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Love everything i have brought
Love everything i have brought. But still miss the one sweatershirt with saying
I had my two shots with shot glasses in den blue. Please follow up on my order because it seems no one knows what happened to my sweatershirt. First on got here but second one never did in X Large and that's one i need and now can't find in on you page. Ask for help so many times getting run around. But will order this one and hoping it gets here but still what other one too. Thank you again for listening. Apparently any help you can give.
Linda Forrest@ *******

Thanks for working to correct it
Update: While it's still to soon for my order to have arrived, I did get a notification that part of it was on the way. Given the current shipping issues and logistics troubles nationwide, this is understandable. I have therefore raised my "star" rating of the company based on their kind outreach and because of their dedicated employee Finn. Until I actually have the products in hand I cannot in good conscience rate them.

Original: It took two days to complete this order. While I look forward to receiving the products, using the website has been a colosal chore and even the "live chat" link for help didn't work the first day. I'm hoping this is not typical of this company. Certainly have a poor first impression. Today Finn in customer service was very helpful making this order happen or it would not have!

I wold give them a zero if I could
Lilicloth sell cheap knock offs from China on this website, NOT as pictured in their online catalog. I ordered a pair of slip on patchwork sneakers: The insoles are LITERALLY cardboard. The sides of the shoes are shown as padded in the picture but have absolutely no padding. The walls of the shoes are glued down to a cheap plastic base. Absolutely no arch support. Even has a fake side label with nothing printed on it! When I tried to return they told me I had to send the shoes back to Guangzhou, China OR they would give me a cash refund of 15% of purchase price! What a scam. Stay away from the knock off stuff they are selling - you will only be disappointed. It's nothing but overpriced junk.

Lillicloth refunded 40% of my purchase amount.
I wasn't satisfied with the items that I ordered. The XL top was more to the size of a man's XL. The tights didn't have glitter on them like Lilicloth looked on the internet.
They did work with me to keep me from having to return them to China. I couldn't afford the international shipping charge. So they offered me 40% of my purchase. I accepted their offer.

After 2 requests, they still Have Not sent me a return shipping label. They tried to buy me off offering me a 15% refund to not ship them back. I paid $48 for these 2 items after a coupon was taken off. Do you think that I want just 15% of what I paid for them. Of course not! I want my full amount refunded to my credit card. I know they are so extremely slow, but I will watch carefully for my returned money to my account.

Fabric quality, Shipping Expenses, China..."Oh MY!"
The shopping experience is fine, but it's the delivery and quality that matter. Ask me again until then for a fair survey reply. Now that I have the product, I am disappointed with how long delivery takes and the added shipping expenses. The quality of my 50's is what I expected. Good. The one for my daughter, I am disappointed. The neckline is flimsy as is the rest of the material.
My biggest disappointment is it's made in China. If I had known that I would not have made the purchase.
Taking that into account, at least I know my Daughter will get a 'kick' from it.

Horrible quality, stay away!
I ordered several clothing items, in my normal size, after reading reviews about this company. I received 1/2 of the items almost 3 weeks after ordering. The quality of every item is extremely poor, cheesy material, fit is also poor. I decided to wait to return everything until I received the remaining items because you are charged for return shipping to China (I am in US). After receiving the remaining items 8 weeks after my original order, I emailed the company about returns. Lilicloth refused to accommodate my request due to my returns being more than 15 days from receipt, although I explained that my goal was to combine shipping on the entire order. Customer service, quality, workmanship is poor to say the least. Don't waste your money here, very disappointing.

100% China - China product, China Service and China Return Address
You deal 100% with customer service people in China. Courteous, very slow to respond and Lilicloth do whatever they can to prevent you from returning items regardless of fault.

Ordered 12/4/2020 - delivered 1/15/2021 (missed Christmas). Item shipped from San Francisco, but still took 7 weeks to finally ship and arrive. - Yes you can return your item, but you have to do it immediately and spend $28 to ship it back to China. All returns are paid by buyer and ship to China regardless of circumstance or fault (see return label). Then they tell you that you will have to wait 8-10 weeks for them to refund your money. If you buy something-- expect to be stuck with it. Regardless of your issue that's their policy -- don't expect more customer service here...

Quality of actual clothing sweatshirt product - material is thin but quality seems fair.

Sizing is WAAY too small even after measuring and ordering according to their sizing chart Unhappy.
Shirts came in MUCH smaller that their own sizing chart shows to order **That is after I had carefully measured I ordered XL and Lilicloth are more like SMALL. Ther is no way these shirts are the same mesurement as their chart. I am thin and they are too ti9ght for me.!. I would have had to order XXL just to get near what I wear. Here in the USA i always wear XL I guess (Their version) of XL is fine for small chinese people. The quality fo the shirts is also not very good Very thin material and the sleeves are too big and baggy for the size of shirt they come on. Overall not worth the money in my opinion Their catalog looks great but you better order two sizes larger to get even close if you are not thin I would pass all together... Mark V Austin Tx

If I could give a -5 star, I would
This company sells absolute crap. What you order, is not what you will receive. Huge gapping holes in the seams, raw edges with no seam, poor quality paper thin material that smells like cat urine. Took 6 wks to receive half my order, I contacted lilicloth to complain and Lilicloth offered me a 15% discount for their worthless crap to keep it. I refused and they cancelled the other half of my order and refused to refund me. I am now battling a lengthy paypal dispute and had to spend 37.00 to return thier crap to China. They are NOT located in the US. Do not be taken by this scam company like I was, lesson learned.

Very nice styles
The styles are nice, however the materials are much thinner and not at all what I expected, with the exception of a few items. The hooded mountain pullover isn't really what I saw the model wearing. It looked like more materials on the item, more 3D if you will, instead of just printed on it. Its rather thin. And the camo short crop pants are very flimsy. On the model Lilicloth looked like fleece. However I'm wearing them as pajama bottoms and they are perfect! All the items were Exact to the size I order so am very pleased about that! Am also wearing the American long sleeve white stars and stripes shirt as a pajama top, which is very nice! However I honestly thought it was a sweatshirt. I do love the words on it, as I recognized the lyrics sung by my favorite artist "Tom Petty". Although he has passed I feel I pay tribute to him each time I wear it! I LOVE the retro stocking cap! It's exactly what I expected and looks better on me than I thought it would. The soft thick trim/bottom is very nice, and love the bohemian materials! Overall am happy with the purchases.

Fun tee shirts but not quality materials of workmanship
The website was easy to use and my selections, except one, arrived quickly. But the tee shirts are very thin material, some more poorly made than others. One shirt in particular had hems on the sleeves and bottom that started to roll up as I was wearing it and have stayed that way. Care labels say wash separately or dry clean. I wash my clothes at the laundromat. Who pays to dry clean tee shirts? This care was not shown on the website. With tee shirts a think machine wash is a reasonable expectation. I am wondering what these shirts will look like after washing at the laundromat. I wouldn't purchase clothes here again.

Nice products/Terrible CS
I found the website a bit difficult to navigate. The very first items I put in my cart did not go through on order and when I noticed I contacted customer service and Lilicloth were NOT helpful. If I wanted those items I had to place a whole new order and meet the minimum for free shipping all over again. I believe the minimum for free shipping is very high. Shipping time is extremely long compared to a couple other overseas companies. Products are very nice. I don't think I will order again until they can clear up a few of these things unfortunate faults.

The first two items in my cart were left behind when I completed my order and they would not help me add them to my order that had not been shipped yet, nor would they discount the shipping on a new order. I found that to be very unsatisfactory, when my order was well over the minimum for free shipping.

Not as advertised
So far so good, except when something is in the cart it should be protected from being sold to someone else. It was iffy if I was buying something or not. So, by the time I was checking out I couldn't tell if I got what I wanted or not. Things would sell out etc. The items in the picture look 100% cotton, but the actual items were something else. Also, the sizes are smaller than listed. I will see this Christmas how Lilicloth wear since I bought mostly Christmas Shirts.

I received an email to confirm if the package arrived or not, then wait over 48 hrs to report it. almost 2 wks pass and I finally reported the shirts didn't arrive. The next day they did. So, I replied to my email that I sent out saying they didn't and let you know they did arrive.
Thank you,

Merchandise comes from China. You better want it!
The experience of having to return undesired merchandise is a nightmare as Lilicloth tell you
Of your responsibility of paying for postage for return (to China) and the possibility of customs
Duties on top of that. They offer at 15% of the cost of the items if choosing not to return them. Then
As I continued to ask for an address to get the return to them in time to still be eligible for the return
They offered a 25% return.

Along with that, 2 items I did not get that are now shown as sold out are supposedly on the way. Huh?

I have learned that this is not a company you want to deal with. Not saying they are not a reputable company and also not saying they don't get back with you, because they do. It's just that the hoops you have to jump through to return items is just not worth it.

This will make me look more closely as to the origin of the merchandise and from whence it is coming.

More trouble than it was worth.
Everything is all cute on the pictures, when you finally receive your package quality is substandard, cheaply made and sizing is all wrong. On part of my order Lilicloth shipped me the wrong shirt the other was defected. Customer service is a whole different issue. If you try and return the items that were (their error) it goes to a Chinese address and cost a fortune to return $27 for one shirt so they will offer you a 15% refund and you can keep it that's only $3.90 on a $26 purchase. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to learn quick they are making a fortune on a bad quality product and poor customer service.

Very difficult and unfair. Received faulty product and partial wrong order. Long response time to get help for a return at my expense to CHINA and cost more to return than the items itself. So they offered a 15% refund of purchase price roughly $3.90 and said I could keep it. They are definitely in the market for making money because the way they have it, no one returns anything because my $26 shirt cost $27 to return they refund $3.90 so basically I paid $22.20 for a $5 quality shirt.

Scam company
Scam company. Wife bought me two shirts, same size, one fit great, the other looked at least a size too small. The shirt that fits seems well-made, the other is terrible. Went to return the one shirt but the fine print says that you have to ship it back to China at your expense, and then Lilicloth will issue a refund once they get it back, however long that takes. Obviously, shipping is more than what you probably paid for the item. If you chat with customer service, they will bargain with you to give you up to 35% off instead of shipping it back, best part is they won't even take exchanges. Complete scam.

Merchant refuses to exchange or issue full refund
Merchandise is undersized and defective.
However, the merchant refuses to exchange or issue full refund, citing:
"Our return center is located in Guangzhou, China. According to our return policy, the customer is responsible for return shipping costs and any other related return charges (including possible custom fees). Since International returns might result in long waiting times and incur substantial return costs on your side, we recommend some alternative methods to resolve this issue. We would like to offer you a 15% cash refund instead of returning the item(s). If there are any sizing issues, you can use this fund to alter the cloth." None of these were listed in Return Policy either on website (https :// lilicloth. Com/information/RETURN%20POLICY) or in hardcopy Instructions included with merchandise.

Long Delivery Time
I love Lilicloth shirts. Lilicloth are very comfortable. However, I am on a fixed income and the shipping charges often times prevent me from ordering. When I pay more for shipping than the item I'm buying costs, then I usually don't buy. Today's order was very iffy for me. I finally decided to buy as I wanted a couple items for Christmas gifts. However, it took about 6 weeks for the order to be delivered and didn't arrive for Christmas.

Since it was taking so long for the order to arrive and I had not received any tracking information, I emailed Lilicloth to ask for an update, but never heard back from them. I was ready to file a dispute and ask for my money back when the package finally arrived.

I am a retired teacher, things should be more understandable...
I am a retired teacher, things should be more understandable, even the one question asked of chat, had to wait a long time for answer of a BASIC question. The exorbitantly variations in sizes, confusing, & lack of info about buy 5 get 6th free not explained until i went through Chat, then she said it would be taken off at checkout. It was NOT, only change was $4, even lowest priced 6 th item would have been $13.99. I feel there will be problems over this. If I'd had extra time, I would NOT have ordered anything, & I buy a lot. My order summary was incomplete.

Never buy from here again
Was excited about my order but very disappointed when Lilicloth came. Dresses print was blurry and washed out, t-shirts length short and sizes varied for all items, even though I checked size measurements before ordering. Then found out returns have to go to China. Very disappointing!

Final contact was made through PayPal where a higher offer of 40% cash refund of returned items was made, instead of just 15% which was offered until PayPal got involved,. I accepted this 40% offer in the end as postage to China for items was going to cost me $57. So got this refund instead of returning goods for full refund.

Defective transfer, no integrity
The Ruth Bader Ginsberg shirt arrived, I washed it and the transfer is already coming up. When I contacted the company, Lilicloth refused to accept a return, offering me a nominal 15% return for a non-usable shirt since it was not in its original state and original packaging. From the "customer service" email: Sorry for the inconvenience. But we can not accept the return of the item that has been washed.

In other words, "thanks for your money. You should have worn the shirt at least once before you washed it so you were paying for at least one use."

I will be posting these pictures and this warning whenever I encounter any advertisements from this company.

Product run smaller than American sizes.
The size of the product was smaller than the normal American sizes. Then after getting a return shipping label. I found out, to ship the product back to China will cost me more than the cost of the product. Not Good. Now I know better and will check before I buy anything from China. I could not be satisfied with the product and lose my money.

I simply wanted an exchange for the correct size. I found out, to ship the product back for the correct size would cost me more than I paid for the product. Really disappointing. Therefore I'm stuck with product I cannot wear, and I refuse to send them back. It really means I would have to pay for the product twice, after paying for the return shipping. Not good.

Poor Quality & Shipping at the speed of pond water
First after reading some of the positive reviews, the company is clearly padding the reviews. I placed the order on December 15 and received 7 of the 8 things I ordered yesterday, Jan. 5. Everything I bought is crap. The women's sweatshirts run very small so Lilicloth haven't corrected the size to sell to North or South America or Europe. Nothing looks anything like the website photos, clearly a bait and switch. Very cheap and won't last past a few washings. Everything has a strange chemical smell. Returns take 48 hours to approve and from other reviews I guess I can expect to get screwed. I will never again bend my policy of never responding to random internet advertisements.

First time order
I expected lower quality items, but some were really nice. However, sizing was not standard, of all shirts ordered in the same size, some were very large, others too small for use. That was disappointing, as I expect returns would be difficult because of the extended initial delivery times. The continual 'check-in' emails prior to delivery are excessive, and ended up being just annoying, instead of reassuring. Those emails should be decreased by 50%. Still waiting for some items, one month after order was placed. I also received a tiny refund, without any explanation. Thanks

Bait & Switch
I found a T-shirt on Lilicloth that really grabbed me so I decided to order one for myself given that it appeared to be on "sale." Then it appeared that I could save even more by buying 2, so I went for that. The site quickly provided me with information that if I bought 4 T-shirts I would really save some money. The great surprise came as I was paying for the 4 T-shirts. There was s separate shipping fee for each t-shirt and the cost of shipping more than made up for the "sale" price.So at a minimum "let the buyer beware" of what are really hidden fees. When the 4 t-shirts finally arrived Lilicloth were in one package that was surprising lightweight and it again reminded me that shipping fees are a disingenuous way to compensate for so-called sale prices.
Love the message on the T-shirt.
Charging separate shipping 4 times for one package is a major rip-off!

Sub-par Quality, AWFUL RETURNS... beware
Purchased 3 t-shirts on their website, for which I was immediately charged $55.

Only 2 actually shipped and were delivered. These were poor quality, with thin/cheap feeling fabric, and were far smaller than expected/is typical.

I then spent a huge amount of time trying to navigate Lilicloth's return system. On-line customer support was virtually useless and it took multiple attempts and HOURS to successfully send a request to return the part of my order I'd received (totally not worth the time I had to invest, even if it resulted in a full refund, however...).

That was just the start of my problems with Lilicloth. Though their online return policy says nothing about paying return shipping, I was told I had to pay return shipping to CHINA! For my ~$37 worth of t-shirts, USPS shipping runs about $30... and then Lilicloth state any refund is dependent on their assessment of what Lilicloth receive. In other words, it could conceivably end up costing me more to return these then to just do nothing and accept these jerks had taken my $$!

So, I'm out $55... I've yet to see any refund for the non-delivered t-shirt and have no real way to return the lousy ones I received. Save yourself $$ and hassle by avoiding this company!

Had to go back a few times, because, for some reason,...
Had to go back a few times, because, for some reason, the first item I selected, which was ALREADY in my cart, disappeared and the next item I selected came up as "2" instead of just the "1" I wanted. Also, I think your "codes" for discounts can get very complicated with all of them listed, just to tantalize customers AND the shipping, which probably has little, if nothing to do with you, I think is HIGH I could have bought another t-shirt with the amount it's costing me to ship. (would have been more fun to do that instead of paying for the shipping - that's for sure)

A Previous order of 7 items has been split into two...
A Previous order of 7 items has been split into two shipments which means that 4 of the items will not likely arrive on time for the birthday of the person Lilicloth are for. Lilicloth is at fault for whatever the issue is and yet, I am still charged the full price of the fast rate of shipping. I will continue to do business with Lilicloth, but I will not necessarily trust the suggested time frame of their express shipping. I believe that for the items that will arrive late, I should be reimbursed for the shipping cost that I paid to get all 7 items delivered on time.

I will definitely order from this online boutique again!
I ordered 2 t-shirts about 2 weeks ago. After placing my order I decided to check the reviews, Lilicloth weren't too good and I immediately started to worry. That changed today when I received my order ahead of schedule. The t-shirts were individually packed in a nice zip lock bag and the quality of the t-shirts was really good, they were soft and the printing was not that cheap. The blue shirt with the flowers was cut off a bit, next time I would wear the next size, but the oversized white shirt was perfect, I'm an xs and ordered xs. I will definitely order from this online boutique again.

Christmas gifts.
Your ordering process was a little confusing. I kept ending up with a larger quantity than I wanted and when I tried to correct it I would delete my whole order. I'm sure it was "operator error". All I ordered was for gifts so I hope everything turns out right. I never was told when my order was going to ship or when it did ship, so I had no idea of when to expect it. The product showed up and when I opened the box was informed that I had one week to return for refund. The order was to be a Christmas gift and I had ordered in the first weeks of October. That meant that there was no returning. Two of the items are clothing and I thought Lilicloth were a lot thinner fabric than I had expected. Overall, I will not be ordering again. You get what you pay for, I guess.

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