer market, which isn't as healthy as their parents were.The lousy economy caused more folks to fall ill,& with less preventative care, illnesses escalated; this bought yet more money into LinCare's pot. Then smaller healthcare companies were wiped out by the bidding fiasco-guess which company inherited most of those orphaned patients? If you guessed LinCare, you get a gold star!
So now SinCare has patients to burn,& is quietly getting rid of those pesky liquid O2 patients, starting with those who have the misfortune to be badly insured(because we're NOT heirs to oil fortunes,& happen to be disabled!)
Few liquid O2 patients have an extra $1100 a month sitting around. For this abominable treatment,& for other incidents of extortion & bullying, I wish I could give SinCare a big fat ZERO!

Thief, unprofessional no people skills, terrible customer service
If you think lincare is bad for people imagine how the people feels working for a company that hire u and dont give u any training because the stupid manager is on her phone all day long face timing then u messed up and the manager takes action against u that's bull $#*!. This company send me away to work in another facility because LinCare dont have driver (I wonder why) I worked a whole week and came back and my manager told me in my face they not going to pay me the money for meals and told me to quit. I got upset and of course who wouldn't I contact HR and some how my manager find out and in matter of 2 days I got 4 write ups and got fired that way they dont pay me my money... that's $#*!ed up I'm angry and I'm coming for lincare. They should change that $#*!ing name from lincare to dont care because is they dont care about their workers imagine if they care about any patient. Yes I agree that lincare shouldn't be a business, u people steal from me and from people's insurance I know because I seen it and heard manager on phone try to have doctor to write what she wants that way she can have set up and bill their insurance. Lincare sucks

From a pissed off former employee. Worst company i ever work for. So to my manager I hope u happy but wont be so long because and dealing with u LINCARE

Horrible service, horrible issue resolution, non-existent care.
Nightmare customer experience - purchased existing CPAP provider and has been abysmal to work with. Received no notification of the change of service. I have been calling for months to receive very necessary supplies only to never receive an answer, to never receive call backs with issues, to never receive supplies, to escalate to the 855 emergency number for them to completely fail me while my breathing equipment fails. Instead of mailing supplies to me LinCare "locked" my account of which they were sending emergency supplies to a person with the same first and last name to myself in a similar area - note that they cannot keep customers correct and do not return calls or reach to out to you for error resolution, especially when it is their own mistake. I'm currently holding my hose and mask to ensure I can breathe at night while I was never called about an "overnight emergency delivery" that didn't come, wasn't returned, and now for some insane reason I have to wait 48 hours to have my account unlocked to reorder pieces that were supposed to be delivered to me by Tuesday. It's Thursday. I won't be able to order supplies until NEXT Tuesday in advance of the holiday. This is, again, after working through their special iCare unit that is a failure in every measurable way. I have been trying for months to get basic supplies. This is insane. If HomeCare New England still existed I would have never had these issues. For the customer service rep that's been rebutting all these complaints I again say to you we called the 855 number and it's still failed me.

Should not be in business
Lincare should not be in business! We went through a nightmare trying to get these people to order our cpap supplies. LinCare continued to say that our insurance was at fault and they needed an authorization code. That's bull$#*!... I called BlueCross and they said they pay 100% of the cpap supplies and no code is needed. Then, they sent us two bills for supplies and tried to collect it? I called them back and said our insurance pays 100%... they still sent bills the following month. We have had our machines for 3 months now and have not received any cushions, headgear, hoses or filters... nothing. Please do not do business with this company... THEY HAVE HUNG UP THE PHONE ON MYSELF AND ALSO A REPRESENTATIVE FROM BLUE CROSS/BLUE SHIELD TODAY April 2,2018. I had the corporate office on the other line and he heard the whole situation and when they hung up on the girl from BC/BS. How in the hell can a customer service person do business by hanging up a phone call. We (myself and the girl from BC/BS heard them laughing when they hung up the call. What a bunch of bull$#*!... I will tell everyone about Lincare's not caring policy and how they treat their customers. Today, I have acquired a new company to do business with... I will never ever speak about Lincare again... What a nightmare! You can email me at *******@gmail. Com and I can give more details on this 3 month ordeal. It was worse than having a root canal. A__wholes!

Unbelievable they are in business
I went to the local office (Portland OR area) and knew as soon as I walked in there would be problems. I stood at the front reception area, everyone at their desks doing stuff, totally ignored me. At about the time my patience was running out, someone finally looked at me and asked if LinCare could help me? I felt like saying "no, I just came in from the street to stand and watch". DUH. It never improved. I have had to call every month for 12 months because the billing has been wrong. I returned a piece of equipment after 2.5 mo, was billed for it for 11 months, even though I called monthly about it. Then they had to have me sign a new "pick-up order". I did, still was being billed. Finally someone told me the local office had never sent the new "pick-up order" to them that I had returned the item, and they were contacting the local office to have it sent to them, at which time they could stop charging me for it and credit my account. Month 12 and VOILA, they finally did. I had signed documents for them to charge my credit card rather than bill me every month when I picked up the equipment. I had to call every month for SIX months to ask why I was still getting an invoice when it was supposed to be charged to my credit card? Got multiple excuses. Then was told they had called and left a message. I never got it... oops, turns out they had the wrong phone number listed. I gave the person the correct number. Next month, same problem. This time when I called, discovered that the person had deleted the phone number instead of correcting it, so now they had no phone number. How incompetent can they be? Like they would have ever called me anyway. I can leave a message for them, and give them the phone number they must call me at to reach me, only to get home at the end of the day and find they have called my HOME phone and left a msg to call them back. VERY HELPFUL: NOT.
Now they are still charging my credit card every month for the remaining equipment even though I told them to stop billing my credit card. I was only supposed to "rent" the equipment for 10 months, then my insurance company would pay. Guess what... 3 months later, still getting billed every month. I have spoken to every person in the billing office at least once, they always promise to call me back when they have figured out what was wrong and got it fixed. Usually they never call me back, even though they PROMISE they will.
I have never dealt with such an incompetent company. I have no choice because they are the ones my insurance contracts with. TOTALLY INCOMPETENT. Frustrating waste of my time to try and deal with them.

Do anyone who's thinking about going to this company please don't
I'm a current patient of theirs I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for my sleep apnea machine to get fixed LinCare finally got back to me and said they wouldn't touch it because another company gave it to me that's not right and then I called and then I set up an appointment for somebody to come out to my house and look at my machine they call me 20 minutes later and said they could not send somebody out I would have to bring it to them. These people do not care about us. Then I called my doctor she called and then she didn't get anywhere with this company either. This is not a joke people playing with somebody's life is not right we need our stuff and we need it when we call you guys. I'd never ever said my friends are my relatives to this company. Do you need better employees also because when I called they were really snotty to me. I just had my gallbladder out in October and I cannot drive I'm on the Restriction until February they still didn't care so please anybody do not go to this company find somebody else to use. And after not having it I finally got what I needed and finally I can use my machine after so long. This is one customer who is not happy God forbid if something else happens to my machine how long am I going to have to wait either for a new one or either for mine to get fixed.

I used to be a client if Lincare before Feb 27 2020. I rented C-pap equipment from them in my earlier time of being diagnosed with epilepsy. My Dr thought that my sleep was causing seizures. 90% of the time, Lincare sent me the wrong equipment, sending me a noise piece sleep mask instead of a full face mask. In Feb, me and my Dr decided that the C-pap didn't really do anything and that medication was a better route. I returned all my equipment and cancelled all my services, which their office confirmed through a bunch of paper work.

Fast forward to March 10th, despite formally canceling all services, LinCare sent me supplies that i didn't need. I didn't even open the box and i took it back to their office so they could send it back. At the end of the month they sent me a bill for the supplies that i sent back. I went to their office and the manager confirmed that the supplies made it back to their warehouse on March 19th and that my balance in their system was $0. They gave me some paper work (which they signed) confirming that i owed them nothing and that they would take care of the billing problem.

Fast forward a month later to April. They sent me another bill for the supplies that i sent back in March. I went back to their office and i explained that they were still sending me bills despite the fact that they said i didn't owe them anything. Again, they looked up my account and said that my balance was $0 and said they would take care of it. I didn't believe them so I called their customer service number. After talking to one of their representatives, they confirmed the same exact thin the people in the office said, and the representative said they would take care of the billing problem.

Fast forward a month later to May. They sent me another bill for the same supplies that i sent back in March despite the fact that everyone told me that i didn't owe them anything and they they would fix it. I got pissed and demanded to talk to their manager on the phone service. We had a heated conversation and he told me the same exact thing that everyone else said. I owed nothing and they would fix it. Fast forward to the start of June. I start getting harassing phone call and a bill for the money they said i didn't owe. I called their customer service for a third time and yelled at them for an hour to fix the problem. Of course they said the same thing they always did. Fast forward to the end June, they started sending me two harassing phone calls a day and another bill. I have been fighting the fight for 5 months now and despite them telling me that "my balance is $0" and that "they will fix it'" nothing has been resolved. I have a desk drawer full of notes and paper work signed by various members of their staff, telling me that i don't owe them anything, but the war drags on.

Lincare's Pissed Off Patient number
I wrote the review about Lincare trying to kill me. I should have sued. I didn't, because board members called and cried and swore LinCare were trying to change. I should have sued. Not for money, but to force them to put in a 24/7 emergency number. If you are having trouble with your local office (and if you have Lincare, you are), you can actually get results by calling corporate. They call it the Pissed Off Patient number. *******700. They keep strict Eastern Standard business hours, though. If we could confine our breathing to those hours, the whole thing might be workable. I urge anyone with Medicare who is having trouble with Lincare to call Medicare at *******227. They are VERY interested in hearing about how their money is being spent. I want that emergency number. They greatly reduced my life expectancy. If any of you who have lung issues, or who have a loved one with lung issues are on Facebook, I can add you to the COPD page that saved my life. The doctors certainly didn't. "You are going to die. Soon. Good luck with that." (they didn't actually say the good luck part). Send a friend request to Dawn Lawson in Orangevale, CA. The pic is me, a Sheltie, and a copper mannequin. Say something about COPD so I know you are not a stalker, and I will send you an invite to the group.

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