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Don't do it. Shop Elsewhere
Ordered tubes and fixtures on July 30th, full credit card charge on Aug 1st, partial delivery after a week. Called and received another partial shipment soon after. Called again. Main part of order back ordered to mid October. Canceled remaining order. Hope credit card is actually refunded. Staff was pleasant but it is clear that Lightup has no stock and fills orders as stuff dribbles in to their warehouse. Should have checked on line reviews first. Shop elsewhere

Recessed Lighting
Everything was great: delivery time and quality of the product. When I opened up the box the recessed light were shipped in, I received both light that the boxes had some damage but not the shipping box. That tells me that whoever packed these recessed lights for shipment packed damaged boxes. This really should not happen because I am sure no-one would but something if the packaging of that item was damaged unless the price was discounted. The recessed lights themselves were not damaged and the one I installed work fine.

I have tried multiple times to contact your wholesale...
I have tried multiple times to contact your wholesale department both by phone, voice mail and email but there is no response. It is almost 36 hours and I am still waiting. Anyway, I went ahead and placed the order as our electrician needed the items immediately. Also the specs on certain items are not clear and an agent could not clear it any better. Hope the shipping goes without a glitch. I have used your flag store before so hope for the better. Thank you

Pathetic - Buyer beware of this company
Called to discuss the issue of 4x8 LED Panel lights flickering. The engineer that finally responded after I had to call customer service back essentially told me to return the lights to their lab - AT MY EXPENSE. LightUp would test and if there was a problem, they would send new lights. Otherwise, I would have to pay to have the lights returned to me. Essentially - Buyer beware of what you order from this company. Pathetic - Buyer beware of this company

Customer service is very poor, she did not help with...
Customer service is very poor, she did not help with coupon code and asked us to wait for 24 hours to get the coupon code via email upon subscription. Never got any code in email. End up paying double the shipping lost almost $200 extra in shipping and on top of that not received any discount.

They Dropped The Ball, And Wouldn't Fix It
Last week, I ordered a large supply of light fixtures from LightUp, with more than ample time to have shipped and received for a project being done next weekend. Even their website noted delivery between Wednesday and Thursday of this week. FOUR days after I ordered, I received an email from them at 8:36pm noting LightUp needed to speak with me to proceed with my order. Of course, they closed at 8pm, so I responded with an email to confirm the issue. Outside of a canned response, I ultimately had to call in. I called at 9am and waited on hold for nearly 30 minutes before I spoke with a girl who explained that they just wanted to confirm the address and order quantity before proceeding. I asked if their delay would prevent my order from delivering. She said no, and said she proceeded to push the order through. Relieved, I went about my day. At 1pm, another woman called and said that she was following up, because they hadn't heard from me. Perplexed, I explained that I had spoken to someone earlier in the day, and the order was put through. She said it hadn't been, and that she was ALSO calling to confirm my order... Wait, what?... once again, I asked about delivery this week, as LightUp clearly has dropped the ball. She said she would look into it and call me "right back"... which clearly meant 3 hours later. When she called me, she said my order wouldn't be guaranteed to be delivered this week, because... and this really angered me... processing takes another 3-4 days. What!? This is an absolute load of garbage company. They don't follow their own policies, it's owned by a larger conglomerate who has some of the worst custom service in the world. They dropepd the ball, lied and refused to honor their own word. Whiles it's great that many customers found service and speed exceptional, I can honestly say, there's no chance I'd ever use this company again for ANY future project. Absolutely disappointed with their lack of respect, honesty, or caring for their customers.

Easy installation
Ordered some for our workshop and it was easy to remove the ballists in our old light fixtures and wire in the led bulbs. We like them so much that we will be placing another order for more of the same. LightUp are nice and bright and exactly what we needed.

Terrible Experience
I ordered 2 sample fixtures three ahead of when I needed them. After waiting 2 1/2 weeks I finally received the sample fixtures. Then thinking I couldn't possibly get worse service I tried ordering the entire project. It took them 18 days to tell me LightUp were reaching lightup until November. I lost the job. As a young contractor trying to get Work and come threw on my promises this really hurt. Lightup never reached out to me on either order. I had to call every time n wait on hold for 20-30mins each time. Very unsatisfied. If I could rate this company at. 25 I would. Oh yes n my first sample order was damaged. Terrible, Terrible, Terrible

This is about the 5th time I have ordered from LightUp
This is about the 5th time I have ordered from LightUp. I have always been able to find what I was looking for at a reasonable price. The products have always been exactly as advertised, the purchase process is simple and delivery is always prompt.

I previously ordered the LEDLFPN*******522 and it was...
I previously ordered the LEDLFPN*******522 and it was not really clear that I needed a mounting kit to install this item! It was written in small print. I was wondering when receiving my item how it was to be installed!
It should be made clearer what is needed for installation. I've order the Surface Mount brackets but not really sure if I do need these or not. Also the price of my light has gone down significantly in just 2 weeks!

We have been waiting for this item to be in stock for...
We have been waiting for this item to be in stock for over a month. However, our experience with your customer service representative was attentive and apologetic about the circumstance. It would be helpful if your company could refer customers to a third party for items you are out of. Overall satisfaction so far is good.

Blocked discover card
The site blocks you from checking out using a discover card. I tried doing it for my last order too. It says something about being declined because of a risk model. Otherwise everything else was seamless. I am obviously a repeat customer for a reason.

Had to call your customer service as my order recycled...
Had to call your customer service as my order recycled when I first tried to send. CS asked if items were still in my cart, which the were which meant the order was not yet placed. Had to reenter my CC info... then order went in fine.

Ship Lights
Product service was okay but out 12 lights ordered 2 did not work so not happy about that... I received the boxes in time but did have them installed till December 9th and then I found out 2 were not working... I will see how the service will be just called today in regards to the issue

Bad Business
I placed an order with for 2 LED panels. I received them promptly. This was a test to see it this panel would work in the area I need to light up.
I then order ten more of the LED panels and some Earthquake Clips with Suspension feature. The clips would allow me to suspend the light from the ceiling. After a month of placing two phone calls and emails all stating that the clip where on backorder, I became concerned I was being yanked around. On the first of November, I called and told them to send the LED panels and refund the clips. That's when the miracle happened. LightUp found the clips in a warehouse and were shipping them and the LED Panels.
When I received the clips, they were the wrong clips. They had sent the same clips that come with the LED Panels. I called and inquired about returning the clips to get a refund. I was asked to send an email with photos for the wrong product. I did. Explaining I only wanted to return the clips for a refund. I had pictures and part a number. I get an email back asking if I want to return the LED panels. Nowhere did I say I wanted to return the LED panels. I sent another email stating that. A week when by with no response so I call again. They did email me a shipping label, and I sent the clips back. I get an email stating they are charging me a restocking fee of $ 8.49. REALLY! You are charging me to restock something you sent to me that was wrong in the first place?

I will not be purchasing anything from them again.

I included two photos. One is of the wrong clips I received. The other is what I should have received.

Your site is good at helping me find the bulb I want,...
Your site is good at helping me find the bulb I want, but there are several problems. (1) the photo does not match the description (I selected 4000K but the bulb in photo says 3000K). (2) The checkout page does not work in firefox; I had to switch to chrome. (3) The checkout page is just very flaky overall. I am sure you lose a lot of orders when people try to place their order, and something goes wrong.

I would of really like for you to have the measurements...
I would of really like for you to have the measurements of the fixture that is the cover at your reading disposal just because there is one I had to replace and I didn't know if it was the 9 inch or 13 inch I hope I bought the right one.

Quick and easy
Quick and easy. I forgot to choose an option and unlike other websites it was clear and precise as to what I needed to do. Seriously grateful for that; it drives you nuts just getting a red lined screen not describing what you fid wrong.

The experience would good except for not getting the...
The experience would good except for not getting the $5 code for subscribing to the news letter/promotional offer emails promised when the I signed up. This delayed my check out for a couple of days until I received the code. Providing an instant code going forward would prevent this check out delay and make it a 5 star buying experience

Hands down best pricing on LED panels I could find
Hands down best pricing on LED panels I could find. I ordered sample of 2 lights before I did my big order and boy was I pleased. Can't wait to see all this fluorescent lights go away for good! Some energy company wanted to charge me over $4k to replace my 20 2x4 lights. These are so easy to swap out myself, I'll be able to do the whole project for $1,000...

As Always LightUp is a Reliable Electrical Light Supplier
The only one negative item, NONE of the LightUp coupons have ever worked, ZERO of them. The VIPSHIP, or any of the email coupons for 10 or 15% off.
Not sure why, everything else is spot on, great prices and products.

There seems to be a mis-direction from "free shipping"...
There seems to be a mis-direction from "free shipping" to one of the much more expensive shipping methods that was difficult to work around. It is also unclear when the shipment might be anticipated when the order is finalized

Paid extra for shipping and would like a refund
I paid extra for the faster shipping and it still only came through as the original date for free shipping. It gave a notice that it would be slower delivery after making the purchase. It should have gave notice before making the purchase of faster shipping. Disappointed with that and am still waiting for a response back

Great light, poor shipping
Have made purchases before with no issues, but this fixture was basically just thrown in a box with very little packing, the rear plastic creased and frame bent.
If i wasn't able to straighten would have sent back. The product works well.

Worried about this... will give better rating when I see my product (how long it takes to get here). Thanks! UPDATE! Lights came in. Great! Will keep this website on my favorites and buy again! Thank you so much!

Great products
I have 26 4ft fluorescent fixtures between my barn, garage, and basement. Several of those were completely burnt out. The LED bulb 20pack at $2 a bulb were listed as "warm bright" 3500k and I was a little leery of them not being "white" enough but LightUp are sure bright enough to not care if they're blindingly white.

Will never order again
Wish I would have seen reviews before I ordered. I ordered two 2x4' LED lights for my art studio. 12 days after ordering I hadn't received shipping confirmation. I emailed, 3 days later not response. I called, 22 minute hold time. Finally received the lights 17 days after orderering and LightUp weren't as described. On website it says these lights are for 'flushmount', nowhere in the description does it say you have to pay $25 for an additional part to mount them. I cant return without paying return shipping... even though these aren't as described. Pissed! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!

I understand the need to verify customer ID
I understand the need to verify customer ID. But the purpose of having Pay Pal and Amazon pay is to speed chack out. If I have to type my address/vveerify and put in my cc number, why bother trying to fast track my purchase check out? Let my Visa company worry about who is paying, just get me off oyur web site or take my info straight up. Let's not pretend to provide a service.

Pay A Little More and Avoid A Lot Of Grief
Ordered 8 flat panel lights. Two were damaged in shipment due to a terribly crummy thin weak cardboard box - shipping damage was going to happen. One light just flashed on and off. Took 3 weeks and MANY phone calls to get replacements promised - meanwhile, the project just stopped. Then LightUp said the product was discontinued. So I went on their website to look for substitutes and found they are still selling them. So, I ordered again. Two of those have cracked panels and one was used as evidenced by open knockouts and short wires in the junction box. Only time will tell if the product is any good. If you order plan on receiving battered goods that dont work - that way you wont be disappointed. Consider the warranty worthless, which is what the company is.

Fair price for LEDs
Small problem at the check-out with the coupon code... also had the old expiration date for the card on record. But all looks ok now. I could not find a less expensive universal U-shape bulb listed.? Thanks for the 10% off.

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